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Rationalising the steps in the instructional design model used in the

development of web-based learning material. (15%)

ASSURE model is an ISD (Instructional Systems Design) process that was modified
to be used by teachers in the regular classroom the ISD process is one in which
teachers and trainers can use to design and develop the most appropriate learning
environment for their students. You can use this process in writing your lesson plans
and in improving teaching and learning.
First, ASSURE starts with looking at the learner in detail. Nothing you plan or design
is effective unless you have taken the time to look at the learners. In Illinois, for
example, it is now state law that all teachers must assess their students' knowledge and
skills prior to instruction to ensure that they differentiate instruction. That means that by
understanding where the learners are at the start of instruction, a teacher will make
every effort to assist all learners to be successful in their learning endeavors. This new
direction supports my position about knowing the learner. I feel that knowing as much as
possible about your learners is critical to design and implementation of instruction.
Secondly, the second letter in ASSURE, S, refers to knowing the intended outcomes
or expectations. No instruction should begin without everyone having a clear
understanding of what is supposed to happen in the instruction. This does not preclude
the possibility of additional learning taking place, but without a road map, some of your
learners may well be "lost." And, especially in the schools today, as we edge closer to
the 100% of all students meeting or exceeding expectations, I believe that students
need to know what is expected of them. I do believe that there is more than one "right
way" to achieve those expectations and more than one "right medium" to use, because
it's not a one-size fits all world. BUT, as NCLB is still a mandate, we need to find ways to
make it possible for our diverse learning population fit into the "mold" that has been
outlined for us. Learners need to know what they are to do. And, I add that you cannot
assess learning without knowing what was expected. NOW, because I opened that can
of worms, let me quickly state that assessment can be formative and summative and
can take multiple formats. But, that is another cup of tea for sure.

The final area of importance in the design and implementation process to

ASSURE good learning is the reflection component of evaluation. Once you have
completed the design and instruction and gathered the data about the outcomes and
impressions from your learners, you need to take the time to consider what went well
and what could be changed in that particular instructional event. This information will
help you re-design that instructional event for future opportunities. But, this information
also guides you on how to better address your learners in instruction beyond this
particular instructional event. We often do not put enough emphasis on reflection as
teachers and designers, but I do consider that it is not time wasted. It's about the
learners and the important decisions we make as designers and instructors to ensure
successful learning opportunities."
English language plays a very important role in the National curriculum (NC). Great
demands are made of teacher at secondary schools to teach complex linguistic and
grammatical concepts as laid down in the NC. Most English teachers have received
limited linguistic training at teacher training college. Hudson and Walmsley (2005: 616)
stated that Most younger teachers know very little grammar and are suspicious of
explicit grammar teaching. Not surprisingly, therefore, new recruits entering teachertraining courses typically either know very little grammar (Williamson & Hardman 1995)
or have no confidence in their knowledge, presumably because they have picked it up in
an unsystematic way (Cajkler & Hislam 2002). This situation raises obvious problems
for the implementation of the official programme.
Besides that, teachers also have a very limited period of time to plan and
organize lessons, mark assessments, and so forth. Pupils at primary schools also have
difficulties with learning complex grammatical concepts. Typically invented examples are
used in the tradition of grammar teaching. These examples are often simple but
unrealistic. They find these difficult to relate to real linguistic settings and almost
impossible to apply to their own language production.
To address these problems most of people propose to create an English
language teaching and learning platform based on the existing research. The platform

would be specifically designed for teachers and students at primary schools and
delivered over the internet.
For the aims and the objectives, teaching should make use of formal and
informal English in different settings, and that grammar teaching must be driven by real
examples. The objectives of this project are to translate our rich corpus resources into
effective English language teaching tools and curriculum materials for teachers to use in
the classroom. Provide pupils with high-quality web-based learning materials in both
classroom and self directed modes and provide quality Continuous Professional
Development (CPD) resources to enable teachers to make the most of the resource.

Modules can easily be revised since the source material is independent from the
teaching modules. A great deal of context and contextual information is available. For
example, the setting in which a conversation is conducted, who the speakers are, etc.,
as well as audio material. Material can be selected for a particular student group or
purpose for example to teach students the features of formal English, or how to write a
letter properly.
The main beneficiaries will be teachers and students of the English language in the
local community. Teachers will benefit from the availability of pre-written, but flexible and
adaptable, courses and modules for building their own course plans. They will be able
to access corpus materials, including texts and audio recordings. Students will benefit
through the acquisition of grammatical concepts being made relevant to them through
lessons and interactive hands-on exercises.
As for further benefits, teachers can monitor students progress, and can support
their homework, exercises, projects and self-study. Teachers can decide on course
modules, and then select specific text genres to teach formal or informal, spoken or
written, etc.. They can also select materials written by different authors in different
periods and opt for different complexities of analysis. Teachers can select source
materials and determine a set of possible lessons, exercises and student projects.

For my blog, I choose to focus more on grammar year three. My target is to have
children to enjoy browsing my blog and hopefully I can change their assumptions about
English is a tough subject. I try to attract the students attention in my blog by using
attractive pictures, as children love to see beautiful and cute things. I also use videos
and other cool stuffs to attract children to try to answers the exercises and activities
provided on my blog. I also love to emphasized on motivation to students as they will
feel courage to keep on learning English if we as a teacher keep on motivate them to
keep trying even though maybe some of the did not perform well. This approaches will
slowly help to try to improve themselves instead of us need to keep on punish them to
make them realizes their mistakes.
In conclusion, the main factor that you should consider in teaching is not only rely on
the content but it also depends on how you approach your students. From my
observation, teachers tend to be sarcastic among their students rather than giving
praising them will lower their self confidence in learning. So, I think it is important for
me to change this situation as I realized children need motivation as they grown up they
will slowly build their characters and their feelings play an important role. I really hope
that my blog can give benefit to students out there who have a problem in learning
English and help them to improve their proficiency level.

2. Analysis of the strength of the various media used in the

production of the web-based learning material. (15%)
This assignment has helped me discover all the things or topics studied in the
course of this semester. In fact, I had the opportunity to apply some of the techniques of
photography, video, electronic presentation software and so on. This is important
because the process of teaching and learning can be carried out with attractive and
effective while achieving the objectives and learning outcomes. Teachers are also able
to attract the attention and interest of students' learning through the technology of
teaching aids available. In addition, the values of cooperation and help each other
produce also practiced during this assignment , I have teamed up to discuss and find
information on related topics if you encounter problems or constraints with classmates.
Even though I have a very short period of time but the result are satisfying and
convincing me.
Due to the lack of experience and skills in I.C.T, one of my problems is I find it
difficult to produce exciting video clips and quality and it hard to use the digital video
recorders and draw the appropriate technique. However, notes and guidance from
Madam Ong Chiek Pin was very much appreciated for being able to help me solve the
problem. Through job -finding of this course, I managed to improve my understanding
of this topic with the help from Miss Ong Chiek Pin and my friends . Therefore, I want to
thank you again to Miss Ong Chiek Pin because providing coursework question in such
a way that it seemed to help enhance my skills and understanding of the topics studied.
Doing this assignment, I was able to gain knowledge on how to produce compelling
videos and how to use a video camera. Before this, I did not know how much less the
use of cameras to produce a video. Now I was able to use the camera and little skilled
to edit video. I also learned about the steps the script for the video production. To
produce quality videos, we need to plan and prepare thoroughly. Through this
assignment, I was able to learn how to produce a script and made plans to produce a

video. If I was given the opportunity to improve the quality of the coursework in the
future, I will produce a more interesting video clips. I will equip myself with photography
techniques, shooting, computer software, etc. so as to produce a satisfactory work. In
addition, I will also try to use graphic design and more interesting to attract the students
After successfully completing this assignment, I had to take some things as a lesson
and a guide to me to meet challenges that lie ahead of education. Through the
implementation of this assignments and practical of that the subject, I learned that a
teacher should master the high skills of computer usage. This is because, nowadays all
the works must be done by the computer, as it is important for teacher to be up-to-date
with their students environment. Therefore, as educators, we must equip ourselves with
the skills to use the computer properly. If a teacher can provide the basic skills, the
following skills would definitely be more easily implemented.
In addition, I have learned that a teacher should be smart and creative in choosing,
using and producing material for a learning activity. Creativity of the teacher in this
matter is very important in helping teachers to provide activities and topics of learning
so that it can be implemented effectively. Basic characteristics of a material you want to
use must be attractive to students. However, what is most interesting are not enough to
ensure the learning activity that we implemented is effective. On the other hand, a
material should really be able to help the effectiveness of a learning activity. Hence, the
idea of a teacher's creativity is very necessary and required in making these things.
In my blog, I have been using a variety of pictures to attract students. As we can
see, I have prepared notes infused with the same picture with the real object to be
taught. These pictures can attract students to continue to read the notes provided. I use
fewer words in my blog because I want to prevent my notes from becoming boring. So,
instead, I use a lot of pictures so that they can understand even better and quicker.
Also, in my blog, I have put a video embedded from Youtube network which plays an
important role in giving students a better understanding and is used as a backup plan if
the students do not understand the notes that I have given. This video is basically an
introduction to the topic of teaching and also as a medium to attract students in learning.

In this video, students will understand better about the title of my lesson that is
preposition because the video shows to the students the main ideas of the lesson I am
about to give. As educators, our goal is to create students who are motivated and
actively involved in the teaching and learning session. Therefore, video is the medium of
instruction that is interesting and can attract the attention of students when compared
with reading printed materials that require continuous reading activities. By using
elements of sight and sound, video is the ideal medium for students auditory or visual
students. With the increased of the use of subtitles, every child has the option to watch,
listen to, or read each presentation. Video can also stimulate and engage students
actively and maintain students' attention and learning processes in a longer period of
time. In addition, the video also provides an innovative and effective way to educators to
address and deliver the required curriculum content. Students are more interested and
actively involved, and each session more interactive learning and students can learn
and retain information from the teaching.
In conclusion, the use of media in teaching and learning can enhance students'
understanding and interest in teaching. The role of media in teaching and learning today
can fulfill a variety of responsibilities undertaken by teachers. The roles of teachers will
becoming more efficient and well organized with the help of instructional media. The
ASSURE model that is applied in the teaching encourages students to pay attention and
to interact directly with the teacher. This can more or less improve student performance
in education because students are able to understand the content of the lesson
presented by the teacher.

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Miss
Ong Chiek Pin as a lecturer for the subjects of Technology in Teaching and Learning of
my class. He has helped me and my other classmates during the process of completing
this coursework. He was never tired of explaining, coaching and mentoring us so that
we can complete the coursework better and easier. In addition, the heartfelt
appreciation also goes to my friends who also share information and talk together to
solve problems throughout the process of completing this coursework.
When the first time I receive this task the first thing that comes into my mind is how I
can complete this coursework given because at the same time there are some other
coursework that must be completed in the same period. This has somehow put
pressure and tests my endurance to perform the task. However, I still do not take the
easy excuse and pretext for not completing the task in the given period. Instead, I
responded to this challenge by implementing this task according to the instructions
given. This is because, I think that the question of the assignments is not as difficult as
the topics being discussed is not a title that is new and foreign to us. In fact, the
materials to be provided based on actual task requirements have been prepared in
advance, in practice each week.
In order to overcome my problem, I planned to discuss and collaborate with
colleagues. Discussion and collaboration is very helpful indeed I complete this task
perfectly because I had the opportunity to ask other lecturers on how to perform tasks
other than obtaining very satisfactory results. Discussion and collaboration is actually
also my start in preparing materials on a weekly basis again. Collaboration collaboration, among others, is the selection of the right materials and good, sharing of
ideas, knowledge and skills and exchange of materials with friends.

Lastly there are so many advantages and benefits that I can get after completing the
course work. I can get a deeper understanding of the application of psychological
theory, learning theory, graph theory and principles, theory of instructional media,
questioning techniques, thinking skills and others skills to produce the web-based


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