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Azfar Afandi Bin Ahmad Nazri


From a parent view, KSSR is new in the education system where most of the
parents not exposed to the new curriculum system. And when they knew
about the changes where there is no examination and based on the SBA, they
mostly disagree with it. Because how can they measure their child
performance in school, and what is SBA. It gives confusion among them.
School should do some course to parents to make them understand what
KSSR stands for and how the system is being conduct in the school so that
parents know about the system and able to check out their children
performance through their work. They can fulfil the need of the children based

on the KSSR.
Besides, parents should aware to the changes in KSSR where in the blue
print stated that it change form school learning to system learning. With
the learning system parents will involve in the system, where they will be
engage with toolkit and online access to their child progress in school. The
system will have parents to sign home school agreements so that they can
specify simple action they can take as a parent to help their children to build
numeracy skill at home. Besides parent will be able to check out their child
performance through SAPS(System Examination Analysis System). It is a

good development where parent involve in the system.

As we talk deeper about equity, as we all know, education is free in Malaysia
where it is stated in the Malaysia blueprint where education for all but

despite of that still some parents did not tend to send their children to school.
From my perspective from a parent view this is because of the economic
factor of the parents. The cost of education is not only borne by the
government, but also by parents (or carers/guardians) whether indirectly
through taxes or directly through personal expenditure to support the day-to-

day schooling activities.

Parents have to meet a number of costs in order to educate their children.
include school fees, school uniform, books and equipment, pocket
money for meals, school trips and other charges. I like to quote from a person,
Due to constraints of financial resources, available time, and parental
educational skills, low income parents often have difficulty becoming active

partners in their childrens education (Hawkins, 2001). It shows that

economical is really important for parents to educate their children. And here it
shows that there is no equity in the education system. Where the poor will
have problem to educate their children and the rich will have the opportunity

to give their children support based on the KSSR needs.

I think as a parent, although they have financial issues to send their children
to school. Because the government will help family with financial problem.
During the period 2001-2003, for example, a total of RM728.1million was
spent by the government under these programmes benefiting 2.5million
students, especially from the low-income families in the rural areas and
children with special needs. This amounted to RM290 per student during
the period. In the 2007 Government Budget, for instance, RM310 million was
set aside to benefit 1.5 million children from poor families. These children are
expected to receive higher monthly school allowances RM50 for those in
primary school and RM70 for secondary school students, up RM20 from the
previous year.( International Journal of Institution of Economics in Malaysia 61

Vol. 3, No. 1, April 2011, pp. 61-76)

With the help of the government, parents will have less burden in educate
their child and Malaysia will able to achieve education for all and there will
be no children that will be left from education.