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Inside Qatar - Transfer of Sponsorship Requirements &

Welcome to AECOM Middle East. The below information is provided to help you
through the process of applying for your transfer under AECOM sponsorship.
Please see below additional information that has been provided for sponsoring
your dependents.

Documents required:

Color copy of passport in JPG format (minimum of six months validity,

minimum of 2 blank visa pages & 2 blank stamp pages).
An original attested, please also submit colour copy in advance
o Bachelors
o Masters
o PhD Degree
o Diploma

Document is required to be authenticated from Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Qatar

Embassy from country of origin. (Original is required for Transfer process).Please
note for those candidates from the Philippines the original degree issued from
your educational institution is also required.

Original Attested Police clearance certificate (PCC) from country in which

passport is issued (this is also applicable for those registering with Ministry
of Municipal Urban Planning (MMUP), please confirm with you Mobilization
Coordinator if this is applicable to you , if you are required to register,
please request 2 original attested PCCs). The document must be
authenticated from Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Qatar Embassy from
country of origin.
Copy of the current sponsors valid trade license and computer card.
Scanned/ emailed photograph with blue background (in .JPG format). This
needs to be a high resolution photograph (Studio Quality).
Original NOC (No Objection Certificate) in Arabic addressed to immigration
department from current employer confirming their approval for transfer of
Copy of last/current residence permit and Qatar ID Card
Original transfer application form to be signed by employee and current
sponsor and verified by immigration.


Once the above documents are submitted to the mobilization team, they
will be forwarded to the PRO team for processing.
Both current sponsor and AECOM must complete transfer of sponsorship
papers that need to be signed by both companies and the employee.
The current sponsor must verify the documents with immigration prior to
handing it to the employee for submission to AECOM for transfer process.
Once current sponsor completes the above, The PROs will then submit the
transfer papers to the ministry for approval.

Once approved on system, the mobilization team will then contact

employee to confirming their joining date.
The employee must provide AECOM with the original passport and their
Qatar ID card in order to change their sponsorship status. (This must be
completed with 48 hours from joining date if not before).

This process may take approximately (3 weeks) to complete.

Dependent Requirements & Process
Dependents Resident Permit:
No changes required to visa for dependents with resident permit under your
sponsorship in Qatar

Process for Dependents Resident Permit renewal:

Dependents Original passport with their Qatar ID should be handed to PRO

team prior 45 days of RP expiry date.
Employee Qatar ID

For further queries prior to joining, please contact your Mobilization Coordinator
and after joining please contact your local HR representative.