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Certificate Program in


Where Creativity and

Outdoor Environments Merge

The certificate provided

me with professional-level
qualification for licensure.
Julia Reitan

Gain the skills to improve the environment around you.

Many of the outdoor spaces you enjoy every day are products of
the vision and talent of landscape architects. Learn the art and
science of this profession with UC Berkeley Extensions Certificate
Program in Landscape Architecture. The curriculum prepares you
for success in this growing field and for continued education and
professional advancementno prior background is required. You
may also enroll in courses for personal enjoyment.
Through a wide array of courses, you express your creativity
while learning the practical applications and tools of
landscape design. Evening and weekend coursestaught by
industry professionalsenable you to keep working while
you study. In addition to developing aesthetic sensitivity and
environmental awareness, you gain a thorough knowledge
of historical precedent, establish a definable and defensible
design methodology, and learn the skills needed to enter the
profession. You learn alongside a diverse group of students
who are committed to making positive, responsible changes to
the environment.
Upon completing the Certificate Program in Landscape
Architecture, you understand the design process necessary
to work on community parks, residential gardens, campuses,
commercial plazas, streetscapes, and historic and cultural
landmarks. With a comprehensive portfolio of work, you are
prepared to pursue a career in landscape architecture and to
respond to changes in the industry.

Caltrain 22nd St. Station (San Francisco) Laughing Squid

Station site plan and concept montages by student Kevin
Utschig in the Neighborhood Design Studio course

Julia Reitan combines more than 20 years of

work experience at the Sierra Club with her love
of gardening and graphic design to excel in the
Certificate Program in Landscape Architecture.
The curriculum focus on landscape design that is
environmentally sustainable allows Reitan to continue
working for a better environment.
When I discovered that the Extension building was
located three blocks from the Sierra Club offices
in downtown San Francisco, it seemed like fate,
Reitan says. The certificate was meant for me! It
provided professional-level qualification for licensure.
The classes were in the evenings and on weekends,
so I could do it without leaving my full-time job.
It was ideal.

Certificate Program in


19 Required Courses, 5 Semester Units of Electives

63 Semester Units, 1,113 Hours of Instruction

Required Courses: Foundation

Introduction to Landscape Architecture LD ARCH X457
Principles and Elements of Design LD ARCH X463
Spring Plants and Applications LD ARCH X444
Summer Plants and Applications LD ARCH X445
Autumn Plants and Applications LD ARCH X446
History of Landscape Architecture LD ARCH X473
AutoCAD for Landscape Architecture: Level I LD ARCH X428
Landscape Graphics I LD ARCH X458
Digital Landscape Graphics LD ARCH X465
Introductory Landscape Design Studio LD ARCH X466

Metamorphosis, a design to revitalize the Caltrain 22nd St.

Station (San Francisco) with a focus on urban ecology and
sustainability by student Leonie Meima in the Neighborhood
Design Studio course

Site plan for Dumbarton Oaks (Washington, D.C.)

by student January Ruck in the Digital Landscape
Graphics course

Required Courses: Advanced

Planting Design LD ARCH X401
Social Factors in Environmental Design LD ARCH X402
Construction Technology I LD ARCH X404
Construction Technology II LD ARCH X405
Green Roof Systems LD ARCH X470
Neighborhood Design Studio LD ARCH X468
Site Design Studio LD ARCH X464
Professional Practice in Landscape Architecture LD ARCH X427
Environmental Analysis and Design Studio LD ARCH X474
Site Planning Practicum Studio LD ARCH X467

Offered throughout the year, varied electives allow you to personalize the
curriculum to suit your needs and interests. Choose from subjects such as
cultural and historical preservation, portfolio development, landscape ecology,
photography and digital visualization. You may also complete an internship to
gain first-hand knowledge of landscape projects and office practices.
Visit to see all electives.

Atherton Mediterranean garden design concept by

student Fran Fuller in the Planting Design course

Section elevation for a Prague, Czech Republic, transit proposal created

by student David Sherman in the Digital Landscape Graphics course

State of CaliforniaApproved Curriculum

The Certificate Program in Landscape Architecture is certified in a formal
process by the State of Californias Landscape Architects Technical
Committee (LATC), which ensures its rigor, professionalism and adherence
to state requirements. The curriculum also helps you qualify to sit for the
Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards Landscape
Architect Registration Exam (LARE). Courses and instructors are reviewed
regularly by UC Berkeley Extension to ensure that they meet UC Berkeleys
high academic standards.

Learn From Industry Professionals

UC Berkeley Extension instructors are working professionals representing
some of the most innovative landscape architecture firms and wellrespected public agencies in the region. The instructors are dedicated to
not only inspiring students with their enthusiasm and creativity but also
sharing their professional experiences with their students.
I have consistently been impressed by the quality of the students.
Having professionals from a wide diversity of backgrounds makes
for very in-depth and relevant discussions in class.
Patricia Algara, Social Factors in Environmental Design instructor,
co-founder and principal of BASE Landscape Architecture

I really enjoy our plant materials field trips with the students.
They are keenly interested in this subject, and the conversation
is lively.
Quin Ellis, Spring Plants and Applications
and Autumn Plants and Applications instructor

The students are resourceful and astute and come from a wide
range of backgrounds. It is a pleasure and a privilege to spend
time in class with them.
Jennifer de Graaf, Site Design Studio instructor,
landscape architect at PGA Design

Section of a residential garden created by student

Teresa Win in the Digital Landscape Graphics course

Prerequisites for Admission

The majority of foundation courses and electives in the Certificate Program
in Landscape Architecture are open to all. However, most courses have
prerequisites. In particular, studio courses need to be taken in the proper
sequence with the required prerequisites. Please read prerequisites for each
course carefully.

Curriculum Requirements
The curriculum comprises 19 required courses and 5 semester units of
electives for a total of 63 semester units (1,113 hours of instruction).
Candidates must pay a nonrefundable certificate registration fee.
All coursework must be completed within five years of registering for the
certificate. However, requirements may be updated based on new
developments in the field of study; we recommend completing the
curriculum in a timely fashion.
You may start the Certificate Program in Landscape Architecture at any
time. Enroll in courses and register at

Completion Requirements
You must take all required courses for
a letter grade, and you must earn a C
or better in all courses; courses taken
on a noncredit basis cannot be
applied toward the certificate. A
Certificate With Distinction will be
awarded to those who complete the
certificate with a 3.85 or higher grade
point average. Most part-time
students take one to three courses
per term and complete the curriculum
in four to five years.

Freehand drawing composition of outdoor

elements by student DeAnn Cobb in the
Landscape Graphics course

Schematic plans for UC Santa

Cruz Infill Apartments by student
Berry DeWaele in the Digital
Landscape Graphics course

How to Register for This Professional Certificate

Prior to taking any Advanced course in the curriculum, you should register
for the Certificate Program in Landscape Architecture at extension.berkeley
.edu/cert/register.html. Click on the More Information button next to the
certificate title to begin the registration process. Complete your student
account profile if you are a new student, and pay the nonrefundable
certificate registration fee.
You may enroll in individual courses without registering for the Certificate
Program in Landscape Architecture.

Value of a UC Berkeley Extension

Professional Certificate
As the continuing education arm of the University of California, Berkeley,
UC Berkeley Extension is a respected provider of adult and professional
education. A UC Berkeley Extension professional certificate is approved by a
UC Berkeley academic advisory board and widely recognized as proof of the
successful completion of a high-caliber, in-depth course of study.

Learn More
For additional information about the Certificate Program in Landscape
Architecture, visit, call (510) 643-4955
or email

2015 by the Regents of the University of California

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