For this was the reason…..

After the day of Galileo’s trial he has been working on inventing more things. He has lectured people who believed him, but if one found out about his sin he was at risk to be burned at stake. He regretted his wrong doings yet believed he can change lives. After his trial he spoke to many Copernicus followers and said to them: “You would have not believed how nerve wrecking my trial was; it was the outmost pain I felt. I felt my heart rapidly beating felt a massive of beats and palpitations...” He turns his back against the listeners and starts to talk as if he were embarrassed “This is how my trial begins…the pope had demanded for me to go to trial and stand before the inquisition for heresy. It was horrible I tell you. It started as quick as possible it was as if they were in a hurry to kill me. I remember how it started, the clerk easily said to all rise and stand up for the judge. I quickly did it so I wouldn’t make eye contact with them. Then the clerk says that my care between the church and I will now begin. My heart skipped a beat. Ever wondered how I am standing in front of you not burnt in stake yet?” He turns back to the crowd and says “Thank you all for listening but I doubt I can finish telling my experience” “We want more! We want more!” “O.k. will do. I will continue only if everyone listens carefully and does not tell what im doing.”

He looks away again and sighs. “The judge then told us all to sit, he told the clerk to read the charges against me.” It said: You Galileo are charged with heresy. You are here for holding as true the false doctrine taught by some that the sun is the center of the universe… “The prosecutor then started babbling about al this nonsense. He said I was just using common sense. He said that they believe that I am a heretic because I openly taught my beliefs.”

“Finally my part of the story, the defendant talks finally it all makes sense. My book clearly upholds the teachings of the Catholic Church.” “Then the pope is called, and he swears” why did you call for this trial of Galileo the prosecutor says. Did Galileo listen to this warning?” “But of course not, it questions the churches authority” “Then he says all I want Galileo to do is ask for forgiveness if he recants his statements I will ask to consider leniency. All I had thinking in my mind was how can I deny my own ideas? Then they asked if in fact I confessed to my sin.” “Did you!?” “Well of course I even remember what I wrote. I Galileo Galilei swear that with honest heart and in good faith I curse the said heresies and errors as to the movement of the earth around the sun and all other heresies and ideas opposed to the holy church; and I swear that I will never no assert or say anything either orally or in writing that could be suspicious.” “They asked if I committed heresy, but did I really? No I did what I was supposed to do. A written book was all it. I outlined both theories. I tried to biased the readers but I juts had to write my own statements. “What else happened?” “Well it ended there. I’m here aren’t I? What more can you ask for? Yeah they gave me a hard time but I recanted.

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