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Squadron News P. 1

Quality Cadet
Unit Award

Awards & Promotions P. 2

Calendar P. 3
Cadets P. 4

I am extremely proud to an-

Senior Members P. 5

nounce that after all of our

Other News P. 6

hard work, we earned the

Quality Cadet Unit Award for
2011-2012! This was a group
effort so I want you all to take
a minute to pat yourselves on
the back for a job well done.
Congratulations everyone!

From the Commander . . .

Capt Jason Erickson

heard about doing what is right

As much as I would like to say in

even though others are not look-

the last phase you apply what

I am continually amazed at the

ing. Once you can control your

you know, but, there is so much

leadership that we have in our

own life you can begin to under-

more to it than that. As you pro-

squadron. From the cadet com-

stand how to offer guidance to

gress you do not leave the first

mander to the newest recruit,


two stages behind; you build up-

everyone is a leader. What your

on them and continue to mentor

role is as a leader changes as

"The function of leadership is to

and follow. However, you will be

you continue through the pro-

produce more leaders, not more

looked to for vision and direction.



You are expected to lead. The

Ralph Nader

largest part of leadership is to

Now the work begins again

"Leadership is practiced not so

We have a great start towards

much in words as in attitude and

Once you get to the point you can

right and correct. Mentoring is

the 2012-2013 year but again,

in actions.

lead yourself it is now time to

one on one and telling what

start applying what you know.

needs to be done. Leadership is

we will need EVERYONEs

Harold S. Geneen

help to succeed. Be sure to

trust your people to do what is

Now you start to learn how to

giving direction and letting others

check out the Training Matrix

In order to be an effective leader

truly lead. By working one on

show you what they know. If you

as well as back here for up-

you must learn how to lead

one with another person you will

cannot or do not feel ready then

dates on our continuing pro-

through example. In the first

begin to understand what it takes

all you need to do is step back


phase you learn how to govern

to motivate and nurture another

and continue to prepare for your

yourself. In the cadets world this

person. Much of what you will

time to lead.

development of leadership is

learn is required to go to the next

shown through several ways.


Our squadron is an example of

The ones that immediately come

how to lead. I want to thank all of

to mind are being prepared,

Never tell people how to do

the leaders I work with every

keeping a positive attitude, and

things. Tell them what to do and


maintaining outward appearance.

they will surprise you with their

Demonstrations of efficiency and


self-control demonstrate a readiness to promote. We have all

Ortus Supremus
General George Patton

Awards &

Ranking Up
and Levels

Youve worked hard and

have succeeded, now its

From cadets to senior members,

we are all given the chance to
earn promotions and succeed.

our turn to recognize your

Achievement #6 &
Promotion to C/MSgt
Cadet Baker
Cadet Bean

Cadet PT BestsSeptember Update

Achievement #11
Cadet Salvato

Promotion to 1st Lt
Jake Johnson

Yeager Award
Drue Powers

Best Uniform for

Cadet Hohenberger

Element of the Quarter

Q3 2012
Bravo Element

Senior MembersSquadron Leadership Course

Were only a few weeks out now from the Squadron

Supper on Saturday will be our usual $5 for food and

Leadership School that will be held in Red Oak and

drinks during the cadet/senior meeting at the airport

were gearing up for a very educational and fun

so please plan on that as well because we will be


having an awards and promotions ceremony too

which will recognize accomplishments since our Au-

The schedule is currently being finalized with the

gust Saturday meeting.

director and instructors, as soon as that is complete

we will be posting that information to the calendar

If you are interested in attending please click here to

and blogs. Saturday will include a working lunch .

register, then fill out a CAPF 17 and send it to

There will be a minimal fee (TBD) to cover course

materials as well as lunch on Saturday, details to
come very soon on that.






























2 October Cadet Meeting

Emergency Services
Red Oak, IA Airport

9 October Cadet Meeting

CPFT & Testing
Red Oak, IA Airport

16 October Cadet Meeting

Aerospace Education
Red Oak, IA Airport

20 October Cadet /Senior Meeting

Red Oak, IA Airport

23 October Cadet Meeting

Leadership & Character Development
Red Oak, IA Airport

30 October Cadet Meeting

Parents Night
Red Oak, IA Airport


Special Events



12-14 OctoberIowa Wing Conference @

Des Moines

20-21 OctoberSquadron Leadership

School (SLS) @ Red Oak

Jessa Erickson

Thoughts from your First Sergeant . . .

a T-6 Texan painted as a Zero!

ties of their vintage war aircraft.

The United States Air Force had

One of the pilots of the P-51 was

This year Southwest Iowa Com-

their Stealth Super car on display

Atlantics own, Mike Henningsen!

posite Squadron attended the

was an instant draw to the crowd,

Giving to the theme of Heritage

annual Fly Iowa Air show. Every

because of its sleek design! Hot

and Homecoming. For the Grand

year, Fly Iowa is hosted by a dif-

Air Balloon rides were given, but

Finale, the Alabama Boys pre-

ferent town, and this year it was

were sadly shut down due to the

sented a comedy performance

hosted by Atlantic. We were lucky

high winds!

with a Piper Cub. The Alabama

C/SMSgt Luke Hohenberger

that this years Fly Iowa was so

Boys were hilarious; they acted

close to our home Squadron. The

At eleven oclock the planes took

as if a person had stolen the

weather was perfect for an Air

to the sky. The first performance

plane and took off with it. The

show, no clouds and a sunny sky.

was the Dogfight between the P-

man flying the Piper Cub acted

51 and the Zero. The second

as if he had no clue how to fly the

The theme of Fly Iowa this year

performer was Greg Koontz and

plane. Finally, they successfully

was Heritage and Homecoming.

his red Super Decathlon. After

managed to land the Piper Cub

At the air show they had many

Greg Koontz was done with his

on top of a truck.

military vehicles on display and

performance, the three P-51s

rides were available. They also

took to the sky. The pilots of the

This years Fly Iowa was great,

had three P-51 D Mustangs, and

P-51s showed the high capabili-

and I cant wait for next year.

Cadet Promotions
One of the requirements for
cadet promotions is a board of
review (BOR).

Most of you

have already been through this

is and hopefully will agree with
me that is a great chance to
identify both strengths and
weaknesses to better help you
prepare for the increased responsibilities that will come
with a promotion.
It is the cadets responsibility to
request a BOR and we ask
that a request be made no less
than one week in advance.
Requests can be made either
in person or via email once all
other promotion requirements
have been met.

IA Wing CPO Makes its Debut

The inaugural edition of the IA

things including:

Wing CPO hit the wing blog on


September 24th thanks to our


Be sure to check it out and keep

hard working IA Cadet Programs


checking back to the wing blog

Officer, Capt Brian Mishmash.


for future releases!

Cadet Awards

The publications October 2012

Cade Competition

edition focuses on a number of


Fly Iowa 2012

SUI Tips

Read More

Cadet Resources
A Quick Reference for
Everything Cadet
News & Updates
Help for New Cadets
Information for Parents
Drill & Ceremonies
Upcoming Encampments
CAP Scholarships
Orientation Flights
Leadership Curriculum
Training Leaders of Cadets
Cadet Special Activities

Senior Member

Senior Members

The following is a list of

What keeps a good squadron on

its feet and prepared at all times
is a well trained and knowledgeable staff.

courses provided to all senior

members to further advance
their education and training
within CAP. Completion of
some of these classes is
mandatory to promote and
complete a level.
As dates become available for
the following courses we will
list them on our calendar as
well as below.

Professional Development
The 2012 Professional Development training dates

If youd like to attend any of the training courses you

have been announced!

will need to fill out a CAPF 17 and send it to the Iowa

Wing Professional Development Officer (Capt Cindi

Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC)

Squadron Leadership
School (SLS)

Wachholz) as well as the course director.

when: TBA
where: TBA

is required for the Benjamin O.

All courses being conducted by the Iowa Wing have

billeting arranged for at Camp Dodge for a VERY

Davis Jr. Award (Level II).

Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

reasonable rate.

when: October 20 & 21, 2012

Available online, sign up here.

where: Red Oak, IA

If more than one squadron member would like to go

and carpool, please see Capt Jason Erickson about

Officer Basic Course

Corporate Leadership Course (CLC)

is required for the Benjamin O.

the use of the CAP vehicle

when: TBA

Davis Jr. Award (Level II)

where: TBA,

For more information on what the courses entail and

what to expect, please chat with your squadron Pro-

Available online, sign up here.

Unit Commanders Course (UCC)

fessional Development Officer (Capt Jessa Erick-

when: TBA

Corporate Learning
Course (CLC)


where: TBA

is required for the Grover Loening

Aerospace Award (Level III).

Important Updates . . .

Available online, sign up here.


Unit Commanders
Course (UCC)
is advised for those wishing to
serve on the Command Staff.

Training Leaders of
Cadets (TLC)

Help Wanted!
The following duty positions are

NCSA Main Menu Link (CAP Utilities)





open and needing to be filled . . .


Cadet Programs Officer

Recruiting & Retention Officer
Aerospace Education Officer
Public Affairs Officer
Leadership Officer

is recommended for ALL senior

members in a cadet or composite

If youre interested in any of the positions listed


above, please let Capt Jessa Erickson know.

Links You NEED

to Know About!

By the Numbers . . .
Capt Jessa Erickson

Squadron Links

Senior Members



Level I12/13

Achievement 111/12



Achievement 26/12


Southwest Iowa Composite

1st Technician Rating4/13

Achievement 35/12

Intro to CAP Safety24/25

Squadron Website

Office Basic Course6/13

Wright Brothers5/12

Aircraft Ground Handling14/25

Level II3/13

Billy Mitchell 1/12

Basic ORM11/25


Squadron Calendar


Congratulations to those who have completed requirements to help us reach our goals of 100% for the categories above, we cant thank you enough! If you are missing anything weve listed above, or anything else
found in the Training Matrix excel spreadsheet, please help us out by getting them completed ASAP! If
youre not sure what to do, dont hesitate to let me (Capt Jessa Erickson) know and I will be happy to be of

IA-003 Squadron Member

Facebook We post photos, notes about upcoming
events (including meeting can-

Wreaths Across America 2012Call For Sponsors

The time is upon us again and we

sponsorships for wreaths to be

and make arrangements to send

are busy collecting sponsorships

placed on the gravesites at the

in your gracious donation.

for Wreaths Across America!

Iowa Veterans Cemetery (near

Van Meter).

Last year was our first time par-

How to obtain a sponsorship


ticipating in this activity and we

How can you help? If youd like

Squadron members can

found it to be extremely worth-

to sponsor a wreath and/or know

while so we have decided to par-

of someone else whod like to,

ticipate once again.

please fill out a sponsorship form

free to email me and I will be

and attach your check or cash.

happy to send you the PDF.

download it HERE.

cellations), important news,

etc. so be sure to Like us so
you can keep up.
Wordpress In addition to
our new social media venue, weve also instituted an
online blog via a Wordpress

Non-members please feel

What does this mean? From

Our members will be collecting

now until Thanksgiving we will be

sponsorships personally, or you

Please consider helping us give

out in our communities collecting

can email Capt Jessa Erickson

back to our fallen soldiers!

Wing Links
Iowa Wing Website
Wordpress Check out
this site for information on

Quad Cities & SE Iowa Airshows 2012

scheduled events, what the

other squadrons are doing,
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