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“Make of the world one family”

Xaverian Mission
Volume 63 - No. 3 | August 2015

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Laudato SI: A Prayer for our Earth ..............................2
Message from the World Social Forum .........................3
Going Beyond Borders ......................................................4
Finding Common Ground ....................................................5
USA Xaverians on Retreat..............................................6-7
Xaverian Spirituality ......................................................8-9
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Photo: Deforestation and resulting flooding in Thailand, by Genesis Media

Laudato Si

X averian Missionaries

A Prayer for Our Earth

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All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe
and in the smallest of your creatures.

You embrace with your tenderness all that exists.

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Pour out upon us the power of your love,
that we may protect life and beauty.
Fill us with peace, that we may live

as brothers and sisters, harming no one.

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O God of the poor,
help us to rescue the abandoned and forgotten of this earth,
so precious in your eyes.
Bring healing to our lives,
that we may protect the world and not prey on it,

Xaverian Mission Newsletter

that we may sow beauty, not pollution and destruction.

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Xaverian Missionaries
of the United States

Touch the hearts
of those who look only for gain

Fr. Carl Chudy

at the expense of the poor and the earth.

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Teach us to discover the worth of each thing,
to be filled with awe and contemplation,
to recognize that we are profoundly united

Mary Aktay

with every creature

AlphaGraphics, Totowa, NJ

as we journey towards your infinite light.

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ave ve
L e o f lo u d i n g
a c y in c n
l e g i d e r e r ia i n
Co the X narie ill &
Mis r Las ent.
u t am


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Xaverian Mission Newsletter •August 2015

yo cre
I f y u r im a s e
ha u r e p a c t
Gif s a “ mplo !
con Prog atchi er
t r i b ra m n g
b e ut io
d o u n c o ur
ble an

Xaverian Missionaries in the World

“We Can Change!”
A M essage from the World Social Forum
in Tunis

by Bishop George Biguzzi SX


he World Social Forum (WSF) is held every two years in different cities. Started in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001, as a
rival of the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland),
the WSF is a kind of civil society World Congress, an attempt to
give voice to those who have no voice. Its slogan is: “Another
world is possible.” The Forum does not produce final declarations or legislative proposals, but its thematic meetings focus
urgent social problems, and can thus influence the world public

World Social Forum 2015 in Tunis, Tunisia. Photo credit: Hoda

Tunis response to the attack
The last World Social Forum was held from 24 to March 28, 2015
in Tunis, one week after the terrorist attack at the Bardo
Museum. The violence did not stop the convening of the Forum
or the involvement of the Tunisian people.
For Xaverian Missionaries participating in the WSF, it is a way of
answering the call of Pope Francis for a church to go where
“there are challenges and new circumstances of the evangelizing
mission of the Church” (Evangelii Gaudium 20), and bring the Joy
of the Gospel to all. I attended the Forum along with a delegation of missionaries, and I met with priests, religious, lay people
and groups from various parts of the world.

Interesting meetings...

Women’s groups amongst those marching at the World Social

During the Forum interesting unplanned meetings occurred with Forum 2015. Poster reads: “The Solutions Are in Her Hands.”
Photo credit: Thelma Young,
the participants and with the population. A Tunisian girl who
met me on the bus said: “thank you for your presence. It is a
sign of hope for all of us.” Over fifteen hundred meetings in
Tunis University classrooms touched the most varied themes:
trafficking in human beings; women slaves of prostitution in
Europe; interreligious dialogue; climate change; hoarding of land,
waters and oceans; criticism and finance policies; rights of
migrants and refugees; peace and reconciliation, spirituality and
human rights and more.

For all there is a call to review their lifestyles. Outside the
classrooms there were a whole series of languages, races, colors,
messages, events. I was struck by the message launched by a
pair of Sicilians who marched for three days with a large banner
with the words, “Lives Adrift”—a message that shakes the conscience in the face of the tragedy of the deaths in the
Over 1,500 events were organized throughout the five days of

“Yes, we can...”

the WSF. Photo credit: Hoda Baraka

Is another world possible? We Christians can and must cultivate and grow the seeds of the Kingdom of God. On the
bus on the way to the Forum, a passenger asked us: “do you believe the world can change?” A nun from Eritrea immediately responded with the words of Mother Teresa: “Change the world, I don’t know. But you and I can change!”
Actually, if no one is considered exempt from this commitment, a better world is possible.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • August 2015


Xaverian Missionaries in the World

Going Beyond Borders…
“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the
life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases
by being shared” ~The Buddha


approach the one year anniversary that Frs. Mattia, Thiago and I
are serving Saint Joseph the Worker Parish in Thailand. Since our
arrival our main focus has been meeting people—our parishioners
and those who are animist or Buddhist and developing friendship with all— and
trying to understand the Akha culture. The majority of Catholics in the parish
are Akha even though this tribal group is a minority in the area we are serving.

Sky Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our parishioners are mostly farmers. Thus the life of the parish is greatly influenced by their activities. The parish is fully alive on Sundays with
the celebration of the Eucharist in Thai, but the Gospel is also
read in Akha. After mass a coffee hour provides an opportunity to
know each other and to talk about everything—health, family life,
problems and joys of the villages.
We also try to reach out to the Burmese groups who live in the
territory of the Parish and who are seen as cheap labor and unfortunately maligned. We are trying to foster a better relationship
between them and our parishioners. Twice a week, we go to visit
them with some young people of the parish.

Saint Joseph the Worker Parish Akha

One of our difficulties is to make of our parish a real Christian
Community where all feel at home. Our parish for historical and
geographical reasons is linked to the Akha group (the official
name of the parish is Saint Joseph the Worker Parish Akha) so it is
sometimes very difficult for them to understand the difference between their tradition and Gospel values. Some parishioners who belong to other tribal
groups feel as mere guests within the community.
In our effort to serve this parish better, our tasks are as follows:
Education of Children and teenagers (Christian formation and English);
Adult formation (BEC and Catechism for adults) : Coffee hour ministry;
Italian groups or Lay Xaverians; Pastoral care of sick and elderly;
Burmese groups and villages around the Parish; Interreligious dialogue
and ecumenism.

We believe our reason for being here is first to continue to nourish the
faith of our parishioners but also to help them to respond to Christ’s
call to be missionary. In fact, about 80% of people who reside on the
entrusted to us are still waiting for the Good News of Christ
Village in Thailand
to reach them, so we hope that our Christian Community will help us to reach out to those people.
Our daily prayer is that through the intercession of Saints Joseph, Francis Xavier and Guido Conforti, we might be good
instruments and good servants in the Vineyard of the Lord, servants who are not afraid to share God’s love, to go beyond
borders, to build bridges, and to trust the Holy Spirit. Fr. Thierry Kengne,SX

You can help Frs. Mattia, Thiago and Thierry bring the JOY of the GOSPEL to Thailand. Either clip this paper and send
it to the address below or help the environment by donating online at
Name: Donation Amount:
Address: City: State: Zip
Email or phone:
Mail to: Fr. Frank Grappoli SX, 12 Helene Ct., Wayne, NJ 07470


Xaverian Mission Newsletter •August 2015

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Xaverian Missionaries in the USA

Finding Common Ground


nyo n e intere ste d in chang ing the wor ld thro u gh
c itizen ac tio n, join u s!

CO M M O N G RO U N D 2015 o n O c to b e r 8 in N ew
B r u n s w ick, N J, is a fre e all- d ay co nfe re n ce,o p e n to
t h e g e n e ral pu blic, t hat aim s to b r in g to g et h e r reli g io u s b elieve r s, s e cula r hu ma nist s, a n d n o n b elieve r s
in co nve r s at io n to gain p e r s p e c t i ve o n e a ch ot h e r’s
way s o f s e ein g t h e wo rld w hile e m b ra c in g co m m o n alit ie s in o u r hu ma n ex p e r ie n ce t hat u nit e u s fo r
s o c ial cha n g e.
T h ro u g h t h re e p a n el s e ssio n s a n d a wo r k s h o p, att e n d e e s w ill h e a r a cad e mic s a n d le ad e r s fro m na t io nal a n d lo cal o rga niz at io n s d is cu ss v iew s o n f ind in g m e a nin g in life, et hic s a n d valu e s, a n d h ow to
colla b o rat e fo r s o c ial a c t io n.
S p e a ke r s in clu d e D r. Welto n Gadd y, fo u nd er of the
Inter faith Allian ce and the “ St ate of B elief”r adio pro gr am; D r. A r u n Gandhi, s o c io-p olitical ac tiv ist, gr ands o n of M o handa s Gandhi; Chr is Ste dman, chaplain of the hu manist co mmu nit y at Yale and auth or of
Faithiest, J o hn Siv alo n, M M , for m er G en er al Su p er ior of M ar y k n oll Missio n er s and auth or of Go d’s
Missio n a n d Po st-m o dern Culture: The Gift of Un certaint y.
T he event is sp o ns ore d by Rutger s U niver sit y O ff C amp u s Liv ing and Co mmu nit y Par tn er ship s, the
A m er ican H u manist S o c iet y and the Xaver ian Missio nar ie s. S e e m ore and re g ister at http://w w w.
co mm o ngro u
Co m m o n G ro u n d 2015 is a co ntinuatio n of the fir st “Co mm o n Gro u nd,” h o ste d by Xaver ian Missio nar ie s in S cotland in 2013. It w a s a we ekend gather ing w hich bro u ght to gether p e o ple of all faiths or
lack there of, stu d ent s and acad emic s, clerg y and lay lead er s to en co ur age u nd er st anding, emp athy,
s o c ial ac tio n, and collab or atio n b et we en n o nb eliever s and b eliever s, culminating in a pre s ent atio n
at the S cottish Par liam ent.
In additio n to Co mm o n Gro u nd 2015, the Xaver ian Missio nar ie s are al s o p ar tic ip ating in the Wor ld
Par liam ent of Relig io ns. T he pro gr am, title d, Co m m o n G ro u nd: Co nve r s at io n s b et we e n Reli g io u s
B elieve r s a nd S e cula r H u ma nist s, w ill b e a p an el pre s ent atio n w ith a w id er dis cu ssio n w ith the au dien ce o n the dialo gu e b et we en atheist s, s e cular hu manist s, and relig io u s b eliever s and the p ur suit
to find mutual v alu e s and ethic s that we all share in ord er to b uild a b etter wor ld to gether. T he Parliam ent of Wor ld Relig io ns, http://w w w.p ar liam entofrelig io ex.c fm, w ill t ake place O c to b er
15-19, 2015 in S alt L ake Cit y, Ut ah.
T he p an elist s are: Fr. C ar l Chu d y SX, Rev. K athle en Gre en e a U nit ar ian U niver s alist p a stor, Nadia
Ha ss an of the Islamic S o c iet y of N or th A m er ica, M r. M el Lip man for m er pre sid ent of the A m er ican
H u manist A ss o c iatio n and L or i Fa z z in o, hu manist and D o c tor of S o c iolo g y candidate at N evada U niver sit y.
T he Xaver ian Missio nar ie s have b e en involve d in inter faith and intercultur al dialo gu e sin ce their
fo u nding by St. Guid o Co nfor ti in the ear ly p ar t of the 20 th Centur y. T he s e Co m m o n Gro u n d e ffo r t s are a co ntinuatio n of this co mmitm ent to fo ster mutual u nd er st anding and co o p er atio n am o ng
p e o ple s w ith the k n ow le d ge that
d e spite o ur differen ce s the wor ld
is ind e e d “O n e Family.”

Fr. Carl Chudy SX

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • August 2015


Reflect a
Our Consecrat
Xaverian Fam
Frs. Dominic Caldognetto SX and Francis Signorelli SX in conversation.
Photo credit: Fr. Frank Grappoli SX


commemoration of the Year of
Consecrated Life and the 150th Birth
Anniversary of our founder, St. Guido
Maria Conforti, we gathered together
to pray, reflect, and re-invigorate our consecration to
mission. Together with our sisters, we were grateful for the
presence of our Superior General, Fr. Luigi Menegazzo SX
who assisted us in our prayerful gathering as our retreat

All of the reflections and prayer were opportunities to
center ourselves on the prophetic role of religious life in
a world with deep human needs. The purpose of religious
life in the Church is to attempt to answer these needs, an
answer to many prayers from the power of the Holy Trinity.
Two occasions captured our attention: the focus on the gift
of religious life to the Church and world as proclaimed by

Sister Verònica Paredes Sanchez XMM and Fr. René
Casillas SX take a break together.

USA Xaverians in a working session with Fr. Luigi Menegazzo SX
Superior General of the Order

Miramar Retreat Center, Duxbury, MA

and Renew
tion to Mission:
mily on Retreat

Taking notes and deep in thought, Xaverians concentrate on their
commitment to “Consecrated Life.”

Pope Francis. The second is the occasion of the 150th birth
anniversary of the founder of the Xaverian Missionaries,
St. Guido Conforti. Both of these occasions gave us much
pause to consider the questions that come from the
crossroads of the world where we live and work.
The experience of the poor, inter-religious and intercultural
dialogue, the complementarity of men and women,
environmentalism in a sick world, eugenics without
scruples, a globalized economy...: these must be inhabited
and brought firmly under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
who groans aloud in all of them (Rom 8:22-27). Can
consecrated life become a welcoming dialogue partner “in
the search for God which has always stirred the human
heart”? Can we be part of the healing balm for the pain
and woundedness that world bears today?

Fr. Carl Chudy SX

Xaverian fathers and sisters are all smiles as they pose together.

Fr. Luigi Menegazzo SX prepares for liturgy.

Sister Rebeca Sānchez Pérez XMM (right) and
Sister Rosetta Serra XMM share a reflective
moment in the Chapel.

Xaverian Spirituality


Xaverian Mission Newsletter •August 2015

Inspired by St. Guido Conforti

The Xaverian is a person of
action in constant union with
“Xaverian Spirituality” is the way Xaverian Missionaries live the
Gospel as God had inspired in Conforti, through the
contemplation of the Crucified Christ.
This “spirituality” has been enriched by the experience of the
100 years of our Congregation existence; the Church has
welcomed and sets it in front of us as the way to fulfill our
Our is an “harmonious” spirituality, founded upon three
different elements :

“a spirit of living faith which enables us to see God, seek
God, love God in all things, intensifying our desire to
spread his Kingdom everywhere;

a spirit of prompt and ready obedience in everything;

a spirit of intense love for our religious family and for all
its members.”

St. Guido Maria Conforti was a man of deep faith which he had
made the ruling factor of his life. Faith made him see Christ as
the all, and in all.
Faith was also the reason for the great respect he
showed to every person: he recognized Christ in
the person in front of him, no matter gender, age
or social status.
St. Guido left this principle “Christ is all, and in
all” to us as a life program. We pray that he may
now obtain for us a personal, profound and
transforming experience of Christ to enable us to
recognize him in people and events of our history.
Fr. Michael Davitti SX
Opposite page: The crucifix that made an impact upon
St. Guido’s life. Notice his motto on the left: The Love of
Christ Urges us! This page: Top: Canonization Icon with
his mottoes, Christ is All and the Love of Christ Urges Us.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • August 2015


World Mission News Digest

World Mission News Digest
Food insecurity in the north of the

Market in Cameroon

Peace efforts in Colombia

Filipina Muslim Girl

Fides) - It is
difficult to
find food
in northern
due to the
caused by
Boko Haram
which has
and crossborder trade.
Aid agencies
and local
launched a warning about the risk
of a serious food crisis for 180,000
people in the region. The malnutrition
rate among children under 5 years of
age continues to worsen.
Over 70% of farmers have abandoned
their fields since last year and many
others did not sow in time. There
are also Nigerian refugees who have
occupied over 200 hectares of land
originally used for agriculture. Last
year cereals, such as sorghum, millet,
beans and rice, decreased by over
50%. In some areas food prices have
increased significantly. Even during
peaceful times, the northern region of
Cameroon has always been precarious
due to lack of water. 25 to 30% of
the land is arid. Several international
and government aid agencies
are trying to bring supplies, but
insecurity makes reaching the most
vulnerable difficult and dangerous.

Ministry in Thailand

10 Xaverian Mission Newsletter •August 2015

Latin American Religious
give their full support and
unreserved commitment for
Peace in Colombia

Bogota (Agenzia Fides) - At the end of the
CLAR Congress, Confederation of religious
men and women of Latin America and the
Caribbean, held in Bogota a statement was
issued in which the participants expressed
full support to the peace process in Colombia.
The participants commit themselves to pray
for peace and to take the cause of peace
and reconciliation as a moral duty for the
Latin American Catholic church. “We will
work more and more - says the text sent
to Fides - alongside the victims, we will
pray for the help and wisdom of the Spirit
to commit ourselves wholeheartedly to this
cause.” They also propose to open a table of
dialogue with ELN (National Liberation Army),
asking them to entirely abandon weapons
and build together the structural changes
that peace demands.
The CLAR Congress was attended by about
1,200 people and had the theme “Concrete
developments in living our charism today”.
Among the specific objectives, emphasis was
put on how to “propose new alternatives for
Consecrated Life, find paths for Consecrated
Life for a missionary disciple.”

“Laudato Sì”: A source of inspiration for dialogue and for the
care of creation

Zamboanga (Agenzia Fides) - “Pope Francis’
encyclical, Laudato Si, is a new source of
inspiration and encouragement for the
work of interreligious dialogue and for the
care of the environment,” stated the
“Silsilah” Movement for dialogue founded by
PIME missionary Fr. Sebastiano D’Ambra in
1984 and active in the southern Philippines.
It is based on a spirituality of “life-in-dialogue,” based on four pillars: dialogue with
God; dialogue with oneself; dialogue with
others; dialogue with creation.
“For Silsilah, the encyclical is a sign of the
times,” because “dialogue with creation”

has been significantly strengthened
and “calls on Muslims and Christians
to work together for the common
good,” as they did in the defense of
the catchment basin area of Ayala,
when Muslims and Christians in
Mindanao worked hand in hand to
prevent the dismantling and the
arrival of a mining company.
Encouraged by this successful experience, Silsilah is still active in protecting all water catchment areas in
Zamboanga as “concrete commitment
of care for our common home.”
Even the clear “spiritual perspective”
that has primacy in the encyclical is
“a source of great inspiration,” says
the Movement. “This perspective is a
fundamental part in the discernment
on environmental issues and implies a
relationship of mutual responsibility
between humans and nature,” a
vision fully shared by Silsilah.

Conclusion of the Council:
New paths to give witness
to Christ in Thailand”
Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) - “The
Plenary Council of the Catholic Church in
Thilandia, just concluded in Bangkok, was
an important moment to remember the
past, our roots, and to look towards the
future: the Catholics seek new paths to
incarnate the Gospel in the country and
live it in society, economy, politics, in
order to contribute to the common good
of the nation,” stated Fr. Peter Watchasin,
National Director of the Pontifical Mission
Societies in Thailand.
The Bishops’ Conference of Thailand has
declared 2015 “Holy Year” to commemorate the 350 years since the first Synod
of Ayutthaya (old capital of the country)
held in 1664, which laid the foundation
for the stable presence of the Church in
Southeast Asia. The Director said, “It was
a fruitful time of reflection, dialogue and
discussion among all members of the
Catholic community. We asked ourselves
how to be disciples of Christ in Thailand
today and what are the new paths to
proclaim the Good News of Christ.”

News from our USA Communities

News from our USA Communities
Finally, this year on both days of
Festival, June 26 and 27, there was
no rain; often the sun made its
appearance! That encouraged people
to come and participate and the attendance was larger than last year.
Everything had been well organized
under the leadership of Fred Michalek. The Fathers helped in many
ways. Fr. Mark collected items for
the rummage sale and for the other
booths. Fr. Alex helped with setting
up, moving furniture, driving truck
and even the big tractor. Fr. Dominic
oversaw the buying of items for the
food and game sectors. Frs. Aniello
and Larry welcomed people with big
The rummage sale was very well
organized by Chris Sowa and her
friends, Judy Rick, Roxanne Vanderheyden and others. It brought in
more income than any previous year.
A large crowd of people attended
the celebration of the Eucharist on
Sunday, June 27 at 10:30. The main
celebrant was Fr. Alex. The Saint Alphonsus’ Bell Choir played beautifully.
Linda, our secretary, organized the
raffle and the volunteers for the
boots. Her brother Paul Riess was
the clown and spent the days making people smile.
There were many volunteers who
helped in organizing, setting up and
in cleaning up by removing booths,
tables, and re-stacking chairs after
the Festival.
A special mention has to be made to
the cooking staff for the spaghetti
& meatball supper with Sr. Laurette
Guenthar and friends, and for the
baked chicken with the Meinholz
The grand Knight Lester Kostera of
the Knights of Columbus Council

1709 of South Milwaukee and his friends
helped in many things, especially in
selling beer and other drinks.
People also enjoyed the music offered
by bands.
At 7:00 PM on June 27, with the drawing tickets of the winners of the raffle,
the Festival closed. Everybody was
happy and grateful to the Lord for the
wonderful two days of the Festival.

~Fr. Aniello Salicone SX

The Portuguese Pilgrimage, one of the
largest pilgrimages to Fatima Shrine,
took place on July 26th. Charismatic
and Neocatechumenate groups, Hispanic
and Filipino and even a group from
Wayne NJ will make pilgrimages to
Fatima Shrine in August.
Fatima Days
On the 13th of each month from now
until October celebrations dedicated
to Our Lady of Fatima continue at the
Monthly Retreats
The monthly RETREAT at the Fatima
Shrine will resume on September 13th,
giving those who come an opportunity
to celebrate the many ways that Mission
can be expressed, proclaiming the Lord
Jesus to all God’s people. For information please call 508-429-2144
Save the Date
Holliston’s 63rd Annual Mission Banquet
will take place on October 17, 2015
beginning with a Mass at 4:00 PM and
followed by dinner and festivities. The
Theme is “Building Peace around our
~Fr. Joe Matteucig SX

We gratefully acknowledge the following
gifts: Three chalices from the Knights of

Columbus Commodore
John Barry Assembly in
Rockledge Florida which
have been sent to the
Diocese of Makeni in
Sierra Leone for use by
newly ordained diocesan
priests there; Hand-made
rosaries from St. Anthony’s
Parish Rosary Makers
under the direction of
Frances Koerner from
St. Anthony Parish in
Hawthorne, NJ, also sent
to the Diocese of Makeni.
The work of your hands
stretches out around
the world and is being
placed in the hands of
our brothers and sisters
in Faith. Thank you!

Franklin Knoll Mission Festival

~Fr. Frank Grappoli SX
Xaverians in Wayne
wish to welcome the
new Pastor Fr. Peter Von Breton
Wells along with his associate Fr.
Peter Filipkowski to Our Lady of the
Valley Parish.

Portuguese Pilgrimage at Fatima Shrine

And we wish Fr. ST Sutton all the best
in his new assignment as Pastor of St.
Joseph parish, Newton NJ.
Fr. Michael Davitti SX was installed as
Chaplain of Knights of Columbus where
he will serve the council as spiritual
adviser to the brother knights and
families and help develop a better
informed lay Catholic leadership.
~Fr. Michael Davitti SX

Fr. Michael offers invocation for Knights of Columbus

Save the Date
Social Media Spreading the
Good News.
The Xaverian Missionaries USA together
with the NJ SYNOD of the Evangelical
Lutheran Church of America will present a Workshop on Social Media and
Evangelization with Meredith Gould on
September 26, 2015.
For more Provincial House news please
see page 5 for upcoming conferences.
~Fr. Carl Chudy SX

Meredith Gould

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • August 2015


Xaverian Mission Newsletter • May 2015

“Our daily prayer is that through the intercession of Saints Joseph, Francis Xavier and Guido Conforti, we might
be good instruments and good servants in the Vineyard of the Lord, servants who are not afraid to share God’s
love, to go beyond borders, to build bridges, and to trust the Holy Spirit.” ~ Fr. Thierry Kengne,SX

“Serve in the Vineyard of the Lord” as a
Xaverian Missionary!

Fr. Rocco Puopolo at

The Xaverian Community in Thailand

Xaverian Missionaries Serve In:
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