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Squadron News P. 1

Quality Cadet
Unit Award

Awards & Promotions P. 2

Calendar P. 3
Cadets P. 4
Senior Members P. 5

As of June 31st we have


6 of the 9 possible crite-

Other News P. 6

ria ( we need a minimum of 5

to earn the award).

From the Commander . . .

Dont forget, we ALL can work

towards this goal, and heres

Have you achieved the

Capt Jason Erickson

and one of the tools in their bag

quired to have a Cadet Safety

is a program called AEX. This

Officer who will act as a liaison

It is the result of preparation, hard

stands for Aerospace Education

between the cadets and the sen-

work, learning from failure.

Excellence. This will push us up

ior members and will assist Capt

to new heights and assist us in

Bean in his quest for safety com-

providing the best training possi-

pliance and success. This cadet

Have you had at least 1

Colin Powell

front seat o-ride?

to CAPR 62-1 we are now re-

There are no secrets to success.

Wright Brothers Award?

the squadrons that are excelling

ble for our cadets, seniors, and

must be an NCO or officer. Re-

Have you been to an

I have wanted for some time now

the community at large. Cadet

member, we all are responsible


to impart to the members and the

Hohenberger and I will be leading

for safety.

Have you completed at

world at large what the plans are

the way to make this happen.

least 6 DDRx activities?

for the next year or two. The

Have you renewed your

current plan is for us to continue

Our pilot corps needs to be ex-

strong as it is now. This is only

CAP membership?

to excel in what we are doing,

panded and trained. They are a

possible with the help of the

Senior MembersHave

but, I can see areas that need

vital part of our mission in West-

members we have assisting and

you taken the Training

some growth and improvement.

ern Iowa. If you know of any

supporting the squadron as a


If you see an area that you want

pilots who wish to pick up some

whole. We are where we are

help improve just let me know!

new skills and spend time with a

because we worked as a team to




Our squadron has never been as

worthy cause please let them

get there. I want to thank you all.

If you said no to any of these,

We are on track for the Quality

know about CAP. SM Jake John-

However, This is not a reason to

ask me how you can say yes!

Unit Award, and with Capt Jessa

son is currently heading up our

slow down and celebrate a job

Erickson leading the charge I

Pilot Corps.

well done. It is time to look to the

have high hopes that we will earn

horizon and prepare for what is

it for this year. Please look over

Safety is an ongoing concern.

next. Join with us and make this

to the left to see what we need to

Everything we do, we do with

next year our best ever!

make this happen.

safety in mind. Capt Todd Bean

is not only heading this up but is

Aerospace education is some-

also in charge of our medical

thing else that we need to grow

services. Due to recent changes

upon. I look around at some of

Awards &

Ranking Up
and Levels

Youve worked hard and

have succeed, now its our



From cadets to senior members,

we are all given the chance to
earn promotions and succeed.


Achievement #4 &
Promotion to C/Amn
Cadet Brasher
Cadet Soll

Cadet PT BestsJune Update

Achievement #4 &
Promotion to C/A1C
Cadet Hansen

Achievement #4 &
Promotion to C/TSgt
Cadet Bean

Achievement #5 &
Promotion to C/MSgt
Cadet Hohenberger

Achievement #9
Cadet Salvato

Encampment Ribbon
Cadet Hansen
Jason Erickson

Encampment Ribbon

Senior MembersSquadron Leadership Course

Clasp #1
Cadet Bean

Due to the large number of senior members in our

those who wish to play an active role in their squad-

Cadet Hohenberger

squadron, we have been given permission to hold a

ron (whether or not you hold a duty position).

Squadron Leadership Course in Red Oak. Weve

Encampment Ribbon

chosen to hold this class on October 20 & 21, 2012

Course fees will be nominal and only enough to cov-

Clasp #2

to coincide with the 3rd Saturday meeting .

er materials and lunch for Saturday so please take

Cadet Salvato

advantage of this great opportunity to complete the

The location has not yet been set, but we are work-

course without having to make the trek elsewhere.

ing on this as well as securing instructors for the


Please mark this weekend on calendar and plan to


The Squadron Leadership Course is a great introductory course into the senior member role within the
squadron. While it is a required component for completion of Level II, its very informative and helpful for































3 July Cadet Meeting

Emergency Services
Red Oak, IA Airport
10 July Cadet Meeting
CPFT & Testing
Red Oak, IA Airport

17 July Cadet Meeting

Aerospace Education
Red Oak, IA Airport

21 July Meeting

24 June Cadet Meeting

Leadership & Character Development
Red Oak, IA Airport

31 July Cadet Meeting

Parents Night
Red Oak, IA Airport


Special Events



4 JulyIndependence Day

7 JulySAREX @ Ankeny

14-15 JulyTraining Leaders of Cadets

(TLC) course @ Camp Ashland, NE

17-30 JulyBlue Beret

Braden Bean

Cadet Promotions

The State of the Squadron

C/2d Lt Josh Salvato

you meet about CAP and make

our squadron runs effectively, but

Cadet Commander

sure to let someone know if you

I have no doubt that we can do it!

cadet promotions is a board of

will not be at the next meeting.

I am happy to report to you all

One of the requirements for

I would like to personally thank

that the state of our Squadron is

I am proud of the level of growth I

you all for helping to make this

strong. We are currently close to

have seen, not only in the squad-

squadron great! It takes a lot of

being the strongest weve ever

ron, but in the individual mem-

time a dedication to make a

been in terms of cadet member-

bers as well. We have a strong

squadron succeed and if not for

ship. Although we may not be a

cadet corps which appears to

the contributions of all the mem-

large squadron, we are an active

only be getting stronger.

bers, it would not happen.

review (BOR).

Most of you

have already been through this

is and hopefully will agree with
me that is a great chance to
identify both strengths and
weaknesses to better help you
prepare for the increased responsibilities that will come

one with almost 90% of our members having attended a meeting

The squadron will soon be head-

in the last month. Attendance and

ed in new directions, making

recruiting are on the rise, but they

some areas completely different

can always be better! Talk to your

for most of us. It will take a com-

friends, family, and even people

bined group effort to ensure that

with a promotion.
It is the cadets responsibility to
request a BOR and we ask
that a request be made no less
than one week in advance.

Obtaining Achievement #1a How-to Guide

Cadets, are you a little unsure of

as well as the Equal Opportunity

online in e-services, and the

just how to get that first promo-

(EO) Training and Intro to CAP

Chapter 1 Drill & Ceremonies test

tion? If so, no worries, heres a

Safety 10-question quiz.

during any meeting.

Now that the basics are done you

Thats it!

Requests can be made either

in person or via email once all
other promotion requirements
have been met.

step-by-step guide.
Your first objective will be to reg-

can move on to tackling your last

ister for e-services and log in for

three requirements: complete

If you run into any troubles along

the first time. To do that, click

your cadet physical fitness testing

the way or need a helping hand

here. Once youve logged in,

(CPFT) requirements during a

dont forget to call on your men-

complete the Operational Securi-

2nd Tuesday meeting, the Chap-

tor. After all, thats what theyre

ty Awareness (OPSEC) training

ter 1 Learn to Lead test found

there for!

Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) - We Need You!

The Nebraska Wing will be hosting a Training
Leaders of Cadets (TLC) course the weekend of
July 14 & 15 at Camp Ashland, NE.

at least 3 members complete this course would

complete the TLC requirement to get us closer
to earning the Quality Cadet Unit Award.

This course is designed specifically for senior

members working with, or planning to work with
the cadet program, however, the class is not
limited to just those individuals. Ideally every
senior member in a cadet or composite squadron would take this course as its meant to help
you understand the principals and nuances to
helping our cadets achieve and succeed.

Eligibility: Open to seniors who have completed Level
One (sorry, no cadets allowed)
Dates & Times: Saturday, July 14th 0800-1700 and
Sunday, July 15th 0830-1200.
Location: Camp Ashland, Nebraska
Uniform: Corporate Uniform or Blues
Fee: None, but bring cash for lunch Saturday
Lodging: We are attempting to get lodging through
Camp Ashland, but let me know when you register if
you require lodging.

Currently the regs require at least 2 members

from each squadron complete this course.
While we do meet that requirement, we are asking that everyone make an effort to attend! In
addition to the benefits your expanded
knowledge would bring to our squadron, having

To register, please email your name, CAPID, and unit
affiliation to Major Kat Petersen at by 15 Jun 2012.

Cadet Resources
A Quick Reference for
Everything Cadet
News & Updates
Help for New Cadets
Information for Parents
Drill & Ceremonies
Upcoming Encampments
CAP Scholarships
Orientation Flights
Leadership Curriculum
Training Leaders of Cadets
Cadet Special Activities

Senior Member

Senior Members

The following is a list of

What keeps a good squadron on

its feet and prepared at all times
is a well trained and knowledgeable staff.

courses provided to all senior

members to further advance
their education and training
within CAP. Completion of
some of these classes is
mandatory to promote and
complete a level.
As dates become available for
the following courses we will
list them on our calendar as
well as below.

Professional Development
The 2012 Professional Development training dates

If youd like to attend any of the training courses you

have been announced!

will need to fill out a CAPF 17 and send it to the Iowa

Wing Professional Development Officer (Capt Cindi

Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC)

Squadron Leadership
School (SLS)

Wachholz) as well as the course director.

when: July 14 & 14, 2012

where: Camp Ashland, NE

is required for the Benjamin O.

All courses being conducted by the Iowa Wing have

billeting arranged for at Camp Dodge for a VERY

Davis Jr. Award (Level II).

Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

reasonable rate.

when: October 20 & 21, 2012

Available online, sign up here.

where: Red Oak, IA

If more than one squadron member would like to go

and carpool, please see Capt Jason Erickson about

Officer Basic Course

Corporate Leadership Course (CLC)

is required for the Benjamin O.

the use of the CAP vehicle

when: postponed to a later date

Davis Jr. Award (Level II)

where: TBA

For more information on what the courses entail and

what to expect, please chat with your squadron Pro-

Available online, sign up here.

Unit Commanders Course (UCC)

when: September 22-23, 2012

Corporate Learning
Course (CLC)

fessional Development Officer (Capt Jessa Erickson).

where: Camp Dodge, IA

is required for the Grover Loening

Aerospace Award (Level III).

Important Updates . . .

Available online, sign up here.

Forms & Regulations Updates

Unit Commanders
Course (UCC)

The following duty positions are

CAPR 1-3Disclosure of Confidential Infor-

Misc Updates

Training Leaders of
Cadets (TLC)

is a component of the Cadet

Programs Officer Specialty Track

open and needing to be filled . . .

mation by Corporate Officials

is advised for those wishing to

serve on the Command Staff.

Help Wanted!

Drug Demand Reduction funds are now available for ALL CADET UNITS!

Cadet Programs Officer

Recruiting & Retention Officer
Aerospace Education Officer
Public Affairs Officer
Leadership Officer

Important information on e-Services and WMIRS

Changes to the NCSA menu

If youre interested in any of the positions listed

Safety Management System update scheduled

above, please let Capt Jessa Erickson know.

for June 4th

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Clarinda Fly In & Airshow in pictures

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