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Healthy Eating Assignment

C1 analyse factors that influence health
With help from the Canada Food Guide, your task is to create your own “Healthy
Eating Brochure” that will:
1. Provide information about healthy eating/living
2. Convince the reader of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle
3. Be visibly appealing-is this something you would pick up and read if you saw it
in a brochure stand?
How you organize your brochure is up to you – however, it must include ALL of the
following items. All written work must be TYPED or written legibly. Creativity and effort
are also required, and a lack of effort will result in a significantly lower mark.
1. Healthy Eating paragraph: Write a paragraph with the topic: “There are
numerous reasons why eating healthy is important for teens”
2. Definitions: Of each of the following terms write the definition and what each
one does for the body:

Dietary Fibre
Vitamin A

Vitamin C

3. Food log: For 3 days straight, record everything that you consume. Include all
meals, snacks, beverages, etc, as well as how much of each – be specific on
servings. Use the grid below as a template.
Day 1: Wednesday
8:00 am
11:30 am



1 apple
1 serving fruits
Turkey wrap with carrot 1 serving of meat
Sticks and milk
1 servings of vegetables
2 servings of
Chips and Coke

no nutritional value

Sugar e. taking into consideration all nutritional information. Food Label: Include 3 “Nutrition Facts” food labels from food or beverage items (not water) you typically consume and draw arrows to the following nutritional information on each label. a. Evaluation: Healthy Eating Paragraph Definitions Food Log Diet Analysis Food Label Reflection Organization/Neatness/Grammar/Spelling Total: /5 /12 /12 /5 /9 /10 /10 /63 . are you happy with your lifestyle choices? What areas in your life would you like to change it improve your overall health and wellness? List specific strategies you can use to implement more healthy choices in your current lifestyle. Fat f. Rate and number your labels 1-3 in terms of which label you think is the healthiest (#1=healthiest). Discuss things such as diet. Serving size b. Overall health and wellness reflection: Write a detailed reflection paragraph indicating how healthy you think your current lifestyle is. Calories c. Carbohydrates d. sleep. exercise.4. Make sure you name each label so I know what it is. Discuss the following questions: Do you get enough servings from all four food groups? Which groups are you getting too much of? Too little? List at least three healthier choices you could make in your diet on a regular basis? Etc. Diet Analysis: Write a detailed analysis of your diet. 5. etc. based on what you recorded over the 3 days. Protein 6.