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The Greatest Criminal Ever Known

Let me start off my shocking you, into Reality! YOU are the greatest
criminal ever known and it all began from the very way you was conceived
and born. The Word of God tells us as to our first birth we are Born in Sin,
and we are Shapen In Iniquity, and David of old said, In Iniquity my
mother conceived me! You was born in your first birth a Bastard Child, with
no Heavenly Father and foolishness is bound in you from the moment you
was conceived and birthed! Jesus looked out at the very people whom He
was to be King over and said to them, YOU are OF your FATHER, THE
DEVIL!!!! He was a murderer from the beginning! His wicked evil spirit is
passed down to every single human ever born!!! There is no escape!! The
Outer Man, or what we call The Flesh is utterly wicked and vile!
When you are In The Flesh you are the Enemy of God! Every thought you
think, every desire you have, every intent of your heart is evil! In your flesh
dwells, NO GOOD THING! The Spirit of the murderer is in you and you by
letting that flesh live and exist you murder every good decent holy, pure
and Godly thing, by your evil wicked dirty mind and your filthy wretched
conversations! You dress your flesh to deceive and to draw the perverted
attention after you, you kill the conscience of every person that comes
along by the poison of poisonous Asp's under your tongue!
You chase the almighty god of this world called the Dollar, Money! You
chase it day and night because it is what you use to feed your evil filthy
fires of lust! You use your money to build YOU a BIG fine Home, to drive
YOU a nice car around, for admiration of the other murders that live life in
the flesh!
You buy the world fashions so that the Image of Your Beast will be
worshipped by all! You lead others astray by your deceptions!
You buy the latest music cd's that your wiggle your serpentine body with to
catch the attention of the other evil spirits. You watch the ungodly filth of
Hollywood and eat it like a kid with cotton candy. You are a murderer!
Because of your demonic inspired lustful birth, you caused the very Holy
Innocent Pure Lamb of the Living God to be murderer on a wicked cruel
cross and spill its innocent pure spotless blood! YOU are a Murderer!!!! and
God hates you and is pursuing you like the Great Detective He is till YOU P
E R I S H off the face of the Earth! You are a stench in His Nostrils and you
cost Him the Life and Blood of His Son!!! A Wicked Evil Adulterous
Generation you are! There is NO HOPE for you because You have broken the

very highest court and laws of God Almighty!!!!

As long as YOU are In The Flesh in the Outer Man, then that is who you
are! That Man is the single greatest criminal ever known. He is responsible
for every war, every sickness, every disease, every despair and every
murder, rape, theft, abortion, homosexual act! He is a wicked vile disease
that spreads its vines around the world to choke the life from the others.
Their is no honor among these thieves! It took the One Lamb of God to
come to END its madness and its vile putrid vomit from consuming all of
life! It kills with its influence, its ideas, its money, its prestige, its lies, its
form, its music, its instruments of evil, like TV and Music and Movies and
Ad's and fashions and billboards and magazines. Its candy cigarettes, its
liquors and booze, its excuses, its deceptions. It was and is a liar from its
beginning! It must DIE and it must Perish! There is absolutely no hope for
it! Come out of her!!! By being Born Again, and I will receive you saith the
Lord! Your carnal mind is at enmity with God and is not subject to God or
His Laws making you a law breaker, a criminal in the courts of Heaven! You
must kill that life and person out by the Cross so that the True Innocent
One even Christ may live again. Reckon it dead! You must be born again!
There can not one speck of you remain ever!
It was not Gods divine will for mankind to be born via the sexual birth and
inspiration, that was Satans way, the Murderer, who caused the Son of God
to be murdered by those in that outer flesh of Sin! You are contrary to God
in every way! Come to the Cross, TURN YOURSELF IN AND BE JUDGED IN