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rags to riches story - lived the American dream

extremely smart, but only graduated high school

self-taught musician - no formal training

astonishing memory - melodies, lyrics, movie scripts

individuality and determination

stage presence - charisma

comebacks and longevity

Moved a lot because his dad could not keep a job

Song is Baby come back played in Introduction slide.

Rolling stones magazine musician of the century

Time -Person of the century

18 songs at #1

1999 poll- influence cannot be denied

Event of the century- teaching rock and roll to teens

49 albums in top 10 8 albums in #1 114 songs in top 40.

Musical muscularity memorize everything

His ear had remarkable abilities as well

Individualit y and determination

Elvis had great stage presence

King of comebacks

Timing played a real role in his career- he played at theright

time- his fans were there

Luck and preparation

Second Slide

July 18, 1953: first recordings

"My Happiness"

"That's When Your Heartaches Begin"

Satillo road 2 room house built by Vernon. Shoot and goout

other door.

From 3 dollars to 8 dollars- goes to jail

Works as a seamstress.

1943- Elvis enters 1st grade. Elvis has to move alot- father cant hold down job.

Would listen to choir music a lot at work church

In 5th grade asked to sing. Enters talent show. Age of 10. Cowboy suit, old shep by red foley. 5
dollar prize, all rides free. First public appearance.

Age 11 gets a guitar 6 string. Basic guitar lessons.

Gets bike in 6th grade then gets a rifle later.Elvis bought many weaons throughout his life.

1948- Heads to Memphis. Change for the better. Precison

ToolCompany. Moonshining. LC Humes high school. Again loses job.

Lauderdale Courts. Move in with Vernons mother

Lowes state theatre

First job out of high school was parker Machinist shop

Gene becomes his best friend- cousin

Mom makes him quit working- begins dating

Christmas talent show encore

Always a very good driver- gets his license at age 16

ROTC loses his job in a fistfight over a girl bad temper, always
stood up for what he believed in

Cut from the team because he wouldnt cut his ducktail

Black gospel music biracial music- combined it all

August of 51. Red West saves Elvis from getting bullied. These guys were going to force him
to cut his hair. Red is one of Elvis closest friends. becomes his bodyguard. wrote a book
about him.

1952- in trouble in school, he is more interested in music, girls,

the like.

Memphis Mafia- Marty Blacker

Nov. 1952 moves again Elvis takes on more jobs.

First car 1953 1942 seffer.

Majoring in shop, history, English

Parker Machineist shopLooking for a career in machinery or an electrician. Good with his

July 1993- Sam Phillips recording service hearing himself on

record- for his mom. Also wanted to hear what he sounded like. Sam is
a white musician. Radio engineering- black music was the freshest
music of the day. After seeing big bands from both races, Sam made
this comment. Recorded black artists in Memphis. Sun Studios. Sideline
was Memphis recording studio where anyone could walk in a record a
song. Maryanne Keester- secretary takes Elvis recordings and gives
them to Sam. I dont sound like Nobody Elvis tells her. July 18th he
records these. Preserved on original assitape.

My Happiness- Acoustic guitar and voice only 18 years old. Verbatto is a little bit trembling.
High note on the end. Tone is sweet. Some lyrics Just as long as Im with you, my happiness.
Whether skies are grey or blue.

Thats when you heartache begins- Country western ballad.

Slightly higher register. Same style of verbatto. Different effect in the
middle, spoken in the middle. He does this for dramatic or romantic
effect. Spoken style- dramatic monologues in film. Personal style later
on. There is an actual starch on the assitate.

Sept 1953 Moves from machine stop to precision tool. Crowne Electric. Thinks about becoming
an electrician

Jan 1954 parks electricity truck in front of studio. Records with

Sam. Sam says he needs work.

Feb. Dixey Locke steady girlfriend. Elvis says it is a serious relationship.

June 1954 fill in at recording session sings a song called

without you

Puts him in touch with Scotty Moore- also Bill Black both well established musicians.

By late June, they are working with Elvis. June 5th they have a
scheduled recording session.

Third Slide

July 5th they get together to record. Happy accident during a

break Elvis picks up his guitar and starts having fun. Its alright MamaWe were taking a break and having some cokes, Elvis picked up his
guitar and started acting a fool.

Negro feel and look- white man. The sound he wants Thats Alright Mama Arthur Big
BoyCrudic. Country western combined with Blues Rockability. The roots of rock and roll. New
hybrid. Elvis sings with soul. Elvis at his freshest. Two beat feel. Base plays on beats one and
three. Bill. Hits string against wood. Scotty, Elvis, and Bill.

Thats Alright Mama- first single. Sells 20 thousand copies. Leads

to first radio interview. Arthur Crudic writes the song and it is country
western colliding with blues. 2 beat feel and slap string. On bass is Bill

Begins his first management contract with Scotty Moore.

Red hot radio show- 14 times played. Very busy. Question is, is
Elvis black or white?

I dont know nothing about being interviewed- guy tells Elvis to just not say anything dirty to

Signs first management contract with Scotty Moore. New Sun

records releases Thats all right mama- his songs to the general public.

July- first Slim Whitman show band show- listed at number 3

Blue Moon of Kentucky Was the B side of the album. bluegrass

Bill Monroe, slow waltz. 4, 4 time. Roots of rhythm and blues. Done in
tempo. Black blues and white country. and Bill changes his own style
for this song. Vocal echo. Slap back echo- having the voice come off
the wall in a dramatic way. Elvis style. We thought this music was
exciting, it really flipped out Sam. Good god, they are going to run us
out of town!

Local clubs in Memphis, local radio shows. Singles continue to climb charts. Blue Moon record
high falsetto, eerie version of song. Technique and style he will not return to in the future.
Guitar sounding like a percussion instrument short and staccato. Heave reverb high falsettoweird alternating with a voice. Very long fade out. Experimenting with recording in Blue Moon.

Sept 4th, Grand Ole Opry- disaster Jim DennyYou aint going
no where son, you should go back to driving a truck

Elvis takes this as a minor set back.

Sept 10th= back in studio. Until late evening. R and B stuff that
you like. Good Rockin Tonight combined with a song, I dont care if the
sun dont shine Term rock and roll- sex act itself within African
American culture. Elvis knew fun it these double meanings. Doesnt
really catch fire, even though it is his next single. His two guys playing
with him were not R and B musicians, but they did their best. Elvisacoustic guitar Scotty- acoustic electric Bill- acoustic base. Draggy

Mark David I dont care if the sun dont shine, B side of Good Rockin Tonight Acute vocal
style kiss Country western song. Slap style base, Slap back style echo and reverb. A bit on
tempo. Otherside of single.

Eagles nest becoming a celebrity.

October: Louisiana Hayride- Thats Alright Mama dont make too much money. Find a local
agent to get enough money to get back to Memphis\

Oct-Nov 1954 Hill Bar Dance radio show, finally on charts

outside of Memphis. Signs one year contract to appear at Louisiana

Hayride once a week. Good Rockin Tonight does great on release. Novfirst royalty check from Sun Records.

Becomes full time singer, quits his job at crowne electric.

Scotty cant handle everything, ends up quitting as manager.

Marty Robbins does Alright Mama- shows how popular Elvis is becoming more popular when
others start to redo his songs.

December 3rd single Milkcow Blues boogie. Fake intro speaks

to other musicians. Talks, starts off slowly. Real, real gone, gives
advice. Rockability. Great guitar work. Accoustic guitar. Scotty on guitar
accountic electric. It might also be said Rock-i-billy I am not sure.

Dec, 1954Youre a Heartbreaker medium up tempo. Country western song. Very good electric
guitar. Rhythm and blues flexibility, combined with country western sound. Great vocal style.
Bridge- middle section between verse and the chorus. Guitar on back beat off beat beats two
and four. B side of Milkcow. Scotty Moore on electric guitar.

On the ride, did live in gladewater Texas. Tweedle Dee. Jimmy

Day steel guitar. Floyd Cramer piano. Impromptu recording.
Ryhthem section feel is very good. Stride style piano left hand moves
back and forth like walking. Up tempo two beat beats one and three
are emphasized.

Elvis incorporated several black styles into his music and performance.

Dec 1954 Christmas spent with family. Lead runner of hayride.

Touring constantly. Way he performed. Stopeed to see Elvis clothes.
Stage movements he was starting to incorporate. Excited the crowd.
For a white artist to do black movements, was very unlikely. When he
did his leg movements and got praise, he knew he was on to

July 1954

"That's All Right (Mama)"

"Blue Moon of Kentucky"

Grand Ole Opry

"Good Rockin' Tonight"

"I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine"

Louisiana Hayride

"Milkcow Blues Boogie"

"You're a Heartbreaker"

"Tweedle Dee"

Slide 4


"Baby Let's Play House"

Colonel Tom Parker

"Mystery Train"


Elvis and RCA

"I Got a Woman"

"Heartbreak Hotel"

Female fans seem to react differently from male fans. Sold out
concerts whereever he goes. Elvis came alive onstage- he became a
different person- a wild man a passion of a clearly sexual nature. Elvis
said, it is just how it makes me feel.

Lemar Fike- one of Elvis closest friends. They say he was an overnight success, but it was not
true, he had to do a lot of one nighters. He worked hard and kept at it.

Scotty urges Elvis to sign with Bob Neil takes full control of
Elvis career. 15 percent on all gigs. DJ Fantana joins the band. Band
often called the Blue Moon Boys.

Baby let us play house- recording. Amusement park. Rhythm and blues music. Slap back echo,
slap base style, and vocal hiccups- vocal style. Great rhythm section breaks stop and vocal
continues. Young John Lennon july 6th 1957 sang it.

Id rather see you dead little girl than see you with another
man. Run for your life John Lennons song.

Made first TV appearance in March with a televised version of Louisiana Hay Ride.

February of 55- Touring in many states. Traveling a lot. In march

he makes first television appearance on broadcast hayport. Buys out
contract from the Louisiana Hayride so he can have some more
freedom. Does make occasional appearance. Offered talent scout- not
looking for Elvis sound on the Arthur Godfrey show at this time. Return
to the south.

April Attract attention of promoter. Colonel Tom Parker (manager) Im left your right shes
gone. Largest printing of records the sun has done to date. Month long tour. Elvis Jacksonville
causes a riot. Rip clothes, write with lipstick on his car. He tells the girls he will see them all

Parker books Elvis heavily. Signed Elvis to a one year contract. His experience is in carnivals
and fairs. Real name was a big Russian name and he actually got his green card. He was never
a colonel either.

Hank Snows group- go on tour. Parker is impressed. Elvis been

called many names. Hillbilly cat. Dallas, Houston (example) distance
is becoming great, so they are starting to fly. Finally moves his family
to a new, bigger home on getwell street in Memphis. Elvis is booked
heavily. In July, he goes in studio I forgot to remember to forget and
his first country western hit, mystery train

Mystery Train- Blue Flames (original) version is free and spontaneous. Sounds like an accident
as the first one they released. It was 12 months of hard work. Loved one on train. Great
rhythm. He laughed at the end because he thought he had messed up the song. Great up
tempo groove. Rhythm little loose around the edges. Country western with blues influence
particularly in melody, pitch for this blues melody, short musical ideas throughout particularly
in the guitar, lots of echo on the drums, listen to Elvis yell in the end as well.

Summer of 1955- Maybelline on the road. Live, location treefort

Louisiana municipal auditoritam. Someone is singing along during the
Maybelline part. Great electric guitars, vocals by Elvis, crowd cheering,
outstanding rare cut.

First tour as a headliner was Elvis Presley Jamboree Johnny Cash was on the bill and Buddy

Late August one year contract Hank enterprises. Parker

promoter and manager. Fairs. Great potential in Elvis. Thomas Andrew
Parker. Audrias Willhelmith Van- never got his green card. His lack of
citizenship bothers him.

Jamborie tour by Semptermber. Traveling Texas. October 15th Loving Texas, Buddy and Bob.
Without Elvis, none of us would have made it. Fool, Fool, Fool slow blues, very loose rhythm
section. Rare recording october 1955. Local rhythm section. Was on his tour in Lovett, Texas.

October 1955 they sell Elvis contract to RCA records for 35,000
dollars for 3 years.

Steven Sholes represented RCAs interests at the recording sessions.

Rereleases all of his songs on their label.

Sell Elivs contract RCA puts in offer 35,000 plus 5000. By November, he signs at standard 3
year contract. Small label, Elvis Presley- make song writers give back their royalties. He does
this. Marked decline in the quality of some of the later music.

Elvis buys pink cadillac and gives it to his mom. Steve Sholls.
Ched Ackins. Has been signed. First single on RCA. First songbook.
Appear on Glassys. All of Sun records and releases them on their own
label. Great success.

Jan 1956. Meet, finalize plans, first recording session. Jan 10. Nashville. Producer- Ched akinsplays guitar. Floyd Kramer on piano. Shortly after 2am.

I got a woman. Ray Charles rock and roll hit. Med temp
rockability groove. Great piano work. Great drum breaks. Very tight
ending. Elvis is starting to make history.

Meg and Tommy Durtin Man who commited suicide. I walk the longely street. Wrote this song.
Heartbreak Hotel at the end of this longely street. Sun Studio- speaker under a stairwell in the
hallway. Similr, but not exact, so the slap back echo sound we had heard in the studio. Back up
vocalist. Goes to number one in 1956 (notes say 61??) for 8 weeks. First million seller. Elvis at
his best. Great blues piano Jordan Stoker. Ben and Brock Spear, back up vocalist. Great solo
throughout. Bill Black- accoustic base. Tight, simple back up by the rhythm section

Elvis put on a performance, pink pants with blue stripes down the
side, playing for an audience, really just playing for friends.

Called wife you have never seen anything like this, it was just so damn exciting.

Slide 5

first national TV appearance

"Blue Suede Shoes"

"Tutti Frutti"

"Shake, Rattle and Roll"

start of movie career

"I Want You, I Need You, I Love You"

first Las Vegas appearance

"Hound Dog"

"Don't Be Cruel"

Start rehearsing the the Glassy Gleeson 1956 Jan. show. Off to
New York. Make national debut on the show, I got a woman, shake
rattle and roll, Shake flop and fly. RCA sessions in New York

Blue Seude shoes: came about because of Elvis enthusiasm of the style. Goes to #20 in 1956.
Carl Burkins original piece. Musicality. Huge hit for Elvis and for Carl. Breaks at the top of the
verse. Scotty Moores guitar solo is average. Great tempo. Stop and the vocal continues.
Energetic with great tempo.

The recordings made in Jan and Feb 1956 were great.

Tutti Frutti was originally by Little Richard. Little Richard made it a huge success. Own style.
Scottys Moore solo might be a little distracting.

Feb 3rd they record two more songs- below.

Shake Rattle and Roll- has a noisy rhythem section. Lyrics are a bit risque. First Joe Turner, then
Bill Haley. Rhythm section is noisy, and guitar and piano may clash at times. But the sound is
sense of the new musical creation that is being exhibited. New sound is definitely rock and roll.
One eyed cat peeping in a seafood store-double meaning. Shouted Background vocals, loose
guitar solo by Scotty, Gordon Stoker instead of Cramer. Weird guitar solo, but great Elvis
vocal. \

Second appearance on the show singing hosted by Tommy and

Jimmy Dosey. Singing Baby lets play house and shake rattle and roll

Third appearance- blue seude shoes. Heartbreak hotel

Fourth- tutti Frutti and I was the one.

Late Feb moved into larger quarters. One more appearance on the Louisiana Hayride in Feb. By
March 6 singles on RCAs top 25 best sellers for their company.

Songs are crossing over to the country charts, to the pop charts,
to the R and B chart- they do not realize its rock and roll. All at the
same time.

3 weeks after release, Heartbreak Hotel sells 300,000. First long record Elvis Presley is released
in March 13. Parker long term agreement. 25 percent on everything Elvis does in public.

Back to New York to do another Gleeson show. Heartbreak Hotel

and Blue Seude shoes.

March 24th last appearance- Heartbreak Hotel and Money Honey.

Heartbreak Hotel sells 300,000 copies in 3 weeks after being

released, becomes his first gold record. March 25th Elvis movie
career starts. This begins a 13 year love affair with Hollywood. Flies to
Las Angeles to meet with Hal B. Wallace producer of Paramount

End of month, Elviss LP record Elvis Presley has sold more than 100,000 copies. Staying to
prepare for screen test. April 1st does screen test for Pictures. Blue Seude Shoes and does a
scene from the Rainmaker. April 3rd does one of the biggest television shows of that time The
Milton Burr show San Diego. Sings several of his hits and does a skit with Burl. Great time.
April 6th, signs a seven year deal with Paramount with Hall Wallace producing. Three pictures
on a rising pay scale. Starts at 100,000 grand, tops at 200,000 grand. Does final appearance
through April on the Lousiana Hay Ride.

Elvis plane almost crashes and he is very hesitant to fly for

many years after that. Loses an engine, almost goes down over Texas
on April 10th.

First gold record from Heartbreak Hotel on April 11th in Nashville. First million seller.

Records only one song on April 11th

I want you, I need you, I love you- working every night. To meet many crowds whenever he
went anywhere. Love ballad. Trio behind him. Takes the song to number 1. Elvis buys a house
for his parents for 40 grand. Disappointed because his vocal backup is so thin. It is only 3 ppl, a
trio. Jordan, Sroker, Bren and Brock Spear. Jordanaires to do all of his work. He doesnt want
just a trio. He wants four. So they do the rest of his songs. Finally insists on full four part
harmony. Plenty of echo on the vocal. Do wordless backup vocal behind Elvis. Takes song to #1
in 1956.

First Las Vegas appearance- When Elvis moves to Vegas, the

Jordanaires, decided to stay in Nashville. New Frontier Hotel- he does
not do well. Cuts engagement from 4 to 2 weeks. Why not well?
Showroom is for 21 or older at this time- his songs are generally for the
younger crowd. First gig- same bill as comedian Checky Green. Last
appearance for the next 13 years. Gets a chance to post with Liberachi
king of bling. Glamor, fashion style.

May 56. Records are selling off shelves. Crowds are huge everywhere he goes. No one has seen
this popularity since Frank Sinatra. Started at quarter, now up to 2 dollars and 50 cents.
Reporters fighting to get his photo. About to do his first movie. Pays 40 thousand dollars in
cash for a house for his parents on Ottoman Drive in Texas. Neighbors said they were happy
when the Elvis family moved because of the crowds that had gathered.

May- milion and a half copies of Heartbreak Hotel have sold.

70,000 per week. RCA biggest selling LP is Elvis Presley. Performs in

Memphis, so many seats are sold, he turns around and does another

June move to Cali. Critics are a little luke warm to Elvis success. Clergy said that Elvis was
vulgar and incompetent. These were the people that had said that blues music was devils
music. Fans love Elvis though. One even says he is responsible for the decline of western
civilization. Never been anyone like him.

Does another Wiltun Burr show and the ratings go through the


NBC will not allow Elvis to bump and grind when he appears on the Steve Allen Show.

Late June train up to New York to rehearse. Back for more tours.

July 1st appears on Steve Allen show and sings Hound Dog. Premieres this song on the Steve
Allen show. Goes to the studio in a few days to actually record song. Allen who is not a fan of
Elvis or rock and roll music. Felling jazz, which is his fav. It would be funny to have Elvis dress
up in a suit and tie and sing the song to a basset hound named Sherla. Elvis laughed all the
way to the bank.

Does a skit with Allen, Imanine Cocca, Andy Griffith. Beats

Edsullivan out of ratings by having Elvis on July 1st. July 2nd of 56-Ed
Sullivan calls Parker because he wants Elvis on his show. He had said
that he would never have Elvis on his show, but now he wants him.

In Studio, New York city RCA records.

Hound Dog- the song he is most identified for. Orginally by Willy

May Thornton. He picked it up from a lounge act. He did 30 takes of
this song. Scotty Moore- guitar solo. Grammy hall of fame award
winning song. Hand claps, vocals in back of mix, vocal echo, and snare
drums. Featuring Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley, Bill Black, DJ Fantanna,
pianist Shorty Long. Though Stoker says he plays piano because Long
was on vacation. The finale of his act. Song written by Gerl Libber and
mike Stohler. Lounge act- Freddy Bell and the Bell boys while in Vegas.
Did a bump and grind at the end of the song. On the Wilton Burr show
sang to dog. Do wop Do wop background. Do as many takes as
possible. Feel, not form. Scottys Moores ancient psychadelia guitar
solo, weird, but it fit. 23 when they wrote Hound Dog- They had written
it for a female to sing it. None the less, it becomes a huge success. #1
in 53 for Thornton. #1 for Elvis in 56. 1988 Grammy Hall of Fame song.
Vocal group behind vocal guitars. Rough guitar licks.

Dont Be Cruel- the b-side. Together they became the top selling single in history. Odis Bunt
Backwell. 1956 Dont be Cruel goes to #1. The cut with a great medium groove, plenty of
vocals, drum mix up front, a walking left hand style piano moving up and down the scale, do
wop back up vocals by the Jordanaires and plenty ceencupation. Gentle guitar cord at the end
with Scotty Moore.

Sam Phillips first heard Dont Be Cruel on the radio. They have
finally found this mans ability. The rhythem was right, it had that
absolute spontaniety, yet he was in control. Nearly 30 takes. July
released hound dog and dont be cruel Sullvean signs Elvis to 3
appearances for 50 grand. Making him the highest paying guest star
on a variety show in the history of television. Hound dog has sold more
than a million copies in a little more than 2 weeks. August, performing
in saint petersburg, orlando beach florida. Elvis the Pelvis- issues a
warrant for Elvis arrest if Elvis shakes his hips.

Slide 6

1956 - film songs:

"Love Me Tender"

"Poor Boy"

records in Hollywood:

"Too Much"

"Old Shep"

"Rip It Up"

Late August, Elvis arrives in LA to really begin his movie career. His base of operation is the
KnickerBocker Hotel and he begins the principle shooting on his film Love Me Tender. Going to
the studio in late August, to record the theme song, Love me Tender.

Film Love Me Tender- Elvis memorized not only his part, but
everyones. Was originally called The Three Brothers. It is about a
farm boy romancing his dead brothers fiance. Second lead, with the
romantic lead of Deborah Pageant. Entire script memorized. Retitled
because of the advanced interest in the song. Farmboy romancing the
fiance during the civil war. Takes 150,000 to make. Elvis makes
100,000 on it. 23rd top grossing film on 1956. Parker gets salary on it
sits in chair and smokes cigars. Only featured four songs.

Love me Tender song- reworking of the civil war ballad entitled Laura Lee. Debuted on the Ed
Sullivan show 50 mil ppl watched. Ballads. I used to sing nothing but ballads before I went
professional. Title song from the film. During and at the end of the film. He comes back at the
end of the film because ppl didnt want to just see him die. Acoustic guitar only with Elvis

vocals. #1 in 56 for 5 weeks. Gets composer credit, which he is not used to. From Elvis first
movie. Has a vocal backup.

Poor Boy- more typical of the type of music we hear in his films.
Up Tempo with a country feel and an accordion. Build through
overdubs. Goes to number 24 in the charts in 1957 on the strength of
the movie. Pre-recording the tracks- the musicians and then Elvis doing
his part over it.

Late August parker gives RCA permission to start releasing Elvis merchandise like bracelets. 6
singles based on first album.

September- shooting, recording, performing demand is keeping

RCA very busy. 10 million recoreds in 1956. Records in HollywoodEstimated that Elvis sells almost 10 million records in 56.

Hollywood RCA- 3 days, thirteen tracks, in a tireless marathon fashion. September 56 sessions.

Basically ran things himself. Started each session with his friends
around him playing gospel songs. Might go one for a few mins or a few
hours. Finally gives signal that he likes or dislikes the songs.

Too Much- a loose blues song. A little bit weird the guitar solo, but goes to number 1 even
without a bridge. Goes to #1 for 3 weeks in 1957. Solo by Scotty is so free he could never
repeat it again.

Old Shep- He first sang at the country fair when he was 10 years
old. Elvis is on the piano. Well taught pianist. Great vocal harmony by
the Jordanaires. Spirit of gospel singing. Slow, sentimental tear jerker.

Ready Teddy- Great piano solo. Cover song again from Otis Blackwell. Rhythm and blues cover
song, now done rock and roll style. Tight and well thought out. Great piano solo Jordan Stoker.
Fast lyrics, up tempo groove

Rip it Up- Another Otis Blackwell Song- R and B cover song, high
hest symbols on intro , high register piano Jordan Stoker and the
Jordanaires, very tight groove.

Slide 7

1956: jam at Sun Studios

"Down By the Riverside"

1957: Ed Sullivan Show

"Peace in the Valley"

"That's When Your Heartaches Begin"

"All Shook Up"

"Mean Woman Blues"

"Got a Lot o' Livin' to Do"

1956 Jam at Sun Studios- Sept 9 1956 Elvis on the Ed Sullivan

show. 54 mil watching. Ratings going through roof. Elvis does Hound
Dog, Love Me Tender, Dont be cruel, and Ready Teddy.

Not until the Beatles appear in 64, will so many people watch a television show.

Dont be cruel is #1, Elvis gets another gold record, and he goes
back to Memphis in December after completing Love me Tender.
Advanced orders are huge, close to 1 mil

In oct, one writer, David Stanley from Elvis Encyclopedia, says, Elvis rock is soaring ever
upwards, but conservative middle class america is upset and Elvis is being damned in papers.

Theres a radio who plays Love Me Tender 14 times in a row at

different speeds before his managers come in and ask him to seek
employment elsewhere.

Elvis is so popular he cannot go anywhere without being swarmed by people.

Goes back to reprise song- changed end where in died in Love

Me Tender movie.

Hoppers Gas station- gets in a fistfight. Pulls up in Lincoln Continental. Hopper asks him to
leave, he says no. Elvis hits him, the man gets a black eye. Has to go to court. Police charges
everyone with assault and disorderly conduct. Elvis is acquitted. Hopper is found guilty and

Late October- Elvis is again mobbed, hard to keep it under

control when he brings his Cadillac to a movie theatre.

David Stanley- Fame is a double edged sword.

Oct 24- Gets a letter concerning the draft status

Appears on Ed Sullivan again. Forty foot Elvis Billboard above Paramount Studios in Time
Square- Love Me Tender is huge.

On Halloween, Elvis is hanging around Nick Adams, and Natalie

Wood. They get Harley Davidsons and ride them around town. There
are rumors about Elvis and Natalie, but it really is not a big deal.

November- word in Hollywood that Elvis has potential as an actor.

Continues to tour and does some radio commercials to promote

RCAs new line of Elvis Presley record players.

Novemeber- Love Me Tender premieres, the show is sold out.

That night, Elvis is in Vegas to see Liberachi, grudging admiration

for Elvis as an actor after his first film debuts.

Incidents with fans that were unhappy- Nov 23rd after a concert in Toledo, upset that his wife
carries Elvis pic in her wallet, finds Elvis and starts a fight. He assaults Scotty Moore, but Elvis
gets in it and impresses the local police by showing them how well he can fight.

December of 1956- Elvis drops by Sun Records in Memphis with

his girl named Marolyn Evans. Carl Perkins is there in a recording
session. Jerry Lee Lewis is on piano. Johnny Cash is hanging around. 4

guys begin to jam. Sam Phillips has his engineer turn on the tape.
Million Dollar quartet- have all earned over a mil dollars in their career.
All of these recordings were held in a vault for many years. After being
bootlegged, they were released in 1977.

Johnny Cashs wife decided she wanted to go shopping, so he does not appear musically on
these recordings.

Why Sam gave Elvis contract away- he had his faith in another
artist, Jerry Lee Lewis, he thought he would be bigger than Elvis
Presley. He played the piano very well, he wrote his own macheo. Sam
could not print enough records to be profitable with Elvis. He didnt
have a large enough company. Sam does quite well though, he invests
in the Holiday Inn hotel business in the south.

Dec 56-

Down by the Riverside up tempo spiritual. Carl Perkins, Jerry

Lewis are singing and doing backup as well. Johnny Cash did not
participate in the actual recording. loose gospel music. Plenty of

Christmas- With a few friends and a new girl named Dotty Harmony.

Memphis Mafia- called this because of the black suits they would
start to wear and sunglasses. Red West, who was in the Marines
recently, joins the crew to play touch football.

End of year- Elvis has more songs in the top 100 than anyone else.

New Years Eve- Wing Martindales Hop Show impromptu


Jan 4th of 1957- Elvis gets his physical, passes, and gets his number for the draft. Classified as
one A in the army.

Jan 6th- Does Ed Sullivan show- sings several songs, including a

gospel number, Peace in the valley- insists that Elvis is shown from the
waist up only.

Next flim is called Loving You

Take my hand Precious Lord and I believe some of the

gospel songs he sang during this time.

Peace in the valley- Ed Sullivan said, This boy is alright 3-4 waltz temp0, makes number 25
on the charts in 57. Had heard Blackwood brothers record this song. With the jordanaires. Last
high note by the singer of the Jordanaires.

Thats When Your Heartaches Begin- 1953 at age of 18. New

version in 1957. Dramatic recitation- narrative section. Slow balladspoken section in the middle- dramatic.

All Shook up- Otis Blackwell. Elvis overdubs himself slapping the back of the guitar for the
tempo. Number 1 for 9 weeks. Slap beat on the back of the guitar. Jordanaires sing backup.

Mean Woman Blues- Love blues and r and b music. Beats two
and four- back beat with hands clap. Effective blues guitar and piano

throughout. Guitar solo is a bit loose and a fade out ending.

Jordanaires- do wop back up vocal style

Early 57 sessions-Got a lot of livin to do- written by Ben Wiseman and Fred Wise, mid to late
sixties write many songs for films. Noisy rhythm section like JLL. In Loving you film. Weisman
paid own way to come and see Elvis because he had a song for him. Weisman played a couple
songs on piano. Holy revival- as Elvis recorded. Lot like Jerry Lewis, Up tempo rock and roll.
Very noisy rhythm section.

Slide 8

1957: film music and singles

"Teddy Bear"

"Lonesome Cowboy"

"Blueberry Hill"

"Loving You"

1957 Film music and singles: Jan and Feb. pianist Dudley Brooks.
Greatest piano sounds. Teddy Bear and Jailhouse rock. He is black.

Dudley Brooks is a black dude that adds to Elvis music at this time.

Teddy Bear rock and roll style with doo wop. Takes it to number
1 for several weeks. Included in film Loving You. Dudley Brooks piano.
Riffs, musical ideas.

Lonesome cowboy- vocals are almost unaccompanied. A pop tune with cowboy tune. Whistling.
Robatto intro and ending- meaning very free. Great guitar picking by Scotty and whistling by
Elvis. Vocal harmony. Dramatic intro and finish.

Blueberry Hill- Phat Donio had found his thrill on Hill. Covering
this song. Draggy cover version. Drums and base are a bit soggy.

Film Loving you. Elvis first color film rated number 7. His parents appear as extras. Love
interest is Elizabeth Scott. Deek Rivers. Jordanaires appear in the film. Elvis is delivering beercrowds, gets contract.

Film- Mean Woman Blues, You Got a lot of livin to do, Lonesome
Cowboy, Hotdog, Lets have a party, Teddy bear

Song: Loving You- slow ballad and piano intro by Dudly Brooks. Vocal pads and oooos and
awwws . Title song for next film. Goes to number 20. Very rhythmic piano.

Jan and Feb- finishes up photography on loving you. Went to Fox

for Love Me Tender, came back to Paramount. 3 pic deal.