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601 Van Ness Avenue, Suite E3613 • San Francisco, CA 94102

(Mobile) 510.868.2862 •

Top-producing Business Development Executive with a 20+ year proven track record of effective
leadership, strategic thinking and consistently increasing product awareness, market share, and

Extensive experience creating and implementing solution-selling and vertical-selling programs that
support field and channel sales organizations. Excel at partnering with all core business operations
to significantly increase the company’s footprint, generate sustainable revenue and produce gains.
Skilled at establishing operational excellence within diverse environments and translating
conceptual models into specific growth strategies. Demonstrated history of implementing numerous
large scale campaigns to millions of viewers aimed at increasing sales and raising brand awareness.
Successfully strengthened customer relationships, while maintaining a focus on securing new

Consistently raise the bar on operational efficiency delivering 20%+ performance improvements
and ensuring that all team members exceed customer expectations. A strategic visionary with a
clear sense of purpose and urgency when faced with diverse situational challenges during periods of
both declining sales and rapid growth.

Major Account Development & Project Management Conceptual Blockbusting
Profitability Enhancement & Performance Systemic Process Improvement
Inventive, Imaginative & Resourceful Solution Creator Cost-Benefit Analysis & Market Analysis
Revitalizing Stagnant & Declining Sales Revenue Growth & Bottom-line Improvement
Cost Reduction/Containment & Accounts Receivable Team-Building & Effective Leadership
Business Development & Needs / Wants Assessment Launch Planning & Product Development
Outstanding Public Speaker, Presenter & Media Development & Public Relations

Major Media Software Company – San Francisco
EVP Business Development & Strategy (Oct. 2009-Present)
For this global leader in digital media technology. Managed efforts for products that enable
online publishers, creative agencies, media agencies & advertisers to create/manage rich
media & advertising across multiple digital channels/devices. Manage sales and business
development activity with various companies for the team in the US and worldwide.
Designed and maintained the partnership strategy that will drive sales of the full range of
products and services to publisher partners.

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Key Accomplishments
Developed core relationships with IBM and top leaders to grow company.
Ran all process to double staff and facility
Co-developed oversubscribed fundraising effort
Created all process improvement systems
Developed go-to-market strategy
Tripled income value proposition

Production Development Group – San Francisco

Business Development Consultant (Jan 2007-Sept 2009)
Advise Fortune 2000 and Govt. 1000; formulate policies and business strategies; plan, direct, and
coordinate operational activities at the highest level of management with the help of subordinate
managers. Analyze operations to evaluate company performance and determine areas of cost
reduction/program improvement. Ensure organizational objectives are achieved by reviewing financial
statements and sales reports. Raise $3M+ funding cycles.

Key Accomplishments:
• Developed process reorganization plan for Monster, a major electronics company; reported
to CEO
• Planned successful new launch effort for major auto company
• Act as public spokesperson for clients to regional & national media
• Produced and managed wireless social networking start-up
• Led marketing and Business Development for cloud computing DAM & ECM start-up; doubled
size & funding
• Drive innovation and lower costs, improve data analysis and meet account needs
• Create progressive, thriving environments by leading and developing technical and
operational staff

XP Systems – San Francisco, CA

Program Executive (Mar 2007-Aug 2009)
Developed programs and product systems for this technology company. Organized teams, suppliers
and partners; produced prototyping and R&D development; created operations blueprints. Managed
P&L, budget development, margin growth and forecasting. Ensured adherence to Standard Operating

Key Accomplishments:
• Secured Forbes runner-up Most Promising Company commendation
• Generated significant partner growth through exceptional service delivery, relationships with
client stakeholders, and credibility in delivering technology products and services

Personal Flight Systems – San Francisco, CA

Program Executive (Nov 2005-Jan 2007)
Supervised project teams; led program and product development. Delivered highly polished
presentation skills to client executives and senior management. Built strong, lasting client
relationships. Prioritized initiatives through strong decision making and handled difficult situational

Key Accomplishments:
• Earned patent which overcame NASA patent and solved commercialization logjam
• Led successful multi-million dollar, multi-year groundbreaking projects

Clever Homes – San Francisco, CA

Program Executive (Jan 2003-Oct 2005)
Spearheaded market research activities including identifying research needs, performing targeted
background research, conducting business-to-business, consumer and competitive research and
focus groups, directing trending and usability survey research as well as planning, designing and
executing qualitative and quantitative research. Identified and developed new accounts; identified

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project requirements including performance, cost and regulatory compliance. Directed program
design and roll-out; prospected and delivered local, regional and national projects.

Key Accomplishments:
• Established company as industry lead by conceptualizing and leveraging competitor-busting
Created national NowHouse Green Building Project with City of San Francisco
Developed project featured on Discovery Home Channel 13 episode
Limnia – San Francisco, CA
Program Executive (May 2001- Jan 2003)
Managed career development, training plans and appraisals for all direct reports. Supervised all
team management; created successful business and technology strategies.

Key Accomplishments:
• Positioned company as industry leader with first-to-market solutions
• Surpassed federal milestones by 50 percent by creating innovative technologies
• Awarded grant by congressional action for energy technology product
• Received Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
• Granted Congressional commendation for energy storage invention
• Effectively prioritized issues improving usability and functionality by developing and
implementing a problem reporting and tracking system

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601 Van Ness Avenue, Suite E3613 • San Francisco, CA 94102
(Mobile) 510.868.2862 •


TSBN – San Francisco, CA
Program Executive (Jan 1997- Apr 2001)
Oversaw operations, strategy and integration. Developed business cases and launch-plan release
schedules including feature set and price modeling. Supervised custom and syndicated research
projects for launching new products. Successfully managed P&L, CRM and SEO. Developed
segmentation analytics, cross-sell process. Acted as first point of contact between customers,
company and suppliers.

Key Accomplishments:
• Led company transformation into new technology company via, acquisition, and new product
• Played key role in actualizing various industry-leading technologies
• Re-engineered operations; leveraged best practices and re-designed ineffective policies after
reviewing internal processes and completing cost-benefit analyses
• Consolidated research efforts by integrating multiple development teams’ data

RPI Technology – San Francisco, CA

Program Executive (Feb 1994-Dec 1996)
Supervised International research operations on three continents and worldwide sales forecasting.
Trained and supervised research staff; compiled weekly research results based on call-out research,
sales information and call-in requests. Managed concurrent development teams; piloted marketing
research. Hired, trained and supervised staff. Demonstrated exceptional team leadership with
ability to develop and deliver on a team's potential.

Key Accomplishments:
• Drove company from $0 to $7M+ in funding
• Supervised creation of 19 industry firsts and 22 products
• Improved system performance and developed new product features
• Achieved significant market share increases against major competitors
• Decreased spending by 35% through initiating spending priority changes based on marketing

San Francisco State University
B.A., Cultural Sociology / Media
Minor, Product Development

U.C. Berkeley & Stanford University Computer Arts Institute

Media / Marketing Program (Present) 2-D/3-D CGI Studies

Multiple, issued, first-to-market patents which later became industry standards

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