Preference for amusement park in Manipal

By group IX

Anooj Balachandra Prabhu Chandrakanthi Shatrudra Saurabh Priyadarshi

Statement of the problem
Manipal is the education town, majority of the population is comprised of students. Manipal has all the facilities to nurture knowledge, but lacks in entertainment and recreation facilities. Students shuttle to Mangalore every now and then not just to get away from their busy schedule, but also to fulfill their needs which the Manipal town does not provide. This will result in time consumption and increase in transportation cost. Udupi which is of nearest vicinity to Manipal caters to the basic needs of the student.

➢ To determine the benefit of building Amusement park in Manipal. ➢ To know the demand for amusement park in Manipal. ➢ Consumer preference towards the amusement park.

Research design

“Preference for amusement park in Manipal”

Sample design
Target population: residents of Manipal and Udupi The population in this area is heterogeneous, as there various groups in the universe where their taste like students, employees, localites Sample Size: 100

Sample size has been calculated as follows

When we go for a sample study, we select a sample of adequate size so that we can control the sampling error which might have been crept in while collecting a sample.

In an experiment all variables are ideally held constant and then the independent variable is manipulated and changes in the dependent variable are measured. However, it is not possible to keep sampling error, absolutely constant. This means that there may be difference in observation in the dependent variables. The point at which it is decided to reject the chance explanation and attribute responsibility for the difference to the independent variables. The point at which it is decided to reject the chance explanation and attribute responsibility for the difference to the independent variable is called the significance level. Here, we have taken a significance level of 0.13. it means that we are accepting that if the experiment is conducted, then on the 13% of the occasions the observed difference might be expected to occur but chance and we are 95% confident that the difference found is not the product of chance. Respect to the estimates concerning the population parameters. It means that acceptable error e = 0.13. Sample size: At 95% level of confidence, precision value=0.13, total population is considered to be Z=95% n=99 e=0.13

S.D= Range of population 6 Range = difference between highest and lowest score Range =5-1 =4 S.D= 4/6 = 0.67

= 99 Sampling Error: In any study involving the sampling process there would be a certain amount of inaccuracy in the data collected. This inaccuracy is termed as sampling error. Hypothesis: Experimental Research It forms the basis of psychological research. The main purpose of this is to establish a cause and effect relationship. The defining characteristics of experimental research are active manipulation of independent variables and the random assignment of participants to the conditions which represents these variables.

Type of Sampling: Convenience. Nature of the project: Descriptive Research.

Tools and technique
Source of data:
Primary data: Response about the preference and other details regarding to amusement park is collected with the help of questionnaire, It’s a field research Here we’ll be distributing the questionnaire to the populations of Manipal in order to

collect the details about each person’s view regarding the amusement park. Which will represent entire population. Secondary Data: Techniques: Magazines, website etc graphs, tables, chi square.

Research Question 1. Does family income influence the preference for setting up of Amusement Park 2. Does family income influence the services and rides preferred by public 3. What factors will attract consumers towards amusement parks rather than other entertainment areas? 4. Will the amusement park be capable of attracting consumers for their visit again? 5. Does profession of individual matter types of ride? 6. Does profession matter to the type of entry desired? 7. Does annual income matter the type of entry desired? 8. Does profession of individual matter to the amount spent in amusement park? 9. To find out the most preferred location for setting up of amusement park? 10.To find out the type of entry desired 11.

1. 2. 3. 4. Age Gender Occupation Do you like to have an amusement park set up in Manipal? Like very much Like somewhat Neutral Dislike somewhat Dislike very much Below 2 lakh 2-3lakh 3-4 lakh 4 & above 6. How do you like to spend holidays (1 most preferred and 5 being least preferred) Beach Garden(parks) Recreation Movie Restaurant 5. Family income

7. Have you ever been to amusement park before? Yes/no 8. When do you like to visit amusement park? (1 most preferred and 5 being least preferred) Weekends Government holidays Vacation

Working Days During examination

9. With whom do you like to visit the amusement park? (tick most appropriate) Friends Family 10.Type of entry desired (1 most preferred and 3 being least preferred) Pay per ride Entry fee excluding ride charges Entry fee charges including ride

11.How much would you like to spend for amusement park? <200 200-500 500-700 700-900 900> 12.Where would you prefer amusement park in Manipal? (1 most preferred and 4 being least preferred) Perampalli (blue waters) Manipal lake End point NH 17 (ashirwad theater) 13.Rate the following based on their importance

(1 most preferred and 6 being least preferred) Varieties of rides casino Shopping Food court, Cinema hall Gaming zone

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