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Bahasa Inggeris O14 Kertas 1 Sorin HEADCOUNT UJIAN PENILAIAN OTI 2 TAHUN ENAM PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN UPSR JULAT 2015 NAMA SEKOLAH: NAMA MURID BAHASA INGGERIS KERTAS 1 50 minit JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan 2. Jawab semua soalan 3. Thap-tiap soalan diikuti oleh empat pilihan jawapan, iaitu A, B, C dan D. Bagi setiap soalan, pilih satu jawapan sahaja, Hitamkan jawapan kamu pada kertas Jawapan objektif yang disediakan. 4. Sika kamu hendak menukar jawapan, padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. Kemudian hitamkan jawapan yang bahar. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 11 halaman bercetak oni DLihat sebelah} 2 O14 Questions 1-4 Choose the best word to complete the sentence. 1. Puan Esah is She always helps her friends and relatives, A B c D cruel kind proud humble 2. A kangaroo hops from one place to another but a snake flies swims crawls slithers 3. The boy off the campsite without anyone reelizing it. A B c D wandered plodded jogged hiked 4. We should use a when we water plants to save water. vaup oa rake basket shovel watering can Questions 5~7 Choose the best phrases to complete the paragraph. Itis the Chinese New Year. Siew Ching is. on [6] and very intelligent her new shirt her new dress her new blouse her schoo! uniform a pair of clogs a pair of slippers 4 pair of sneakers voOw> vaoe> vos ola a pair of high heeled shoes ora Questions 8 — 10 ona Study the pictures carefully. Then, choose the best answers. oa A Encik Hamzah and his wife are reading the magazines. B Encik Hamzah is reading the newspaper and his daughter is having dinner. Encik Hamzah is reading the newspaper and listening to the radio. D Encik Hamzah is eating a sandwich. A Mak Minah is buying vegetables at the night market. B Puan Laila is buying some fish at the night market. C The little girl is buying some toys at the night market, D The man is arranging his goods at the night market. A The ducks are eating grains. B_ Thehen is crowing in the morning. C The cows are grazing near the pond. D The birds are flying above the flowers. Questions 11 ~ 15 1a Choose the best answers to fit the situation shown in the pictures. oan vowp paws It’s such a beautiful house. It looks like a museum. I'm seared to live here. Tdon’t like it. Is it in Putrajaya? You look so happy today. No, I haven’t had a chance yet. Itis in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. She likes to ery. Mind your own business. Her best friend passed away. She looks pretty when she cries. 6 O14 He likes to show off. He's the best student, too, His father doesn’t like him. vamp L would like you to meet James. I didn’t buy it. Congratulations! My uncle gave it to me. cour From the shop near our school. Questions 16 - 20 Choose the best answers to complete the sentences. 16. The scouts carried own camping gear while we carried A their, our B their, ours C theirs, our D theirs, ours 17. Shiki s_ you played the piano before? Farah: No,T A Has, hasn’t B Has, haven't Have, hasn't D Have, haven't 18 The helicopter is flying ___a field of purple lavender. over along, behind through vaeD oan 1 o1at 19, Pin Ping is arranging a of tulips in a tall vase. A comb B clump bunch D bundle 20. My mother puts of pepper into the mushroom soup. A plenty Bo many Cc some D any Question 21 ‘Choose the word that has the opposite meaning to the word underlined. 21, The flight leaves KLIA 2 in the afternoon and at Heathrow Airport the next day. A shows B arrives Cc comes D appears. Questions 22 — 23 Choose the answer with the correct spelling. 22, My father bought me a new A smatfon B smartfon C smatphone D smartphone 23. The boy did not Score well in his examination because he was A catles B careles C cartes D careless ‘Questions 24 - 25 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. 4, ‘The pe fair is held in kuala lumpur every year The PC Fair is held in kuala lumpur every year. The pe fair is held in Kuala Lumpur every year. ‘The PC Fair is held in Kuala Lumpur every year. 25. Congratulations! Puan Sue has got her promotion, Congratulations, Puan Sue has got her promotion! “Congratulations! puan sue has got her promotion. Congratulations. Puan Sue has got her promotion! yow> gow» ola 8 oat Questions 26-30 Look at the picture and read the passage carefully. Based on the picture and the passage, choose the best answers to fill in the blanks. Suzita wakes up very early in the moming. She __ to the bathroom, [26] She brushes teeth, She uses a to brush her teeth. She 127) [28] doesn't want to waste water, $0 she uses plastic mug to hold water. After that, (29) shebathes____later puts on her uniform to go to school. [30] 26. A 0 2% A a B goes Boa C going C the D went D this 27. A his 30. A if Bo her Bas Chim Cc but D she D and 28. A paintbrush B toothbrush C scrub D comb ~ onan 9 onan ‘Questions 31-35, ‘Study the bar chart carefully and answer the questions that follow. Year Six Pupils NasiLemak Laksa Wantan Mee Roti Canai_ Burger Rendang Favourite Food 31, The bar chart is about A food pupils like to cat. B_ food pupils like to cook. C food pupils like to collect. D_ food pupils always buy at the canteen. 32. How many pupils like to eat wanton noodles? A Five B Fifty C Fifteen D Twenty five 33. Farah likes spicy food. What would she buy? A Burger B Roti canai Nasi lemak D_— Wanton mee oan 10 14 34, Based on the chart, which is the least popular? A Wanton mee B Roti canai C — Rendang D Burger 35. From the chart, we know that ‘A twenty pupils like laksa. B most pupils like roti canai, C there are 150 Year Six pupils. D the pupils like westem food. ‘Questions 36 - 40 Read the passage below carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Pak Busu wakes up very early in the moming, He wakes up before the sun rises. After breakfast, he rows his boat out to sea to catch fish. ‘One day, Pak Busu fished near an uninhabited island. After a few hours, he still hadn’t ‘caught enough fish to sell at the market, “Maybe there will be a lot of fish on the other side of the island,” he thought to himself. So, Paki Busu rowed his boat towards the other side of the island. As he was rowing, he saw a boat on the beach. “That's strange,” he thought. “Nobody ever comes here and there's nobody living on this island.” Pak Busu rowed his boat towards the shore. He wanted to investigate. He hid his boat b some rocks and peeped above them, He saw some men busy carrying large boxes from the boat. “They must be scmuggling something,” Pak Busu thought. Quietly and slowly, Pak Busu rowed his boat back to his village. 36. At what time do you think Pak Busu wakes up in the morning? A 8.00am B 1.00pm. C 5.00 am. D 10.00a.m. ~ oat 37. 38, 39, 40. 014i u onan Pak Busu is a A policeman. B fisherman. C farmer. D_ sailor. ‘The word ‘uninhabited’ means A full of people B__ people living there C nobody living there D__ people’s habit to live there Why did Pak Busu hide his boat behind some rocks? He was afraid that the men would see him. He was afraid the fishes would hide behind his boat. He was afraid that the waves would wash his boat away. He thought that there would be a lot of fishes behind the rocks. coup What do you think Pak Busu did when he reached his village? He sold fishes at the market, He went home to have lunch. He reported what he saw at the island to the police. He went home and told his wife about the incident at the island. va END OF QUESTIONS