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Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem


From the Kitab, Sufficient Provision for the Seekers of the Path of Truth written by Shaykh Abdul
Qadir Jilani (q), Prophet (saw) said to his Companion, who is also the 3rd GrandShaykh of the
Naqshbandi order, Sayyidina Salman al-Farisi (ra):
"O Salman, Allah will surely erase all the sins from the record of any believing man, or any
believing woman, who performs 30 rakaat of sunnat prayer, in the course of this month, reciting
in each rakaat:
*Surah al-Fatihah
*followed by Surah al-Ikhlas 3 times
*followed by Surah al-Kafiroon 3 times.
That man or woman will be granted the same reward as a person who has fasted throughout the
entire month. He or she will be treated as one of those who continue to perform the ritual prayer
right through to the following year, and will be credited every day with a deed as noble as that of
one of the matryrs of the battle of Badr.
For every day of fasting in Rejab, the worship of an entire year will be recorded in favour of the
believer concerned, whose credit will be enhanced by a thousand degrees. If the believer keeps
the fast during the whole month, as well as performing this particular 30 rakaat solat, Allah will
deliver him from the Fire of Hell and declare that he or she is entitled to enter the garden of
Paradise, therein to dwell in the vicinity of Allah (swt).
Jibrail (as) then added, Oh Muhammad, this is a clear sign to mark the distinction between true
believers and the mushrikin (unbelievers) and munafiqin (hypocrites), because the hypocrites do
not perform this prayer.
This special prayer is done in this manner:
10 rakaats (5 sets of 2 rakaats) are done on the first day of Rejab.
10 rakaat (5 sets of 2 rakaats) are done in the middle of Rejab.
10 rakaat (5 sets of 2 rakaats) are done at the end of the month.
This Saturday night is the night of the 15th of Rejab. Do perform the 10 rakaat prayer. Once the
ten rakaats are done as described above, raise your hands, and recite (note that the recitation is
different from that of the first ten days):
La ilaha illallahu Wahdahu la sharikalah, lahul mulku, walahul hamdu, yuhyi wa yumitu, wa Huwa
hayyun la yamoot, bi ya dihil khairu, wa Huwa ala kulli shainin Qadeeer.

Ilahan, Waahidan, Ahadan, Samadan, Fardan, Witraa. Laa yattakhidhu sohibatan wa laa
There is no God except Allah, Alone. No partner has He. To Him belongs the kingdom and to
Him belongs the praise, He brings to life and causes death, while He is Ever-Living and never
dies. All goodness is in His Hand, and He is Powerful over all things.
(I worship Him) as God, Single, One, Everlasting, Alone, Unique. He takes unto Himself, neither
female consort nor son.
Then you must rub your face with your hands, and at this point, you have completed the second
ten rakaats.