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1400 to 10100 Basic

DUPLEX 1400–10100 Basic is a new generation
of all-purpose ventilation units with cross-flow heat recovery
The indoor version of compact DUPLEX 1400–10100 Basic
units are used for comfort ventilation, hot-air heating and
cooling in small facilities, shop floors, stores, schools,
restaurants, shops, sports and industrial halls and swimming
pools. The units are intended for indoor operation in covered
and dry areas with temperatures between 5 and 40 °C and
relative humidity up to 90 %. They are suitable wherever
efficient ventilation and possibly hot-air circulation ventilation
and cooling must be provided at minimum running cost, i.e.
the highest efficiency of heat recovery and low power input
of fans.
DUPLEX Basic units are compact appliances containing
in a single cabinet two independently controlled EC fans with
backward curved blades a heat recovery exchanger with
large heat-transfer surface and high efficiency, slide-out
supply and exhaust air class G4, M5 or F7 filters, drain pans
and possibly also an internal bypass with a servo drive and
a circulation damper with a servo drive.
The cabinet has a sandwich structure and consists
of painted sheet and 30 mm of PIR fill with an outstanding
heat transfer coefficient (λ = 0,024 W/mK).
DUPLEX Basic ventilation units meet the requirements
of the most stringent European standards:
= Casing properties according to EN 1886
= EC motors according to ErP 2015
= SFP < 0,45 W/(m /h) according to PassivHaus*
= Hygienic requests according to VDI6022



14 0 0 t o 10 10 0 B a s i c

All-purpose ventilation units
with cross-flow heat
recovery exchangers

Advantages of DUPLEX Basic units:
= New design of ventilation units with excellent parameters
= Great thermal insulation of the casing (class T2)
= Reduced thermal bridging (class TB1)
= Compact dimensions
= Very flat unit suitable for under ceiling installation
= Ease of installation
= Variable configuration of discharge ports
= Unified dimensions of ports
= Optional versions with a bypass and circulation damper
= Horizontal floor-standing up to 10 100 m /h, floorstanding flat or ceiling suspended types up to 8 100 m3/h
= High efficiency fans – SFP < 0,45 W/(m /h)*
= High heat recovery efficiency of the cross-flow heat
recovery exchanger – up to 70 %
= Integrated control system including temperature sensors
= Integrated web server (RD4 regulation only)
= Comfortable unit control with touchscreen CPA controller
= Comprehensive selection software
* in a limited area



with in-built bypass damper
with in-built circulation damper

with in-built hot-water heater
with in-built direct chiller
with in-built water-based chiller

Unit ventilators, heat recovery – issue 02/2014














e1 ... Fresh outdoor air suction
e2 ... Fresh filtered air outlet

Ventilation without heat recovery
(via bypass)

Circulation heating
or cooling

Ventilation with heat recovery
with re-heating (with cooling)


T ... Central heating connection
CH ... Cooling connection

... Exhaust air suction
... Exhaust air outlet


s a v e

y o u r

e n e r g y

For the detailed design of DUPLEX series
units, accessories and control systems
we recommend using our dedicated design
software. You can find it on our website
at or request a CD at our






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+30 °C.5+F7 Exhaust section (G4) 900 800 700 600 500 EX M 0 10 10113 100 sic Ba ic ic 8 000 Bas Bas 7 000 PL X 8112 M 6 000 DU PLE asic 5 000 DU 0 710 LEX M111 0B 540 LEX M110 4 000 3 000 DUP DUP 2 000 asic 1 000 asic 0 Basic 100 0B 340 LEX M109 200 DUP M1 X 1400 7 0B 240 LEX M108 DUPLE 300 0 0 DUP 400 9 000 10 000 11 000 12 000 Air volume (m3/h) Heat recovery efficiency φ (%) HEAT RECOVERY EFFICIENCY 80 Low limit is without condensation and equal air volume flow (Me = Mi) 1400.h. heating capacity data T are valid for 70/50 °C water temperature dropand +10 °C. 4) kW 1) 2) 1400 1 650 1 660 2400 2 800 2 780 180–260 0. power input kW Voltage V Frequency Hz min-1 Revolutions – max. r.6 3 000 4 000 5 000 6 000 7 000 8 000 9 000 10 000 11 000 12 000 Air volume (m3/h) . 1) m3h-1 1) Extraction air – max. 1400 1 000 2400 0 340 Basic 2 000 asic Basic 7100 8100 Basic B 5400 c Basi maximum heating capacity for T.3+CHW.F 10 000 11 000 12 000 Air volume (m3/h) Heating / cooling capacity QT/CH (kW) HEATING AND COOLING PERFORMANCES 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 sic 10100 Ba Max. r. 2400 Ba sic 3400 Basic 5400 Basic 1 000 2 000 4 000 3 000 5 000 8100 7100 Basic Basic 6 000 7 000 10100 Basic 8 000 9 000 K750. page 4 280–360 310–380 360–440 2. 4) kW Cooling output CHF – max.4 400 570–660 10. cooling capacity data CHW are valid for 30 % water/ethylene-glycol mixture. m3h-1 Heat recovery efficiency 2) % Number of versions and positions – Weight 3) kg Max.G K750.5 maximum cooling capacity for CHF.1 400 400 400 50 2 980 2 960 2 700 34 51 64 25 35 51 18 31 48 8100 8 600 8 500 10100 11 000 11 100 470–550 7.4 230 3 350 20 12 11 2 900 27 18 15 5400 7100 5 740 7 750 5 800 7 580 up to 70 % see table „Mounting positions“.h. 50 % supply air . kW Cooling output CHW – max.8 6.3 400 2 800 76 60 58 2 570 94 68 65 3400 3 970 4 200 3) Maximum flow rate through units at zero external pressure According to air volume 4) Depending on equipment Depending on register type.5+G4 Supply section with T.3+CHW.PERFORMANCE GRAPHS DUPLEX BASIC DUPLEX Basic Supply air – max.7 230 190–270 1.5 and CHW.7 4. 24 70 00 Basic 54 3400 Basic 00 Basic 8100 7100 BasicBasic 10100 Basic 60 50 40 0 1400. 6/12 °C temperature drop. 4) Heating output T – max. 10 % supply air (after recovery) Max. liquid and flow rates Pressure reserve pst (Pa) PERFORMANCE SUMMARY 1 000 Supply section (G4) Supply section with T.

Port with damper (inlet outlet) 80 Port with damper and flexible flange (inlet only) 215 . Basic port (inlet. outlet) 110 alter. Note: For detailed design and technical data we recommend using our dedicated selection software. TYPES AND DIMENSIONS OF CONNECTING PORTS RECTANGULAR Basic port (inlet. For detailed design and technical data we recommend using our dedicated selection software. i) Dimension X2 x Y2 (atypical e. alter. i) B 200 X1 ( D) Y2 Y2 200 Y1 H H + 50 Y1 X1 ( D) door door X2 ( D) X2 L 405 x 305 Y1 B 100 L 405 x 305 X2 100 X2 Y2 Y2 Y2 door 100 FLOOR-STANDING (front view) Basic 1400 to 10100 door X2 ( D) X2 ( D) alternative spigot position (configuration 41/10) 1 400 1 300 455 2 100 2 070 2 400 1 300 455 2 100 2 070 3 400 1 450 580 2 300 2 270 5 400 1 600 665 2 300 2 270  32 7 100 1 600 885 2 500 2 470 8 100 1600 1 065 2 500 2 470 10 100 1 600 1 295 2 500 2 470  315  315*  315  315* 300 x 400 400 x 300 400 x 400 400 x 400 500 x 500 500 x 500 500 x 500 500 x 500 700 x 500 500 x700 * Dimension X2 x Y2 (port e1. i1) for non-standard configuration: 400 x 200 mm.DIMENSIONS BASIC DIMENSIONS UNDERCEILING (top view) Basic 1400 to 8100 FLOOR-STANDING FLAT (top view) Basic 1400 to 8100 alternative spigot position (configuration 31/5) alternative spigot position (configuration 41/5) door mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Y2 B Y1 Y1 H H Y1 X1 ( D) door X1 ( D) X1 ( D) Y2 Y2 150 door X2 ( D) X2 ( D) alternative spigot position (configuration 31/10) alternative spigot position (configuration 11/10) X2 L 405 x 305 X1 ( D) door Y2 Y2 L2 X2 ( D) DUPLEX Basic Dimension H Dimension B Length L Length L2 Condensate drain line Connecting ports Dimension X1 x Y1 (standard e. outlet) X + 20 Port with flexible flange (inlet outle) Port with damper (inlet outlet) Port with damper and flexible flange (inlet only) CIRCULAR 150 Y+20 Y door X door Port with flexible flange (inlet outle) 215 D 80 260 alter.

DUPLEX Basic units are characterised by a wide range of accessories – the ports may be optionally fitted with flexible flanges and inlet ports may have shut-off dampers if required.INSTALLATION AND VERSIONS INSTALLATION VERSIONS AND CONNECTING PORTS DUPLEX 1400 to 10100 Basic units are available in a range of versions to facilitate their installation in the machine room. This significantly increases options to install DUPLEX Basic units in cramped spaces.S TA N D I N G H O R I Z O N TA L P O S I T I O N Basic 1400 to 10100 configuration 10/0 to 11/10 – door-side view (up to 8 configurations in total) i2 e2 i2 e2 10 11 e1 i1 i1 e1 i1 e2 e2 i1 12 13 i2 e1 CEILING-SUSPENDED POSITION Basic 1400 to 8100 i2 configuration 30/0 to 31/15 – top view (up to 32 configurations in total) i2 e2 i2 30 e2 31 i1 e1 e1 i1 e2 i1 i1 e2 33 32 i2 F L O O R .S TA N D I N G F L AT P O S I T I O N Basic 1400 to 8100 e1 e1 i2 e1 configuration 40/0 to 41/15 – top view (up to 32 configurations in total) i2 e2 i2 e2 40 41 e1 i1 i1 e1 i1 e2 e2 i1 43 42 e1 i2 i2 Note: For detailed design and technical data we recommend using our dedicated selection software. e1 . Detailed drawings are shown in the summary table “Mounting positions”. For structural reasons and to ensure condensate drain it is not possible to have all units available in all mounting positions. MOUNTING POSITIONS F L O O R .

suspended Floor-standing horizontal Handling space for accessories Floor-standing flat Control modules min. Units with a heating or cooling control manifold must have free space from the side of the manifold. T ÚT K Type DUPLEX 1400 Basic DUPLEX 2400 Basic DUPLEX 3400 Basic DUPLEX 5400 Basic DUPLEX 7100 Basic DUPLEX 8100 Basic DUPLEX 10100 Basic standard door T (mm) 1 000 1 000 1 200 1 200 1 300 1 300 1 500 K K hingeless door T (mm) 500 500 600 700 900 1 100 1 300 ACOUSTIC POWER LW AND ACOUSTIC PRESSURE LD1 Type DUPLEX 1400 Basic DUPLEX 2400 Basic DUPLEX 3400 Basic DUPLEX 5400 Basic DUPLEX 7100 Basic DUPLEX 8100 Basic DUPLEX 10100 Basic Working point 1 000 m3/h (200 Pa) 2 000 m3/h (200 Pa) 3 000 m3/h (200 Pa) 4 500 m3/h (200 Pa) 6 000 m3/h (200 Pa) 7 500 m3/h (200 Pa) 9 500 m3/h (200 Pa) inlet e1 51 55 73 77 62 71 83 Acoustic power Lw [dB(A)] inlet i1 outlet e2 outlet i2 55 77 76 65 86 88 69 95 88 64 98 85 63 87 85 64 95 88 80 89 93 unit 50 56 67 64 63 64 62 Acoustic pressure Lp [dB(A)] at distance of 3 m 30 35 47 43 43 44 41 . each unit must have the minimum handling space of 600 mm from the side of the control system electric switchboard according to CSN. Each drawing shows the minimum handling space. 30 wall 200 RE-TPO4 / RE-TPO3 R-CHW min. In addition. Handling space in front of the door Ceiling. This line must run through a U-bend at least 150 mm high into a sewer. 600 120 min. 600 min. replacing filters and providing servicing and installation access to each unit part. 80 ceiling K K K K K K floor Control manifolds min.HANDLING SPACE HANDLING SPACE DUPLEX units must be installed with the prescribed handling space around the unit in mind. T CPA RD4 200 min. Handling space in front of the unit must be maintained for opening the front door. T panty min. too. This space is easily provided when the steel supporting feet supplied as standard are used. Below the unit at least 150 mm must be left to install the DN 32 condensate drain line.

it does not increase size of the unit.G).xxx. By-pass consists of an opposed-blade damper and an actuator. It is fitted next to the recovery core inside the unit. it does not increase the size of the unit. Mi.x DUPLEX BASIC – MODIFICATION DESCRIPTION B. Heat recovery core For every single unit size are two heat recovery exchangers available (K750.x Mixing damper („C“) The mixing damper is used to mix exhaust and supply air. made of copper pipes and aluminum fins. The coil is standardly equipped with flexible connection and a steam-gas capillary thermostat for freeze protection. A coil hydraulic kit for heating capacity control of RE-TPO4 or RE-TPO3 type can be supplied with the coil upon request. Whole range of DUPLEX 1400 to 10100 Basic units meets the requirements of the European directive ErP 2015. K750. CHF. The standard actuator is BELIMO 24 V.0 MPa. other types are available upon request. that differs in heat recovery efficiency and pressure loss. Individual modifications can be freely combined Example: DUPLEX-TC (unit with a hot-water heating coil and a mixing damper) DUPLEX-T-CHF (unit with a hot-water heating coil and a DX coil) . The standard actuator is BELIMO 24 V. Designed for systems up to 110 °C and 1. including a condensate pan with individual condensate drainage and a pressure switch for freeze alarm.F and K750. refrigerant type and air parameters.x Direct expansion (DX) coil („CHF“) A built-in coil made of copper pipes and aluminum fins. other types are available upon request.x By-pass („B“) By-pass of the plate heat recovery core on supply air side. Me. T. It is fitted next to the recovery core inside the unit.x A built-in coil made of copper pipes and aluminum fins. Circulation valve consists of an opposed-blade damper and actuator. or completely atypical with needed capacity. cooling medium type and air parameters. C. and a condensate pan with flexible hose. Fans All units are equipped with high-efficiency fans (ebm-papst and Ziehl Abegg) with free-running impellers and backward curved blades. The cooling coil can be equipped with the R-CHW2 or R-CHW3 hydraulic kit on request. A front door enables easy access to all built-in components and filters. an actuator with spring-return function is reccommended. removable G4. M5 or F7 supply and exhaust air filters. Chilled water cooling coil („CHW“) CHW.or multi-row coils with various evaporate temperature are chosen depending on capacity required.x H o t w a t e r h e a t i n g c o i l ( „T “ ) Built-in water-to-air three-row (possibly multi-row) heating coil. including a condensate pan with individual condensate drainage. Units in modification T (with heating coil) must be equipped with e1 supply air shutoff damper.MODIFICATIONS DUPLEX BASIC – BASIC UNIT DUPLEX xxxx Basic Basic configuration The compact unit consists of supply and exhaust centrifugal fans with electric motors in anti-vibration mounting. removable cross-flow air-to-air heat recovery core assembled from thin plastic plates.or multi-row coils are chosen depending on capacity required. Optionally it is possible to deliver double-circuit evaporator in division 1:1 or 1:2. Three.

Using a second manometer (optional accessory) in the supply air duct enables the user to control constant pressure in the supply duct. Hingeless door When needed it is possible to deliver door without standard hinges – than necessary manipulation space is reduced. i1 Shutoff dampers standardly fitted with BELIMO actuators are located in the air inlet port. It is suitable for cramped enables intelligent fan control of preselected airflow.ACCESSORIES OTHER OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (BASIC OVERVIEW) Ke. H. Casing insulation class T3. EPO-V Electric preheaters EPO-V EPO-V electric heating coils to provide the antifreeze protection of the heat recovery exchanger when equal-pressure ventilation is continuously required. CF. therefore the unit can be installed in inaccessible location.exhaust air damper i1 Fe. . TPO Hot water heating coil (TPO) Separately supplied coil for installation into round duct. It is installed inside a duct on the outdoor supply air side of the unit (e1). Delivery of diassembled unit All units can be delivered dismantled on request.x Spare cartride filters Replacement filter cartridges in different sizes based on the unit type. where it is impossible to put the coil inside the unit. Pressure drop of the filter is then 50 to 100 Pa (clean filter) depending on air flow rate. This accessory assumes the unit is equipped with digital controls of DC or RD4 type.fresh air damper e1 .P Flexible connections Round and rectangular ports can be equipped with flexible connections upon Shutoff damper e1. Available in G4. Capacities and diameters can be found in respective catalogue sheets. The following damper types are available: -.x Cooling coil hydraulic kit Its function is to control cooling capacity of a chilled-water cooling coil. Further equipment depends on the type: –R-CHW3 – three-way mixing valve with an actuator –R-CHW2 – throttling valve with an actuator for digital control system MFF Tu b e m a n o m e t e r s Accessory for filters for simple view of current pressure drop.x Heating coil hydraulic kit Its function is to control heating capacity of a heating coil. as well as for rooftop units. The coil is standardly equipment with the steamgas capillary thermostat. two globe shutoff valves and connection pipes. Ki. EPO-V Electric heating coil (EPO-V) Separately supplied heating coil to be fitted into round or rectangular duct.XXX Constant air flow and pressure Manometers reading fan pressure together with Air filtration All DUPLEX Basic units can be equipped with supply or exhaust air filtration of M5 or F7 class instead of standard G4 class. thermal bridging class TB2. It always consists of two globe shutoff valves and connection pipes. Fi. unit type and dirt accumulated. The unit is to be assembled by rivets and bolts directly on site. Capacities and diameters can be found in respective catalogue sheets. It consists of a three-speed pump. M5 and F7 filtration class.mandatory for C modification (with mixing damper) and T modification (with heating coil) -. Control is provided through the DUPLEX (RD4 or DC) unit control system. FK. Further equipment depends on the type: –RE-TPO4 – four-way mixing valve with an actuator for digital control system –RE-TPO3 – three-way mixing valve with an actuator for digital control system R-CHW. The tube manometers are obligatory for hygienic unit design in accordance with the VDI 6022.

There are three types of control systems available (electric. digital and control for kitchens) according to customer needs and an application.g.g.) – suitable for applications with separate delivery of control system. system simplicity. CO2) for effective operation control. humidity. damper actuators.or chilled-water cooling) Controller basic version (fans. air quality. depending on the application • control system is integrated with the unit. large buildings with central control system etc. from bathrooms etc. pressure switches etc. most components are already wired and checked in factory. 2 sensors with a switch or 0–10 V output – outputs for electric preheater and heater control (pulse 10 V) or hot-water control (0–10 V) Additional RD4-IO module – optional manometer connection to ensure constant airflow control (see Constant airflow and pressure control on previous page) – constant pressure control – cooling control outputs (DX. thermostats. thus reducing the risk of incorect wiring • no control system project documentation is necessary for standard cases. standardized solutions can be used • simple wiring. capillary freeze protection thermostat of hot water heating coil – more components is included upon customer's request (exact actuator type. sensors. e. Features of the control systems • selection of the most suitable and efficient control system at the lowest cost. – optional connection of CO2 or RH sensor – max. constant pressure Controller CPB – rotable controller – switch for heating allowance Standard functions – EC fan speed control (based on selected mode) – automatic by-pass damper position (heat and cool recovery) – evaluates and prevents emergency limits based on measured temperature – ventilation and temperature weekly program setting – A web server and an Ethernet interface built in as standard connection for remote internet communication – inputs for switching using 230 V (4 inputs – 3 delayed. RH) Controller CPA – fully graphic touchscreen – weekly program – „party” mode – „holiday” mode – filter change notice – automatic operation based on constant signal – e. pressure switches and others on request) Supervisory control system Controller CPA with touchscreen Controller CPB rotable controller CP 18 RD installation in the standard recessed dual box on the wall CP 19 RD installation on wall Web server (Standard) Smartphones Application .g. actuators. thermostats. 1 instantenious) – switch e. The systems also include variety of sensors (temperature. „CP“ controls „RD4“ controls Standard functions – EC fan speed control (stepless) – automatic by-pass damper position – frost protection of heat exchanger – switching of external electric or built-in water heater – input for external switch – inlet and outlet shut-off damper control – minimum and maximum fan speed preselection – analogue input (0–10 V) for air quality sensor (CO2.CONTROLS DUPLEX Basic units are delivered with basic control components or  with complete control systems. error indication • qualified technical support and consulting SUMMARY OF DUPLEX BASIC CONTROL SYSTEMS Type Use Basic controls – all electrical components are wired to a junction box terminal strip inside or outside the unit – standard components are fans.