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Dr. R. P. Verma : Consultant, (Formerly :Petrotech Chair

Professor, IIT Delhi, Executive Director & Head R&D,
Indian Oil Corporation Limited. Chairman Indian Oil
Technologies Limited. Chairman Indo Cat Pvt Limited a JV of Intercat, USA & IOCL).

Dr. Mathew Abraham : Sr. General Manager, Mahindra

& Mahindra (M&M), Mahindra Research Valley,

Mr. Ashish Tarte : Head, Engineering & Development,

Mahindra REVA.

Dr. Pratibha Sharma : Associate Professor, Department of

Energy Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of
Technology Bombay.

Dr. M. S. Balathanigaimani : Assistant Professor,

Department of Chemical Engineering, Rajiv Gandhi
Institute of Petroleum Technology, Rae Bareli.

Mr. Ashish Deshpande : Lead Technology Specialist,

ANSYS, India.

Dr. S. S. Thipse : Dy. Director, Powertrain

Engineering, ARAI, Pune.

Mr. S. S. Ramdasi : General Manager, Powertrain

Engineering, ARAI, Pune.

Mr. K. P. Kavathekar : Dy. General Manager,

Powertrain Engineering, ARAI, Pune.

Mr. M. M. Desai : Dy. General Manager, Automotive

Electronics Laboratory, ARAI, Pune.



5 Day Proficiency Improvement Programme on Automotive Fuels & Energy

Excellence in Education
The Drive continues


Symposium on International
Automotive Technology 2015
Towards Safer, Cleaner & Quieter World...

21-24 January 2015, ARAI, Pune, India

5 Day Proficiency
Improvement Programme on

Mr. S. D. Rairikar, Manager, Powertrain Engineering,

ARAI, Pune.

5 Day Proficiency Improvement Programme on

Automotive Fuels & Energy

9th - 13th September 2014

Automotive Fuels & Energy



ARAI, Pune

Name, Designation, Dept., Office No., Mobile No. & Email ID :

Delegate - 1

(The Automotive Research Association of India)

Delegate - 2
Delegate - 3
Company Name & Address
Co-ordinator's Name, Designation,
Contact No., Email ID



9 - 13 September 2014
Organized by

100% Advance Payment Details

Please fax/email/post duly filled-in registration form on or before 7th September 2014 to :
Dr. K. C. Vora, Sr. Dy. Director & Head, ARAI Academy
ARAI Post Box 832, Pune 411004 / S. No. 102, Vetal Hill, Off Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune 411038
Tel: 020-3023 1248/ 1245 /1111, Fax: 020-3023 1104

5 Day Proficiency Improvement Programme on Automotive Fuels & Energy


With the ever increasing crude oil prices and the alarming
environmental crisis, use of alternative fuels is no longer a
matter of future: it is a realistic issue of present.
Conventional fuel sources are getting a lot harder to
extract and the environment is also being heavily polluted
by emissions produced by burning petroleum products. It's
time now to reduce degrading the environment further
and the obvious way ahead is through use of alternative
fuels. Addressing these issues, this program is designed to
give an in-depth analysis of fuel products, quality, policy &
storage including alternate energy like Fuel Cells, Electric
Vehicles & Hybrid Vehicles.


On completion of the module, the delegates should be
able to:
n Understand fuel quality & its challenges to meet future
emission norms in India.
n Understand petroleum refining &auto fuel policy.
n Understand CNG & LPG / LNG & biogas technologies.
n Understand regulatory trends for natural gas vehicles.
n Understand design, development & testing of electric
n Understand synthetic fuels &futuristic technologies on
n Understand hydrogen technology & HCNG engine
n Understand fuel cell technology.
n Understand storage methods for fuels.
n Understand recent trends in auto gaseous fuel
n Lead multi disciplinary teams.
n Demonstrate independent learning ability necessary
for conducting professional development.
n Become self-disciplined and self-motivated,
demonstrating personal responsibility in the pursuit of
studies and professional practice.
Note : ARAI reserves the right to change the dates, schedule,
contents, speakers, venue etc. for the programme without any

5 Day Proficiency Improvement Programme on Automotive Fuels & Energy

Day One
08.30 - Registration
09.30 - Inauguration & Welcome Address
10.00 - Fuel Quality & its Challenges to Meet Future
Emission Norms in India
11.00 - Tea Break
11.15 - Petroleum Refining- Fuel Quality Upgradation & Auto Fuel Policy
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 - CNG &LPG Technologies
17.00 - Conclusion
Day Two
09.00 - Hybrid, Electric & Fuel Cell Vehicles
11.00 - Tea Break
11.15 - Testing of Electric Vehicle
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 - Biogas & LNG
17.00 - Conclusion
Day Three
09.00 - Synthetic Fuels
11.00 - Tea Break
11.15 - 2nd Generation Biofuels
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 - Future Alternative Fuels
15.00 - Recent Advances in CNG and HCNG Engine
16.00 - Regulatory Framework for CNG Vehicles
17.00 - Conclusion
Day Four
09.00 - Introduction to Alternate Storage Methods
for Alternate Fuels
10.30 - Tea break
10.45 - Hydrogen Storage Systems
11.45 - Metal Hydride based Hydrogen Energy
Storage Device
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 - Adsorbed Natural Gas Storage
15.30 - Simulation of Hybrid, Electric Vehicle
17.00 - Conclusion
Day Five
09.00 - Design & Development of Electric Vehicle
11.00 - Tea break
11.15 - Recent Trends in Automotive Gaseous Fuel
13.15 - Lunch
14.15 - Written Test
15.15 - Summary, Discussion and Feedback
16.00 - Valedictory Function
17.00 - Conclusion



Vehicle / Engine Manufactures

Organizations involved in Automotive Research, Design &

Development, Testing & Certification, Calibration activities


Fees (Rs.)

Total Fees including

Tax of 12.36% (Rs.)

(per participant)

(per participant)

Engineers &



Teaching Faculty



College Students



Petroleum & Refinery personnel

Alternate Fuel Device Manufacturers

Engineers working on Alternate Energy like Fuel Cell, Electric

& Hybrid vehicles

RTO / Environmentalist

Engineers who are interested in pursuing further studies on

part time / full time basis

Registration fees include:

Engineering / consulting companies


Professors / engineering college students


Delegate Kit

At Par / Multicity cheque or demand draft in favour of

The Automotive Research Association of India

payable at Pune.
ARAI, over five decades, has provided its design and
development expertise to the Indian automotive industry,
focusing on the testing and evaluation of components and
systems to meet national and international standards. ARAI
strives to achieve international recognition in these areas. In
keeping with the globalization of economy and business, ARAI
continues to enlarge its scope of services to meet the
requirements of automotive industries around the world. In
addition to utilizing state-of-the-art technology, laboratories and
highly-trained personnel, ARAI recognizes the need to develop a
new generation of engineers to meet the demands of the
automotive industry, not just in India but across the globe.
ARAI ACADEMY is classified into three divisions:
LEARNING CENTRE has embarked upon a programme of building
up human resources by commencing educational programme
(Graduate Post graduate & Doctoral) with specialization in
Automotive Engineering. It has tied up with VIT University
(Vellore), Veltech University (Chennai), College of Engineering
(Pune), University of Alabama (USA), Tennessee Tech university
(USA), Loughborough University (UK) and University of
Braunschweig (Germany).

Experts. PIP gives engineers, faculty and student's knowledge

and technical expertise in a wide range of automotive disciplines.
It helps in understanding system's view point for automotive
design and manufacture, with specific skills in formulating
automotive engineering solutions in terms of their function and
performance, through optional modules.
Based on the present system in universities, credits are proposed
for each module, so that the graduate engineers can attend
various modules and sum-up the credits required for Master's or
Doctoral Programs. Participants also get chance to visit related
laboratories of ARAI and get hands on experience. Certificates
are issued on the basis of attendance & written test conducted at
the end of the programme. We also conduct Training
Programmes through WEBEX and Domain Training Programmes
for Automotive Industry.
Please visit for more information.

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE has collection of around 14,000 books &

standards, 50,000 technical papers and numerous journals,
technical reports and seminar / conference proceedings. It
publishes monthly magazine 'Automotive Abstracts' and supplies
CDs of CMVR Type Approval Handbook and Automotive Industry
Standards (AIS).
TRAINING CENTRE, In line with Post Graduate and Doctoral
Programs conducted by various universities abroad, ARAI
Academy has devised various Proficiency Improvement
Programmes (PIPs), to be taught by ARAI, Academia & Industry