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Chartered Chemical Engineer


The IChemE
Personal Stamp




The use of a personal stamp enhances the professional

activities of the Chartered Engineer

Personal stamp

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The personal stamp

The use of a personal stamp enhances the professional activities
of the Chartered Engineer. With increasing emphasis on quality
assurance and health and safety requirements, a stamp is invaluable
when reviewing or approving engineering calculations, documents
and drawings in a professional capacity.


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Personal stamp

Guidance on use
The purpose of the IChemE Personal Stamp is to provide, in a standard form, information
about the signatory of a document as follows:
The signatorys name in printed form to assist in reading the signature.
The qualifications and grade of membership of the signatory.
The IChemE crest for quick and easy recognition that the signatory is a
Member of the Institution.
IChemE Personal Stamps may only be used by Corporate Members of
the Institution.
The Personal Stamp provides space where the Members signature may
appear whenever a document is signed in a professional capacity.
Examples of such documents are specifications, drawings, reports,
affidavits, legal statements, contracts, arbitration decisions, etc.
In addition to use in the United Kingdom, it is intended that the stamp should
be used in those countries which require a stamp to appear on the document
to confirm the authority of the signatory and in those countries where only a Chartered
Engineer may sign certain documents.
The stamp in no way implies that the Institution accepts any liability
whatsoever in relation to any documents on which it is used.
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Personal stamp

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Guidance on use
The use of the Personal stamp is on a personal and voluntary basis, but has been approved
by Council as a service to those Members who wish to use such a stamp and to enhance
the status of the profession by use of the title Chartered Chemical Engineer.
The Institution will take appropriate action to restrain unauthorised manufacture or use of
the stamp through its copyright in the crest and through its Royal Charter which restricts
use of the title Chartered Chemical Engineer.
Stamps remain the property of the Institution and must be returned to the Institution on
resignation of or deletion from membership.
A fee is charged to Members (see enclosed order form) for issue of the stamp. Members
upgrading to Fellow are entitled to apply for a new stamp at cost (amount to be advised).
Lost stamps will also be replaced at cost.
As with any document signed in a professional capacity, Members should satisfy
themselves of their competence and any liabilities which may arise before signing a
document when using the Personal Stamp.


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