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Weather Metaphors

Have a look at these weather-related metaphors. As with other metaphors,

these are well rooted in language, and have a long history of use. Beside
each word is a short sentence using the metaphor, followed by an
implication or conclusion that can be drawn from the usage. (This is, by no
means, the limit of what can be said of each metaphor).
Shower: He showered her with gifts. Giving is dropping from above.
Cloud: The event was clouded over by protests. Protests are an intrusion of light.
Fog: My memory is a little foggy. Memory is a visible object.
Rain: Into each life some rain must fall. Hardship is a precipitate (from above).
Hail: A hail of bullets. (Cold, hard and driven).
Wind: The winds of change. Change is the product of (lateral) forces.
Sunshine: You are the sunshine of my life. Happiness is light (see "cloud").
Sunset: He'd entered his sunset years. One's life is a single day.
Clear skies: It's gonna' be clear skies from now on. Clear skies are not a threat.
Lightening rod: He became a lightening rod for party criticism. Criticism is (negative) energy from
Blow: You'll be blown away! Our position is susceptible to sudden change.
Gust: Criticism began to gust in from all sides. Critics are blow-hards!
Thaw: Relations between the two countries began to thaw. Relationships can be frozen solid, making
change or growth impossible.
Thunder: The boss thundered into the room. Anger is hostile weather.
Breeze: This homework is a breeze. Challenge is an opposing force.
Dawn: The dawn of civilization. Civilization has its day.
Grey skies: Grey skies are gonna' clear up! Rain is bad (see "cloud").
Cold: A cold reception. A gathering has a climate.
Dry spell: Business suffered a long dry spell. Revenue is the welcome rain of business.
Chilly: It's been a little chilly around the office since Mr. Ironbritches became boss! An office has an
emotional climate, which may be invaded by a cold front.
Blizzard: There was a blizzard of activity at the emergency room. (Seemingly erratic movement).

Whirlwind: It was a whirlwind romance that spun out of control. Romance may be phenomenal and
Drift: He was a drifter, of origin unknown. A lack of will is a lack of destination.
Misty: Misty, water-coloured memories... Memories are neither solid nor distinct.
Season: It is the season of change. Change is natural, occurring in phases, spaced by a lack of change.
Winter: She entered a spiritual winter. Our spirit has seasons, and may cause us to hibernate.
Autumn: They had entered their autumn years. One's life is a single year (see "sunset")
Twilight: He entered his twilight years a broken man. (see "sunset")
Darken: The skies of his future began to darken. Darkness is a threat.
Weather: His face was weathered by a long, troubled life. Bad events wear the youth from our face.
Storm: She was unsure if her proposal could weather the storm of scrutiny. Scrutiny is harsh weather
to one's ideas.