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Object Pronouns

Omitting That
When can you omit that?

When that takes the place of the subject noun/pronoun of a clause, it cannot be omitted (deleted).


The phonethat woke youis over there.

The phone woke you

The numberthat is in my bookwas incorrect.

The number is in my book

The ringtonethat sounds like a frogis funny.

The ringtone sounds like a frog


When that takes the place of the object noun/pronoun of a clause, it can be omitted (optionally deleted).


The phone(that) you dropped

is over there..
you dropped the phone

The number(that) you gave me

was incorrect.
you gave me the number

The ringtone(that) I hear

is funny.
I hear a ringtone

There are two common occasions, particularly in spoken English,

when the relative pronoun is omitted:

1. When the pronoun is the object of the relative clause. In the

following sentences the pronoun that can be left out is enclosed in
Do you know the girl (who/m) he's talking to?
Where's the pencil (which) I gave you yesterday?
I haven't read any of the books (that) I got for Christmas.
I didn't like that girl (that) you brought to the party.
Did you find the money (which) you lost?
Note: You cannot omit the relative pronoun a.) if it starts a non-defining relative clause, or,
b.) if it is the subject of a defining relative clause. For example, who is necessary in the
following sentence: What's the name of the girl who won the tennis tournament?

2. When the relative clause contains a present or past participle and

the auxiliary verb to be. In such cases both relative pronoun and
auxiliary can be left out:
Who's that man (who is) standing by the gate?
The family (that is) living in the next house comes from
She was wearing a dress (which was) covered in blue flowers.
Most of the parents (who were) invited to the conference did
not come.
Anyone (that is) caught writing on the walls will be expelled
from school.

Remember using ( - ) or ( 0 ) for omission

1. Aesop was a Greek writer

2. The fable

wrote fables.

I liked the most is the one about the monkey and the fly.

3. The Crown Hotel is a hotel

is famous for its ghosts.

4. Soho is an area in London

a lot of people went to live in the 19th


5. Cuba is an island

population has its roots in many places.

6. Neil Armstrong is the man

7. Yes, she is the woman

first stood on the moon.

I talked to about you the other day.

8. Everyone notices the man

9. She is Samantha,

wears elegant clothes.

I am always thinking about ..

10. I live in an old house near the lake

birds fly down when the spring


11. Is there anybody there

name is Smith ?

12. It's the shop

13. Is he the man

I went in i yesterday.

sister was on a TV quiz show ?

14. They met these people

15. Why don't you tell me the day

I was listening to in my office yesterday.

you want to arrive.