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Many types of figurative language exhibited in the styles of writing are displayed in different
styles of writing. Some of these include simile, metaphor, personification, and alliteration.
However, one important method is symbolism. Writers add to their creativity by using symbolic
definitions. Most important highlights in any story are enhanced by this. For example, Arthur
Millers The Crucible demonstrates a great example of symbolism. Another example is
Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter, which is the best illustration of symbolism. Many
reasons symbolism occurs and is significant in writing lie in three factors: to enrich a persons
writing, to develop a cypher in writing, and to help readers understand the storys theme.
According to Websters New World Dictionary, In other words, it is the usage of symbols by
investing some things with a symbolic meaning. In many novelists views, different contexts
are exhibited for the readers enrichment in literary works. These novice and expertise authors
use symbolism to embellish their writing skills. For example, in The Crucible, a dagger on
Reverend Parris door symbolizes that there would be murder, and the name is even a symbol.
Based on the same dictionary, a crucible is a container made of a heat-resistant substance used
to test the purity of certain substances via high temperatures. This was true. People started not
to have honesty when they were faced with their surroundings. Some people, such as the main
character, Proctor, kept integrity and was hanged. The purity was being tested in society.
Not only does symbolism enriches a persons writing, but also it develops a secret code in
writing and literature, which makes a more interesting way to intrigue readers into the authors
work. Many authors views prefer readers to guess an abstract view that is presented in the story
instead of vividly imagining things. For example, in The Scarlet Letter, many things can be
taken more than one way. The Custom House is a good example of how the introduction is
important in the first place. Some say that it was an opening to the book by an inspiration of a
scarlet letter and writing about it. Others predict that it was to apologize about Hawthornes
ancestors participating in the Salem Witch Trials and the persecution of the Quakers.
Although symbolism develops a cryptogram in writing, it also helps the reader understand the
story more. Even a single phrase or description that represents a tiny meaning can renovate
things to a larger scale. These tiny words can change things to a powerful instrument. In The
Crucible, this play adds a layer of depth, and The Scarlet Letter hints that Nathaniel
Hawthorne wants to be always mysterious about most things.
In conclusion, symbolism is an important factor in reading literature. It adds depth to a story,
and it emphasizes a certain point. These symbols are good ways to make readers think of what
the authors wants to express fully about the message of the narrative. Enriching a persons
writing, developing an abstract code in addressing the reader of the story, and helping readers
understand the theme is very important in writing. Many novice authors should learn to use
symbolism since it is a wonderful technique in applying figurative language.