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May 15, - June 15, 2009

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May 15, - June 15, 2009

Editor s
3G still suspended
From a long time, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
(PTA) is enchanting the launch of 3G which is frequently
Zubair Ahmed Kasuri Editor-in-Chief
delayed. PTA must have some reservations that are unknown
to the world, but its attitude has discouraged the expected Fatima Batool Editor
foreign direct investment (FDI). The unnecessary and Usman Yaqoob
irrelevant delay has finally annoyed the cellular operators. Marketing Manager (Lhr)
Mobilink, Warid, Zong and Ufone are now opposing the M. Farooq Malik
Marketing Executive (Lhr)
launch of 3G due to heavy licenses fee and the existing Rashid Hussain Mughal
financial crunch. PTA and government have already over Marketing Executive (Khi)

burdened the telecom sector with excessive charges. In its

report, PTA has observed the decline in the generation of
Zafar Khan Afridi
revenue which means that the increase in taxes coerced Senior Graphic Designer
subscribers to control their usage. M. Naeem Mughal
Graphic Designer
A majority of our population has switched to SMS (short
message service) for day to day communication. Interior Azhar Javed
General Manager
Minister of Pakistan, Mr Rehman Malik, has pointed out SMS Khawar Shahzad
as a cheap weapon of communication between terrorists. In Manager Islamabad Office
Asmat Ullah
case, Government of Pakistan took initiative of either Content Coordinator
blocking or increasing the rates of SMS, then communication Taimur Shafiq
will become almost impossible for layman. Web Developer
Muhammad Saeed
We have seen these cell phone operators cooperating with Chief Photographer
PTA in the blockage and registration of millions of SIMs Mobile: 0321 - 8404389

spread nationwide. These companies have supported the Lahore Office

delayed policies of PTA but now they are reluctant like any 46 J-Gulberg III, Lahore-Pakistan. Ph:+92-42-8350195
042-5880183 Fax: +92-42-5880184
other wise investor around the globe. There is no hope for Islamabad Office
investors as the shares of their respective companies are Phone: + 92-51-8235067
Karachi Office
already down. It seems foolish to expand investment in such Phone: + 92-21-4602620
unpredictable circumstances.
Registration No
Tariq Gulzar, Chief Finance Officer, when consulted about PCPB/105
the 3G issue, shared Warid’s views that the company was
ready to get the license if PTA was ready to reduce the fee. It (Vol. 5 Issue:7)
Price Rs: 300
will be in PTA’s benefit to meet the expectations of operators
by maintaining the license price at an affordable level. Fingers URL:
are pointed at Telenor who, despite of recession, alone is
looking forward to 3G.
What will become of PTA’s ambitions is interesting to
imagine. It is advised that PTA must give operators a margin
Zubair Ahmed Kasuri, publisher of FLARE
so they can pursue their services smoothly. Instead of trying
leading telecom magazine, printed it from
to grasp the last drop of blood from the emerging veins, PTA
Akkaz Printers, Shama Plaza, Lahore and
along with our Government must give the mobile phone
published from 46 J, Gulberg III, Lahore.
operators some relief by decreasing or at least sharing their
burden in this era cash crisis.

ATM reverse PIN

I do not agree with those people who inform recipients that in the
event of a robbery that forces the victim to withdraw money from their
ATM, the police can be secretly alerted by entering the PIN in reverse.
There are claims that this kind of technology does exist; however, none
of the banking institutions has actually implemented it. Therefore, the
chances of the victim alerting the police by entering their PIN in
reverse are apparently slim.
Joseph Zinger, the man behind the idea, has developed ATM software
called SafetyPIN back in 1994. And since then, he had been attempting
to sell the idea to US banks but without success.
'Smart TV' not so smart In 2004, legislation was passed in the state of Illinois requesting banks
to use the said technology, though it is not a requirement.
The move in implementing this reverse PIN security scheme is still
I want to announce Rs 5, 000 cash award for anyone who gets my
ongoing; however, it is not advisable to abide by such advice, since the
problem with my PTCL Smart TV solved. From the very first day of
possibility of trying out this method on banks without the system
installation, I have been unable to use my Smart TV because of a fault
installed could further endanger the lives of the victims, as it could
in my telephone line (042-6651181). After numerous requests and
cause withdrawal delay. This gives criminals enough reason for
reminders to PTCL, I contacted the regulator, the PTA.
further implication of violence.
The latter asked PTCL via email to rectify the problem but nothing
Apparently this isn't even logical to develop such a solution, what if
happened. I emailed both PTCL and PTA a few days ago but obviously
my PIN is palindrome e.g. 3443 or 4444.
this is too small of an issue for both of them.
Would I always alert the law-enforcement agencies or would never be
My last email was copied to the PTA chairman, but I believe that
able to do so even if I need to? It only takes a minute or two to make a
emails sent at this address do not land anywhere. Who will help me?
Mazhar Salam, Lahore transaction then the robber runs away. What would you say, “He ran
that way about 15 minutes ago, officer”? How useless is that?
Babar Shehzad, Karachi.

Cell phone towers

Inflation hit telecom sector
I thank you for providing people like me a chance of direct
communication through FLARE magazine. All of us know that the I would like to point out to the authorities the serious problem of cell
slow growth in economy, rising inflation and revenue enhancing phone towers which are being erected in residential areas of the city.
measures (particularly taxes) by the Government of Pakistan hit the No one seems to be bothered about this problem, including the
telecom sector growth adversely during the first half of the fiscal year authorities concerned.
2008-09. These towers are very dangerous to human beings as they are a source
The first half of fiscal year 2008-09 witnessed a slow growth in of brain tumours and cancer because the rays of these towers are very
Pakistan's economy coupled with hyper inflation, acute power dangerous. The relevant authorities are requested to stop these cell
shortages, a slowdown in the manufacturing and services sectors, a phone companies from erecting towers in residential areas.
sharp increase in interest rates and widening current account deficit. Mariam Siddiqui; Karachi.
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has pointed out this in its
quarterly report for October-December 2008. All-night phone packages
Report said the development indicators of the sector i.e., subscribers,
teledensity and revenue continued to show declining trend during Jul- Now that our mobile phone companies hooked up our younger
Dec, 2008. Total teledensity was increasing more than 7pc per quarter generation to 'all-night-free packages", can I humbly request them to
since July 2007. However, its rate of growth declined in last quarter of also provide those who are students with free sachets of coffee so that
fiscal year 2007-08 where its quarterly growth was registered only they do not sleep in class the next day?
2.2pc during Oct-Dec 2008. Owing to the above factors, it is expected These companies have provided our youngsters with an opportunity
that GDP growth for fiscal years 2008-09 will be around 2.5pc. that they are two young to deal with them. Besides, the usage makes
The inflation rate as measured by the changes in consumer price index them unable to meet their tasks in educational life. It is requested that
(CPI) stood at 24.4 per cent during the period Jul-Dec 2008 as against parents must look after what their children are doing while awaking
8.0 per cent in the comparable period last year. The food inflation is late nights as the cellular operators are left with no grain of
estimated at 31.2 per cent and non-food 19.2 per cent, against 11.6 per responsibility.
cent and 5.4 per cent in the corresponding period of last year. Dr Irfan Zafar, Islamabad
To cope up with the situation, State Bank of Pakistan adopted tight
monetary policy where policy rate was adjusted upward to control on
aggregate demand in the economy. The relief is expected on behalf of Pathetic PTCL!
government but in the current scenario any aid seems to be
impossible. Even our government is disinterested in lowering the Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) is as pathetic as
petrol prices. I have, like any other national, no solution here is my and anything. It starts useless services one after another. It recently
the problems of all of us. doubled the speed of broadband. I was unfortunately impressed by
Zeeshan Haider, Islamabad. the tales of unbelievable speed printed and broadcasted by PTCL itself
that I start to use the service. And the bad luck begins on the very first
day when despite of successive efforts the PTCL representative
himself was unable to adjust the connection.
PTCL workers need security I am already using an internet connection and I selected PTCL as a
substitute. And the PTCL person was unable to manage the two
There is no security for workers in Pakistan, any company can axe its servers and finally he activated the PTCL connection and requested
employees without any prior notice. Nothing is more impredictable me to call some networking expert to restore the two connections. I
than professional life. PTCL is again up to squeeze its employees but I was stunned!
am happy that the labourers are no more deceived. They are ready to The man went out and I was on my marks to test the high broadband.
fight for themselves. Can you believe that the speed was really very good but the
One thing which I want to suggest the members of labour union is, connection was disconnected so abruptly that I was annoyed! I shut
instead of giving warnings or delaying the deadline, to jam the PTCL my computer to try the service some other time but PTCL
exchange, take action immediately. disappointed me now and then.
PTCL is that old mad elephant that is ready to crush people coming its What is the use of high speed when there is no connection? The PTCL
way. It is time to give Etisalat a lesson so it may not threaten human disappointed me. The largest company of the country is looting
resources in future. Pakistanis. PTA must take notice of the PTCL and provide customers
Yousaf Zia, Lahore. with quality service rather than quantity or speed.
Israr ul Hassan GC University, Lahore.

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would also give me a Telenor connection for free.

The technological advancements these
scammers have started using involved asking me
my name and other details and then playing these
all back to me for confirmation. The file number

The “Regional Manger” then

asked me to write down a
special number of a person
whom I had to call. The
number was indeed his very
own number appended by
0092 at the start and 3333 at
the end.
and all other details were also counter checked
using the same recording strategy. Any naive
person can be tricked into thinking that only
companies have access to such equipment and the
call must be official (although the recording
gimmick is cheap, it seems to attract our people
who think that it is a big gizmo).
The “lucky draw” required me to buy Telenor
prepaid cards worth Rs 2,000 and a Ufone prepaid
card worth Rs 250. I obliged and told him that I’ll
call him after five minutes as I will reach the
market then. The “Regional Manager” was
cunning enough to ask me to load the Ufone card
into my connection so that I would be assured of

the legality of the system and that I was not being
scammed. He asked me specifically not to buy a Rs
1,000 prepaid card and only to use Rs 500 or Rs 250
He asked me to read out the serial number (not

getting technical
the scratched number) of the first card and read the
scratched numbers of the next three. I asked my
local stationary shop person to give me three used
cards and I told him the numbers. These numbers
were also played back to me for confirmation.
The scammer claimed that he was the regional With each card, he told me three number of the
Rs 500,00 cheque and by the end it was a complete
manager of Ufone and I had won Rs 500,000 prize in a cheque number.
lucky draw and had to call back on the number to get The “Regional Manger” then asked me to write
down a special number of a person whom I had to
all the details call. The number was indeed his very own number
appended by 0092 at the start and 3333 at the end.
cammers have started adopting technology official. He asked by name, CNIC and other details

I also talked with a “female CSR” who took
to get the best out of their fraudulent (of course, I faked them). He then continued to
further information and also asked for a “bank
activities as well. They are now making use inform me that I had won the prize courtesy a Rs
account number”.
of call recording capabilities to trick people 100 scratch card that I had loaded in the previous
By this time the conversation ended and I
into their scams as well. months (I never use a scratch card below Rs 500). I
promised that I would call “the owner”
I received a call from a Ufone number from a continued the conversation and he informed me
immediately and thank him for this great prize. I
person claiming to be the regional manager for that the call was simultaneously being recorded at
was told that the lucky draw codes and prized will
Ufone. He informed me that I had won the head offices in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.
be delivered after I talked to him and he would
Rs 500,000 prize in a lucky draw and I had to call
also tell me the details of how to pay Rs 3,500 as
back on the number to get all the details. I am wise I asked my local stationary fee to the “head offices” in the three cities.
enough to know that these are all scams, but just
for the heck of it I called back. shop person to give me I called Ufone Customer Care Centre and
registered a complaint against the number and
The ring tone I was hearing was a customised three used cards and I told then returned to my normal activities. I received
tone of the Ufone Customer Care Centre music.
The music was of course recorded from a previous him the numbers. These numerous more calls from the same number and
didn’t pick them up hoping that Ufone would ask
call and a naive person can be tricked into thinking numbers were also played PTA or any other authority to track this guy down
that he has indeed won the prize as the call is from
or at least get more information about him as his
an official channel. The call was picked up by back to me for confirmation cell phone kept on.
another person who claimed to be another regional
I finally picked up his tenth call and told him
manager. He informed me that I had won a The “Regional Manager” first asked me to note
that the story is over now and he should wait for
bumper prize of Rs 500,000, a Nokia N96 and two down a file number for further references. He told
the authorities to catch him soon (hopefully). He
months of free call time. The lucky draw was me that my name and prize will be announced on
needed the conversation politely by saying,
organised jointly by Ufone and Telenor Pakistan the TV shortly in the news tickers and a team
“chalein aap to agar naheen chahiyein paisay to
(God, he has to be kidding me; a joint lucky draw). would come tomorrow to my house to give me the
theek hai”.
He started the conversation by trying to sound prize money and record my interview. They
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Earth Day, first celebrated on April 22, 1970, aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation
for the earth’s environment volunteer employees of Mobilink with the help of students of
TCF schools carried out an elaborate environment-cleaning activity in leading metropolitans
across Pakistan
ver the past decad there has been a children, especially young students, are "future

O growing awareness of the role that

corporate enterprises can play in
promoting public good. Pressures from
a variety of stakeholders - customers, employees,
investors, activist organisations, to name a few -
agents for economic and social change” making
them the most important target audience for
socially beneficial messages.
Such activities involving employees are
excellent examples that work well for many
have led many businesses to adopt more reasons. Not only do such activities foster team
responsible practices relative to the environment, work, create synergies within the employee force
employee welfare, community economic impact, but are also excellent platforms to create tangible,
and a range of other issues.
More and more companies are seriously Mobilink Foundation
focusing on CSR such that their drives have taken
on global dimensions. One such company that has continues to support The
consistently taken the lead on this front is Citizen’s Foundation, Zindagi
Mobilink, whose dedicated force of employee
volunteers conducted a nationwide drive along
Trust and CARE Foundation
with students of The Citizen’s Foundation schools thus catering to over 2,000
to mark Earth Day.
Earth Day, first celebrated on April 22, 1970,
students through its CSR
aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for efforts in education
the earth’s environment volunteer employees of
Mobilink with the help of students of TCF schools social impact. In this
carried out an elaborate environment-cleaning case, more than 250
TCF children and
various landmark
locations across
Pakistan stood to
benefit. Each one of
us can make a
difference, but access
to a collective
platform provides
such efforts scale and
extended focus.
Mobilink Foundation has undertaken
numerous social initiatives since its establishment
in December 2007. The Foundation continues to
support The Citizen’s Foundation, Zindagi Trust
and CARE Foundation thus catering to over 2,000
students through its CSR efforts in education.
Additionally, MF also provides scholarships to
five students of LUMS who qualify through their
National Outreach Programme as well as
deserving students at Roshni Homes Trust.
activity in leading metropolitans across Pakistan. objectives. The enthusiasm and dedication of the The establishment of the Mobilink Foundation
Over 300 people, including Mobilink young students of TCF matched that of Mobilink is testimony to the commitment of Mobilink and
employees, TCF students and teachers, employees who had volunteered today to observe its employees to benefit the local community. As a
participated in this nationwide drive conducted Earth Day. The cleanliness drive was conduced at grant-giving organization, MF provides support
under the umbrella of Mobilink Foundation, a Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum in Karachi, Minar-e- for the underprivileged both financially and
dedicated entity formed by Mobilink for its CSR Pakistan in Lahore, Rawal Lake in Islamabad, through dedicated volunteer hours with a vision
efforts. D-Ground in Faisalabad, and Rani Park in to bring about sustainable improvements to the
Taking care of the earth and keeping our Hyderabad. underprivileged communities within Pakistan and
surroundings clean is our civic responsibility. The participating children were also educated facilitate free access to education for children and
Mobilink’s CSR vision is sensitive to the on the significance of Earth Day and the primary healthcare for all Pakistanis. 
environment and hence, this celebration was in importance of keeping their surroundings clean.
line with company’s community development It may be worth noting that according to UNICEF,
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he ratio of snatched mobile phones phones has been decreased a lot. Only one or two
buying at major mobile markets has been mobile sets are found sold a day which is Reality is that there are
found remain static despite claims of comparatively less than the previous year when
making effective measures by the police the ratio of such buying was 10 to 15 mobile sets
people who make the
and the associations of different mobile markets, per day. packing of any sort of
the Flare learnt. The chairman Law and Order Committee of
The shopkeepers denied having being the Association, Mushtaq Sukkurwala, while mobile at just Rs 35-40
involved in buying of snatched mobile phones talking to media said that Banaras and Lyari were
instead of found them guilty of not verifying the areas where most of the The association has 3260 registered members in
mobile phones from CPLC at the time of buying, snatched mobiles had been sold 2006, while the total members are around 4200,”
and their valid excuse was that they always find while here at the central mobile he added.
CPLC’s number busy as CPLC only have one market, there is not much of this The additional SHO Parady police station,
landline number with four lines. business had been noticed Irshad Soomro, said that they would not had
One of the shopkeepers said the shopkeepers which was a good sign. complete eradication of such business until and
are still buying the snatched mobiles because “Their newly elected unless citizens cooperate with us, however, the
people do not report to CPLC or police, however, association did not have association had been cooperating with them in
the locked mobiles are now sold outside the any meeting with the order to eliminate buying of snatched mobile
country. He further told that if the CPLC yet, however, phones. He told that the association has
shopkeepers refuse to buy we have provided us a motorbike besides police
such mobiles, they will mobile, which has been deployed there in the
have their share in market, by the help of Karachi Chamber of
Commerce and Industries.
However, according to the reports, some
14,268 mobiles have been stolen or snatched in
last four months, as in December 2008 the figure
was 2660, in January this year it exceeded up to
3284, in February it was 2938, in March the
figure was 3524, and till April 15 it was 1862.
Such stolen and snatched mobiles have
worth of almost Rs 42.8 million which shows
that the claims made by law enforcing agencies,
mobile market associations as well, are quite
feeble. If one found suspected he is trialed
under Section 411/412, the police said while
making another claim.
The telecom sector has flourished since the
2001 fall of the Taliban in

Theft mobiles reaching Afghanistan

Afghanistan. "They have
deep pockets and have
spent quite a bit of money
over the past two to three
The people who took up this business have strong links with the years," Ladak said, adding
that Roshan, which is
shopkeepers in border areas who also have mechanics trained in Afghanistan's largest tax payer,
unlocking mobiles. These mobiles have been smuggled to Malakand still had room on its balance sheet
last year to invest US$ 85 million
and Afghanistan where mobiles have better sale value than Pakistan in network infrastructure, despite

reducing the ratio, moreover what they usually plans to open an office of
do is to keep collecting such mobiles and sell CPLC here in the central
them to Iranian or Afghani people at a suitable market and then we will
time. have instant
The people who took up this business have verifications of the
strong links with the shopkeepers who also have snatched mobiles.” He
mechanics trained in unlocking mobiles. While said that a layman
the blocked mobiles have been smuggled to would be immediately
Malakand and Afghanistan where those mobiles released after taking his
have better sale value than Pakistan. national identity card’s
One illusion the customer always succumbs to copy.
is that the packing of a mobile phone guarantees Sukkurwala told an
it being genuine, while the reality is that there are interesting tale that he
people who make the packing of any sort of himself once bought a
mobile at just Rs 35-40. Thus, there is no mobile phone (Nokia
guarantee that a mobile with complete packing is E51) of worth Rs 13,000 which was blocked after the financial crisis.
genuine. eight months and that is strange. Later, when he The Taliban destroyed technology to protect
The Chairman Mobiles Committee of the asked the CPLC, they said, it was not their fault, Afghan morality, but they effectively condemned
Association, Saeed Qureshi, said that through yet it was a different case. “Their association does the country to a medieval era. Today however,
effective measures of the association, CPLC, and not have enough funds to cope many problems, Afghans are embracing modern technology, and
the police, the ratio of buying snatched mobile and they do not even have complete membership. nothing is more popular than the mobile phone. 
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Wateen determine to strengthen

the telecom infrastructure
and growth in the telecom sector, there are
certain geographic areas, as in the province of
Sindh, that remained un-served or underserved
due to commercial considerations. It is
observed that the development in the telecom
sector in the past has been concentrated in cities
and large towns and there are large areas with
zero tele-density and no hope of any privately
owned telecom operator investing there in the
foreseeable future. In such a scenario, the
initiative of Universal Service Fund (USF),
which aims at spreading the benefits of the
telecom revolution to all corners of Pakistan, is
a source of great satisfaction.
The Chief Minister expressed these remarks
while addressing the Contract Signing
Ceremony of Universal Service Fund project to
provide Optic Fibre connectivity to all those
Tehsils in Sindh where Fibre Optic cable has
not reached so far. The Ceremony was
organised to sign first such contract of USF that
has been awarded to Wateen Telecom. CEO
USF Parvez Iftikhar and GM (Corporate
Solutions) Wateen Telecom signed the contract
Wateen, with the spirit to value people more than on behalf of their respective organisations.
Recently, Wateen has selected Highdeal
products or profits, participated in the USF bidding Transactive for the pricing and rating of their
post paid IMS services.
process and was awarded the contract for Optical Wateen already uses Highdeal Transactive
for the pricing, rating and balance management
Fibre network spanning 704km in rural Sindh covering of their prepaid IMS services. They were so
all districts in the province delighted with the solution that they decided to
extend it to their post paid offering.
akistan's telecom industry continues to in the province. This project will be completed Building on their parallel deployments of

P take positive steps towards the

development of telecom infrastructure
in the country. The massive boom for
the mobile phone segment of telecom industry
has provided the momentum for expansion and
by June 2010.
2. Broadband Wireless network deployment
in districts of Sargodha. This project will be
completed by December 2009.
3. Deployment of 840km long optical fibre
fibre optic backbones and VSAT (satellite)
communications, Wateen has been deploying
for the last two years what is believed to be one
of the world’s largest WiMAX networks for
fixed broadband access. On this growing
development in other segments of telecom as network in the province of Balochistan. network, Wateen offers a complete range of
well, especially in the rural areas of Pakistan. telecom and multimedia services and a host of
The Universal Service Fund (USF) is value-added services and applications which
providing the impetus for development in By using Highdeal at the make for complex pricing, rating and billing
under-served areas and Wateen's commitment requirements.
to alleviate the digital divide between the urban
core of its prepaid and post Highdeal has adopted a collaborative
and rural population is always one step ahead paid services, Wateen is approach to deployment and development to
of its competition to meet such challenges. support Wateen through its growth and the
An Optical Fibre network spanning more gaining the necessary launch of new services. By using Highdeal at
than 10,000 kilometres across all the four the core of its prepaid and post paid services,
provinces of Pakistan supported by the largest
flexibility to rapidly introduce Wateen is gaining the necessary flexibility to
countrywide WiMAX broadband network and new prices and packages rapidly introduce new prices and packages and
the biggest satellite services client base, Wateen to create attractive promotions across its
was a natural choice to support such initiatives and to create attractive service offering.
from USF. “Wateen is committed to deliver a broad
It is akin to Wateen's vision to contribute
promotions across its range of reliable, affordable and quality
towards the development of our great country, service offering customer-centric services in a competitive fast
since Wateen's corporate culture is to value moving market. The Highdeal solution
people, more than products or profits. With this provides the pricing and rating agility and
spirit, Wateen participated in the USF bidding Meanwhile, Chief Minister Sindh, Syed ease-of-use Wateen needs in order to fulfil our
process and was awarded the contract for: Qaim Ali Shah said that the Government of commitment to offering affordable
1. Optical Fibre network spanning 704km in Pakistan is increasing the level of telecom communications services that
rural Sindh covering all districts in the penetration significantly in the rural areas of meets and exceed our customers’ demands,”
province. This is in addition to the already Pakistan, including Sindh. said Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
deployed optical fibre network of over 1,000km He said that even with market liberalisation Wateen Telecom, Tariq Malik. 
InsighT Flare Report Free download |

access to sensitive files. Confidentiality can be

achieved by limiting the fields displayed for each
employee. Moreover, all personnel engaged
should sign a confidentiality and copyrights
agreement. Owing to the sensitive nature of the
tasks being performed the offices should be well
guarded, round the clock. Documentation and
screening of each office visitor and restricted
access to the server rooms are useful practices.
Closed circuit camera recordings can also enhance
Uninterrupted power supply systems are
critical for 24/7 operations, along with backup
arrangements to ensure smooth operations during
possible technical downtime. Work stoppages due
to reasons like political reasons, weather and
natural disasters can be minimised through
alternative arrangements at distant contingency
premises where key personnel can reach at a short
notice. Since, several clients are foreign nationals
and often need to visit such companies, the office
vicinity should be chosen carefully, to provide
basic geographical protection against un-wanted
Training our managers in the clients’
languages and country cultures will help in
avoiding misunderstandings and communication
lapses between local staff and foreign clients.
Emergency drills by designated safety and
emergency managers performed at regular
intervals are good for keeping the staff alert and
ready for any unforeseen event. All IT companies
Our software export products should be produced and should train their staff to act in accordance with
delivered promptly, with a view to provide our well-devised emergency procedures during such
international clients with optimum controls over their Complete protection measures should be
religiously adopted for the hardware, software
management procedures and transactions and other equipment due to the current
uncertainty in the Geo-political situation of our
enmark has topped the rankings for the and filed accordingly. An Issues Log can be

country. In the rare case of an extreme domestic
first time in the annual Global maintained and whenever an issue arises it should volatility, good software houses are prepared for
Information Technology Report, be circulated to all concerned so that there is meeting deadlines by completing assignments at
followed by Sweden, Singapore and instant awareness and immediate addressing of their associated offices located in foreign
Finland. Countries need excellent regulatory any potential delays or problems. countries.
environments, coupled with clear government New Technical and operational issues will
vision to excel in Information Technology (IT). keep appearing occasionally due to the complex
Aggressive initiatives from the private sector are nature of this industry and its products, however, Uninterrupted power supply
also essential. if we are taking prompt corrective measures, the systems are critical for 24/7
All developing nations, including Pakistan, system can be made practically un-interruptible.
should take concrete steps to capitalise on revenue For this purpose, truly professional companies operations, along with
opportunities offered by global IT. The permanently maintain 10 per cent more staff than
demographic factors governing IT progress in a required on a team, who are trained to cover for
backup arrangements to
country are; quality of education, internet access absences as well as employee turnover. ensure smooth operations
in schools, educated workforce and adequate staff Good IT exporters take all necessary steps for
training practices. In short, developing countries employee retention as it ensures consistency in during possible technical
should invest sufficiently in IT education and quality of the software. Higher employee turnover downtime
training for gaining economic strength quickly. results in variations in the employees’ skill level
The quality of Software developed by thus quality suffers. Senior managers, who have An exemplary IT company currently operating
Pakistan’s IT sector can rapidly enhance our spent an extended period of time with the same in Pakistan and serving globally by the name of
national exports. Our software export products company, are better able to understand the “Systems Limited” is a living example of a truly
should be produced and delivered promptly, with company’s potential and challenges than the professional IT organisation. All the above “best-
a view to provide our international clients with newly hired seniors. practices” have been immaculately implemented
optimum controls over their management Professional IT exporters should create a at Systems Limited and today it enjoys the great
procedures and transactions. A few steps to secure comprehensive system for providing credible positive outcomes of such professionalism.
and maintain international IT clientele are references to potential customers; it is an essential We should be optimistic, that in the near
discussed here for the emerging IT companies exercise through which our satisfied customers future, all emerging Pakistani IT companies will
achieve global competitiveness. can recommend our qualities, efficiencies and present similar remarkable portfolios, by fully
Our software platforms should offer complete capabilities to potential clients. Exporters should utilising the talents and skills found abundantly
visibility to the customer at a task level. maintain a long-term perspective while among the educated youth of Pakistan. This
Establishment of representative offices in the establishing relationships with international industry has a great potential to
western hemisphere is also advantageous strategy customers, trust and character are the best contribute monetarily to our
which makes us accessible to the foreign clients. foundations for such relationships. economy and provide social
Our software should provide accuracy, quick Confidentiality is a pivotal factor in IT recognition to our people by improving
response and quality. Progress reporting formats business. Thus it is advisable to divide the tasks our image internationally. 
and their frequency should be agreed in advance such that no single employee can have complete
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Increased tax doesn’t meat the

The PTA made a comprehensive analysis
of increase in FED/GST rate on
cellular sector from 15 per cent to
21 per cent in the budget of
2008-09 and found that
taxation measures are unable
to achieve the desired results
he increase in federal excise duty (FED)

from 15 to 21 per cent and general sales tax to encourage the
(GST) from 15 to 16 per cent on cellular cellular mobile manufacturers to
sector has failed to achieve enhanced install this facility in Pakistan. regressing
revenue collection from mobile phone companies. According to the PTA, the log of GST with respect to time.
An analysis conducted by the Pakistan government enhanced over 40 It shows that with the given increase of
Telecommunication Authority (PTA) revealed that per cent FED/GST rate on tax rate from 15 per cent to 21 per cent the FED
15 per cent sales tax rate would generate around Rs telecom sector while this raise collections declined by 8.53 per cent which
45,496 million in 2008-2009. was only 7 per cent for the rest resulted in loss to the government revenue to the
However, enhanced sales tax rate of 16 per cent of the sectors. The motive tune of Rs 882.8 million in first quarter of the fiscal
would result in collection of Rs 44,789 million behind this raise was revenue year 2008-09. The same loss will continue in next
during 2008-2009. The sales tax projections made generation, which needs to be quarters if the tax rates remain constant which has
by the PTA showed that 15 per cent sales tax would analysed by tax authorities. been summarised.
generate more revenue as compared to 16 per cent Generally, the increase in tax During the budget 2008-09, the government
sales tax. The PTA has worked out these projections rate has negative impact on had imposed custom duty of Rs 500 per mobile
in tax collection based on growth rates calculated telecom usage and consequently, subsequently further regulatory duty at Rs 250
through regressing GST collection on time for the decline in tax revenues. was imposed by the FBR on the import of
different tax rates. Since the levy of extra GST, the mobile handsets in Pakistan in August 2008.
In case 16 per cent sales tax and 21 per cent FED FBR revenue declined consecutively It was an effort to discourage the import of
continues in the remaining months of 2008-2009, it in subsequent two quarters. During mobile handsets, which has been
would further decrease collection from telecom April-June 2008, the FBR received over considered an extra burden on foreign
sector due to higher tax rates, the PTA opined. Rs 12.4 billion in GST revenue from exchange reserves.
According to the PTA report issued, it is estimated telecom sector while it received about Policymakers have succeeded in
that the FBR would face about Rs 4.2 billion Rs 11.4 billion during (July-Sep, 2008) curtailing the import of mobile handsets
shortfall in sales tax collection from cellular mobile which is about 8 significantly during the first half of 2008-2009.
sector during per cent less than During first six months of 2008-09, cellular mobile
2008-2009 as handsets worth US$ 88.7 million have been
compared to the
During first six months of 2008-09, the previous
imported while during previous six months
previous year. cellular mobile handsets worth US$ Again in the (January-June, 2008) mobile handsets worth US$
It is further quarter ending 425.6 million were imported in Pakistan.
estimated that if
88.7 million have been imported December 2008 ,
the tax rate had while during previous six months the FBR received
been increased to Rs 11.7 billion in
16 per cent mobile handsets worth US$ 425.6 GST, which is
instead, the loss in million were imported in Pakistan about six per cent
GST collections less than the
would have been quarter ending June. The PTA made a
Rs 0.707 billion instead of Rs 4.2 billion during comprehensive analysis of increase in FED/GST
current fiscal year. The PTA data clearly indicated rate on cellular sector from 15 per cent to 21 per cent
that the imposition of Rs 500 as custom duty per in the budget of 2008-09 and found that taxation
mobile set and regulatory duty (RD) of Rs 250 has measures are unable to achieve the desired results.
encouraged smuggling of the mobile phones, Analysis was based on tax elasticity. Elasticity
causing revenue loss to the government. of GST revenues with respect to tax rates turned out
This tariff regime of mobile handsets has to be 0.21 per cent by using the actual collection of It is evident that during July-December 2008, the
encouraged the smuggling of the mobile phones, GST by the FBR. This raise resulted in decline of growth in import of mobile handsets declined by
hampering growth of cellular mobile industry in GST collections to the tune of Rs 882 million in one 79 per cent. During July-Sept, 2008, mobile
Pakistan. The regulator and the FBR need to chalk month (8.53 per cent) in subsequent quarter handsets worth US$ 70.7 million were imported
out a combined strategy to discourage this trend (quarter ending September 2008). Projections for while in subsequent quarter (October-December,
and a technical solution through mobile such collections for next three quarters have been 2008) mobile handsets worth US$ 17.95 million
identification number may be sought. Further, it is made, based on growth rates calculated through were imported, the report added. 
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he International Mobile Equipment

T Identity or IMEI is a number unique to

every GSM and WCDMA and iDEN
mobile phone as well as some satellite
phones. It is usually found printed on the phone
underneath the battery. It can be found by typing
*#06# on a handset.
The IMEI number is used by the GSM network
to identify valid devices and therefore can be
used to stop a stolen phone from accessing the
network. For example, if a mobile phone is stolen,
the owner can call his or her network provider
and instruct them to "ban" the phone using its
IMEI number. This renders the phone useless,
whether or not the phone's SIM is changed.
Unlike the Electronic Serial Number or MEID
of CDMA and other wireless networks, the IMEI
is only used to identify the device, and has no
permanent or semi-permanent relation to the
subscriber. Instead, the subscriber is identified by
transmission of an IMSI number, which is stored
on a SIM card that can (in theory) be transferred
to any handset. However, many network and
security features are enabled by knowing the
current device being used by a subscriber.
Handsets of almost all companies are
equipped with IMEI except the products of
China. The absence of IMEI poses exceptional
threat to not only handset security but also to the
national integrity. Chinese handsets are popular
across the globe because they are available in
cheap prices with copy designs. It is very tough
to differentiate between a handset from Nokia
and its pirated copy from China without
operating the two sets.
Chinese mobile handset manufacturers have
flooded Indian market with 25 million handsets
that do not have a unique IMEI. This means, the
handset is absolutely anonymous and according
to the Indian government, these anonymous Chinese mobile handset manufacturers have flooded
handsets can be used by the terrorists or can be
utilised in illegal activities. Indian market with 25 million handsets that do not have a
Therefore the handsets should be blocked i.e.
should not work on any network in India. 25
unique IMEI. This means, the handset is absolutely
million is a dazzling large number and even if anonymous and according to the Indian government,
half of these sets are actually disabled, it will be a
total chaos. It is reported that there are 15 to 18 these anonymous handsets can be used by the terrorists
million users of such handsets in India. Once
these handsets stop picking the mobile signal,
or can be utilised in illegal activities
some users will stop using a mobile till they have
exporting is too high and its better to simply expressed her views, “Pakistan is also a big
enough money to buy a new one and others will
throw them away? In any case, it is not good market of Chinese handsets that give you
instantly buy a new phone. In both cases, phones
news. unmatched features in unbelievable cost. But a
with proper IMEI will see a rise in their sales in a
Similar regulations are implemented in the regulation like the one India is implementing can
couple of months to follow.
region in the name of security improvements. For kill the market in Pakistan as well.”
There will be lots of these sets still in transit or
example in Pakistan, PTA has made it mandatory Made in China mobiles are no doubt a serious
in sales stores. All these shipments will become
for every mobile-connection to be registered and security threat but there disposal is even more
useless junk of plastic and circuitry. Businessmen
associated with a disastrous. It is no doubt a courageous step on
person’s national behalf of Indian government which will suffer
In Pakistan, PTA has made it mandatory for ID card number. sheer resistance from the users but necessary to
This ensures legal curb the emerging threats. It is need of the hour
every mobile-connection to be registered and use of cell phone that a country like Pakistan which is in danger of
associated with a person’s national ID card connections and militants must take strong initiatives to detect the
discourages subterranean links between the terrorists.
number. This ensures legal use of cell phone terrorists from Such initiative will on one hand ensure the
using them or at integrity of Pakistan and on the other discourage
connections and discourages terrorists from least improving the pirating policy of China. The highly
using them or at least improving the traceability the traceability of anticipated IMEI is not as useful as it is portrayed.
calls during an As many telecom technicians are able to unlock
of calls during an investigation investigation. the blocked cell phones.
It is not only However, something is better than nothing.
the use of mobile phones. Even efforts are being This initiative will also discourage the increasing
owning these sets have to evaluate, should they
made to ensure traceability of users over the cases of theft as law and order enforcing agencies
sell them to another country where such
internet again to reduce illegal and terrorist will be able to detect the stolen
restriction is not in place yet, or the cost of re-
activities. Jehan Ara, Chairman of PASHA mobile phones. 
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recent survey has found that

A Pakistani broadband users enjoy very

inexpensive broadband internet
compared to other parts of the world
as the country’s internet service providers (ISPs)
are providing excellent service.
Though there are many subscribers in
Pakistan, who are not happy with their ISPs or
customer support at times, which happens all
over the world, wherever the computer
networks are involved problems may occur. The
survey reveals that Cox, an ISP in the USA,
provides broadband facility of 9mbps for US$ 45,
1.5mbps for US$ 30 and 768kbps for US$ 20.
Verizon of USA costs 1mbps for US$ 18 and
3mbps for
US$ 28.
As far as the Indian ISPs are concerned, Tata
Indico in Mumbai provides 512kbps for Indian
Rupees (INR) 1850 and 1mbps for INR 3850
while BSNL gives 512kbps for INR 1350.
In Japan, 1Gbps for US$ 56.50 while in the
United Kingdom (UK), 8Mbit Unlimited is
provided for 13.50 pounds while 24Mbit
Unlimited cost 17.50 pounds. Clearly, Pakistan’s
ISPs are offering very competitive rates - with
one mega bites link for Rs 1200 or US$ 15 which
is of course a great deal.
When asked to comment over the

Pakistan the cheapest broadband provider

comparison, Sadia Khan, a broadband user in In Japan, 1Gbps for US$ 56.50, in the United Kingdom
the federal capital, said, “Yes dear, I am using
DSL 512KB/s at Rs 400/month much cheaper (UK), 8Mbit Unlimited is provided for 13.50 pounds
than any other ISPs in the rest of the world”.
“I personally believe that instead of doubling
while 24Mbit Unlimited cost 17.50 pounds. Clearly,
the speed, they could have lowered the prices of
the package. I mean instead of converting 512 to
Pakistan’s ISPs are offering very competitive rates -
1MB for Rs 1200, it would have been better to with one mega bites link for Rs 1200 or US$ 15 which
lower the price of 512 package to 600 rupees,”
she added. is of course a great deal
on much higher rates. with that bandwidth vary in all countries. In
Currently, I am using 1Mbps Usman Atta appreciated the current price Pakistan the 512Kbps does not mean you will get
for Rs1000/- but the speed cuts for high speed internet, saying that one 60kbps speed but actually you receive less than
must consider the fact that Americans and rest that one because of the poor infrastructure of
is sometime very good and of the countries have much more spending telephone lines,” said Wajeeh Alam.
sometimes is nothing. It is power than Pakistanis. “You see, the earning power of most of
“I believe we are comparing Apple to people in Pakistan is very less so to bring a DSL
not the fault of the ISP but Oranges here. In my opinion, prices need to go service with very good bandwidth but poor
down even further to see higher adoption rates speed along with additional cost is
the fault of the PTCL of the broadband facility. Secondly, it is not just discouraging,” he added.
about pricing, we know it for a fact that only “Currently I am using 1Mbps for Rs1000/-
Fatima Batool called for digging deeper and about 500 kbs PTCL fixed lines can handle DSL, but the speed is sometime very good and
you would know how 1mbps in Pakistan is not and we have almost used 50 per cent of that sometimes (not most times) is nothing. It is not
even 1mbps standard if we look at the door- to- capacity”. the fault of the ISP but the fault of the PTCL,” he
door fibre optics technology and cable tunnel’s “The price war is imminent on DSL anyway. opined.
capacity. The real issue is bringing high speed data It is seen that the satisfaction level of PTCL
“Pakistan does not have that much expensive network available to users across the nation. consumers is very low. Although the charges are
internet. Pakistan is a lot better in telecom and Wimax is a good option, but affordability is a comparatively low but the quality of connection
internet things compared to other 70 per cent major concern. We already see Wateen going matters more than any other supplement. If the
countries of the world.” into DSL services instead of further expansion of capacity as well as the quality of broadband is
Aamir Ihsan from Rawalpindi also agreed Wimax. So my hopes are linked with the 3G, off improved in Pakistan, it is only then possible
with the notion, saying that he was happy to see course after it becomes affordable for local that we being nation will become not only the
Pakistan on cheaper rates list at least in telecom consumers,” said Hamid Ali. cheapest but also the finest internet service
sector as all other commodities were being sold “The rates, cost, bandwidth and the speed provider. 
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Highly paid telecom jobs

Growth Rate Scenario: If your entry level salary is Rs 10,000 and after 5 years it
increases to Rs 90,000 your growth rate is 800 per cent
6. HR Management
akistan is famous for being poor rather Procurement & Supply

than a developing state. Pakistanis move Entry Level: 18,000 - 30
,000* 3,2 00 *
to abroad for better future that is obviously Entry Level: 15,000 - 25 5 Years: 68,800 - 10
* r cen t **
improved pay scale. Most of them spent 5 Years: 76,219 - 150,412 Growth Rate: 258 pe
t ** ry Sa tis fied
their time in utter humiliation but still they fulfil Growth Rate: 467 per cen Job Satisfaction: Ve
their work because they are (comparatively) Job Satisfaction: Satisfie Popular Institutions
MS, GC& LSE ty & UCP
heavily paid. Popular Institutions: LU Quaid-e-Azam Universi
We have seen the latest economic recessions and
we know that the economic stability is the toughest
3. Program & Project Man 7. Telecom Engineering
mark to achieve now-a-days. The government of agement
Pakistan is announcing successive increments as
Entry Level: 20,000 - 35 Entry Level: 18,000 - 38
the days go by in many key departments. On one ,000* ,000*
5 Years: 74,100 - 142,240 5 Years: 59,940 - 99,000*
hand where increase in pay scale is winning the *
Growth Rate: 293 per cen Growth Rate: 184 per cen
hearts of government employee, here Flare presents t ** t **
Job Satisfaction: Very Sa Job Satisfaction: Somewh
a survey to show the existing salary packages in tisfied at Satisfied
Popular Institutions: LU Popular Institutions: NU
corporate world. MS, IBA & NUST ST, UET, NED & FAST is the first priority of all those
youngsters who seek jobs online. It has facilitated a
huge number of people in getting appropriate jobs
8. Finance & Accounting
while staying at home. One can browse as many as
he or she is interested in fields/jobs and post CVs to ,000*
Entry Level: 10,000 - 25
get the best from all available opportunities. - 90,25 0*
5 Years: 36,100
Marketing and Brand Managers are top paid t **
Growth Rate: 261 per cen
employees, while Telecom Engineers stand 7th in Sa tisfie d
Job Satisfaction:
term of salaries in Pakistan says the survey. MS, IBA, NUST, UCP
Popular Institutions: LU
The survey was conducted with 2,000
professionals and 1,000 employers. The conclusion
disclosed interesting discoveries about workforce
packages, growth rate and job satisfaction. The 9. Software Engineering
results and analysis can serve to outline general 4. Sales & Business Deve
career trends. Entry Level: 15,000 - 30
,000* 5 Years: 43,215 - 82,600*
Each of the top positions illustrates the median Entry Level: 15,000 - 35
salary range after 5 years of experience as well as 0 -12 6,2 50 * Growth Rate: 180 per cen
5 Years: 63,75 t **
the percentage growth from 1-5 years. All salaries 28 0 pe r cen t ** Job Satisfaction: Very Sa
Growth Rate: tisfied
are denoted PKR per month.  n: So me wh at Satisfied Popular Institutions: GI
Job Satisfactio - KI, NUST, UET, FAST
MS, IBA, LSE & Quaid & NED
Popular Institutions: LU
e-Azam University
1. Marketing & Brand M
Entry Level: 20,000 - 52 5. Mechanical Eng. 10. Creative Designing
5 Years: 83,916 - 165,371 ,000*
Growth Rate: 246 per cen
* Entry Level: 25,000 - 48
,000* Entry Level: 12,000 - 18
t ** 5 Years: 69,112 - 115,218 5 Years: 49,560 - 74,34 0*
Job Satisfaction: Somewh * t**
Popular Institutions:
at Satisfied Growth Rate: 153 per cen
t ** Growth Rate: 313 per cen
IBA, NUST, LUMS, Sa tisfie d
Job Satisfaction: Somewh Job Satisfaction:
Quaid-e-Azam Universi at Satisfied A, Indus Valley School
ty & UCP Popular Institutions: GI Popular Institutions: NC
KI, UET,NUST & NED h Women University
of Arts & Fatima Jinna
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remember that in 1997, CIA published a

I report about the extremism and Taliban

factors challenging the government and
other political sources in Pakistan. Then it
was like the mad dream and now one was ready
to accept the CIA reports as a bitter reality. I am
not discussing the political situation in the
country but promoting the cause of the national
security. These anti Pakistan forces are united
against the only muslim atomic power on the face
of earth and want to defeat us with internal
Foreign elements are using this technology to
destabilise the political system in the country. For
this purpose, some anti state actors are being
involved in creating rumours to harm the national
integrity. We have seen such factors involved in
the crash of Karachi Stock market who are now
engaged to destroy the Abu Dhabi Group
through rumours of being in financial crisis. This
has badly affected the interest of the Group which
is a true friend of Pakistan. Interestingly one of
the leading media group was behind that
NIB Bank has recently issued a public
awareness message in Daily Jang on May 2, 2009
about the widely circulated baseless SMS about
the involvement of NIB Bans employees in money
Looking at these incidents, it is very much
clear that the Government of Pakistan is
considering to restrict the SMS which looks very
odd and unrealistic in the global village. Pakistan is facing the tough task of controlling the anti
However, it is clear that no country in the world
can ignore the national security. The Interior forces which are being funded by its enemies. Now, it is
Minister Mr Rehman Malik has already indicated
the move to ban the SMS any way. What will be
an open secret that Indian, Israeli, Russian, Afghan and
the problems and percussion for the general user even CIA of the US is trying to hit the national interest by
is a question we want to discuss here. First of all
let’s discuss the real spooling of SMS every possible mean
How real is SMS spoofing: spoofed SMSs is easier than spoofing emails, and sender and the receiver of the SMS) should have
All you require is a PDA which runs Palm OS. could become a potential security threat in the the same software running to encrypt and
Yes, we know Palm has stopped shipping PalmO, future, so you need to be more careful. decrypt the SMS which also means that both
so somebody with an old Palm PDA would be should have a similar phone or phones which
able to do spoofing. All it should have is the Prevention: SMS encryption support the same application.
capability of spoofing SMS over an IR link. The Till date there is no system that can protect
next thing that’s required is a GSM phone with IR you against spoofed SMS and tell you whether What we can do in Pakistan?
and modem support. the SMS you are receiving is from a legitimate As a leading telecom and IT magazine, we will
sender or not. So to protect against such threats never suggest a ban on SMS as it is against the
the only solution is to use SMS encryption. There public interest. It is very difficult to control such
No country in the world can are quite a few apps available for quite a few elements who are working against Pakistan.
ignore national security. The smart phones. However, we are proposing following actions for
A simple the same purpose:
Interior Minister Mr Rehman Google search
Malik has already indicated with • SMS should have at least Rs 5/SMS to
keywords minimise the use;
the move to ban the SMS such as 'SMS • PTA should ban all free SMS services being
+ encryption provided by the websites;
Now all you have to do is download freely + your-phone • A special wing should monitor the anti state
available open source software called SMS Spoof -vendor- SMS circulated in the country;
from name' can • Cyber Crime Ordinance should be amended
Once you have downloaded it, unzip and install give you a list accordingly;
the .prc file into your PDA using HotSync or of apps which • There should be a ban on bundle offers by
whatever way you would like to install. you can use the cellular companies; and
Start the application after you have installed to encrypt • Passing on anti state SMS should be a
it. You will be asked to fill in: the number of SMS. punishable crime.
spoofed senders, number of recipients, actual But, the
message, and the number of an SMS Centre or drawback We think that this will be enough to minimise
SMSC which supports EMI/UCP-compatible. with such and curb the SMS which are against our unity and
This capability is nothing but the capability of systems is stability. After implementing such
sending SMS over GSM dialup. that both measure there will be no need to ban SMS in
What we want to tell you is that sending ends (the the country. 
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ank Alfalah has always sponsored major events in

B Pakistan and abroad to promote the sports for

healthy activities.

Bank Alfalah is owned by the Abu Dhabi Group, which

is one of the largest foreign investor groups in Pakistan
and also owns Warid, Wateen Telecom and UBL.

Recently, Pakistan Cricket Board signed a sponsorship

deal for the Pakistan and Australia ODI series with Bank
Alfalah. PCB COO Salim Altaf and Tariq Mir, GM
International Banking, Bank Alfalah Limited signed the
sponsorship deal of US$ 212,000.

Australia took the five-match series 3-2 after winning

the second match by six wickets, the third by 27 runs and
fourth by eight wickets. Pakistan won the first match by Abu Dhabi: Australia's Nathan Hauritz bowls to Younis Khan during their fifth one-day cricket
four wickets and fifth by seven wickets. international.

Former Pakistan greats lamented their team's 3-2 series

defeat to an out-of-form and under-strength Australia as
a great opportunity missed to restore faith in the game
back home.

Cricket has been in the doldrums in the South Asian

country after World Cup 2011 games were taken away
because of security concerns, highlighted by an attack on
the visiting Sri Lankan team in March in Lahore. But
despite of facing an Australian side looking well short of
the quality and personnel which saw them crowned
world champions, Pakistan lost the series played in
neutral Dubai having won the first match. They did win
the fifth and final game, by seven wickets, but by then the
series was already out of reach.
Abu Dhabi: Younis Khan after hitting the ball.

Abu Dhabi: Pakistan players in a joyous mood after taking a wicket. Abu Dhabi: The Australian team pose for a photo call with the Chapal Trophy after winning the
five-match series 3-2 against Pakistan.
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om, Dick & Harry by Centre Stage

T Productions – a hilarious extravaganza

sponsored by Warid Telecom -gave
audience an opportunity to enjoy the
quality theatre. The play was staged at
Alhamra Arts Council Lahore. For the
Pakistani version‚ actors were drawn from
various elite educational institutions of Lahore.
The cast of Tom, Dick and Harry included
Rubada Nasir, Taimoor Shakoori, Ibraheim
Kayani, Ijlal Khan, Sara Riaz, Shams Aftab,
Gohar Rasheed, Amy Saleh and Muaz Raja.
The play was directed by Shah Sharahbeel,
produced by Umer Hameed and
choreographed by Wahab Shah.
The play was based on the story of three
brothers - Tom, Dick and Harry. A hasty and
exhilarating day out of the lives of three
brothers created comically surprising
situations. Though the show was in English but
there were two characters to add spice and fun
in the show - a Sikkh and his granddaughter –
both characters can only speak Punjabi which
gave the play a native touch.
On the occasion Mudassar Bilal Malik,
Deputy General Manager Marketing Warid,
said, “Quality theatre is an escape to the
recreational world while remaining connected
to the local arts community.
Warid Telecom is proud to sponsor the
show because it is a way for us to foster the
local talent of Pakistan. It helps young actors to
pursue their passion and to cultivate
enthusiasm for entertainment in the
community. We have always paid extra
attention to the promotion of arts in the
community. In a country with abundant talent
and no finance‚ we are proud to promote the
talent through drama in Pakistan.”
“The play has been a success and audience
enjoyed the show - we have played our role by
abolishing all protocols in sitting arrangements
and by starting the show at the given time - this
is to create a well disciplined culture that we
want to observe.
On behalf of Centre Stage Productions, I am
grateful to Warid for giving us a chance to
promote the quality theatre in Pakistan,”
commented Shah Sharahbeel.
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(CIO). Meanwhile, Atiq Ahmed, Director

Operations and Maintenance, Technical Division,
is taking up an expanded role as Deputy CTO.
CEO Telenor Pakistan Jon
Eddy Abdullah at the
company’s headquarters in
Islamabad announced the
changes in higher
management. The new
positions were introduced in
the wake of the recent merger
of the technical and IT
Jon Eddy Abdullah divisions in the company.
CEO Telenor Pakistan Khalid Shehzad brings
with him over 14 years experience in the field of
IT and telecom. He has been heading the
Information Technology Division at Telenor
Pakistan even before the company's launch in
March 2005.
He has previously also managed the Business
Support Systems, IT Operations, and IT Security
departments as VP IT and CIO. As CTO, he will
be heading the Technical and IT Divisions,
working closely with Atiq Ahmed, the Deputy

Khalid Shehzad brings with him

After failing in getting Pakistani visa for Telenor's nominated over 14 years experience in the
Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Sanjay Vaghasia, the Telenor field of IT and telecom. He has
Pakistan has appointed Khalid Shehzad as its new Chief been heading the Information
Technology Officer (CTO) Technology Division at Telenor
Pakistan even before the
lare is proud of unveiling Telenor’s company employee, foreigner especially on key

F intrigue in bringing Indian officials to

Pakistan. Fortunately, the authorities
sense the threat in its earlier phase and
refrained from granting Sanjay Vaghasia visa of
Pakistan. In the current scenario of Pakistan-India
post then it exploit the national interest of that
country from which they are fulfilling their
expenses. They deprive nationals from utilising
their talent and potential for national benefit.
After failing in getting Pakistani visa for
company's launch in
March 2005
In the absence of competent official one can
hire foreigners but selecting one without any
tussle over security issues, it is extremely unwise Telenor's nominated Chief Technical Officer solid reason raises fingers. Telenor has no
and risky to nominate Indian official for the (CTO), Sanjay Vaghasia, the Telenor Pakistan has justification for compromising on the integrity of
management of telecom operators in Pakistan. appointed Khalid Shehzad as its new Chief Pakistan by bringing Sanjay Vaghasia as CTO. We
On one hand, this decision was anti-Pakistan Technology Officer (CTO). appreciate the anticipation and stand taken by the
and on the other, it discouraged the remarkable Formerly, Khalid was heading the IT division higher authorities of Pakistan to keep the
existing human resources. When foreign based of the Telenor as its Chief Information Officer nominee at an arm’s length. 

Europe: telenor in hot waters

Telenor net earnings in the January-March period lowered to 251 million dollars down
from 4.57 billion in the same period last year. The first quarter results were below
forecasts from analysts polled by Dow Jones Newswires
orwegian telecommunications operating margin of around 34 per cent. The first

N operator Telenor reported a 64.5 per

cent plunge in first quarter profit,
attributable in part to its eastern
European units, but maintained its 2009 targets.
Telenor said net earnings in the January-
Telenor's performance was hurt
by its operations in Eastern
Europe, a region hard hit by the
global finance crisis and where
quarter results were below forecasts from
analysts polled by Dow Jones Newswires. But
the company share was showing a gain of 1.4 per
cent to 44.65 krone on an Oslo market that was
1.7 per cent stronger.
March period came to 251 million dollars down Telenor's performance was hurt by its
from 4.57 billion in the same period last year. local currencies have operations in Eastern Europe, a region hard hit
"The business environment continues to be weakened. Among its foreign by the global finance crisis and where local
turbulent and we (are now experiencing) some currencies have weakened. Bakasaas said that
impact on the telecom sector, in particular markets, Ukraine had been most among its foreign markets, Ukraine had been
influencing international traffic," chief executive affected by the downturn most affected by the downturn.
Jon Fredrik Bakasaas said in a statement. But he Telenor's Ukrainian subsidiary Kyivstar
said "traffic volumes are relatively stable," kroner from sales that were up 6.8 per cent at managed to maintain its market share, but the
adding that for 2009 "we maintain our outlook." 24.78 billion kroner. number of clients declined, as did their spending,
At the operating level earnings were stable For 2009 as a whole Telenor said it wanted to adding to the negative impact of currency
compared with first quarter 2008 at 9.27 billion maintain sales at 2008 levels and to achieve an weakness. 
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Nippon paints spreading Nippon Paint’s present day

research is focused on
Colour Creations Technology developing paints and
coatings that not only look
Offering over thousands of colours within minutes. Nippon good, but also offer
Paint’s revolutionary Colour Creations technology is about increasingly improved
to change the way you have been using colours, giving you functionalities such as anti-
the best in variety and convenience corrosion and heat-resistant
ippon Paint is the leading Japanese technology. There are thousands of colours that properties

N multinational doing business for the

last 128 years and is the largest paint
manufacturer in Asia with over 20
manufacturing plants across the region. The
company is well-known for its dedication to high-
can be synthesised to your heart’s desire within
Nippon Paint’s extensive research and
development has created a next generation of
paint solutions, offering endless possibilities to
 The paint is mixed and shaken, to give you the
colour of your choice within minutes.
 Nippon Paint is all set to change the way you

quality, innovative products and excellent beautify your surroundings while also preserving look at colours. Drop by to your nearest Nippon
customer service. the environment. All Nippon Paint authorised Paint shop and discover the true spirit of colours.
Nippon Paint’s entry heralds a new era of paint dealers are equipped with the Nippon Paint Nippon Paint is the largest paint manufacturer
technology in the paint industry of Pakistan. The Colour Creations Tinting Systems. in Asia and a leading name in paint worldwide. It
Japanese multinational has introduced Colour Colour Creations Technology makes it simple is market leader in Japan, China, Indonesia,
Creations Technology for the first time in Pakistan and easy to choose the colour you want. All you Singapore and Malaysia; and a key player in
by which customers now have the freedom to have to do is: Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong,
choose from thousands of shades which are  Select the type of paint. The Philippines and India. Throughout these
available to them within minutes.  Match the theme you have in mind from over countries, Nippon Paint is known for its
Nippon Paint, pioneer of colour tinting thousands of shades from Nippon Paint’s colour dedication to high-quality, innovative products
systems in Pakistan, knows your needs because series. and excellent customer service.
we have grown on this essence through our  The colour you pick goes into the colour Nippon Paint wishes you satisfying experience
innovative computerised Colour Creations computer and the information is sent to the as you give your home a new look. 

software allows for easy drag-and-drop transfer

Nokia Xpress 5800 giving you the of songs and management of any music collection.
The innovative ‘Contacts Bar’ lets consumers
highlight four favourite contacts on their home-
right expression screen and, through a single touch, track a digital
history of recent text messages, emails, phone logs,
photos and blog updates.
By adding the benefits of touch screen
Nokia XpressMusic series is all about the youth and music technology to S60, the world’s leading smart
lovers and 5800 is the most hip and easy to use device with phone interface, Nokia is taking the familiar and
giving it a human touch. We have used touch
optimised music performance technology where it really adds value such as the
he device is the latest offering in the combination of play, share and touch.” Contacts Bar, Media Bar and clever shortcuts from

T XpressMusic series with the touch feature

for the first time. Nokia got associated
with music with the first music device in
2003 and XpressMusic has become part of youth’s
life all around the world.
Taking advantage of touch screen technology,
the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic introduces the
‘Media Bar’, a handy drop
down menu that provides
direct access to music and
the home screen to menu items such as calendar,
profiles and clock.

Afzal Shahabuddin, Director Marketing Nokia entertainment, including

Pakistan, while addressing the launching favourite tracks, videos and
ceremony said, “When it comes to music phones, photos. The Media Bar also
people all over the world want a device that is a offers a direct link to the web
great music experience - more memory, loud and and to online sharing.
powerful speakers, and easy synchronisation - and Because the Nokia 5800
must still work well as a mobile phone with direct XpressMusic supports Flash
access to important contacts and content. The content, individuals can surf
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic delivers on the perfect the entire web, not just pieces
of it.
In addition, the Nokia
The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic 5800 XpressMusic offers all
also features a 3.2 megapixel the music essentials,
including a graphic equaliser, 8GB memory for up Imran Khalid Mahmood, Country General
camera with Carl Zeiss lens to 6000 tracks and support for all main digital Manager, Nokia Pakistan, expressed his views,
music formats, and a 3.5mm jack. Built-in “For the best screen resolution available on a
and, with a single touch, surround sound stereo speakers offer the mobile phone, the 3.2” widescreen display brings
images or videos can be industry’s most powerful sound. photos, video clips and web content to life in
Ensuring a seamless music experience, Nokia vibrant colour and true clarity. With a 16 by 9
shared via a favourite online 5800 XpressMusic also provides easy access to aspect ratio and 30 frames/second playback and
community, such as Share browse and purchase tracks from the Nokia Music recording, the device is ideal for VGA quality
Store, this is not available in Pakistan at the video recording and playback.” 
on Ovi, Flickr, or Facebook moment. The newly updated Nokia Music PC
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Tariq Gulzar
Chief Financial Officer,

Warid will support 3G if PTA reduce

license fee: Gulzar
After Bachelors from Punjab University, Lahore, Tariq Gulzar, the Chief Financial
Officer of Warid Telecom joined Ferguson, the Chartered Accountancy firm in
Islamabad and did CA. Later, he went to Colorado, USA for CPA. He did various
programmes and certifications of University of Toronto, Canada and Risk
Management in New York and Florida, US
Flare Panel: How did you start your countries in a short span of three years. I guess went across the Atlantic and joined
professional career? the travelling took its toll and I called quits, PricewaterhouseCoopers in Canada and
Tariq Gulzar: To a surprise of you, may be, I provided consultancy services with them for
am a med school drop out, since I didn’t like it PTA is aggressive about 3G five years before joining Warid Telecom in
at all after I got in and enrolled myself into the October 2005.
CA programme in 1990. I knew that it was a 180 because it wants money. The FP: Which of your strengths do you believe
degree change, but I was determined to make telecom policy is not healthy. have played the maximum role in making you
the bold move and prove that I can do it. In a radius of 500 meter you successful?
As soon as, I qualified as Chartered TG: Patience, commitment, will to change
Accountant in 1996, I joined Mobilink as Finance can see 4 to 5 towers. and being respectful to people, irrespective of
Manager and after working for one year, got an Intelligent nations never waste the level or experience, are few beliefs of mine
offer from the Swedish Group Kinnevik AB and which I strongly hold on to.
joined their telecom operators with Millicom
their money in such conflicts. FP: Who has been the source of your
International in Luxembourg but later I was You can erect one tower and inspiration for you?
transferred to the media division based in place the modems of all TG: It’s a tough one to comment since
Sweden. inspirational factors change as you grow and
There, I had the opportunity to travel to 37
companies on it. move but on a general note. I got inspiration

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from my desire to beat the odds, the same way TG: Principally, we are not against the factor is customer loyalty. If you have a two
icy roads put a driver’s driving ability to test. concept but there are certain reservations. We year contract with some company then you
FP: What’s your approach towards issues have some financial aspects to look in. Being a cannot switch your number before the deadline.
you come across during your routine work? group, we think that value added services are In case you want to change or switch your
TG: I always keep my patience and never not as important as they seems to be. They make connection than you have to pay a fine of, let’s
jump the gun. First analyse the situation, plan only 10 per cent of the whole revenue not only say, US$ 200.
my action and react in a rational and practical in Warid, but also in the industry. In a country like Pakistan, there is no
manner. customer loyalty. You can go to market, get a
FP: Share with us briefly about the “Road SIM (subscriber identity module) and throw it
to Success” you have and any achievement you The utilisation in rural areas in the dust bin and there is no one to ask you
have in your professional career. is very low. We are one of about the misconduct. We invest about Rs 8 to
TG: Success is a relative term defined 10 million to get our set up of MNP but of no
differently by each individual but by any those few companies who use. It is learnt that almost 90 million people
standard, this road is winding and sometimes, offer Location Based have a handset but hardly 0.2 million people
steep, if it were a straight line to build a have ported their numbers where we, the
successful business, there would be many more Charges (LBC). We give cellular operators have heavily spent into the
entrepreneurs out there. Sometimes, the curves project. We are proud of the fact that the ratio
in the road take you a different direction, but
subsidy in those areas where of portability in our customer is very low. This
they can be the fun of getting there. we feel that the utilisation of service is not for Pakistan but for those counties
I consider setting up of Audit, Risk and where customer loyalty is strictly imposed.
Corporate Governance function across the WTI
our network is less. There PTA is aggressive about 3G because it wants
Group, obviously with the support of my will be a signal on your cell money. The telecom policy is not healthy. In a
superiors, as one major achievement I have radius of 500 meter you can see 4 to 5 towers.
during my stay with Warid. phone account to show that Intelligent nations never waste their money in
the tariff is reduced such conflicts. You can erect one tower and
place the modems of all companies on it. This
helps in geographically expending the network.
Four years ago, we have paid Rs 291 million FP: Where do you place Warid in the
for the license and now PTA is asking for telecom sector?
another license fee of Rs 300 million. It is so TG: Warid is the first venture of Abu Dhabi
expensive that we think we must improve our Group. It alone provides government with Rs
network. 750 million per month in the form of different
We will avail 3G license, if they are ready to taxes. We are over-burdened by the
think about pricing. We prefer to upgrade our Government of Pakistan. We are already
services and infrastructure instead of investing providing 2.5G services and there is not much
in value added services which are less distance between 2.5G and 3G. Warid has the
rigorously availed by the subscribers. best network coverage in Pakistan. We follow
FP: On what conditions Warid will support the principle of our Chairman who thinks that
FP: What made you decide to join Warid 3G? we must propagate quality service to our
Telecom and how do you express your TG: We look forward to certain incentives subscribers no matter if we have to cut our
experience working Warid? from PTA. If we are provided with some relief margin or to pay the prices by ourselves. We use
TG: Family reasons made me leave Canada in coming budget then we can, of course, think Ericsson network from end to end.
and join Warid over 3.5 years ago. When I was of further investment. We are paying 31 per cent We are providing very good services at
being interviewed for the position which I was in terms of tax out of which 21 per cent goes in affordable prices and now we have launched Rs
holding previously (Group General Manager – GST (general sales tax) and 10 per cent is 0.60 which is the lowest available package in the
Audit, Risk and Corporate Governance) I was advance taxes. market.
extremely thrilled and excited to set-up a Government provides us with no edging FP: What strategies do you have to expand
function from scratch and roll it across all the facilities. There is no forward exchange cover. the Warid network in rural areas?
Group operations, Alhamdolilalh, it was a After June, 2008, the exemption of offshore TG: The utilisation in rural areas is very low.
success! My experience with the company so far loans was removed. If you try to squeeze all the We are one of those few companies
has been enriching in terms of exposure, nectar from a flower then you can’t expect of who offer Location Based Charges (LBC). We
learning and meeting people of diversified back any long terms incentives. They must have to give subsidy in those areas where we feel that
ground and skill sets. consider industry’s point of view. the utilisation of our network is less. There will
FP: What is needed to move forward to face We keep in mind the entry level of our be a signal on your cell phone account to show
market challenges, how you identify the customers especially of low end users as their that the tariff is reduced. This service is
obstacles in terms of organisational success handsets are not 3G compatible. A 3G handset available in low utilisation areas.
those possible could affect the pace required expensive and for average user. We are also merged in USF funds with
to achieve the pre-set goals. We have an example of Motorolla satellite Government of Pakistan. We are planting solar
TG: I think, I have touched upon already in system that has a very high entering price, 10 sites in areas like DG Khan. We are a
the previous question, the challenges we are years ago. People have to buy expensive satellite commercial company, but we remember our
facing as an industry and being part of it, we are handsets to avail the opportunity. We must social responsibility. We launched free
equally exposed to them. As an organisation we consider that low end majority which comprised merchandise service in which
need to have our objectives clearly set out and the majority of our users that’s why Warid is not we spend for our customers. Huawei is our
defined. We then need to strategise accordingly in favour of 3G. vendor and we take some 2500 handsets to
prioritise and execute our plans in the most FP: How do you see the role of PTA in provide to those people who are
efficient and timely manner. Pakistani telecom sector? only interested in remaining connected.
FP: APP has recently disclosed that Warid TG: PTA is quite ambitious in introducing These people are not brand
along with Mobilink, Zong and Ufone have those things that are ahead of time. The very conscious, so we provide them FoC (free of cost)
opposed the launch of 3G by PTA where Telenor first example is MNP (mobile number handsets. 
is in favour of 3G. How you see this situation? portability). In foreign countries the foremost

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FDI inflows

Improved prospects in
In Pakistan, the mobile handset imports have significantly transportation and storage
decreased by 76 per cent in the three-quarters of the current sub-sectors on the back of
fiscal year 2008-09, the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) relatively better production in
reported. During July-March 2008-09, the value of mobile major crops, strong
handset imports has contracted to US$139.480 million, against contribution by finance and
$581.807 million in the corresponding period of last fiscal year insurance sector and
he worldwide mobile phone market decreased rapidly due to currency devaluation. augmented administrative

T began 2009 with expected downturn,

exacerbated by ongoing global recession,
which caused a fall of 15.8 per cent in
mobile phone shipments.
According to International Data Corporation
In a difficult economic climate, China and
India offers signs of encouragement. India
reported strong addition to subscriptions during
the quarter, while China’s rural subsidies helped
prop up handset demand. Still, with growth
and defence related spending
will provide support to
adequate level of growth in
(IDC)’s worldwide quarterly mobile phone coming increasingly from lower-end segments in the services sector
tracker, vendors shipped a total of 244.8 million the region, phone-makers will find their average
cell phones in the first quarter of 2009, around 15.8 selling prices and profit margins challenged. he Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
per cent lower than 290.8 million units shipped
during Q1 of 2008. The decline was sharp due to
weak end-user demand, currency volatility and
lack of credit for merchants as consumers and
supply chain coped with the recession.
As overall market dropped 15.8 per cent in the
In a difficult economic situation,
China and India offers signs of
encouragement. India reported
T inflows in the telecommunications,
financial businesses and personal
services have reached a level of
saturation in the first nine months (July-March)
of the current fiscal year.
strong addition to subscriptions There are enough anecdotal evidence that
first quarter of 2009, converged mobile devices
(commonly referred to as smartphones) continued financial sector is set to provide substantial
during the quarter, while China’s growth, says Review of Economic Situation (July-
to show growth of four per cent year-on-year.
Growth in this segment was evident in Western rural subsidies helped prop up March 2008-09) released by the Finance Division
Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific (Economic Adviser Wing).
handset demand. Still, with Similarly, improved prospects in
(excluding Japan). Mobile operators have become
more open to raising subsidies within this growth coming increasingly from transportation and storage sub-sectors on the
segment as dependence on data revenue has lower-end segments in the back of relatively better production in major
increased as a result of reduced consumer crops, strong contribution by finance and
demand for new handsets. region, phone-makers will find insurance sector and augmented administrative
Shipments of mobile phones to North America their average selling prices and and defence related spending will provide
were slightly higher than the same quarter a year support to adequate level of growth in the
ago even as the economic recession bit deeper into
profit margins challenged services sector.
the US. As expected, the Latin American mobile These prospects of the services sector would
phone markets took a negative turn in the first Nokia saw its shipment volumes dip below the be neutralised to some extent by negative growth
quarter as most of the economies in the region 100 million unit mark for the first time in two in the LSM, imports. Leading indicators
began to see slower economic growth. years. Samsung returned to double-digit pertaining to the major sector wholesale and retail
Much of the western European handset market profitability, resulting from improved operating trade points towards a reasonable growth in this
was characterised by weaker consumer efficiencies and a favourable product mix for the sub-sector.
confidence and lower demand, while channels, quarter. The wheat trade has always created activities
already holding low inventory, were reluctant to LG Electronics began the year on a positive in the wholesale and retail trade (WRT) sub-
re-stock. Shipments to the Middle East and Africa note, posting an increase in operating margins sector. The estimated growth of 4.2 per cent is
contracted at a slower pace in Q1 2009, while despite a year-on-year decrease in shipment already almost half of last year's actual 8.2 per
demand in central and eastern Europe and Russia volumes.  cent. 
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inally after waiting for eternity, Wi-Tribe to take the red pill and find out how deep the download was good around 1.2 MB, but the
has been officially launched, as we rabbit hole is. upload was only about 0.2 MB when compared
noticed that they were offering free But in just 40 minutes without getting up to servers in Islamabad.
seven day trial The result was more or less same for servers in California.
launching/. I had thought it would take another
few weeks but I was wrong.
Outstanding customer service
I was pleasantly shocked by the speed of their
delivery and their customer service. After
requesting a sign up on their website, I received
a call in less than 10 minutes (yes this is not a
typo) on my cell phone, regarding my interest in
the service. I definitely was interested to try out Upload speed is below par but as the service
specially because of the free offer, so I asked how is recently launched, it is expected that the
soon can they install at my place and the answer quality and speed will improve by the passage
was 30 minutes. I said ok (thinking that the sales of time.
person on the other end is being over Tariff most expensive around
enthusiastic due to launch), I did ask what Their tariff which is on the higher side,
would be the documentation requirements comparatively Wateen is offering a 15 GB Cap
which were just a copy of NIC, I asked my wife for a 1 MB connection for only Rs 1,599 for same
at home to keep handy just in case (I was in package of 10 GB Cap at 1MB Wateen is asking
office). for only 1,199 which is what these guys want to
Before the said charge for the 512 Kbps package while limiting
30 minutes had the download at 8 GB.
expired, I received
a call from home
that they are there from my seat, I had working internet at my
and have installed home. I was really impressed, full marks for
the device and customer service.
tested it, and Sleek device
would need 1700 The packaging is excellent as these guys have
(monthly charges taken time to spread out their brand on the box
for 1MB) + 999 packaging. The package contents were this most
(installation beautiful looking Wimax device, I have yet come
Mohammad Sadiq, CEO charges) up front. across and manuals and cables.
Upon my inquiry, I was told that the free offer is The front was powered up by green LEDs
for seven days money back (which includes which added to the sleekness of the device, these
weekends, so be careful), so if I am not satisfied blinked while looking for connection and
I could return the device with a call (they would stabilized, I was lucky to get full five bars of
come pick it up and return the money), I decided signal.
Back of device had one LAN port and two
ports for telephone.
For the more technical ones the device is
Motorola CPEi 35750.
Download speed as promised upload…
Internet speed was okay not exceptional, the
And, this is just the Wimax if you start
considering the prices of LinkDotNet and PTCL
Broadband with the fact that they offer
unlimited downloads then these guys don’t even
stand a chance. Will they turn around and offer
competitive packages we could wait and see. But
the Wimax Battle is heating up. 
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For a long time, there were no online maps to locate roads in Pakistan as investors
were not interested in spending on a product which was not expected to generate
enough revenue but now the situation has changed
utomotive Navigation Systems have online free for all maps are OpenStreetMap and promised with time it will verify the integrity of

A become extremely popular all over the

world. These devices are used
extensively in major cities around the
globe. Their need is stronger in metropolitans and
larger cities than in towns and villages. It is sad to
Google MapMaker. The main difference between
the two is that OpenStreetMap provides its map
data under a Creative Commons license while any
maps created by users of Google Map Maker are
the intellectual property of Google. Both are
the created maps and then export them to Google

Google MapMaker
The level of detail as seen in the above pictures
notice that we Pakistanis have long been deprived community created and with time both maps have is quite satisfactory for pre-departure route
of this technology, but finally we have working been quite developed. planning.
SatNav in Pakistan.
Improper urban planning, lack of technical Garmin Maps
infrastructure and lack of voluntary efforts are the was Pakistan’s A bunch of what I can assume is GPS
three main reasons for SatNav to remain first interactive map web site. enthusiasts have worked hard to develop these
ineffective for such a long time. While major Garmin compatible maps. Using free software
companies are not keen in investing in Pakistan, They provide two different available over the internet, they have worked
keeping in mind the not so high revenue they online versions of their tirelessly to create maps for Islamabad, Lahore,
would generate, the people themselves have not Karachi, Peshawar and Wah Cantt. Indexed
created maps because they want everything free maps. One uses overlaid versions are also available. The forum encourages
of cost. open source map creation and does not allow
The biggest player in satellite navigation today
layers on Google Maps while discussion about cracking/unlocking premium
Garmin and TomTom have not developed any the interactive maps utilise maps available for the region.
maps for Pakistan. They don’t see a reason to do Using maps provided by these angels, I have
so. But they have been gracious enough to provide Adobe SVG Viewer to been able to install a perfectly working Garmin
software, people have developed even better ones, provide very good street Mobile XT. The GPS chip in my Nokia E71 is of
to create maps capable of running on their GPS course not the greatest and I am able to lock my
devices. A bunch of volunteers have dedicated level maps of all major cities location in a minimum of 13m radius which is of
huge time in creating maps for many cities of of the country course very negotiable.
Pakistan and I’ll explain the extent to which these A-GPS (Assisted GPS) which primarily works
maps are effective. by locating your position roughly by comparing
For cities like Islamabad and Karachi, they your cell site on the cellular network to an existing
Free Online Maps present a highly detailed map and therefore are a database of these cells/towers and thus
The two biggest names in community created success for the online community. Google triangulate you, is of course of hardly any use. The
Free download | Flare Report InsighT

maps developed by these chaps provide a very The best thing is that they provide excellent as well. Units equipped with FM transmitters and
good detail and make navigation for an unfamiliar routing capabilities and the fastest or shortest Bluetooth allow hands free dialling from the unit
person at least easy (of course the address in hand distance calculations it does are indeed the ones and are able to integrate with the vehicles’ audio
would be 3rd house on the right, after the second anybody would use keeping either criteria in system as well.
turn under the Pine Tree). his/her mind. The current base unit, Garmin Nuvi 200w, also provides maps for Garmin retails for Rs 29,750. If you are in Lahore, visit the
devices, and many people have utilised their display centre at Tracking World (Pvt) Ltd. For
maps. people in Islamabad units are on display at Hi
Tracking World Volts (F-8 Markaz) and Illusions (F-7 Markaz). has teamed up with tracking world Trakker Group
to provide Garmin SatNav units preloaded with Like they also claim to be the first
maps. In car GPS navigation is not available in to introduce SatNav in Pakistan. Trakker Group
Pakistan. The unit provided range from in-car provides car tracking for personal or commercial
dash mounted devices to devices for motorbikes. use. They stepped into satnav couple of years
There is also a unit which can be integrated with back.

Incar SatNav provided by Trakker has extensive maps for

Karachi District. The small numbers of customers who have
The setup demonstrated below using a Nokia used their service are extremely satisfied with their product
E71 and Garmin Mobile XT. Garmin’s software
was of course cracked using a keygen, but the
as it has very good routing capabilities. The problem
maps provided by pkmaps are free to distribute. remains as the maps are limited to Karachi. The system
The onboard GPS has provided me continuously
with even 8m lock. The pictures above provided with them has DVD playback and other benefits as
demonstrate a drive from my home in Rawalpindi well but is very costly
to Jinnah Super Market in Islamabad. The maps
were of course not up to date but will provide a the vehicle’s DVD/entertainment unit and
relief to somebody new in the city. displays the navigational information on it. The in car SatNav provided by Trakker has
Existing Garmin users also have the option to buy extensive maps for Karachi District. The small the map for their specific unit. numbers of customer who have used their
This was Pakistan’s first interactive map web The map has street level detail of major service are extremely satisfied with their product
site. They provide two different online versions of Pakistani cities and all major national highways.
as it has very good routing capabilities. The
their maps. One uses overlaid layers on Google Streets are labelled and searchable for Islamabad,
Maps while the interactive maps utilise Adobe Lahore and some parts of Karachi. In addition problem remains the maps being limited to
SVG Viewer to provide very good street level there are close to 40,000 POIs such as fuel/CNG Karachi as of now. The system provided with
maps of all major cities of the country. The stations, banks, ATMs, hospitals, restaurants them has DVD playback and other benefits as
interactive maps also allow a user to plan a route (categorised), hotels, shops, etc. Most POIs have well but is very costly. 
quite easily. address and phone number information available
6) Discs for laser 10) Reproducing representations of
Zero duty expected on reading system and
reproducing systems
instructions, data sound and image, recorded in a
machine readable binary form and capable of

phenomena other than being manipulated or providing interconnectivity
sound image: to a user by means of an automatic machine:
According to the MoIT, 11) Blue tooth whether or not capable of
he Ministry of Information Technology

the digital era encapsulates the trend that digital connecting to an automatic data processing
(MoIT) has proposed zero duty for at least contents are preferred over printed media. machine:
40 items related to computer and mobile 7) Multimedia memory cards (MMC), SD 12) VSAT terminals: Although optic fibre is
accessories. The details of the items is as cards: These are the latest mini storage on the go widely provided by the telco operators but still a
under; devices which are used in a variety of input and considerable area is not optic fibre-enabled to
1) ISDN terminal adapters: This device is used output devices like computers, laptops, handheld provide connectivity.
to connect the computer with internet and is devices, etc. 13) LCD and Plasma displays are power-
integral to providing broadband connectivity. efficient and environment-friendly devices and
2) Subscriber and equipment: Subscribers and are widely used by all segments of IT industry and
equipment are used by subscribers to connect the other sectors of the economy.
computer and other LAN devices with internet 14) Multimedia projector: Like other sectors of
and its integral to providing the broadband the economy Multimedia projectors are also
connectivity through DSL, Fiber Optic, CDMA, commonly used by the IT companies in
GSM, WiMax, LTE, WiFi technology. Multimedia presentation, trainings, seminars and
3) Set top boxes for gaining access to internet: conferences.
The set top boxes provide data and digital content 15) Branchless banking services (mobile
sharing facility. Digital content production and banking etc) on PSTN/WLL/ cellular mobile
transportation has a tremendous potential and networks by telecom/TPSP/CVAS licenced
would be one of the major requirements of the IT operators: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of IT,
and telecom industry. State Bank of Pakistan and other stakeholders
4) Attachments for telephones: Several devices 8) Other Multimedia storage devices capable have engaged international consultants for
are used for R&D purposes to develop new of connecting to an automatic data processing promotion of citizens'' access to financial services,
communication products and are generally used machine: Multimedia storage devices are widely especially through available ICT infrastructure.
by IT companies. used by IT companies in copying and transporting 16) Cellular mobile phone set: Present tax
5) Apparatus operated by coins, bank notes, digital contents for processing and managing regime of taxes/duties on cellular mobile
bank cards, token or by other means of payment: outcomes. import/sale in different phases creates negative
The reduction in customs duty from 20 to zero 9) SIM cards: Reduction in duty will promote perception of double/triple taxation and also
percent will promote broadband based ancillary SIM cards for the research and development of hindering the growth of FDI in telecom sector. 
ICT services. new products and innovating new technologies.
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n exercise of the functions subscriber, the same shall not be

I under clauses (c) and (m) of

sub-section (1) of section 4 of

organization) Act, 1996 (XVII of

eligible for any other cellular
mobile service subscription. An
updated list shall be provided to
the Authority on a monthly basis.
Measures to control unsolicited
1996) to protect the interests and calls
rights of telecommunication Establishment of a ‘Do not call
consumers from spam, register’
unsolicited, fraudulent and (1) All Operators, for the purpose
obnoxious communication, the of controlling, managing and
Pakistan Telecommunication stopping the reception or
Authority conferred powers accession of unsolicited calls,
under clause (o) of sub-section (2) shall establish a consolidated
of section 5 of the Act is pleased central Do not call register.
to make the following (2) The Do not call register shall
regulations:- be maintained by the Operators,
who shall bear full financial
Procedure to control spamming accountability for the creation
Standard Operating Procedures and on-going operation of the Do
to control spamming Not call register. Provided that
(1) All Operators shall, with the the Do Not call register shall be
approval of the Authority, constituted in accordance with
establish a standard operating the guidelines issued by the
procedure in connection with Authority within one hundred
(a) minimum standards of and twenty (120) working days
technical measures to effectively from the notification of these
control Spamming; and (b) such regulations.
other matters as the Authority Registration and Managing Tele-
may require. Provided that the marketing by Operators: (1) All
Standard operating procedure operators, shall for the purpose of
established under sub-regulation controlling Unsolicited calls,
(1) shall include at a minimum ensure the registration of all
the capability to facilitate the Telemarketers. (2)All Operators
requirements as given in Annex- shall with the approval of the
A to these regulations. Authority develop a standard
(2) All Operators shall submit a operating procedure to be
standard operating procedure for followed with respect to
approval to the Authority under Telemarketers. The procedure
sub-regulation (1) above within shall include at a minimum the

PTA - crafting
sixty days of the commencement of following:
these regulations. Provided that the (a) Procedure for registration of
Operators shall revise the standard Telemarketers with the concerned
operating procedure with the Operator and in case of a failure to

telecom carefully
approval of the Authority after register, subsequent disconnection
every one hundred and twenty by the Operator with a prior notice
days to ensure all up to date and of seven working days;
effective technical measures are (b) Registration mechanism for
being implemented by the Operators the Do not call register to
to control spamming. PTA issued this draft to ask general public to incorporate all registered
(3) In the case where a subscriber comment on the subject, so as to introduce a Telemarketers;
Opts-in to receive spamming the (c) Procedure for providing
operators shall facilitate it, where mechanism for the protection from spam, timely, accurate and uninterrupted
applicable. access to registered Telemarketers
Fraudulent communication
unsolicited, fraudulent and obnoxious to the central Do not call register
Controlling fraudulent communication by 11th May, 2009 maintained by the Operators.
communication: (d) Provision for recording in the
(1) All Operators shall with the approval of the not later than 24 hours of receipt of complaint, be Do not call register particulars of subscriber(s)
Authority, within sixty (60) days of the issued a warning. who consent to receive calls made for the
notification of these regulations establish an (ii) In the event that as a result of fraudulent purpose of telemarketing;
effective and easy to use procedure to prevent communication, if a fraudulent balance transfer (e) Provision of an undertaking by each
fraudulent communication. Provided that the has resulted, the subscription of the SMS applicant for a new Telephone subscription
procedure established by the operators under originator shall be terminated along with the verifying that the subscription is strictly for
sub-regulation (1) shall include at a minimum the IMEI no of the originating handset, immediately private use or for telemarketing purposes;
capability to facilitate the requirements given in but not later than 24 hours of the receipt of the (f) Verification procedure to be followed by a
Annex- B to these Regulations. complaint. Telemarketer through accessing the Do not call
(2) All complaints of Subscribers under sub- (iii) The operator shall take all reasonable register established under regulation 6 of the
regulation (1) shall be filed in accordance with steps to refund the amount to the complainant. these regulations;
Part IV of the Consumer Protection Regulations, (4) All operators shall maintain a black list of the (g) Procedure to be followed for restraining
2009. subscribers along with their complete user Telemarketers when initiating Unsolicited calls
(3) The specified procedure to be followed by an antecedents of all telephone subscriptions without following the procedure referred in sub-
Operator for handling of a complaint filed under terminated on account of fraudulent regulation (f) above; and
sub-regulation (2) shall be as follows: communication. In case of more than one (h) Subsequent actions to be taken by
(i) The SMS originator shall immediately but instance of indulging in same activity from a Operators against persistent Telemarketers as
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referred to in sub-clause (g) above when repeated Consumer Protection Regulations, 2009, all communication of the telephone subscription of
consecutively three times, followed by complaints under this regulation shall be filed by the originator;
disconnection of the Telemarketers Telephone subscribers in accordance with the complaint (2) All Operators shall maintain a black list for
subscription. handling mechanism provided in the Consumer a period of six months of all telephone
(3) All Operators shall ensure that any Protection Regulations, 2009. subscriptions terminated by the Operators for
Telephone subscriptions allocated to a Regulating obnoxious communication reasons of Obnoxious Communication.
Telemarketer, before the commencement of these Technical Measures for Obnoxious Complaint handling procedure: Without
regulations, shall, within three months of the Communication: prejudice to the complaints listed in regulation
notification of theses regulations be registered (1) Subject to the approval of the Authority, all 11 of the Consumer Protection Regulations, 2009,
with the concerned Operator. Operators shall set up a procedure to ensure all all complaints under this regulation shall be filed
(4) All Operators shall ensure all new Telephone possible technical measures are made available by subscribers in accordance with the complaint
subscriptions following the notification of these in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner handling mechanism provided in the Consumer
regulations shall provide an opportunity to the to all subscribers to prevent Obnoxious Protection Regulations, 2009.
subscriber at the time of sale of the Telephone Communication. General conditions
subscription to give consent or otherwise for Provided that the procedure established  Public education and awareness: (1) All
recording of particulars in the Do not call under sub-regulation (1) shall include at a Operators shall setup a media campaign to
register. minimum the requirements given at Annex-C to educate subscribers of the available preventive
Working of the Do Not Call Register: these regulations. and subsequent complaint mechanisms for
(1) All Operators shall within thirty days of the (2) All the technical measures provided under handling Spamming, Unsolicited, Fraudulent
establishment of the Do not call register set up sub-regulation (1) shall be updated by Operators and Obnoxious Communication. (2) The media
procedures to receive requests from subscribers with the approval of the Authority on a quarterly campaign shall be advertised through print and
for registration in the Do not call register. basis and widely publicised to the subscribers. electronic media or in consumer’s manual in
(2) The Do Not call register must contain at a Mechanism to prevent Obnoxious accordance with regulation 17 of the consumer
minimum the following particulars: (a) Name, Communication: protection regulations, 2008 within sixty (60)
number and area code (where applicable) of a (1) All Operators, within sixty (60) working days working days from the date of commencement of
subscriber who does not want to receive from the commencement of these regulations these regulations.
Unsolicited calls; (b) Date and time of making of shall set up a round the clock complaint handling  Reporting requirements: In addition to the
request by the subscriber referred in clause (a) mechanism to prevent from Obnoxious reporting requirements given in regulation 47 of
above; (c) Name of subscriber who makes a Communication. The mechanism shall constitute the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
request to an Operator for revocation of an earlier the following measures to be adopted by all (Functions & Powers) Regulations 2006, all
request for not receiving the Unsolicited calls ; (d) Operators: (a) Recording of all telephone Operators shall submit reports with respect to
Name, number with area code (where applicable) numbers including area code (where applicable) telephone subscriptions in relation to record of
of the subscriber referred to in clause (c) above; of a complainant; (b) Telephone number and area subscribers, documentations, any other detail the
and (e) Date and time of making of request by the code (where applicable) of the originator of the Authority may require with regard
subscriber referred to in clause (d) above. Obnoxious Communication; (c) Issuance of Telemarketers, the Do not call register
(3) All Operators shall update the Do not call warning immediately but not later than 24 hours ,Fraudulent communication and Obnoxious
register within two working days of request from of receipt of complaint and record the same in the communication for the purpose of these
a subscriber. grey list being maintained by the Operator; (d) If regulations as and when the Authority deems
Complaint management: Without prejudice to originator persists after issuance of warning the appropriate. 
the complaints listed in regulation 11 of the Operator shall process termination of outgoing

to no avail," he
mentioned that
It is common practice of sending unwanted text messages to he changed his
subscribers by all the cell phone operators which is causing mobile
connection due
a lot of problems for those users who do not want to have to excessive
junk messages
such texts but the idea did
he massive growth in telecom sector has sent by the mobile companies to the users are sent not work as he

T no doubt facilitated communication

access to common man but at the same
time disturbed the mobile phone
subscribers with frequent publicity text messages
they receive by operators throughout the day.
round the clock. At times, the users receive texts at
late night hours when they are sleeping or at wee
hours when they are occupied with important
day-to-day affairs.
A Senior Marketing Manager at a private
his new connection.
keeps receiving
the similar
kind of texts at

Several other users reported that they kept on

Nowadays, it is common practice of company said at around 1.00 a.m. he asking their respective cellular help lines not to
sending unwanted text messages to rushed to his mobile phone send any text message from the network.
subscribers by all the cell phone thinking may be it was an However, the cellular companies do not seem to
operators which is causing a lot of emergency. However, it was a comply with the demands of the users, who
problems for those users who do not text from the cellular perceive the phenomenon of unwanted texts as a
want to have such texts. The texts aim company saying that the violation of their basic rights. When contacted,
at promoting newly launched call calls rates have further representatives of cellular companies said the
packages, SMS rates, horoscopes, internet slashed. "I lodged the newly launched updates were sent to multiple
packages and other related updates are complaint with the users at a time which might have created
frequently sent by the cellular companies concerned help line disturbance for those who did not need them.
without the consent of subscribers. the next morning "We try our best not to bother our users they
The text advertising might be mushrooming and asked them stand very respectable to us. However, at times it
as a popular source of publicity yet numerous not to send me gets difficult for us to differentiate as to which
cellular subscribers are fed up with this move of such texts as I group of users want texts and which group does
their respective networks. really do not not," they said. 
It has frequently been witnessed that the texts need them, but
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The Asia IT Solutions is not just a service provider company where assigned jobs
are carried out, but a stage for creating new approaches through intelligent
manpower according to customers needs. We look forward to your valued
support and patronage in the future”

his is an era of dynamic change for all • Asia IT Solutions periodically range • Splicing
industries, including telecommunications employees training programmes which include • Jointing
services sector, customers’ needs are theory classes, on-site training, and overseas • Drum testing
increasingly shifting from material to training in collaboration with Huawei, Alcatel • Cable testing
higher levels of satisfaction, with emphasis not and other reputed companies. • Cable termination
only on standard services but also on quality • Frequent and regular trainings, i.e. 5. Civil Work
services. Asia IT Solution believes that the basis computer and technical trainings, let us utilise • Site build
of their business is mutual communication with modern technologies and serve our customers • Site renovation
customers. CEO Asia IT Solutions “Our pleasure faster and better. • Room modification
is our customers’ satisfaction. Asia IT solution is • Asia IT Solutions also provides • Quality processes for all the key functions
a skilful engineering services company, enabled opportunities to the students of reputed of a service oriented organisation
to continue fulfilling customers’ expectations, and institutions and universities to gain practical • Turnkey telecommunication project
needs that make Asia IT Solutions unique. Asia knowledge in the field of telecommunication implementation skills
IT Solutions have skills in every field, including through providing literatures, theory classes and • Equipped with necessary test equipment’s
hardware installation and commissioning of all on-site training by our engineers. • Maintaining long-term relationship with
types of Asia IT Solutions has the knowledge and cutomers, i.e. Customer for Life
telecommunication experience to engineer, install and maintain a • Extensive knowledge and experience in
equipment. Asia IT large variety of equipment related to all types of interfacing various types of telecom
Solutions also have an communication and data projects. They provide systems (hardware and software)
experience to deal with technicians to perform complete hardware • Cost effective telecommunication systems
engineering services of installations and engineers for software integration solutions.
electrical, mechanical installations or to supplement your own work Above all professional approach and customer
and A/C heat and force. These individuals can be contracted to satisfaction attitude helps them in score better
ventilation.” work under supervision. Asia IT Solutions is a than their competitors. After completion of
“To us, the Asia IT multipurpose engineering house of excellence, hardware/software installation, supervisor test
Aslam Basharat Solutions is not just a serving public and private sector organisations its quality of work according to given standard.
Director Asia IT Solutions service provider countrywide in: Then quality control engineer check everything
company where assigned jobs are carried out, but for his satisfaction and call to quality control
a stage for creating new approaches through 1. Engineering Services manager for site visit, quality control manager
intelligent manpower according to customers • Hardware installation makes sure quality of work according to standard
needs. We look forward to your valued support • Software commissioning and invite customer. To encourage employees,
and patronage in the future.” • Testing company gives appreciation letters and incentive
The challenges of today’s markets can only be • Survey and design to employs on their excellent quality of work.
mastered through and with skilled and highly 2. O & M Services Having the network expertise in-house within
motivated personnel. Thus Asia IT Solutions • Operation and maintenance Asia IT Solutions, it gives its customers an
strive to keep their high level standard by: 3. Electrical Services advantage to tap these expertises for planning
• Having installed a team organisation. • Hardware installation and optimising their network
They have “product teams” and “project teams” • Commissioning application locally. Their presence in the region
which coordinate every aspect of a product line • O and M of power equipment helps them to be just a phone call away from their
and project. Each of these teams consists of 4. Optical Fibre Communication customers. 
specialists. • Optical cable laying







PH: +92-42-5296429,5296529,5296212
FAX: +92-42-5296329
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Protecting children in cyber space

In Pakistan, we have not more than six million internet users, whilst in United States of
America total number or internet users are as much as the whole population of Pakistan
ith the induction of a newer mass Table of Internet Users in Pakistan, Statistics by regularise cyber crimes; this response centre can

W medium, i.e., internet, horizons of

mass media expended from mass
media society to a cyberspace and
this brought more challenges to the media
researchers, social scientist and civil societies.
of advanced
countries are
more in
be given an additional task of protecting children
in cyberspace. PTA has installed state of the art
equipment and software to curb grey traffic.
Safe Web feature, introduced by an ISP,
Micronet Broadband (Pvt.) Ltd. /Nayatel Pvt. Ltd.
Cyberspace is a virtual territory created by danger in
computer systems in which people communicate, cyberspace
acquire knowledge, share information, trade or than the
can perform any activity they would like to amuse children of
them, more interestingly without physical countries
presence. Cyberspace has very vast and expanded which have not yet completely experienced the
terrain, limitless boundaries and no death at all, cyberspace. In our country, we have strong family
where people like Mother Teresa are still living, system and our social culture, ethical, religious
pictures, animations and 3D art are giving a lively values and up bringing of children under strict,
look for upcoming gigantic buildings and yet closed and pampered environment have
infrastructures. Great industrial estates and helped children to be safe.
business towers of Indonesia that were all Creating of relationship at too early age over
vanished from the earth by Tsunami are still the internet especially with opposite sex,
giving and always will give a real look. pornography, excessive use of computers for Fig 1 (Graph of Internet Users in Pakistan)
Children would like to have a computer for games, videos, songs and movies, less attention to
their education, information and entertainment; studies and other everyday work of life and is a very powerful tool to protect children in
and to stay connected with their friends and indirect side effects can be categorised as anxiety, cyberspace. This facility of safe web is voluntarily
families. Children naturally of innocent spirit, frustration, psychological problems, low grades in offered by the ISP to add value in the society. PTA
with their raw mind are more prone to the schools, less outdoor activities, going to bed late would instruct other ISP’s to follow the same
repercussions of cyberspace. night, aggressive attitudes, violent reactions for practice. Our Government should also raise voice
There is a big difference of Internet users petty things. at international level where some countries are
between advanced countries and developing already in a progress to force the regulators to
countries like Pakistan. In Pakistan we have not classify the adult websites with .sex, .adult or .xxx
more than six million internet users, whilst in
Establishment of National domain names.
United States of America total number or internet Education, awareness and information can be
users are as much as the whole population of Response Centre for Cyber provided to parents that how they can protect
Pakistan. USA along with other nations has children in cyberspace. Parents can not only install
started having complications and problems Crimes is a positive step of the built in Microsoft contents controllers but also
triggered by internet or host by cyberspace. get parental control software from the market to
In Pakistan, we have limited number of Government to regularise monitor the computer of their children. Schools
computers and very limited access to internet. and educational institutions could be involved by
Even those who have an access to computers or cyber crimes the instructions of Government to play a vital role
internet are not in real sense a part of cyberspace,
in educating our children for the safe utilisation of
however, due to the advancements and steps Three sectors of the society can be involved to
cyberspace and possible harms. If we block a
taken by government, it seems sooner that protect children in cyberspace, i.e., Government,
developing countries will join the cyberspace at Parents and Civil Society. Establishment of website by law there are chances that children can
the same rate and intensity after some years as National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes is a use the proxy settings and use other IP’s to access
advanced countries did in their advancing stage. positive step of Government of Pakistan to harmful contents. 
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hat is the most important factor in among the masses. People are no more ready to workers were injured due to that action.

W a company’s success? Is it the

technology? Perhaps it’s getting
smart money from the right
Venture Capitalist? Or having a beautiful
PowerPoint presentation? Wrong, wrong, and
be led blindly. They are rather scrutinising
existing privileges and productivity. Almost
every nook and corner is echoing with massive
demands by teachers, doctors, labours, clerks,
etc. the most astonishing fact is the demands
When situation was going out of control, PM
constituted a 4 member committee to look into
the matter. The committee, in its report found
no unjust demand of the workers and asked the
government to regularise the workers. Four
wrong. It all comes down to the team. You could raised by the employees of Pakistan federal ministers, Mr Khurshid Shah Federal
have killer technology, the perfect VP, and the Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) ,
most attractive presentation, but if you don’t that is partially privatised. This is the only EVP Syed Ali Qadir Gilani
have a good team, you will fail. company whose employees are on street because
What components make up a great founding they cannot bear the injustice any more. They are has contacted many times to
team? A group of ready to fight for their families.
people who are
the renowned columnist
realistic and honest, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani for a
work well together,
and have a passion possible deal to not write
for doing something against PTCL. This policy of
great. A team made
up of “A” people favouring the people for
who will hire the pampering PTCL poor
right individuals to
make the company a policies and services is no
success. A team that
Mr. Walid Irshaid
President & CEO PTCL VPs can see has the
more successful trick of
right stuff to make it work, since this is one of Mr. Gilani
the first thing that most VPs look at.
Does this mean that the founding team of a Minster for labour, Qamar Zaman Kaira, federal
start-up needs to have its entire executive staff minister for IT, Naveed Qamar federal minster
in place at their first meeting? No. But the team for privatisation and Mr. Pervez Asharaf, federal
needs to be realistic and honest. They need to be minister for water
honest with the other founders about their vision and power were the
for where the company is going and what role member of the
they want to play. If everyone has a different committee.
vision and these different visions are not After that Malik
discussed, you will run into problems right from Maqbool secretary
the beginning. This is the worlwide scenario. Lines Staff Union
Now, we look in Pakistan. filed the case of
Surrounded by so many socio, political, workers in NIRC
economic, security, stability and governing which has given
issue, we being the only Islamic atomic power verdict in favour of
are not in a state to deal with the local issues of the labours. When
Image of Judgment Sheet by Islamabad High Court
all and sundry. Government can compose Syed Ali Qadir Gilani PTCL find no other
committees to look into various complaints of PTCL has a history of exploiting not only EVP PTCL way, the company has
national interest and their resolution, but the public resources, but also its human resources challenged the decision of NIRC in the
provision of immediate justice or on the spot since its privatisation. It is worth noticing that Islamabad High Court, which was rejected by
decisions seems impossible. PTCL recently settled the dispute by improving the Justice Saqib Hassan on April 1, 2009 while
Tackling an issue today and its extension the pay scale of its employees, but the issue is retaining the decision of NIRC.
tomorrow is not as easy as it appeared to be. It is once again threatening the national asset. It is unfortunate to note that the president of
essential that internal problems must be dealt It is worth mentioning here that after protest PTCL is still not ready to implement the decision

Lahore: Activists of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Lines Staff Union stage a protest Quetta: The activists of Peoples Bureau PTCL Wing stage
demonstration in favour of their demands. protest against the PTCL management for not fulfil their
within the institutional premises by the relative movement of PTCL workers on 5th May, 2008,
authorities, so the wave can be cooled down PM Yusuf Raza Gilani has ordered to regularise of the court while claiming that he is the final
effectively. There are certain official and all the contract workers. Federal Minister for authority. This has created the odd situation that
corporate responsibilities which all companies, labour Mr. Khurshid Ahmad Shah has written a workers have no choice, but to start the strike
NGOs, organisations and institutions must abide letter to the federal IT minister Qamar Zaman which is the last option for them.
by. Government must form an infrastructure or Kaira to implement the decision. However, The activists and workers of PTCL under
some policies which are monitored from time to President PTCL refused to regularise the PTCL Lines Staff Union (PLSU) on May 5, 2009
time by government secret officials. workers on the orders of PM. Instead of giving called upon Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar
With the increase in the rate of inflation, we relief to the workers, rangers have attacked the Muhammad Chaudhry to take suo motu action
have seen the growing rate of dissatisfaction workers with tear gas and baton violence. Many against the PTCL administration for not obliging
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the High Court's verdict to regularise with BPS Workers of PTCL chanted slogans against the
scale Non-Compensation Package Group About two dozen workers of President of PTCL and relevant officials who
(NCPG) and daily wages employees. according to them were stumbling blocks in
About two dozen workers of the PTCL in a the PTCL in a crowd of 1,000 fulfilling their demands and workers rights.
crowd of 1,000 slashed their hands with razors slashed their hands with The protesters said the present government
in a dramatic was neglecting its job to secure its masses and
protest against razors in a dramatic protest failed to launch acceptable packages for the civil
the company’s against the company’s policy servants. They also said the ruling party would
policy of keeping have to take revolutionary steps according to the
their wages static of keeping their wages static Bhutto doctrine and it was inevitable for the
at the level of betterment of workers and civil servants. Chief
2005 when the
at the level of 2005 when Pattern Telecom Hafiz Abdullah said that the
PTCL was PTCL was privatised employees were being paid according to 2002
privatised. pay scale and more than 500 employees were
The innumerable odds and use of force they had to forced to work on daily wages.
protestors, face in the wake of their previous strike. He "Our government should ensure to make us
carrying white urged the administration to fulfil workers' permanent and pay according to 2005 revised
flags, encircled demands otherwise they would start sit-ins and pay scale".
Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
Chief Justice of Pakistan
the PTCL closing of offices. A large number of protesters were carrying
Headquarters in play cards and banners inscribed with their
Islamabad and splashed their blood on the flags, demands and anti government slogans. They
giving the authorities a week to upgrade their also chanted slogans against the government
pay scales and restore the pre-privatisation and PTCL administration to fulfil their needs.
benefits and daily wages of the employees. On On other hand, Pakistan Telecommunication
one side, top management is enjoying the best Company Limited, Executive Vice-President
packages and high salaries, the workers on the Legal, Dr Sajid Qureshi has resigned for some
other side, are at footpath asking for their right. legal issue with the management. He wants the
If courts and even our government is helpless supremacy of law in any circumstances. When
against the PTCL president then these are the contacted to the Dr Sajid, he said, “I want to
worst circumstances four country. continue my personal practice and I am not able

Karachi: Activists of All Pakistan Union Action Committee The PTCL daily wages employees protest in favour of their
(PTCL) chant slogans for restoration of their jobs and in demands.
favour of their demands during a protest demonstration.
to work for the PTCL any more.” The
The protest was organised by the New spokesperson of the PTCL did not pass
Compensation Pay Group of more than 8,000 comments in this regard and avoid saying
employees, but it also represented 22,000 others, anything.
who are not regular employees. There is so much competition in the market
Another thing which has created a depressed that one hardly feels any inclination to continue
environment in the company was the action Image of Column published on 4th May, with PTCL. The trust deficit which PTCL is
against some senior officers. Every one in the 2009 Daily Jung currently facing not only limited to its functional
company looks worried after the dismissal of the PTCL Unions Action Committee's Central part, but is also spread nationwide. The pathetic
senior officials like GM ITR Saeed Iqbal, GH HR Leader Shahid Ayub assured workers that it was broadband service of PTCL, which it none
Islamabad Umar Khawaja and Senior Manager struggle of Action Committee and would be claims to be double, is not more than a mess –
HR Islamabad. supported by every member of the Committee. the disconnected server never let you perform
Addressing the gathering Malik Maqbool Ghulam Mustafa said PTCL should accept your online tasks smoothly. Moreover, over
Secretary General of Lines Staff Union said
PTCL administration was neither conceding to
the decision of the government nor the verdict
of the court of regularising NCPG and daily
Avalanche of revenue reduction
wages employees and returning them their Pakistan Telecommunication Authority declared the figures for the first quarter of 2009
previous scales in light of court's decision (Jan-Mar). The PTCL earned a profit of Rs 1,909.018 million after tax in the quarter ended 31st March
adding "it was a question mark on the credibility 2009. There is a major decrease in the profit as compared to last year first quarter (Jan-Mar 2008)
of government institutions as well the Superior which was Rs 2,977.335 million. According to the meeting of BODs, Re. 0.37 earning per share was
Judiciary". declared as compared to last year Re 0.58 in the same period.
He called upon the PTCL administration to The gross revenue of PTCL declined to Rs 13.892 billion in the quarter against Rs 16.249 billion
implement the court's verdict and warned that in the corresponding period last year. Operating cost also declined to Rs 12.034 billion against
PTCL workers' Unions would start further Rs 12.716 billion a year back so does the profit before tax from Rs 4.398 billion to Rs 2.868 billion.
demonstrations including closing offices and
besieging the PTCL offices. the demands of the workers and give them their charging is habitual to PTCL. With no sense of
NCPG Central Leader Aijaz Khan said their rights calling upon government to arrest of responsibility and national commitment, this
will and spirit could not vanish despite PTCL who were not following court's verdict. company is busy in looting their subscribers
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with over charges.

All of a sudden, PTCL’s management stand
up and claims that it is issuing environment Flashback of PTCL VSS
friendly precise, without detail, bills and the
whole country is mourning at the bold decision Each PTCL employee opting for golden handshake or Voluntary
which is independently taken by the
management without the consent of users. Separation Scheme would cost the government millions while half the
It is not only FLARE that discourage the amount was paid by the new management instead of the whole
policies and practices of PTCL but leading
journalists who can anticipate the emerging PTCL’s poor policies are not now. It is say facts from closely guarded PTCL
threat of a company that is not ready to either repeating its mistake from a long time. The privatisation documents published by The
listen or to pay attention to its back bone, that is laying off employees’ issue is in media since News on September 2, 2006.
personnel. Irshad Ahmed Haqqani, who rejects January 2007 when PTCL decided to slash The PTCL plans of launching VSS would
the unfriendly policies of PTCL, calls the Chief almost half of its employees as the Etisalat strain the government resources as the Etisalat
Justice for immediate action against the management was finalising the Voluntary management believes the company is
management. Separation Scheme (VSS) commonly known as overstaffed and inefficient.
Golden Handshake Scheme (GHS). The News In October 2006, an indirect re-trenching
then learnt that the VSS, targeting 30,000 was witnessed in the PTCL when the company
All of a sudden, PTCL’s employees and costing the government billion did not extend the contract of its subsidiary,
of rupees, would be launched after the mid- Telecom Foundation (TF), which resultantly
management stand up and January meeting of its board of directors. laid off over 1,900 daily wages’ employees
claims that it was issuing It was also learnt that the VSS would be working on the project.
open to all the employees in the lower cadres The Telecom Foundation employees, who
environment friendly precise, while the general managers or chief engineers lost their jobs due to non-renewal of the
without detail, bills and the would have the final word on the applications contract, included mostly skilled workers such
of officers and other senior position-holders. as fibre optic technicians, splicers, jointer and
whole country was crying at PTCL was then employing some 5,000 line technicians besides some unskilled
the bold decision which was professionals in the officer cadres. labourers.
Each PTCL employee opting for golden Those likely to be affected by the VSS would
independently taken by the handshake or Voluntary Separation Scheme be semi-professionals and non-professional of
management without the would cost the government millions while half the company. Competent and highly skilled
the amount is paid by the new management employees availing VSS may get jobs in the
consent of users instead of the whole. private sector but prospects are slim for the
The government is liable to bear a total less-skilled and unskilled workers -
Public Relations is the management function liability of the GHS or VSS worth Rs 15 billion, The News 01/01/2007.
that establishes and maintains mutually
beneficial relationships between an organisation The PTCL earned a profit of Rs 1,909.018 million after tax in
and the media on whom its success or failure
depends. the quarter ended 31st March 2009. There was a major
This definition of PR by Cutlip & Center
succinctly brings out the importance of PR as a
decrease in the profit as compared to last year first quarter
crucial management function. No wonder then (Jan-Mar 2008) which was Rs 2,977.335 million.
that the Public Relations Department in most
progressive organisations is directly responsible
According to the meeting of BODs, Re. 0.37 earning per
to the Chief Executive. The Head of PR directly share was declared as compared to last year
reports to the CEO, so that the communication
Rs 0.58 in the same period
Broadcasting Irshad Ahmad Haqqani for writing of Etisalat but still our government is ready to
in favour of the company’s poor services. Our sell more shares of our national asset. Etisalat
sources have confirmed that he was not allowed has proved itself a failure in terms of customer
to meet the most popular columnist. Here, it is and personnel satisfaction and government must
very important to note that Mr. Gilani has been take immediate action to resolve the hanging
involved in such activates which are not suitable issue of regularisation.
for any person which is at such a top position. In terms of economic policy, and particularly
He has been using the company money for the privatization, the PPP regime seems unlikely to
so called PR activities which are against our distinguish itself from the previous government
values and culture. While dealing with in any meaningful way. The PPP has always
The PTCL daily wages employees protest in favour of their advertising agencies, he has big benifits. He has claimed to be party of the working class so the
demands. earned millions through the advertising deals. new government has claimed that its
at all levels is exactly as it was meant to be, and But, here it is clear that he has failed in his tactics privatisation policy will be ‘pro-worker’, and
there is no scope for any communication gaps. and even underhand deals with media persons announced that 10 per cent of shares will be made
Any deviation from this position of PR, and are not enough to save the face of the company available to workers of the enterprise is sold. The
reporting relationship of PR Chief is bound to which is coming closer to crash day by day with PTCL example, however, indicates just how
have an adverse impact on the management of lowering profit every year. meaningless such a policy is in the larger scheme
the organisation-image in the eyes of internal as It is deplorable to see that Minister of of things. Etisalat, the Dubai-based company that
well as external media. Investment, Senator Waqar Ahmad Khan, in his bought PTCL in 2005 (and which, by the way, has
In the case of PTCL, One thing which is a visit to Dubai, said, that government of Pakistan still not paid up the full amount agreed between
matter of concern for the company is the role of is in talks with Etisalat to offer UAE itself and the government) owns only 26 per cent
Ali Qadir Gilani who is the head of media affairs telecommunication company first option on 50 of shares in PTCL. Yet it has been given complete
of the company. According to our sources, he per cent stake in Pakistan Telecommunication management control notwithstanding the fact
has contacted the Daily Jang Columnist and Company Limited (PTCL). that some state functionaries continue to sit on the
former minister for Information and In these nine years we have seen the loyalty PTCL board. 
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Alcatel OT-PRO Nokia 6216 Classic

Size Size
Dimensions 102x45x15.9 mm, Weight 75g Dimensions 114.7x41.7x14.5 mm, 61.1 cc
Display Weight 88g
Type OLED, 65K colors, Size 128x160 pix- Display
els, 1.8 inches, Embedded images and ani- Type TFT, 16M colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.0
mations, Sound Alert types, Vibration; inches, Downloadable wallpapers, screensavers
Polyphonic(64) ringtones, Speakerphone Yes Sound Alert types, Vibration; Downloadable poly-
Memory phonic, MP3, AAC ringtones, Speakerphone Yes
Phonebook, 800 entries, Call records 20 2.5 mm audio jack
dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls, Internal Memory
2 MB, Card slot microSD (TransFlash) Phonebook Yes, up to 2000 entries, Photocall
Data Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps calls, Internal 22 MB, Card slot microSD
Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, (TransFlash), up to 8 GB supported
miniUSB, Camera Primary, 1.3 MP, 1280 x Data
1024 pixels, Video Yes, GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Features HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, 3G
Messaging, SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging Yes, 384 kbps, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, Games 1, Colors USB Yes, miniUSB, Camera Primary,
Black with Chrome, MP3/AAC player, T9 Features
Organizer Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Push E-Mail, IM
Battery Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML (Opera Mini)
Stand-by Up to 800h, Talk time Up to 12h Radio Stereo FM radio, Visual radio, Games
Yes + Downloadable, Colors Coco Pearl, Java
Yes, MIDP 2.0, SIM-based Near Field
Communication NFC (read/write/sharing), Nokia
Xpress Audio messaging,
Stand-by Up to 300h (2G) / 288 h (3G)
Talk time, Up to 3h 20 min (2G) / 2 h 45 min (3G)

Samsung A657 Samsung I7500

Size Size
Dimensions 115x52x19.5 mm, Weight Dimensions 115 x 56 x 11.9 mm,
123g Display
Display Type OLED capacitive touchscreen,
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 176 x 220 pix- 16M colors Size 320 x 480 pixels, 3.2 inches,
els, 1.9 inches, Wallpapers Sound Alert Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate,
types Vibration; Polyphonic(72), MP3 ring- Handwriting recognition Sound Alert types
tones, Speakerphone Yes Vibration; MP3, WAV ringtones Speakerphone
Memory Yes, 3.5 mm audio jack
Phonebook 1000 entries, Call records Yes Memory
Internal 128 MB, Card slot microSD Phonebook Practically unlimited entries and
(TransFlash) up to 8GB fields, Photocall, Call records Practically
Data unlimited, Internal 8 GB, Card slot microSD
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 (TransFlash), up to 16 GB
kbps, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, 3G Data
HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps, Bluetooth Yes v2.0 with GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
A2DP, USB Yes, v2.0 HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, 3G
Features HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps,
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Browser WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0,
WAP 2.0/xHTML, Games Yes + download- USB Yes, microUSB v2.0, Camera Primary, 5
able, Colors Black, Java Yes, MIDP 2.0 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash,
Shock, splash and dust resistant, MP3/e- Features
AAC+/WMA/AMR/SMAF player, OS Android OS, v1.5, Messaging
MPEG4/3GP player, Dedicated flashlight SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, IM,
AT&T Navigator, Push to Talk, Organizer Browser HTML, Games Yes, Colors
Voice memo, Stopwatch, T9 Black, GPS Yes, Java Yes, MIDP 2.0
Battery MPEG4/ H.263/ H.264/ WMV player, MP3/ e-
Stand-by Up to 250h, Talk time Up to 3h AAC+/ WMA/ RA player

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Motorola ROKR W6 Nokia E52

Display Size
Type TFT, 256K colors, Size 176 x 220 pixels, 1.9 Dimensions 116 x 49 x 9.9 mm, 54 cc, Weight 98g
inches, Second external CSTN, 65K colors display Display
(96 x 80 pixels), Screensavers and wallpapers Type TFT, 16M colors, Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4
Sound Alert types, Vibration; Downloadable poly- inches, Sound Alert types Vibration; Downloadable
phonic, MP3 ringtones, Speakerphone Yes polyphonic, MP3 ringtones, Speakerphone Yes
Dedicated music key 3.5 mm audio jack
Memory Memory
Phonebook 1000 entries, Photocall, Call records, Phonebook Practically unlimited entries and fields,
40 dialed, 40 received, 40 missed calls, Internal 20 Photocall Call records, Detailed, max 30 days,
MB, Card slot microSD (TransFlash) up to 2GB Internal 60 MB, Card slot microSD (TransFlash), up
Data to 16GB, 1GB included
GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, Data
HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, GPRS Class 32, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class 32, 296
Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, USB Yes, miniUSB 178.8 kbits, 3G HSDPA, 10.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 2
Camera Primary, 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, Video Mbps, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology
Yes, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, Infrared port No,
Features USB Yes, v2.0 microUSB, Camera Primary 3.2 MP,
Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Browser WAP 2048x1536 pixels,
2.0/xHTML, Games Yes, Colors, Java Yes, MIDP Features
2.0, MP3/AAC+ player, Organizer, Voice memo OS Symbian OS, S60 rel. 3.2, CPU ARM 11 600
Fitness applications, Stopwatch, MotoID music MHz processor, Messaging SMS, MMS, Email
recognition, Push-to-Talk, T9 Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, Radio Stereo FM
Battery radio with RDS, Games Yes + downloadable,
Stand-by Up to 350h, Talk time Up to 6h 40 min Colors Metal Grey Aluminium, Golden Aluminium
GPS Yes, with A-GPS support; Nokia Maps 3.0
Java Yes, MIDP 2.1, Digital compass
Stand-by Up to 672h (2G) / Up to 432 h (3G)
Talk time Up to 8 h (2G) / Up to 6 h (3G)
Music play Up to 18h

LG KS660 LG GD900 Crystal

Dimensions 105x55x15mm, Weight 110g Display
Display Type TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, Size 480
Type TFT resistive touchscreen, 256K col- x 800 pixels, 3.0 inches, S-Class Touch UI, Transparent
ors, Size 240 x 400 pixels, 3.0 inches touch-sensitive keypad, Gesture Shortcut, Multi-touch
Sound Alert types Vibration; Downloadable input method, Handwriting recognition, Accelerometer
polyphonic, MP3 ringtones, Speakerphone sensor for UI auto-rotate, Sound Alert types Vibration;
Yes Downloadable polyphonic, MP3 ringtones,
Memory Speakerphone Yes, Dolby Mobile
Phonebook 1000 entries, Photocall, Call Memory
records, 40 dialed, 40 received, 40 missed Phonebook Yes, Photocall, Call records 40 dialed, 40
calls, Internal, 85 MB, Card slot, microSD received, 40 missed calls, Internal 1.5 GB, Card slot
(TransFlash) up to 8GB microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB
Data Data
GPRS Class 12 (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), GPRS Class 12 (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
32 - 48 kbps, HSCSD Yes, EDGE Class HSCSD No, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, 3G HSDPA,
10, 236.8 kbps, 3G No, WLAN No, 7.2 Mbps, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth Yes, v2.0
Bluetooth with A2DP, Infrared port No, USB Yes, Camera Primary
Yes, v2.0 with A2DP, Infrared port No, USB 8 MP, 3264x2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, Video
Yes, v2.0, Camera Primary, 5 MP, 2592 x Yes,
1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, Video Features
Yes, 720x480@15fps, Secondary No Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS, EMail, Instant Messaging
Features Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, Radio FM radio,
Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Games Yes, Colors GPS, Java Yes, MIDP 2.0, TV-out
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, Radio Stereo MP3/AAC/AAC+/WMA player, DivX/XviD/MPEG4 player
FM radio, Games Yes + downloadable, Organizer, Document viewer (DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF)
Colors Black, GPS No, Java Yes, MIDP 2.0 Voice memo, T9
Dual SIM (both tri-band, GPRS, EDGE) Battery
MP3/WMA/RA/AAC+ audio player, Standard battery, Li-Ion
Stand-by Up to 250h, Talk time Up to 3h 30

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Rs. Rs
2,600 3,499

Nokia 1208 Trend T-180 Ultimate

Design: Navigation option 1.5
Dimension 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm, 67 cc inch CSTN color
Weight 77 g screen embedded
Battery Talk time Up to 7 h, Stand-by Up antenna
to 365 h Image & Messaging:
Memory 4 MB user memory (200 300K pixel camera,
Phonebook entries, 20 dialled, SMS, MMS, Email
20 received, 20 missed calls) Connectivity: GPRS class 12, WAP
Display Size 96 x 68 pixels, 29 x 23 mm 2.0, PC Sync
Display Colour CSTN, 65K colors Entertainment: MP3 Player,
Embedded Games

Rs. Rs.
3,400 2,000

Samsung E1125 Motorola C118

Dimension 106 x 47 x 15.5 mm
Weight 96 g Dimension 101.3x45.7x21.5 mm,
Battery Talk Time Up to 8.8 h, 74 cc, Weight 86 g
Standby Up to 500 h Battery Talk Time: Up to 11h 40
Memory 500 phonebook entries + 300 min, Standby Time: Up
SMS (30 dialed, 30 received, to 450h
30 missed calls) Display Size 96 x 64 pixels
Connectivity Bluetooth v2.0, USB, GPRS Display Colour Monochrome graphic
Class 10 (48 kbps), EDGE
Class 10 (236.8 kbps)
Display Size 128 x 128 pixels, 1.52 inches
Display Colour CSTN, 65K colors

Rs. Rs.
4,600 2,500

Samsung M150 LG KG288

Dimension 106.5 x 45.4 x 12.7 mm Dimension 99.5x45x13.4mm Weight
Weight 74g 60 g
Battery Talk time Up to 7 hours, Standby Battery Talk time Up to 3 h, Stand-
Up to 400 hours by Up to 400 h
Memory 20 MB Built-in (500 PhoneBook Memory 80kb built in memory (300
entries, 200 sms memory + SIM phonebook entries, 100
msg), No Memory Card SMS memory)
Connectivity Bluetooth v2.0, USB, GPRS Display Size 1.5 inches, 128 x 128 pix
Class 10 (48 kbps) els (Large Font Display)
Display Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.77 inches Display Colour CSTN 65K Color Display
Display Colour TFT, 256K colors


Above prices are subject to change as per market

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Rs. Rs.
17,500 19,500

Samsung C5212 DUOS Nokia E51

Dimension Dimension
112.7 x 48.6 x 14.3 mm 114.8 x 46 x 12 mm, 61 cc
Weight Weight
110 g 100 g
Battery Battery
Talk time Up to 3 h, Stand-by Up to Talk time Up to 4 h 20 min, Stand-by
250 h Up to 310 h
Memory Memory
60 MB + microSD Card (supports 130 MB internal user data memory
up to 8 GB) + Extendable microSD
Connectivity (TransFlash), hotswap - up to 4 GB
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, Connectivity
GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps), EDGE Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, Infrared
Class 10 (236.8 kbps, download (115 kbps), USB, GPRS Class 32,
only) HSCSD, EDGE Class 32, 3G
Display Size (HSDPA 3.6 Mbps), WLAN (Wi-Fi
176 x 220 pixels, 2.2 inches 802.11g, VoIP over WLAN)
Display Colour Display Size
TFT, 256K colors 240 x 320 pixels, 2 inches
Display Colour
TFT, 16M colors

Rs. Rs.
20,600 22,500

Nokia 6210 Navigator Samsung U900 Soul

Dimension Dimension
103 x 49 x 14.9 mm, 89 cc 105 x 49.5 x 12.9 mm
Weight Weight
117 g 112 g
Battery Battery
Talk time Up to 3 h 40 min, Stand-by Talk time Up to 4 h, Stand-by Up to
Up to 220 h 280 h
Memory Memory
120 MB built-in + 64 MB SDRAM + 1 128 MB shared memory + microSD
GB microSD card included (supports Memory Card (TransFlash)
up to 8GB, hotswap) Connectivity
Processor Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
ARM 11 369 MHz GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps), EDGE
Connectivity Class 10 (236.8 kbps), 3G (HSDPA,
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, GPRS 7.2 Mbps)
Class 32 (107 / 64.2 kbps), Display Size
Display Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches
240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches (Navigation panel)
Display Colour Display Colour
TFT, 16M colors TFT, 16M colors


Above prices are subject to change as per market

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Motorola V3i LG KE500

98 x 53 x 13.9 mm, 65 cc, (Anodized Dimension
aluminium case) 97 x 47 x 14.9 mm
Weight Weight
100 g 90 g
Battery Battery
Talk time Up to 3 h 30 min, Stand-by Talk time Up to 3 h, Stand-by Up to
Up to 200 h 200 h
Memory Memory
10 MB shared memory, microSD 60 MB shared memory + Memory
(TransFlash) , up to 512MB Card (microSD TransFlash)
Connectivity Connectivity
Bluetooth, Mini USB, GPRS Class 10 Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
(48 kbps), GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps), EDGE
Display Size Class 10 (236.8 kbps)
176 x 220 pixels, 9 lines, 35 x 44 mm Display Size
+ 2nd CSTN display (96 x 80 pixels), 176 x 220 pixels
Display Colour Display Colour
TFT, 256K colors + 2nd CSTN dis- TFT, 256K colors
play 65K colors

Rs. Rs.
14,700 16,100

LG KE970 Shine Samsung F400

103.2 x 48.2 x 16.9 mm
99.8 x 50.6 x 13.8 mm
105 g
119 g
Talk time Up to 4 h 30 min,
Talk time Up to 3 h, Stand-by Up to
Stand-by Up to 620 h
280 h
24 MB Built-in + microSD
50 MB internal memory + Extended
Memory Card (1 GB card
(microSD TransFlash),
included, supports up to 8 GB)
Bluetooth v2.0, GPRS, EDGE, USB
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
Display Size
GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps),
240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches (Mirror
EDGE (236.8 kbps), 3G
effect screen, full metal body)
(HSDPA 3.6 Mbps),
Display Colour
Display Size
TFT, 256K colors
240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches
(Dual slide design)
Display Colour
TFT, 256K colors


Above prices are subject to change as per market

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Rs. Rs.
45,000 52,350

imate Ultimate 8150 HTC Touch Diamond

Dimension Dimension
118.5 x 60.5 x 15.5 mm 102 x 51 x 11.5 mm
Weight Weight
152 g 110 g
Battery Battery
Talk time Up to 4 h, Stand-by Up to Talk time Up to 5 h 30 min,
150 h Stand-by Up to 285 h
Memory Memory
128 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM + 4 GB Built-in, 192 MB DDR
microSD Card SDRAM, 256 MB ROM (no
Connectivity card slot)
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, Infrared, Connectivity
USB, GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps), Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP,
EDGE Class 10 (236.8 kbps), 3G USB, GPRS Class 10 (48
(HSDPA), WLAN (Wi-Fi 802.11 kbps), EDGE Class 10 (236.8
b/g/e/i) kbps),
Display Size Display Size
640 x 480 pixels, 2.6 inches 480 x 640 pixels, 2.8 inches
Display Colour Display Colour
TFT touchscreen, 65K colors TFT touchscreen, 65K colors

Rs. Rs.
45,000 49,000

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Apple iphone 3G

Dimension 8GB
114 x 66 x 15 mm
115.5 x 62.1 x 12.2 mm
136 g
133 g
Talk time Up to 4.5 h, Stand-by Up to
324 h
Stand-by Up to 300 h, Talk
time Up to 10 h
1 GB Built-in (128 MB RAM) +
microSD Card (microSDHC, up to 8
8GB shared memory (No
Memory Card)
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB,
Bluetooth v2.0 (headset sup-
GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps), EDGE
port only), USB, GPRS,
Class 10 (236.8 kbps),
Display Size
(Wi-Fi 802.11b/g) Display
480 x 320 pixels (Full QWERTY key-
board with Backlighting)
320 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches
Display Colour
Display Colour
TFT LCD 65K colors (Light sensing
16M colors, Multi-touch input


Above prices are subject to change as per market

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Rs. Rs.
19,500 30,300

Nokia 7900 Prism Samsung M7500 Armani

Dimension Dimension
112 x 45 x 11.3 mm, 55 cc 114.9 x 47.4 x 12 mm
Weight Weight
101 g 90.2 g
Battery Battery
Talk time Up to 3 h, Stand-by Up Talk time Up to 4 h 20 min, Stand-by
to 240 h Up to 290 h
Memory Memory
1GB internal memory (No Memory 120 MB Built-in + microSD Card (sup-
Card) ports up to 16GB)
Connectivity Connectivity
luetooth v2.0, USB, GPRS Class Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, GPRS
32 (107 kbps), HSCSD, EDGE Class 12 (48 kbps), HSCSD, EDGE
Class 32 (296 kbps), 3G (384 Class 12, 3G (HSDPA 3.6 Mbps)
kbps) Display Size
Display Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches
240 x 320 pixels, 2 inches Display Colour
Display Colour OLED, 256K colors
OLED, 16M colors

Rs. Rs.
31, 300 37,200

Nokia E71 Motorola RAZR2 V8

114 x 57 x 10 mm, 66 cc Luxury Edition
Weight Dimension
127 g 103 x 53 x 11.9 mm
Battery Weight
Talk time Up to 10 h 30 min, 117 g
Stand-by Up to 410 h Battery
Memory Talk time Up to 7 h 50 min, Stand-by
110 MB Built-in, 128 MB SDRAM Up to 330 h
Memory + microSD (up to 8GB, Memory
hotswap) 2 GB internal user memory
Connectivity Connectivity
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB, GPRS
Infrared, USB, GPRS Class 32, Class 10 (48 kbps), EDGE Class 12
100 kbps, HSCSD, EDGE Class Display Size
32 (296 kbps), 3G HSDPA (3.6 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches (2nd
Mbps), WLAN (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g) external 2 inches display (240 x 320
Display Size pixels) with contextual touch interac-
320 x 240 pixels, 2.36 inches tion
(Full QWERTY keyboard) Display Colour
Display Colour TFT, 256K colors (2nd external 256K
TFT, 16M colors colors)


Above prices are subject to change as per market

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Rs. Rs.
40, 000 100,900

Samsung S8300 Tocco Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte

Pure Timeless Intimate & understat-
Ultra Edition ed, an irresistible object of desire
Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition - For those who expect the higher stan-
Touch of Brilliance dards of quality & precision craftsman-
Ultimate Design that lasts, Touch and ship The New Nokia 8800 Sapphire
feel the Superb Display of Samsung offers discerning users a unique
S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition with New dimension in sensuous luxury. The
AMOLED screen & Anti-Refelction New 8800 sapphire is a true Original,
coating. Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra reflecting distinctive style & confi-
Edition provides ultimate Camera and dence. The rich expression of ultimate
Video Experience with 8MP Camera, lifestyle that transcends the traditional
AF and Dual Power LD. Samsung limits of design. the 800 creates a new
S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition has standard in excellence, the soul of
Interactive User Interface with 3D innovation & the spirit of luxury com-
effects. bined to creat the symphony of the

Rs. Rs.
19,500 20,000

Motorola RAZR2 V8 LG KC550

Dimension 103 x 53 x 11.9 mm LG KC550 - 5 Megapixels at your
Weight 117 g Finger Tips
Battery: Talk time Up to 7 h 50 min, LG KC550 is a camera friendly phone
Stand-by Up to 330 h having dedicated camera function keys
Memory: 420 MB OR 2 GB internal user Familiar functions are all at your finger-
memory tips. Just slide open the lens cover and
Connectivity: Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, the flash, macro, image stabilizer and
USB, GPRS Class 10 (48 kbps), EDGE photo gallery keys of LG KC550 will light
Class 12 up ready for use. LG KC550 has a power
Display Size: 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inch- LED flash so Light up shady environ-
es (2nd external 2 inches display (240 ments & capture clear pictures in the
x 320 pixels) with contextual touch dark. LG KC550 also has a Motion sensor
interaction games (M-toy)
Display Colour: TFT, 256K colors (2nd
external 256K colors)

Rs. 56,000
Apple-iPhone 3G (16GB)
BlackBerry Curve 8900 Apple iphone 3G 16GB... Twice as
Fast. Half the Price
BlackBerry Curve 8900 - Thinnest &
This 133 grams phone has a Lithium
Lightest Full-QWERTY BlackBerry
Ion battery, which provides talk time
of 600 minutes and standby time of
BlackBerry Curve 8900, A sleek new
300 hours. It has added features like
twist on a classic style. You can keep
Quad band, 16m coloured touch-
your finger on the pulse of what’s
screen display with resolution of 320
important to you with the BlackBerry
x 480 pixels and a music player sup-
Curve 8900 smartphone. The striking
porting MP3, AAC, Audible, Apple
480x360-pixel screen offers up crisp
Lossless, AIFF and WAV music for-
on-the-go video, images, text, maps
mats. It also comes with an inbuilt
and more. With a refined design, the
memory of 16GB, 3G compatibility, 2
BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone
megapixel camera, Wi-fi, Bluetooth,
delivers expanded functionality & reli-
USB connector and EDGE.
able results. BlackBerry Curve 8900
fits in Your Hand.


Above prices are subject to change as per market

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Samsung S8300 UltraTouch

Samsung S8300 UltraTouch, otherwise dubbed as the Tocco
Ultra edition, joins in on the bandwagon of full touch handsets
that seem to be occupying the upper range of the market quite
successfully. Nothing can compare to the ease of use of a touch-
screen phone - given the user interface is done right. And
Samsung have put a lot of effort in their proprietary TouchWiz
The Samsung S8300 UltraTouch is definitely among the most
exciting devices that saw daylight during this year's MWC. We
took a closer look at its beta-version and were impressed but the
final one is even more impressive. No-one's claiming it is perfect,
but it certainly has plenty to show off about.
The Tocco Ultra packs a powerful 8-megapixel snapper,
Bluetooth support, GPS receiver with A-GPS, you name it. The
only thing that seems to be missing (considering the price tag) is
Wi-Fi support. So without further ado, the Samsung S8300
UltraTouch is in for a proper hardware inspection.

LG KC550 no thrills, all camera

SA line of multimedia-oriented handsets has secured LG a
strong foothold in the cameraphone kingdom. LG KC550 is prob-
ably the first to join the club with only imaging in mind. A mid-
range handset with top-of-the-shelf photo and video capabilities
is probably what describes best the compact slider.
The LG KC550 sure lacks the Viewty power and Secret's
Black Label charisma. The 5 megapixel slider strives to be the
most affordable cameraphone out there with a Wide VGA@30fps
video recording topping.
Those qualities have set many shutterbugs a foot with excite-
ment as they are finally promised uncompromising camera-
phone capabilities at an affordable price tag that's fit for the
masses. But please, don't go throwing your digital camera just
yet - let's first see what LG have for us this time.
LG KC550 builds on a good track record of 5 megapixel
mobile phone imaging. While the exotic KG920 is mostly noted
for being the forerunner, the secret and the Viewty do demon-
strate true imaging prowess.

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Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

At a certain point everyone finds themselves in the situ-
ation where all they need is a no-nonsense phone that
looks good and doesn't cost a fortune. The Nokia 5130
XpressMusic is exactly the kind - one of the sleekest, most
affordable handsets by the Finnish manufacturer that has
ever set foot in our door.
With a distinctly youthful charm, the Nokia 5130
XpressMusic certainly won't replace your laptop but will
give you all a mobile phone should. Offering the bare mini-
mum might not be what your average geek expects from a
phone but it is exactly what the market wants. The fact that
the Nokia 5310 sold more than 13 million units is clear
enough evidence of this.
After all, not everyone can afford an N97 nor does every-
one need it. What everyone does need however is good
performance from their handset, even more so if reliability
can be offered at a low price point. So we felt a thorough
review of the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic was in order to
check out this theory.

Trend T-786i Dual Sim GSM

Trend mobiles were the first in introducing the dual SIM
mechanism that allowed a person to hold two different SIMs in one
mobile phone. It has now come up with the simplest and yet the
most loaded of the mobile phones. It is called the, Trend Perfect
Dual Sim, T-786i is available in Bar shape with keypad and touch
screen facility.
The features of T786i are startling, Its basic edge is that a user
can retain different network operators, SIMs in one cell phone and
can receive calls in both. It is a complete multimedia cell phone
with 2 mega pixel camera, which has an audio and
video recorders and players as well. The USB
data cable allows the user a unique facility of
‘Plug N Play’.
Attach the cable with your computer and
view what you have recorded. There is no need
of any software or driver installation unlike other
cell phones. Trend T-786i having Bluetooth
connectivity, GPRS and MMS. Trend
mobiles offers and unmatched Deluxe
Package along with the set which includes
a free-of-cost Bluetooth Device, 256 MB
memory card, hands free, USB port, Desktop charger, 2
extra batteries and In-Car charger and a Trendy pouch to
carry your cell phone in style.
The Trend T-786i is a fashion conscious handset, which has a
good and attractive size of LCD and gives solid and quality feel
when in use. Mobile phone holds another edge to other cell
phones in the market. It has the style, it has the attractive look and
it has all that you require in cell phone to begin with.

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 with guts

There we go folks, it's a BlackBerry grand slam at the
arena and we're set for another ride with RIM's finest. We
guess this here Berry is neither Curve-hot nor Storm-
inventive but it's Bold enough to say little and do much.
Even without being the latest or greatest of RIM devices,
the Bold 9000 is clearly the pinnacle of what BlackBerry
stands for.
Moreover, the Bold 9000 is hardly a groundbreaking
device outside the BlackBerry world but to Berry buffs it
may be about as good as a mobile phone gets. Sporting
flawless connectivity, a magnificent screen and one of the
most comfortable QWERTY keyboards we have seen, the
Bold 9000 is at the very least a great business gadget.
Well then, it is business as usual on our end too so the
BlackBerry Bold better get ready for one of our out-and-
out reviews.

Nokia E75 In Pakistan - BlackBerry Competitor?

TNokia has been paying special attention to email,
media and ease of use. The E series of phones reflect this.
Nokia announced that E75 will soon arrive in stores, bring-
ing the company’s best efficiency and productivity solution
to the Pakistani market.
The new arrival is the first device to ship with the new
email user interface, offering full desktop email functionali-
ty, and complete integration of Nokia’s email and messag-
ing services. It is clear that Nokia is directly competing with
Blackberry for push email. Blackberry is quite popular in
Pakistan already. It will be interesting to see how this com-
petition plays out. As described in the PR, Nokia
Messaging allows users to download and read attach-
ments, and attach files to emails directly on the Nokia
Nokia E75 has a slide out QWERTY keyboard and effi-
cient three-step email setup. This simplicity is achieved
with the integration of Nokia Messaging, which ships with
a device for the first time in the Nokia E75. Nokia
Messaging is a service that opens up the world’s leading
consumer email accounts - including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail
and Windows Live Hotmail - and is joined by Nokia’s cor-
porate email clients, Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus
Notes Traveler, which provide direct access to over 90 per-
cent of the world’s corporate inboxes as well.

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Another touch screen mobile phone

launch by Samsung
THYDERABAD: Samsung Electronics is eyeing to tap the touch
screen mobile segment that is growing significantly. Globally, sales
of touch screen devices increased from 26 million units in 2007 to
114 million units in 2008 and they are set to grow further owing to
the multimedia experience offered to all segments of consumers.
The domestic market is set to witness sales of 12 lakh handsets by
the end of the current year against eight lakh devices in the previ-
ous year.
Meanwhile, Samsung India launched three more touch screen
phones Samsung Star, Samsung Star 3G and Beat DJ (a device
combining touch screen technology, sound, design and AMOLED
display enabling creation of personal music) in the market with
Bollywood actor Gul Panang formally unveiling them.
Samsung mobile division country head Sunil Dutt said the hand-
sets would come with several features such as handwriting, smile
recognition and gesture control technologies enabling users to per-
sonalise them for their needs.
The gesture control feature, for instance, would allow users to
customise applications and run any application by giving a gesture
With prices ranging from Rs. 11,100 to Rs. 40,000, (Indian
Rupees) the touch screen devices combine photo, video, music,
GPS and games and several of these models were being manufac-
tured at the Samsung’s facility in Delhi.
With most of its devices being 3G enabled, Samsung was in
negotiation with BSNL for special bundling offers for its customers
and the company was hopeful that about 45 per cent of its sales
contribution would come from the multimedia handsets, he added.
It is expected that these stat-of –the art touch screen mobile sets
will be launch in Pakistan in next month. The company is working to
make available these sets world wide.

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Although the Pakistani advertising scene has still got to go a

long way but there are isolated campaigns in different
sectors that have triggered frenzies in the media from time
to time. While these advertisements try to remain focused to
the product or the company’s main goal, many-a-times they
lose direction and end up as nothing.
hen you mention the term tracks and draws attention by ridiculing or Over acting and dialogue delivery is most of

W ‘marketing’ the first word that

comes to mind is ‘advertising’, in
fact most people cannot distinguish
between the two very clearly. Advertising has
always been a very powerful marketing tool
negating them. The trouble starts when the
campaign goes awry and fails to convince the
buyer. Often this also generates negative
feedback for the challenger’s package resulting
the time looks no link with the reality. Adeel
Hashmi and Faiasal Qureshi, though popular
character but some times look over acting in the
TVCs.Humours campaigns are some time very
effective and give the desired results, however,
when it comes to strengthening brand presence if is too long, it will look bad and teas the
in the market and in the minds of the target customers. That might be the reasons that Ufone
consumers, but when sale reach a plateau or in a is loosing its ground and Telenor Pakistan has
perfect competition environment, careless established itself as the 2nd best company of
advertising can fall flat on its face and may even Paksitan.
hurt the products’ sales. As Ries’ comment, ‘to defend a brand you
Although the Pakistani advertising scene has need to ‘reaffirm’ the brand’s core values. You
still got to go a long way but there are isolated need to run advertising that ‘resonates’ with
campaigns in different sectors that have consumers. You need consumers to think, ‘yes
triggered frenzies in the media from time to time. that’s what the brand stands for.’ There is no
While these advertisements try to remain doubt that when competitors try to sell to the
focused to the product or the company’s main same buyer, they find it hard to convince
goal, many-a-times they lose direction and end him/her to come to their side. Companies that
up as nothing. Al Ries and Laura Ries, authors of in lesser volume of sales. For example, many approach the consumer with a perfectly balances
the book, ‘the fall of advertising & the rise of PR’ people do not approve of late night telephone marketing strategy often win the battle.
say, ‘the purpose of advertising is not to build a conversations in our society, and totally
brand, but to defend a brand once it has been disagreed with cheap rates during the night
built by other means, primarily public relations offered by cellular companies, considering them
or third party endorsements.’ when companies as accessories of encouraging crime and
develop marketing strategies, they take up a unnecessary social interactions amongst the
platform that best describes them and their youth.
product. FMCGs prefer homes and lifestyles, Often advertising campaigns feature famous
F&B manufacturers focus on lifestyles, health celebrities in order to boost sales and draw more
and so forth. attention. However, this can go out of hand very
easily if the celebrity’s presence takes over the
Ufone’s advertisements limelight from the product itself. For example,
one superstar is the brand ambassador for
are becoming more Telenor and an FMCG, the two advertisements
satirical often depicting focus so much on the star that one forgets
whether it is the mobile connection or the soap
immature humour at times. that is being featured.
Another example is of Ufone advertisements
Consider the recent that of a group of celebrities who shot to fame
attempt of recreating an because of their humor and wit. Humor on the
other hand, is not only remembered but is Marketing’s another very powerful and mostly
awards function. quoted and shared with others too. This creates a underrated tool is Public Relations. Brands are
big impact on the viewer’s mind. But, humour built by reputation first; word of mouth, print
This trend is also present in the telecom and can cross ethical and social boundaries very coverage, direct interaction with people and so
communications sector that targets the easily if it goes unchecked. For example, Ufone forth. This sets the foundation for advertisers to
consumer’s lifestyle choices and hopes to initially started its campaign on the humor track work on. In a complete plan like this, the chances
highlight them. Here things are highly that became an instant hit with the entertainment of failure are minimized, since the brand has
competitive, with the same target audience and starved Pakistani audience. Now, Ufone’s made its place firmly in the minds of the
more or less the same product package mix; advertisements are becoming more satirical often consumer and it is most unlikely that they shift
many advertising campaigns tend to lean depicting immature humor at times. Consider from one product to another frequently.
towards comparative advertising in order to gain the recent attempt of recreating an awards In a perfect competition, like that in our
consumer attention from time to time, whilst function. Another thing which is sad so far is the communications sector, companies adopting an
remaining close to their original themes. Ranging copy concepts of different popular ads like “ yeh on screen as well as off screen interactive
from a high class, luxuriant lifestyle portrayal , tu dunia ki sub say sasti call hay” and free approach take the lead that translates into good
to an average family or a no-nonsense approach minutes TV commercial. These two ads have the sales despite negative advertising that is
to reach the audience, these advertisements run concept from Australian big ad and Kon benay shrugged off as bad humor that leaves no
parallel until someone jumps over the others’ ga crore pati. impression on the consumer’s mind. 
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HP-Officejet K7108 HP-LaserJet 4015x

This inkjet printer can print upto 25 ppm in black text and 20 ppm in This Monochrome printer has a print capacity of 50 A-4 pages per
colour text. It comes with the colour resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi minute and a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi with duty cycle of 2, 25000
using standard 4-ink or optional 6-ink colour. It uses maximum true pages per month. The printer holds standard input of 1100 sheets and
borderless printing on A3+ size and duplexer for two-sided printing. output of 600 sheets. This printer comes with the 128 MB built-in and
This printer can handle 150 sheets input capacity and 100 sheets out- upgradeable upto 640. It is compatible with Windows
put capacity. It comes with the features like poster printing, USB and 95/98/NT4.0/Me/2000/XP and Macintosh operating systems.
Parallel port connectivity.

Canon-Selphy ES20 Canon-Selphy CP730

This compact Photo Printer with a unique, compact design has the This compact photo printer has the resolution of 300x300 dpi and can
resolution of 300x600 dpi. With one simple Cartridge it holds both print upto 73 seconds to create Wide size (4" x 8") prints. Postcard size
ink and paper. It features powerful DIGIC II Image Processor that (4" x 6") images print in 58 seconds and credit card size pictures
corrects red-eye, 2.5 inch LCD can be used to edit and review photos, require only 31 seconds to print. This compact photo printer uses
USB interface and can print wirelessly from Bluetooth enabled cam- dye-sublimation technology with 256 levels of colour. It also comes
era phone with an optional Bluetooth adapter or can print directly with the features like PictBridge, 2.0-inch LCD monitor, memory card
from memory card slot. slot, optional Battery and USB 2.0 Interface.

Epson -Stylus T11 Xerox-Phaser 3435

This Monochrome Laser printer has printing speeds of 35 ppm

This inkjet printer can print upto 22 ppm in black text and 13 ppm in
(pages per minute) A4 size pages and comes with the maximum res-
colour text. It comes with the colour resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi
olution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. First copy out time of thr The printer has
using Epson DURABrite Ultra Inks. It uses maximum true borderless
Duplex printing technology feature and comes with the connectivi-
printing on 4 x 6 inch paper at approximately 156 secs per photo. The
ty's like USB. Additionally it comes with standard memory of 64 MB
printer can handle 80 sheets input, 50 sheets output capacity and has
and extendable memory of 320 MB. This printer is ENERGY STAR
a USB port.
qualified and specially designed to enhance productivity; cost of
print per page is 99 paise.

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Apple MacBook Air (2009) HP PAVILION DV3515EE

89, 978

The MacBook Air maintains one of the svelte profiles in mobile computing. Product Details
When closed, its profile is unbelievably thin, measuring just 0.7 inches at its Designed for those looking for portable digital entertainment and powerful
meatiest point. As with the previous MacBook Air, the new model keeps the computing, the HP Pavilion dv 3515 Notebook combines innovative entertain-
same minimalist look by housing the lone USB port, headphone, and Mini- ment features and the latest technologies. Optimized for mobile performance, its
Display Port connections behind a small door built into the right, rear corner of sleek 6 pound design features a 13.3 High-Definition BrightView widescreen
the chassis. On the opposite side of the notebook you’ll find the MagSafe power display, Intel mobile processor technology and leading-edge integrated wireless
jack, which represents the only other port on the entire system. LAN connectivity.

DELL XPS -1530-213G IBM TP X61s (UK43K)

Rs. Rs.
123, 778 172, 178

Product Details Product Details

The XPS M1530 is a truly portable notebook. How did we get so thin? Our ThinkPad X Series notebooks are the ultimate business tools for professionals
optional LED display uses 32 tiny, white LEDs for a super bright, super skinny who are constantly on the move and who need to stay productive – whenever,
screen. Projected weight starting at just under 4 pounds (1.8 kg)1 and featuring wherever. The newest models, the ThinkPad X61 and ThinkPad X61s, offer
next-gen technologies like optional embedded mobile broadband, slot load opti- extremely long battery life in a small form factor that makes it easy to carry your
cal drive, HDMI connection, Biometric Fingerprint Security, the XPS M1530 is business with you. Multiple connection options can help you stay connected all
the last word in leading edge high tech. the time, and powerful Intel® Core™2 Duo processors deliver performance for
even the most processor-intensive tasks, such as VoIP calls or heavy data analy-


Rs. Rs.
139, 478 229, 388

Product Details Product Details

The X360 is the ideal choice for technology and design oriented users who The Clear Bright LCD [Rich Colour] and Blu-ray™ Disc Drive let you enjoy
appreciate leading-edge performance, mobility and style. With its captivating high-quality AV entertainment anywhere, anytime. The newly-developed 16.4-
craftsmanship, the X360's durable magnesium alloy casing provides amazing inch, 16:9 Real Wide LCD offers extremely accurate colour reproduction. The tita-
strength and superior reliability coupled with enhanced ergonomics and premi- nium gray finish reflects an air of high-grade quality.
um styling.

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Gateway DX4710-07 Desktop Dell Studio XPS Desktop

The Gateway DX4710-07 Desktop lets

you get more done in less time thanks
to an Intel Core 2 Quad Processor and
Genuine Windows Vista Home
Premium 64-bit with SP1. A revved-up
graphics card allows you to make the
most of your visual experi-
ence. And this PC features
4GB of memory and 640GB The Dell Studio XPS desk-
of hard drive storage space top’s strength is brought
to fuel your power-hungry to life with great technolo-
multimedia demands as gies, advanced design and
you speed through digital media apps, create compelling content and features designed to enhance your overall experience and keep you
do more at once ahead of the rest.

Description Description:
(2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300, 4GB DDR2, 640GB HDD, (2.66GHz Intel Core i7 920, 4GB DDR3, 640GB HDD, DVD±RW DL,
DVD±RW DL, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit - MPN: Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, 19" LCD - MPN:
DX471007) DXDOZV1)

Apple iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 20" HP (Hewlett-Packard) TouchSmart

The iMac sports a sleek aluminum

and glass industrial design, with a Enjoy your digital life
matching slimline aluminum key- wherever it happens. Put
board. The built-in iSight camera our sleek, all-in-one,
hides discreetly above the LCD TouchSmart IQ504 PC in
screen, giving you ready access to any room you want.
a webcam for Internet chat and Work, listen to music,
conferencing. The com- edit photos
puter is powered by a and videos,
2.4GHz Intel Core 2 check e-mail,
Duo processor for superior performance. It boasts 1GB of RAM, a and watch TV. You'll have simple, touch access to entertainment
250GB hard drive, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Airport Extreme Wi-Fi, inte- and social networks, and you will be able to stay connected with
grated speakers, and the SuperDrive DVD burner. The glossy 20" people using the integrated webcam and microphone.
widescreen display is powered by ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT graphics
with 128MB of GDDR3 memory. Description:
(2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T5750, 4GB DDR2, 320GB,
DVD±RW DL, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, 22" LCD
- MPN: KQ436AA)

Samsung-2233SW Dell-2408WFP

This 24-inch, LCD, wide screen colour monitor has digital user con-
This 22-inch, LCD, widescreen colour monitor consumes 40 watts of
trols and a maximum resolution of 1920x1200 dpi. The screen is flat
power per hour, has digital user controls and a maximum resolution
with anti-glare and anti-static coating. It supports higher definition
of 1920x1080 dpi. The screen is flat with anti-glare and anti-static
than HD television and a wide array of HD connection options like
coating. It has a contrast ratio of 15000:1 (dynamic contrast ratio) and
HDMI, Display Port, DVI-D with HDCP and HDMI 2.1 Audio Out..
response time of 5ms. It has others features like MagicBright 3, image
It has 6ms response time and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. It has height-
size, colour effect, MagicTune and safe mode for better quality view-
adjustable stand, tilt, swivel, pivot.
ing. It has DVI-D connectivity with HDCP.

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Tripoli, 119 LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA : Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari (L) meets with Shukri Ghanem, chairman of Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC), in Tripoli on
May 2, 2009. Zardari, who arrived at the head of a large delegation, is on a three-day visit to the oil-rich North African country and his first to Libya since he became president in
September 2008

Gujar Khan: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Hamid Saeed
Kazmi giving away computer to the winner of Naat competition at
Anwar-e-Madina College. Lahore: Mr Steve Han, Country Manager Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd with Mr Rizwan Butt, COO,
Digital World Pakistan, Mr Ahmed Uzair –Assistant Marketing Manager-Samsung Electronics Co.
Ltd, Mr Baber Ali Kazmi- Category Head for HA Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Mr Naeem
Basheer- National Sales Controller Digital World Pakistan on the opening of Samsung Brand Shop.

Lahore: PIA’s 319th Board of Directors Meeting held at PIA Office Lahore.

PIA with collaboration of ZABIST organized photo exhibition of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto at
PIA Training Center. Sindh Provincial Minister, Haji Muzaffar Ali Shajra along with Mr. Dilawar
Fareed Baig Director Training & Development PIA looking at the picture displayed on the occasion.
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Karachi: Country GM Nokia Pakistan Imran Khalid Mahmood and

others at the launch of E75.

Lahore: Dr Muhammad Yaseen Chairman, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) receives

memento from the Conference Chairman, Mr Menin Rodrigues, President and CEO, SHAMROCK
Communications (Pvt) Ltd at the "Pakistan's 2nd Global Telecommunication Congress 2009".

Karachi: Official of Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 briefs to

the staffers of PTCL Training Center Malir about the rescue work to
meet in any emergency.

Lahore: Mr Zeshan Qureshi Head of Marketing Samsung Pakistan and sales Team of Mobile zone
presenting the prize to the winner of "Jeeto Lakhon kay inamaat Samsung Kay Sung"

Murree: Check out this interesting outdoor advertisement which suggests not to risk by purchasing Rawalpindi: A traffic warden busy in talking with his cell phone
used computers. It says to get a brand new computer in Rs 12,950 and that is without monitor. instead of control the traffic.

Free download | National Mosaic

Islamabad: PTCL Executive Vice President Business Zone Jamil A. Kwaja giving a way tool kit and
wireless phone to field staff.

Hyderabad: A lady capturing the moment with her camera during

Sindh Livestock Show funded by District Government in collabora-
tion with European Union near Jamshoro Road.

Islamabad: Two girls are taking pictures of each other from camera on the occasion of Kartini’s Day at
Indonesian Embassy.

Islammabad: A Traffic Police official busy with his cell phone at F-6
Executive Director SGM Sugar Mills, a project of Dhabi Group, Mr Mohammad A. Sheikh gives away
in Federal Capital City.
car keys to the top performer of the first quarter.

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Singapore: A promoter display the Acer X960 (L) and F900 series smartphone during its launching in
Singapore. Taiwan-based computer giant Acer launched a series of stylish "smartphones" for the Asia
Pacific region, further cementing its expansion into the lucrative mobile phone market.

Tokyo: An employee of Sony displays the world's smallest and lightest

high-definition digital comcorder "Handycam HDR-TG5V", equipped
with a 4 mega-pixel CMOS image sensor and a 3.2 - 32mm/F1.8 - 2.3
zoom lens, weighing 230g.

Washington: Minister for Interior, A. Rehman Malik shakes hand with US Special Envoy for Pakistan
and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke.

Tokyo: A model displays Sharp's latest "Mebius" laptop computer,

featuring an extra four-inch LCD panel which works as a track pad, Hong Kong: A woman holds a stick for the blind and visually impaired which has built in audio
during a press preview. sensors which detect objects from up to 20 metres at the Electronics Fair.
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Wagah:An Indian talks on his mobile phone during a mass marriage ceremony for some 525 poverty-
stricken couples from the India-Pakistan border area at Naushehra Dhala village in Wagah.

Tokyo: A model displays Sony's new digital camera "Cybershot HX1",

equipped with a 9.1-mega pixel CMOS image sensor and a 5.0 -
100mm/F2.8 - 5.2 20x magnifying power zoom lens, which can record high
speed shooting up to 10 frames per second and also make extra wide angle
shooting of "Sweep Panorama" mode at the Photo Imaging Expo.

London: A woman watches a YouTube clip of Scottish charity worker Susan Boyle's appearance on tel-
evision programme "Britain's Got Talent", in London. A 47-year-old Scottish charity volunteer who
claims never to have been kissed has become an international media sensation amid reports she is set
to cash in with a quick record deal.

New York: A member of the New York Police Department takes a pic-
ture with his cell phone before the New York Mets game against the
Boston Red Sox. Mazar-i-Sharif: Afghan police recruits photograph German Chancellor Angela Merkel with their
mobile phones as she visits them in the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan.
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Durban:Kings XI Punjab co-owner and Bollywood film actress Preity Zinta talks on her mobile phone
during the IPL Twenty20 at the Kingsmead Cricket Stadium.

Tokyo: Sony unveils the new digital audio player "Walkman NW-
X1060". The player is equipped with a 3-inch touch screen OLED dis-
play, plays multi media contents with Wi-Fi connectivity, such as
YouTube streaming, Podcast direct downloading and Internet browsing.

New Delhi: Marketing Director Nokia India, Vineet Taneja (C) poses with Indian models during the
unveiling of the Nokia E75.

Tokyo: A model displays the world's first in-car Blu-ray disc player
and 7-inch sized WXGA (1,280 x 720-pixel) car navigation display Beijing: Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi (C) poses with Taiwan popstar Patty Hou (L) and Hong Kong
"Strada", produced by Panasonic, in Japan. actress/singer Gillian Chung (R) during the launch of 'VEVA', a luxury mobile telephone by Chi-
nese phone maker QXM at a ceremony in China.
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Send SMS to email, email to SMS with Zong

hina Mobile Pakistan Limited (CMPak), rates for both national and international introduce cutting edge technology and provide

C popularly known as Zong, once again

sets to launch an interesting service
SMS to email and email to SMS.
Statistics show that 28 per cent of the total SMS
are exchanged between mobile phone to the
“While it is our constant endeavour to
our customers with the latest and most
innovative products at par with international
standard, this time we have gone even further
and sought to enhance the experience of Zong’s
subscribers,” said Awais Malik, Director
email accounts and vice versa. Now all Zong Products, Segment & International Business,
subscribers will have this facility readily available ZONG.
on their Zong connection. All that is possible in “Zong is setting new standards of customer
just few clicks and you can send SMS right on care in the country. Our mission is to become a
someone’s email and even receive text from the part of the daily lives of every one and make a
email address right you’re your mobile phone. difference towards the betterment of our society.
Zong continues to expand its value added Our new service is just one of the steps that
promotions to its customers, including low call justify our customers’ confidence in us.” 

Unlimited Warid to Warid calls for Rs.500

arid has recently added a new offer then you will have to upgrade to any of the new

W to its arena of attractive

promotions. Warid this time
introduced unlimited free calls
offer for its postpaid customers at a cost of just
Rs 500+tax per month. By subscribing to this
packages. You will have to deposit an additional
Rs 500 security deposit before applying for this
After the security deposit, you need to visit
your nearest Warid business centre or call 321
offer, you can make unlimited free calls 24x7 to for activation. The package will be immediately
any number from your FnF (friend and family) activated for new postpaid customers while the
list. existing customers will have to wait till the next
This offer is on 30 seconds pulse (billing) of billing cycle.
all new Warid postpaid packages including 250, You can add, delete or modify your FnF list per SMS sent to 129. Once a number has been
750, 1500 and 2500 line rental packages. If you by sending any of the following command to added to FnF list, it can’t be deleted for next 30
are using an old 150, 500 or 1000 rental package 129. You will be charged Rs2+tax days. 

Earn free minutes for receiving calls: Mobilink

obilink Jazz has a new offer for its during the promo two incoming minutes.

M dormant customers; if you have not

used your Jazz SIM since March 20
then there is a chance to win free
(on-net) minutes for all incoming calls (between
7am to 11pm).
would receive free
weekly incoming

minutes received
• Free minutes would be posted between
every Monday to Wednesday, till 31st July.
• Maximum 200 free minutes can be given
to a subscriber in a week.
• Free minutes would be valid for five
Mobilink’s website says that in addition to by them. days after posting.
free minutes, JAZZ will also provide an • Free • Free SMS would be posted between
unconditional Rs 30 worth of balance to all minutes will be Monday to Wednesday after the first recharge.
customers who have not used their JAZZ awarded on • Free SMS would be valid for 5 days after
connection since March 20. All these customers incoming calls posting.
will also get 100 free SMS on their first recharge. received from any • This offer is valid till 31st May 2009.
All customers who have lost their SIMs can network. • Free balance of Rs 30 would not be
obtain a free replacement SIM from their nearest • applicable at the end of the promotion, from all
customer care centre or franchise. The terms and Customers would those customers who do not perform any activity
conditions are given below: receive one free (incoming or outgoing) during the promo i.e.
• Customers who reactivate their SIMs minute for every from May 2 to May 31, 2009. 

Telenor gives 10 minutes free after 5 min

elenor participated in the race of value allow FnF Like all other packages this one No activation is

T added services by introducing its new

package. Telenor has now offered 10
minutes free after every 5 minutes
during call on all Telenor FnF numbers. It is very
easy to add and to change friends and family
includes some restrictions that subscribers must
consider before subscription. It is also worth
noticing that the offer has following terms and
The offer applies only to on-net FnF numbers;
required for this
offer as it will apply
to all existing as
well as new Telenor
FnF in subscribers’
numbers. This offer is on: Regular FnF time window applies to this list. To add FnF
TalkShawk 30 Sec offer: Talkshawk 30 Sec FnF time window is from numbers call 555 or
TalkShawk Har Min 6am to 6pm - hence, this offer will apply from write FnF and
TalkShawk Har Sec 6am to 6pm on TS 30 Sec; and send SMS to 345. 
Offer not on TalkShawk A1 since it does not This is a limited time offer.
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CMPak, Huawei deploy Solar-powered BTS

“We believe that with Huawei's dedication to innovation in solar and GSM, CMPak will be able to serve its
customers with advanced services in more area”
akistani telecom operator, CMPak has dedication to innovation in solar

P announced to launch its 1st solar

powered macro base station (BTS) with
the collaboration of Huawei in Mirpur,
AJK area. Huawei’s remote-controlled Solar-
Power Macro BTS allows CMPAK to extend its
and GSM, we will be able to serve
our customers with advanced
services in more area such as rural
and mountain area.” Commented
Mr Arshad Usman, Director of
network reach into un-served and remote areas Network Planning and Strategy
having limited access to the electricity grid. from CMPAK.
Huawei Technologies leads in providing next To date Huawei has introduced
generation telecommunications networks and renewable energy solutions for
serves 36 of the world's top 50 operators along mobile communication sites such as
with over one billion users worldwide. solar solutions, solar and wind
Mr Xu Haiyong, CTO of CMPAK while hybrid solutions, solar and diesel
visiting the site expressed his views, “Solar is one hybrid solutions.
of new trends for energy, it is the only solution Huwai and CMPak team at the sight of solar powered BTS. These environment-friendly
with almost zero OPEX as compared to solutions significantly reduce the total
people’s life, especially belongs to rural areas,
traditional Diesel Generator, it not only bring the cost of ownership in the product life circle,
such as AJK through the communication
TCO down of operation but will also expand the optimising energy efficiency, and bringing
service of mobile connection easily. In the solar obvious benefits to the operators. Huawei's
“CMPak is committed to reduce power
site, we can not only observe the green power renewable energy solutions provide network
consumption and environmental impact of its
solution of new technology but also find the coverage to remote areas of the globe, providing
telecoms equipment through technology
sincere efforts of CMPak and Huawei to enrich enjoyable communications to more people. 
innovation. We believe that with Huawei's

AbacusConsulting kicks PIA hold joint session

SAP Business One at on pilots go-slow
Shandy Cola All three associations condemned PALPA for their
bacusConsulting, one of the region’s leading consulting, coercion through flight disturbances and said that

A technology and outsourcing firm, commenced implementation

of SAP Business One at Shandy Cola Pakistan. Mr Abbas Ali
Khan, Partner AbacusConsulting and Mr Arif Latif, CEO
Shandy Cola Pakistan signed the contract at the ceremony held at Shandy
if PIA management acceded to the demands of
PALPA; they also have the right to protest/strike
IA Senior Staff Association PIASSA, Peoples Unity of PIA

Cola manufacturing facility.
AbacusConsulting has been offering cutting-edge business solutions Employees (CBA) and Aircraft Technical Association of Pakistan
helping organizations to transform their visions into realities through its (ATAP) held a Joint General Body on PIA Pilots Association
services. The services offered by AbacusConsulting include SAP services, (PALPA’s) go-slow for 25 per cent raise in salary and a 10 per
business process outsourcing, strategic consulting, corporate finance cent increment with effects from January 1, 2009.
advisory, business process improvement, and human resource consulting The Joint General Body was well attended by PIA employees. The
and information technology services. presidents of three Associations PIASSA, CBA and ATAP while
Shandy Cola Pakistan was established in 1995 and in a short span of addressing the members of their respective associations appealed to
14 years has acquired a PALPA for withdrawing their go-slow as it was causing immense loss to
prominent position in the national carrier and inconvenience to its valued passengers due to
the beverage industry flight cancellations and flight delays.
of Pakistan. Shandy President of PIA Senior Staff Association, Mr Abid Salim said that PIA
Cola is the pioneer for Pilots had the privilege of getting their salaries increased three times from
introducing carbonated 2005, 2006, 2007, while PIA employees’ salaries were not increased for the
flavoured drinks in the last seven years. He said that PALPA should act like an elder brother of
beverage industry and other associations and should think for the benefit of all employees. The
is equipped with the management should restore salary increase ratio and all employees’
latest fully automated
salaries should be increased on same ratio/percentage without any
plant of international
Mr Abbas Ali Khan, Partner of AbacusConsulting disparity.
and Mr Arif Latif Chief Executive Officer of Shandy Today the average monthly emoluments of PALPA members are Rs
Speaking at the Cola with their respective teams. 480,000 where as PIASSA members average monthly earnings are Rs
occasion, Mr Abbas Ali
44,700 an obscure ratio of 10.7:1. The benefits of PALPA members are
Khan, Partner of AbacusConsulting said, “SAP Business One will greatly
much higher than what PIA employees get; their salaries are also more
facilitate Shandy Cola in its drive to achieve excellence in all facets of its
business by seamlessly aligning their business objectives with overall than PIA Directors.
corporate strategy of the company.” He further added, President of ATAP, Haji Iqbal and President of Peoples Unity of PIA
“AbacusConsulting will be a transformation partner to Shandy Cola in employees’ Union, Mr Kamran Chaudhry unity also expressed their
by building value at all level.” concerns while appealing to PALPA to refrain from their go-slow and
Mr Arif Latif, CEO of Shandy Cola, described the agreement as not come forward to meet the Managing Director PIA in the best interest of
only an indication of growing maturity of the market but also Shandy the national carrier. 
Cola’s commitment towards it customers. 
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Synergy Technologies HP Debuts EliteBook

recognised by CEDIA expands business
eceiving recognition from the industry trade association the
notebook portfolio
R Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA)
for its work in smart home technology, Lahore-based AV

specialist Synergy Technologies was amongst the winners of this P introduced the durable, aircraft-inspired HP EliteBook 6930p
year’s CEDIA Awards. The company won the Best Home Cinema over Notebook PC as one of nine newly designed products added to
£ 100,000 category at the annual event which was held at The Brewery in its business notebook line-up that merges functionality with
London in association with Dymo, Dynalite and Sky News. sophisticated design.
The CEDIA Awards 2009 certainly proved to be an international affair The HP EliteBook is the first in a new family of notebooks joining the
with a record amount of entries received from outside of the UK. As well HP Compaq 2000, 6500 and 6700 series to create one of the most versatile
as Pakistan, there were companies from the Netherlands, India, France, business notebook portfolios in company history. These product families
Italy, Greece and are distinguished by their contemporary look and design that provides the
Spain, competing for ultimate high-performing PC
the coveted trophies experience.
and their participation
Incorporating the latest
helped to make the
mobile technologies and
Awards the biggest to
date, proving that engineered to meet multiple
despite more durability tests, the EliteBook
challenging times the includes HP DuraCase, a
residential custom complete set of visually
installation industry appealing and reliable features
still has much to such as a brushed anodised-
Officials Synergy Technologies with Custom Electronic
celebrate. Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) award. aluminium exterior combined Faraz Noorani, Channel Marketing Manager, PSG & So-
Alongside these with a magnesium alloy chassis lution Partners Organisation, HP Pakistan, Philip Lau,
General Manager, PSG Asia Emerging Countries, HP,
project winners, CEDIA Awards were also presented in two trade designed for maximum Faisal Habib, Distribution Business Manager, Intel Pak-
supplier categories; Best Trade Supplier and Best Training Initiative by a istan Corporation and Khwaja Waqas Masud, National
protection to keep the PC Enterprise Segment Manager, PSG, HP Pakistan at the
Trade Supplier. All ESP members were entitled to vote on both categories looking good, longer. unveling ceremony of HP ELITE BOOK 6930P.
via an online poll. This year the accolade for Best Trade Supplier went to Other innovations include HP QuickLook2 software, which provides
Crestron. The winner of Best Training Initiative category was AWE
access to email, calendar, task and contact information within seconds at
the touch of a button. The HP SpareKey feature addresses the hassle of
This year Chair of Judges was Steve Moore. The judging panel
comprised of Iris Dunbar, current president of BIDA; Sarah Brownlee, forgotten passwords by using a sequence of three predetermined personal
freelance journalist and contributor to interior design magazine idFX; Jan identification questions to gain immediate entry into the system.
Carlos Kucharek from the RIBA Journal, Dave Mitchell, Technical The HP business notebook lineup is one of the first to offer a choice of
Director of the HBF (Home Builders Federation), Chris Price, founder and the latest processor technologies, including AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Ultra
MD of Shiny Media, alongside two respected industry journalists, Dave Dual-Core Mobile Processors and the latest Intel® Centrino® 2 and Intel
Murphy and Dan Goldstein.  Centrino 2 with vPro technology. 

Agreed to expand
Nokia Siemens Networks will undertake the site acquisition,
construction, network implementation, logistics and project
management. It will implement the Flexi Base Station, a pioneering

elenor Pakistan is upgrading its
infrastructure which will enable the product that is modular, easy to deploy, and energy efficient making it
service provider to reach out to new ideal for network expansion at reduced costs
subscribers, improve customer
easy to deploy, and energy efficient making it challenge isn’t just about achieving more while
experience and introduce additional feature-
ideal for network expansion at reduced costs. spending less but also about offering more
rich services quickly and cost effectively. Nokia
Once implemented, Nokia Siemens Networks while asking for less. Our unique model which
Siemens Networks has been awarded a frame
will monitor, manage and optimise the network combines leading edge product innovations
contract to undertake this network expansion
using its NetAct and ServeAtOnce offering to with strong implementation and management
over a period of five years.
ensure the highest service quality and also train abilities provides the best technology solution
Irfan Wahab Khan, Executive Vice President,
Telenor Pakistan’s team. with optimal CAPEX and OPEX savings and
Corporate Affairs, Telenor Pakistan said, "We
this is what won Telenor Pakistan over," said
chose Nokia Siemens Networks for its proven We chose Nokia Siemens Saad M. Waraich, Pakistan and Afghanistan
capabilities in large scale expansions with a fast
time to market, and in particular for its strong
Networks for its proven Country Director, Nokia Siemens Networks.
capabilities in large scale Nokia Siemens Networks has extensive
services capabilities."
experience in rapid network rolls outs,
Nokia Siemens Networks will undertake the expansions with a fast time to specifically in emerging markets. Globally, a
site acquisition, construction, network market, and in particular for its Nokia Siemens Networks base station goes live
implementation, logistics and project strong services capabilities every three minutes. During 2008, the company
management. It will implement the Flexi Base
rolled out 200,000 sites across the world. 
Station, a pioneering product that is modular,
"For operators in emerging markets, the
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implementations in Pakistan as
Optimising Data well as the region.
Consultants from KalSoft,
Syed Zeeshan Ali and Fazal

Centre Management Mohammad Khan conducted

demos during the event on
Microsoft System Centre

with System Centre technologies explaining how

these technologies can help in
optimising infrastructure

Solutions management so that business

related IT operations can be
automated in order to reduce
System Centre is Microsoft’s solution for cost, increase efficiency, and
Group photograph - Event - Optimizing Datacenter with System
improve services availability
Enterprise Management and it offers Center Solutions
and to enhance services delivery.
capabilities including: Desktop Provisioning, Financial Services and Enterprise Senior management representatives from both
Application Provisioning, Security customers. Microsoft and KalSoft were present at the event.
System Centre is Microsoft’s “KalSoft and Microsoft has always focused on
Management, Desired Configuration
solution for Enterprise Management empowering customers with new MS
Management, Asset Management, Data and it offers capabilities including: technologies and assisting them in increasing
Protection, and Operations Management Desktop Provisioning, Application operational efficiencies. The idea behind having
Provisioning, Security Management, this event was also to highlight customers what
alSoft Ltd and Microsoft Pakistan Desired Configuration Management, Asset measures KalSoft and Microsoft are taking to

K jointly held a successful half day event Management, Data Protection, and Operations help them reduce their IT Infrastructure
on “Optimising Data centre with Management.
System Centre Solutions” to articulate
Management costs in these challenging economic
KalSoft, being the Gold Partners of Microsoft, times”, said Syed Shariq Kalam, Director Global
the rich feature and functional capabilities of the have the expertise in implementing System Sales, KalSoft. 
Microsoft’s System Centre line of products to the Centre products and have done numerous

Asian militants getting Etisalat to Deepen Links

sophisticated in Pakistan
“Many of the Bahasa Indonesia and Malay language The company could invest as much as US$ one
websites have been used as online platforms to justify billion in equipment and infrastructure to enhance
terrorist acts and propagate conspiracy theories” its network to rural areas of country
outheast Asian militants have grown more sophisticated in using

S the internet to spread radical ideas, recruit and train supporters,

according to a new study urging governments to take action. The
internet’s role as a training and recruitment tool is likely to
increase in significance and could threaten the region if it is not countered
effectively, the study said.
tisalat is considering steps to increase its involvement in Pakistan,
including eventually raising its stake in PTCL, reported a UAE
daily citing Etisalat chief and Pakistan’s investment minister. The
moves could also include pushing service further beyond major
cities into rural areas and bidding for a new generation 3G license.
“To put it bluntly: security agencies may detect the bomb manuals, The expansion is part of a plan to see the firm reach into the four
but miss the process of radicalisation that produces the bombers,” says largest economies in the Middle East and 17 countries around the world.
the joint report from Singapore’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Etisalat has focused much of its
Studies and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. efforts so far on urban centers but
It indicates that terrorist groups in the region are becoming plans to push beyond them in
increasingly sophisticated in their use of the internet, posting hacking search of new subscribers.
and bomb-making videos, and even developing their own online media “We have plans to enhance our
units. reach to rural areas of the country,”
“Using this international platform, they’re attempting to shape Mr Omran said. “This is our
people’s ideas about whose ideology is right and who should win. business model and this is what we
Importantly, they are not attacking only the West but are drawing on want to do in Pakistan as well.” He
their narrative to attack the governance arrangements of regional states.” declined to say how much Etisalat
Southeast Asia is home to extremist groups such as Jemaah Islamiyah, would invest: “I don’t have the
blamed for a string of deadly bomb attacks in the region including the numbers yet. It will all depend on the volume of expansion.”
2002 attacks on Bali, and the Abu Sayyaf in the southern Philippines. The Etisalat is also considering to raise its stake in PTCL from the 26 per
Abu Sayyaf has gained prominence by kidnapping foreigners, most cent it bought for US$ 2.6 billion in 2005 to 51 per cent, Mr Omran said
recently a group of Red Cross workers, one of whom is still being held. giving Etisalat operational control. “We have an option in our original
It suggested that “understanding and countering online radicalisation contract to increase our stake in PTCL by 25 per cent. However, timing as
must be one of the main pillars of the fight against regional terrorism.” to when we will do it is not decided yet,” he said. “This is definitely an
Online extremism was first detected in Southeast Asia in early 2000, in option under consideration but it is not happening in immediate future.”
particular on websites using Bahasa Indonesia and other variations of the Omran said that although Etisalat had the first option to increase its
Malay language, the study said. stake, Pakistan government regulations allowed offers from other
More recently, they have disseminated instructions on hacking and operators, and that could be a long procedure. He said the company is
making bombs and firearms, followed by more sophisticated video also keen to bid for a 3G license in Pakistan. Mr Omran said that
manuals of these dangerous crafts. Southeast Asian militant groups have according to Mr Khan, Pakistan would soon make the first 3G license
also developed their own online media units that operate like available for bidding for telecom operators around the world. 
international news agencies, the study said. 
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Microsoft move against piracy in Pakistan

n the aftermath of growing piracy around by local law Increased use of legitimate software will also

I the world and in Pakistan, Microsoft

advocates a stronger IPR-friendly
environment for economic and social
prosperity. This pledge of Microsoft comes at a
point when the software piracy rate alone in the

promote a better environment for foreign
companies to invest in Pakistan”.
In addition, Kamal also advocated a greater
role of the government to eradicate the menace
of piracy. He said that while Microsoft
country stands at a staggering 84 per cent, enforce the commends the current efforts and measures of
according to a Global Software Piracy Study. laws that the government, concrete steps and standards
The situation of software piracy is negatively protect still need to be set in place to counter these
impacting Pakistan’s IT competitiveness in the intellectual pirates that operate from a global forum.
world. According to a report from the Economic property rights. Microsoft maintains that piracy is not just an
Intelligence sponsored by Business Software Kamal Ahmed, Country Manager Microsoft economic issue, rather it is a social phenomenon
Alliance (BSA) published in September 2008, Pakistan, highlights economic disadvantages as artists, writers, and even local small
Pakistan’s ranking is 62nd in the world and it is Pakistan has to face due to the growing menace businesses are adversely impacted by IPR
lower than countries like Sri Lanka and of piracy and IPR-infringement. “In Pakistan, violation. With this view, Microsoft has taken
Bangladesh. the industrial and manufacturing sector is the initiative to hold seminars with local
Microsoft has remained true to its bearing the brunt of massive use of pirated and business associations for creating awareness on
commitment of curbing the threat of piracy untaxed software. According to a global piracy new IT trends and the benefits of using genuine
through concerted efforts both in terms of social study conducted by Business Software Alliance software. These efforts are in tandem with its
awareness and provision of genuine software (BSA) in 2007, a mere 10% decrease in piracy commitment to deliver high quality software-
solutions to unsuspecting enterprises and home rate in the country can contribute to over usage experience to all of its consumers. 
users. With a view to highlight benefits of IPR- US$160 million to GDP and raise over US$20
protection, Microsoft supports initiatives taken million in additional income to the government.

Copy rights violation-FIA raid in Karachi

FIA raid at the premises of M/s. Softwise Technology. A large quantity of pirated software articles
including CDs, hard drives and PCs with pre-installed pirated software were recovered and seized by
the FIA.
he Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Crime Circle, articles including CDs, hard drives and PCs with

T has initiated a crackdown to curb the

growing threat of piracy in the country.
On 22.4.2009, M/s. Microsoft
Corporation lodged a written complain in FIA
Crime Circle Karachi against M/s. Softwise
Karachi. The

Director Zafar
pre-installed pirated software were recovered
and seized by the FIA.
A case FIR No. 17/09 dated: 23-04-2009,
under sections of Copyright Ordinance 1962,
Pakistan Penal Code and Prevention of
Technology for being allegedly involved in Iqbal and Electronic Crimes Ordinance has been
copyright violations of its software products and comprised of registered. The Chief Executive Officer of M/s.
selling them by pre-installing pirated software Sub-Inspector Softwise Technology, Khushnood Aftab has been
copies on machines. Shahbaz Khan, arrested in this case.
Accordingly, on the instructions of Mir Sub-Inspector Further investigations are in progress. More
Zubair Mehmood, Director FIA Sindh, a team of Sanaullah, ASI Bilal and other staff conducted a arrests in this connection are expected. 
FIA Crime Circle Karachi was formed by raid at the premises of M/s. Softwise
Khaliquzzaman Khan, Deputy Director FIA Technology. A large quantity of pirated software

Finding the Right PC made easy

icrosoft recently launched the commented that the campaign would help have come up with special offers to help the

M Right PC initiative in Pakistan to

help consumers in PC purchase
decision making and determine
the right hardware and software that suits their
specific needs. The initiative aims at making
deploy a more IPR-friendly environment in
Pakistan. “The PC solutions offered under the
Right PC initiative will contain pre-installed
genuine Microsoft software. The genuine
software helps customers against malware,
consumers benefit from this initiative.”
Shahzad Khan, OEM Manager for Microsoft
Pakistan, lauded the Right PC initiative as a
breakthrough in empowered buying process,
“Consumers need reliable platforms where
the purchase process more informed and easier viruses and spyware which can cause damage they can get access to technical support and
for end users while also providing an easy to unsuspecting customers.” market exposure to make informed choices
access to Microsoft authorised reseller network. The Right PC Campaign is a global initiative about PC purchases. Consumers will now be
Kamal Ahmed, Country Manager, designed to help develop a mature PC market able to select a PC based on their own specific
Microsoft Pakistan said on the occasion of the in Pakistan. Ibrahim Qureshi, Director Raffles, usability requirements instead of relying on
launch, “We believe that with the launch of said, “Customers in Pakistan have long been word of mouth.”
Right PC website, users in Pakistan will be concerned about the quality, reliability, The Right PC initiative ultimately aims at
empowered to choose their computing support, and risk of counterfeit software when improving ICT skills of average PC users and
solutions. They will also be able to have buying a PC. Right PC initiative assures our allows them to make better choices in PC usage
conscious control on the software specifications customers that the PCs are high-quality, well- and utility. 
within their affordability range.” He further suited to their needs and cost effective. We
No Line Rent
Competitive Rates
Crystal Clear Voice
Free VAS
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HTC Touch 3G for New probe for 3G

business sector broadband
ADCOM Ltd announced the launch of its new high-capacity R70-

With capacity for a 30gGB MicroSD card, busy profes-
S probe platform, taking mobile data monitoring performance to
sionals can use the HTC Touch™ 3G to catch a movie, a new level. Designed to efficiently support rapidly surging media
listen to music or surf the web on the move traffic in cellular data networks, this enhanced version, based on
RADCOM’s award-winning R70 probe, offers significantly increased
range have announced the eagerly anticipated HTC Touch™ 3G

processing performance and storage on a scalable high-end platform.
for business customers. Available at Orange in exclusive matt The unprecedented demand for mobile broadband services and
black, the Touch™ 3G cleverly combines work and leisure applications, such as web browsing, email and multimedia has made it
applications in one device through a range of powerful critical to develop an effective system for monitoring services and ensuring
multimedia and mobile email capabilities. The Touch 3G additionally offers high-quality customer experience. The high speed and reliability of 3G data
UMA technology, enabling calls to be made over a wi fi/broadband networks provide an attractive internet access package for laptop users,
connection, allowing customers to benefit from enhanced network resulting in widespread use of 3G laptop data cards worldwide.
coverage. The R70-S provides real customer experience measurements, combining
With capacity for a 30gGB MicroSD card, busy professionals can use the features of RADCOM’s innovative Omni-Q monitoring and analysis
the HTC Touch™ 3G to catch a movie, listen to music or surf the web on tool with the innovative hardware-accelerated performance required by
the move while mobile email means they can easily keep on top of their the most advanced 3G cellular data networks.
work load. Powered by “Connecting to the internet
Windows Mobile® 6.1 via UMTS and CDMA2000
Professional, customers can EVDO networks will continue
simply, easily and cost- to increase at a rapid pace, and
effectively synchronise all the resulting strain on cellular
Outlook emails, contacts and networks will pose a major
calendar information directly challenge to operators,” said
from their phone. Eyal Harari, VP Products and
Offering more than four Marketing at RADCOM.
times the resolution found on The improvements in our
most phone screens, the 2.8-inch premier probe platform
touchscreen boasts outstanding clarity, and responds perfectly to the guarantee the most cost-effective solution for maintaining satisfied
lightest touch making it easier to scroll through your contacts, browse the subscribers available in the market today.” RADCOM’s Omni-Q service
web or launch any of the multimedia options. The inbuilt 3.2 mega pixel assurance solution is a comprehensive, next-generation network testing,
camera means customers can catch moments spontaneously, while high- monitoring and performance quality management system.
speed HSDPA internet connectivity gives them the power to share photos It consists of a powerful and user-friendly central management module
and video clips with friends instantly. and a broad range of intrusive and non-intrusive probes covering various
François Mahieu, Director of Devices at Orange, said: "Mobile email is networks and services. Because the same Omni-Q management application
no longer enough for busy professionals. Instead, they’re looking for a and probes are used for all technologies, deployment of the Omni-Q
device that offers a range of business functions and multimedia services. solution ensures long-term savings on both capital and operating
The HTC Touch™ 3G offers all this and more, helping businesses get more expenditures. 
out of whatever they’re doing, wherever they are.” 

BT Business to launch Key money-saving features of BT Talk Time include

calls within the business between BT mobiles and up

Samsung C6625 to ten nominated BT business landlines

Office® and a support mobile email have helped them to win
range of mobile new business. Mark Mitchinson, Vice-President
T Business announced the

applications. Samsung Mobile UK and Ireland, said: “BT’s
introduction of the Samsung C6625 More than relationship with more the one million
handset powered by Windows Mobile one in five businesses in the UK puts it at the heart of the
to its business mobile offering BT Talk workers (21 per small business community in the UK.
Time to help companies join the rising trend in cent) The slim, light weight and stylish new
companies now working on the move to interviewed for Samsung C6625 handset offers a wide range of
improve employee productivity. the ‘New features to help improve the mobile
As a result of a strategic partnership Workplace’ productivity of businesses offering super-fast
between BT, Samsung and Microsoft, small study said they data transfer speeds across 3G mobile networks
businesses can now communicate more cost now choose (HDSPA 3.6 Mbps), a Windows Media Player
effectively out of the office. The BT Talk Time where they v10 enabling users to synchronise high quality
package now includes the choice of a free work from, music, video and photos with their PCs and
Samsung C6625 with each connection; and free without limits, talk time of up to seven hours. Key money-
unlimited mobile email and internet access. with more than saving features of BT Talk Time include calls
Build on Windows Mobile 6.1, the Samsung one in ten within the business between BT mobiles and
C6625 gives users access to familiar features on saying that up to ten nominated BT business landlines. 
their PC, on their phone with real-time phones that
synchronisation of email, access to Microsoft
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Pakistan to launch 3G cellular services

espite the global recession and a operators only will be allowed to participate or

D worrying security situation, the

government wants the 3G services to
be available for the Pakistani cellular
customers within a month, said Federal Secretary
for Information Technology and Telecom,
more international companies will be invited.
“The; ministry has also submitted its
recommendations on these matters; but the final
decision rests with the federal cabinet,” he
Hafeez-ur-Rehman during the talk with foreign He said the policy in this regard will not be
newspaper. discriminating for existing companies or new
The next generation cellular services, entrants and the base price will also be set
commonly known as 3G, will be launched in keeping in view the international recession and
Pakistan this year, an official said. market trends. He said that the 3G services will
Federal Secretary Hafeezur Rehman said the be provided in a three phase process.
policy for launching these services has already He said the base price for auction of the
been submitted to the federal cabinet and after its spectrum will be decided by the cabinet besides
approval within three to four weeks spectrum the policy decision whether the existing
will be auctioned. spectrum will be decided by the cabinet besides operators only will be allowed to participate or
He said the base price for auction of the the policy decision whether the existing more international companies will be invited. 

4 operators opposing 3G
our, out of five leading cell phone would be tabled in the forthcoming Cabinet

F companies of the country, have sent a

written request to the government to
review its policy to introduce 3G
Technology in Pakistan due to what they called
"the financial crunch".
meeting for approval. However, three leading
companies are opposing this move," said the
The written request was sent by Mobilink,
Ufone, Warid and Zong to Federal Secretary,
On the other hand, one telecom company is Information Technology, Hafeez-ur-Rehman,
pushing the government to go for the 3G asking him to review the decision to go for 3G
licensing as per policy. Well placed sources in as the country's economy was not ready for
the Ministry of Information Technology this "endeavour".
informed that Mobilink, Ufone, Zong and The letter further added that the cell phone
Warid Telecom have written a letter to the companies were also badly affected by the
Ministry of Information Technology, financial crunch and they were unable to go for
requesting to postpone 3G licensing due to the further investment to upgrade their were also feeling the heat and they could not
financial crisis while Telenor is urging the infrastructure to introduce 3G technology. afford the expensive 3G technology which
government to go for the 3G. Furthermore, the four companies opined needed state-of-the-art handsets.
"The Ministry of IT has finalised its policy that this investment would also not be able to The ministry, however, is yet to respond to
for 3G Technology licensing and the policy give desired returns as the people of Pakistan the telecom companies' request. 

Life left in 2G & 3G wireless

hese days mobile broadband talk is all 2008 were 2G; to ship that year, only 1.7 per cent will be LTE.

T about LTE, WiMAX and 4G. These

topics dominate discussions at trade
shows and coverage in trade
publications. It is as if 3G is on its death knell
and 2G but a distant memory. When looking at
• In 2012 LTE base stations will be less than
one per cent of all base station shipments for the
year. Shipments of 2G base stations, primarily
those using EDGE, will be 25 times greater than
those with
The rest will consist of 2&3G technologies;
• Looking at mobile data revenues, 3G
service revenues will not overtake 2G revenues
until 2012;
• While 2G in total generates more revenue,
the facts however, the reality of today’s mobile LTE in 2012; on a per user basis, 3G has higher average
data networks are quite the opposite. 2G • In revenue per user; and
dominates, with 3G just coming into its own, 2013, of • The top markets for 3G are North America,
according to a market research report available the over Western Europe, and the developed regions of
at Publications. In many areas of 1.5 Asia.
the world, such as India and Africa, 2G has billion There are several reasons why these older
many years of life left. China has just begun to technologies will still be around long after
roll out 3G networks. India, the second most operators start talking about their 4G networks.
populated country in the world lags China in For one, not all regions of the world develop at
this area. the same rate. Less economically developed
Next time you start to hear about the handsets, regions are slower to adopt newer technologies.
oncoming rush of 4G, here are a few data points the Secondly older technologies are needed to
to put it into perspective: report ensure total coverage of a region. Take a look at
• Over half of all base stations shipped in forecasts the US. 
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survey of telecom services including mobile

PTA completes targets operators, reduction in illegal telecom traffic and
blocking of IMEI of mobile handsets. It was
decided in the meeting that PTA will continue to
for 1st quarter implement technical solutions to address these
issues. It was also decided that consultancies will
be carried out on various technical subjects for
PTA has prepared a Disaster Communication the benefit of the telecom industry.
Plan to use telecom services effectively in a PTA Dr Mohammed Yaseen,
It was informed in the meeting that new
Numbering Plan for AJ&K and Northern Areas
natural calamity and disaster hit areas. During Member Finance Mr S.
has successfully been implemented with parallel
Nasrul Karim Ghaznavi,
the meeting polices to improve human member technical Dr
operations for the convenience of telecom users
resources in PTA were also discussed in these areas. It was also informed that PTA has
Khawar Siddique Khokhar
prepared a Disaster Communication Plan to use
and attended by senior
akistan Telecommunication Authority

telecom services effectively in a natural calamity
officers of the Authority. On this occasion,
(PTA) has completed targets and goals and disaster hit areas. During the meeting
progress of various division and directorates of
set for the first quarter (January to polices to improve human resources in PTA
PTA including finance, commercial affairs,
March) of 2009. An Authority meeting were also discussed.
technical services, enforcement, law, strategy
was held at PTA Headquarters to review the Chairman PTA showed satisfaction on the
and development, economic affairs and human
progress on the targets and goals set for the year progress made by different divisions and
resources was reviewed.
2009. The meeting was chaired by Chairman directorates of PTA. 
The progress was reviewed at length on

Infrastructure for Growth Germany supports

by Ovex and Cisco Roshni Association with
The Cisco powered solutions are designed to
reduce costs, mitigate complexity, improve
security, enhance mobility, optimise workforce These receipts were the outcome of the German-
and enhance customer experience by extending Pakistani Spring Festival, which took place on
the clients’ business applications throughout the 28th February 2009 in Lahore in order to celebrate
enterprise via wired and wireless infrastructure German-Pakistani ties in the fields of politics, the
n a joint effort Ovex Technologies and Cisco, the worldwide leader in economy and culture

I networking solutions, came together for holding an IT seminar. The

seminar was titled “Infrastructure for Growth”. This seminar
illustrated the capabilities and opportunities of using the Cisco-Ovex
Silver Partnership to expand the possibilities and efficiencies of the clients’
business. G
erman companies in cooperation with the German Embassy
Islamabad support ‘Roshni Association', a German-Pakistani
charity organisation based in Lahore, with 1.5 million rupees.
Deputy Head of Mission, Ina Lepel, handed over the cheque
The participants were also provided with valuable insight on the to Mr and Mrs Hannesen of Roshni.
benefits and features of Cisco Powered Solutions and the competitive These receipts were the outcome of the German-Pakistani Spring
advantage held by these two highly competent partner companies. A large Festival, which took place on 28 February 2009 in Lahore in order to
number of IT professionals from various organisations gained beneficial celebrate German-Pakistani ties in the fields of politics, the economy and
knowledge by participating in this culture. The multifarious ties between the two countries were displayed
seminar. at this event through stalls of German and Pakistani companies through
The CEO of Ovex Technologies, Mr a brochure and a German-Pakistani cultural programme.
Faisal Khan said, “Staying competitive in The event had mainly been
today’s market requires agility and sponsored by the German and
efficiency. Using the Cisco Powered
Pakistani companies Allianz,
Solutions, our clients can find ways to
Dewan Group (BMW), DHL,
meet their customers’ demands and adapt
German Water & Energy,
to changes in the marketplace while
mitigating risk and controlling costs without sacrificing performance.” Holztec, KSB, METRO and
The Cisco powered solutions are designed to reduce costs, mitigate SAP as well as through contributions by Printsole, Leisure Textiles,
complexity, improve security, enhance mobility, optimise workforce and Rohde & Schwarz, Deutsche Bank, Iqbal & Company, Kohinoor Mills,
enhance customer experience by extending the clients’ business Shahnawaz (Mercedes), U.S Apparel & Textiles and Schenker - CEI
applications throughout the enterprise via wired and wireless Logistics to help Roshni Association to help Roshni Association.
infrastructure. By offering voice, video, wireless and security on a single The aim of Roshni Association is to cater to the needs of special
platform, Cisco provides comprehensive infrastructure for growth to its persons (mentally retarded) above the age of 16 years. Roshni
clients. Association works to integrate people with special needs with normal
Speakers at the seminar also acquainted the participants with the people. Therefore Roshni develops skill oriented training programs, such
stringent requirements for becoming a Silver Certified Partner of Cisco. as handicrafts and baking, to cultivate and encourage people with special
These include immaculate capabilities in project management, capacity needs. Roshni tries to bring out the true abilities hidden under the cover
planning, design, quality assurance, personnel certification, customer
of disabilities. Roshni Association currently takes care of 40 adult special
support, specialisation and customer satisfaction. All the above criteria
persons in sheltered workshops to give them a meaningful occupation.
form the foundation of quality services being consistently offered by Ovex.
The Silver Partnership reaffirms Ovex’s high quality software products and Mr and Mrs Hannesen also run a primary school for deserving children
the very best IT solutions. Ovex, while offering a comprehensive portfolio from the villages, which currently teaches 90 kids. 
of services also specialises in the areas of VPN security and WLAN. 
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USF awards Rs 1.4bn contracts

Islamabad: Broadband is providing broadband services Khushab, Bhakkar and will be provided by PTCL and Executive Officer – USF,
considered to be the electronic in the un-served urban areas Mianwali, excluding the 16,500 by Wateen Telecom. It Parvez Iftikhar.
highway of today. Although, of Faisalabad Telecom Region served city of Faisalabad, to may be mentioned that Chairman-PTA, Dr.
Pakistan has gone ahead in Universal Service Fund (USF) Muhammad Yaseen also
providing voice telephony is made up of contributions congratulated all the
services crossing 60 per cent by telecom service providers stakeholders and added
tele-density, but broadband of Pakistan. that operators need to
proliferation in the country is A simple contract signing generate more awareness
still very low and there are ceremony was held at among the public regarding
less than 300,000 broadband Ministry of IT marking launch benefits of broadband.
connections in the country. of first ever project of its kind He expressed that the
Almost all these connections for bringing Broadband to media campaigns being run
are concentrated in around 15 small cities and towns. by the operators need
big cities of the country. SEVP (Corporate to be more focused towards
Universal Service Fund (USF) Development) - PTCL, the success stories related to
The signing ceremony of contracts awarded by USF.
is working to bridge that gap. Sikandar Naqi and General broadband and how
Universal Service Fund (FTR) comprising of districts PTCL and Wateen Telecom. Manager – Wateen Telecom, broadband could be used for
awarded first contracts, worth of Faisalabad, Jhang, Through this project, initially Furqan Qurehsi, signed the the well-being of the
Rs 1.4 billion in total, for Sargodha, Toba Tek Singh, 72,500 broadband connections contracts with Chief people. 

HP showcases comprehensive
imaging and printing portfolio
Karachi: HP outlined solutions to help drive multi-function device that are
strategies to help businesses business growth and optimize designed to increase
extend the new power of print operational efficiencies.” workgroup efficiency and
to achieve business HP showcases wide range deliver professional results.
productivity and unlock new of imaging and printing Both printers feature the HP
opportunities at specially- portfolio. At the seminar, HP Instant-on Technology and
organized 3 day road show at showcased a range of imaging Instant-on Copy with LED-
Park Towers. and printing products based technology.
HP, the number one targeted at helping businesses • HP Deskjet F2280 All
printer company in APJ, also increase their effectiveness in one & H470 are durable,
showcased its comprehensive and productivity: reliable and energy efficient
imaging and printing • HP showcased SMB- devices that feature an ultra-
portfolio across consumer and optimised colour printing compact design to help SMBs
Islamabad: COMSATS University who beat Bahria commercial printing segments solutions such as the HP save space.
University students posing University in MOHAA and catered to families, and small Colour LaserJet CP1215 which • The HP Officejet
after winning the Djuice Need For Speed. and mid-sized businesses. is designed to help them J4660 allows SMBs to print
LanClan Interuniversity The title for COD4, Shahid Khan, Director create their own in-house professional-quality color
Gaming Competition at however, went to Bahria Marketing, IPG Pakistan said, marketing materials and boost graphics and laser-quality
Cinepax Rawalpindi. The University. The winners were “Leveraging our heritage of their marketing effectiveness black text for a lower cost per
interuniversity electronic awarded Cinepax golden technology innovation, we are cost-effectively. page than laser printers (2)
gaming competition was tickets as free movie committed to providing • HP LaserJet M1522 is when using HP Officejet
dominated by COMSATS passes.  effective imaging and printing affordable monochrome inks. 

LUMS gets MIT Huawei’s Green Solutions

Technovator Award Islamabad:
Technologies Co
The MIT Technovators award in Grassroot and 'Huawei', a leader in
Awards, instituted in 2003, Development Technology in providing next-generation
recognise and felicitate MIT Technovators Award telecommunications network
solutions for operators around
distinguished young 2008.
the world, has discussed its
innovators of South Asian Prof. Umar Saif is
impressive lineup of end-to-
origin working at the Associate Professor of
end green solutions recently at
confluence of technology Computer Science at LUMS,
the 2nd Global
research and Pakistan and a social
Telecommunication Congress operating expenditure due to space-saving and easier to
entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur. He received 2009 (TeleCON'2009), held at
awards emphasise the need his academic training from high energy costs, Huawei has install."
Lahore, Pakistan. developed a series of Huawei's environmentally
to honour young, upcoming LUMS, Cambridge and MIT. Jacky (Zhang Jing),
individuals; and focus on He was awarded the Mark innovative green telecom friendly Base Transceiver
Wireless Product Manager, solutions, including green Station, for instance, is
emerging technologies that Weiser Award at IEEE while addressing the base station with less power engineered to reduce
are bound to have a far- Percom’08, Digital attendees of TeleCON, said, consumption and heat equipment energy
reaching impact on the Inclusion Award from "As nowadays telecom emission, green power consumption by up to 30
world as we know it today. Microsoft Research in 2006 operators are increasingly solution based on the local percent and its small footprint
Dr Umar Saif from LUMS and the IDG CIO becoming more renewable resource, green takes up 40 percent
(Lahore University for Technology Pioneer Award environmentally concerned equipment room with less space in equipment
Managements Sciences) won in 2008.  and challenged with higher modular design that is more rooms. 
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FBR likely to miss All Pakistan Programming,

annual revenue
Islamabad: Federal Board of official source disclosed. Engineering and Business
Revenue (FBR) is likely to miss The sources further said
the annual revenue target, set
for the current financial, due to
that FBR might achieve the
revenue target in the range of
the negative growth in the Rs 1225 billion to Rs.1250
manufacturing sector and billion at the end of current Procom.Net is back. The This year, the synergy professionals.
declining prices of fuel and financial year and would face a 10th of its kind; Procom.Net will throw a unique blend of The event shall also
food item in the international shortfall between Rs 50 billion is far more than just a the past innovations and feature Tech Pavilion, a
market. to Rs 75 billion. folklore. It is a platform for future requirements in all place for sales and HR
FBR would not meet its For the current year budget, the neophytes and the gurus the related fields, the booths.
annual tax target of Rs 1.3 FBR had set a revenue target at associated with the knowledge of which is vital The event targets
trillion as it has met with a Rs 1250 billion for the current intriguing world of for the growing needs of the participants from
difficult situation in the fiscal year but due to
information technology, market. universities form all over
remaining part of the fiscal agreement with International
engineering and business. It Sustaining the tradition, Pakistan, schools and
year, as it required to collect Rs Monetary Fund for US$ 7.6
163.22 billion per month during billion standby loan, the target is about two days of acute the event will be promoted colleges from all over
April-June to meet the target of was enhanced to Rs 1360 billion competition, exhilaration by the informative seminars Karachi, cooperate guests
Rs 1.3 trillion, which is a big which later reduced to Rs 1300 and information where on upcoming technologies from IT, engineering and
challenge for the tax bosses, billion.  distinction shall stand out. given by eminent business community. 

PTBA seeks a database

Karachi: Pakistan Tax Bar the association said that should be taxed.
Association (PTBA) has national tax number (NTN) The tax bar noted that LAHORE: Emirates infrastructure for a Heavy
suggested the government to should be made mandatory corporate taxes were very SkyCargo and Gerry’s Dnata Fuel Oil - Fired Diesel Engine
prepare a data base of all the for purchase, sale and transfer high in Pakistan compare to Lahore team successfully Generating Power Facility, as
owners of property, of immoveable property, other developing countries managed oversized cargo of well as auxiliary components
automobiles, credit cards, automobiles, club and urged the FBR to cut tax 15,000 kg aboard EK 8740 and fittings for a Power Plant.
investment in fixed deposits, membership, credit cards, rate by 5 per cent for corporate arriving on a Boeing 747 This 45 feet long consignment
national saving schemes and registration with CDC and and non-corporate sectors. freighter (B747F) from was off-loaded through the
stocks and club memberships distribution of profit or mark The bar also proposed the Frankfurt. The consignment nose of B747F using two high
and create a corporate profile up. The association has FBR to raise the present included Diesel, Heat loaders and was managed
to expand country's tax base. proposed to gradually reduce statutory limit of exemption Recovery Steam Generators safely on the ground in a
In its tax proposals for the the concept of presumptive under the income tax law from and Steam Turbine Generator record ground time of 50
forthcoming federal budget, tax and only real income Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000.  among supporting minutes. 

Businessmen seek BPO Conference 2009

removal of GST Divided into three panel
discussions and speakers
highlighted trends, challenges
Islamabad: The business Pakistan Computer and opportunities as to
community demanded the Association. Pakistani local IT and ITeS
government to remove 16 The ICCI chief said companies could work with
per cent General Sales Tax regional countries like India, service organisations in
on IT products and claimed Sri Lanka and Bangladesh providing them with value
that it badly affected the were giving top services that helped to impact
industry. priority to IT sector and their bottom line.
Through its removal, India was earning huge Jehan Ara, President of
they claimed that the foreign exchange by P@SHA commented,
information technology exporting its products. Karachi: Pakistan Software organisations can increase “Outsourcing customer
would grow up to its The government should Houses Association (PASHA) their operational efficiencies service and back-office
potential and it would realise the potential and and Pakistan Software Export during these lean times. processes would therefore
benefit the economy. should come forward to Board organised a conference It was sponsored by TRG, make perfect sense. If
President Islamabad support the industry entitled, “Driving Operational Ovex Technologies, customers can be service more
Chamber of Commerce and so that the country could Efficiencies in Lean Times”. AbacusConsulting and efficiently by a company
Industry, Mian Shaukat more benefit from the The BPO Conference takes a CATCOS at the Institute of specialising in contact
Masud expressed these development of IT look at how financial Bankers Pakistan in Karachi. centres, the overall
views during a meeting with culture.  institutions, telecom The event was produced by productivity of all industries
companies and other CIO Pakistan, an IDG brand. will grow.”
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PIA foreign station managers Opening of Urban Sole

conference held in Bahawalpur
Three day Conference of and act as front line team benefit not only airline but Pursuing the vision of a invite folks from all walks of
PIA’s Station Managers managers with the idea to all its stakeholders. valued Urban Sole retail chain life who joined Urban Sole in
posted abroad was held motivate them to facilitate He said that it was the opening ceremony. Mr M.
under the supervision of passengers’ in best possible possible with the dedication Sheikh Tasneem inaugurated
General Manager Passenger way. and team efforts of all the the 14th Outlet accompanied
Handling Services, Mr Aijaz Managing Director PIA, employees working in their by Mr Shahid Nawaz Cheema
Mazhar at PIA Head Office. Captain Mohammad Aijaz respective areas. He stressed and Mr Hafeez Vaseer.
Managing Director PIA, Haroon in his address said upon the station managers to establishment, Urban Sole has Hafeez Vaseer comment
Captain Mohammad Aijaz that PIA Station Managers provide excellent services to opened its 14th Retail outlet at that Urban Sole shoe is worn
Haroon preside the final day are Ambassadors of Pakistan the airline’s customers at Circular road, Bahawalpur on by those who approach life
proceedings. representing PIA, the their stations abroad. 6th April 2009. It was a mega with intensity and passion.
Aim of the conference national airline; we need to Towards the end of the opening as shopping mall Sophisticated, confident,
was to further strengthen further improve the conference, all station was lighted with colourful knowledgeable and powerful,
working relations and performance of national managers expressed their lights and mild fragrances, the Urban Sole male
coordination between carrier and provide more resolve to provide supported by massive demands quality
management and the station facilities and services to the better services to the campaign through streamers craftsmanship and
managers working abroad passengers that would passengers.  and other outdoor activities to incomparable leather quality.

Wateen secures 80,000 PTCL launches medical facilities

broadband clients Islamabad: Pakistan the doorstep of its employees
Telecommunication Company serving in remote exchanges,"
as a gesture of corporate social
responsibility on behalf of
Karachi: Wateen Telecom Wateen the fastest growing Limited (PTCL) has started said a PTCL spokesperson. PTCL. Meanwhile, the service
in its 3rd year of operations in telecom company in Pakistan. providing medical facilities to He said the PTCL has and initiative taken by the
Pakistan has successfully Concurrently, Wateen PTCL management to provide
acquired over 80,000 continues to invest and bring healthcare facilities for the
broadband customers, 2,000 foreign direct investment public has been highly
corporate links (including 26 (FDI) to Pakistan as it moves appreciated by the employees
of the 31 commercial banks), forward with infrastructure and general public.
expansion plans to make Raziq Ali Khan, a PTCL
Pakistan a regional telecom consumer said that it would
hub and at par with be appropriate for the PTCL to
any other developed country its employees and the arranged these mobile focus on improvement of its
in the world. residents of remote and far- medical units initially for service rather than launching
Wateen Telecom is the flung areas where medical Islamabad and Lahore with other services which are
Abu Dhabi Group’s latest facilities are not easily the aim of expanding this primarily out of the ambits of
communication investment in accessible. service to other parts of the the PTCL.
Pakistan, after the "For the purpose, PTCL country. The mobile medical "You see, the PTCL
successful launch of Warid Mobile Medical Units service unit provides medical management does not focus
and almost all the major Telecom, which provides has been initiated on the treatment services including on repair of its infrastructure,
telecommunication mobile GSM services special instructions of referral to panel hospitals. The and rather, launching health
companies as its customers in to over 10 million President and CEO PTCL mobile medical unit service facility is totally unbelievable,"
such a short span of time. customers in 145 cities across Walid Irshaid to ensure also extends treatment said Asma Wahab,
Such performance has made Pakistan.  medical treatment facilities at facilities to the general public a student. 

Pakistan attractive spot for 3G Telenor Holding Career

Despite economic
recession, Pakistan is an
need for a
communication service in
richer Nokia Siemens Networks
believes evolving technologies
Management workshops
attractive place to adopt 3G Pakistan is raising the demand such as 3G, which would Telenor Pakistan as part of followed by a summary on
for mobile operators as it for 3G. “New services now support the economic growth its ongoing Career the hiring process at the
would support the economic and in the future require of Pakistan and needs for data Management Workshops organisation. The most
growth of Pakistan and meet higher speed at an affordable services. (CMW) initiative, is reaching important aspect of CMW is
the new needs for data cost while operators will have Saad informed that Nokia out to several universities all the Student Excellence
services. to face a huge increase in Siemens Networks is the across Pakistan. So far, 20 Programme (SEP) conducted
This was stated by Saad bandwidth demand”. global leader in the universities have been visited by Telenor Pakistan’s
Waraich, Country Director Saad said that the shift deployment of high-speed in different regions benefiting Manager Recruitment, Faisal
Pakistan and Afghanistan, from a mobile voice mobile broadband networks, over 3000 students. The Khan. This is an interactive
Nokia Siemens Networks. He dominated business to a new supplying WCDMA/HSPA CMW sessions are conducted session where the do’s and
was talking to media during era of data dominated services networks close to 150 paying by experienced HR don’ts of CV writing and
training session, says a is affecting the operators’ radio network customers professionals with the aim to interviews are discussed for
statement. business model, which will worldwide. guide students interested in the benefits of the students.
Saad further stated that happen only if the operator Nokia Siemens Networks taking up a career in any This is then followed by mock
licensing fee and mechanism cost structure supports this delivers to 18 of the 25 biggest industry. interviews with students
for 3G should be economical new business model. “3G is 3G operators in the world and The Career Management selected randomly during the
and commercially viable and the most logical answer the company has supplied Workshop session includes a session. The workshop is
acceptable for both because it delivers the lowest nearly half of all currently live presentation by the concluded by collecting
government and mobile cost per bit.” HSPA networks (December university alumni working student feedback via survey
operators. He said that the Saad pointed out that 08), he maintained.  with Telenor Pakistan, forms. 
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Joint venture of CDA-Worldcall

Islamabad: The provide TV channels Telecommunication entertained. He alleged that He said the company
Islamabad High Court network service to viewers, Authority (PTA) and CDA entered into venture would pay 35 per cent of its
reserved its judgement on a he added. He claimed that submitted an application with Worldcall under direct investment to CDA.
plea moved against award pressure from Governor Regarding Webcom
of laying copper cables in Punjab Salman Taseer. agreement with other cable
the Capital. The single Barrister Masroor Shah, operator companies, he
bench of Justice Mohammad counsel for CDA, defended termed it an entirely private
Munir Peracha reserved its CDA step and said that the matter between the private
judgment on a writ filed by civic body reserved the right companies and said CDA
Webcom. to award contract and enter had nothing to do with it.
The counsel for Webcom into joint venture with any He also rejected claims that
apprised the bench that in company under the specific the joint venture was linked
2004, Webcom entered into laws. He said the Worldcall under pressure from
agreement with 24 other was given a nod after Governor Punjab and said
cable operator companies to floating of bids as it was the when the agreement was
spread a network of copper the company also got with Capital Development highest bidder and selected reached Salman Taseer was
cables in different sectors of licenses from PEMRA and Authority (CDA) for through a transparent not holding the post of
the Capital. The aim was to Pakistan approval which was not manner. Governor. 

E-banking saves time Billboard business declining

Islamabad: Around 31 per Occupied boards were companies and other local
Karachi: Pakistan Ministry of Information cent hoarding and billboards mainly featured multinational advertisers do not bear handy
Software Export Board Technology, Pakistan business has fallen during last and telecom companies; in fact pockets to invest in outdoor
few months as many empty some hoardings carried media during this recession.
(PSEB) Managing Director Software Export Board,
hoardings in Rawlapindi cellular products and They said that market
Talib Baloch has said that the Pakistan Software Housing reveal the declining trend of companies advertisements. trends are clearly not good as
new technology and change Association (PASHA) and this medium of advertising. Down the road, one can they were before and added
is beneficial both for banks Government of Sindh. A survey conducted observe that Chandni Chowk the rate of hoardings per year
and customers as they are NADRA Chief Operating recently revealed that this is the most
time efficient. Officer Saleem Rafik said declining trend of hoarding affected area
Addressing the 7th that the authority was and billboards businesses was with five big
International E-Banking striving hard to provide the probably due to economic "free and
Conference and Exhibition same services to far flung recession. available
Talib said that utilising new areas and e-banking was a On Murree Road, from hoardings."
tools a bank customer can way to provide latest Faizabad to Saddar, there are Similarly there
access information regarding services and banking around 200 small and big were also some
hoardings and billboards out empty
his bank account from a solutions to villagers and
of which 90 were found hoardings at
computer saving him time people of remote areas
empty. Among these Laari Adda. has witnessed a declining
and botheration. He said the through e-Sahulat utility hoardings one can note that The boards of mobile trend even then we do not
country was now exporting bills payment. relatively bigger boards were companies including Telenor, have enough advertisers.
solutions for e-banking and PASHA President Jehan displaying the sign "to let". By Mobilink, Warid, Ufone and Advertisers may find low
it was a great achievement. Ara said that this conference the way, these large sized Zong on main buildings retain priced bill boards. Hoarding
The event was organised would also be held in hoardings cost Rs. seven to their prominence. pricing is dropping and may
by Total Communication in Bangladesh this year and in eight million per year on an The industry sources said go further down if situation
collaboration with Federal Sri Lanka next year.  average. that national, multinational remains unchanged. 

Balance share as Online Payment InstaPhone’s Appeal

Solution Dismissed by IHC
Pakistan clearly lacks e- minds yet, but let’s disscuss if offers you with an option to The Islamabad high Court failure to abide by the said
commerce infrastructure. it can replace other payment pay him Rs 700 through (IHC) has dismissed directions on or before the
Huge community, which is solutions, especially for small balance share on one of his InstaPhone’s appeal filed said date, it was further held
sharply growing with time, is money transfers. mobile number against the determination that license shall stand
being deprived of doing (decision) of the Pakistan terminated.
online businesses. Some Telecommunication The Instaphone
courageous people tried their Authority (PTA) on challenged the
luck and evolved new outstanding dues of around aforementioned
payment solutions such as Rs 400 million pending for the determination before the
cash on delivery, cheque, last four years. The Court has Islamabad High Court in an
wire and so on; which are also dismissed the company’s appeal.
obviously not as smart as writ petition filed against the Vide the judgment, both
credit card processing. Mobile Cellular Policy 2004 of the appeal and the writ
We know that balance the Federal Government. petition have been dismissed
share/load outlets are PTA through its by the court and PTA’s
abundantly available in the determination of March 4, determination was upheld.
lengths and breadths of For instance, you are in (that would match your 2008, directed the Pakcom However, the court has
Pakistan. The idea of using Islamabad and intend to buy network)? I guess it’s (Instaphone) to pay its extended the date for making
this balance share for money a Head Phone from an online simplest of all other payment outstanding liabilities by May the outstanding payment by
transfer has not hit many store. What if the store owner methods. 21, 2008 and in case of its Instaphone to May 06, 2009. 
children in cyberspace will yield the results as Day is being celebrated this year under the
Message of the Pakistani nation has great potential. I am theme as “Protecting Children in
President of Islamic Republic hopeful that ICT infrastructure will continue
to empower our children positively in
Cyberspace”, in Pakistan as well as across
the globe to mark the 144th anniversary of
of Pakistan harnessing their potential for the betterment the establishment of the International
of society and progress of the country. Telecommunication Union (ITU). The efforts
Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and initiatives undertaken by ITU for the
Message of promotion, development and
standardisation of telecommunication across
World Telecom and
Information Society
Prime Minister the globe are appreciable.
The ITU has always played pivotal role in
(WTIS) Day is being
celebrated on May 17
of Pakistan successfully laying the foundations of a just,
and theme for this year
– “Protecting Children Syed Yusuf equitable and people-centred Information
in Cyber Space” holds Trend in Pakistan is no different than
special significance for
Pakistan. Children and
Raza presently witnessed in other economies. Use
of internet is becoming popular in our public
youth are future of our
nation. Their Gilani Syed Yusuf Raza Gillani
Prime Minister of Pakistan in general and our younger generations in
Asif Ali Zardari intellectual growth
President of Islamic Republic of requires that they It is gratifying to note that the World But the excessive reliance on converged
should be provided Telecommunication and Information Society telecommunication and IT services, calls for
safeguard of cyberspace
freedom to seek, receive, and as well as ICT systems
impart information and ideas and infrastructure.
of all kinds in writing or in Our social and
print, in form of art or any ethical values demand
other media of their choice. that cyberspace venture
Use of internet services has be made safer for
now become the most youths.
favourite medium of The ITU has been
expression for our children.
precise in selecting the
This cyber race has also
posed new challenges. It has theme for this year
made us realise the “Protecting Children in
importance of protecting our Cyberspace” in order to
children in cyber space against generate awareness
intruding ideas and among our masses and
attractions which may be mitigate the losses
detrimental to the interests of inflicted to our children
societal values, public morals, and youth by the threats
national security and public and vulnerabilities of
order. They should also be venturing into
guided to respect the cyberspace.
reputation and rights of
This effort will also
The International give confidence to the
Telecommunication Union parents affected by the
(ITU) initiatives like Children menaces of online
Online Protection (COP) has violence, pornography,
highlighted the importance of gaming and addiction,
collective efforts for adoption fraud, cyber-bullying,
of best practices to harness the etc.
full potential offered by state- I am confident that
of-the-art ICT infrastructure, the trends of
minimising hazards to development in
children. information and
Government of Pakistan is
cognizant of the fact that
widespread adoption of technologies will
Information and continue with adequate
Communication Technologies protection against cyber
(ICT) services necessitates crimes.
confidence and security in its The government of
usage especially for the Pakistan is committed
children and young to dissemination of ICT
generation of the country services and its
which are the prime users of benefits across the
ICTs. length and breadth of
We are fully confident that the country. 
collective efforts for protecting
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Warid PR dept is intact Ammar Afzal

A public information “Warid has high ambitions Pakistan, and has recently
rising star of Pakistan
notice issued by Warid PR and the recent changes in the injected US$ 250million
Officials confirm, “Warid organisational structure are equity (equivalent Rs 20 Okara: A ninth class Vice Principal Muhammad
Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. has not aimed to achieve the high billion) by its joint student of the District Public Muzahar, computer trainer
abolished the PR department performance culture, shareholders that are Abu School & College who won Khalil Ahmad and family of
and there is absolutely no environment and result Dhabi Group and SingTel. It the `world computer Ammar Afzal were present
massive retrenchment going driven systems. The clearly reflects the confidence software competition’ on the occasion.
on.” The PR Officials have company has lucid of shareholders in the organised by the Stanford The Stanford University
Company’s management University England was has taken over the computer
and its operational plans. honoured at a ceremony. expertise of Ammar from the
This investment is one of the
major milestones achieved
towards the long term
strategic goals of Warid
Telecom in Pakistan.
Warid telecom has
aggressively penetrated the
Pakistan mobile
communication services
market with huge capital
expenditure, which has
enabled to capture market
share of 18.95 per cent (as of
Feb 09’) and coverage in over “Ammar Afzal has Brainbench, and he flew to
further confirmed that the understanding of its 450 cities and 7200 towns earned dignity and honour England for higher studies
former spokesperson of direction and the measures across Pakistan. Furthermore
for the nation by winning the on May 1, on a scholarship
Warid Ms Farah Hussain is to achieve its vision.” the officials added, “We are
top global position in the from the university.
no longer part of Warid While confirming the determined to deliver the
contest,” Sahiwal division The commissioner
Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. w.e.f 30th appointment of new C.E.O exceptional services to our
March 2009. Any statement that will soon be officially valuable customers and we commissioner Tariq awarded him Rs 100,000
quoted with her name does announced the PR officials believe in quality of network Mehmood Khan said. cheque and recommended
not have any official linkage also said “Warid Telecom and this is the strength that DCO Sohail Shahzad, his name for further
with Warid Telecom (Pvt.) (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the major makes Warid uniquely former MPA Muhammad appreciation from the Chief
Ltd.” providers of mobile distinguish from all other Arif Chaudhry, DPS&C Minister of Punjab Shahbaz
The PR Officials also said communications services in network operators.”  Principal Firdous Ahmad, Sharif. 

Wi-Tribe prepares for Fake NADRA e Sahulat Centres

WiMAX NADRA e Sahulat Centres NADRA had launched E- internet is available. The
are turning out to be a big Sahulate centres in different applicant has to pay
Formed in April 2007, Wi- functionality. It is used to scam in the country, as these part of country to expand the minimum Rs 20,000. The
Tribe is the product of a joint deliver connectivity across centres collect utility bills and e-business especially in the applicant should have a shop
venture between Qatar mixed topology networks then wrap up their offices urban areas. Like Kiosk, at any focal point.
Telecom (Qtel) and A. A. including ring or mesh without submitting the dues NADRA E-Sahulat Centres Currently, over 2000 E
Turki Corporate Trading and architectures. Wi-Tribe can to concerned departments, are also providing facilities Sahulat centres are operating
Contracting (ATCO), easily and remotely expand told us a high level official at
together with a proactive NADRA.
partnership with Clearwire NADRA has received
(USA). Wi-Tribe is planning more than 500 complaints
WiMAX based wireless against such fake E Sahulat
broadband launch in Centres from Punjab and
Pakistan. Recently Wi-Tribe Sindh, source confirmed that
Pakistan announced that it is these evil minded people got
deploying its Internet E-Sahulat Centre license from
Protocol (IP) backhaul NADRA and started
network using collecting utility bills,
DragonWave’s Horizon however, they close their
Compact radio system. offices after 15/20 days and
DragonWave’s the capacity of individual never appear again in the like collection of utility bills, in the country. Interestingly,
advantages include high links up to 400Mbps as traffic vicinity; though they look for easy load and scratch cards of NADRA never advertised
speed data links, true IP needs dictate. another area to start all phone companies, this facility which was aimed
architecture, minimum “The Horizon Compact operating such centres. verification of CNIC of any for the jobless educated
power consumption, and will underpin their According to the sources person. youth. However, in the
zero heat footprint,” said deployment in Pakistan, and 35 illegal and un-authorised E-Sahulat Centres are part second phase, one or two ads
Mohammad Sadiq, CEO, Wi- we look forward to helping E- Sahulate Centres were of franchise network which is were published to
Tribe Pakistan. The Horizon them grow their network reported from Lahore, 20 providing above facilities to offer this facility in urban
Compact is a small, 9-inch- quickly and efficiently,” said from Multan, seven from customers. Anyone, who is Sindh, mostly in
square, all outdoor radio, Peter Allen, President and Bhakkar and nine from matriculate and can operate Karachi, Hyderabad and
integrating traditional indoor Chief Executive Officer of Karachi. computer can apply for the Sukker. 
and outdoor backhaul DragonWave.  It may be recalled that license in areas where 95
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SMS could be the next big thing, but we have to redefine the importance of this
strategic messaging system since companies around the world using this medium in
various applications such as mobile banking, mobile purchasing, mobile bill payment
etc. But, in Pakistan there is a much need to have a different perspective of this
technology so people can facilitate this service as a problem solving solution. SMS can
be used in organisations such as.

1) Hospitals (one can send SMS and get information about doctors and hospitals);
2) Schools/Universities (if students wants to know about their grades they can
send SMS along with their role numbers to receive their grades);
3) Locations (if someone wants to know the directions of the city he or she can
SMS and know about
the specific locations);
4) Fast food deals can be
learnt via SMS; and
5) Companies want to run a
consumer based campaign, they
can do it in least expensive way
compared with other mediums
such as TV, Radio, Billboard etc.

A case study that tells about the

reality after implementing SMS
based solution. With more than six
million Dunkin Donuts consumed
across the world each day, the
SMS marketing campaign, which
has proved successful in Rome
over the past 2.5 months,
represents a new and exciting
promotional tool for the global
Within the first three weeks of
the campaign, the company was
able to increase its sales in Italy by
nine per cent.
Eocean team says, “SMS is the
next big thing for sure! Our SMS
based business solutions and
consultations are very powerful
tool for many businesses operating
in Pakistan.”
“Today mobile network
coverage is reaching to almost 90
per cent of the total population of
Pakistan, SMS has become one of
the main forms of communication
among the younger generation,
however, a much needed education
is required to use the technology in
correct way. Many organisations
think that SMS is only use for SMS
marketing, nonetheless, if correct
solutions are implemented with well
crafted business strategy, business
can hit bulls eye every time they
use SMS technology.”

96 *****
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Mobilink supports Mehdi Hasan PTA offers 5 gold medals

Mobilink presented a maestro by airing his Mobilink has played a Islamabad: Pakistan each. One award is reserved
sum of Rs 500,000 generated evergreen melody “Yeh pioneering role in Telecommunication for students from
Authority (PTA), in order to Balochistan,".
through a special Pakistan recognising the services of
encourage the academia- Moreover, the PTA will
Day fund, to the family of several other legendary
industry partnership in hold competition of the
Mehdi Hassan Khan, a true Pakistani musicians, artistes,
Information Technology and specified studies conducted
living legend in Pakistan. sportsman and others who
Telecom Sector, has by students and teachers and
The King of Ghazal is have contributed immensely announced five gold medals researchers on topics given
convalescing after recovering to Pakistan’s well-being over to young students with by PTA.
from an ailment recently. the year. “It is our duty as a outstanding Research Projects PTA also had announced
The legendary superstar true responsible corporate in Telecom and IT. Essay Writing Competition
has been hospitalised since citizen to help living legends "The students from HEC on "Protecting Children in
13 Feb 2009 due to illness like Mehdi Hasan who truly recognised universities, who Cyber Space". For the
and old age. On the occasion has made us love and enjoy have completed their final competition, the first prize
of Pakistan Day on March 23, the art of Ghazal,” said Omar research projects can compete would be Rs 100,000, second
Mobilink paid homage to the Watan Tumhara Hai Manzur.  for five Gold Medals with a prize Rs 60,000 and third
services rendered by the Mobilink video”. prize money of Rs 50,000 prize would be Rs 40,000. 

ZONG entertains Kaira welcomes role of media

children to Islamabad: Information
Minister Qamar Zaman
has been The Information Minister
to ensure said the government firmly
‘Sub Keh Do’ Kaira
said that the
dispensation of speedy believes in freedom of
media and apart from
watch-dog role of media but media-persons the
Islamabad: To mark its through paintings and
it should focus it attention political parties too
first year in business, essays.
on national interests and have contributed
ZONG the first Expressing his views at
threats confronting the towards that end. He
international brand of the start of the activity
China Mobile has launched Salman Wassay, Head of country. said the Government
another exciting and fun- Marketing, ZONG said, Talking to media persons was devising training
filled activity - essay and “Children are a perfect in Islamabad, he said that programmes for
painting competition. example of what the apart from human casualties journalists to help them
The activity has been brand stands for - bold and the terrorism is inflicting discharge their
launched in three metro transparent. heavy losses on national professional duties
cities for school children They are not shy of economy and it is duty to especially in the
which is part of ZONG’s expressing their views and sensitise people that this is backdrop of security
month-long celebration often come up with war for the survival of justice as per aspirations of challenges.
under its ‘Sub Keh Do’ interesting and creative Pakistan. He said terrorists people of Malakand He said the Government
(SKD) campaign. The thoughts if given the right have no religion and they Division. He said there was has told media owners that
ZONG team will visit more avenues of expression. just want to destabilise the nothing wrong with Qazi it was ready to help
than 100 schools and That is why ZONG has country and every section of courts as Qazis are also resolve their financial
interact with students in provided the ‘Sub Keh Do’ the society should get sitting alongside district problems so that they could
order to encourage them to opportunity to our united to foil their designs. judges in Azad Kashmir for solve problems of
express their thoughts children.” The Nizam-e-Adl years. journalists as well. 

Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail with Nokia PTA raids illegal

Windows(TM) Live
Hotmai l® is now available
accounts - Windows Live
Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail
accounts can be added to the
service directly on the phone,
on Nokia Messaging, the - and accounts from as well as via the Nokia Islamabad: In a drive to GSM SIMs were being used
service that enables people to thousands of other email Messaging website curb illegal telecom traffic, a for local call termination. The
access their personal email on providers. Easy to use, it ( team of the Pakistan confiscated equipment
their Nokia devices. enables access of up to 10 Nokia Messaging will be Telecommunication includes one Voice over
available on 20 different Authority (PTA) along with Internet Protocol (VoIP)
device models worldwide, the Federal Investigation gateway along with other
including the recently Agency (FIA) has busted an accessories.
announced Nokia E75 which illegal international gateway Computer carrying data of
is the first device to come exchange in a residential area illegal telecom traffic was also
preloaded with Nokia of Karachi. confiscated. It is estimated
Messaging, Nokia E71 - the According to details, the that the
world’s slimmest qwerty illegal set-up was detected setup was causing revenue
device, Nokia E63, Nokia E66 through the technical facility loss worth millions of rupees
and Nokia N79. More Nokia installed by the PTA to to the national exchequer. FIA
device models, including the monitor unauthorised has registered a case
Nokia E55, Nokia N97 and business of telecom against the accused and
Nokia Messaging is personal email accounts on a Nokia N86 8MP, throughout the country. arrested two owners of the
currently free to download Nokia device, and through will support Nokia Breezcom setup was using company and initiated
and set-up, and supports one single icon. Once Nokia Messaging when they begin bandwidth for international legal action against them as
world’s most popular email Messaging is set-up, email shipping. connectivity while multiple per the Telecom Act.  97
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State-of-the-art IT solutions by ZRG Ufone’s 300 minutes

Riyadh: ZRG, a leading ZRG Islamabad: Ufone’s new minutes for the next six
provider of Customer technology package offers 300 free months. Moreover a lucky
Interaction, Contact Centres & experts were minutes, chance of winning draw will be held once a
Customer Relationship available at the 100,000 and 50,000 free month of one 100,000 and
solutions had participated in event to share minutes for 6 months against one 50,000 bonus on-net
the largest technology event the key the use of only Rs 50 for the minutes for the next six
by the name of GITEX Saudia information of next six months and to be the months.
Arabia 2009. how businesses part of the lucky draw to win Furthermore, these
ZRG team displayed the can use 20 return tickets to Dubai. customers will automatically
latest release of next- intelligent This offer is valid for enter into a lucky draw
generation customer customer those subscribers who have which will enable them to
interaction solution, namely, Riyadh: ZRG stall at GITEX Saudia Arabia 2009. interaction and not used their Ufone SIM win 20 return tickets to
OneView Customer more efficiently and relationship technology since March 20 this year. Dubai. Ufone exclusively
Interaction Solution. effectively with an improved solutions to improve their After using their Ufone offers all these fringe
OneView provides an customer service experiences customer service, mobility, connection, all qualifying benefits against the usage of
opportunity for small and and employee productivity in increase productivity and cost subscribers will be liable to just Rs 50 each month for the
large businesses to operate the business environment. reduction objectives.  receive free 50 bonus on-net coming six months. 

S&T research PEMRA’s 53rd meeting

institutions to be Islamabad: The 53rd regime for satellite TV for capacity building of

revamped: Swati Authority meeting

PEMRA was held on May 8,
of channel distribution at
various public places such
PEMRA officers, so that
broadcast media in Pakistan
Lahore: All research resolve, while talking to 2009 at PEMRA as airports, railway stations could be regulated and
institutions of Ministry of journalists during his visit to Headquarters, Islamabad. etc. promoted in befitting
Science and Technology will Pakistan Council for The meeting was presided
Scientific and Industrial over by the Chairman,
Research (PCSIR) PEMRA. Other members of
Laboratories. the Authority, present in the
Swati expressing his meeting were the Chairman
concern over the poor state FBR, Secretary for Ministry
of affairs of the PCSIR of Information &
Karachi, the institutes that Broadcasting, Secretary for
was established in Ministry of Interior,
1954 and so far a hefty Chairman PTA, Chairman
amount of Rs 50 billion had NEVTECH, Executive
been spent over it. Member, PEMRA.
To a question Swati said, The Authority granted
be revamped to ensure that "I am optimistic to five licences for satellite TV
they contribute to the Gross bridge this income- channels which includes
Domestic Product. expenditure gap by first ever satellite TV The Authority also manner. The meeting was
Federal Minister for revamping these institutions channel targeting revoked six licences of cable concluded with the resolve to
Science and Technology, through long, Agriculture sector in TV and one for satellite take initiatives for the growth
Senator Muhammad Azam medium and short term Pakistan. The Authority television. The Authority and stability of broadcast
Khan Swati expressed this projects."  also approved the licensing also approved the proposal media in Pakistan. 

Wateen organises seminar 110m subscribers, a

Express Media Seminar Product and Service Wateen difficult target: PTA
sponsored by Wateen Telecom. 
Telecom on topic of
Lahore: Pakistan ingredients of deregulation
Technology’s role in
Telecommunication which is a state of the art
recession alleviation.
Authority (PTA) chairman infrastructure and low cost
Federal Minister for
Dr Muhammad Yaseen said access to services,”
Science and Technology,
Azam Khan Swati was the the overall slowdown of Chairman PTA said.
chief guest while Dr Rafiq economic activity across the He said the third
Ahmad, economist, and ex- globe has affected the generation mobile service
VC University of Punjab, realisation of target of 110 will soon be available
Mian Muzaffar Ali million mobile phone in the country, as the
(President LCCI), Dr Noor subscribers by 2010. policy-making process for
Ahmad Sh (Senior Dean Talking to The Nation Dr 3G mobile licensing is under
UET, Dr Abid Pervaiz Yaseen confirmed that the way.
Ghumman, GM Institute of said shortfall is certainly not The service is likely to be
Manufacturing Engineering due to the saturation of cell launched within the next
NUST, Mubashir Iftikhar phone subscribers’ market. five months.
CEO Diamond Group, “I believe we have done Dr Yaseen said that no
Furqan Quresh; GM great in the last four/five unregistered SIM was now
Corporate, Wateen Telecom, years and achieved operating in the
Jahangir Ahmad, GM, Speakers at seminar organised by Wateen. the most important country at present. 
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Ovex deploys hi-tech IT and IP PTA barred from

systems at QIH recovering dues
Islamabad: The Supreme challenged the determination
Lahore: Ovex Communication Systems are The CEO of Ovex Court barred the Pakistan of outstanding dues by the
Technologies, the second going to be implemented in Technologies, Mr Faisal Telecommunication PTA and its 2004 mobile
largest exporter of IT Services the Healthcare industry of Khan, stated, “The medical Authority (PTA) from cellular policy in which the
in Pakistan and the largest Pakistan. By adopting the services available to the recovering outstanding dues auction winning prize of $292
Third-Party, Offshore BPO & new communication system, masses in Pakistan, need to be from a mobile phone million was settled at the time
IT Solutions Provider is the QIH seeks to modernised at a rapid pace. company. of granting two more licences
signing an agreement with revolutionise its quality of With this perspective in A three-judge bench to Warid Telecom and
Quaid-i-Azam International service, by gaining access to mind, the QIH has taken a comprising Justice Javed Telenor as a benchmark for
Hospital (QIH) for the the extensive knowledge quantum leap in this Iqbal, Justice Syed Zahid the grant of new licence or
deployment of a state-of-the- base, experience and latest direction, by adopting the Hussain and Justice renewal of old licences.
art IT infrastructure & IP research available with the latest communication Mohammad Sair Ali granted The bench issued notices
Unified Communication medical specialists in the systems. the stay on a petition filed by to the federal government,
Pakcom, commonly known PTA and the Frequency
System, for establishing developed world. The access Through this system, the
as Instaphone, against the Allocation Board for May 20.
connections with sources of to prompt insight on latest hospital will also be enabled
rejection by the Islamabad In March last year, the
global medical research. medical research, gained with Wireless coverage for High Court of its appeal PTA had asked Instaphone to
It is for the first time ever through this system, will doctors and quick mobility of relating to controversy over pay outstanding dues by May
that this level of IT enable the Doctors at QIH to medical equipment within renewal of licence. 21, 2008, or face termination
technology solutions and save precious lives. the hospital premises.  The company had of its license. 

Pakistan safe for Workforce is our true asset: MD PIA

staff in Pay Groups I to IV.
investment: Huawei This was made possible by
the present democratic
Islamabad: Pakistan is safe company’s contribution
government of the Pakistan
for foreign investment and its towards the development of
Peoples Party, who has its
growth in telecom is highly telecom sector.
roots in the working class and
impressive, said Qiu Xuefeng, Qiu Xuefeng informed Dr
believes that the workforce of
Deputy President, Huawei Mughal that the compnay’s
any organization is its true
Technologies Co. Ltd - a core network solutions were a
world’s leading telecom key to operational excellence,
He added, “By the Grace
solutions provider. the foundation for increasing
of God Almighty, I am
“We have found the revenues from new services
pleased to inform you that
policies of Pakistan and the backbone of service Lahore: MD PIA Capt. operating losses the airline after fourteen consecutive
investment-friendly towards specialisation. “We want to Aijaz Haroon on completion started achieving operating quarters of operating losses,
local as well as foreign share our achievements with of the first year of present profits since fourth quarter of the airline has started
investors and we plan to telecom operators of Pakistan. management in a letter to the 2008, the airline posted an witnessing operating profits
boost our investments here, On the occasion, Dr employees of the corporation operating profit of Rs 2.3 since 4th quarter of the year
said Huwaei official while Murtaza Mughal admired the informed that billion as compared to a loss 2008, in which the airline
talking to Dr Murtaza phenomenal growth achieved implementation of various of Rs 1.9 billion in the posted an operating profit of
Mughal, President Pakistan by our Chinese friends. initiatives proved beneficial corresponding period of the Rs 2.3 billion as compared to
Economy Watch (PEW), who “You have achieved in a for the workforce and previous year. a loss of Rs 1.9 billion
was on a visit to Huawei’s couple of decades what improved the operating “Paramount amongst in the corresponding period
global core network others could not do so,” he revenues of the airline. these is the permanent of the previous year”. 
workshop to acknowledge added.  After fourteen quarters of absorption of the contractual

PTA taking effective measures to promote broadband

help in bringing awareness decrease in FDI. Increase in
and education among the taxation in the shape of GST
public. and import duty is another
He said that few of PTA’s issue that we are trying to
recent achievements address.
including Mobile Number Dr.Yaseen said that PTA
Portability (over 400,000 has recently conducted a
ported subscribers), New comprehensive study on
SIM verification system (11.2 socio economic impact of
Million Un-registered telecommunication in
Chairman PTA Dr. Mohammad Yaseen and others are addressing conference “The Future of the ICTIndustry” at
numbers blocked), AJ&K Pakistan which showed
EXPO Center, Karachi. Licensing, Rural Telephony positive results. More studies
Chairman Pakistan spheres of life. revolution in Pakistan and (349 Rabta Ghar installed), and consultancies are being
Telecommunication He said this while PTA has taken number of Gray Traffic Monitoring and planned on different aspects
Authority (PTA) Dr speaking at the inauguration initiatives in this regard. He provisioning of Free Dial-up of telecom.
Mohammed Yaseen has said ceremony of Connect said apart from reduction in services. He said that we have The Connect Conference
that broadband services have Conference 2009 as chief rates the growth of also taken key measures to 2009 is being held in
potential to uplift the socio- guest, organized at Karachi broadband is also dependent ensure protection of concurrence with the 4th
economic conditions of the Expo Centre. on development of local telecommunication Information and
country and these can be The Chairman PTA said contents and applications for consumers. We are also Communications Technology
utilised to enhance usage of that effective measures are users. If contents are facing numerous challenges Exhibition & Conference at
information in different required to bring broadband prepared locally they can including falling ARPUs and the Karachi Expo Centre. 
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Telecom helpful to carbon-lean society: Ericsson

Ericsson believes mass environmental challenges equation in solving globalplaying a leading role in five years, and starting
deployment of broadband and bring about long-term climate change and critical to
enabling a carbon-lean with a 10 percent reduction
networks can accelerate the economic and social change. the development of more society. In 2008, Ericsson set in 2009.
shift from physical to virtual Ericsson exceeded its carbon-lean societies. its first Group-level carbon As part of Ericsson’s
infrastructure and services, targets for cutting energy use vision of making
contributing to the creation and continued its communication affordable
of a low-carbon economy. commitment to improving and accessible to all,
“We would like to see lives using the company provided
ICT and telecom on the telecommunications in 2008. telecom infrastructure,
agenda for the global climate Carl-Henric Svanberg mobile applications and
negotiations in Copenhagen says: “During 2008, our expertise to connect
later this year,” says Ericsson technology has been used half a million people
President and CEO Carl- around the globe to reduce as part of the Millennium
Henric Svanberg. energy consumption and the Villages project. Sixty
The annual Corporate corresponding CO2 percent of the
Responsibility and emissions, demonstrating villages have now been
Sustainability Report our firm belief that connected, covering 55
highlights Ericsson’s telecommunications is both With its innovative footprint target, aiming for a percent of the Millennium
ongoing efforts to solve an essential part of the technology, Ericsson is 40 percent reduction over Villages population. 

World's first flying hotel Telecom’s role will grow

The Hotelicopter features access and all the luxurious
luxuriously-appointed appointments you'd expect
towards 2050
rooms for adrenaline junkies from a flying five star hotel. Today at Ericsson’s potential that it will bring to joint ventures, which are
(NASDAQ:ERIC) Capital society. Over the next 20 to 30 undergoing substantial cost
Markets Day in Boston, US, years, it will stimulate adjustments to meet a weaker
President and CEO, Carl- innovation across society and handset market and which
Henric Svanberg spoke about will lead to the deployment of are sharpening their
Ericsson’s position, completely new solutions,” portfolios.
opportunities during and Svanberg said. Sony Ericsson’s President,
after current economic crises Svanberg also addressed Dick Komiyama said,
and about how well the company is “Despite the challenging
telecommunications going prepared for current market economic environment, I am
forward. Telecom will play a challenges and opportunities certain that Sony Ericsson
role in transforming society by focusing on business will turn its business around
until 2050, with broadband growth and advancing and once again be an industry
being society’s new highways solution in strategic markets, leader. In the past 12 months,
and telecom contributing to including the US, India, we have taken many actions
seeking a truly unique and Room service is available one sustainable society. China and Japan. He to streamline the organization
memorable travel hour after lift off and prior to “Today broadband is at reminded those present about and adapt to the new
experience. Each sound- landing." the turning point with Ericsson’s early introduction business reality.
proofed room is equipped The Hotelicopter is due to infrastructure already widely of cost-reduction programs to We are looking forward to
with a queen-sized bed, fine fly maiden journey this available worldwide. safeguard its leading exciting the market with new
linens, a mini-bar, coffee summer(June 26) with an However, we have not position. Svanberg reaffirmed products and services in the
machine, wireless internet undisclosed price.  realized the full impact and Ericsson’s support for its two months ahead.” 

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