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Seventeenth Senate Minutes

March 7, 2008
11 AM, Firstenburg Conference Room

1. Call to Order. Meeting was called to order 11:01 am by Vice President

2. Roll Call. Senator Ferderer was not present.
3. Additions or corrections to agenda.
a. Senator Brown moved to remove number 11 from the Agenda.
b. Whitling seconded.
4. Approved Agenda. The amended agenda was approved.
5. Approve Minutes. Minutes were approved.
6. Executives:
a. President Announcements –
i. Peter has provided minimal help to Eric was has been busy
ii. *applause from the senate?
b. Vice-President Announcements –
1. Mackenzie has been sick all well, working on record
keeping forms, scheduling for one-on-ones, on the rec
hiring committee, and reported that Neil will come back
next year.
c. Executive Staff –
i. Activities Director: Eric has been working on roundtable catering
for the elections, a Pullman trip, St. Patty’s Day craft night, and
request forms for a dance floor.
ii. Public Relations: Emily has been working on getting a large color
printer and a black and white printer, and Cougar spirit banners.
iii. IT: N/A Looking for a new IT director.
iv. Legislative Affairs: Andrea has been working on campaigning and
lobbying current issues in Olympia. The bill for easy transferring
v. Director of Clubs: Blake is working on clubs getting funding,
group orientation, the next forums (3/25 – 3/27), and teaching how
to plan successful events.
7. Committees Announcement:
i. External affairs – Rob reported that Senators Herring and Fuller
are working on a book drive, there is a proposal for activity, and
goggles in the labs.
ii. Programming – Proposal to S and A, awaiting approval.
iii. Finance – $8,000 in budget. Peter will transfer $4-5,000 into
student events pool.
iv. Rules and Regulations – no meeting this week, but will be held
when there is business to take care of.
v. Budget- The budget will be submitted.
Old Business.
New Business.
8. Budget Approval
a. We did not get the 20% of the student body to vote like we needed, so we
could not pass to Constitutional Amendments. There may be a special
election in the spring.
b. Brown motioned to call to question. Morgan seconded. It passed.
9. Bill 17.046
a. Read by Morgan. Whitling moved to second reading. Wiggins seconded.
b. Junanda spoke on the bill’s behalf. OSI is paying $1,000 for event,
possibly Public Safety contribution.
c. Whitling moved to call to question. Wiggins seconded.
d. Bill passes.
10. Bill 17.047
a. Read by Senator Brown.
b. Herring moved to second reading, Wiggins seconded.
c. James, the V.P. of the IEEE club spoke. The electrical Engineering Club-
wants to get more students involved and networking together.
d. Hildebrant moved to call to question. Retracted.
e. Hildebrant asked Wiggins if $200 was appropriate. Wiggins said yes it
f. Whitling moved to call to question. Hildebrant seconded.
g. Bill passed.
11. Announcements.
a. Peter thanked Senate for their support.
b. All Student Government meeting
i. Hildebrant asked if mandatory and if Ferderer is held to that.
ii. Friday, March 28th at 10am-1pm. Elliott cannot attend.
c. Wiggins announced that the ASME club went over bill amount, $704 +
taxes was not calculated.
d. Senator Herring announced that Senator Benton is giving a tour in
Olympia on Wednesday for all who are interested.
12. Adjourned. The meeting was adjourned at 11:42 am by V.P. Mackenzie