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In this lesson, you will learn some vocabulary for crime and law. Also you will do
a reading that is connected with crime from an Australian perspective.

Match the words in the box to the pictures below.

a. jury box b. the defendant c. witness stand
d. lawyer
e. witness f. judge g. court bailiff h. the bench
i. stenographer
j. evidence

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Match the words with their meaning in the table below.

1. cross examine
2. adjourn
3. acquit
4. defence
5. prosecution
6. sentence
7. suspended sentence
8. bail
9. community service
10. hung jury

a. (n) a jury that cannot agree to the verdict.
b. (n) money paid to allow the defendant to
stay out of jail during a trial.
c. (n) work done for charity as a punishment.
d. (n) the team trying to convince the jury the
person is innocent.
e. (v) to stop a session in court for a break or
the evening.
f. (v) to ask a witness for the opposite side
g. (n, v) a legal punishment
h. (n) the team trying to convince the jury the
person is guilty.
i. (v) to legally say that someone is not guilty.
j. (n) a sentence that is given but not
enforced while the person behaves well.

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In the story below, fill in the gaps with one of the new words from the Vocabulary
exercises. You may need to change the form of the word to make sense.

The Last Student Criminal

The last time Auckland had seen a (1) _________ on trial for such serious crime was when
the feared and villainous Jonathan went crazy and robbed every bank between Auckland
and Queenstown. Now, it was the turn of the infamous Senorita Satoko to be in court.
The defence (2) ______ tried to get as many witnesses into the (3) ______ ______ as
possible. However, the lawyers from the (4) ______ were very good, and they (5) ______
______ the witness terribly. They called the witness names and everything! The (6) ______
______ even had to drag one lawyer off the witness.
Senorita Satoko was completely calm while the (7) ______ gave their decision of guilty.
Satoko had hoped to have a (8) ______ ______, but that was not the case. The jury took
only 30 minutes to make a decision.
The (9) ______ made a long speech about the evil things that Satoko had done. He often
waved his hammer about, as he stared down from the (10) ______. After a long time, the
judge finally (11) ______ Senorita Satoko to 100 hours of (12) ______ ______.
A lot of people thought that the punishment was too light. After all, Senorita Satoko was the
one who burned down a pub during Pub Night.

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Look at the man in the pictures. Make some guesses about him and write your
guesses down. Where did he come from? When did he live? What did he do?
What happened to him? Why is he famous? Why is he a national hero?

Read the text quickly and check your guesses! Do not use a dictionary! Which
guesses were correct?

Read the text again and answer these questions.

1. Why was Ned Kelly given a sash?
2. Why did Kelly have to leave school?
3. What is Kelly Country?

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4. Ned Kelly had enough money to be comfortable. True / False
5. Why was Kelly arrested for the first time?
6. What was his first punishment for? What was his punishment?
7. Why did Kelly hide from the police?
8. What did Ned and Dan Kelly do when police found them?
9. Why did Kelly rob two banks?
10. Where was Kelly caught by police?
11. What sentence did Kelly get for his crimes?

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Ned Kelly
Ned was born in Victoria, probably in December, 1854. As a boy he attended school and risked
his life to save another boy who was drowning. As a reward he was given a sash, which he would
wear under his armour during his final show down with police.
Ned's father died when Ned was only 12, and he was forced to leave school to help take care of
his family. It was at this time that the Kelly family moved to the Glenrowan area of Victoria, which
to this day is known as Kelly Country. Ned grew up in poverty in some of the harshest conditions
in Australia, and folk tales tell of his sleeping on the ground in the bush during the Victorian
In 1869, when he was 14, Ned was arrested for assaulting a Chinese pig farmer named Ah Fook
and for being an accomplice of bushranger Harry Power. He was found not guilty for both
charges, but in 1870 he was arrested again for assault and sentenced to six months of hard
labour. Three weeks after his release, he was arrested again for being in possession of a stolen
horse. This time he was sentenced to three years of hard labour.
After his release he became involved in a cattle-rustling operation with his brother Dan, which
attracted the attention of the local police. Ned's sister Ellen also attracted the attention of
Constable Alexander Fitzpatrick, who assaulted her on a visit to the Kelly home in 1878.
Fitzpatrick accused Ned of attempted murder, and Ned went into hiding; in October, when the
police eventually found him, he and his accomplices killed three of the policemen and escaped
once more.
He robbed two banks at Euroa and Jerilderie in February, 1879, as he needed money to make
suits of armour which he believed would protect him from the police.
The police caught onto his trail again in July, 1880. Ned arrived in Glenrowan on July 27 and took
hostages in the local hotel. In the subsequent shootout with the police, Ned was wounded. He
survived to stand trial, and was sentenced to death. He was hanged on November 11.
One of the jails in which he was incarcerated has become the Ned Kelly Museum in Australia,
and many weapons and artefacts used by him and his gang are in exhibit there. Some people
have referred to him as the Billy the Kid of Australia.
Since his death Kelly has become an Australian folk hero. The distinctive homemade armour he
wore for his final unsuccessful stand against the police was the subject of a famous series of
paintings by Sydney Nolan.

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Vocabulary 1: 1:c, 2:h, 3:a, 4:d, 5:i, 6:g, 7:e, 8:j, 9:f, 10:b.
Vocabulary 2: 1:f, 2:e, 3:i, 4:d, 5:h, 6:g, 7:j, 8:b, 9:c, 10:a.
1. He saved a boys life.
2. He had to take care of his family.
3. The area around Glenrowan in Victoria.
4. False
5. For hitting Ah Fook and helping Harry Power.
6. Assault. 6 months prison with hard labour.
7. Alexander Fitzpatrick had said Kelly tried to kill him.
8. They killed 3 police officers.
9. To get money for making armour.
10. He got the death sentence.