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The Water Treatment Department composes of various sub-divisions solely to achieve the complete
range of Water Treatment solutions required by the Project.
We strive to achieve the highest technicality standards and service to ensure that our delivered product
and service meets the Projects desired requisition and ensures that all water treatment works are done
and met according to the ideal project standards.

Water Treatment Formation


Chemicals and

Ultraviolet (UV)
Waste Water Treatment

Water Desalination
Drinking water, Polishing

GRP, FRP, GLS, Steel, PE

Water Treatment

MBR, MBBR, SBR, Extended


Chemical Dosing
and Control


Ultra Filtration
(UF) Systems

Filtration Systems
Softeners Systems
Deionization Systems
Degasifier Systems


Technical Study & Research to ensure the products to be delivered meet the requirements
Installation of Pumps, Panels, and Electrical Wiring
Testing and Commissioning
Staff Training
Maintenance & Technical Support

CREDO is a general trading working in water treatment field.

A) Water Desalination Plants
Drinking water
Polishing plant
B) Ultraviolet (UV) Systems
C) River Water Treatment Systems with Lamella Clarifier
D) Filtration Systems
E) Softeners Systems
F) Ultra Filtration (UF) Systems
G) Sea Water Treatment Systems
H) Degasifier Systems
I) Deionization Systems
J) Surface Water Treatment
K) Waste Water Treatment
MBR Membrane Bio-Reactor Plant
MBBR Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor plant
Extended Aeration Sewage Treatment Plant
SBR Sequencing Batch reactor Plant
L) Chemical Dosing Systems
M) Ozonation Systems
N) Tanks and Supplies
O) Chemicals and Minerals

Our product ranges composes of the highest of quality, and complete field in its range, and the offered
product is always backed up by technical support to ensure the installments and technicality run
according to the requested standards.
Water Treatment Works is a delicate field and require the utmost of precision to ensure that the
delivered product or service meets the projects requirements
CREDOs Water Treatment Division provides our client with the suitable designs & support required by
the site that facilitates the Water Treatment Division staffs scope in the project and produces a healthy
structured product for the project
Each Sub-Division will be composed of specialized teams to ensure our quality of service is up to
standards and provide a profitable outcome to benefit the organization as a whole.
To achieve a complete range of Water Treatment solution supply, which includes full support technically
and wide a range of product selection to compete in the market commercially.
Water Treatment System Researching, Designing & Delivering the required water treatment system to
projects for providing the suitable water desired.

Water Management
High competence for water and sewage; Clean water is becoming increasingly scarce. This makes the
sourcing and transportation of valuable water a ceaseless challenge. In view of the variety of sources,
e.g. desalinated seawater or aquifers, treatment systems must be more flexible to meet the different
compositions of the water. Pumps and components from Wilo are able to supply the fluid or as
efficiently and for as long as possible in the best possible way. When it comes to environmental
protection and preserving natural resources, sewage disposal and sewage treatment play an important
part. Ongoing challenges such as the increasing content of solid in sewage which makes operating
conditions for plants and equipment more difficult create a need for innovative approaches. Wilo offers
the right solution for any application: with the highest safety standards and lowest costs.

Water Treatment System

All over the world, millions of people have problems related to drinking and industrial water.
There is a great demand for water treatment system because of the decreasing natural resources due to
population growth and industrialization, pollution of receiving environment waste, increasing amount of
epidemic illnesses due to environmental pollution and depletion of water resources, Thus CREDO
Trading has established the water treatment department to provide solutions for these problems and
will deliver specific systems according to the projects about industrial and domestic water treatment.
Credo Trading is constantly developing its services and support to ensure that all our customers
satisfaction is met with the utmost of care and provide them with the system they require to ensure the
water delivered from our systems is up to the highest of quality.
CREDO is the representative of the most trusted brands in water treatment sector which are producing
the highest quality materials in their branch. With an emphasis on R & D and production; design,
engineering and material procurement support services are supplied by young and talented team.
CREDO is vastly expanding in this sector to provide the necessary support of installation and
Maintenance is up to standards. Our main Brand used Is Aqualine of a Belgium origin is one of the major
brands in the world in handling water treatment systems.
Range or Products & accessories supplied
Separator Filters
Cartridge and Bag Filters
Multimedia Filters
Activated Carbon Filters
Face Piping Multimedia and Activated Carbon Filter Systems.

Aqualine Cartridge and Bag Filters : Cartridge filter systems have different micron ratings.

Aqualine Softener Systems : Aqualine Duplex Water Softening process is materialized by ion changing
method. Ion change is materialized by passing water with Ca and Mg that causes hardening through Na
form cationic resin.

Ultrafiltration Systems
Aqualine ultra filtration Units are basically a filtration process. UF uses membranes with a pore size of
0.01 micron and this acts as a barrier for bacteria, virus and other micro organisms without using

Degasifier Systems
Degasifier systems are used to remove dissolved gasses such as Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulphide
from water.
Chemical Dosing Systems
Chlorine has been the most widely used means of disinfecting the water for many years. Among its
advantages are its low cost and effectiveness.

Reverse Osmosis is a membrane process that can separate undesirable minerals from water
where classical purification methods are insufficient . It can be used on seawater, well water
with high conductivity and can produce water of high purity.
Budget Series RO : 1 m3/day - 10 m3 day
Alfa Compact Series RO : 0,75 m3/day to 2,4 m3/day
Gama Series RO : 150 m3/day to 1650 m3/day

Aqualine UV systems
First Light Technologies products are used in the disinfection of Municipal wastewater, industrial
process water and primary drinking water. First Lights lamps are also used extensively in the
disinfection of air and HVAC systems. Additional applications include food and beverage processing and
ink curing applications.
Aqualine Deionization Systems
Solved mineral salts are found at all unprocessed waters. These salts separate as positive loaded cationic
and negative loaded anion inside water. Level of these ions are decreased to very low levels and
purification process is made by means of deionization systems.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

The operation principle of this biological treatment unit is sequencing batch reactor system which is
the advanced technology for treatment of domestic waste water. The waste water collected within the
waste water equalization tank is separated from the solid contaminants such as solid waste, clothes and
etc. By means of a basket type fine meshed grating located at the inlet section of the system. The
operation principle of this biological treatment unit is sequencing batch reactor (SBR) which is an
advanced technology for the treatment of domesticc waste water.

Containerized Seawater Reverse Osmosis

Automoton systems of seawater reverse osmoss system and equipments in containers

We are currently handling all enquiries related to: Filtration Systems, Softening Systems, Reverse
Osmosis Systems, Ultrafiltration Systems, Degasifier Systems, Chemical Dosage and ozone systems,
Ultraviolet systems, Deionization systems, Surface Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment Systems,
MBR and Grey Water Systems.
Our Team of expert engineers ensures that our product and services are met according to standards and
require the utmost of care and support to provide the quality of product desired in any project.

The Water Treatment Division of CREDO is vastly expanding in all aspects ensuring that our scope of
supply and support covers a turnkey range, which will enable our customers to acquire all their desired
Water Treatment solution aspects from one source, and guaranteeing that the engineering level
provided is up to the quality they are looking for.