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Resume Writing

Your Ticket to the Interview

Why is a Resume Valuable?

Brief, informative summary of you
Highlight your strongest assets and skills
Differentiate you from other candidates
seeking the same position
Ensure you get invited to the interview!

By the end of the workshop you will

be able to:
Create a heading, education, experience and
skills section on your resume
Craft effective bullets using action verbs and
Format resume clearly and consistently
Target resume to a job or internship by
researching industry and highlighting skills
Be more confident in drafting a resume to a
target position

Resume Facts
The 20 second glance
The Hot Zone (top 1/3rd)
A well-crafted, targeted, error free resume =
higher chance for the interview
Not a complete history, but highlights

Sample Resume: The Good, the

Bad and the Ugly

Jane Smith
Contact Information
Cell: 532-476-9022
Address: 45 Paul Pierce Way Boston, MA 02115
Brookston High School, Brookton, NJ
Graduated 2009
Really Trendy Clothes, Boston, MA
Sales Associate, September 2008-August 2009
Assisted customers in selection of clothing. Responsible for setting up specials and floor displays. Did inventory and stock.
Trained new employees.
The Green Family, Boston, MA
Babysitter, August 2006-September 2008
Supervised two elementary school aged children. Spent time playing with them, cooking meals, and helping with school work.
Computer, strong verbal and written communication skills, Spanish.
Diving, snowboarding, traveling, reading

Jane Smith
45 Paul Pierce Way Boston, MA 02215 617-123-4567
Northeastern University
Boston, MA
Candidate for Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
May 2014
GPA: 3.6
Relevant Courses: Principles of Organizational Behavior, Media Culture and Society
Activities and Honors: Deans List; Deans Scholarship; Modern Marketing Club; Intramural Soccer; SGA
Brookston High School
GPA: 3.7
Activities and Honors: Varsity Soccer Team captain; Student Council VP; Debate Club;

Brookston, MA
June 2009

Really Trendy Clothes
Sales Associate

Boston, MA
September 2008-August 2009

Promoted sales and assisted customers in selection of clothing

Coordinated and marketed store specials and floor displays
Inventoried and replenished stock as required
Trained ten new employees on store policy and sales techniques

The Green Family


Boston, MA
August 2006-September 2008

Supervised two elementary school aged children in after school activities three times a week
Planned entertaining and educational activities for the children
Assisted children with math, English and science homework weekly
Books On Tape

Boston, MA
January 2007-January 2008

Read text books, instruction manuals and fiction that were recorded for use by the blind
Computer: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access (Proficient)
Language: Spanish (Conversational)
Interests: Diving, snowboarding, traveling, reading

Sections of a Resume
Your resume needs at least four sections:

Personal Information
Education (Activities, Courses, Honors, GPA)
Experience (Professional, Volunteer, Academic, etc.)

Interest and academic projects section is

An objective is NOT needed cover letter should
state objective

Section 1: Personal Information

Name should be visible, not huge

E-mail address should be professional

Voicemail message must be employer ready

Section 2: Education

Section 3: Experience

Section 4: Academic Projects

Section 5: Skills
Computer skills, lab & field skills, language
skills, certifications, other
Soft skills such as interpersonal skills, writing
skills, leadership skills do not belong in the
skills section!

Writing Your Resume

First Step - Brainstorm past experiences
Second Step - Describe your experiences
Third Step - Write a draft (and rewrite, and
rewrite )
Final Step - Tailor your resume to the job

First Step: Brainstorm

Create a self-inventory of past experiences

Professional Experience
Volunteer Activities
Academic Projects
Leadership Activities

Remember to list:

Job or position title (if applicable)
Skills you utilized in position/experience

Next Step: Describing Your Experience

Each skill youre trying to highlight should be a
single bullet starting with a strong action
Avoid phrases like responsibilities included
or in charge of

Be Results-Oriented and Quantify

Take your bullet description from good to great!
What you achieved in position
How you achieve benefit the company?
Show the results of your work!

Whenever possible, give quantifying details

Give employer a clearer picture of what you achieved
Time saved, money saved, honors or awards
Ex. - trained 5 new employees, increased sales by 5%)

Smithson, Inc.

Boston, MA

Solicited customers over the phone. Responsible for

handling leads, completing weekly report, and training
new employees on sales procedures.

And After
Smithson, INC.
Account Representative

Boston, MA
June 2010 May 2011

Sold office supplies to a variety of New England businesses for innovative, high
energy organization.
Increased sales in assigned territory by 12.5%.
Generated sales leads and maintained over 30 accounts.
Produced weekly sales and forecasting report using Lotus 1, 2, 3 software.
Developed strong product assessment and presentation skills through weekly
presentations to sales managers.
Trained 6 new account representatives on all sales procedures.

Now its Your Turn!

Think-Pair-Share Activity
Take 5 minutes to think of one past experience and make a
resume style description for it
Keep in mind:
Location, job title, dates involved
Your skills
Using action verbs
Try to be goal/result oriented
Once youve crafted a description, switch with a partner
for feedback

Targeting Your Resume to the Job

Research jobs in the industry (what are
employers looking for?)
Identify industry buzz words (i.e. tested,
programmed, evaluated, diagnosed)
Tailor your skills to the job description (have
your most relevant skills first)
It is okay to omit items that do not match the
target you do not need to include everything
you have ever done!

Make A Personal Skills Inventory

My Skills
Manage and update
employee records
Train new employees
Communicate with
clients to assess needs
Provide high-level
customer service to

Job Requirements
Maintain accounts database
Act as liaison between
clients and account
Present client needs to
account managers in weekly
Assist managers in
increasing sales territory

Full Resume Guide Here:

Final Takeaways
Create a Professional Image
Use Industry Specific Keywords
Make Sure Your Resume is Error Free
Come to Career Development:
Walk-in hours weekdays 1:30 to 3:30
Individual appointments
Husky Career Link