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Burbank Water and Power's Solar Support Rebate Program

At this time the Solar Support program is closed to new applications. Solar Rebates were reserved this year based on
lottery entries submitted in the month of August 2014. Please check the web site in June 2015 for changes to the program
and instructions on how to apply for a rebate when funding is renewed.
Solar Support Program Incentive Amounts
FY 14-15 Incentives

FY 15-16 Incentives

July-December 2016 Incentives









BWP has had a solar rebate program since 2001 to help Burbank's residents and businesses support photovoltaic energy.
Any BWP residential or commercial electric customer is eligible to apply for program participation. Through the program,
BWP issues a rebate, designed to offset a portion of the purchase price or the lease price of solar photovoltaic (PV)
systems. BWP does not recommend equipment or contractors, nor do we design, evaluate, sell, install or remove PV
equipment. Solar thermal systems, those that heat water, are not eligible for the program. Here are key elements of our
IMPORTANT NEW REQUIREMENT! Solar panels must be oriented between azimuth 200 degrees (compass direction
South-South-West) and azimuth 270 degrees (compass direction due West) to qualify for BWP rebates. Solar Support
rebates, available only to lottery winners, will be calculated based on the proportion of the system that meets these
requirements. For additional details on this requirement please click here.
Solar incentives are capped at 25% of the total installed costs of that percentage of the system that meets the above
azimuth and tilt requirements.
BWP's Solar Support Program requires that participants assign the system's Green Attributes or Renewable Energy
Credits (RECs) to the City of Burbank.
There is a lifetime limit of one solar system rebate per customer. This single rebate will apply to a single solar system
installation on a single building tied to a single electrical service panel.
Attaching additional panels at a later date is not eligible for an additional rebate.
In the solar lottery schools, affordable housing and non-profit organizations will be given first consideration.
By law (Senate Bill 1), solar rebates will decline over time such that by January 1, 2017 no solar rebates will be
All solar installations (regardless of receiving a rebate or not) must meet all City of Burbank, California Energy
Commission, and BWP Guidelines and Requirements (permitting, equipment, warranty, signage, etc.).
All customers applying for a BWP solar incentive are required to first conduct an energy-efficiency audit of the building
where the solar system would be installed. Residential customers can utilize BWP's free Green Home House Call
service for this purpose. Or, if you are a customer of the Southern California Gas Company, you can complete an
energy audit they may provide. A copy of the completed audit recommendations signed by the customer is required
proof of participation.
Eligible business customers with annual electric usage below 250,000 kWh can receive a free facility energy audit
through BWP's Business Bucks Program. Larger customers will be required to hire an independent third party to
perform an energy audit and provide a copy of the audit recommendations to BWP prior to payment of the rebate. New
buildings meeting the current CA State Title 24 building efficiency standards are exempt from this requirement.
Incentives for all solar systems will be calculated on a system performance basis. For solar systems up to and
including 30 kilowatts in maximum CEC AC capacity, an estimate of expected system performance is calculated and
the rebate determined by the on-line PowerClerk rebate application software . The rebate application software
PowerClerk is not for customer use and can only be accessed by a BWP registered solar installer. Installers will be
granted access only when they provide a copy of a contract with a solar lottery winner.
Rebate payment will be made once the system has met all the guidelines and requirements and has received final City
of Burbank and BWP inspection and approval.

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