Vision, Mission, Goals, Purpose, Objectives Vision Serve as the resource and representative for facility management.

Mission Advance the facility management profession by providing exceptional services, products, resources, and opportunities. Goals 1. Support a community that fosters vitality, momentum and impact for the facility management professional. (Stakeholder Perspective) 2. Anticipate and prioritize the resources required to enhance effective delivery of products and services. (Internal Perspective) 3. Inspire passion for the facility management profession that compels facility practitioners to want to join the IFMA network, engages volunteer leaders and retains/attracts toptalent to the full-time staff. (Learning & Growth Perspective) 4. Sustain IFMA’s financial integrity to achieve and fulfill our mission. (Financial Perspective) Purpose IFMA is a member-centered association that exists to guide and develop facility management professionals. In support of its members, IFMA promotes the facility management profession by providing leadership, recognition and standards of excellence. Objectives 1. Provide and engage stakeholders with opportunities that expand and leverage their collective knowledge and experiences 2. Provide career essentials for facility management professionals to advance their careers 3. Magnify the importance of the facility management professional worldwide 4. Ensure appropriate governance, systems and processes are in place 5. Understand and respond to stakeholder needs 6. Strengthen and build collaborative relationships that advance the FM profession 7. Motivate and inspire members to become committed and involved volunteer leaders 8. Create a culture and provide resources that instill innovation, passion, challenge and meaning with staff and volunteers 9. Maintain viable fiscal position through good financial management, diversification of revenues and optimized asset utilization

The Center for Community Health at UNT Health Science Center
Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives
Vision To partner with the community to enhance community capacity for prevention and conduct policy-relevant health research. Mission The mission of the Center for Community Health is to partner with the community, conduct policy-relevant health research, and enhance community capacity for prevention. Goals • • • • • • • Objectives • • • • • Promote and foster interdisciplinary broad-based partnerships Work in concert with the community to identify needs and assets Share research and evaluation findings with community stakeholders Foster health-promoting policies Create replicable models of change to improve population health Work collaboratively with the community Facilitate interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research Translate research into practice and policy Enhance community capacity for prevention Improve population health, with a special focus on vulnerable populations Eliminate health disparities Build trust in the community

Vision :
To be the preferred “Insurance Broker” of India by virtue of our strong ethics, efficient workforce and unparalleled customer experience.

Mission :

To create awareness about Insurance to the masses and distribute the benefits of Risk Management to all.

Goals :
1. Nation wide presence. 2. Simplify Insurance. 3. Make the claim settlement procedure completely hassle free.

Values :
Honest, Reliable, Ontime … Everytime

Objective :
“Our objectives are to enhance the degree of professionalism in the insurance selling interface and to provide risk management and professional consultancy guidance to the customer that helps strengthen our clients’ balance sheets thereby fostering higher levels of investor and customer confidence.”