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Q.1) Which of the following is NOT a basic component to a plumbing system?
A. The drainage and vent system
B. Water service pipe and distributing pipes
C. Pollution Control (Your Answer)
D. Plumbing fixtures
Q.2) What do you call the installation of all pipes in the plumbing system that is in
partitions and under floors?>
A. Tempering
B. Roughing-in (Your Answer)
C. Concealed plumbing
D. Fixturing
Q.3) What will be the basis in the design of waer piping sytem in localities where the
water pressure is fluctuating all throughout the day?
A. Time of the day when the maximum pressure is available
B. Number of households in the area using water
C. Minimum pressure available (Your Answer)
D. Maximum pressure available
Q.4) What do you call a hemp or old hemp rope soaked in oil or tar to make it
A. Sisal
B. Manila
C. Abaca
D. Oakum (Your Answer)
Q.5) Through what means must waste of food handling equipment discharge?
A. Vertical gap
B. Grease interceptor (Your Answer)
C. Indirect Waste pipe (Correct Answer)
D. Direct connection
Q.6) What is a group vent pipe?
A. Circuit vent (Your Answer)

B. Drain
C. Continuous vent
D. Cross connection
Q.7) When was NAMPAP registered with the Securities and Exchage Commission?
A. 1925
B. 1942
C. 1937
D. 1935 (Your Answer)
Q.8) A horizntal drain that is sized to provide free movement of air above the flow
line of the drain is called a ___
A. continuous waste system (Your Answer)
B. durham waste and vent system
C. combination waste and vent system (Correct Answer)
D. solvent waste and vent system
Q.9) What should be made of connections between a potable water supply and an
automatic fire sprinkling machine?
A. With vacuum breaker
B. With relief valves
C. With check valve (Your Answer)
D. With valve regulator
Q.10) What type of concealed connections on fixtures shall be provided with access
panel or utility at least 0.3m in its least dimension for easy inspection and
A. Hubless
B. Flanged
C. Slip joint (Your Answer)
D. Ball and socket
Q.11) Fixture connections that require the removal of an access panel for servicing are
considered ____.
A. accessible (Correct Answer)
B. readily accessible (Your Answer)
C. not accessible
D. exposed

Q.12) What is the minimum elapsed time required that the pressurized water be kept
in the pipe system for the water test?
A. 15 min (Your Answer)
B. 10 min
C. 30 min
D. 1 hour
Q.13) What is that portion of rainfall or other precipitation which runs off over the
surface of the ground called?
A. Surface water (Your Answer)
B. Rain water
C. Run-off water
D. Ground water
Q.14) How many pipes that discharge into a drainage system but which are not
connected directly to the drainage system clasiffied?
A. Complex wastes
B. Indirect wastes (Your Answer)
C. Special wastes
D. Direct wastes
Q.15) Which of the following types of work required a plumbing permit?
A. The replacement of a faulty gate valve
B. The relpacement of an electric water heater (Correct Answer)
C. The clearance of the drain stoppage (Your Answer)
D. The replacement of the faucet stem
Q.16) What is a liquid waste that contains animal or vegetable matter in suspension or
A. Sewer
B. Sewage (Correct Answer)
C. Domestic waste (Your Answer)
D. Culinary waste
Q.17) What tank is integral with water closet, urinal, or similar fixtures for flushing or
removing excrements in the fixture?
A. Flush (Your Answer)

B. Septic
C. Drain
D. Cistern
Q.18) What must the interceptors used in bottling establishment be capable of
seperating from the other solids before discharging he waste into the drainage
A. Oil (Your Answer)
B. Flammable materials
C. Bottled fluids
D. Broken glass or other solids (Correct Answer)
Q.19) What must be fitted on a fixture that is equipped with threads for a garden
A. Check valve
B. Backflow preventer
C. Air gap (Your Answer)
D. Vacuum breaker (Correct Answer)
Q.20) What do you call the downward fall of a pipe?
A. Grade (Your Answer)
B. Inclined
C. Slope
D. Slant
Q.21) What are intended to be protected by vents?
A. Fixture outlets (Your Answer)
B. Drains
C. Traps
D. Trap seals (Correct Answer)
Q.22) Which of the following also serves as drains?
A. Relief vents
B. Common vents
C. Wet vents (Your Answer)
D. Dry vents
Q.23) What tube is made of plastic material and colored black whose cross-sectional
shape is normally oval and is denoted by its outside diameter and is normally

used as water service connection from the main to the meter.

A. ABS pipe (Your Answer)
B. Polyethylene pipe
C. UPVC pipe
D. Polybutylene pipe (Correct Answer)
Q.24) What is the minimum height of raised letters on an iron or bronze sign that will
read "Connection to Dry Standpipe"
A. 25 mm (Your Answer)
B. 3/4 inch
C. 20 mm
D. 30mm
Q.25) Unless prohited by structural conditions, what is the reference of each vertical
vent pipes before offsetting horizontally to join the stack vent or vent stack?
A. Invert of trap
B. Highest flood level rim of fixture (Your Answer)
C. Water level inside the trap
D. Air gap of fixture
Q.26) Which of the following types of traps allowed?
A. Traps which depend upon moving parts to maintain a seal
B. P-traps (Your Answer)
C. Crown-vented trap
D. Bell traps
Q.27) What do you call a drainage piping that extends from the trap of a fixture to
appoint connection with another drain pipe?
A. Horizontal stack
B. Branch supply
C. Trap Arm (Your Answer)
D. Fixture drain
Q.28) Who was the President of the Republic of the Philippines who signed the
"Plumbing Law of the Philippines"?
A. Joseph Estrada
B. Diosdado Macapagal
C. Ramon Magsaysay (Correct Answer)
D. Ferdinand Marcos (Your Answer)

Q.29) What pipe conveys potable water from a building supply to a plumbing fixture?
A. Water Distribution (Your Answer)
B. Water riser
C. Water line
D. Water stack
Q.30) What do you call the pipe or tubing that connects the oultlet of a plumbing
fixture to the trap?
A. Outflow
B. Tailpiece (Your Answer)
C. Head Tubing
D. Connector
Q.31) What do you call a combination of elbows or bends which brings one section of
pipe out of line but into a line parallel with the other section of the pipe?
A. Offset (Your Answer)
B. Crown vent
C. Drainage turn
D. Picth
Q.32) What is the standard working pressure for a water heater?
A. 140 psi
B. 125 psi (Correct Answer)
C. 100 psi
D. 75 psi (Your Answer)
Q.33) What do you call a water supply pipe connecting the fixtures with the fixture
A. Corporation
B. Service
C. Fixture supply (Your Answer)
D. Special
Q.34) What delivers water under pressure?
A. Ejector
B. Sump pump
C. Pressure controller (Your Answer)

D. Centrifugal pump (Correct Answer)

Q.35) What is the receptacle wherein liquids are retained for a sufficient period of
time to allow settleable materials to deposit?
A. Catch basin (Your Answer)
B. Rainwater tank
C. Cistern tank
D. Weir
Q.36) What device is used to prevent backflow into a potable water supply?
A. Backflow valve (Your Answer) drainage
B. Backwater valve
C. Backwater preventer
D. Backflow preventer (Correct Answer)
Q.37) What screened vent shall be used to vent the covers of gravity storage tank of
potable water supply?
A. Return-bend pipe (Correct Answer)
B. Upright pipe (Your Answer)
C. Horizontal nipple
D. Circuit vent
Q.38) What is represented by a solid line broken with a single dot or dash in piping
A. Cold water (Correct Answer)
B. Hot water
C. Vent pipe
D. Drainage pipe (Your Answer)
Q.39) What interior pipes are used to convey storm water from a roof drain to appoint
of disposal?
A. Leaders
B. Conductors (Your Answer)
C. Wet stacks
D. Stacks
Q.40) Connections between drain and floor outlet plumbing fixtures must be made

with which of the following?

A. Mechanical joints
B. Electromeric seal
C. Schedule-40 joints
D. Floor flanges (Your Answer)
Q.41) What is a recession in a wall for holding pipes and conduits passing from floor
to floor?
A. Vent
B. Court
C. Chase (Your Answer)
D. Yard
Q.42) In water supply and distribution, what type of fillway valve should be used to
control or more openings?
A. Ball valve
B. Butterfly valve
C. Globe valve
D. Gate valve (Your Answer)
Q.43) What system describes soil or waste system where all pipings are of threaded
pipe, tubing or other such rigid construction using recessed drainage fittings to
correspond to the types of piping?
A. Durham (Your Answer)
B. Schultz
C. Smith
D. Drake
Q.44) After how many days shall a plumbing permit expire and become null and void
if the plumbing works authorized therein have not been started?
A. 365 (Your Answer)
B. 60
C. 30
D. 120 (Correct Answer) ?
Q.45) What is the minimum number of water closet for 16 to 35 permanent female
emplyees in assembly places such as the theaters, auditoruims and convention

A. 2
B. 4 (Your Answer)
C. 5
D. 3 (Correct Answer)
Q.46) How many threads per inch has a cleanout having a size of 76 mm had?
A. 8 (Correct Answer)
B. 10
C. 5
D. 6 (Your Answer)
Q.47) How do you call an auxillary vent which provides additional circulation of air in
or between a drainage system classified?
A. Common vent
B. Relief vent (Correct Answer)
C. Island vent
D. Branch vent (Your Answer)
Q.48) what device is present in a water heater that allows the emptying or discharge of
excessive pressure
A. Thermostat
B. Relief valve (Correct Answer)
C. Aquastat (Your Answer)
D. Boiler blowoff
Q.49) Valve up to and including 51 mm in size should be made of what materials?
A. Galvanized iron
B. Cast iron
C. Brass (Your Answer)
D. Copper
Q.50) What type of valve in a water system combines to protect agaainst excessive
temperature and pressure build-ups?
A. Temperature and pressure relief valve (Correct Answer)
B. Stop valve
C. Tempering valve
D. Temperature relief valve (Your Answer)
Q.51) Grease interceptors must be equipped with devices to control the rate of which

of the following?
A. Heat Transference
B. Air flow
C. Waste flow
D. Water flow (Your Answer)
Q.52) What is the ideal inside diameter of cesspools?
A. 10 ft
B. 3 meters
C. Not more than 5 meters (Your Answer)
D. Not more than 6 ft (Correct Answer)
Q.53) For a discharge capacity in the excreta drainage system of 1.0 to 1.89 per
second, what is its assigned equivalent fixture unit when there is an intermittent
flow in the system?
A. 3
B. 2
C. 4 (Correct Answer)
D. 6 (Your Answer)
Q.54) What type of valve that will be used for all the outlets in a stand pipe
A. Ball
B. Check
C. Gate (Your Answer)
D. Globe
Q.55) The trap of a kitchen sink may NOT accept the waste of which of the following?
A. Clothes wahser (Correct Answer)
B. Garbage disposer
C. Diswasher (Your Answer)
D. Continuous waste
Q.56) what sewage includes the wastes from metal and chemical plants, oil refineries,
laudries. diary plants and breweries?
A. Residential
B. Commercial
C. Industrial (Your Answer)

D. Institutional
Q.57) What part of the trap of trapped fixture being served, must individual vents be
A. Fixture drain (Your Answer)
B. Top
C. Bottom
D. Fixture branch
Q.58) From where can liquid waste be disposed off directly into the ground?
A. chemical laboratory
B. church sacaruim (Your Answer)
C. toilet
D. restaurant sink
Q.59) How many equvalent water supply fixture unit has the flush tank type of water
closet that is for private use?
A. 4
B. 2
C. 3 (Correct Answer)
D. 5 (Your Answer)
Q.60) What feature in water supply is NOT advisable to plumbing fixtures, devices
and opportunities?
A. Bacterial quality (Correct Answer)
B. Adequate pressure
C. Sufficient volume
D. Without undue noise (Your Answer)
Q.61) What is the least diameter (in mm) of building water service pipe that is allowed
by the plumbing Code?
A. 19 (Correct Answer)
B. 12.5 (Your Answer)
C. 10
D. 25
Q.62) What type of surface must plumbing fixtures should NOT have?

A. Concealed fouling surface (Your Answer)

B. Smooth, impervous purposes
C. China surfaces
D. Stainless steel surfaces
Q.63) What do you call the vertical vent pipe installed primarily to provide circulation
of air to and from any part of the drainage system?
A. Common vent
B. Relief vent
C. Vent Stack (Correct Answer)
D. Stack vent (Your Answer)
Q.64) What pipe carries potable water from the water meter or other source of water
supply to a building or other point of use or distribution on the lot
A. Building supply (Your Answer)
B. Liquifier
C. Water distributor
D. Water regular
Q.65) What pressure exist without any flow motion?
A. Static (Your Answer)
B. Stagnate
C. Adiabatic
D. Pore Water
Q.66) What is the term used which implies siphonage in piping system?
A. Deoxygenation
B. Carbonation
C. Vacuum (Your Answer)
D. Flushing
Q.67) When a trench is backfilled, at what intervals must the fill material be
A. Every 4 inches
B. Every 12 inches
C. Every 6 inches (Your Answer)
D. Every 8 inches
Q.68) What type of sewage has not recieved any treatment?

A. Crude (Correct Answer)

B. Oxidized (Your Answer)
C. Clarified
D. Carbonized
Q.69) A room equipped with a shower or bathtub is a ___.
A. toilet room
B. bathroom (Your Answer)
C. shower room
D. washroom
Q.70) What is the process whereby steel and iron pipes rust?
A. Decay
B. Deoxidation (Your Answer)
C. Ferrule
D. Tuberculation (Correct Answer)
Q.71) If the potable water supply is being connected to a non-potable water source,
with what reduced pressure device should connections be made?
A. Back flow preventer (Correct Answer)
B. Air gap (Your Answer)
C. Vacuum breaker
D. Double check valves
Q.72) Which of the following vents does NOT carry liquid or water-borne wastes?
A. Dual
B. Dry (Your Answer)
C. Unit
D. Wet
Q.73) What do you call an approved tank or pit which recieves sewage or wastewater
below the normal grade and is emtied by mechanical meands?
A. Lateral
B. Sump (Your Answer)
C. Damp
D. Dumping
Q.74) Which of the follwing is a common form of protection from corrosion for pipes

passing through concrete?

A. Protective concreting
B. Protective coating (Your Answer)
C. Protective handling
D. Protective wrapping (Correct Answer)
Q.75) what do you call the main water pipe which delivers potable water to a building.
A. Water connector
B. Water service (Correct Answer)
C. Water supply (Your Answer)
D. Water distributor
Q.76) Which of the follwing is NOT allowed in the construction of a storm water
drainage system?
A. Schedule-40 plastic fittings
B. Cast-iron fittings (Your Answer)
C. Drainage fittings that are commonly used for sanitary drainage
D. Fittings that retard the flow of storm water (Correct Answer)
Q.77) What do you call the water that stands in or passes through the ground?
A. Artesian
B. Surface
C. Deep well
D. Ground (Your Answer)
Q.78) Which of the following does NOT constitute a clean out?
A. Removable fixture trap
B. Removable plug or cap
C. Water faucet (Your Answer)
D. Water closet
Q.79) What is the combination of elbows or bends in aline of piping, which bring one
section of the pipe out of line parallel with the original section?
A. Sanitary piping
B. Piping system
C. Offset (Your Answer)
D. Circuit piping

Q.80) What device is often used to connect an appliance to a gas source?

A. Flexible connector (Your Answer)
B. Iron pipes
C. PVC pipe
D. Gas hose
Q.81) What is the process by which suspended matter in sewage subsidies and is
deposited by gravity?
A. Clarification
B. Filtration
C. Dilution
D. Sedimentation (Your Answer)
Q.82) What valve of faucet closes automatically when released manually?
A. Timed shut-off
B. Slope valve
C. Supply valve
D. Quick closing valve (Your Answer)
Q.83) What do you call a waste arrangement that connects multiple compartments of
a set of fixtures, such as double-bowl kitchen sink, to a single trap?
A. A series waste
B. An island waste
C. A continuous waste (Correct Answer)
D. A collecticve waste (Your Answer)
Q.84) What building drains conveys storm water but not sewage?
A. Combined drain
B. Storm drain (Your Answer)
C. Sanitary drain
D. Surface drain
Q.85) What portion of an underground drainage system CANNOT drain by gravity
into the building sewer?
A. Building subdrain (Your Answer)
B. Building drain
C. Building supply
D. Building sewer

Q.86) What is represented by a solid line broken with two dots or dashes in piping
A. Drainage pipe
B. Vent pipe
C. Cold water
D. How water (Your Answer)
Q.87) The length along the centerline of the pipe and fittings is the ___
A. diagonal length
B. diameter length
C. circumferential length
D. developed length (Your Answer)
Q.88) What do you call a pipe with a adjacent reverse bends and shaped like the letter
A. Double bend (Your Answer)
B. Double hub
C. Increaser
D. Sanitary cross
Q.89) What type of water closet is installed in such a way that it does not touch the
A. Hanger
B. Wall-hung (Your Answer)
C. Carrier
D. Handy
Q.90) If ever it is impractical to install the horizontal drainage piping following the
required minimum slope due to some reasonable constraints, what is the least
required slope that is allowed?
A. 0.5%
B. 1.5%
C. 2.0%
D. 1.0% (Your Answer)
Q.91) What does NAMPAP mean
A. National Master Plumbing Association of the Philippines

B. National Agency of Master Plumbing in the Philippines

C. National Master Plumbers Association of the Philippines (Your Answer)
D. National Association of Masters Plumber of the Philippines
Q.92) What valve is similar to a compression cock but has a screw outside for a
connection of water hose?
A. Tap
B. Key cock (Your Answer)
C. Hose bibb (Correct Answer)
D. Faucet
Q.93) what is the minimum allowed uniform gauge pressure in the piping system if an
air test shall be made?
A. 34.5 kPa (Correct Answer)
B. 20 psi
C. 17.7 psi (Your Answer)
D. 120 psi
Q.94) which of the follwong is NOT an element in the computation of the size of grease
B. Diameter of inlet pipe (Correct Answer)
C. Waste flow rate
D. Storage factor (Your Answer)
Q.95) Which of the following is required in the installation of a storm drainage
A. 90 degrees bends
B. 45 degrees bends
C. Blind plugs (Your Answer)
D. Cleanouts (Correct Answer)
Q.96) Which of the following commonly carries both storm water or sewage?
A. Mixed drain
B. Subsoil drain
C. Combined sewer (Your Answer)
D. Sanitary sewer

Q.97) Which of the following is an impairment of the quality of potable water which
creates a hazard to public health through poisoning or the spread of disease?
A. Imbalance
B. Risk dange
C. Backflow
D. Contamination r (Your Answer)
Q.98) What do you call a receptacle installed to collect and drain store water from an
open area?
A. Combination Sewer
B. Split drain
C. Area drain (Your Answer)
D. Floor drain
Q.99) What do you call the vertical distance between the crown weir and the top of the
dip of a trap?
A. Airbreak
B. Airgap
C. Trap seal (Your Answer)
D. Critical level
Q.100) A device integrated within an air accumulator vessel that is desgned to
discharge a predetermined quantity of water to fixtures for flushing purposes
is a(an) ___A. expansion tank
B. surge tank
C. flushometer tank (Your Answer)
D. day tank
Q.101) Which is NOT a plastic pipe?
A. Polybutylene
B. Polyvinyl chloride
C. Polyethylene
D. Black steel (Your Answer)
Q.102) A vertical vent that is a continuation of the drain to which it connects is a ___
A. circuit vent
B. relief vent
C. continuous vent (Your Answer)

D. branch vent
Q.103) That part of the lowest piping of a drainage system that recieves the discharge
from soil, waste, and other drainage pipes inside the walls of the building and
conveys it to a point 2 ft. outside the building wall is a ___
A. building drain (Your Answer)
B. building sewer
C. waste pipe
D. soil stack
Q.104) If there are five or more branch intervals located above a horizontal offset of a
drainage stack, what must be made of the offsets?
A. No more than 22 1/2 degrees
B. Eliminated
C. No more than 22 1/2 degrees
D. Vented (Your Answer)
Q.105) When plastic pipe is joined with cast-iron pipe, which of the following types of
joints is acceptable?
A. Caulked
B. Solvent weld
C. Threaded
D. Mechanical (Correct Answer)
Which of the following does NOT belong to sump pump system?
A. Sump pit
B. Sump pump
C. Discharge piping
D. Hinged covers (Your Answer)
Q.107) What is the allowable distance between the trap arm and the vent if the fixture
has a trap arm diameter of 32mm?
A. 1.52m
B. 0.76 m (Your Answer)
C. 0.51m
D. 1.07m