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Your Excellency, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of

the Republic of Zambia;

Your Excellency, Madam Esther Lungu, First Lady of the

Republic of Zambia;

Your Excellency, Madam Gertrude Mutharika, First Lady

of the Republic of Malawi;

Her Honour, Ms. Inonge Wina, Vice President of the

Republic of Zambia;

Members of the Diplomatic Corps, accredited to the

Republic of Zambia;

Cabinet Ministers from both Malawi and Zambia;

Royal Highnesses present here;

All Senior Government Officials, present here;

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen.


At the outset, allow me to express my deepest joy and

appreciation for Your Excellencys invitation extended to me, to
officially open the 89th Agricultural and Commercial show, an
important event that has attracted so many exhibitors, and
visitors, from within the region, and beyond. Your Excellencys
mere thought of me to be part of this important occasion signifies
the excellent relations that exist between our two countries,
Malawi and Zambia.
Your Excellency, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen
Let me begin by congratulating the Agricultural and Commercial
Society of Zambia, for keeping up the spirit and enthusiasm in
the areas of agriculture and commerce, before and during
Zambias 50 years of independence, and for again hosting this
event. I have learnt that it has grown tremendously, and gained
recognition from countries across continents, through the
participation of a variety of organisations. Such events should be
encouraged, as they provide exposure and offer opportunities in
trade and investment.
For me, this event, provides a platform for the continued growth
of the bilateral relations between Malawi and Zambia. This is a
relationship we have enjoyed for over 50 years, in many areas of
cooperation, such as trade, cross-border trade, development,
investment and culture, of our two countries. I note that Malawi
and Zambia, have a common denominator as landlocked
countries. This status should not be seen as a hindrance but a
benefit that if nurtured, with the development of interconnected
infrastructure, will bear plentiful fruit for both nations, as well as
the region.
That is why we, in Malawi, partnered with Your Excellencys
government to promote the development of the Shire-Zambezi
Water Way Project, which when executed, will provide access to

our landlocked countries, to the Indian Oceans Port of Chinde,

in Mozambique. A feasibility study has just been completed.
Your Excellency, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen
The theme for this years Show Innovation Beyond the Golden
Jubilee, is a call to all participants from different sectors, to
innovatively improve on their products and services, in order to
compete effectively, in the globalised world. It is important to
come up with new technologies, particularly in the agriculture
sector that will enable farmers to increase production, while
protecting the environment at the same time.
I am pleased to state that while touring the Stands, I have noted
that the exhibitors at this years Show have worked hard to come
up with beautiful innovations. I, therefore, urge them not to limit
their ideas or ambitions, but to keep creating new innovations in
all sectors. Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen I am glad to
mention here that, trade relations between the two countries,
have been enhanced, and will continue to benefit from our
mutual understanding and objectives. I, therefore, urge our two
countries, to continue working towards removing any bottlenecks
that derail the enhancement of trade between our two countries.
The same applies to the vision of Malawi and Zambias trade
spreading across the continent and into markets far and beyond.
Business houses and the private sector should make their
positions known. They should offer suggestions that will speed
up the implementation of this Vision, and become partners with
our Governments in order to achieve our desired success.
On 10th June, 2015, twenty six (26) countries, members of the
Southern African Development Community (SADC), Common
Market for Eastern and Southern African (COMESA), and East
African Communities (EAC), signed the Tripartite Free Trade

Area Agreement, thus creating a market of over 57% of Africas

population, with a GDP of over one trillion US Dollars,
constituting around 58% of the total GDP for this continent.
Malawi and Zambia need to take a claim of this vast market.
Your Excellency In this regard, I want to assure Zambians that I
have no doubt that the recent Trans-frontier Conservation Areas
(TFCA) treaty signed with my Government to coordinate the
management and conservation of shared natural resources will be
of enormous benefit. The location along the international
boundary of the two countries will among other things promote
the conservation, economic development, cultural integration and
community development, for those that are living along the
common border.
I also want to welcome the plans to link Malawi to the TanzaniaZambia railway line (TAZARA) as it will provide for and open
up trade routes to the other parts of the world, and I look forward
to this collaboration so that our economic relations can be
diversified and be appreciated by our citizens. Your Excellency,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, My statement will not be
complete, if I do not highlight the role of our women and the
youth, in all our development endeavours. We leave behind our
women, at our peril.
Before I go any further, allow me to congratulate you, my Dear
Brother, for appointing a female Vice President of the Republic
of Zambia. At the African Union (AU), the theme for this year, is
2015 Year of Women Empowerment and Development
Towards Africas Agenda 2063. Then there is the youth, in
Malawi, and I believe in Zambia, too, we have around 60% of
the population made up of the Youth. Therefore, as we engage in
these innovations, lets consider technology that takes care of the
contribution of our Youth and technology that creates jobs for
both the women and the youth. We also need to provide a
conducive environment, to allow our women and youth, to

engage in business, so that they are also able to create

employment for their fellow youth. Distinguished Ladies and
Gentlemen, As I conclude, it is pleasing to see that many
companies exhibiting here, especially those from Zambia, are
actively planning to engage with Malawian companies, and
establish a presence in Malawi, a move which will be
reciprocated by Malawian companies.
I, therefore, would like to encourage the organisers of this event
not to relent, but to forge ahead, and give exhibitors continued
opportunity, and unwavered support, to exhibit their goods and
services, for many years to come. Your Excellency, it is pleasing
to hear that your plans for the future of this facility will ensure an
ability to promote regional growth in world class facilities.
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen To the companies that have
received awards at this years show, let me say congratulations.
Keep up with the good work of coming up with new innovations.
Note that the Show, is not the limit but a stepping board to direct
your efforts and to strive for continued growth.
With these few remarks, I wish you all the very best in your
endeavours and I now officially declare Zambias 89th
Agricultural and Commercial Show OPEN. Zikomo kwambiri!
I thank you for your attention.