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Bacay, Ma. Carmela D.

July 30 2015

BSED-3A Filipino 3:00-4:30 PM TTH
Work Assignment # 2


TO SIR, WITH LOVE, is a 1967 Technicolor British drama film, directed by

James Clavell, and starring Sidney Poitier as Mark Thackeray, the movie deals
with social and racial issues in an inner-city school. Sidney Poitier is graduated
as an engineer but started his career as a teacher of a group of rambunctious
white high school students from the slums of London's East End.

At first the students are wild and disrespectful to him because he is different from
them. Despite of the stubbornness of his students he still hold his temper for him
to be a good teacher and conduct his lesson every day. Days are passed, but
until one day he burst one all of his hidden angriness. He went go mad like as
crazy man, he went berserk. But went he return on his mind, he started to go
back to his class and start throwing all the books in the trash bin, instead of
teaching math and geography he started to teach life, rebellion, sex, marriage,
love, survival and being a man and a lady.
As a result of these changes, it is started to build the relationship he always
wanted to have. His students started like him and eventually love him. But as the
happy days passed a letter came from the employer that he try to apply as chief
deputy engineer, the letter is informing him that he got the job that he is applying
for. Because of these his student started to go to their old selves. On the year
end party his students invites him to go because they have surprise for him. His

students sing him a song and give him a present which gives him a near-to-cry
eyes. After receiving the gift he walk out to the hall and go to their classrooms
and torn the letter he get from the job his applying to, a sign of that he will not
pursue his career as an engineer but as a TEACHER.

This movie made me cry. At first I thought that the movie will be boring but as the
film playing my first impression started to fade away. This movie is very
inspirational especially to me, a future teacher, and FUTURE MOLDER of
students. It taught how to be more effective teacher in the future.

It taught me how to be more patient. Always keep my patience because students

are very diverse and they are at the age youth, the peak part of being a person,
the time of too much fun. Second is, dont just teach what is the lesson all about
but most important is teach what life is all about. And lesson I most treasure
lesson Ive got in the movie is dont give them knowledge but also give CARE
and LOVE. Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a
lasting impact in the lives of their students Solomon Ortiz. And it up to us to
touch their lives and give them LOVE that they can feel, LOVE that can give
ASSURANCE that you are there for them, LOVE that can GIVE THEM A BRIGHT