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Q.1) On the outside, a globe valve looks similar to what other valve?
A. Stop and waste valve
B. Angle valve
C. Gate valve (Your Answer)
D. Check valve
Q.2) What mechanical operation is done to cut or form the fixture or individual parts
of the fixture?
A. Injection molding
B. Drawing
C. Reaming (Your Answer)
D. Stamping (Correct Answer)
Q.3) What chemical element in the steel increase the corrosion and stain-resistant
qualities of the fixture?
A. Nickel (Your Answer)
B. Copper
C. Iron
D. Aluminum
Q.4) What thin line in the plan determine the depth requirments of sewers and water
A. Cross-hatch
B. Contour (Correct Answer)
C. Broken (Your Answer)
D. Phantom
Q.5) What is the best tool for cutting cast iron soil pipe that is rigidly in place?
A. Hacksaw (Your Answer)
B. Soil pipe cutter (Correct Answer)
C. Grinder
D. Hammer and chisel

Q.6) What is the name of the tool used to remove pits or rough surfaces from valve or
faucet seats?

A. Seat driver
B. Seat reamer (Your Answer)
C. Seat dressing (Correct Answer)
D. Seat planning
Q.7) What is meant by the term plumbo-solvent?
A. The ability of water to dissolve copper
B. The addition of chlorine to the water supply
C. The ability of water to dissolve lead (Correct Answer)
D. The use of lead-free solder fittings (Your Answer)
Q.8) What type of rigid copper pipe is the heaviest and is used for underground
A. Type K (Your Answer)
B. Type L
C. Type DWV
D. Type M
Q.9) What are used to keep harmful substances from entering the sanitary drainage

A. Interceptors (Your Answer)

B. Separators
C. Valves
D. Traps
Q.10) At what angle do vent stacks attach to horizontal vent pipes?
A. 90 degrees (Your Answer)
B. 45 degrees (Correct Answer)
C. 22-1/2 degrees
D. 60 degrees

Q.11) What is the most common repair required on fixture faucets?

A. Replace washer (Your Answer)
B. Control water flow
C. Tighten the lock nut
D. Replece steam packing
Q.12) In a plumbing plan, how is the hot water return represented in between dashes?

A. Single dot
B. Double dot (Your Answer)
C. Continuous dotted line
D. Triple dots (Correct Answer)
Q.13) What type of level er used by plumbers to install underground plumbing?
A. Line level (Correct Answer)
B. Pipe
C. Grade level (Your Answer)
D. Standard level
Q.14) Aside from lavatory, what is the other common fixture that is provided with
A. Kitchen sink (Your Answer)
B. Slop sink
C. Urinal
D. Bathtub (Correct Answer)
Q.15) What is the maximum distance (in feet) between hangers for 3 inches plastic pipe
installed in 20 foot lengths?
A. 5
B. 4 (Your Answer)
C. 2.5
D. 6.5

Q.16) What tool is used to cut copper, brass, aluminum, or plastic tubing, and thin-wall
A. Hacksaw (Your Answer)
B. Flaring tool
C. Pipe tap
D. Tubing cutter (Correct Answer)
Q.17) Which fitting is NOT necessary in the installation of the house service?
A. Corporation stop
B. Meter stop
C. Curb stop (Your Answer)
D. Water mater
Q.18) What part of a pipe curves like the neck of a goose, and is flexible?
A. E-curve
B. Snake
C. Goose neck (Your Answer)
D. Auger
Q.19) When fixtures are constructed of previous material, what specific condition is
A. Unsatisfactoey Quality
B. Inaccessibility of parts to be cleaned
C. Waste outlet that can retain water (Your Answer)
D. Smooth substance
Q.20) If one of the two weights associated with cast-iron is service weight, what is the
other weight?

A. Extra heavy weight (Your Answer)

B. Double extra service weight
C. Light weight
D. Light weight

Q.21) What is the minimum length of time (in hours) before a jointed plasteic pipe be
subjected to pressure test?
A. 1 (Your Answer)
B. 3
C. 2 (Correct Answer)
D. 4
Q.22) What do lines on isometric drawing represent?
A. Valves and vents
B. Pipe and fittings (Your Answer)
C. Pipe and fixtures
D. Fixtures ang fittings
Q.23) What is the CORRECT and MOST accurate way to measure out lengths of
A. Center-to-face
B. Center-to-center (Your Answer)
C. End-to-end
D. End-to-center (Correct Answer)
Q.24) What is the primary purpose of valving?
A. Change the direction of fluid flow (Your Answer)
B. Adjust pipe sizes
C. Deliver fluid
D. Regular fluid flow (Correct Answer)
Q.25) What is the function of by pass valve?

A. To control the flow of water

B. To act as relief valve in case of failure of the other valves (Your Answer)
To equalize the pressure and temperature on both sides of the main valve
(Correct Answer)
D. To act as balancing valve

Q.26) What tool is favored by some plumber for cutting plastic pipe?
A. Universal saw (Your Answer)
B. Circle saw
C. Adjustable wrench
D. Pipe wrench
Q.27) What type of a joint is a compression coupling?
A. Mechanical (Your Answer)
B. Threaded
C. Illegal
D. Screw
Q.28) Which of the following plumbing fixtures is the MOST commonly used?
A. Kitchen sink (Your Answer)
B. Water closet (Correct Answer)
C. Lavatory
D. Shower
Q.29) What is the name of the process in which steel and wrought iron pipe rust?
A. Oxidation
B. Cavitation
C. Tuberculation (Your Answer)
D. Sublimation
Q.30) What is the recommened support spacing of vertically installed pipe?
A. 4ft (Your Answer)
B. 3ft
C. 6ft
D. 2ft
Q.31) Which of the following factors is NOT considered in sizing the water supply

A. Length of the pipe in the building
B. Pressure of the water supply at the source
C. Number and kind of fixtures installed
D. Pipe friction (Your Answer)
Q.32) What strength of a hook should you choose in selecting a hook and chain that
are to be used for lifting pipes?

A. A little bit stonger than the chain

B. Twice as strong as the chain
C. Same strength as a chain
D. Weaker than the chain (Your Answer)
Q.33) To what purpose are faucet designed?
A. Acess to other fixtures
B. Set up fast installition
C. Provide for easy replacement and maintenance of parts
D. Control the flow of water (Your Answer)
Q.34) What is the name of the washer that seals the bottom of a lavatory bowl?
A. Cushion (Your Answer)
B. Compression
C. Delta
D. Mack (Correct Answer)
Q.35) In plumbing plan, what represents pipe going down with the open side or sides
of the circle being at the higher elevetion?
A. Semicircle
B. Broken circle (Your Answer)
C. Solid circle
D. Closed circle
Q.36) Which of the following pipes is a vertical extension of the soil, waste, or vent

A. Leader
B. Drain
C. Riser
D. Stack (Your Answer)
Q.37) On what point of the pipe cross-section is the pipes elevetion referred to?
A. Top of pipe
B. Center of pipe (Your Answer)
C. Invert (Correct Answer)
D. Bottom pipe
Q.38) What happens when moist air is trapped in a horizontal vent pipe?
A. Can block the passage of warm air into the system (Your Answer)
B. Being dense, the plumbing sysytem is disturded
C. Can cause corrosion on the pipe (Correct Answer)
D. Can lead to the creation of vacuum spaces
Q.39) When are traps prohibited?
A. If they are of inverted type
B. If they do not depend on interior partitions or moving parts for action
C. If they are over 4 inches in diameter
If they depend on concealed interior partitions or moving parts for action
(Your Answer)
Q.40) Which can cause obstruction of the flow of wastes in a drainage piping?
A. Pocket of neutral pressure
B. Pressure differential
C. Pocket of positive and negative pressures (Your Answer)
D. Pocket of low or high pressure (Correct Answer)
Q.41) Other than making a quiet and peaceful house, what is prevented when water
hammer will be eliminated?

A. Slow flow of water (Your Answer)

B. Damage to piping (Correct Answer)
C. Decrease in water pressure
D. Lose of air ventilation
Q.42) What tool is used to open plugged or sluggish drain piping?
A. Drain auger
B. Force cup
C. Hand-spinner drain cable (Correct Answer)
D. Plunger (Your Answer)
Q.43) What tool is used to grip pipe and fitting when installing and removing piping?
A. Pipe wrench (Your Answer)
B. Hacksaw
C. Tubing
D. Cutter vise
Q.44) What cause majority of all accidents in plumbing work?

A. Material defect
B. Unsafe acts (Your Answer)
C. Unsafe conditions
D. Ignorance
Q.45) What could be a sulotion to a restricted water flow of faucet?
A. Replace or filter screen (Correct Answer)
B. Smooth out lever nut
C. Re-adjust valve (Your Answer)
D. Clean or replace hose head valve
Q.46) What tool is used for expanding the ends of lead pipe?

A. Drift plug

B. Turn pin (Your Answer)

C. Dresser
D. Shave book
Q.47) What type of fixture operates under pressure from the water supply and
requires a higher suuply flow rate?
A. Flush valve (Your Answer)
B. Flush fixtures
C. Flush pressure
D. Flush tank
Q.48) What is the most appropriate method in the connection of a commercial black
steel pipe which is under 2 inches in diameter?

A. Caulking
B. Soldering
C. Welding
D. Threading (Your Answer)
Q.49) What common support is used to keep vertical pipe in alignment?

A. Vent piping
B. Vertical (Correct Answer)
C. Horizontal (Your Answer)
D. Waste piping
Q.50) Which of the following is NOT a type of sink?
A. Service
B. Perforated (Your Answer)
C. Flushing rim
D. Scullery
Q.51) Which are parts of water closet?

A. Mounting nut, housing, faucet, flange assembly

B. Closet Bolts, wax ring, seat, ballcock (Your Answer)

C. Nailing flange, sponge gasket, cross-bar strainer, overflow fitting
D. Metal washer, drain assembly, lift-rod, supply tubes
Q.52) What safety device should plumbing construction workers wear?

A. Gloves (Your Answer)

B. Shoes (Correct Answer)
C. Belts
D. Goggles
Q.53) What is the name of the tool used to remove a bur from the inside of a water
A. Pipe vise
B. Pipe Reamer (Correct Answer)
C. Pipe Offset (Your Answer)
D. Pipe Threader
Q.54) What type of scald protection valves in shower is a combination of pressure
balancing and thermostatic control?
A. Complex
B. Combination (Your Answer)
C. Compound
D. Double

What kind of pipe is generally designed for underground gas distribution and for
other underground services?

A. Wrought iron pipe (Your Answer)

B. Plastic coated steel pipe (Correct Answer)
C. Terra-cotta pipe
D. Tin pipe
Q.56) Which of the following illustrated in the plan bi circular template?
A. Side view 90 Degrees toward (Correct Answer)

B. Isometric 90 degrees up
C. Plan view 90 degrees down
D. Plan view 90 degrees away
Q.57) What do you call the primary vent in a venting system to which various vent in a
venting system to which various vent branches are connected?
A. Main vent (Your Answer)
B. Yoke vent
C. Vent Stack
D. Stack vent
Q.58) When water heater is a combibation potable water heater and space heater, ho must
potable water be maintained?
A. At moderate temperature
B. At a cool temperature (Your Answer)
C. At a warm temperature
D. Throughout the syytem (Correct Answer)
Q.59) On a sanitary waste line, what is located is located in an accessible area and attaches
to the end of the waste pipe in the direction opposite of flow?
A. Clean out (Your Answer)
B. Sewer pipe
C. Vent pipe
D. Floor drain
Q.60) Why do mostwall-hung urinals Not require a trap?
A. They are designed to have integral trap (Your Answer)
B. Because such fixtures seldom receive solid waste
C. Traps are already provided down the soil pipe
Siphonic action that occurs in wall-hung urinals during flushing prevents the
usage of traps
Q.61) What device is used to raise the temperature of some of the domestic water supply
for use in various fixtures?

A. Temperature increaser
B. Hot water heater (Correct Answer)
C. Thermostat (Your Answer)
D. Heating elament
Q.62) Which is NOT an essential need in designing and in reading a blueprint?
A. Abbrevations
B. Binoculars (Your Answer)
C. Blueprint symbols
D. Mathematical table
Q.63) What type of rigid copper pipe is lightweight?
A. Type DWV
B. Type L (Your Answer)
C. Tyep M (Correct Answer)
D. Type K
Q.64) Which of the following materials composition describe a 95/5 solder?
A. 95% tin-5% zinc
B. 95% lead-5% zinc (Your Answer)
C. 95% tin-5% antimony (Correct Answer)
D. 95% lead-5% antimony
Q.65) What do you call the drains which serve one or more fixtures that discharge into
another drain or into a stack?
A. Fixture drains
B. Horizontal Branches
C. Wet vents
D. Fixture branches (Your Answer)
Q.66) Which of the following does the feed cister supply water?

A. The cold distribution pipework

B. The hot Storage vessel (Your Answer)
C. A set of booster pumps
D. A WC pan or urinal
Q.67) What vents are pipes that serve as the drain of one fixture while venting another
A. Stack vents
B. Wet vents (Your Answer)
C. Relief vents
D. Relief vents
Q.68) In a plumbing plan which of the following is represented by double dots in between
A. Hot water return
B. Cold water (Your Answer)
C. Vent
D. Hot water (Correct Answer)
Q.69) Why is it that the house sewer is usually the first phase of the plumbing layout
that must be installed?
A. As basis of the basement elevation and plot plan of the building
B. Excavation of the building may be drained during inclement weather
C. To serve as a starting point for the house drain (Correct Answer)
D. To be the reference point of the building elevations (Your Answer)
Q.70) Which of the following is NOT a cause why water closet flushes poorly?
A. Clogged flush Holes
B. Enough water in tank (Your Answer)
C. Vent is Clogged
D. Partial drain blockage
Q.71) Which of the following does NOT determine the size of the vent pipe?

A. Pressure of waste flow (Your Answer)

B. Type of plumbing fixtures to be vented
C. Maximum fixture unit load
D. Developed length of the vent pipe
Q.72) What are designed to collect and drain water entering the soil?
A. Catch basins
B. Sewer pipes
C. Subsoil drains (Your Answer)
D. Drainage pipe
Q.73) Identify the equipment in No. 42 of the Wet Standpipe Schemetic Riser Diagram in
Drawing 3.
A. Fire Extinguisher
B. Fire pull box
C. Fire hose cabinet (Correct Answer)
D. Fire enunciator
Q.74) When joints are necessary in a copper gas piping system, what type of solder
must be used?

A. Hard (Correct Answer)

B. Soft (Your Answer)
C. Malleable
D. Ductile
Q.75) Which of the following is acceptable procedure when installing piping in a loadbearing wooden partition?
A. Do not drill or notch the studs
B. Drill a hole at the sides of the studs
C. Make a notch not more than one-half the thickness
D. Drill hole through the center of the studs (Your Answer)
Q.76) What is the term given to the letter/number designation assigned to each type of

A. Fixture schedule
B. Item number/letter
C. Fixture label (Your Answer)
D. Fixture ID
Q.77) What conveys foul air from a plumbing fixture or a room to the outer air?
A. Stack vent (Your Answer)
B. Leader
C. Riser
D. Local vent (Correct Answer)
Q.78) What are the products of complete combustion of natural gas?
A. Hydrogen and methane
B. Water vapour and carbon dioxide (Correct Answer)
C. Oxygen and carbon monoxide
D. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (Your Answer)
Q.79) According to the international Plumbing Code, above what temperature can you
consider water as hot water?
A. 60 deg C
B. 120 deg F (Your Answer)
C. above room temperature
D. 212 deg F
Q.80) What is the minimum size (in inches) of traps used on a kitchen sink waste pipe?
A. 2
B. 2.5
C. 1
D. 1.5 (Your Answer)
Q.81) What type of shower provides a means for quick rinsing of a person's skin that may
have been exposed to a toxic or harmful chemical?
A. Health care

B. Emergency (Correct Answer)

C. Vanity
D. Quick (Your Answer)
Q.82) What do you call the lines that are made of short and thick dashes and are used
to show the location of recessed objects in the plan?
A. Invisible
B. Cutting plane
C. Recessed
D. Hidden (Your Answer)
Q.83) The overflow passageway from afixture must be connected to what portion of the
plumbing sysytem?

A. Bottom side of the fixture trap

B. Inlet side of the fixture trap (Correct Answer)
C. Upper side of the fixture trap
D. Outlet side of the fixture trap (Your Answer)
Q.84) What plan are useful in planning the installation of sewers, water services,
building drains, and hose bibs?
A. Site palns
B. Floor plans (Your Answer)
C. Contour plans (Correct Answer)
D. Cross-section plans
Q.85) What is the purpose of an air gap of a water distribution system?
A. Dampens the shock wave created inside the water distribution piping
Ensures that water will not rise in the fixture into the water supply outlet
(Correct Answer)
Prevent domestic water in the building from flowing backwards and returning to
the pipe main.
D. Guards against siphonage
Q.86) What kind of plumbing tool is cheaply used for cutting cast-iron pipes, brick or

A. Cold chisel (Your Answer)
B. Diamond nose chisel
C. Cape chisel
D. Gouge
Q.87) What device utilize the water delivered by the water supply system?
A. Plumbing riser
B. Plumbing fixture (Your Answer)
C. Plumbing pipe
D. Plumbing vent
Q.88) Which are prevented by fixture trap seals?
A. Excessive draining
B. Siphonage and backpressure (Your Answer)
C. Free-flowing effluents
D. Overflows
Q.89) Riser diagram which are elevations or perspective views showing stacks an risers
generally indicate what kind of jobs?
A. Simple (Your Answer)
B. Non-complicated
C. Complicated (Correct Answer)
D. Easy
Q.90) what is the suitable gasket material for a flange union used in gasoline
A. Metallic or rubber composition
B. Metallic (Correct Answer)
C. Rubber or asbestos sheet
D. Rubber or asbestos composition (Your Answer)
Q.91) Which of the following pipes receives the discharge from a water closet and
conveys it to a soil stack or the building drain?

A. Waste
B. Drain
C. Vent
D. Soil (Your Answer)
Q.92) Which of the following methods of jointing plastics used for discharge pipework
systems is BEST described as a cold welding process?
A. Solvent welding (Your Answer)
B. Fusion welding
C. Compression welding
D. Branch Welding
Q.93) Which of the following is NOT among the basic angles necessary to express the
sanitary planning system in an isometric drawing?
A. Horizontal pipe
B. Sixty degree angle pipe (Your Answer)
C. Vertical pipe
D. Forty-five degree angle pipe
Q.94) Which of the following statements is NOT true in water heaters?
A. The discahrge pipe from a relief valve must be trapped. (Your Answer)
When water haeters are installed in locations where leakage of the tank or
connections will cause damage, the water heater must be installed in a pan.
All water heaters must be provided with an approved, self-closing (levered)
pressure relief valve and a temperature relief valve, or a combination thereof.
D. Water heaters must be protected to prevent siphoning of its contents.
Q.95) What step must be undertaken to avoid encountering airline cracks on the soldered
joint of a hot water supply system when the water is turned on?

A. Use a solder type that is suited for a particular fitting and pipe (Your Answer)
B. Apply heat evenly on the fitting before placing the solder on slot holes
C. Thoroughly clean the joint to be soldered


Faucets should be opened on the downstream side to relieve pressure on the line
before soldering (Correct Answer)

Q.96) What pipe is indicated in the plumbing plan having a series of dashes with letter
V separating the dashes?
A. Vacant
B. Vent
C. Vinyl
D. Vacuum (Your Answer)
Q.97) When two or more fixtures are permitted to use a single trap, what is the waste pipe
for installation called?
A. Individual
B. Continous waste (Your Answer)
C. Common waste
D. Sewer
Q.98) What must a pipe pass through when it penetrates an exterior wall?
A. Cotrol valve
B. Protection pad
C. Adapter
D. Sleeve (Your Answer)
Q.99) What device is used to ream burs out of pipe that has been cut?
A. Bolt cutter
B. Pipe reamer (Correct Answer)
C. Wood chisel
D. Cutter wheel (Your Answer)
Q.100) What minimum clear distance is required whenever the water service supply pipe
will be laid on the same trench within the sewer line?

A. 2 Foot (Your Answer)

B. 1 Foot (Correct Answer)

C. 3 Foot
D. 2 1/2 Foot
Q.101) Which of the water closets is the most efficient, the quietest and the most
A. Siphon jet (Your Answer)
B. Reverse trap
C. Valve
D. Siphon action (Correct Answer)
Q.102) How should fixtures be located in order to essure of the most economical
A. Parallel to teach other
B. With less bends and curves
C. Along a straight line (Your Answer)
D. As close together as possible (Correct Answer)
Q.103) Which of the following fixtures does NOT belong to the group.
A. Hose bibb
B. Water spigot
C. Water cooler (Your Answer)
D. Water faucet
Q.104) Which of the following pipes provides a flow of air to or from a drainage system to
provide a ciculation of air within the system?

A. Soil
B. Vent (Your Answer)
C. Drain
D. Waste
Q.105) What pipe idicated in the plumbing plan with a solid line?
A. Drain (Correct Answer)
B. Hot water reciculating

C. Vacuum
D. Fire protection
Q.106) What device prevents excessive vacuum in a pressure vessel?

A. Vacuum pump
B. Vacuum Breaker (Your Answer)
C. Vacuum pressure preventer
D. Vacuum relief valve (Correct Answer)
Q.107) What tool is used to make holes in stainless steel sinks?
A. Cutter wheel
B. Wood chisel
C. Bolt Cutter
D. Knockout set (Your Answer)
Q.108) What type of pipe joints consists of a soft metal alloy of tin and lead with a low
melting point?
A. Butt-weld
B. Solder (Correct Answer)
C. Threaded
D. Compression (Your Answer)
Q.109) What drain serves a single fixture trap?

A. Individaul drain
B. Fixture branch
C. Horizontal branch
D. Fixture drain (Your Answer)
Q.110) What kind of test is used in determining whethergalvanized pipe is made of
wrought iron or wrought steel?
A. Smoke
B. Hammer (Correct Answer)
C. Water

D. Gas (Your Answer)

Q.111) What pipe is represented on drawing with alternating long and short dashes?
A. Drain pipe
B. Hot water pipe
C. Cold water pipe (Correct Answer)
D. Vent pipe (Your Answer)
Q.112) Copper has several alloys such as brass that are used as a plumbing materials.
What is the principal alloy found in brass?
A. Aluminum (Your Answer)
B. Zinc (Correct Answer)
C. Nickel
D. Tin
Q.113) What is the tool for straightening or bending lead pipe?
A. Bending pin (Correct Answer)
B. Coupling
C. Bending wrench
D. Offset (Your Answer)
Q.114) What prevent sewer gas from entering a building?

A. Traps (Your Answer)

B. Regulators
C. Interceptors
D. Separators