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Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron

Bolling Air Force Base / Bishop Ireton High School

United States Air Force AuxiliaryCivil Air Patrol
Volume 1, Issue 4 - Winter 2011

About Us:
Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron is
a unit within the United States
Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air
Patrol. As the auxiliary component of the Air Force, we have
the opportunity to interact with
members of the United States
Air Force, Air Force Reserve,
and Air National Guard, providing our members with a sense
of pride knowing that we are a
part of a great Air Force team.
Our members proudly serve our
community, state, and nation by
performing our core CAP missions of Aerospace Education,
Cadet Programs, and Emergency Services.

Year in Review
2011 proved to be an amazingly productive
year for the members of Challenger 1 Cadet
Squadron. Training was coming at a fast pace
and the special events were plentiful.
number of cadet orientation flights were at an
all time high for our squadron, cadets took to
the air aboard CAP aircraft to experience our
aviation capabilities. This year we also set a
squadron record for the number of promotions
and awards presented to deserving senior and
cadet members.
With our Cadet Honor Guard firmly established
and recognized by top USAF and community
leaders, we launched the NATCAPWGs first

ever Squadron Bicycle Response Team, receiving

training in USAF Self-Aid and Buddy Care (SABC)
from members of the USAF Surgeon Generals Office,
and emergency bicycle operations from members of
the 11th Security Forces Squadron, our cadets took
to the streets of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling working
alongside Security Forces at the 2011 JBAB Freedom Festival.
Below, left:: Commanded by C/2d Lt Ryan Lucas, C/MSgt
Lily Ramey, C/SrA Catherine Burgin, C/Abigail Steinberger,
and C/SMSgt Caitlin Lucas present the colors at the Homecoming Varsity Football Game at Bishop Ireton High School.
Below, right: C/SMSgt Caitlin Lucas and C/TSgt Abigail
Steinberger prepare to ride with 11 SFS personnel.

Our squadron operates out of

the Readiness Center of Joint
Base Anacostia-Bolling
(formerly, Bolling Air Force
Base) in Washington, DC and at
Bishop Ireton High School in
Alexandria, Virginia.

Recent Promotions:

C/2d Lt Ryan C. Lucas

C/SMSgt Caitlin M. Lucas
C/MSgt Lily E. Ramey
C/TSgt Alexander M. Hubicki
C/A1C Brayden A. Roop
C/A1C Jared D. Kleiman

Upcoming Events:
Drill - 04 Feb 12
SAREX - 11 Feb 12

Year in Review (Continued)

2011 also brought some personal challenges
to our members. In April, cadets attended Basic Water Survival Skills Training at Marine
Corps Base Quantico, Virginia where USMC
Water Survival Instructors taught the cadets
various water skills to include how to utilize
their clothing as emergency floatation devices
and how to simulate abandoning ship from a
20 foot high tower.
Another test of their physical and metal stamina came in the form of a team building exercise where cadets tackled the Fairfax County
Police Departments Special Weapons and
Tactics (SWAT) Team confidence course. This

course consisted of a 20 foot rope climb, numerous

climbing obstacles, and tunnels. After individually
challenging the course the cadets broke into teams
of 5 where they carried a 165lbs training dummy
through the course.
The academy staff of the Fairfax County Police Department also provided self-defense training to the
cadets at their state-of-the-art training facility, teaching them how to not only avoid a conflict but how to
react should a physical confrontation arise.
In keeping with our pledge to community service,
members of the squadron participated in the Fall
Clean-Up at Bishop Ireton High School, helping to get

Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Volunteer Service

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Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron

Year in Review (Continued)

- the school spruced up for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year.
Having entered into a partnership with Bishop Ireton High School,
Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron provided a Cadet Honor Guard for such
events as presenting the colors at all home varsity football games
and for special ceremonies to include the National Honor Society
Induction Ceremony.
The Cadet Honor Guard also distinguished themselves by working
alongside members of the prestigious United States Air Force Honor
Guard in providing escort to distinguished visitors in attendance at
the United States Air Force Band, Holiday Concert Series at the
Daughters of the American Revolution, Constitution Hall. Some of the
visitors included: the Secretary of the Air Force; United States Air
Force Chief of Staff; and the Commander of the Air Force District of
Washington, just to name a few. Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron annually supports the world renowned United States Air Force Band.
Some of the other duties provided by cadets during the holiday concert series include: providing entry control to green-room areas and
within the control center. The cadets also had the opportunity to view
the concert from reserved guest boxes adjacent to the stage. It was a
joyous event for all.

sion, several teary-eyed officers and family members thanked the

cadets for their honoring of the fallen officers.
Also in keeping with our community partners, members of Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron held its 2nd Annual Winter Coat Drive
where over 40 coats, hats, and gloves were collected and presented
to kindergarten students at Bradbury Elementary School in Prince
Georges County, Maryland. Additionally members collected items
and put together holiday gift bags for the students there.
In the world of joint training, Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron hosted a
lecture for cadets from the squadrons of the National Capital Wing
of the Civil Air Patrol and the Henry E. Mooberry Division of the U.S.
Naval Sea Cadet Corps where Regimental Command Sergeant Major
Troy D. Tyler of the United States Armys Judge Advocate Generals
Corps spoke with the cadets about personal integrity and leadership, bringing components of the Army, Navy, and Air Force together.

Another milestone for our squadron came on 15 May 2011, when

during National Police Week, members of the Cadet Honor Guard had
the privilege of conducting a wreath-laying ceremony at the National
Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC. This was the
first time that a non-law enforcement organization was included in
the weeks events. The ceremony honoring law enforcement officers
who had given their lives in the line of duty was an emotional event.

Above: Regimental Command Sergeant Major Troy D. Tyler

talks with cadets about personal integrity and leadership.

With the trend of joint operations and training between the components of the Armed Forces of the United States, this is the way forward for units like Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets, Young Marines, and
Army Cadet Corps.

Left to right: C/MSgt Lily Ramey, C/TSgt Abigail Steinberger, C/2d Lt Ryan Lucas,
and C/SSgt Ryan McFadden during the wreath-laying

As the wreath was laid on the memorials medallion by C/2d Lt

Ryan Lucas, C/MSgt Lily Ramey, and C/TSgt Abigail Steinberger,
C/SMSgt Caitlin Lucas read the role of those fallen officers, while
C/SSgt Ryan McFadden and C/SrA David Souliotis kept a vigil at the
medallion. Law enforcement officers, friends, and family members of
the fallen officers paused to observe the ceremony. At the conclu-

In the world of technology, Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron adopted an

internal website currently in use by the Fairfax County Police Department Explorer Post 1742 that has enabled us to distribute operational information to our members in a timely manner. Additionally,
our squadron has established a public website, with the assistance
of Lt Col Paul Cianciolo, NATCAPWG/PA, and a public facebook
page. Both these media has allowed to get our squadron in the
publics eye thereby bolstering membership and community relations.
Going back to the basics, Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron had the
pleasure in being visited by a former USAF Training Instructor (TI)
from Basic Military Training, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. SMSgt
T.J. Hannibal, an 8 year blue rope TI assisted the cadets with ensuring that their uniforms and military drill were up to standards.

Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Volunteer Service

Volume 1, Issue 4 - Winter 2011

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Year in Review (Continued)

SMSgt Hannibal served for 4 years as a TI at BMT where she was
selected as a Master Training Instructor (MTI), earning her the coveted blue rope on her TI hat. Only the top 10% of all TIs are selected for this honor. After her assignment at BMT, SMSgt Hannibal
was then selected for assignment as the TI Superintendant at Basic
Officer Training at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
During the summer the squadron travelled to the Hampton Roads
area of Virginia where we visited the 1st Fighter Wing at Langley
AFB. Being welcomed to the installation by Brigadier General Christopher Burne, Air Combat Command Staff Judge Advocate, the cadets were ready for their week-long visit. The cadets received tours
of the USAFs state-of-the-art fire station, the armory of the 1st Security Forces Squadron, and the cockpit of the F-22 Strike Fighter.
During our visit the cadets also toured the aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise then topping off our visit with a tour of the 203rd Red Horse
Flight in Virginia Beach where they learned about the USAF rapid
deployment construction capabilities.
Most recently the squadron participated in an active-shooter drill
held by the Fairfax County Police Department at the Annandale Campus of Northern Virginia Community College. Role-playing as victims

of a large scale shooting rampage, the cadets were extracted by police and rescue personnel as the shooters were neutralized by SWAT
personnel. This exercise was the largest ever conducted in Fairfax
County. Joining the Fairfax County Police were units from the Virginia
State Police, NVCC Police, and Fairfax County Fire-Rescue.
Looking towards the future, Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron is working
towards establishing our Emergency Services capabilities, a vital mission of the Civil Air Patrol. In doing so, we have opened the door to
several cadets from the Henry E. Mooberry Division of the U.S. Naval
Sea Cadet Corps to join our squadron in receiving valuable ES Training. C/PO3 Kenneth Buzard and C/SN Lindsay Powell now hold dual
membership with the United States Air Force AuxiliaryCivil Air Patrol
and the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps, thus allowing them to
participate in ES related training, exercises, and missions. Soon
C/SR Daniel Meador will be joining us as well. This effort at joint
training and operations between the two units is the first ever venture
for both local organizations. We are optimistic that others will follow
in their footsteps and become a valued member of our team. In supporting us with this endeavor, the 11th Security Forces Group has
provided us with items of field gear that will prove useful in establishing our ES capability.

Cadet Leadership
Our cadet leadership has proven to be instrumental in the success of our squadron. Their take charge attitude and handling of the day-today operation of our squadron exemplify what leadership is all about. While our current cadet leadership has moved us to present status,
they could not have accomplished this without the assistance of our support staff nor without the hard work of all our members. While our
cadet leadership is doing an excellent job, unfortunately we will be losing several of them as they are preparing to graduate high school and
beginning the next chapter in their lives. All are bound for some of the nations top universities as did the graduating class of 2011. C/SrA
David Souliotis is attending the Virginia Military Institute, C/Amn Kevin Corcoran is attending Virginia Tech, C/Amn Michael Anderson is attending the United States Air Force Academy, and C/Amn Robert Beydler is attending the United States Naval Academy. Fortunately in the
wake of our past and projected losses we have several cadets ready to step up and fill the projected voids. Because of the dedication of our
members, Challenger will continue to an even higher level.

Unsung Heroes
Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron has many members who are dedicated to making the squadron one of the best in the National Capital Wing.
From our most senior member to our newest cadet, all have put forth a stellar effort in which they can be proud of, but even with all this hard
work, there are two members who go well above the norm and are hard at work behind the scenes, always there when we need them, and
for this we would like to recognize them:

1st Lt Toba Watts - A member since 1999, Lt Watts serves as the squadrons testing officer where he has helped our cadets move up
through the ranks. Although NHQ-CAP has instituted an online promotion testing system, Lt Watts is always happy to step up and administer promotion test to those cadets who require his assistance.

2d Lt Rudolph Hickman - A member since 2006, Lt Hickman serves as the squadrons safety officer where he provides face-to-face
safety briefings to the squadron, month after month to ensure that our squadron and its members remain mission qualified.

Our Newsletter
To Contribute news stories, cadet achievements, or photos from recent events, please send them by email to the squadrons Cadet Public
Affairs Officer, C/Amn Melanie Blower at

Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Volunteer Service