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Grade & Section: Grade 7 Gold



August 6-

7, 2015
Directions: Read the selection below and answer the questions that come after it.
Write the letter of the best answer on the blank provided before each number.
Bill Bixby is known for his starring roles in popular television shows, yet
fame and fortune have not insulated him from pain and sorrow. In 1981, Bixbys
only child, six-year-old Christopher died from a rare infection. A year later, his
first wife, an actress, committed suicide. A second marriage ended in divorce
after two years. More recently Bixby was diagnosed with spreading, advanced
prostate cancer, which has penetrated his bones.
With so much trauma in one decade, Bixby could have become cynical
and bitter about life, but he demonstrates the opposite, I am the happiest that
Ive ever been, he says. Because as many tragedies as Ive had to face in my
life, Ive been blessed with the greatest friends.
______ 1. What is the text about?
A. How Bill Bixby lost his family
C. how Bill Bixby faced lifes
B. How Bill Bixby suffered in life
______ 2. What is Bill Bixbys profession?
A. Writer
B. Actor
C. Director
______ 3. How many children did he have?
A. One
B. two
C. none
______ 4. What did his son die of?
A. Suicide
B. disease
C. cancer
______ 5. How many years in one decade?
A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
______ 6. What does Bill consider his blessings in life?
A. Wife
B. son
C. friends
______ 7. What could be the reason why his wife committed suicide?
A. Sons death
B. Bixbys sickness C. Bixbys unfaithfulness
A. Synonyms and Antonyms
Directions: Read and answer the question after each sentence. Write the letter that
corresponds to the correct answer on the blank before each number.
______ 8. Because firemen are often in dangerous situations, they must be
Which word is an antonym of the underlined word in the sentence?
A. rugged
B. brave
C. cowardly D. volunteer
______ 9. The newspaper hired an experienced reporter to cover the story because
wanted to be sure it was a job well done! Which word is an antonym of
underlined word in the sentence?
A. Unsinkable B. Expert
C. Unskilled D. Suspected
______ 10. The driver's bewildering explanation of the accident confused the police
Which word is a synonym of the underlined word in the sentence?
A. clarifying
B. jolting
C. puzzling D. lurching
______ 11. Last night for homework we finished reading a story about the pilgrims
voyage to
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America. Which word is a synonym of the underlined word in the

A. monument B. homeland C. refuge D. journey
______ 12. The children marveled as the magician pulled a rabbit out of his hat!
Which word is
a synonym of the underlined word in the sentence.
A. wondered
B. loomed C. longed
D. searched
B. Colloquial/Slang Words
Directions: Choose the correct meaning for each underlined colloquial/slang word.
Write the letter that corresponds to the correct answer on the blank provided before
each number.
______ 13. Karen said she couldn't go out with me on Friday because she had to
wash clothes.
What a lame excuse! Lame (adjective) means ____________
A. weak and ineffective
B. lying and false
C. small
______ 14. Learning Spanish was a breeze because I already spoke Portuguese.
a breeze means ____________
A. very easy
B. a good idea
C. helpful
______ 15. My dad flipped out when he heard that I'd crashed his car.
Flip out (verb) means ____________
A. get very upset
B. leave the house
C. feel a little sad
______ 16. That's a cool necklace! Where'd you get it? Cool (adjective) means
A. nice
B. expensive
C. modern
______ 17. Let's go. This party is dead. Dead (adjective) means ____________
A. quiet and boring
B. dangerous
C. finished
III. Listening Comprehension & Oral Language and Fluency

A. Directions: Read each sentence. Encircle the stressed syllable of each

underlined word. Be guided by how each underlined word is used in the context.
18. Did you record the scores? Put them on record.
19. He is a rebel. Why did he rebel?
20. If you have a protest, go ahead and protest.
21. Why did he object to the object?
22. Let us give priority to progress and we will progress.
23. Nora will present you with a present.
24. An insult can hurt. Please dont insult me.
25. He needs a permit. Please permit him to go inside.
26. His conduct is good. He will conduct us.
27. There is a population increase. Why did it increase?
B. Listen as the teacher reads the sentences below. Identify its projected purpose or

feeling. Choose your answer from the given choices in the box. Write the letter that
corresponds to your answer.
A. State a fact
B. Indicate excitement
C. Emphasize the subject or person
D. Turn a statement into a question
_______ 28. Raymond, my friend offered me food.
_______ 29 You like to eat a lot.
_______30. You like to eat a lot?
_______31. Wilbert offered me a ride!
_______ 32. Wilbert offered me a ride.
E. Ask a question
F. Emphasize the subject or person
G. Indicate boredom
H. Emphasize what is being given
I. Emphasize when something is given

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_______ 33. Raymond, my friend offered me food yesterday.

_______ 34. Raymond, my friend offered me food yesterday.
_______ 35. Where are we going today?
_______ 36. The weather keeps changing every day.
_______ 37. You are in trouble, my friend.

IV. Grammar Awareness

A. Directions: Observe subject-verb agreement in the following sentences. Underline
the correct verb that agrees with subject in each sentence below.
38. The International Club, as well as the Choral Society and the Rowing Club, (need
to submit a new constitution.
39. Each and every student and instructor in this building (hope hopes) for a new
facility by
next year.
40. Either my father or my brothers (is, are) going to sell the house.
41. Neither my brothers nor my father (is, are) going to sell the house.
42. There (is, are) two reasons for this.
43. There (is, are) no reason for this.
44. Everyone (has, have) done his or her homework.
45. Al and Eli (go, goes) to the beach to surf with their friends.
B. Observe correct tense of the verb. Underline the correct form of the verb.
46. He (will come, comes) next week.
47. John (called, call) up yesterday.
48. My grandmother (visit, visits) us every morning.
49. I (forget, forgot) to switch off the lights.
50. The play (begins, began) at ten oclock.
V. Writing and Composition
A. Identify the development or kinds of the paragraphs below. Choose your answer
from the list inside the box. Write only the letter that corresponds to the correct
A. Paragraph by Narration/ Narrative Paragraph
C. Paragraph by Definition
D. Paragraph by Comparison and Contrast
________ 51. "Park" is difficult to define in Florida, because there are so many kinds
of parks. Basically, a park is a place to go for outdoor recreation-to swim, picnic,
hike, camp, walk the dog, play tennis, paddle your canoe, and, in some places take
rides in miniature trains or swish down a waterslide. Florida has a rich variety of
parks, ranging from acres of RVs ringed around recreation halls, to impenetrable
mangrove wilderness. To make things more complicated, not all of them are called
"parks," and even the ones called "parks" come in several varieties.
________ 52. This past weekend I had the time of my life. First, Friday night, I had my
best friend over and we made a delicious, mouth-watering pizza. After we ate, we
had a friendly video game competition. On Saturday, my dad took us out on the
boat. The weather was perfect and the water was warm. It was a great day to go for
a swim. Later that night, we went to the movies. We saw an action packed thriller
and ate a lot of popcorn. Finally, on Sunday, we rode our bikes all over town. By the
end of the day, my legs were very tired. I only hope that next weekend can be as
fun as this one.
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________ 53. Oceans and lakes have much in common, but they are also quite
different. Both are bodies of water, but oceans are very large bodies of salt water,
while lakes are much smaller bodies of fresh water. Lakes are usually surrounded by
land, while oceans are what surround continents. Both have plants and animals
living in them. The ocean is home to the largest animals on the planet, whereas
lakes support much smaller forms of life. When it is time for a vacation, both will
make a great place to visit and enjoy.
________ 54. In every society, social norms define a variety of relationships among
people, and some of these relationships are socially recognized as family or kinship
ties. A family is a socially defined set of relationships between at least two people
who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption. We can think of a family as
including several possible relationships, the most common being between husband
and wife, between parents and children, and between people who are related to
each other by birth (siblings, for example) or by marriage (a woman and her
mother-in-law, perhaps). Family relationships are often defined by custom, such as
the relationship between an infant and godparents, or by law, such as the adoption
of a child.
________ 55. Sunset is the time of day when our sky meets the outer space solar
winds. There are blue, pink, and purple swirls, spinning and twisting, like clouds of
balloons caught in a blender. The sun moves slowly to hide behind the line of
horizon, while the moon races to take its place in prominence atop the night sky.
People slow to a crawl, entranced, fully forgetting the deeds that still must be done.
There are coolness and calmness, when the sun does set.
B. 1 Recognize the parts of a simple paragraph.
Why I Want to Learn English
(1) There are three reasons why I want to learn English. (2) One reason is that
English has become an international language. (3) It is now used by most
international companies, including the company where I work, for business
communication. (4) Another reason why I want to learn English is so that I can travel
to English-speaking countries. (5) The United States, England, Australia and many
other countries all use English as their primary language. (6) Finally, I want to learn
English because I plan to move to the U.S. in the future. (7) I will become a manager
for my company soon. (8) For all these reasons, I am very excited about learning
56. What is the topic sentence? ___________________________________________
57. What is the main idea? _______________________________________________
58. What is the concluding statement? ______________________________________
B. 2 Choose the best topic sentence for each group of supporting sentences. Write it
on the line provided.
59.) _________________________________________________. North Americans send
cards for many occasions. They send cards to family and friends on birthdays and
holidays. They also send thank-you cards, get well cards, graduation cards, and
congratulation cards. It is very common to buy cards in stores and send them
through the mail, but turning on the computer and sending cards over the Internet
is also popular.
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A) Sending cards is very popular in North America.

B) Birthday cards are the most popular kind of card.
C) It is important to send thank-you cards.

60.) _____________________________________________ . I enjoy summer sports

like water skiing and baseball. The weather is usually sunny and hot, so I can go to
the beach almost every day. Gardening is my hobby and I spend many summer
days working in my garden. Unfortunately, the days pass too quickly in summer.
A) I like to garden in summer.
B) Summer is my favorite season.
C) Summer is to short.
61.) ________________________________________ . First of all, we need money to
repair old roads and build new roads. We also need more to pay teachers salaries
and to pay for services such as trash collection. Finally, more tax money is needed
to give financial help to the poor citizens of the city. It is clear that the city will have
serious problems if taxes are not raised soon.
A) We should raise city taxes.
B) City taxes are too high.
C) City taxes pay for new road
B. 3 Recognize the parts of a simple paragraph. Encircle the topic sentence.
Underline the supporting details. Box the conclusion.
62-65) There are many reasons why I hate my apartment. The plumbing
doesnt work properly and the landlord refuses to fix it. I also have noisy neighbors
who keep me up all night. Furthermore, there are so many bugs in my apartment
that I could start an insect collection. I really want to move.

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