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Reference: AT/1200/10
Date: 23 February 2010

• Name of Customer

• Name of Customer’s Representative


• Customer’s Contact Numbers and Email

• Customer’s Address
279 RIVER VALLEY ROAD #03-01 S238320

• Products and Services Requested

Description Quantity Unit Price Amount
To supply and install single split 01 $1,560.00 $1,560.00
Ceiling cassette air-conditioner
Model R35GV1/FHC35KVE
(12,000 BTU/hr) for the Junior
Master room using existing pipes
To open ceiling board to 02 $ 200.00 $ 400.00
dismantle down ducted fan coil
Units for chemical cleaning
Inclusive of re-installation in the
Master bedroom’s walk-in
To supply and install used 01 $ 500.00 $ 500.00
Multi-split condensing unit to
Connect to the existing ducted
Units in the walk-in wardrobe of
The master bedroom
To patch up and paint ceiling $ 250.00
Including ceiling access for
Cassette unit
Stainless steel bracket if required 02 $150.00 $ 300.00
Sub-total $3,010.00
GST $ 210.70
Gran $3,220.70
d -total
• Installation Site

• Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for the supply of the above products and services include
the following key terms:
1. Validity: This quotation is only valid for 1 week from the date stated herein.
2. Availability: All products and parts in this quotation are subject to stock
3. Charges: The above total charge covers the products and services as
described above only.
4. Payment: The Customer will pay 50% of the above total charge upon the
execution of this request and the balance 50% thereof within 3 days from
the date of completion of the installation as confirmed by the Supplier.
5. Interest: Interest at the rate of 1% per month is chargeable by the Supplier
on any outstanding charges.
6. Warranty:
(i) Relevant air conditioner parts (excluding the compressor): 1 year.
(ii) Compressor: 5 years.
The warranty of items (i) and (ii) will commence from the date of completion of
the installation as confirmed by the Supplier.
7. Exclusion: Anything not mentioned in the above quotation
8. Property: All products and parts will remain the property of the Supplier
unless and until the Customer has made full payment of all charges to the

All the other terms and conditions stated herein will also apply.

Yours sincerely

Augustine Tan
No signature required as this is computer generated

• Confirmation by Customer

We hereby confirm our acceptance of this quotation and all the terms and
conditions stated herein.

For and on behalf of Customer:

(Authorised Signatory’s Name)


(Company Stamp)

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions and interpretation:
(iii) “Contract” between the Supplier and the Customer means this quotation and includes the terms
and conditions set out in this quotation.
(iv) “Credit Period” means the period of 3 days from the date of invoice rendered by the Supplier or
any other extension as permitted by the Supplier in writing.
(v) “Customer” means the person or entity stated in this quotation and includes any of its
representatives who communicate or deal with the Supplier in relation to the subject-matter of the
(vi) “Force Majeure” means any event not within the reasonable control of the Supplier which
prevents or delays the Supplier’s performance of the Contract, including adverse weather, legal,
regulatory or court restriction, stoppage notice, stock unavailability without alternative of
matching value and function etc.
(vii) “Site” means the installation site stated in this quotation and includes any premise which the
Customer requests the Supplier to install any product or carry out any service.
(viii) “Supplier” means Quality Home Appliances or Supreme Refrigeration Service and includes any of
its representatives.
(ix) A “day” or “month” means a calendar day or month respectively.
2. The Customer warrants that it is the owner of the Site. Alternatively, the Customer warrants that it is
duly authorised by the owner of the Site to enter into the Contract.
3. The Customer warrants that the installation of the products at the Site and the conduct of the
installation works are not restricted by any law, rule, regulation, order, covenant, term, condition or
4. The Supplier reserves the right to plan and implement the installation works (including the timetable,
process, procedure etc. of such works) and will notify the Customer accordingly.
5. The Customer will make available to Supplier at such times and for such periods as reasonably
requested by the Supplier.
6. The Customer will ensure that the Worksite is safe and suitable for the implementation of the
installation works by the Supplier and its workers.
7. The Customer will facilitate the Supplier in the installation works in all ways as reasonably requested by
the Supplier.
8. The Supplier reserves the rights to require the Customer to provide a deposit or make advance payment
to the Supplier of such amount as determined by the Supplier, prior to the commencement of any work
at the Site.
9. The Customer will make full and prompt payment to the Supplier of all sums as invoiced by the Supplier
without demand or deduction within the Credit Period.
10. Unless otherwise agreed by the Supplier, the Customer will make payment of all the charges for the
products and services by cash.
11. If the Supplier agrees to the Customer to make payment by cheque, the Customer will ensure that the
Supplier is able to encash the cheque within the Credit Period.
12. The Customer will pay to the Supplier an interest charge at the rate of 1% per month on any sum which
is unpaid after the Credit Period until such sum is fully paid.
13. If the products requested are out of stock or otherwise unavailable, the Supplier reserves the right to
replace such products with alternatives of comparable value and function.
14. Notwithstanding any provision in the Contract, no property or title in any product supplied by the
Supplier will pass to the Customer or any other person until and unless full payment of all sums due
from the Customer is received by the Supplier.
15. If any Force Majeure event occurs, the Supplier is entitled to suspend or cease the work, wholly or
partially as it deems fit, at the Site.
16. If any Force Majeure event continues for a period of more than 1 month, whether intermittently or
consecutively, the Contract may be terminated by notice in writing by the Supplier to the Customer,
following which:
(i) the Supplier is entitled to remove any products and parts which have not be installed or
affixed to the Site;
(ii) the Customer will pay to the Supplier for the products, parts and services rendered by
the Supplier up to the date of such notice of termination;
(iii) without prejudice to the foregoing, the Supplier and the Customer will discuss in good
faith regarding mitigation measures at the Site.
17. The Contract is governed by Singapore law.
18. The Supplier and the Customer agree to submit all disputes arising from or in relation to the Contract to
the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.