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Evaluation for Physicians and Technicians

For Evaluation follow the link: Evaluation System

(To access the service, username and password is required, further user may register for the
Service Card
Service Name

Service Description

Target Audience

Requirements & Conditions

Medical Licensing Department
Evaluation section
Examination and Evaluation
Our aim is to select the Health Professionals
whom best fit for practice of medicine in the
UAE and are able to treat and serve patients
with high standards of care.
The main elements that measure the validity of
the Health Professional are:
1. The Academic level.
2. The experience validity and the continuity of
practice in terms of good standing certification
from licensing authorities.
3. Passing the MOH exams.
Furthermore, the Evaluation committee has a
key role in categorizing and classifying the
academic and clinical certificates which are
related to the area of practice.
Doctors (Physicians and Dentists)
Requirements for GPs
Requirements for Specialists and Consultant
Requirements for Evaluating Visiting
Requirements and Conditions of application for
MOH Medical technologies Exams and
Requirements for Assistants Pharmacist
Requirements for Technicians
Requirements for TCAM
TCAM Professional Qualification Requirement
(Approved Qualifications)

Documents Required

Service Procedures

Service Fees

Service accomplish Time

Service channels

Customer service Contact

Data Flow Contact

Service Locations

Important Documents

Requirements for the Medical Equivalency

Certificates issued from overseas (Bachelor,
Master's, PhD) or Equivalent
Mechanism of issuing the Good Standing
Certificate from the UAE-MOH for the
Government and Private Sectors
Requirements for Personal Photo required for
the online application
Online Registration
Qualification certificate
Clinical Work Experience letters.
A copy of the Family book or the Emirates ID
for UAE Nationals
User's Instructions
Training Manual
Prometric Examination process
Physician: 100 Dirham (MOH fee) +
additional fee for Dataflow and Prometric
Technician and TECAM: 50 Dirham(MOH
fee) + addition fee for Dataflow and Prometric
Payment is Done Online
Evaluation Certificate is published within
EIGHT (10) weeks
The service is provided Online via Ministry Of
Health website or directly
through the following link: Evaluation System
Address: P. O. Box 1853, Dubai, UAE. Tel :
+971 (4) 2301000 or 800-11-111 (24/7)
Location: Muhaisna 2, beside Etisalat Academy
on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Exit
No. 60 after Merdif City Center.
Please call +971 4 453 96 04
Send email at
Online Only
For evaluation complaints kindly fill the
Complain Form
Customer service manual for applicants
Request Appointment with Evaluation Section
Staff (e-appointment Form) and send it via
email to the person in charge EES Staff
Employment Steps for Fresh National graduates
(Physicians and Dentists)
Important notes for evaluation and reevaluation clients

Exam Schedule

Data Flow FAQ's

Important Notes for Evaluation in case of
Continuation of Clinical Practice and Stoppage
Required Documents for Evaluation and
Licensing for Pharmacists and Assistant
MOH Qualification's Equivalency
Exam Schedule