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Registration Form: Form Submission Date: Before 31 August 2015

Entry Submission Date: 3 September, 10am-6pm

Lantern Exhibited Period: 4 26 September 2015
Venue: Palm Mall Concourse Area
Prizes: Gold Award RM500 Cash + Trophy and Certificate
Silver Award RM300 Cash + Trophy and Certificate
Bronze Award RM200 Cash + Trophy and Certificate

Name (as in NRIC):

Identification Number (as in NRIC):


School / Organization:

Home Address:



Email Address:

Lantern Theme: (Please specify the theme such as Dragon, rabbit, Immortal, panda, ship, etc)

(Note: Please attach a photocopy of identity card or student pass)

By entering this competition, I hereby agree to be bound by all the Terms & Conditions of this competition.

Participants Signature: ______________________________ ___

Date: ________________________________

Rules and Regulations:

A. Design Requirements
i) Size
The lantern should adhere to the given dimensions that
NOT larger than Length x Breath x Height: 5 x 5 x 5
NOT smaller than Length x Breath x Height: 4 x 4 x 4
ii) Theme
Any theme for this competition.
Please register the lantern theme via registration form.
Repeat theme is prohibited.
iii) Requisitions
Creativity and Originality.
Brightly lighted with electrical light sources.
Prepare own switch for on and off purpose.
Lantern must be stable when place at floor.
B. Materials
Materials for lantern making will not be provided.
All kinds of materials are permitted to be used.
C. Category
Competition is open to public.
D. Eligibility
Malaysian Citizens.
Malaysia Permanent Residents.
E. Results Announcements
Winners will be announced on 26 Sep 2015.
Competition lantern piece will be exhibited from 4 to 26 Sep 2015.
F. Registration Requirement
Pre-registration is required to participate in this competition.
Participants are to complete the registration form attached.
Participants are to confirm their participation by submitting the completed registration forms by 16th August 2015 to Palm
Mall Customer Service counter.
G. Submission of Entries
i) Items for Submission
Full particulars of each participant
(Name, Identification Number, Age, School/Organization, Home Address, Contact Details)
Photocopy of identity card.
Photocopy student card for those are below 18 years old.
ii) Submission Deadline
Lantern Submission Deadline: 4 September 2015, 2pm to 4pm.
ii) Submission Venue
Palm Mall, Concourse area.
H. Showcase of Entries
The event organizer reserves the right to select the entries for showcase, the manner, location and duration for the entries
to be exhibited.
Entries are deployed at the Palm Concourse during the festival period.
Participants are required to work with the event organizer on the deployment of their entries at the designated area and to
do touch ups if necessary prior to judging.
I. Judging of Entries
All decisions made during the competition are deemed final at the organizers discretion.
All Judges decisions are considered final.
Winners will be announced on the 26 Sep 2015. The management and organizer hold no responsibility for any injury, illness
or death caused by or associated with the participation of the competition.
All entries submitted will become the sole property of the Organizer and will not be returned to the participants. The
Organizer reserves the right to use the art pieces for publicity and other purposes, without payment of any fees and
without seeking the prior consent of the participants.
Each entry must be an original and unpublished work of the participant and copyrighted work will not be accepted. The
submitted entry shall not have been entered in any other competitions whether locally or internationally.
The Organizer reserves the right to change and amend any of the Rules and Regulations.