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Mosscraft Abroad

MOSSCRAFT has been demonstrated

at Toronto by Ronald Moss, who is
one of the five brothers responsible for
its design and construction. Two of the
brothers are testing Lockheed aircraft in


Landing in U.S.A.

T the close of the

States had a total
and 365 seaplane bases
the airports, 291 have
and 22 of the seaplane
lighting equipment.

year the United

of 2,412 airports
in operation. Of
paved runways,
bases have night

Bad Prophets
a recent visit to Washington,
Orville Wright said that in the early

days of flyfng he and his brother Wilbur

felt cu'tain that aircraft would prove to
he such a terrible weapon in warfare
thai human beings would refuse to endure
the terrors it would provide.
thought thisand he was wrong, too.

MARTIAL FIRE : The 70-ton Martin Mars flying boat which was nearly destroyed
by one of the starboard enginJs catching nre during tests. The airscrew blades
were thrown off and punctur/a the J11SI afOkf'the pilot's cockpit. The offending
illy dropped off into the water.

Warplanes in

tor-General of
Canada, the Domil
planes in thfi^
Dominion llefeb
RepafSicg, JVoain

aircraft are

Eagles' Nest
- T W O THIRDS of the pilots of the
-L American Eagle Squadrons in the
R.A.F. received their ab initio training in
the Civil Aeronautics Administration's
programme. This corresponds to the
Civil Air Guard which was in force in this
:ountry up to the outbreak of hostilities.
Since its inception in 1930 the C. A.A. programme has trained more than 55,000



ell,\jirecroduction in
ill have 10,000
training and
the end of 1942.
g and overhauling
planes will cost
To date 8,200

Astronautical News

Self-sealing Fuel Lines

H E Army and Navy air services of the

United States are stated to have had
already delivered over 500,000ft. of fuel
piping made of self-sealing rubber. Complementary to the self-sealing tanks, the
piping is reputed not to -leak even after
being hit by a bullet measuring half its

China Vanguards

T an engine, test meeting of the AmeriA
can Rocket Society a fuel-cooled
design was demonstrated by Mr. J. A.
The fuel charge consisted of a
gallon of alcohol and 8 lb. of liquid air
instead of the more usual liquid oxygen.
Ignition was by gunpowder fuse, and
a thrust intensity of 80/85 lb. was maintained for some 25 seconds. Jet velocity
was calculated at about 5,000 ft./sec.

WING to a desperate need for some

fast, high-altitude fighters by the
Chinese air force, the R.A.F. have agreed
to release for this purpose a number of
Vultee Vanguards on order for Britain.
The Vanguard is a low-wing monoplane
credited with a speed of over 350 m.p.h.
Its span is 36ft. and its length 28ft.
Power is supplied by a 1,200 h.p. Pratt
and Whitney radial. All-up weight is
in the region of 6,000 lb.

WHERE DID THAT ONE GO ? : These two photographs show the result of a direct hit by a
light anti-aircraft shell on the starboard wing of a Lockheed Hudson which was flying over the
West Frisian Islands. From the form of the damage it is clear that the shell explosion must
have been instantaneous at the moment of impact ; had there been any delay the edges of the
hole in the underside of the wing would have been blown outwards. This is also borne out by
the " pepper-pot " damage to the upper wing-surface. It is rpbre usual for the shell entry hole
to be small and the exit hole a large gash.