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Republic of the Philippines

Las Pinas City
IS # 135999
That I, Peddy Davantes , of legal age, married, Filipino and a resident of No. 11 A and B
Subdivision, Las Pinas City, after having been duly sworn to according to law hereby depose and
state that.
1. That I am the Father of Kristelle Kaye Davantes(Kaye) , a photo copy of the birth
Certificate of Kristelle Davantes is hereto attached as ANNEX A.
2. Kaye was a 25 year old account executive at McCann Worldgroup Philippines Inc. at
Bonifacio Global City
3. On September 7 at around 1:00, after partying with friends in the Fort Strip in Bonifactio
Global City, (BGC) Kaye was seen leaving the premises of BGC with her metallic beige
Toyota Altis with Plate No. PIM 966 , she drove alone out of a parking lot in Bonifacio
Global City (BGC). As captured on cctv cameras of the BGC Parking Complex, she was
seen leaving the premises of the parking area at exactly 1:07 am. A screen capture of the
CCTV footage showing Kayes car leaving the parking lot is attached and marked as
4. At 01:30 in the morning, a cctv footage of the South Luzon Expressway showed Kayes
car stopping at the tollgate. A screen capute of the CCTV footage as featured on the
September 10 episode of GMA 7s SAKSI is attached herein as (ANNEX C)

At around 2:00 am after entering their subdivision, Kaye alighted from her car to open
the gate of our house when she was suddenly accosted by two men who came out from a
stainless steel jeepne, the 2 men were later identified as Samuel Decimo and Joren
Velasquez. The 2 men accosted her and drove-off with Kaye in her car. The foregoing
incident was witnessed by William De App, owner of the house adjacent to where Kaye

lived. Copy of the Pinagsamang Sinumpaang Salaysay of William Deapp attached as as

Annex D

On September 7, 2013, at around 6:00 am the body of Kaye was found under the bridge
by the riverside in Silang Cavite.


My wife Beth and I, were invited by the PNP medico legal to confirm if the body theyve
found under the bridge was KAYE, at around 11:00 on September 7, 2013. Weve
confirmed that the body theyve found was Kaye. The PNP showed use pictures from the
scene of the crime showing my Daughter Kayes hands bound by a car seatbelt, mouth
gagged with a handkerchief with black and white stripes, with her clothes intact and
drenched in blood. An electric wire was found on the scene of the a crime and a a 6
inched kitchen knife was also recovered near Kayes body. Ive also confirmed with the
PNP that the handkerchief found did not belong to Kaye.

8. PNP medico legal confirmed that Kaye sustained stab wounds, According to the crime
laboratory of the Philippine National Police, Kaye was stabbed five times and the fatal
wound was made with a deep blow to her neck, she also had laceration marks on her
neck, an indication that she was strangled, very likely by th3 electric wire found on the
scene of the crime. Kayes body bore no signs of sexual abuse. Attached herein is a copy
of the medico legal marked as (ANNEX E) PNP medico lega).

My wife and I went on a live TV interview with GMA 7s Saksi hosted by Mike
Enriquez and pleaded for help to anyone who could provide information on Kayes

10. When news of the slaying of Kaye came out, the NBI and PNP conducted a joint man

hunt operation with a reward of 2.5 million pesos to anyone who could provide
information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects.
11. The NBI arrested the suspect in Molino, Cavite, around 6 p.m. on September 20, 2013,
as reported in Local TVs GMA 7's "Saksi" newscast reported Friday night.
12. Samuel Decimo, 19-years-old, was tagged by the NBI as part of a group that usually

preys on jeepnies plying the Las Pias-Bacoor, Cavite, route. Decimo was arrested on
Sept. 20, 2013.
13. Decimo was arrested after NBI deputy director Virgilio Mendez , received information from
an informant that Decimo was seen driving the missing toyota car a day after the killing.
14. On September 22, 2013 GMA News Online in a phone interview Mendez said that. May
information kami [na] natanggap na parte siya sa grupo [na pumatay kay Davantes] at naconfirm din namin na kasama siya sa isang hold-up incident noong Biyernes, he noted.

15. Decimo was later presented to the Media, News Program TV patrol , hosted by Noli De
Castro broadcasted on Sept. 20, 2013 showed a video footage of Decimo confessing to
the killing of Kaye.
16. Decimo said they followed Davantes to her home and, as she alighted from her car, they
accosted her. They took her away in her own car, gagged and tied her up, and killed her
when they got to Silang, Cavite.

17. The suspect revealed, Kaye begged for her life before the stabbing. Decimo said he had 4
other companions and that they did not originally intend to kill Kaye, but when she saw
their faces they realized she would be able to identify them.
18. Decimo - who identified his companions as Jojo, Basel, and Joren Velasquez, and a
certain "Jomel" they said that they only intended to Rob Kaye of her belongings, he
also said they had taken Kaye to Tagaytay mulling over what they should do with her.
Decimo narrated that Kaye was struggling and would not keep still. Fearing that she
could identify them, Decimo said the decision was made to kill her.She was strangled, he
said, and presumed for dead before they lowered her below the bridge in Silang. For good
measure, Decimo said, he was told by his gang to stab her with a knife. "Pumikit nalang
ako at pinagsasaksak siya," he told media. (I just closed my eyes and started stabbing
her.) The suspect showed investigators bruises and scratches on his hands and arms evidence, he said, of his struggles to hold Kaye down.
Decimo and his companions then took 3,000 pesos from Kaye, her laptop and
And drove off with car after dumping Kayes body in an abandoned lot
in Silang Cavite.
The allegations stated in this Complaint Affidavit clearly established robbery with
Robbery with homicide as defined in Article 294, paragraph 1 of the Revised Penal Code has the
following elements:
1.The taking of personal property is committed with violence or intimidation
against persons;
2.The property taken belongs to another;
3.The taking is characterized by intent to gain or animo lucrandi; and
4. by reason of the robbery or on occasion thereof, homicide is committed.

Decimos extra judicial confession that they intended to rob Kaye of her belongings and the
death of Kaye Davantes caused by stab wounds in vital parts of her body proves beyond dispute
that violence was applied upon her person. The subsequent confession of Decimo that he and his
companions took Kayes laptop and the 3,000 pesos indicates that said accused obtained
possession of said item through violence.

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this November 11, 2013 in the City
Las Pinas, Philippines.






1. Penetrating stab wound, right upper posterior thorax, 127 cm. from the heel, 0.5 cm.
right of posterior midline, measuring 1.7 cm. x 0.4 cm. x 9.5 cm. in depth, directed
obliquely forwards, slightly downwards and towards the lateral, thru the 2nd right
posterior intercostal space, piercing the upper lobe of the right lung;
2. Non-penetrating stab wound, right middle posterior thorax, 118 cm. from the heel, 4.5
cm. right of posterior midline, measuring 2 cm. upwards and towards the midline thru
the muscle tissue;
3. Penetrating stab wound,left thorax, 117 cm. left posterior midline, measuring 1.8 cm.
x 0.4 cm. x 10.5 depth, directed obliquely forwards, slightly upwards and towards
the midline, thru the 7th left posterior intercostal space and piercing the thoraxic aorta,
esophagus, pericardium and pulmonary artery;
4. Non-penetrating stab wound, right posterior chest region, 102 c.m. from the heel, just
right of posterior midline, measuring 2 cm. x 0.5 cm. x 9 cm. in depth, directed obliquely
forward, slightly downwards and towards the lateral coursing thru the muscles;
5. Non-penetrating stab wound, right neck, measuring 1 cm. x. 0.4 cm. x 7 cm. in depth,
directed obliquely forwards, slightly downwards the lateral coursing thru the muscle
6. Deep abrasion, right zygomatic region measuring 1.5 cm. x 1 cm.
1. Stab wounds of the internal organs and tissues indicated under the internal
extensions of the external wounds with generalized pallor;
2. Small amount of blood recovered from the right thoraxic cavity;
3. Recovered about half of a glass of parcels of bread admixed with blood from the
stomach and with alcoholic odor.