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Free Elective-1: FE 01 (Geo-Engg) Spatial Information Technology



Univ. Exam




Unit - I
Scope: Satellite and computer technologies and information explosion; Spatial
information: Visualization, measurement and analysis of the earth surface
features/phenomena; Maps, aerial photographs, satellite remote sensing, GPS and GIS;
Earth Coordinate System; Maps: types of maps; map scale and geographic details;
Lettering and symbols on maps; Map projections; Topographic maps: India and adjacent
countries series of maps; contours, map interpretation for physical and cultural features
Unit - II
Aerial photographs: types of photographs; Fundamentals of photogrammetry and photo
interpretation; Scale on aerial photographs; Geometry of vertical aerial photographs;
Stereoscopy; End lap; Side lap; Vertical exaggeration; Parallax and Parallax
Measurements; Relief displacement on vertical aerial photographs; orthophotography.
Unit - III
Satellite Remote Sensing: digital images; Electromagnetic spectrum and earth surface
interactions; Orbiting satellites, sensors, imaging techniques and data products; Computer
processing of digital images: image registration, enhancement and classification
techniques; image interpretation and applications; Principles of digital photogrammetry.
Unit - IV
Global Positioning Systems (GPS); Navigation; GPS elements space segment, user
segment and control segment; Accuracy issues; determining orthometric heights.
GPS receivers: Multi-channel, sequential and multiplexing receivers;
Differential GPS; GPS applications in defense, surveying, mapping, and in everyday life
Unit V
Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Fundamental concepts of GIS; Spatial data:
types of spatial data; sources of spatial data; input techniques; data organization and
storage; manipulation and analysis of spatial data in GIS. Applications of GIS;
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