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The Society for the International School of Kuala Lumpur.

(ARS/SEL 18-65)
Jalan Melawati 3/Taman Melawati/53100 Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
P.O. Box 10359/50712 Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

To the Parents of Students in Grade One,

I am writing this letter to ask for your support in order to ensure the safety of a few
students in Grade One with a severe nut allergy. As a life-threatening allergic
reaction may result from ingesting nuts, or nut ingredients, we ask that you
not send
your child to school with any kind of nuts, food containing nuts like peanut butter,
Nutella or other nut spreads, or food cooked in peanut oil.
We will share these procedures with the students and ask for their help. Please
discuss the above information with your child as well and let us know if any further
clarification is necessary.
Please contact one of the elementary administrators or the school nurse, if you have
any questions or concerns regarding this matter. Thank you for your support.
With regards,
Bethanie Christensen, RN, BSN
Melawati Health Care Coordinator