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Dominion of the Adrenaline.

Mortals in modern times usually think of the Fallen as unmaterial aparitions or vage presences that
are barely capable of moving the Ouija board when this aren't vomiting green ooze or violating their
victims with a crusifix.
The Fallen who adquire the Dominion of Adrenaline won't wait for the Nephilin to come and give
them a good swip on their arse, on the contrary, this are quiet vulgar and bold when using their
powers as this, more often than not will flip a car over, walk over firepits or throw a shower of fists
with an unhuman speed. For other Nephilim or those supernatural, who posses an unnatural
perception, is easy to detect those who are using this Dominion as the user is enveloped in
a faint aura or flame of a faint silver color, which is a manifestation of the brutal
strenght hidden beneath the determination of the Fallen.

Aether Spent:
Zero points of Aether: Adds a temporary dot to Strength, Dexterity or Stamina for one turn.
One point of Aether: Adds two temporary dots to Str, Dex or Stamina for two turns.
Two points of Aether: Adds three temporary dots to Strength, Dexterity or Stamina for three turn.
Three points of Aether: Adds four temporary dots to Strength, Dexterity or Stamina for four turns.
Four points of Aether: Adds five temporary dots to Strength, Dexterity or Stamina for five turns.
Five points of Aether: Adds six temporary dots to Strength, Dexterity or Stamina for six turns.
Dice pool: This power does not require a dice roll.
Action: Reflexive.
System: Players may activate this Dominion as a Reflective action that does not require a dice roll.
This Dominion may increse the physical attributes of the character alone however this effects may
change depending on how much Aether the Fallen is willing to spent. The character can spent
between zero to five points of Faith in order to impose an effect (Aether spent + 1) points in the
different attributes.

A dot applied in Strength will simply increse the atttribute of Strength by one.
A dot applied in Dexterity provides an additional +1 to Defense and Initiative
for one turn. It also increses the character's speed by 1 for every point of Aether
A dot applied to Stamina affects and increses the character's armor by 1 for every
Aether. Starting at 1/0 for the first, 1/1 for the second, 2/1 for the third, ect.

The increse on the Character's physical prowess lasts (Aether + 1) turns and it's effects cannot be
changed during the time that the evocation takes place. At the same time, a Fallen could spent 5
points of Aether and obtain a +2 in Str, Dexterity, and +2 to Stamina (for a total of, 6 points of
improvement) that lasts six turns.
When spending 0 points of Faith, the character can benefit of only one point in Str, Defense and
Initiative or Armor. However, a Fallen cannot substain a constant effect of the Dominion of the
Adrenaline at zero points and if so, the character must make an effort of concentration to keep the
effect. The player can as well add, reduce and even end the effects of the Dominion before the time
expires, however the Faith spent is lost and cannot be recovered.
The GM must also make clear that the effects of this Dominion will only become active when the
player specifies so.

Dominion of Radiance
The Fallen has an irressisteble aura, which draws others to them. The Fallen can use this power in
diverse forms, from becoming the center of attention at a party, to making the spectators to follow
him. When this Dominion is active, the aura of the Fallen possess a twilight and otherwordly glow.
This aura is practically unperceptible, unless the Dominion is being used to enthrall someone
however if the Fallen is only using it to become more charismatic or charming, the light is present
but is so weak, that only someone actively looking for it might be able to take notice of it.
Those who adquire this Dominion often feel that whether is is their aura, essense or simple personal
magnetism is what draws mortals to them, like a moth that flutters around the fire.

Aether Spent:
Zero points of Aether: The spectator takes a step towards the Fallen, feeling slightly attracted to
him but is not forced to go any or do anything further.
One point of Aether: The spectator follows the Fallen slowly and will stop if anything distracts
him. Bonus of +1 to all social rolls that does not imply a threat.
Two points of Aether: The spectator follows the light, ignoring all auditive distractions, however
this effect will end if the victim is touched, or if it is deliberatelly distracted (waving a hand infront
of his face). Gain a bonus of +2 to all social rolls that does not imply a threat.
Three points of Aether: The spectator's attention is set on the Fallen, and the spell's powers can
only be disrupted if the victim is hit. The Fallen receives a bonus of +3 to all social rolls.
Four points of Aether: The victim follows the Fallen, forgetting all else. If stopped or retrained,
the enthralled victim will fight to freed themselves, however if the victim loses visual contact with
the Fallen, the effects of the spell weakens (the enthralled victim can then try to roll Wits +
Reminessence to free themselves from the effects of the Dominion) The Fallen obtains a bonus of
+4 to all social rolls.
Five points of Aether: The victim is enthralled, and all that exists in his world is the Light that
emmanates from the Fallen, and as a consequence, the victim will do anything to follow him, even
fight back if retained or stopped, even if this means putting themselves in danger, these mortals or
supernaturals will follow the Fallen, where ever this goes and do whatever this asks until the Fallen
cancels the effect. The Fallen obtains a +5 to all social rolls that does not implies a threat.
Dice Pool: Presence + Empathy/Expression + Remenisence vs Composure + Reminissence.
Action: Reflexive or Instant, contested roll.
System: This Dominion affects mortals and supernatural alike. The player can activate this power
as a Reflexive action with zero points of Aether, but it's more impressive effects requires an instant
action. Just a described, this Dominion allows the player to shine in a social enviroment, and
anyone who sees them glimmer under the effects of this Dominion becomes enthralled which may
lead to different effects.
First, the Fallen can use her unnatural charisma to coax and persuade anyone; this effect last a
whole scene. This adds a number of dices equal to the amount of Aether spent to any social roll that
does not represents a threat. The amount of Aether invested dictates how strong the attraction is.
Spending zero to one points of Aether means that the observer finds the Fallen intrigating and
attractive, two or three points means that the objective sees the Demon as a trust-worthy old friend
while with four or five points, the victim will see the Fallen as a lover and a confident, and will
obligue to whatever the Fallen asks, as long as it is within reason.
Second, the player can force it's victim to follow her light where ever this goes. The amount of
Aether spent will dictate for how long and how far the effects of the enthrallment will last, this can
also affect a supernatural creature.
The Fallen can warn her allies that he is about to use this power, but won't be able to suprime it's

effects as, anyone who glances upon the Fallen when this Dominion is in effect are affected.
A character that isn't aware of what is happening may roll Will + Reminisence to turn to look away,
and break with the effects of the spell. A target who breaks from the Fallen's spell cannot be affected
by the same application of this Dominion, unless this spents more Aether.
This Dominion last for a whole scene, and unless she interrupts or cancels it's effects before then, in
which case, the character can take other actions but loses two dices of his dice pool while this
power is active.
Dominion of Conjuration.
The Dominion of Conjuration allows the Fallen to invocate objects by reaching the Supernal and
formulating a wish. Someething will then materialize to aid the Fallen in his task however this may
not be the exact thing that the Fallen had rexpected. For example, the Fallen may have wished for
something to open a door but instead of getting lock pick tools is just as likely that the Supernal
gives the Fallen a mace with which he can break down the door.
The more cunning and sensible Fallen have better chances of getting what they want, but no one can
trully become a master of this Dominion.
The Fallen who uses this power to conjure weapons is likely to obtain modern weaponry however
they can also be given such things as moskets, sables, mongul bows and even stone axes. Some
objects even seems to be personal momentos with monocromes or even the name of the owner
inscribed on it. Rare is when the character can invoke the same object twice.
The conjured obects through this Dominion are more realistic than those forged through the
Dominion of the Forge, anyone can use any objects conjured by power however in some cases the
object may disappear.
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Reminessence.
Action: Instant.
System: A Fallen can use up to five points of Aether to use this Dominion. And the more he uses,
the best ch
Dominion of Electricity
This Dominion gives the Fallen control of the forces of electricity. They can command the forces of
electricity to obey their will, making it jump to where they wish, or making it appear out of thin air
in an aura, or a bolt of lightning like the god's of old.
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics/Brawl + Reminiscence
Action: Instant
System: Focusing and investing Aether, characters that use the domain of Electricity excite the
particles that make up her body. The friction generates a terrible, static load, depending on whether
the character smashes particles together or uses friction to create static electricity. The effects last
for one scene and vary according to the Aether spent.
Aether Spent
Zero points of Aether : Activating the Domain without spending Aether causes a small, electric
spark the size and lluminosity of a candle that can be used to read or to ignite flammable materials.
At this level, the Domain does not provide protection against attacks.
One point of Aether: A single point of Aether serves to surround the character with a blue-white
aura of electricity. Anyone coming into contact with this aura will suffer one level of lethal damage

per turn of contact. If character using the Evocation hits someone in hand-to-hand combat, the
damage is Bashing, but the Evocation adds a level of lethal damage to normal damage of the attack.
The light emitted by the Dominion makes Stealth rolls suffer a -1 dice penalty.
Dominion of the Celestial
It is said from Aether all things spring, it is the divine essence, and that which sparks the soul of
sentient beings, like humans. The core of the Fallen is made up of their Aether, it houses their
memory, their forms and transmits them between all the realms of the universe. It was the first of
the Elohim's task to distribute the Aether and start the process of the universe's formation. To this
day, Dominion over the celestial essence of Aether is prized among the Fallen. The Dominion of the
Celestial is about finding, manipulating and transmiting the essence of Heaven that is known as

Aether Spent
Zero points of Aether: Without spending Aether, as an instant action, the demon can Evoke the
'Lamp of Faith' and sense the Soul Rating of mortals in the same radius as their Aetheric Senses.
One point of Aether: With spending 1 point of Aether the demon can send visions and messages in
his Invocation. It also allows the Fallen to Invoke anyone they can see in line of sight as if they had
their Celestial Name, and use this power.
Two points of Aether: By spending two Aether, the demon can bolster his allies Evocation, making
them stronger or lending them the Aether to spend on their Evocation.
Three points of Aether: Spending 3 Aether allows the Fallen to find the Aether in other beings, and
ignite it with her will. The effect is bright, white flames that bursts from within the target. On
mortals, this effect burns up their soul. Or, the Fallen can safely ignite their own Aether and throw
the celestial flame as a weapon.
Four points of Aether: By spending 4 points of Aether, as a Reflexive action, the Fallen can take
control of another's Evocation to turn it against them.
Five points of Aether: For 5 points of Aether, the Fallen can Evoke the previous powers in a more
powerful form. It causes the Celestial flames to burn brighter, and hotter. It allows the Fallen to
control every Evocation cast in an instant, turning the tide of battle.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Remeniscence
Action: Instant, or Reflexive (see description)
System: This Dominion affects the supernatural energy known as Aether.
With zero Aether spent the Demon can sense in the same range as their Aetheric Senses the
resourvoir of Aether a mortal has in it's soul. The Aether inside the mortal's soul appears like a
luminous, white light that comes from within the mortal's core, a Fallen instinctually knows what
the levels of light correspond too. On a successful roll the light appears before the Demon, and the
player knows what Aether Level each mortal in range has.
Spending one Aether, the Fallen can increase the affects of his Invocations, allowing him to call to
even mortals in view, or affecting any being that he can Invoke. This afect fills the target with
nearly life-like visions that can either be used to instruct, or to torment. Each success allows the
Fallen to send one turn's worth of information. And Exceptional Success gives the Inspired or
Scared condition, depending on the nature of the vision.
When the Demon spends two Aether, the Fallen can bolster or hinder another's supernatural action
with their own strength. On a succes add or subtract 2 + successes dice to the target's in line of
sight's next Evocation or spell. Alternatively, the allie can use the two points of Aether to power a
more powerful Evocation,but doing so forgoes the extra dice on that Evocation.

Spending 3 Aether the Fallen can spark the Aether in another being, combusing it. With a muttered
word, concentration the Demon ignites the Aether inside. Roll Manipulation + Occult +
Remenisence, each sucesses does burns one point of Aether and does 1 point of Lethal damage, if
used on a mortal it does Aggravated damage as you burn up their soul in white-fire. Alternatively,
the demon can cause his Aether to gather in the palm of his hand, igniting into brilliant white flame.
This is a Reflexive action to create, a Success causes the Aether to gather into his palms, and ignite.
He throws the 'flames' with a Dexterity + Athletics Defense roll. The fire has a damage rating
equal to Remenisence.
Spending 4 Aether the demon can, as a Reflexive action, take control of an Evocation used in his
presence. He must know the Intiators Celestial or True Name to use this power. She rolls
Manipulation + Occult + Remenisence, if he gets more successes than the initiator's roll, she picks
the target and effect as if she were using it. If the target has more Aether per turn left, she can use
the initiator's Aether pool to poor Aether into the Evocation.
For 5 Aether the Fallen can Evoke the previous powers in their most powerful form. He can, as an
Instant action, take control of every Evocation in a round that he has a higher roll than, turning them
on their owners. He can form fire that causes Aggravated damage. When he combusts another
beings Aether he can burn two Aether per success, and does 1 Aggravated damager per success.
First Key = Formula + 1st Dominion
Second Key = 2nd Dominion, Interlock = Evocation
Third Key = Formula, Interlock = Embed
Fourth Key = Formula, Interlock = Evocation and Embed