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July 31 2015




Fijis Prime Minister

Frank Bainimarama






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Fiji News

High Stake Tension At The RFMF Camp

RFMF doubles the bodyguards around Bainimarama and Khaiyum hires a

food taster before consuming food at social events
THE Royal Fiji Military Force has been The prime Minister is also scheduled to travel to Vancouver Canada, it is also
placed on high alert and the military to travel to Vancouver Canada in the believed that he WILL NOT be doing
have doubled the bodyguards around coming week.
any fund raising for the Prime Minister,
coupster Frank Bainimarama. According With the tension in Fiji, Prime Minister Fiji First Party or his Government.
to Fijileaks highly reliable sources at Bainimarama's security has been Sylvester Joseph, former Fiji Soccer
the camp, a senior colonel (now being tightened which could stop him from rep and Prime Minister Bainimarama's
hunted by Bainimarama) also issued travelling abraod.
liason in Canada and abroad confirmed
orders for all army intel unit to seize There has been rumour in recent weeks that during his visit to Australia and
surveillance of the Opposition members. that there could also be a coup in Fiji New Zealand he made it clear that there
The sources say it follows rumours at during the PM's absence.
should be no fund raising on his behalf.
the camp that the former Minister and At the time of this publication, it was He also stressed that people/groups who
career military officer Pio Tikoduadua revealed to the Fiji Times Canada from are doing fund raising using his name is
has joined SODELPA.
reliable sources in Fiji that Fiji's security absolutely BOGUS.
RFMF sources say Aiyaz Khaiyum council had been in closed door meeting There are several functions arranged at
pushing Frank Bainimarama to become regarding the uncertainty and tension at different locations in the lower mainland
PRESIDENT so to pave way for him to the barracks.
with a formal reception to be held at a
If Prime Minister Bainimarama is able private residence in Richmond BC.

Indo-Fijian Policewoman Now Living The


Her parents wanted her to become a

doctor or a lawyer, but 28-year-old
Shazmeen Khan stood her ground to
live her childhood dream of becoming a
police officer.
"Especially for an Indian Muslim
woman, it's not a job that you would go
around saying 'hey Dad, I want to be a
police officer'," said Ms Khan, the only
daughter in the family.
"It took some convincing but eventually
they were very supportive."
The Fijian-born constable was revealed
as the first Muslim woman to have
successfully come through a programme
to help police increase diversity on the
front line and within its ranks.
Te Wananga o Aotearoa (TWoA),
which runs the 18-week certificate
course, is signing a new memorandum
of understanding with police to expand
the programme. Ms Khan said the
increasing ethnic diversity of Auckland's
resident population means the city needs
an equally diverse police force.
Of the 12,000 sworn police officers in
New Zealand, 11.6 per cent are Maori,
about 5 per cent are Pacific Islanders and
2.5 per cent are Asian or "others".
Ms Khan is attached to the Counties
Manukau Police District, and also helps
with recruitment campaigns aimed at
ethnic minorities.
She does not wear a hijab or Islamic
headscarf with her police uniform.
"Being ethnic, female and Muslim, it
obviously helps when I am attending


to cases involving ethnic or Muslims,"

she said. "We naturally have this mutual
understanding, I'm able to translate for
them if they speak Hindi and don't speak
English and help both sides understand
what's going on."
young Maori, Pasifika and ethnic
people - helping them improve their
understanding of tikanga Maori,
numeracy and fitness - for a career
in the police. Since it began in 2009,
more than 70 who finished the course

have graduated from the Royal New

Zealand Police College and many are
now working throughout the Counties
Manukau, Waikato, Rotorua and the
Gisborne/East Coast areas.
Commissioner Mike Bush said attracting
people with the right skills to serve on
the frontline was essential.
As part of a "Turning of the Tide"
Whanau Ora crime and crash prevention
strategy, the police are doubling the
number of their ethnic staff to improve
the way they engage and respond to
ethnic communities.

Shazmeen Khan is able to translate for Hindi speakers


Fiji News

Fijian Man Charged With People

Trafficking To New Zealand

A man appeared in Manukau District

Court charged with smuggling 16 people
into New Zealand.
Faroz Ali, also known as Feroz Ali,
allegedly helped 16 people into the
country unlawfully, charging them large
sums of money for the opportunity to
work in New Zealand.
He also allegedly arranged for their
employment in breach of their visa
conditions, employing some of them
He appeared in court on 16 charges of
people trafficking under the Crimes Act
1961, and 56 other charges under the
Immigration Act 2009.
The Ministry of Business, Innovation
and Employment alleges the 16 migrants
were subjected to exploitative working
Ali, a Fijian who is a New Zealand
resident, was remanded on bail until his
next court appearance later this month.


The maximum penalty for a people

trafficking offence is 20 years'
imprisonment or a fine of $500,000, or
It is only the second time Immigration
New Zealand has prosecuted people
trafficking charges. The first set of
charges were laid in Nelson District
Court last year against Jaswinder Singh
Sangha, 53, and Satnam Singh, 52,
alleging they arranged by deception the
entry of 18 Indian nationals into New
Zealand. The men have pleaded not
guilty and the case is ongoing.
"Addressing the exploitation of migrant
workers is a priority for Immigration
New Zealand and the wider Ministry of
Business, Innovation and Employment,"
a spokesperson for the ministry said.
Immigration lawyer Lloyd Vivera said
the charges were unusual, and might
signal a crackdown on people trafficking
and migrant abuse in New Zealand.

They are taking migrant exploitation

very seriously."
"I think [Immigration New Zealand]
is trying to send a message: 'We are
not going to tolerate these sorts of
behaviours', which is an encouraging
thing," Vivera said.
The United States State Department
Trafficking in Persons 2014 Report
criticised New Zealand's approach
to human trafficking, saying the
Government had not prosecuted any
trafficking cases in the eight years.
New Zealand lacked a comprehensive
anti-trafficking law, and recommended
its legal framework be expanded to
prohibit and punish all forms of human
Michael Woodhouse said at the time
investigations into human trafficking
in New Zealand had found no concrete
evidence it was happening.


Fiji News

Fiji Assures Korean Air Support

Fiji has assured Korean Air to support its
promotion and marketing tourism bid.
The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ratu
Inoke Kubuabola made the assurance
to the President of Korean Air, ChangHoon Chi, in their meeting in Seoul,
We will do all we can to attract more
people to Fiji, who are currently
travelling to other destinations, he said.
Korean Air currently operates SeoulNadi route three times a week and the
number of Korean visitors is gradually
increasing every year.
According to the Korea Tourism
Organisation (KTO), 5676 people
visited Fiji last year and it is expected to
increase further this year.
Ratu Inoke expressed his appreciation
on Korean Airs service since 1995 and
assured Fijis support.
Mr Chi has sought assistance from the
Fiji Government in marketing support to
boost its Seoul-Nadi service.
He said Korean Air faced many
challenges in servicing the Nadi
Seoul route but remained committed
and it sought support from the Fijian
Government in tourism marketing and

We continue to face challenges hence
the need for working together to ensure
awareness through effective strategies
targeting Koreans and Asian as well as
European tourists, he said.
In this meeting it was agreed that

targeted promotions and tour packages

be developed to attract more tourists
including Koreans.
Golf, honeymoon and business packages
were identified and also important was
general awareness through exposition,
media and television.

Fiji Imports $5M Worth Of Pulses In A Year

Fiji imports 920 tons of pulses with a
value of $5 million in a year.
This was revealed by the Minister for
Agriculture, Inia Seruiratu during the
introduction of new Mung Bean variety
at Bulileka Labasa.
Seruiratu says that the local production

last year in the Western Division was 125

hectares and 20 hectares in the Northern
Division producing a total of 130 tons
with a value of $0.8 million.
However, he says this is not sufficient to
meet the demands locally.
He says the new variety of Mung bean
is high in yield, early maturing and is
a drought tolerant crop, hence a high

production can be expected.

He says that the crop is suitable for
growing as an inter crop with sugarcane.
The Minister says that the new variety
Mung bean is highly rich in vitamins A,
B and C which will also provide healthy
diets to school students.
The name of the new variety Mung Bean
is Samraat which means the emperor.


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Fiji News

Koica Pacific Office Moving To Fiji

The Pacific regional office of the Korea
International Co-operation Agency
(KOICA) will be relocated to Fiji from
the Solomon Islands as early as next
The vice-president of KOICA, Sung-Ho
Choi, at a meeting with the Minister for
Foreign Affairs, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola,
at the KOICA head office in Seoul, South
Korea, confirmed this.
Mr Choi said the move would bring about
more co-operation and development
assistance including the revival of the
KOICA experts and volunteers schemes.
There will be increased cooperation
between KOICA and Fiji in terms
of technical assistance and human
resources development particularly in
climate change, health, education, food
security and disaster management, he
He also encouraged open and frank
dialogue between the two countries to
ensure co-operation and ODA support is
targeted and effective based on national
needs and priorities.
Ratu Inoke expressed his appreciation
on KOICAs contribution to the

Government and the people of Fiji and

would facilitate all necessary processes
required for smooth and efficient transfer.
We indeed are honoured to welcome
KOICA in Fiji and we will do our best
to ensure constructive and meaningful
cooperation that are mutually beneficial
to both countries, he said.
implementation of the key outcomes of
the ROK-Pacific Island Countries co-

The Prime Ministers Resettlement Task

Force unit has stopped the eviction of
several families at Kinoya village, Suva.
Director Kisoko Cagituevei stopped
the eviction, saying a court order was
He said the families were told by the

landowning Nawavatu clan from Kalabu

village, to make way for a bus company
to develop the land.
Development work by the bus company
has already started.
Housewife, Ana Maria from Makolei
in Bua said the landowner had warned

operation framework.
Ratu Inoke extended an invitation to vicepresident Choi to participate in the Pacific
Island Development Forum (PIDF)
as well as the reopening ceremony of
KOICA overseas office in Fiji.
Projects currently undertaken by KOICA
in Fiji include scholarships for graduate
studies, public health, immigration and
boarder control, disaster management
and climate change.

PMs Office Stops Eviction

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them that they were about to evicted.

She said Mr Cagituevei visited them and
told them to remain.
Ms Maria was also told that a carrier
company had bought a piece of land
Continued on Page 7

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Fiji News

Fiji-India Working On Medical Education

Fijian and Indian Government health
officials plan on working together on
medical education, drug procurement
and other areas of mutual interest.
As part of this, a delegation led by
acting Health Minister Jioji Konrote,
acting Permanent Secretary for Health
Dr Meciusela Tuicakau and other senior
officials welcomed a delegation from
Indias Ministry of Health and Family
Welfare at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva.
The latest meeting is a follow- up from
the first Joint Working Group Meeting in
India five years ago.
Indias Ministry of Health and Family
Welfare Joint Secretary Dharitri Panda
said Fiji and India had a Memorandum of
Understanding on medical education, drugs
procurement and other areas that had been
highlighted by the Fijian Government.
This is a secretary-level discussion
between both countries to progress and
follow- up on the various actions that have
been taken and also to detail more new
areas of co-operation, Ms Panda said.
The areas we are looking forward to are
working with pharmaceutical companies
for drug distribution, for procurement of
medicines, especially generic medicines
and for training under the procurement.
She hopes an MOU can be signed in
the areas of attachments, training and
exposure visits for Fijian health officials
to India.

The areas which the Government of Fiji

has elaborated are basically training and
admission in Indias medical colleges and
institutions, manufacturing supplies of
pharmaceuticals, Indian doctors to work
in Fiji under the Indian governments

assistance and to collaborate in public

health and assistance for developments in
a new 500-bed hospital for tertiary care.
Mr Konrote said the meeting was a
milestone in the two countries bilateral

PMs Office
Stops Eviction
Continued From Page 6
within the area with plans to develop a
carrier stand.
She said this would mean the eviction of
more families from the area.
Mr Cagituevei said his unit still needed
more land for resettlement.
Under the 2013 Constitution, access to
housing and land is guaranteed under the
Bill of Rights.
Mr Cagituevei said they had already
including the Methodist Church to help
them deal with the situation.
In the meantime, the task force, he
said, was working with some nongovernmental organisations to resettle
the squatters.




7646 120th Street, Surrey BC V3W 3N1

Fiji News

Teen Found Guilty Of Killing Arun Kumar

Keeps Name Suppression

A teenager found guilty of killing a west

Auckland shopkeeper has been allowed
to keep his name secret - but only until
his sentencing.
The 14-year-old who stabbedArun Kumar in
the neck at the Railside Dairy in Henderson
on June 10 last year was found not guilty of
murder but guilty of manslaughter.
His 13-year-old co-defendant was
cleared of manslaughter.
The jury at their High Court trial
delivered unanimous verdicts last month.
A name suppression hearing was heard
before Justice Graham Lang, who
appeared via video-link from Gisborne
Court, at the High Court in Auckland.
Justice Lang allowed the 14-year-old's
name suppression to be lifted at his
sentencing on Friday.
In a preliminary decision, he said he
was inclined to allow the younger boy
to keep his name suppression because he
was found not guilty of the crime.
Straight after the verdicts were delivered
in June, Mr Kumar's family spoke of
their disgust at the outcome.
"The heart and soul of our family was
taken away," the victim's son Shivneel
Kumar said.
"We endured countless reruns of my
dad's last moments. We tolerated all this
to obtain justice for my dad."
Shivneel, supported by his sobbing mother
Anita, said they now felt that had been for
nothing. "We are now living in a society
where kids are on drugs, roaming the streets
with weapons at the ready," he said in June.
There was no dispute that the 14-year-old
stabbed Mr Kumar in the neck, inflicting
the fatal wound, or that the 13-year-old
was standing outside with a metal pole.
But at their trial, defence lawyers for the
boys detailed the boys' backgrounds and
the psychologically debilitating effects
they had on them.
Judge: Suppression will be lifted
In his brief verbal decision, Justice Lang
said: "At sentencing, name suppression
for [the teen] will be lifted.
"But I'm going to direct that no
photographic image is to be published
and for that reason there will be no
photographs of him at sentencing or
filming by the television."
In relation to the younger boy, he said
his preliminary view was that "the fact
he was acquitted is a significant issue,
coupled with his young age ... He should
be subject to an order for permanent
name suppression".


However, lawyer for the 14-yearold Maria Pecotic said she would be
appealing the decision.
If she files an appeal before his sentencing
date, media will not be allowed to name
him until the appeal is heard.
Media organisations opposed the
14-year-old's suppression.
A lawyer representing NZME and other
outlets said grounds for keeping the
boy's name secret had not been made out
by the 14-year-old.
And even if they had, "that ground
is insufficient to justify and exercise
of judicial discretion over-riding the
presumption in favour of open justice",
Bell Gully lawyer Tania Goatley said.
Ms Goatley told the court the risks
the teen faced would be no different
to anybody else leaving prison with a
manslaughter conviction.
The 14-year-old did not have "an unusual
or special case", she said.
"He has been convicted of a serious
In written submissions, Ms Goatley
said: "The overwhelming balance of
the decisions to date concerning young
offenders is that name suppression
lapses once fair-trial considerations are
"It is respectfully submitted that the
media are the eyes and ears of the public
and the public has the right to be informed
as to the identity of the perpetrators of
serious crimes," Ms Goatley said.
Publishing the 14-year-old's name could
bring shame and difficulty getting a job
later, but those were consequences of
serious offending.
"It is the fact of his conviction which may
pose future difficulties, not publication
of his name. There is nothing unusual
about this particular young offender to
justify name suppression."
There was nothing about 14-year-old's
situation that would class him as different
to other young offenders convicted of
serious crimes.
The High Court trial heard the boys'
original idea was to break into a nearby
shoe shop.
They changed their mind at the last
minute and decided to target the dairy,
meaning they had less than three minutes
to plan the theft.
The Crown argued the armed robbery
might not have been well planned but
each of the boys wanted money and had
weapons to achieve their goal.

When the 14-year-old was convicted of

manslaughter he was remanded in Child,
Youth and Family care.
He is one of about 10 children. A source
close to the family had told the New
Zealand media most of the children had
been in and out of CYF care.
"We do not want to support injustice"
Arun Kumar's family will not attend the
sentencing, saying there is no point as
"justice will never be done"
Mr Kumar's daughter Sheenal that said
the family would not be present in court.
"We see no point in attending the
sentencing because we know that justice
will never be done.
"Despite full CCTV footage, the use
of weapons and witness testimony, our
justice system came up with manslaughter
for one and the other walked free. We do
not want to support injustice and therefore
there is no point in attending."
Ms Kumar said during the trial the jury
heard much about the background of the
accused youths and their families.
"However their criminal backgrounds
and other recent criminal acts leading
up to June 10 was hidden from the jury
because the New Zealand justice system
does not allow such offending to be
taken into account. The concept of a 'fair
trial' is indeed fair for the criminal but
what about the victims?"
In a statement released today the family
slammed the boys' defence lawyers and
criticised the court system.
"We had a good chance to set a precedent
for other youth walking our streets with
weapons and committing similar crimes.
Unfortunately this did not happen," said
Ms Kumar.
"The last thing we wanted was for Dad's
death to be in vain. Unfortunately this
has happened."
Her family lived as "good citizens" and
contributed positively to society - but
that had earned them "nothing but grief".
"We wanted justice to take place though
our court system and initially we were
confident and had faith in our system but
now this has been shattered," she said.
The family now felt "like idiots" and
said Mr Kumar had been "insignificant"
in court compared to the accused, who
they believed were treated as "victims".
Ms Kumar said while his family was
upset at the outcome of the trial, and
the process which led to it, they were
extremely grateful for the support they
had received from the public.


Fiji News

Grandma Shattered
A frail, heartbroken Maya Wati looked at
the draped coffins of her grandchildren
She was lamenting the loss of Tanvi, 6,
and Jerrale Prasad, 2 years 4 months.
They were allegedly hanged by their father,
Johit Prasad, before he hanged himself in
their Kaloa St home in Kinoya last Saturday.
Prasad also attacked wife Karishma Lal
with a knife. She is still in hospital.
As the childrens coffins were brought
into The House of Death and placed
on the floor side by side, Ms Wati wailed:
My grandchildren are no more, no one
to call me grandma, no one to call me
Open your eyes, and talk to me.
They are going, leaving me and I
cant stop them. I dont know this has
My daughter is still fighting for her life,
she is not even here to say goodbye to
her kids.
Her cries filled the air as hundreds of
people packed the house, a shed and
the usually quiet street. The tragedy
captured the hearts of many people from
all walks of life.
They came to pay their last respects
and catch a glimpse of the two children.
Many were not related to the family.
People came all the way from Suva,
Nasinu, Nausori corridor, Rakiraki,
Labasa as well as abroad to pay their
final respects.
The three coffins covered in purple
with white lining adorned with flowers
arrived at 11.40am in two separate
funeral service vehicles at the residence.
They were carried inside the house for
few minutes as many sobbed.
Then they were moved to the shed for
the religious rituals. The caskets were
opened to show the faces of the three. A
priest conducted the puja.
After the religious ritual people filed
past the coffins to pay their last respects.
The priest described Mr Prasad as a
humble, caring and friendly man and the
kids as two sweet, happy siblings.
Ms Wati sat between her grandchildrens
coffins and cried.
Mr Prasads sister Hem Lata sat beside
her and grieved the loss of her only
brother and children.
Ms Lals brother Pranish Deo Lal said it
was an unfortunate event in their family.
They were such a happy family and no
arguments were known to us, he said.
The children were very close to me and


it is a heartbreaking time for our family

as we also pray for my sisters recovery.
Rentokil Initial Fiji staff also joined in
to express their condolences. Mr Prasad,
34, was national sales manager and Ms
Lal, 30, is a financial manager.
Rentokil country manager Edwin Pillay
said: Johit was a hardworking and a
nice man and his presence will never be
We will remember all the beautiful
memories left behind by you and we
pray that yours and your childrens soul
rest in peace.
People spoke out openly.
Prem Kumari said: Why kill the
innocent kids, what they know.
Neighbour Kelera Bativou, 37, said they
were still in shock.
I have known the family for four years,

they were such nice and happy people,

she said.
I would always meet the kids and father
and mingle with them and its hard to
believe this. I feel sorry for the kids.
Former neighbour Swaran Lata said:
God forbid something like this to ever
happen in any home.
It was hard to find dry eyes.
Police had to be called in to control the
crowd as they jostled for space.
Minister for Women, Children and
Poverty Alleviation Rosy Akbar,
Koroivueta and other members of the
ministry also visited the house to share
their grievance.
At 1.30pm, the coffins were closed and
taken to the Wainibuku Crematorium for
the cremation.

A Fiji born man died in San Francisco

following a struggle with San Francisco
57-year-old Filimoni Raiyawa was an
in-home caretaker suspected of beating
his 96-year-old client in Occidental.
Raiyawa lived with Solomon Cohen,
the man he was suspected of beating
at Cohens Dupont Road home near
Another person staying at the house
found the injured man and called 911 at
about 4.56am, reporting that it appeared
the man had fallen.

Paramedics determined the man had

serious head injuries, and appeared to
have been badly beaten.
The man was taken to a hospital and the
Sheriffs Office violent crimes team was
called in to investigate.
At about the time of the call, Raiyawa
fled the property in his blue Honda
Odyssey van.
Raiyawas van was later involved in a
three-car crash in San Francisco and
injured two police officers.
The assault suspect died in police
custody in the Marina District.

Fijian Dies In US Police



Fiji News


Family Hopeful For A Miracle

Widow Maya Wati, 60, is hopeful that her
only daughter, Karishma Lal, would wake
up and tell her what led to the incident
that almost claimed Karishmas life and
took away her husband and children.
But after visiting her at the Colonial War
Memorial Hospitals Intensive Care Unit
(ICU) yesterday, Ms Wati said only a
miracle would save her daughter.
When I went to see her today she cant talk
back to me. She is on life-support. I can tell
that her condition is really bad. Her head is
swollen so much because I believe the knife
went deep into her head, she said.
Ms Lal, 30, a financial manager at
Rentokil Initial Fiji, was allegedly
knifed last Saturday morning by her late
husband, Johit Prasad, 34, who was the
national sales manager for Rentokil.
Their two children, Jeralle Ishav, 3, and Tanvi
Prasad, 5, were allegedly hanged to death by
their father before he committed suicide at
their home in Kaloa Street, Kinoya.
Ms Wati was still in shock when she
shared her story.
I cant believe what my son-in-law has
done because they were always seen
together as a happy family, she said.
This, she said, was what she even
witnessed on the eve of their deaths.
I last met all of them when my daughter
and her husband came home to pick my
grandchildren up last Friday night.
They were supposed to come back home
on Saturday so I can take my grandchildren
to town but they didnt show up.
An emotional Ms Wati said she was trying
to calling on her daughters phone on the
day of the incident, but no one answered.
She then took a taxi to their Kinoya
home only to find a large crowd outside.
I thought a robbery had taken place at
their home. A lady came to me and told
me what happened, I suddenly became
unconscious and fell.
Ms Wati said her daughter never shared
any domestic problems with her.
I still cant believe it. I only wish my daughter
had told me what she was going through so I
can advise her what they could do to prevent
all these from happening, she said crying.
When the Fiji Sun caught up with the
family yesterday, family members packed
the entrance to the CWM Hospital.
A close relative, who wished not to be
named, said an executive from Rentokil
Initial Fiji had visited Ms Lal at the
hospital yesterday afternoon.
She said he had told relatives at the
hospital that he had received an email


from Mr Prasad at around 8.30am on

Saturday morning stating that he had
killed his wife and two children and
everything was over now.
He also told us that last Friday after work
Johit had gone to him and told him that by
Monday everything will be fine when he
comes to work, the relative said.
The executive did not say anything
about the couple having any sort of
domestic problems or even showing any
signs of it at work.
Mr Prasad had this dream of building a
four-flat home and retiring at the age of
45 years and spending family time with
his wife and two children.
The couple took a bank loan of $500,000
to build their dream home.
The house is a big white concrete
building with four flats to be rented and
the family living on the ground floor.
The ground floor has three bedrooms,
one living room and kitchen with toilet
and bathroom facilities.

The finishing work has not been

completed. The home was expected to
be completed next month.
He was so excited about this new home
of theirs and we were all preparing for a
prayer ceremony next month to bless the
home after completion, Ms Lata said.
My brother was a caring man, helpful
and hardworking and I dont know what
happened between the couple that such a
tragedy happened.
Mr Prasad had moved from Labasa after
finishing his mechanical course from the
Naleba training centre, in Labasa.
The two met in Rakiraki when Prasad
was doing mechanical work. Ms Lal is
originally from Rakiraki.
Their paths crossed and as destiny would
have it, the two got to know each other
and got married in 2005.
Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa
Sokomuri said while investigations were
continuing, they were also hopeful for
the quick recovery of Ms Lal.


Fiji News


More Fijians To Receive Grants

A total of 1,082 micro and small
enterprising Fijians in Savusavu,
Taveuni and Nadi will be empowered
by receiving the government grants this
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama
will be handing out $1000 grants in
coming days through the Small and
Micro Enterprising scheme.
Minister for Industry, Trade and
Tourism Faiyaz Koya gave details while
officiating during the opening of Bred
Bank Lautoka Branch.
We are empowering all Fijians,
especially at the grassroots through
the Fijian Government Initiative of
Micro and Small Business Grants, the
Minister said.
The Government launched the grant

distribution two weeks ago.

Grants went to 1,036 recipients in Suva,
Navua and Sigatoka district.
In the next few days the Prime Minster
will be handing outs these grants to 1,082
micro and small enterprising Fijians in
Savusavu, Taveuni and Nadi, he said.
Mr Koya said this grant is a means of
providing a little boost to further enhance
their ability to earn a livelihood.
It is also preparing Fijians to join the
formal sector, who will be customers of
Bred Bank in the future.
He mentioned that the Prime Minister
had launched the Fijian Trade Policy
Frame Work, which provides the
foundation of the growth of trade and
investment in Fiji.
The frame work lays out a

comprehensive course of action to take

our economy to an even higher growth
by boosting our trade performance and
create investment both domestic and
foreign, Mr Koya added.
Furthermore, the Prime Minster on the
same day had launched the online Single
Window Clearances System, which has
made the registration and first line of
approvals and fee payments for investors
a lot simpler.
All an investor needs is a computer and
access to Internet.
And he or she only needs to visit
only one place the Online Single
Window Clearance System to get the
necessary approvals instead of having
to traipse around to all of the agencies
individually, Mr Koya said.

More Opportunities For Kava Farmers

Opportunities for further growth would appear
for Fijis Kava industry when the Kava ban in
Germany will be lifted in September.
The Fiji Kava Council says this is
welcomed news for kava farmers in Fiji
and it would also help improve legal,
scientific and trade aspects of local Kava.
Public health authorities in Germany
implemented the ban in 2002 due to
concerns about kava being toxic.
Only Tonga, Solomon Islands, Fiji,
Vanuatu and Samoa produce and sell
kava overseas.
3,000 Fiji Kava Council members will
meet next month to map out a way forward

for Fijis Kava Industry now that the ban

on kava in Germany has been lifted.
Fiji Kava Council Chairman, Rupeni

Koroi hopes this will encourage other

European countries to also remove their

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Fiji News


PM Sends Condolences Over Death Of

Indian Peoples President

Bainimarama, has sent a message of
condolence to his Indian counterpart,
Narendra Modi, expressing sorrow at the
death of the countrys former President,
Abdul Kalam.
Mr Kalam who was Indias 11th Head
of State from 2002 and 2007 died
suddenly while giving a university
lecture. The Indian Government
has declared seven days of national
In his message, the Prime Minister described
Mr Kalam as a great man who became
known as Indias Peoples President
because he was undoubtedly one of the
most dearly loved figures in India.
We are greatly saddened by his passing
and he is especially remembered fondly
by Fijians of Indian descent. A man of
humble background, Abdul Kalam rose
to become one of the most influential
figures in India the father of your space
and missile programs and of Indias
nuclear industry. He was also extremely
popular with young Indians and

encouraged them to fulfill their dreams

for themselves and their nation, he said.
The Prime Minister also described the
former President of a great friend of
developing countries such as Fiji and a
great believer in south-south cooperation
the ability of developing countries to

learn from each other and carve out their

own paths to prosperity and happiness.
We mourn his passing in Fiji and our
thoughts and prayers are with his family,
the Indian Government and the Indian
people at this time, the Prime Minister

Korea Ready To Help In Our Climate


The Republic of Korea (ROK) is ready

to provide up to $2 million to Fiji for its
climate change readiness programmes.
This will include an assessment of the
current climate change and green growth
policies of Fiji, analysis on the energy
demand of Fiji and the development
of a national renewable energy plan,
said the Director General of the Green
Climate Policy Division of the ROKs
Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Kim
Hoe Jeong.
This would assist in project pipeline
development which will include potential
project locations, feasibility studies, and
development of a project pipeline and
preparing of a GCF funding proposal.
The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ratu
Inoke Kubuabola, thanked Mr Jeong
for his expert advice and acknowledged
the ROKs hands on experiences with
developing energy independent islands
and key technologies, in particular,
solar photovoltaics and energy storage
He pledged Governments support
to the work to be undertaken by the


Green Climate Policy Division in Fiji

particularly in advancing Fijis readiness
Ratu Inoke thanked the ROK
Government for their support saying
that the ROK is recognised as a leader
in climate change negotiation and this
support will be appreciated.
We welcome the support and look
forward to some positives outcomes
in the coming negotiations and also
constructive outputs in terms of
adaptation and mitigation projects and
programmes, he said.
In his meeting in Seoul with his
counterpart in ROK, Yun Byung-se,
Ratu Inoke was told that the Government
of ROK would do all it could to provide
constructive and tangible support
including representation at the next

round of climate change negotiations in

Our President has made it very clear in
recent meetings that vulnerable countries
in Africa, Asia and the Pacific are to be
at the top most priority, Mr Byung-se
Meanwhile, the Director General of
the Green Climate Policy Division of
the ROKs Ministry of Strategy and
Finance expressed the ROKs Ministry
of Strategy and Finances willingness
to engage with Fiji to pursue support
of the Readiness Programme from the
Green Climate Fund (GCF) to be able
to identify and develop climate change
related projects for funding.
The two ministers also discussed possible
VIP state tours, ROK-PIC cooperation
and international relations and elections.





Fiji News

Dad Dies
A father who raised his five children on
his own for the past three years tragically
died on Sunday, allegedly from injuries
sustained during an accident at the
Rarawai sugar mill in Ba.
And grieving relatives rushed to the
family home in Veisaru, Ba, when they
heard the news - to console the children
aged 18, 16, 12, 10 and 7.
Keni Senimoli, 44, passed away at the
Ba Mission Hospital at about 9am on
Sunday, allegedly from injuries sustained
after he got entangled in a conveyor
transporting bagasse.
Eldest daughter Savaira Momoyalewa
said her mother left the family three
years go.
She said with her father gone it was hard
to think what life would be like in the
coming days.
"He was a very happy man and he really
took very good care of us after mum
left," the 18-year-old student shared.
"He was a very kind father and very
generous. He always helped people who
came and asked him for help. He never
said no."
The deceased's elder brother, Taitusi
Tirau, said his main concern was how
the family was going to be taken care of.
"My brother was a hard-working man
and now that he is gone, I'm going to
do everything I can for his children but
it is going to be hard," the Veisaru cane
farmer said.
"The Fiji Sugar Corporation executive
chairman Abdul Khan and Rarawai
mill manager Sailasa Waitawa came
and visited us and told us that they
will take care of the funeral costs
and we are very grateful to them for
doing that."
Mr Khan said the FSC was footing all
the funeral costs and there would be
discussions about compensation.
"Our first concern is making sure the
children are taken care of at this stage,"
he said.
"I am sure there is compensation but
that would have to wait for other details
before anything can be finalised."
Mr Senimoli allegedly sustained serious
injuries while he was clearing bagasse
from a choke on a conveyor at the mill
and was rushed to the hospital.
FSC staff members, Ministry of
Labour officials and police are
conducting investigations to ascertain
the sequence of events that led to the



British Columbia, Canada

Awaits Fiji PMs Arrival

Preparations are well underway in Surrey,

Canada to welcome Prime Minister
Voreqe Bainimarama next week.
Bainimarama will be the guest of honour
during Fiji Day celebrations on Friday
next week.
Speaking from Canada, Radio Dhamakas
Asuad Ali says even though it will be an
unofficial visit, the Canadian civic, provincial
and federal Members of Parliament and locals
will be on hand to receive Bainimarama.

Ali says the Fijian community is looking

forward to welcoming Bainimarama.
He says Bainimarama will also get to
meet the Vancouver and Surrey Chamber
of Commerce.
Bainimarama is also expected to
attend a Fijian business forum and tour
the Provincial legislature of British
Colombia in Victoria.
He is also likely to meet the Premier of
British Columbia, Christy Clarke.

Fiji's Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama

his behalf or his Government.
As a sitting Prime Minister, he doesn't want his
name to be tarnished . According to sources,
the PM said that all funds being raised during
his visit is for the benefit of others but none for

his Fiji First Partyor the PM

None of the fund raising is being
authrised by the PM or his office.
Sylvester Joseph, former Fiji Soccer rep
and PMs liason in Canada, stressed that
the PM doesn't want such scandal as
former PM Mahendra Chaudhry's .

No Fund Raising for Me or

My Government Fiji's PM

For Appointment Call:


Northside Area, EDMONTON, AB


Fiji News





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Fiji News


Family Wants Answers

No one has been charged in relation to
the death of Bimal Kumari who was
involved in a fatal road accident three
weeks ago at Vakabalea, Navua.
On July 2, Ms Kumari, 75, was trying to
cross the road in front of her home, when
she was hit by the bus that she boarded
daily to and from Navua Town to buy
The late Ms Kumaris eldest daughter,
Roshni Kumar said, No charges have
been made to that bus driver who
allegedly killed my mother and the
driver is still driving.
I went to Navua Police Station today,
to gather information on this case
and Navua Police told me to come on
They told me that their traffic
investigator was on day-off yesterday
and he would be on day-off today as
We have not received any information
from the police.
Its nearly three weeks now and we are

concerned about what police are doing

regarding this issue, she said.
Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said
they were conducting investigation before

a report would be submitted to the Office

of Director Public Precaution (DPP).
Comments could not be obtained from
the bus company.



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World News


Pilot With Three Minutes Of Fuel Left Told

He Can't Land Because Airport Is 'Closed'

A shocking recording has emerged of

a passenger plane pilot with just three
minutes of fuel being told that he can't
land at an airport because the runway
was closed.
Allegiant Air flight 426 was circling
Fargo's Hector International Airport in
North Dakota requesting permission to
land, but was notified that the airport was
out of service as the Navy's Blue Angels
were practising for a forthcoming air show.
However, the pilot then told ground
officials that he didn't have any "fuel
to go anywhere else" when it was
recommended he fly to an airport 70
miles away.
Chillingly, when the pilot was told the
runway would be 'clear in 20 minutes,'
he responded that he would have 'bingo
fuel in about three to four minutes'. That
phrase is often used by military pilots
when they only have enough fuel to land
the aircraft.
A spokesperson for Allegiant Air told
MailOnline Travel: 'Flight 426 with
scheduled service from LAS to FAR on
July 23, 2015 declared a fuel emergency
upon arrival at Hector International Airport
(FAR) and subsequently landed safely.
'At this time, we are coordinating with
the FAA and the airport to investigate all
channels of communication regarding
the flight and the circumstances leading
to the declaration of emergency.'

In the recording to the control tower,

reported by, the pilot of the
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 said: 'We don't
have enough fuel to go anywhere else.
'And our guys are trying to get in touch
with the tower manager right now to
coordinate our landing or I'm going to
have to declare an emergency and come
in and land.'
The ground control then give the pilot
another number to call to request
permission, before saying that there will
be 'a window opening in 20 minutes for
After telling the ground that they 'didn't
have 20 minutes,' he notified of his
intention to 'come in and land.'

The tower told the pilot the only way he

could get permission to land at the closed
airport was to contact the Minneapolis
air traffic center to declare an emergency.
The pilot then said he would 'give them
two to three minutes,' to sort the issue
The speaker on the ground then says
to the pilot that 'the company should
have been aware of that for a number of
months, to which the pilot replies: 'Okay.
Yeah. It's just, er, we'll follow up on that.'
The plane made an emergency landing,
and all the passengers were reported to
be safe. The flight had set out for Las
Vegas around an hour late, which meant
it had missed its landing slot in Fargo.

payout of three times the income listed

on their tax return.
If the daughters decide to forgo work to
have children they will be given 3 per
cent of the value of their trust every

January 1 - as long as the children are

born in wedlock.
It seems this father has found a way to
control his daughter's lives, even from
beyond the grave.

Millionaire Leaves Daughters $27M - But

There's A Catch

A real estate millionaire who died earlier

this year has left his two daughters $20
million (NZ$30 million) - but there's a
According to the New York Post, the
property mogul left his daughters Marlena,
21, and Victoria, 17, $10 million (NZ$15
million) a piece for when they turn 35.
They have however access some of the
cash earlier, so long as follow his rules.
Designed to keep his daughters on the
straight and narrow, Laboz stipulated
Marlena would get $500,000 (NZ$753,000)
if she married, but only if there was a
prenuptial agreement, and that she gets
another $750,000 (NZ$1.1 million) for
graduating from "an accredited university".
Seemingly wanting his daughters to
find similar success to his own, Laboz
has allocated each daughter an annual


Victoria Laboz, left with her sister Marlena and mother Ewa.


World News


Massive Fire Raises Questions About

Safety Of Outdoor Strip Decor

The massive rooftop fire at the

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas last Saturday
was unlike blazes Las Vegas Strip
firefighters have dealt with. However,
recent training on high-rise buildings
helped them to smother the fire quickly.
Working to extinguish about 40
Styrofoam palm trees was a first.
While investigators dont yet know what
sparked the fire, they believe they know
where it started. They said it started with
one palm tree, which quickly spread to
more trees, cabanas and lounge chairs.
Fire officials are now encouraging Strip
properties to assess their outdoor dcor.
Every direction you turned, it was fire
and a lot of it, Clark County Fire Chief
Greg Cassell said.
Cassell was one of the 110 firefighters upclose to the blaze on Saturday afternoon.
[It was] a very dark, poisonous smoke. All
the plastics and rubber, we consider that to
be like solid gasoline. Its very aesthetically
pleasing when they mold it into trees and
things like that to decorate, but when it
gets burning its a petrol chemical. It burns
like gasoline, Cassell said.
These little burning balls of rubber and
plastic started falling, landing on the
chairs, and everything on the pool deck
lit it all on fire, Cassell continued.
Firefighters, who have been training at
the shuttered Riviera Hotel and Casino,
were ready to battle the blaze, which was
more than a dozen floors up.

Were using the Riviera for hoseline

training, search and rescue training,
ventilation training, elevator training, all
the things that could take place in a large
structure like that, Cassell said.
Cassell said one of the biggest challenges
was transporting equipment up stairs and
The fire was smothered in about 30

minutes and no guests were seriously

Fire officials will talk with other Strip
properties about their dcor.
Im sure theyre all taking a good, hard
look at their operations right now and
whats going on because everybody else
has a lot of this stuff, too, Cassell said.
Currently, there are no codes restricting
materials such as Styrofoam, plastic and
rubber. That could change, however.
Fire codes constantly evolve. Building
codes constantly evolve, said Ron
Lynn, director of Clark Countys Fire
Prevention Bureau.
It wouldnt mark the first time codes
were changed. In 1980, 85 people were
killed when an electrical fire broke out at
the old MGM Grand. In 2008, thousands
of people had to evacuate the Monte
Carlo when a fire was sparked by a
welding torch.
Those fires resulted in major overhauls
of fire and safety regulations. Hotels had
to install sprinkler systems, automatic
alarms and pressurized elevator shafts
and stairways.
Still, Lynn said its too soon to know if
Saturdays fire will prompt changes.
Until we investigate and have sound
information, were not going to jump
prematurely, he said.
Two people were hospitalized for smoke
inhalation in Saturday's fire. They have
since been released.

Man Restrained After Trying To Set Fire

On China Flight

A man attempted to set a fire on board

a Chinese flight last Sunday, but was
restrained by passengers and crew
members and taken into custody, the
aviation authority said.
It was the latest in a rash of dangerous
incidents aboard Chinese flights,
including passengers opening emergency
exits and fights between flyers and crew
The attempted arson occurred aboard a
Shenzhen Airlines flight from the city of
Taizhou to Guangzhou near Hong Kong,
the Civil Aviation Administration of
China said.
It said an investigation was underway
but gave no other details.
Photos posted on newspaper websites


showed a partially charred passenger

seat and a blackened emergency exit
Official broadcaster CCTV and other
state media reported that the pilot issued
a mayday call and the plane was guided
into Guangzhou airport. Slides were
deployed and 95 passengers and nine
crew members were evacuated. Two

people were injured.

The incident appears to point to a serious
breakdown in security at Taizhou airport.
China bans the carrying of cigarette
lighters and flammable substances,
including spirits, aboard all flights.
A statement from Shenzhen Airlines
confirmed the incident but offered no
additional details.

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World News


Taranaki Dairy Open For Business After

A brave dairy owner is refusing to shut
up shop despite being assaulted and
robbed for the second time in a year.
Pran Sharma, 60, and his wife Sunita,
55, were alone in their Taranaki shop
about 8.15pm last Friday when three
men burst through the doors.
"It was a sudden attack so I had no time,
otherwise if they had given me a little
bit of time, just one minute I would have
handled everything," Pram Sharma said.
"I would have attacked him back.
"I was doing shelving so they attacked
me from behind. They hit me on the
head and then tried to rob smokes and
were asking for money from my wife."
The men fled without taking anything.
Sharma suffered cuts to the back of his
head and eyebrow. His knees were also
bruised after he was pushed to the ground.
His wife suffered a minor cut to her
The couple was taken to Taranaki Base
Hospital but was discharged later. They
reopened the shop after police finished

examining it.
Last September, Sharma hit a would-be
robber with an electric kettle and a jar of
lollies when he made his way behind the
counter. The dairy owner then chased the
robber across the road.

Sharma said his regular customers had

come in to check on him and his wife.
Waitara police are reviewing video
footage of the attack and are appealing
for anyone who has information about
the robbery to contact them.

An American dentist has expressed regret

for killing a much-loved Zimbabwean lion
called Cecil, explaining he was relying on
his guides "to ensure a legal hunt".
Walter Palmer has come under fierce
criticism after he was named as the
hunter who killed Cecil, amid allegations
it took the lion 40 hours to die.
Cecil, a popular attraction among many
international visitors to the Hwange
National Park, was reportedly lured
outside the park's boundaries by bait and
initially shot with a bow and arrow.
The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force
(ZCTF) charity said Mr Palmer and
Zimbabwean professional hunter Theo
Bronkhorst had gone hunting at night
and tied a dead animal to their vehicle to
lure Cecil, who was aged about 13, out
of the national park.
"Palmer shot Cecil with a bow and arrow
but this shot didn't kill him," the charity
"They tracked him down and found him 40
hours later when they shot him with a gun."
It added that the hunters unsuccessfully
tried to hide the dead lion's tracking
collar, which was part of a University of
Oxford research program.

"Cecil was skinned and beheaded," the

charity said.
"Walter Palmer apparently paid $50,000
for the kill and we assume Theo
Bronkhorst received this money."
Palmer 'relied' on local guides to 'ensure
legal hunt'
Within hours of the news breaking, Mr
Palmer's social media feeds were flooded
with blistering attacks and threats.
Comments posted on Twitter about Mr
Palmer included, "You are a disgusting
excuse of a human" and "when does
hunting season start on Walter Palmer".
The Twitter and Facebook accounts and
website of his dental practice River
Bluff Dental in Minneapolis, Minnesota
were shut down.
Nobody was answering the phone at the
dental practice and the voicemail box
was overwhelmed.
By late afternoon there were more than 1,800
message about his practice on review site
Yelp and a petition demanding justice for
Cecil had garnered nearly 57,000 signatures.
"I had no idea that the lion I took was a
known, local favourite, was collared and
part of a study until the end of the hunt,"
Mr Palmer said in a statement.

"I relied on the expertise of my local

professional guides to ensure a legal hunt."
Mr Palmer said his guides had secured
"all proper permits" for his bow-hunting
trip in early July and that he had not yet
been contacted by officials in Zimbabwe
or the United States about the incident.
He added that he "will assist them in any
inquiries they may have".
"Again, I deeply regret that my pursuit of
an activity I love and practice responsibly
and legally resulted in the taking of this
lion," the statement concluded.
Mr Palmer is well known in United States
hunting circles as an expert shot with his
bow and arrow, and has travelled across
the world in pursue of leopards, buffalo,
rhino, elk and other large mammals.
Palmer's hunting has attracted scrutiny in
the past. In 2008, he pleaded guilty to lying
to a US wildlife agent about a black bear
he killed in Wisconsin two years before.
Palmer was accused of killing a bear
about 65 kilometres outside his permitted
zone, hauling the carcass back into the
approved area and certifying falsely that
it was killed there.
He was sentenced to one year probation
and fined $US2,938.

Sunita and Pram Sharma were assaulted

American Tourist Expresses 'Regret' For

Killing Iconic Feline



World News


Brother And Sister Discovered Living In

Cages With Dogs In China After Divorced
Parents Fled

A BROTHER and sister have been

discovered living in cages among dogs
bred by their mentally challenged
grandfather after their parents
divorced and moved.
The unnamed children, aged 6 and 4, were
spotted by neighbours after they were
put under the care of their grandfather
in the city of Nanjing, capital of Chinas
eastern Jiangsu Province, where he
breeds and sells dogs for a living.
Their living conditions shocked locals,
who tried several times to convince
the man to send his grandchildren to a
shelter for homeless children.
The stench is intolerable as the entire
area is covered with rubbish, and
excrement from the dogs.
Flies and mosquitoes are everywhere
and when they get any food they have to
fight with the dogs.
Its not unusual to see them drinking
waste water that puddles on the ground
after rainfall, Neighbour Jun Teng told
local media
Heartbroken locals tried to expose the

Shocking find ... Siblings aged six and four have been discovered living in cages
among dogs bred by their deranged grandfather
plight of the children, whose parents unable to forcibly remove them without
both left after getting a divorce and official intervention from authorities.
remarrying in other cities.
Officials have so far declined to comment on
Local volunteers have donated food the situation, but its believed action will be
and clothes to the children, but they are taken soon to have them housed elsewhere.

11 Arrested In Nepal In Suspected Case Of

Human Sacrifice Involving 10 y/o Boy
Police have arrested 11 villagers on charges of
murdering a 10-year-old boy in south-western
Nepal, an official says, in what villagers
describe as a case of human sacrifice.
Local media reports said the father of a
sick teenager lured away the 10-year-old,
Jeevan Kohar, with a packet of biscuits
and the promise of 50 rupees ($1).
The suspect then reportedly slit the
child's throat on the advice of a shaman
(traditional spiritual healer), who said

his own son's health would improve if he

committed the crime.
"We have arrested 11 people, including
four women, for murdering a 10-yearold boy," said Nal Prasad Upadhyaya,
police superintendent of Nawalparasi
district where the incident took place.
"All the villagers say the boy was killed
in a case of human sacrifice, because the
suspects were superstitious and believed
in witchcraft.

"But we cannot confirm anything until

our investigations are completed."
According to a report in The Himalayan
Times, one of the suspects, who confessed
to the crime, believed that his sick child
was under the "spell of a ghost" who could
only be "pacified with human flesh".
Shaman healers and mystics are a
common presence in the Himalayan
nation, especially in remote villages
with poor access to health care.

Accident In Surrey Injures Seven

Police are investigating a dramatic
accident that sent up to seven people to
hospital earlier this week.
On Tuesday, at approximately 9:30
p.m., a white Mercedes was travelling
southbound on 152 Street when it collided
with a vehicle entering a driveway to a
golf course near 79 Avenue on the west
side of the street.


The Mercedes careened off of the car

and drove into northbound lanes where
it hit a pick-up truck.
Meanwhile, the vehicle entering the
driveway lost a golf cart it was towing in
a trailer. The cart then headed down the
road, hitting another car.
In all, seven people were hurt.
It was originally believed the driver of

white Mercedes was critically hurt, but

he was treated for non-life-threatening
Anyone who witnessed the incident
or has further information is asked
to call the Surrey RCMP at 604-5990502 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-2228477 (TIPS), if they wish to remain




Things Dentists Wish You Knew

Often we dont want to hear what
dentists have to tell us, but Dr. Peter
Alldritt, Chairman of the Oral Health
Committee, the Australian Dental
Association (ADA), says listen up:
Dont put babies to bed with a bottle
Whatevers in that bottle remains
in their mouth for a very long time,
explains Dr. Alldritt. Unless its
water, that liquid is coating the teeth,
putting that child at risk of tooth
Early Childhood Caries (ECC) affects
thousands of Australian babies and
toddlers. A syndrome caused by the
bottle bad habit and others, teeth rot
down to little black stumps.
Dr. Alldritt spells it out: General
anaesthetic. Teeth out. Babies and
Half of Australian children under the age
of 6 have tooth decay
We need to take a long look at ourselves
and ask why this is happening to our
children, says Dr. Alldritt.
Most Australians have access to
fluorinated tap water: everyone needs
to drink it. Other causes include too

much sugar and poor household oral

Parents are not brushing their kids teeth
twice a day, says Dr. Alldritt. We need
to do much better. A lot of 6-year-olds
have some adult teeth coming through,
so its too late, you dont get a second
chance now.
Oral cancer is rising in Australia, with
young people particularly affected
Its not necessarily smoking and
alcohol consumption, says Dr. Alldritt.
Its because of Human Papillomavirus
With more HPV as oral cancer cases
in young men, the connection was
made that the cervical cancer vaccine
was actually protecting their female
counterparts from contracting HPV,
which is sexually transmitted.
Now teenage boys are receiving the
vaccine too.
Its more effective at preventing oral
cancer if its given before your first
oral sexual encounter, advises Dr.
Talk to your GP about immunising your
kids and take them to the dentist.

Early detection is absolutely vital for

improving oral cancer prognosis.
Dont brush your teeth for an hour after
eating something acidic.
Do you eat breakfast, drink a juice, take
a shower and brush your teeth?
After that acidic juice, warns Dr. Alldritt,
Youve dropped your mouth down to
an acidic level, your enamel is softened,
you get out your toothbrush and start
brushing. Thats going to damage the
enamel, so never brush your teeth
[straight] after consuming something
Instead, rinse your mouth out with water
to neutralise some acidity, and wait an
hour before brushing.
Dental disease is preventable
Dr. Alldritt says, You can avoid decay
with a healthy diet, good oral hygiene
and a regular visit to the dentist. Think
of them as your personal trainer for
your mouth. In every area of medicine,
prevention is cheaper than treatment or
Its a false economy dodging the dentist
imagine keeping false teeth in a glass
beside your bed instead.

A new study has revealed that the gut

bacteria might affect people's cravings
and moods to get them to eat what
they want and ultimately leading them
towards obesity.
Researchers from UC San Francisco,
Arizona State University and University
of New Mexico concluded that microbes
influence human eating behavior and
dietary choices to favor consumption of
the particular nutrients they grow best
on, rather than simply passively living
off whatever nutrients people choose to
send their way.

Athena Aktipis, PhD, said that bacterial

species vary in the nutrients they need,
some prefer fat, and others sugar, for
instance but they not only vie with each
other for food and to retain a niche within
their ecosystem, the digestive tracts,
they also often have different aims than
people do when it comes to their own
While it is unclear exactly how this
occurs, the authors believed this diverse
community of microbes, collectively
known as the gut microbiome, might
influence people's decisions by releasing

signaling molecules into their gut.

Because the gut was linked to the
immune system, the endocrine system
and the nervous system, those signals
could influence our physiologic and
behavioral responses.
Carlo Maley, PhD, said that bacteria
within the gut are manipulative; however,
people could influence the compatibility
of these microscopic, single-celled
houseguests by deliberating altering
what they ingest with measurable
changes in the microbiome within 24
hours of diet change.

It is time to run, jog, join the gym, hit

the park or just begin walking to tuck in
your tummy as losing even a moderate
amount of weight can help improve your
sex life.
"Excess weight is related to poor
circulation and dwindling testosterone,
both of which can contribute to erectile

dysfunction," researchers said in a new

Obese men who lost just five to 10
percent of their body weight experienced
improved desire as a result, said the
study which appeared in the Journal of
Sexual Medicine.
Losing weight can help regulate one's

hormones and also help improve

circulation across the body - including
to the genitals - which means improved
sensation and greater arousal.
It can also help people move more easily
and feel more comfortable during sex,
the study noted, adding that shedding
extra weight can also have emotional
benefits as well.

Gut Bacteria Maybe Manipulating You To

Eat 'What They Want'

Lose Weight And Liven Up Your Sex






Exercises For Better Eyesight

You don't need spectacles, lenses, even

surgery. Easy-peasy exercises done daily
can smarten up your eyesight, says a
vision trainer
In the time it will take you to read this
article (five minutes, we anticipate, for
the slow reader), you would have blinked
60 times. Of all the muscles present in
your body, those that control your eyes
are the most hardworking.
Yet, when was the last time you
exercised your eyes?
Nahur resident Rajesh Arjun Chavan, 38,
spends 10 minutes every day doing just
that. The marketing professional was
diagnosed with macular degeneration,
a condition that results in steady loss of
vision in the centre of the visual field due
to damage to the retina, in both eyes. By
the time he was eight years old, his wore
spectacles with a lens power of minus 18.
"It got to a point where the firm I worked
with asked me to resign," says Chavan.
The ophthalmologists he consulted
weren't sure surgery would help.
Then, he decided to trust his eyes to
yoga. Viram Agrawal, a vision yoga
trainer with 18 years of experience in
the field, took on Chavan as student. A
set of exercises that he prescribed take
up 10 minutes of Chavan's day, but are
well worth it because in the last year, his
vision has improved from 10 to 80 per
cent, says his ophthalmologist.
Chavan, who now works as a marketing
manager with a private firm in Chembur
calls it a miracle, but Agrawal says the
therapy has a basis in the science of anatomy.
Muscles need exercise
Constant exposure to pollution, harsh
lights from television and computer

usage, poor sleeping and eating habits

all come together to affect the health
of our eyes, says 46-year-old Agrawal.
The only way to counter this is through
exercise. Vision yoga exercises involve
movements that massage the eye ball,
work out muscles that control eye
movement and provide relief to the
overworked organ.
"When you do yoga for your eyes, you
are exercising both, voluntary muscles
(rectus muscles that hold the eye ball in
place) and involuntary muscles (ciliary
and oblique muscles that control eye
movement)," he says, adding, "even the
optic centre and optic nerve, that make
up the optic pathway, are influenced."
Ditching lenses
Among those who visit Agrawal is 18-yearold Aurangabad resident Piyush Kamlakar
Shivdas whose poor eyesight was affecting
his chances of a career in the Air Force.
"In the two weeks that I've been
practicing vision yoga, my power has
dropped to half from minus one in both
eyes. I hope to correct it completely in
the next two weeks," he says.
Agrawal drafts a customised routine
for his students after an examination.
Problems with the eye, explains
Agrawal, can be refractive (minus and
plus numbers for which a patient needs
reading and cylindrical glasses). This
includes myopia, hypermetropia and
astigmatism. Organic errors include lazy
eye, nystagmus and retinal prob lems.
"The eyeball lens can be altered through
yoga, hence most refractive cases can
be dealt with completely, while organic
problems can be improved substantially,"
Agrawal claims.

Interestingly, like all other types of yoga,

this too helps battle stress. "Has there
been a day when you haven't physically
exerted yourself but you feel dead tired
anyway?" It's because the eyes never
stop working, and contribute to stress
build up in the body.
To counter it, Agrawal suggests the
following be done while you are at work:
Every 30 minutes, shift your gaze and
look as far as you can while blinking for
two minutes. Cover your eyes with your
palms for five minutes every few hours.
Keeping your screen slightly below eye
level ensures your eyelids are a wee bit
shut all through.
For your eyes only
Sun Swinging
Swing your body from side to side with
your eyes shut in front of a light source
or under the sun. Do this for 5 minutes.
Benefits: It massages the eye ball
Pendulum exercise
Make the eye focus shift from side
to side, tailing a moving object like a
pendant on a chain.
Benefits: It works the oblique muscles
and helps the lens focus
Snellen's chart
Read an alphabet chart, tracing a path
across it.
Benefit: It improves the central fixation
at distant objects
Eye wash
Place an eye cup filled with water, over
your eyes and blink 10 times.
Benefit: It tones voluntary and
involuntary muscles
Swing Focus on a ball that's being pulled
towards you and pushed away.
Benefits: It strengthens eye muscles

Docs Successfully Replace Heart Valve

Outside Heart

Doctors in the United States have

successfully performed the heart valve
replacement surgery using a minimally
invasive procedure outside the heart for
the first time.
Henry Ford Hospital performed the
unique, transcatheter tricuspid valve
replacement, which was pioneered in
Germany and a metro Detroit woman's
tricuspid valve, one of four valves that
regulates blood flow in the heart, was
replaced during the 2-hour procedure.
William O'Neill, medical director of Henry
Ford's Center for Structural Heart Disease
and lead physician for the procedure, said


that there are a lot of people who have

damage of the tricuspid valve, and the
surgery is risky, so doctors just try to give
them medical therapy and they get a lot of
swelling and severe liver congestion.
He said that the patients are in and out
of the hospital, and it really causes a lot
of morbitity. So there's a huge, unmet
clinical need. Individuals with this type of
valve problem now have another option.
In the unique procedure at Henry Ford
Hospital, Dr. O'Neill threaded a catheter
through in a vein in the patient's groin
to her upper abdomen. There, he
inserted the TAVR valve at the junction

of the right atrium and the inferior vena

cava (IVC), the main vein that brings
deoxygenated blood back into the heart.
The Henry Ford team first braced
the inside of the IVC with a metal,
expandable stent. He then used the
catheter to insert and expand a TAVR
valve to fit snugly inside and used 3D
modeling to create a working replica of
the patient's heart, which helped them
properly plan the procedure and choose
an appropriately sized valve in advance.
Once deployed, the new valve stopped
blood from leaking and pooling in the
patient's abdomen and lower extremities.


For Woman


How To Plan A Successful Vacation With

The In-Laws

A vacation with your in-laws is a good

way to spend quality time with them and
build stronger relationships. But can a
peaceful vacation with the in-laws be a
reality? Whether you have fondly agreed
to a vacation or done it against your will,
vacationing with your in-laws can often
turn into a challenge. We give you eight
tips to plan a successful vacation with your
in-laws without it turning into a nightmare.
Identify a purpose.
There will be a reason why your
husband and you have decided to go on
a vacation with your in-laws. This could
be because he wants you to spend time
with them or he wants the children to
get to know them better or he wants to
simply take them out to relax and have a
good time. Once you know the purpose,
you can plan the itinerary accordingly.
Consult them while making the plan.
You may be in charge of making the
plan but be sure to discuss it with them.
You dont want to plan a cruise and

then realise that your mother in law

suffers from sea sickness. Consult them
thoroughly while drafting your itinerary.
This will also make sure that there arent
any future arguments about it.
Discuss monetary issues .
Hotels, meals, travel fare et al are
just basic expenses; there are a lot of
expenses that quickly add up. Discuss
beforehand how youre going to settle
bills. This way you will be prepared and
can eliminate many awkward situations.
Stay positive.
If you arent comfortable with your inlaws and have already foreseen it to be
a horrible week, then maybe it will be
horrible. Replace all negative thoughts
and tell youself that you will turn this
into the most memorable vacation of
your lives. Always be optimistic and
keep reminding yourself that this is
going to be a good week no matter what.
Have a backup plan.
Prepare a backup plan just in case your

in-laws decide to drop the mood bomb

on you. (Well, hopefully they won't.)
Be calm and find solutions.
There will be instances when things
wont go as planned. Instead of losing
your mind and triggering the breaking
point of your vacation, be calm and find
a solution. Remember you have already
put in a lot of effort into this.
Include personal time.
Make sure you have allotted some personal
time for just you and your husband, and
make it known to your in-laws. This is
your vacation too and you need not spend
every moment of it with them.
Make it special.
You have been on your best behavior
to survive this vacation; thats part one
accomplished. But wouldnt it be nice
if your in-laws actually remember this
vacation that youve put so much effort
into? Include a special surprise that will
make this a memorable trip for them as
well as yourself.

How To Cover That Grey Hair Naturally

Natural remedies can add shine and colour to your hair. Here's more on how to do so...
Going silver is in. Take actress Meryl it as a hair rinse after washing your hair.
When hair loses its natural colour and
Streep's salt and pepper mane in The Black tea remedy: Boil two teaspoons turns gray, the hair cuticle also thins out.
Devil Wears Prada, or even Jamie Lee of tea leaves without adding any sugar or This is what makes strands rough, coarse
Curtis' cute silver pixie cut, or Emmylou milk and let it brew. Take the tea water and kick-starts breakage. Get back the
Harris' chic grey look. But if you feel and let it cool till the water becomes soft tresses by doing this...
awkward about the greys, you can cover darker. Then apply it all over your - Always use a moisturising shampoo
the strands up naturally. Here's how...
hair. Rinse it off with water. Don't use which can soften gray hair.
Not a fan of the salt and pepper look? Try shampoo with the tea water.
- Only wash the mane with a shampoo
potato peel, black tea, henna and more to Coconut and lemon remedy: Take that is equipped to deal with greys and
hide grey strands. Celebrity hairstylist about six to eight teaspoons (depending counteracts effects of the harsh sun, hard
Asgar Saboo reveals tricks to get natural on hair length) of coconut oil. Mix three water and other pollutants.
hair colour back, says an agency report: teaspoons of fresh lemon juice in the oil - Use a smoothing conditioner or gloss to
Henna pack: To prepare the pack, collect and apply it on hair. Keep it for an hour coat hair cuticles and protect them.
henna leaves from henna plant. Then make and wash your hair with a mild shampoo. - Don't over style grey hair or use dyers
a fresh paste of henna by grinding the leaves. Some rules to remember:
at high temperatures.
Add three teaspoons of amla powder into
it. You can also add one teaspoon of coffee
powder. Take a small amount of curd and
Here are a few quick beauty regimes you can follow at home to look your best
mix all the ingredients. Apply the pack on
this season.
hair and leave it till it dries. Then wash it
off with a mild shampoo.
Home made face packs: A natural way to give it that healthy glow. Your skin tends
Potato peel rinse: Take around five get smooth and supple skin is homemade to get dull and dry in this season and its
potatoes and peel them. Put the peels in face packs, and what's more, all the imperative to keep it hydrated and water
a cup. Take a pan and pour two cups of ingredients you need are readily available acts as a natural moisturiser.
cold water then add the peels. Bring to a at your disposal in your house. Try a Home made moisturisers: Try some
boil, lower the heat and simmer for five tomato face pack if you have oily skin. homemade moisturisers like yogurt or
minutes. Place the pan away from stove Mash up a tomato and leave it on your lemon juice. Papaya pulp and banana
and then let it cool. After it completely face for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off mash also work wonders for your skin.
cools down, strain the liquid out and save with lukewarm water. To get that elusive Since they're all natural, there's no harm
it. Add a few drops of sandalwood oil for glow, apply honey facemask on your skin. in applying them on a daily basis. Take
aroma and pour the cool mixture into a Keep yourself hydrated: Drinking at it off with plain water and see your skin
glass container with tight fitting lid. Use least 8-10 glasses of water per day will glow with that homemade nourishment.

Home Remedies For Beautiful Skin





The Ugly Truth About Smacking Our Kids

Continued From Last Week

The purpose of discipline
The whole reason most parents smack
their kids is because they are trying to
teach them that certain behaviour is not
considered acceptable. While teaching
good ways to act is the purpose of
discipline, smacking is an ineffective
tool for achieving this goal.
Think about the best teachers youve had
in your life. How did they effectively
teach you? Chances are that it wasnt
through acts of aggression or through
hurting you. Instead, I suspect that they
did the following things:
Stand on higher ground
The best way to teach someone is by
example. We teach our kids to cook,
set up an email account, tidy a room, or
pump up a bicycle tire by passing on our
knowledge and habits from a position
of experience. Soft skills are taught
through example: we teach gratitude
by being grateful, compassion by being
compassionate, and service by serving.
In short, if we wish to teach our kids
anything, our example is primary. Be an
example of what you teach.
Theres nothing more ironic than seeing
a parent smacking a child for hitting, or
screaming at a child to stop yelling and
making so much noise. And you may
have noticed that calm parents often
have calm, quiet children its not
just temperament and heritability! The


example that we set models appropriate

behaviour for our children. When we are
impatient, angry, critical, or disrespectful,
our children watch and follow. And when
we are kind, compassionate, helpful, and
loving, our children learn as well.
Deliver instructions
Great parents make sure they set
their children up to be successful by
explaining what expectations are.
They ensure that instructions are clear,
relevant, and understood. When we teach
our kids right ways to act, we should
spend more time helping them recognize
what they are best off doing, rather than
emphasising what not to do.
Invite discussion
Perhaps one of the things you appreciated
about the best teacher in your life was
that we invited your input. When we
teach our children good ways to act,
we should look for opportunities to ask
questions and invite discussion rather
than lecturing.
Our questions can encourage our
children to think more deeply about
what behaviour is appropriate. Rather
than berating them for getting it wrong
and demanding they do it this way, we
can ask questions like, What would be
a better idea?, How could you have
said that more nicely?, or What might
have been a way that you could do that
and keep your sister happy at the same
As we promote conversations with our

children, they are more likely to come

up with their own reasons and answers
for ideal behaviour, and will internalize
these ideas at a much deeper level.
A quick point though: it is typically
ineffective to try and have a conversation
with kids when they are highly strung,
emotional, being observed by others, or
tired. Its best to invite discussion when
everyone is calm, and can talk about
challenging experiences calmly.
Give opportunities for practice and
In some circumstances it can be useful
to help our children learn by giving
them a chance to practice their ideas
(or practice our instructions). If we are
teaching them to share we can tell them
its time to practice, put them in the room
with their sibling, and get them to try it
out perhaps with our guidance (and
remembering that if theyre upset it wont
work must wait until all is calm). The
gentle art of practice, combined with
guidance from us, can help our kids get
really good at behaving the way we are
training them to behave.
Show you care
Perhaps the most profound reason
that your favourite teacher had such
an impact on you was because you
felt unconditional support, love and
encouragement from them. Great
teachers are willing to spend time with
us and listen to us. They understand
our desires and our motivations. They
listen. And they help us understand our
shortcomings by patiently working with
us on our problems, offering solutions,
and guiding us towards ideal outcomes.
If the task is too big they sit with us and
gently remind us, direct us, and give us
hints. They dont get mad, and they dont
take over. Instead, they care, and they
show it in everything they say and do.
The truth about parenting is that most of
us are muddling through. Were doing
the best we can or at least were doing
the best we know how to, based on the
things our parents have taught us and the
things we have read or observed. When
it comes to discipline there really are
dozens of ways that we can teach our
kids some more effective, and some
less effective. While we emphasize
working with our kids rather than doing
to our kids, were likely to stay away
from smacking, and move towards better
solutions that build our children and
create stronger connections.



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Worst Foods For Your Heart

Deep fried chicken, deep dish pepperoni
pizza, gravy slathered fries, sugar dipped
donuts, and burgers dripping with ooeygooey cheesemy arteries are clogging
up just thinking about it!
The following foods are some of the
worst culprits when it comes to heart
health. Sure, when eaten in moderation,
you can get away with the odd croissant
or eggs Bennie, but if these foods are a
regular part of your diet, your heart may
be suffering the delicious consequences
1. Red Meat
Hard chewing carnivores probably arent
too happy to hear that red meat is not so
great for your heart if its a regular part
of your diet. But luckily, you can enjoy
a steak in moderation. Consider it more
like a treat meal every few weeks rather
than your regular Tuesday and Thursday
night meal and youll stay heart healthy
with a lean cut of sirloin, a thick slice of
eye of round roast, or sirloin tips.
2. Butter Croissants
Sure, the French stay pretty trim, but they
dont eat layers of buttery bread served
warm and toasty with more butter on top
several times a day. Did you know that just
one measly butter croissant soars with a
calorie content of 231 plus 12 grams of fat!
3. Pizza
No, regardless of what you tell yourself
for solace, pizza is not a designated food
group. In fact, your doughy, pepperoni
covered, and cheese slathered pie will eat
up almost two thirds of your maximum
daily recommended intake of saturated

fat. Not to mention most of the ingredients

on your favorite take-out pizza are all
processed and super high in sodium.
Make your own healthier pizza at home
by making your own whole wheat thin
crust and using lean chicken breast, fresh
veggies, and low fat cheese as toppings.
4. Eggs Benedict
Eggs doesnt sound like a heart-stopping
breakfastwell, until you consider the
English muffin dripping in butter and
smothered in fatty Hollandaise sauce.
If you add bacon, youre looking at
almost 700 calories and 35 grams of fat.
Doesnt sound like the healthiest way to
start your day, does it?
5. Double Cheeseburgers
No matter if you disguise it with all of
the fresh veggies in your garden, that
cheeseburger (not to mention the heartattack-inducing double cheeseburger) can
equal up to 1000 calories thanks to all of
the fat in the processed red meat, sliced
cheese, and sesame bun. Add mayo and,
gasp, fried onions, and your heart wont be
begging for more even if your stomach is.
6. Fettuccine Alfredo
The sauce alone is a fatty, calorie-laden
combination of heavy cream, butter, and
cheese, and thats not even considering
the processed white pasta in your bowl
of fettuccine Alfredoparticularly if
youre eating it out. Instead, try making a
healthier version at home by using whole
wheat pasta noodles and making the
sauce with low fat milk or plain yogurt
and incorporating some fresh vegetables.

7. Breaded Chicken
Its common belief that if you choose a
chicken sandwich over a beef burger,
youre doing yourself a favor as far as
cutting fat and calories. However, most
take-out chicken sandwiches are breaded
and fried, which makes them just as bad, if
not worse, than their beefy menu buddies.
8. Sausage
Processed meat is basically a slice, or in
this case a tube, of saturated fat, sodium,
and highly processed ingredients,
which are downright awful for your
heart health. In fact, the artery-clogging
effects of too much processed meat have
been linked to high cholesterol, obesity,
and high blood pressure.
9. Soda
When you consider the foods and drinks
that are bad for your heart, you probably
shun saturated fat, cholesterol, and
sodium. However, calories from refined
sugar contribute to obesity and related
Type 2 Diabetes just as much as calories
from fat. And soda is blamed for spiking
insulin levels so high that drinking just one
can of pop a day can increase your chances
of a heart attack by a shocking 20-percent!
10. Ramen Noodles
This particularly sodium-soaring instant
noodle dish contains a surprising 1,500
milligram (or more) of sodium per
serving. So before you stock your shelves
with this super convenient college
staple; consider that what youre saving
in dollars is damaging your cholesterol
and heart health.

My All-Time Favorite Uses For Coconut Oil

I love coconut oil! It is stacked in bulk in the

kitchen cabinet, and always make sure Im
stocked. I do go through it fairly quickly
seeing that I use it for a variety of things. It is
a staple in my beauty regime and diet, finding
its way into my hands at least 3 times a day.
My adoration for this product goes back
a few years while vacationing in Fiji
before the whole coconut oil hype
emerged. I was at the local market one
morning, picking up fresh produce and
fish, when I approached a local woman
who was selling various home-made;
fresh vanilla extract, raw cocoa butter,
papaya jam and fresh coconut oil. I was
intrigued by everything she offered,
but I was familiar with most of them
and had a general idea on how to use
them, so I inquired more about the oil.
She explained to me how its been used


on the islands for a very long time and

is considered a healing oil to the locals.
Boasting its benefits for my hair, skin,
and health. Of course she could have just
been selling her product extremely well,
but when I saw her skin, especially her
face, the proof was in the pudding. The
woman was at least in her 50s, and she
looked phenomenal. I had to try it.
There are plenty of ways to use coconut
oil but here are a few of my favorites;
Cooking- Anything that can benefit
from a slightly sweet aroma will work;
sweet potatoes, oatmeal, stir-fry veggies,
Lip balm- Natural remedy to keep lips soft.
Put some in a small container for on the go.
Hair mask- Deep moisturizer for healthy
hair and dandruff- free scalp. Massage 5
minutes, then leave it overnight covered

in saran wrap.
Body moisturizer- Straight out the shower,
just lather and massage it into the skin.
Refinishing old wood- An amazing nontoxic wood stainer. It works wonders!
Oil pulling- Old ayuverdic technique to
keep my teeth healthy, clean and whitens
them naturally.
Heal scars- After cleaning any wound
put coconut oil to help the healing
process. Scars are also less noticeable.
Remove makeup- Great natural makeup
remover, just apply it all over and gently
remove with a cotton swab.
In smoothies- Fat from the coconut oil helps
with the absorption of the fruits nutrients.
Ingredient in natural exfoliator- As a
base with raw sugar.
Eat it straight up- Helps optimal thyroid
functioning and speeds metabolism.



ARIES: Things stuck in the past will start

moving in the right direction. Chances of
another addition in the family improve.
Presence of Jupiter in fifth will give you
the Midas touch and all you attempts
will hit the bulls eye. Some of you may
be taking a short trip to a really warm
area. Bank balance will grow rapidly
during the week.
TAURUS: Some of you may be
getting ready to move to another place.
Investment in a property at this point
will be very profitable. Mind will
still stay little restless and you may
try to get in touch with a government
agency to seek some kind of permit
or clearance. You may get little hurt
while moving or lifting some heavy
items this week.
GEMINI: Financial pressure will
evaporate. Quite possible that you may
need to have one of your tooth pulled
out. You may take a short trip to a nice
place with family. Bachelors will be
introduced to someone they already
knew but never paid attention. You will
be spending lots of time on phone and
make new clients.
CANCER: Your plans and project
launched in past twelve months will turn
profitable. People in job will also have
better luck and a big promotion is not
out of question. You may also dispose
off some stocks and pocket the money.
You may have to deal with a government
agency to straighten out an issue causing
unnecessary headache.
LEO: Presence of conflicting planets
Venus and Jupiter in your sign is
interesting. You will be torn in between
temptation and righteousness. An
overseas trip is also in the air. You may
be sending some money to government
in shape of taxes or fine. A close relative
will call to invite you for lunch or dinner
this week. Avoid going out in extreme
VIRGO: A long distance or overseas
trip is in the air. Money will go on
entertainment and going out with family.
You may meet some very influential
people at the party. Great week for people
connected with communication industry.
There will be tremendous progress in
ongoing legal matters because of new
LIBRA: Many hurdles will clear in
career. New management will be less
demanding and the boss will be easier to
deal with. You may buy some interesting
items for the home as well as for


yourself. Strong chance of getting some

money through legal channels. Some of
you may decide to join a short program
to update your knowledge.
SCORPIO: And if you believe in magic,
you will see one this week. You may be
slowly preparing for an upcoming big
exam. Things will keep getting easy
and under control at work. Just protect
yourself against severe weather this
week. Try to see if you can get away
with the small doses of medicine. Bank
balance will escalate.
SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter's presence
in house of luck will bring confidence
back and some major hurdles will
get out of your way in career. Your
image will also improve in social as
well as professional circle. There
will be big change in your religious
beliefs and you may start leaning
towards spirituality from religion
from now.
CAPRICORN: Planets in eighth will
improve personal life in a big way. You

may receive some valuable gifts from

someone close. Bachelors may also
receive final words of commitment.
You will spend some quality time with
famous people this week. It will be better
to dispose of the items not in use for long
time and pocket the money.
AQUARIUS: Strong Venus and Jupiter
in seventh will provide much needed
boost. You will be full of energy and
won't waste even a single minute and
bring personal as well as professional life
back on the track. You will be looking
for ideal partners to launch your project.
You will also clear any exam recently
taken, with flying colors.
PISCES: Some big change in career
around the corner and you will start to
feel the ground shaking. Money wise
you will stay in comfortable zone and at
the same time looking for more avenues
for additional income. You may also visit
a close relative with family this week. It
will be better to watch out what you eat
at the party.



What Is Katrina Kaif Doing With Salman

Khans Munni aka Harshaali Malhotra

Bajrangi Bhaijaans Harshaali Malhotra

is the prettiest kid on the block right now.
She has instantly become an eye candy
to an extent that many have also gone on
records complimenting her resemblance
to Katrina Kaif. While we hear she is
dying to work with Katrina some day.
We found this picture on the internet
which certainly has more than one
reasons to melt your hearts . Oh! Just
look at them! Dont they look like sisters?
We hear Katrina too became a fan of
Harshaali since the time she has watched
a few rushes of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Even
during a recent event, Kat confessed how
Kabir Khan has been drawing constant
comparisons between her and Harshaali.
Considering Ms Kaif was a visitor on
the sets of Bajrangi Bhaijaan (stating
she would only go there to meet director
Kabir regarding Phantom) we wonder if
this pic too was clicked during one of her
BB visits. What do you think?

Amitabh Bachchan Meets Onscreen

Mother Sulochana On Her 86th Birthday

The two veteran actors have been seen

together in many movies in the past
Amitabh Bachchan visited the famous
yesteryear actress Sulochana Latkar at
her home to wish her on her 86th birthday.
The whole family of Sulochana Latkar
along with Senior Bachchan celebrated
the veteran actress birthday. If you
recall, Sulochana is famous for essaying
the mothers role for a lot of Amitabh
movies. Not just him, she even played
mother to actors like Manoj Kumar, Dev
Anand and Mehmood as well.
Bachchan shared pictures of the
celebration along with a tweet saying,
Sulochana ji happy 86th birthday!
Played my Mother in endless films! Went
to her home and greeted her! Sulochana
ji, Mother to so many leading men in
films soft gentle and endearing
86th birthday!. Amitabh played son to
Sulochana Latkar in films like Faraar,
Roti Kapda aur Makaan and Yaarana.
Big B even went ahead and touched her
feet to take blessings from the veteran
actress. He shared pics of the same as


well. Sharing the same he tweeted,

Badon ka aashirwaad! Sulochana ji ka
janm divas, 86 saal! Maa ki bhumika
kitni baar nibhayi filmo mein! (Elders
blessing. She played the role of my
mother in films many a times).
It is because of such gestures from Big

B that people respect him the most in

the film industry. Even after being so
famous, he never forgets the people who
worked with him and manages to wish
them, take their blessings and stay in
touch with all of them. Guess thats what
superstars are made up of.



John Abraham, Priya Ranchuls Marriage

Hit The Rock

In the past, few times John and Priya

were spotted together but post marriage
they hardly seen together. In 2014, John
got married to Priya in the US. Everyone
was expecting to see John with his new
bride Priya but the actor arrived in India
with wife Priya.
The couple was also supposed to host
a party for their friends but that too got
cancelled and now their separation came
as a big shock.
Before dating Priya Runchal, John was
in a relationship with Bipasha Basu for
nine years. The couple mutually called
it off.
Once taking about Priya Runchal, John
said, "Priya and I met through common
friends. Definitely there was attraction,
but it takes much more than physical
attraction to be in a relationship. I am
in a happy space right now. She is
extremely supportive and prefers to be
away from the public eye. If she calls
me at 11.30 in the night and I am caught
up with something or am tired, she says
I should take rest or go to sleep once
I am done with work. It means a lot
to me. She gives me space and I give
her space. She is currently in London
to pursue her two-year full-time MBA,
so ours is a long-distance relationship.
We will get married when I take a break
from work".

John Abraham surprised his fans when

in January 2014, one fine day he tweeted
that he and his girlfriend Priya Runchal
entered into wedlock. John and Priyas
marriage was a hush-hush affair and
now it is rumoured that his marriage is
in troubled water.
Long distance relationship is said to
be the reason of their separation. John
Abraham is busy with his Bollywood
projects while Priya Runchal is pursuing

higher studies abroad. It was earlier said

that Priya will move to Mumbai post
marriage but it never happened.
John Abraham never talked about his
darling wife after getting hitched. Like
his marriage, his separation is also
shocking. John and Priya are on the
verge of separation. After marriage, John
Abraham has been juggling between US
and India and the hunk is having a tough
time in doing so.

Amitabh Bachchan became nostalgic as

his film Silsila completed 34 years of its
release. The Shehensha of Bollywood
recalled memories from the past and
posted pictures from the film and its sets
on his social networking sites.
Big B took to Facebook to share a couple
of images reminiscent of the romantic
film that starred his wife Jaya Bachchan
and Rekha. One photo shows Amitabh
and Jaya getting married, while the other
picture has a line written on it: Love is
faith and faith is forever.
The veteran actor also wrote about the film on
his blog. "How can one remove from memory
the umpteenth years that have transpired on

the release of some of the films of then- Silsila affair where circumstances compel a man
34 yearsKhuddar, he posted.
who is in love with someone else:, to marry
Big B seemed at a loss for words to his brothers fiance. The film also featured
describe his memories associated with Shashi Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar.
the film. And it all comes back with such It was alos the last film that featured
detail that a narration of it would require Amitabh and Rekha, who became a
the space of a space missionbut popular onscreen couple with films
it must be done some dayhere, there like Mr. Natwarlal, Do Anjaane and
whereverit mustbefore, as many Muqaddar Ka Sikandar. The actress did
predict, I lose my brains, he wrote.
have a cameo in R Balkis Shamitabh
The Yash Chopra directorial that released but the former onscreen couple didnt
on 29 July, 1981 explored extra-marital have a scene together.
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Remembering Johnny Walker: Bollywood

Legend And Comic Pioneer

Johnny Walker's last work on the silver screen was Kamal Haasan's Chachi 420
Twitter was flooded with fond memories
of comedian Johnny Walker on July 29,
the actor's 12th death anniversary. He
would have been 89 this November.
Born Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi,
Johnny Walker blazed a trail for several
comedians who were to make it big in
the world of Bollywood comedy later.
He was especially adept at playing a
drunk on screen - even though he was a
teetotaler in real life - and was, in fact,
cast as a drunk in his first notable role in
1951's Baazi.
The moniker Johnny Walker was
bestowed on him by actor-director
Guru Dutt with who he formed a deep when star billing in song picturisations Apart from the acclaimed Pyaasa,
friendship and a hugely successful was reserved for the hero and heroine, Johnny Walker's films of note included
partnership on screen, appearing in Johnny Walker had the popular Sar Jo CID, Mere Mehboob, Naya Daur, Chori
all but one Guru Dutt film. In an era Tera Chakraye all to himself in Pyaasa. Chori and Madhumati.



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Sutter Deal One Of The Best In Recent

Canucks History

Canucks positioned themselves to take advantage of Pittsburghs salary woes in acquiring Brandon Sutter

When the Vancouver Canucks were able

to augment their centre position through
the Brandon Sutter trade this week, they
hit upon one of the proven formulas of
improving a team in the NHL.
The difficulty in pulling this off more
often, of course, is getting yourself
into the right position and then finding
a team which has the assets you covet,
and having stumbled into same the
position the Pittsburgh Penguins found
themselves in before this trade.
Positioning yourself to take advantage of
teams that are over the salary cap and must
pare down before the start of the season
is something the Canucks have done
successfully in the past, and other teams
as well have found this a winning formula.
After all, when you are making a trade
with a team that has to make a trade, the
odds are very much in your favour that
success will be forthcoming.
How many teams have ransacked the
Chicago Blackhawks because of their cap
difficulties over the years? This is not to
say Hawks GM Stan Bowman has done
a poor job; far, far from it. But winning
as much as they have over these past
eight years or so has driven up the cost
of every player in their organization, and
such difficulties for a winning team are a
natural by-product of this Cap structure.
Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien, Nick
Leddy and many former Hawks have
helped other teams in the league, most
of them in the Eastern Conference, of
course. Even though they dont win
much, Philly constantly seems to be
up against the cap and with Evgeni
Malkin and Sidney Crosby way up
there in percentage of rosters cap space
consumed, the Pens figure to be in
this situation as long as they hold both
players, particularly if they ever start
winning again.
Credit Jim Benning and Trevor Linden
for being front and centre to capitalize on
this fairly rare opportunities. Even more
heartening is the fact they seemed to get
a feel for the Pens predicament early on,
having apparently been working on this
deal for over a month now.
While nobody knows how this move will
turn out, it certainly looks solid on paper. In
no way will it likely match one of the best
Canuck deals of all time when former GM
Mike Gillis was able to parlay Vancouver
cap space and the San Jose Sharks cap
difficulties into Christian Ehrhoff for one of


Brandon Sutter carries his gear after clearing out his locker at the Consol
Energy Center in Pittsburgh
the teams worst draft decisions of all time
Patrick White and the immortal Daniel
Rahimi neither of whom ever played
a game in the NHL. That was perhaps the
purest form of salary dump in the history
of the league up to that point as the Sharks
were making room for the incoming
contract of Dany Heatley in the summer
of 09. Gillis was able to make the deal
because of his friendship with Doug Wilson
when the more natural San Jose tendency
in this situation would have been to move
Ehrhoff to the Eastern Conference.
This one ranks in the top three all-time
best Canuck trades and sent Vancouver
onto the path towards two Presidents
trophies and the 2011 run to the final
which, with even a hint of better fortune,
could have resulted in a Vancouver Cup.
Opportunities like that are indeed rare.
This Sutter deal cannot possibly match
that, but with the Canadian dollar
threatening to take on even more lead if
the U.S Federal Reserve goes ahead and
raises U.S. interest rates in September,
the salary cap is extremely unlikely to
be rising very much further in the near
future. That means its entirely likely
more and more teams will be bumping
up against and going over the Cap,
especially those meeting with significant
playoff success, something that is not

expected to be a Vancouver concern

in the next year or two. If the Canucks
can take care of their finances properly
and generate some cap room by virtue
of incorporating more of their young
prospects onto the team as they develop,
there is no reason to think they cant be
in position to make more of these deals.
Anything that can be used to accelerate
the improvement of this team in the next
few years should certainly be considered.

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