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INFO-NET New Jersey Chapter

January 2010


President Andy Ellsweig
Vice-President Jeni Spiewak
Treasurer Jim Baumgartner
Secretary Bill D'Alia
Academic Relations Coordinator Beverly Austin
Advertising Committee Chair Yolanda Baker
Arrangements Coordinator Sandra Zarraga
Audit Committee Chair Beverly Austin
Awards Coordinator Lily Shue
Budget Committee Coordinator Andy Ellsweig
Bylaws Chairperson Joe Rodman
Career Connect Coordinator Sandra Zarraga
Certifications Chair, CGEIT Coordinator & Lily Shue
CGEIT Item Writing Coordinator
CISA Coordinator Karl E. Dahlberg
CISA Item Writing Coordinator Dr. Bill Lall
CISM Coordinator & CISM Item Writing George McBride
Communications Committee Coordinator Carl Phillips
Cvent Coordinator & Education Committee Cary Brown
Governmental and Regulatory Coordinator Rustom Bhopti
Insurance Coordinator Doug DiPersio
ITGI/Research Committee Chairperson Lily Shue
Long Range Planning Committee Chair Joe Rodman
Marketing Chair Joe Rodman
Membership Chair & Volunteer Coordinator Veronica Carroll
Nominating Committee Chair Carl Phillips
Program Chair Beth Flores-Manlapig
Program Committee Andy Ellsweig
(Audit Directors’ Roundtable) Coordinator
Publications/Newsletter Editor Jeffrey Saffer
Social Committee Chair Yolanda Baker
Standards Coordinator Karl E. Dahlberg
Web Team Chair Chris Olugbenga
Board Member David I. Smokler
Board Member Raymond Cuneo, Jr.
Board Member Dr. Paul Rohmeyer

Duties of Officers
The Chapter Officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these by-laws, and the parliamentary authority ad-
opted by the Chapter.

* The president shall be the executive head of the Chapter.
* When present shall preside at all meeting of the members of the Chapter and of the Board of Directors.
* Shall exercise general supervision of the affairs of the Chapter.
* Shall be responsible for the enforcement of the by-laws and the carrying out of all orders and resolutions
of the Board of Directors.
* Shall keep the Board of Directors fully informed and shall frequently consult it concerning the business
and activities of the Chapter.
* Make on behalf of the Board, an annual report to the Members of the Chapter.
* Perform additional duties as may be delegated by the Board of Directors.
* Appoint all standing committee chairpersons and other committees as authorized by the Chapter Board.
* Represent the Chapter at Regional Presidents Council Meeting (s).
* The President is also authorized to sign checks as a alternate to the Treasurer.

Vice President
* The Vice President shall report to the President.
* Shall be responsible for coordination of the activities and actions of Officers of the Chapter.
* The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his absence or disability.
* The Vice President shall be responsible for execution of such other actions as may be authorized and
delegated by the Board of Directors.

* The Secretary shall report to the President.
* Maintain accurate lists of the membership and attendance records
* Shall be responsible for the legal affairs, Chapter reports, communications and correspondence pertain
ing to the Chapter.
* Shall keep minutes of the proceedings at the Regular Membership and Board of Directors meetings.
* Shall preserve communications pertaining to the affairs of the Chapter.
* Perform other duties as may be authorized and delegated by the Board of Directors.
* Submit a written report at each regular meeting..
* Submit books and records for audit when required.
* Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
* The Treasurer shall report to the President.
* Shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Chapter, for the performance of all duties incident to
the office of Treasurer.
* The Treasurer shall have the power to receive and disburse such funds of the Chapter as shall be required
in the conduct of its affairs and the carrying on of its activities.
* The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation, after consulting with the other officers of the
Chapter, of an annual budget to be submitted to the Executive Committee for review prior to submitting
to the Board of Directors for approval prior to the beginning of the fiscal year to which the budget is ap
* The books and financial records of the Chapter shall be maintained under the supervision of the Trea
* All Monies due and payable to the Chapter from any source shall be received by the treasurer and then
deposited to the credit of the Chapter in banks, trust companies, and other depositories designated by the
Board of Directors.
* he Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping proper accounts of all such monies disbursed on behalf of
the Chapter and of all records connected therewith.
* The Treasurer may sign, unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors, any checks, draft, or other
order of the Chapter for the payment of normal, monthly, budgeted expenses.
* The Board of Directors shall approve all other expenditures not included in the approved budget before
* Subject to custody arrangements as the Board of Directors may approve, the Treasurer shall be respon
sible for providing for the custody and safekeeping of all funds and securities of the Chapter.
* The Treasurer and any member of the Board of Directors so designated by the Board, acting jointly, shall
have the right of access to these securities.
* The Treasurer shall submit financial statements to the Board of Directors and to the Membership in such
form and frequency as the Board may direct, and to governmental agencies as required by law.
* The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing and submitting Internal Revenue documents according
to the requirements of the IRS.
* Remit dues to the Association as required.