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Edwards Donnelly Chute

Indicator and Control System


Control Unit

Non-Contact Ultrasonic
2 Line Alpha Numeric LCD
Front Panel Pushbutton Control
Menu Driven Configuration
2 Alarms (high and low levels)
4 - 20 mA Process Signal
Zero Maintenance
Low Installation Cost
Extremely Accurate
Simple, Reliable, and Easy to Operate

The ChokeMaster is a non-contact level measurement and control system comprised
of a Control Unit and Transducer designed specifically for determining and controlling the
height of cane in a Donnelly Chute. This system provides precise measurement utilizing
proven time-of-flight non-contact ultrasonic technology.
The function of the Control Unit is to precisely measure the time period between the
transmitted echo pulse and the reflected echo pulse to determine the exact level of the cane.
A series of digital software algorithms fine-tune the returned echo to ensure the correct return
echo pulse is monitored. The Control Unit electronics are housed in a NEMA 4X (IP65)
dustproof and waterproof enclosure and include a 2 line alpha-numeric LCD, two
alarm/control relays, and a 4 - 20 mA output signal capable of controlling speed of
conveyors, steam turbines or hydraulic drive systems, etc.
The Transducer is made of impact resistant non-metallic polyvinylcloride (PVC) except for
the face; which is a layered acoustically matched impedance polyurethane material designed
to enhance the transmitted echo pulse while maximizing sensitivity to the return reflected
echo pulse. The Transducer will be delivered installed in an abrasion resistant Positioning
Tube and 'tuned' according to each installation requirements prior to shipment from the
factory. Mounting hardware is also provided. Please review the ChokeMaster Sizing
and Selection criteria on document EEC 10033. A 100 foot coaxial cable is provided to
connect the Transducer to the Control Unit along with mounting hardware to install the
Positioning Tube.

Transducer (shown without

Typical Installation

Control Unit

Positioner Tube for clarity)

3.4 ft


Control Unit:
Temperature Range
Power Requirement
Net Weight

-22 to 150F, -30 to 65C

115 Volts AC +/- 10%: 50-60 Hz
4 - 20 mA DC 750 ohms max.
2 SPDT Relays; 5A Resistive @ 115/230 Volts AC
+/- 0.25% of span
Two conduit entries. Four mounting holes for wall mounting
NEMA 4X (IP65) Dustproof and waterproof
3.7 lbs., 1.68 kgs.

Beam Angle
Temperature Range
Sensing Distance

5 @ - 3db
0 to 160F, -18 to 71C
1.6 ft. - 10 ft,
0.49 - 3.0 meters
PVC Body; Polyurethane Face
As required

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