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Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.




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Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.

Reference No: Enrich/Solar/14-15/180

Date: 4th Feb, 2015

Mr. Ajinkya Padwal


: Proposal for 1.0 MW of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Project in the State of

Dear Sir,
We thank you for providing us an opportunity to submit our proposal for developing 1.0 MW
Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana.
We would like to introduce our company Enrich Energy Pvt. Ltd., headquartered at Pune,
India, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Turnkey Solar energy developer. We are amongst pioneer and
leading Solar developer in India to develop Mega Watt scale Solar PV Parks on Turnkey basis.
Our Solar Parks provides Hassle free opportunity for investment in Solar Power projects. Our
Turnkey solutions comprises of Concept to Commissioning of Solar power projects and further
operating and maintaining them throughout the life time of the projects.
We are pleased to inform you that we have commissioned largest private solar Power Park at
a single location i.e. 37 MW at site Mandrup, Tal. South Solapur, Dist. Solapur & developing
new Solar Park of 25 MW at site Karajgi, Tal. Akkalkot, Dist. Solapur in the state of Maharashtra
and 60 MW in the state of Telangana. We are also planning to develop large scale 100 MW
Solar PV Project at Osmanabad District. Further we are expanding our operations in various
states of INDIA to develop utility scale solar parks i.e. 80 MW in the state of Karnataka and 50
MW in the state of Gujarat.
At Enrich, our team consists of experts from renewable, power segment & especially from solar
sector, capable to execute large scale Solar PV project in compliance with Stringent Quality,
Best of Industry Practices and Regulatory & Statutory norms.
Enrich presents unique opportunity of investing into Solar Park in the State of Telangana with
PPA arrangement with State Utility for a 60 MW capacity during FY 2014-15.

Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.

Salient features of the Solar Park:

Solar Park capacity
PPA Tariff
PPA Tenure
PPA Signing Discom

60.00 MW
Rs. 6.49 / kWh
20 years
Southern Power Distribution Company of T.S.
Limited (TSSPDCL)
Investment Size
1.00 MW & above
Payment Cycle
30 days from date of invoice submission to TSSPDCL
Accelerated Depreciation
Tax Holiday On Power Allowed
Development 1st year 100% to Investor
Mechanism (CDM)
2nd year 90% to Investor , 10% to DISCOM
3rd year 80% to Investor , 20% to DISCOM
4th year 70% to Investor , 30% to DISCOM
5th year 60% to Investor , 40% to DISCOM
6th year 50% to Investor , 50% to DISCOM
Where after the proceeds shall be shared in equal
proportion, by the investor and DISCOM.
It is our endeavor to harness this clean source of energy by developing high performing and
superior quality Solar projects ensuring lucrative returns for our customers. We welcome you
to explore and invest in Solar Park and be a part of sustainable growth of India.
Meantime, if you require any further information / clarification on the subject matter, we shall
be happy to furnish the same.
Thanking you.

Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.

Yours faithfully,
For Enrich Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Pradeep V. Patil
Head Business Development

Executive Summary
Commercial Proposal
Site Map

Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.


Brief about Project:

The proposed project is a grid connected, ground mounted 1.0 MW Solar PV Power Project
to be developed in the State of Telangana.

Site Details: In the state of Telangana.

Project Cost:
The Total Project Cost is as follows:
Sr. No. Particulars

1.0 MW Solar PV Power Plant with PolyCrystalline Technology

Total Cost (Rs in Lakhs)

Rs.721 Lakhs

Service tax shall be extra as applicable in the above price.

Power Generation:
The average net estimated power generation for Solar PV project using Crystalline PV
module shall be 15.50 Lacs units p.a. for 1.0 MW project for 1st year of operation starting
from 61st day from commissioning.


Poly Crystalline Solar PV modules from leading manufacturers.

Solar Module mounting fix structure with MS hot dip galvanized
Solar PV Central Inverters from leading manufacturers
Compact Substation (CSS) to feed generated energy to grid at 33 KV.
Balance of plant Civil & Electrical as per design
Grid connectivity and Power Evacuation for Solar park
Remote Monitoring System at Site
CCTV Security System for the entire solar park (Common Infrastructure)
Precast Boundary compound wall for the entire Solar Park (Common Infrastructure)

Execution Time Frame: Commissioning of Project on or before 31st Aug, 2015.

Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.

1. Price


Suitable Land and Land development

Supply of Poly Crystalline Solar PV modules

Supply of Solar PV central Inverters

Supplies of Compact Substation (CSS) to feed generated energy

to grid at 33 KV
Supply of Module mounting fix structure with MS hot dip
Supply of Electrical Items & Components for balance of plant viz.
Solar PV Cables, Combiner Box, DC & AC Cables, Gantry
Structure, Equipment Structure, Cable Trench and other
Electrical works for solar project viz Internal transmission lines,
electrical earthing, Lightning protection etc.



Price for 1.0


Rs.721 Lacs

Civil works for solar power project viz. Module mounting

foundation, Compact substation and inverter section plinth and
civil works, Fencing, etc.
Erection, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of
Photovoltaic System, HT System of the Solar Power Project.
Total : Seven Crores & Twenty One Lacs Only
Service Tax shall be charged extra as applicable

Rs.721 Lacs

2. Price basis

The above price includes all other Taxes, Duties, Cess, and other Levies etc at the
prevailing rates including transportation and transit insurance. Service tax shall be extra
as applicable in the above price.

In the event of introduction of any taxes, duties, import duties, cess and levies and / or
any increase in or introduction of new taxes, duties, cess and levies, these will be
payable extra by you. The period for considering these additional incidences of taxes,
duties, cess, levies, etc. will be from the date of order till date of commissioning.

Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.

You shall provide C-Form incase of interstate dispatches.

You shall register with Indian Custom Authorities and will obtain Import Export Code
(IEC) for High Sea Sale Agreement of Solar PV Modules, Solar Inverters and any other
goods which may be required for project.

In case of Import of Solar PV Modules / Inverter (in Part or Full of above ordered
quantity), we shall enter for High Sea Sales Agreement.

You shall provide all the required support and documents in stipulated time to avail
MNRE concession of Excise duty & Custom duty on applicable items has been
considered, however if the same cannot be obtained because of the noncompliance,
non-submission of documents or any other default from your side, then the applicable
duties of Excise and custom shall be charged extra to you.

3. Payment Terms:
The terms of payment for the scope of supply as mentioned in this Proposal Letter are as

30% as an interest free advance along with the order.

70% on pro rata supply of material and completion of site works. (The payment towards
order of solar PV modules / inverter shall be made on confirmation from module,
Inverter supplier for readiness of supply before dispatch.)

Any delay in payment may result in delay in execution of supplies under the order
accordingly. Further, an interest @15% p.a. with monthly rests will be payable in case
of delayed payments from the date of milestones as stated above till the date of actual

Further, in the event the interest free advance as stated above is not received, we shall
have the right to terminate this Proposal and shall have no further obligations under
this proposal.
Payment Security

As payment security, you agree to open an LC/ Bank Guarantee of value equivalent to
70% of the Order Value. This LC/Bank Guarantee shall be in place at the time of
execution of this Purchase Order. It shall be valid for the entire period of supply and the

Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.

proportionate payment against supply shall be drawn from the LC. In case of any delay
in payment, we shall have the right to draw upon the Bank Guarantee.

In any case, if all the payments are not effected by you within a maximum period of 90
days from the date of its invoice, we will be entitled to charge a penal interest @ 24%
p.a. with monthly rests till the date of actual payment. This shall be in addition to other
remedies prescribed in this Proposal elsewhere.
Performance Bank Guarantee
You shall furnish the Performance Bank Guarantee to concerned DISCOM to the extent
of 10 lakhs per MW in the form of three separate BGs on the name of concerned
CGM/DISCOMs for 2 lakhs, 3 lakhs and 5 lakhs respectively valid for a period of 24
months from the date of signing of PPA.

4. Delivery & Completion Period:

We shall complete the supplies, installation and commissioning of the project on or

before 31st Aug, 2015.

5. Operation & Maintenance Service:

We shall provide free of cost Operation, Maintenance, Security, Spares and

Consumables for the 1st year of operation commencing from commissioning date.
Operation & Maintenance Services shall be chargeable from 2nd years onwards as
1 The charges from 2nd years for comprehensive operation & maintenance,
including spares shall be Rs.9.0 Lacs p.a. for 1.0 MW.
2 The annual increase in O&M charges shall be 5% over previous year charges.
3 The agreement period shall be for 5 years.
4 All applicable Taxes & Duties shall be extra.

6. Insurance:

We will take suitable Transit Insurance Policy for transportation of goods as defined in
the scope from our factory / vendors ex-works to your project site.
You shall take necessary Insurance Policy for Solar PV project to cover various risks
including, but not limited to Fire & Allied Perils, Earthquake, Theft, Burglary, Damages,
Third Party Risks, Terrorism, Riots, etc. as soon as the project is commissioned at your
Project site. Short settlement of insurance claim, if any, would be on your account.

Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.

7. Estimated Power Generation

The net estimated power generation from Solar PV project using Crystalline PV module
shall be 15.50 Lacs units for 1.0 MW p.a for 1st year of operation starting from 61st day
from commissioning.
The deration in generation along the project life shall be gradual and cumulative approx
20% over 25 years life of project.
The estimated generation shall be treated as indicative and shall not to be construed as
Power Generation Guarantee in any case.

8. Force Majeure:
The following clauses which substantially affect the performance of the Contract shall only
be considered as Force Majeure conditions.
Natural phenomena, including but not limited to floods, droughts, earthquakes and
Acts of any Government, domestic or foreign, including but not limited to war, Declared
or undeclared, quarantines, embargoes.
In case the completion of line delayed due to ROW issues or clearance from statutory
authorities, or any reasons which can be attributed to such issues, this shall be deemed
to be a Force Majeure Condition.
Any changes in country laws, trade restrictions, imposition of penal duties and levies
adversely affecting continuation of contractual commitments.

9. Warranty

We will provide 1st year warranty effective from the date of commissioning against all
defects in components, material and manufacturing supplied by us. We will undertake
all repairs/replacements of the goods parts as required during the warranty period at
free of cost to you.
The warranties provided by PV module supplier shall be as per actual and terms therein.
These warranty provisions will be null & void, if the goods are opened in the absence of
our engineers/ authorized persons or without our prior written consent.
This Warranty will not cover damages caused due to lightening, over voltage & normal
wear & tear.
The above warranty is subject to full payment received by us as per agreed terms.
In case there is delay in commissioning due to reasons attributable to you, including but
not limited to lack of payments as per terms of the Order or your instructions to delay
installation and/ or commissioning of project for any reason etc., the warranty terms
mentioned herein would begin from the 31st day from the date of supply.

Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.

10. Suspension of Supplies / Work

In the event of suspension of supplies/ work on your instructions or lack of instructions
during the tenure of Order arising out of this Proposal for 7 (Seven) days at a stretch or for
cumulative period of 30 (Thirty) days in the total Order Period, you will be liable to
compensate us at the rates & terms to be mutually agreed. We reserve the right to
foreclose the Order and recover the losses from you, in case the suspension is beyond 60

11. Confidentiality
You acknowledge that certain Confidential Information including the information
pertaining to the solar projects and working of our company may be disclosed to you and
therefore, you hereby agree to keep all such information strictly confidential and shall not
use the same for any purpose other than for evaluation of the Projects.
"Confidential Information'' for the purposes of this Proposal means any and all information
(whether marked as confidential or not), whether past, present or future, disclosed by us
to you directly or indirectly, orally or in writing or in any form or through any medium
including without limitation information relating to (i) existing or contemplated structure,
business proposal, operations, marketing, intellectual property or management,
employees, contractors, our consultants, (ii) trade secrets, (iii) all data, materials,
processes, operations, manuals, business plans, marketing plans, financial information, and
other information regarding the business, operations, management or affairs, (iv) other
proprietary information, and (v) information relating to our clients.

Ownership of information
You agree and acknowledge that our company is the sole and exclusive owner of all the
rights, title and interest in any and all intellectual property and/or proprietary rights, in the
information /details provided by us pursuant to this Proposal and you shall not have or
claim any right, title or interest in the same in any manner howsoever and you shall not use
the said information for any purpose other than for evaluation of the proposal.
Any public/ media statement concerning this Proposal or any information/ details provided
therein or details of Order pursuant to this Proposal shall be released with our prior consent
and approval.


Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.

12. Arbitration
If at any time any question, any dispute and/or differences whatsoever shall arise between
the parties due to any conditions and failing amicable settlement the same shall be referred
to an arbitrator under the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 or any statutory
modifications of the same prevalent at the time. The venue of such arbitration will be Pune.

13. Jurisdiction
Any dispute arising out of the Order against this Proposal shall be subject to the jurisdiction
of the court in the city of Pune.

14. Cancellation
Work Order once placed will not be cancelled except with our written consent and after
compensating the loss, if any to us.

15. Limitation of Liability

Our maximum aggregate liability arising out of or in connection with the Order with
reference to this Proposal, shall not exceed 2% of the order value in any case

16. Validity
Proposal shall be valid up to 30 days and thereafter subject to our written confirmation.


Proposal for 1.0 MW Solar PV Project in the state of Telangana, India.


Road network map of Medak district (Source: Maps of India)