Hybrid-Racing RSX-Style Shifter cables V1.


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Features: 7075-T6 Aluminum Rod Ends 6061-T6 Anodized Aluminum Bushings Stainless Steel Inner Cables, Threaded Ends, and Swivel Support Tubes High Heat, Self-Lubricating, Wire Reinforced Cable Sleeve. Chrome Plated Steel Spherical Bearing

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Package Contents: (2) RSX-Style Shifter Cables (4) Cotter Pins

Install Tips:
These shifter cables install much like OEM RSX shifter cables, with the exception of a few details. The tips shown below and on the following pages are not meant as a complete install guide, but do illustrate how the cables should be arranged once installed

Important!! Please read the entire install guide twice before starting your installation. No, really it’s a good idea to read it twice before you begin so everything goes smooth ;)


Install Guide
First start with installing the new transmission selector lever springs. Before doing so you MUST make sure the car is in neutral before doing anything else. Once you are completely sure the car is in neutral, remove the shifter arm assembly from the transmission. Start by unplugging the reverse light switch plug (Fig A). With a 10mm socket, remove the (4) M6 bolts as illustrated in Fig B (keep track of which bolts came from where because they are different lengths). Next, you will need an 8mm allen key to remove the lower retaining interlock bolt as illustrated (Fig C). Now you must pull straight up on the whole assembly to pull it out (you may need a flathead screwdriver to pry on it and get it started). The transmission pictured here is not an RSX transmission although the internals of the shifter arm assembly, the location of the (4) M6 bolts, and the lower interlock bolt are all the same.

Fig A

Fig C

Fig B

Install Guide
With the assembly out on, we can now swap the springs. This step is much easier if you have an another person helping you. The gear selector is under spring pressure so start by holding it back with your hand then using your 12mm boxed end wrench to remove the M8 bolt as illustrated in Fig D. Once the bolt is out, carefully slide the gear selector off, making sure to keep all the parts in order. With the selector off you can now swap the large and small springs with the ones provided in the kit (IMPORTANT: make sure not to lose the washer shown with red arrow touching the smaller spring in Fig E as it must go back on where it was after swapping the springs for proper operation of the transmission gear selector). Now that the new springs are installed, slide the gear selector back on making sure it is on the same way it was when it came off. If you happen to get the pieces out of order, the order they go in is displayed in Fig F.

Fig D

Fig E

Fig F

Install Guide

Fig E

Now that we have the new springs installed, we can re-install the shifter arm assembly back in the transmission. Before doing so, clean the old Honda bond off of the base and re-apply new Honda bond evenly with your finger as illustrated in Fig E. Now slide the shifter arm assembly back into the transmission, put the (4) M6 bolts back in their original places and tighten. Using your 8mm allen key put the lower interlock bolt back in and tighten, and plug the reverse light switch plug back as well.

One of the two shifter cables provided in this set includes a chrome-plated spherical bearing at one end. The spherical bearing has an aluminum spacer pressed into it (Fig F). Please ensure that the cable is installed on the transmission with this spacer facing down (Fig G). Installing the cable with the spacer pointing up can cause premature wear/failure of the cables. Also, DO NOT rotate any of the 4 endlinks that connect to the transmission or shifter more than 180 degrees when installing them on their appropriate pin. Failure to follow this tip will result in rapid fatigue of your cables

Fig F

Fig G

Install Guide

Shown in Fig H are the cables fitted to an RSX style shifter. Notice that unlike OEM RSX cables, both cables are affixed to the shifter using metal spring clips. This provides extra rigidity over the OEM plastic connector used on the cable that would normally go on the left (in the picture). If you are replacing your OEM cables with the Hybrid Racing Performance Shifter Cables, you will need an extra spring clip (the Honda/ Acura part number Is 54357-SF1-003). If you are installing cables into your car for the first time (as in the case of a K swap), you will need to find or purchase a total of 4 of these spring clips.

Fig H

Fig I

If you are installing your cables into an RSX style shifter that is mounted to a Karcepts adapter plate, you will need to enlarge the hole for one cable slightly (Fig I). This is because the Hybrid Racing cables are designed to be stronger than OEM cables, but this comes at the cost of being a little thicker too. If you are installing these cables into a Hybrid Racing K Swap Bolt-In Short Shifter, then no modifications are necessary.


Install Guide
Note: Because the Hybrid Racing Performance Shifter Cables were designed with K Swapped cars in mind, they do not feature the OEM RSX shifter cable mounting bracket or gasket. If you wish to use these cables in an RSX, it is necessary to transfer any brackets and gaskets from the old OEM cables to the new Hybrid Racing cables. If you are installing the cables on a K Swapped vehicle, an “m” bracket has been included with the shifter cables to allow you to easily bolt the shifter cables to the underside of your exhaust tunnel. In all cases, Hybrid Racing recommends that, when possible, the cables be run over the subframe, rather than below it. This reduces the chance that the cables will be taught when installed, which can reduce the life expectancy of the cables. Below you can see some installed shifter cables to provide further insight in to how the cables should look installed.


Install Guide
IMPORTANT A Note About Short Shifters: For some reason, in their infinite wisdom, most companies who make RSX short shifters have designed the shifters so that they can actually damage the shifter cables. The angle they can put the OEM and Hybrid Racing cables at (when set to the shortest throw) can pull the cable guide from the cable. To avoid this, adjust the shifter to the shortest setting when the shifter is in the forward most position (as if you had the transmission in 3rd gear). This will avoid any damage to the cables that would be caused by exceeding their deflection angle. Do not use force to get the cables to a shorter throw setting, as this may also damage them. The above info can be disregarded if using the Hybrid Racing K Swap Short Shifter, as it was designed so that it cannot put cables at an extreme angle, like other short shifters.


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