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Quantum K

Returning to our original blueprint.

Andrew J Kemp

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First printing - November 2005

Second printing - August 2006
Third printing August 2007

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Quantum K

Overview and Introduction

Section 1 - The Quantum K system and how to use it.

Chapter 1

The Quantum K system

Chapter 2

Self-help using Quantum K

Chapter 3

Working on other people


Section 2 Healing principles

Chapter 4

The universal healing model


Chapter 5

DNA healing


Chapter 6



Chapter 7

Fractal geometry


Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Sacred geometry

Chapter 10

Naturopathic steps


Section3 Technical data

Chapter 11

Healing section governing principles


Chapter 12

Physical healing


Chapter 13

Emotional healing


Chapter 14

General healing


Chapter 15

Spiritual healing


Chapter 16

Chakra healing


Chapter 17




I make a simple claim for this book read it and you will tune into a source of healing
energy. The book itself is just ink and paper, but the intent it carries provides its
healing power. Just as an anti-virus programme will cleanse your PC, so this book can
remove blocks to your health, helping you return to your highest state of being. In this
sense it differs from self-help manuals where the message is one of direction and
knowledge, designed to help you implement a new way of life, a new golf swing or a
new understanding.
The book is a key, no more than that. When you hold it with intent to heal, you access
its vibration from the quantum energy field and draw in whatever help it can offer you
at that time. You do not even need to read it for this process to start as I have
demonstrated many times in my clinic; simply holding it is enough.
In has taken substantial effort from a number of people to reach this stage and the
pages that follow are the result of this work, combined with synchronistic events and a
big spoonful of good fortune. I am not a scientist by training but I make no apologies
for that. There are enough extraordinary people pushing back our intellectual
boundaries and taking our understanding of the human mind, body and soul to a new
level. To make use of these discoveries, we also need experienced health
professionals in their shadows who can reach into this work and translate the
knowledge into new techniques with practical healing benefits. This is my role, and if
you will pardon me the self-indulgence, I will tell you how I arrived in this position.
Despite being academic at school, my disillusionment with education took me away
from further studies and straight into a career where I could engage in the cut and
thrust of the business world, or so I thought. As with most people without a clear
vision or passion, I drifted through office work, burying myself in function and
process where regular promotions and material rewards justified the lack of any sense
of true achievement or value. I was destined for a comfortable but emotionally numb
It was only my ongoing health problems that broke me out of this pattern. As with
many others, the limited framework of the medical profession had failed me and my
seemingly disconnected range of minor symptoms served only to generate an ever
more disparate range of prescriptions from my GP. My life was making me ill, but at
the time I had no idea that my emotional health was core to my physical balance.
By sheer chance, I overheard a colleague saying how her rheumatism had been helped
by a kinesiologist and that a simple detox and change of diet had brought about huge
improvements in her symptoms. Intrigued but sceptical, I made an appointment and so
began my first real passion.
For those who have not heard of kinesiology, it is a relatively new form of
complementary healthcare created in the 1960s by a chiropractor called Doctor
George Goodheart. He discovered that messages from the brain to the muscles could
be disrupted by any number of stresses, including foods, hormones, emotions,


chemicals and physical ailments. By gently testing a relevant muscle, he could find
imbalances throughout the body and, more importantly, identify an appropriate
Once I had accepted that the basic principle was sound, this simple concept appealed
to the logical part of my mind. I had finally found a calling, something I could throw
myself at with complete abandon. It was powerful, flexible and relatively easy to
master in its basic form.
In fairness to my employer, they allowed me to indulge my passion and even let me
write health related articles for the companys Team Brief as I trained. Looking back
now, this was very forward thinking as companies in the 1990s were very blinkered
and not even close to recognising the spiritual needs of their employees. Our personal
growth was geared towards improving competence and skill, seeking success within
the boundaries of their core values, not our own.
I was therefore very lucky to be allowed to work part time as my client base grew and
I started to convert my passion from hobby to profession. As I have since come to
realise, those seemingly wasted years had been an ideal training ground. I had learnt
about marketing, customer service, image, communication and business planning. All
too often, good therapists fail to achieve their full potential due to a lack of core
business skills. I had spent years developing just that and my frustrating minor health
issues had given me a perspective that helped generate true empathy with the
suffering of my clients. My previous years had not been wasted after all.
I had stumbled across a very powerful therapy, one that could expand with my own
growth and flexible enough to move with my own developing spirituality. As I
changed, so did my client base and I started to work with pretty much any issue,
ranging from simple physical symptoms to complex cases of abuse and emotional
distress. No-one can guarantee success, but I like to think that everyone who comes to
see me gains something from the experience.
So, with 5000 treatments under my belt and an ever increasing armoury of techniques,
I started to question the complexity of my therapy. I had become one of the busiest
kinesiologists in the country, but was not entirely happy with the way I was working.
True healing should be easy and any technique that took many steps to implement
could not come from pure truth. I wrote an article to this effect in our trade magazine
and this brought me into contact with a man who would help me make the next major
change in my life.
That man was Brian Jenner, a total maverick and one of lifes true characters. He
often referred to himself as Sir Brian, after being given an honorary knighthood by
the ruler of a small province in Australia that had declared itself independent from
the main Government. That was Brian all over, a swearing, gambling, blaspheming
ex-minister, but someone who had a pure love for mankind and was not afraid to fly
in the face of convention to find his own truths and serve his Maker.

Brian was an experienced kinesiologist in his own right, having spent 30 years
researching while teaching and practicing Touch for Health, a popular version of
kinesiology. He had come to believe that the establishment over the centuries had
suppressed many core truths and that we need only revisit the work of earlier pioneers
to discover the falsehoods of vaccination, germ theory and conventional medicine
generally. In the days long before the internet, he used to fly around the world to stay
with forward thinkers like John Ott and Bruce Cathie, while revisiting the discoveries
of previous Noble prize winners whose work had been allowed to fade into obscurity.
While he researched, he started to develop his own code book, capturing his latest
thinking within a short manual that he would download into his clients by holding
their forehead points for several minutes while he read out the technical data. He
certainly developed a strong following and some of the thank you letters he received
were truly amazing, often confirming near miraculous healing based on the speed of
their recovery and the depth of their improvements.
I still believe that much of Brians healing capacity came from his unshakeable faith
that God was working through him. He was an enormous personality and when he
said you were going to heal, youd better get on and do it quickly! Whatever your
condition, he fully expected you to rise from the treatment couch a changed person. It
appears that many did and I still meet people today who attest to the power of his
As you might expect, Brians strength of character did cause difficulties. He would
accept no revisions to the code book he had so painstakingly developed over the
decades. We talked often about the power of intent but I could not persuade him that
many of the abbreviations made little sense to anyone other than himself, which had
to deny other users clear understanding of the concepts being applied. There was no
structure, no naturopathic protocols to ensure that detoxification occurred only after
the drainage pathways were open etc; basically it was devoid of all the tools I had
learnt over the years. We were coming to an impasse.
And then Brain died. He was a good age thankfully and had a massive heart attack
right in the middle of delivering a lecture to a packed hall of therapists. He passed
away explaining his lifes work; what an honourable and worthy way for such a great
man to go. He was a dedicated and passionate pioneer and it was an honour and
privilege to have known him, even for just a few short months.
I now realise that his lifes work had been completed and it was time for his student,
as he called me, to take over the reins. He had often talked about his need to retire
gracefully so that I could continue with his work, but I didnt expect the handover to
be so sudden. It did at least allow me to proceed with a free hand to start over afresh,
while still honouring his basic principles.
Although I disagreed with the structure of some of Brians detailed work and design,
his core concepts were ground breaking at the time and remain so now. The key
lessons I took from his work were the following:


1. Healing should be simple

2. Healing can be delivered through the focused intent of therapist or patient
3. The Universe, including the human body, obeys the laws of fractal geometry
and the correct equation can be re-run to correct imbalances in mind and body.
4. Numbers are understood by our bodies as concepts and 12 digit sequences can
talk straight to our DNA to provide healing.
Some scientists, like the Russian microbiologist Garjajev, have validated aspects of
Brians theories and I will refer back to this later. Some of the more esoteric thinking
has been supported by channelled writings, such as the Kryon work by Lee Carroll. I
have yet to see anyone else refer to the potential to heal the human body using fractal
geometry, natures maths, so in that sense I believe this remains his discovery.
So, there I was, with a few exciting new concepts and the prospect of applying them
to everything I had learnt during the years of my own practice. I spent the next few
months in the winter of 2005 working during the day as a kinesiologist and
developing the system in the evenings. I also took the opportunity to interview a wide
range of health practitioners I had come to know in Bristol, so I could include some of
their expertise in my manual, not just the concepts I had explored as a kinesiologist.
Although I only shared the first few copies with friends who also knew Brian, it soon
became clear that there was a wider audience waiting. The concept of healing through
a book is a difficult one for many of us to accept, but energy workers in my own
profession would be natural supporters of this work if it did indeed deliver what it
promised. The beauty of kinesiology is that we are working with unconscious body
intelligence or superconsciousness if you prefer - so the muscle test only responds to
valid remedies.
In my own case, I found that if I needed to support a clients liver in preparation for a
deep detoxification, the usual homeopathic or herbal remedies no longer showed as
being highly effective. Instead, my clients were responding, through the muscle test,
to the energetic liver support that was available to them in the manual. I was
particularly satisfied with the integrity of this test because the supplements I used to
recommend carried a commission and the profits I made on these enabled me to keep
my treatment fees well below the industry average.
I was quite happy with this arrangement but I was now left with hundreds of pounds
worth of nutritional supplements that were no longer testing as necessary. This was
certainly not my plan, but I trusted the process and waited with baited breath for my
clients to come back a month or so later so I could check their progress. Thankfully,
they reported improvements at least as good as I used to generate and, from their
viewpoint, at a much lower cost.
Looking back, there was nothing more fulfilling in those early days than feeling the
energy change as the system was delivered and hearing clients describe their
improvements in the weeks that followed. For the majority, the changes were clear
and measurable, but for many there was also an intangible feeling that something
important has happened, with a new feeling of lightness and optimism.


By now, I was confident that the system worked and with good anecdotal feedback
from my close colleagues and impressive results from my own survey, I tentatively
shared my discovery within a kinesiology magazine. The interest this generated
encouraged me to write a short series of articles explaining the process while sharing
some of the technical coding. My goal was that other therapists would feel the energy
of the coding, or find their clients demanding it from them during a treatment.
One year later, I had sold over 400 manuals, covering about 30-50% of the
kinesiology market. It is hard to be more specific about the level of saturation, but
there are not that many of us practicing this wonderful therapy yet, although numbers
are growing fast. Most of the manuals had come from personal recommendations, so
to a large extent I just sat back and let the orders come in.
The next step was the harder one of taking it to the public at large, a much bigger
challenge because, without kinesiology to validate its use, it would be hard to prove
that it worked and many potential readers would be less sensitive to the healing
vibration it brought.
Thankfully, that too has proved to be no obstacle and I have been fortunate to find
support for my work in the publishing world. I hope you are one of many that have
come across this book and I sincerely thank you for taking this leap of faith. Your
healing has already begun.
Moving on, I must now change tack slightly and look beyond its development to the
role of Quantum K in the modern world. Many therapists have commented how
much harder it is to help their clients than it used to be. Although energy flows more
easily now than ever before, we seem to have deeper issues to address and less
capacity to lock them away where they can fester without causing direct symptoms. If
you will indulge me for a moment or so, Ill tell you why I think this is and why this
adds weight to the need for this system.
First of all, the world has changed hugely. Have you noticed how all the pillars of
establishment are rapidly being destabilised? My first memories are from the 1960s
when the individual played a supportive role and looked for guidance and inspiration
from leaders within the community, people with positional power. We aspired to
move up the ladder, our success recognised by material gain and increasing stature.
Some of the key institutions in society were the banks, the legal profession, the
medical profession and organised religion. I have nothing but respect (and some
sympathy) for the individuals working within them, but plenty of concerns about the
bodies they represent.
Banks It used to be a great privilege to be judged suitable for a loan or mortgage
from your bank manager. Nowadays, if you can get past the call centre screening, you
are likely to find a salesman looking to lend you a disproportionately large sum
against a charge on your house or business, with highly profitable insurance policies
to back them up.


Legal profession the industry should be champions of freedom and justice. Instead,
we tend to hear more about ambulance chasing, accident specialists and the
prohibitive cost of pursuing justice through the Courts. The net result is paranoia from
the Health and Safety experts and rapidly rising insurance premiums.
Doctors again, I have the greatest respect for the individuals, but the unsavoury truth
is that conventional healthcare just isnt working for most of us. Death and injury
from medical intervention, secondary infections, the vaccine controversy and waiting
lists are all undermining our confidence in the NHS. Even the pharmaceutical
Companies accept that their drugs do not work for most individuals.
Religion - interesting that while belief in God is stable or growing, organised religion
is struggling to fill seats. In previous centuries, we needed a controlling influence and
a strong rule-base that could guarantee our entry into Paradise. This all helped us
make sense of a cruel world. Nowadays, we are opening up to our own spirituality and
developing a more personal relationship with God that drains our motivation for
formal worship. The establishment of the Church has also been rocked by many destabilising forces, including women as priests, sex scandals and the whole concept of
being born in sin.
Looking beyond these big institutions, there are other forces at work trying to limit
our aspirations. The media, and Hollywood in particular, have a lot to answer for. If
you look at most American films they overtly promote materialism and both physical
and institutional power as core objectives. If not rich and powerful, the hero can kill
with ease and surely will, many times. We are led to believe that violence and crime
are natural parts of life and that mankind is inherently flawed. This simply is not true.
So, if we are starting to reject these values, what is replacing them? The answer is the
individual. It is time for us to stop looking outside for guidance and inspiration. The
greatest truths are already within us, waiting to be released.
To help us on this path, we must understand that true success is available to us all, but
is a reflection of what we become rather than what we have achieved or accumulated.
As I see it, we are in the middle of an exciting global development where we are
reclaiming control of our lives, looking for greater fulfilment. We are slowly starting
to recognise the futility of the hamster wheel existence, where we are in debt from the
moment we leave education, mortgaged to the hilt at 25 and working 45 hour weeks
thereafter to cover the interest on these debts. This is no longer enough.
At a macro level, the new paradigm works like this:
1. Disempowerment of institutions and movement away from their material values.
2. Re-establishment of the health, power, and core values of the individual based on
tolerance, love and mutual respect.
3. Developing group and ultimately global consciousness based on these new values.


To move into this new strength as individuals, we must leave behind all old trauma,
illness, and fear. What we used to battle with over a lifetime, (or many lifetimes if you
believe in re-incarnation) we must now clear in a few short years. This is why my
clients need so much more help than before; we are all clearing our stuff at an
incredible pace.
Once we find the first seed of this inner strength, we start to realise that true healing
comes from within. If you are on a search for a wonderful therapist who can take
away your pain, then I believe you are misguided. The healer is in YOU. All other
people can do is show you how to access this inner strength and help you remove the
blocks to your own recovery and growth. This is in no way denigrating the role of a
Divine influence, but to truly connect with our Creator we have to look for that little
spark of Divinity lurking within us all.
Once we start this process, it will evolve continually, expanding beyond our own
development to those around us. Just by living and honouring our core values we will
influence all those we meet. We all know that kind of person, the one that turns heads
when they enter the room, who exudes their truth with every cell in their body and just
knows that they are on their optimum path.
We must all aspire to be like this.
Ironically, as we each become more confident in the moral codes we are unveiling
within ourselves, we will start to tentatively share them with our nearest and dearest.
As we do so, we will find that they too have made the same inner discoveries. A
whole new unifying value system is emerging from within us that we can follow in
our own personal ways. If you doubt that this process is happening, I could quote
hundreds of examples, but here are just a few:

More people are involved in charity work than ever before (25%)

The global concern about the environment has now reached such a level that
Governments have had to adopt new policies to address the public concerns.

Interest in spirituality, complementary healthcare and the new age movement

is growing year by year as individuals look for new meaning in their life.

Men and women are negotiating part-time contracts so they can spend time at
home watching their children grow up, or pursue some other calling beyond
their core occupation. No more jobs for life.

Healthy eating and the organic industry are all gathering strength. Awareness
of the dangers of junk food, artificial additives, chemicals in cosmetics and
GM are growing at an incredible pace. The major supermarkets are being
forced to react to public demands, while fast food chains are desperately
watching their profits suffer as they try to react to this change in public

This brings us back to this manual. I would ask you to read it with a loftier ambition
than mere mitigation of symptoms. Do not just look for good health when there is so
much more available. The technical solutions in this manual may not seem important
intellectually, but they resonate with every cell in our body and open us up to
reconnection with our higher self. This improves our intuition and ability to find our
answers for ourselves. When that happens, your true healing can begin.
So, please read this manual, gain whatever you need from it, and then lend it on or use
it yourself to help other people. Ive done my bit, now you can do yours.

This third edition is the most powerful of the three. The definition of the healing
process through symbols and harmonics has helped focus our intent on exactly where
healing energy comes from and its breadth of influence. By recognising and defining
exactly how we are interlinked within this incredible Universe, we increase our
healing potential.
The strength of this system is also dependent on its breadth of coverage. For that, I
owe my thanks to the range of pioneers, researchers and teachers outlined in the
bibliography, along with Lynne Williams, Louise Evans, Jeni Briggs and Colin
Kingshott who have honoured me with the benefit of their experience and innovative
I must also thank Jan Dorman, Phaedra Badcock, Annie Smith and Ann Freeman,
whose commitment and connection to Universal Intelligence has provided some of the
inspiration behind this system and helped me improve my own access to this source of
all knowledge. Phaedra, in particular, gave me the inspiration to rework all of the core
concepts from scratch in time for the third edition just when I thought I was due a
Above all else, I must acknowledge the contribution of Brian Jenner, who recognised
the capacity of the human body to respond to harmonics and fractal geometry. His
basic faith in the power of intent is a cornerstone of a range of new therapies
springing up independently around the globe. His passing hands the reins to a new
generation and this is my attempt to do justice to his decades of hard work and
I truly hope you benefit from it.

Andrew Kemp KFRP Dip MESK


Chapter 1
The Quantum K system

The harmony of the world is made manifest in form and number,

and the heart and soul and all the poetry of natural philosophy
are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty
Sir DArcy Wentworth Thompson (1860 1948)

There are many layers of intelligence within each one of us. Our physical bodies are
the visible gateway to the external world, engaging with our surroundings through
instinct and the five core senses. This process is supported by self-regulating systems
that pilot our internal ship outside our awareness or control.
This ongoing stream of stimulation and information is assessed by our conscious
mind, based on our education and belief systems. The filtered residue is then
deposited into our subconscious mind, which keeps these records in meticulous order
and detail, assessing the response to future events based on the outcome of similar
past experiences.
Above all of this lies our super-conscious mind, or Higher Self. This is the part of us
that has access to Universal Intelligence - the all encompassing wisdom that knows
the answer to every question before it is even asked.
This subtle intelligence always works with our best interests in mind, if we let it, and
in an ideal world this would ensure perfect health. But this is not an ideal world. We
have evolved too slowly to keep pace with modern living and modern problems.
We are confronted by a constant barrage of environmental toxins from our cosmetics,
our food and even the air we breathe. Combine this with electromagnetic stress from
our telephones, watches, computers and freezers and it is easy to see why the delicate
communication network between our cells is often clouded.
We must also consider our emotional balance, which is determined by the reference
points available to our subconscious mind from previous events. Past traumas,
especially during childhood, can lead to inappropriate reactions to current situations.
If we are to find true balance and health, we must address these issues and more. In
effect, this emotional and physical smog has disconnected us from our Higher
Selves and we are forced to survive with only our programmed reactions and left
brained logic centres to guide us. If we are to re-establish this higher connection, we
must remove these blockages.

This is the primary objective behind Quantum K. It acts as our foster parent,
offering temporary guidance until we can return to a life based on intuition derived
from our higher intelligence. Once this has been achieved, we can reconnect with the
untarnished blueprint that lies in the energy field surrounding us all, returning to the
perfect state with which we were conceived.
As a race, we have created most of these problems for ourselves, so now we must take
the first steps to put them right.

Why this system works

This programme is the result of years of research. It represents a combination of
concepts fundamental to good health, drawn from a variety of healthcare modalities.
I have used the experience I have gained from thousands of treatments as a practicing
kinesiologist to form the backbone of this system. I have then added the results of my
studies of pioneers in the same field and asked for additional input and critique from a
range of other healthcare practitioners, including chiropractors, acupuncturists,
naturopaths and spiritual healers. This self-healing manual is the result.
The goal of a Quantum K balance should be clear from the overview above. It does
not look to address individual symptoms as these are intentional strategies by our
body to manage issues as best it can. To simply ask for their removal would be
detrimental to health and, in truth, our bodies would probably ignore such
This protocol aims to go deeper than symptom management. We must go to the
underlying causes. This means looking at the emotional, physical, spiritual,
environmental and quantum issues that forced our bodies to fall out of balance in the
first place.
All the information behind this guide is held in the Zero Point Field, that is, the
unlimited source of energy that quantum physicists recognise as the font of all
knowledge, past, present and future. When you use Quantum K, you tune into this
source of healing and energy, joining with the spiders web of connections that link
each manual. As I will explain later, all healing carries consequences that extend well
beyond the health of the recipient; it lights up the whole energy grid, the Planet and
beyond, with unimaginable benefits to the unseen world around us. More on that later.
The procedures I have included do, on occasions, use medical or scientific terms that
you may not fully understand. Do not worry. These are all commonly accepted within
their particular area and the basic energetic connection between each one of us allows
us to work with accurate intent. Our cells understand and that is all that matters.
This is particularly relevant when working with babies and young children as they
will have, at best, very limited verbal communication skills. At some level they
absorb the intent behind the programme. After all, babies feel hunger, tiredness and
the love of their parents long before they can put these instinctive feelings into words.

As evidence of the effectiveness of this system, I have conducted a survey of my own

clients in clinic. This is not exactly the same as using the system remotely, but the
only significant difference is that I use diagnostic techniques to specify exactly what
toxins or negative emotions the client has. This is not essential to recovery, but for
many this information is re-assuring, especially when formal medical testing has
found no clinical explanation for their symptoms.
Other than that, it is just me, my clear intent, and the concepts explained in the
manual. If you follow these recommendations carefully, there is no reason why you
should not achieve the same results as my clients in this survey. In fact, there are
several reasons why your progress should be better:
1. The survey was conducted while this system was under development, in part
based on Brian Jenners original prototype. Its potency has increased
substantially since, in line with the added input from other therapists and my
own developments.
2. I could assess, at most, two treatments during the monitoring period. You may
use the system every day if you wish.
3. The final measurements were taken while clients were cleansing their systems.
Although detoxing is designed to be a neutral process, it is not an ideal time to
measure improvements.
The survey was conducted between July 15th and November 15th 2005 and includes
every new client that I started seeing during this period and saw at least twice. This is
a short timescale, but the 36 qualifying case studies are more than enough to produce
statistically significant results.
Here is a brief summary of the results:





Overall health








Each client assessed their progress at the beginning of each session, so the results of
the first treatment were established at the start of the second. I used an assessment
scale of 0-10, where 0 is as good as it could be over the last week and 10 as bad as it
could be, so a diminishing graph is good!

I was particularly pleased with these results because the survey period was very short,
with on average only 9 weeks between start and finish of the monitoring. For clients
who had suffered chronic symptoms for an average period of 7 years (with a median
of 4 years), such a quick response is very significant. These treatments were not for
common colds or acute injuries, but for symptoms that had defied all previous
treatment and the healing potential of their own bodies.
As the system keeps working until there is no more to do, there would be further
improvements in the weeks that followed. Of course, the point of this study was to
prove that this system works, not necessarily the extent or speed of its effectiveness. I
am also happy to report that not one person reported worsening health during this
study, despite the risk of personal circumstances adversely influencing the results.
The fact that Quantum K is safe should not be taken for granted in an age where so
many illnesses result from medical intervention.

The headline results are:

The average overall health rating improved by over 1.5 points from its starting
position, that is a 33% improvement towards good health.

The average symptom reduction was nearly 2.5 points, an even more
impressive figure in real terms, and again a 33% improvement from its
starting position towards being symptom free.

No-one recorded worsening levels during the survey.

88% of participants, that is close to 9 out of 10, recorded improvement in their

measured symptoms during the survey period (some of the remaining 12%
improved afterwards). This attests to the wide breadth of this system. It
doesnt matter what symptoms or underlying causes afflict you, there is a very
high probability that Quantum K can help.

No supplements of any type were used or recommended for any clients. The
improvements arose solely from the protocols in this manual, including basic
naturopathic steps, such as avoiding common problem foods.

Over 90% of participants were referrals from other therapists or clients.

The bottom line is that this system works. When you use it, have confidence that it is
a powerful health support at a number of levels and be open to whatever positive
changes it may bring.
If you still harbour some doubts about how simply reading a book can help you access
healing energies, I fully understand. The awareness of our connection to an allencompassing energy field is timeless but largely lost to the modern world. Ancient
cultures like the American Indians and the aborigines knew how to live healthily in
harmony with their environment, but as we evolved into an industrial and
commercial world, we lost track of these pure connections.

This is slowly changing as we start to recognise the truths we have forgotten. The
Western world is starting to wake up to the possibilities of subtle energy healing.
Crucially, we are able to do so through any media, whether television, books or
lectures; we do not need a therapist to give it to us - the potential to heal lies within us
all, just waiting for the call to action. Anything that gives us that ah ha! moment of
pure understanding resonates right into our cells and triggers the journey to healing
and enlightenment.
This book has that potential for you. How did you feel last time you read a Stephen
King novel, or saw a frightening film, did you have an adrenalin rush, trouble
sleeping? Do romantic films or books give you a nice warm feeling, perhaps a release
of endorphins from the brain?
If the answer is yes, as Im sure it is, you are the same as everyone else - susceptible
to physical and psychological change from sensory stimulation. I am simply asking
you to accept that this principle can be extended to offer genuine and worthwhile
long-term health benefits. It is only a small leap of faith
If you are still not convinced, its time to play my final card as it were. feedback
from clients who have used the manual on themselves or as a therapist. These
comments were mainly received in the first few months after the first edition was

I have used the system many times on myself at home. When I first received the
Quantum K manual I had been feeling emotionally traumatised for a couple of weeks,
and couldnt seem to find a way out of my anxieties. During my first self-treatment,
my body was twitching and jumping, and I felt huge amounts of stress just leave my
body. The next morning I woke up at peace all my stress seemed to have evaporated.
Of course, it could be argued that just holding the Emotional Stress Release points
alone will relieve the body of emotional stress. But over the next few days my body
showed clear signs of detoxing aching and tiredness. As I continued to use the
system I felt better and better, both physically and mentally. Karn

" I used it the other day when I had a very sudden onset of nausea and weakness. I
was so overcome by this sudden condition that I felt I had to lie down. I just held your
book while I was resting for a while concentrating my thoughts, and within an hour I
was a different person. I was full of energy, the nausea had completely vanished, my
appetite was back and I never came down with the bug! All thanks to your great
work!" Christine

I have been working with a few clients with Quantum K and it certainly seems a very
powerful modality, the couple of clients I have worked with have gone completely cold
within a matter of minutes and lots of visualisations of different colours, one person
even had to go to sleep for ten minutes before they could get off the plinth. All have
shown good signs of improvement with their presenting conditions. Alan Kane Dip
K, M.I.G.P.P., M.K.A.I. Director, Midlands Therapy & Training Centre

"I read the 'Quantum K' manual on a Friday evening and the next day was the first
day for ages where I have not had to take an enforced rest of an hour or so during the
afternoon. My energy has stayed good since and is undeniably connected to using the
manual". Stella

Many thanks for the latest copy of Quantum K - its amazing! Seems to get more and
more powerful! There have been a couple of cases recently where clients at the clinic
have arrived so traumatised, I've felt Quantum K was the only option to dramatically
shift things and reprogram their negative patterns of belief - and in both cases the
clients were like different people by the end of the treatment - like a huge weight had
been lifted off them (one couldn't stop laughing, and said he hadn't laughed for
months). Karn

Thanks for the manual Andrew its a great system so comprehensively put
together. My fingers began to tingle even before I started reading it and when I
placed it on my mother's lap her first comment was 'Gosh, the heat from it! I'm
recommending it to lots of colleagues and friends. Susanne

I want to thank you for the gift you are making to humanity with your manual. At
the moment, your book is coming up in every session with my clients, so I am pleased
to be contributing to its activation! Viviane

I have been lent a copy for a few days and feel unable to let it go. What a wonderful
book, thank you so much for producing it and sharing it Linda

I opened the manual at the spiritual Healing section and decided, for a change, to
follow my intuition rather than muscle test what to do. I read through about 10 pages
and followed that by relaxing with my ESR points held. Much yawning later I feel
fantastic. Whats amazing though is that while I was reading the pages, they started
to glow, as though lit from behind with a very white, almost UV light. I felt so
plugged in to what I was reading, that I decided not to be too surprised by this; I
suppose it was a bit bizarre though. Anna

I am still having amazing results with Quantum K. I use it in conjunction with my

Human Design info and the results are pure magic. Many thanks for all your hard
work. Nancy

My first measurable success on a friend/client who was sensitive to the energy of a

TV, of a mobile phone, of an electric razor (i.e. muscle test 'off'). After going through
the electromagnetic stress page and a couple of selected items from page 73, she
muscle tested strong when close to the TV and holding the 2 items switched on all at
the same time. Wow ! Most impressive ! John

"It is fascinating stuff! I think it will become my favourite book! It is so positive and
gives out so much hope. Christine

My confidence in this system is also supported by my own access to Universal

Intelligence in the Zero Point Field via muscle testing. Using Yes and No
questions, I can ask for confirmation of whether I am on the right track and what areas
need further work. I cannot access new concepts directly, that has to come from
research and inspiration, but I can validate what I do develop.
This safety check is very reassuring. I like to measure the overall worth of the system
out of 100, where the top score is instant and complete recovery, in other words a
potential miracle. I am confident that the only barriers to this target are our lack of
understanding and imagination. Thousands of terminally ill people have made full
recoveries and confounded the medical profession1. What did they know that we
didnt? Was it faith? Surrender? Medicine? Divine intervention? We must keep
looking for these answers.
Against this lofty goal, Quantum K used at home is currently 76% and my
explanation of the concepts in this manual is 96% accurate. The systems
effectiveness rises slightly to 80% when I use it in clinic, which is not entirely
surprising as my faith in its power and my attunement to Reiki energy may add a
further dimension to the treatments.
I am convinced that it will be possible to attain 100% effectiveness within the next
few years, but not necessarily through continual extensions to this system. What will
change is not the fundamental energy of this manual but the energy of YOU the
reader. As the world changes in line with the concepts I talked about in the
introduction, the same detail in this manual will gain extra power and go deeper into
your DNA. So, use this system regularly over the years ahead and you will find it
continues to help you as you open up to a deeper level of personal healing.
I could use the percentage scale I mentioned earlier to compare Quantum K with
other natural healthcare systems, but that would be unethical and my own bias might
impede the accuracy of the results. However.. I couldnt resist finding an
effectiveness level for conventional medicines. The score came to 15%, which reflects
the fact that their goal is primarily suppression of symptoms rather than the resolution
of underlying causes. Interestingly, just over half of this benefit is placebo.
This high level of placebo benefit may sound strange, but on reflection it makes sense.
Many people go to their doctor just to get a prescription, confident that whatever is
recommended will make them better. This activates quantum principles and their
intent delivers their expected outcome.
This is a very real effect, and dont the pharmaceutical companies make the most of
it! Have you noticed the life cycle of a drug? First of all there is the creation of a need,

Caryle Hirscberg - Spontaneous Remission: An Annotated Bibliography

a new disease, or accepted limitations in an old (out of patent) remedy, possibly

concerns about side-effects. Then, we hear of a new wonder drug in the final stages
of testing that will solve the issue. The public clamour for this, but its not quite ready
yet and its very expensive, so has to be approved by the local NHS trust and even
then you will have to wait for it to be released.
By now the media are all over the story and by the time you are able to get it
approved you are so desperate for it and confident in its powers, it cant fail to help.
Then the cycle starts over again.
This is very clever marketing, used the world over in all industries. Create demand
through expectation, make your client wait, then deliver low stocks, then flood the
market, then work on its replacement. The winter 2005 rush for the flu vaccine was a
classic example of this. We were force fed the bird flu pandemic risk until it became
hysteria, we all rushed to our GPS for a flu jab, which of course is totally ineffective
against it, then supplies ran out.
Apologies for this short diversion, but I think it is important to reaffirm that although
conventional medical attention does have an important role to play, especially with
accidents and emergencies, a combination of the best of both worlds is the optimum
So, please use this manual and any other therapy you have confidence in. If you want
to use appropriate herbs, homoeopathic remedies, acupuncture etc they will all aid
your recovery. Your internal intelligence is more than capable of processing
supportive help for the work in this manual that will aid, rather than duplicate,
remedies that are already in hand.
Of course, I must stress that nothing in this system is designed to constitute medical
advice or treatment. You may wish to include its use within a treatment plan devised
by a qualified healthcare practitioner. It is also advisable to remain under your
doctors supervision throughout any major health challenge.

Chapter 10
Naturopathic steps

One of the biggest obstructions to our health is our environment. Unfortunately, most of
us suffer from pollution, pesticides, additives, stress, mortgages and traffic jams, which all
detract from our capacity to maintain good health. The Quantum K system has been
designed to overcome the specific stresses that accompany modern living, but it is not
easy to offer ongoing protection when this exposure is so relentless.
To get the best from the system, there are several additional naturopathic steps you
should consider. They will help the speed and depth of the improvements you experience
so please do try to follow as many as you can where you feel they are appropriate.

Healthy digestion
This is crucial to our overall state of well-being. Our digestive tract is one long waste
disposal unit and imbalances anywhere along its length affect the function of virtually
every other part of our body. Excessive toxins leaking out of a putrefactive bowel pollute
our bloodstream and force our excretory system to use valuable energy cleaning it up. We
are likely to have spots, bad breath, weak nails, body odour, bloating, flatulence, joint pain,
acid reflux and every cold going. As for high energy, forget it !
There are many truths about healthy eating that receive broad media coverage - like the
benefits of organic foods, probiotics, fruit and vegetables, fibre, avoiding sugar and
keeping hydrated. The following tips are less well-known but just as important for healthy
bowels and abundant energy:

Chew your food thoroughly and take your time eating. Chewing ensures that the
food bolus is mixed with enzymes in your saliva. A problem at this stage delays
proper digestion and encourages putrefaction in the small intestine or bowel leading to gas, bloating, discomfort and the proliferation of unhealthy bacteria and
yeasts. At least 14 chews per mouthful is best try it and see.

Cut down on wheat. Modern varieties are low in nutrients and high in gluten and
chemicals. They clog up our bowels, hinder absorption of nutrients from other
food sources and make us tired and lethargic. Fruit, vegetables, pulses and oats are
much better sources of fibre.

Eat your largest meals at breakfast and lunch, when your digestive system is
working best.


After every meal, make sure your ileo-caecal valve is in balance. This valve is
easily stressed and can remain fixed open or closed. If open, toxins from the bowel
seep back up into the liver via the hepatic duct and across into the pancreas. If
shut, putrefying food in the small intestine follows the same route. Either way, this
leads to poisoning of the blood and a myriad of symptoms, including fatigue,
diabetes, joint pain, brain fog, PMT and headaches.

If you have any sense of indigestion or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I strongly suggest
you massage the following energy points after each meal:
 the ileo-caecal and houston valves, halfway between your navel and the top of
your hip bone
 where the shoulder muscle joins the arm bone. These points are on the outside
of your arm, on the only place where you can feel the bone through the muscle.
 the base of the skull, about two inches behind your ears.
Please do not worry about being too precise. Massage a broad area if you wish, just
make sure your intent is to stimulate your ileo-caecal and houston valves when you do

Give thanks for each meal. There is some evidence that asking for your food and
drink to be blessed has an energetically beneficial effect and raises its nutritional
status. Even if you cant accept this concept, spend a few moments in anticipation
of your meal as this stimulates your digestive system and triggers the release of
stomach acid and enzymes.

Never chew gum as this leads to the unnatural secretion of stomach acid and
enzymes. Your body expects a meal to be on its way and this teasing of your
system will eventually result in a shortage of acid and enzymes when you do need

By all means have some fluids with your meal, but restrict yourself to a small
glass of whatever you fancy. Your stomach acid and enzymes work best when

Please remember that putrefying food resulting from low stomach acid can react
with the oesophagus and cause a reflux like feeling. If you reach for the antacids
you might get a temporary relief by forcing the stomach to produce more acid to
compensate, but in the long term you may be making the situation worse and
suppressing your frontline immune defences. It is the low PH value of our stomach
that protects us from invading bacteria and parasites in our food. Please do discuss
this with your doctor or pharmacist if you are a regular user of antacids.

When you eat, eat. Do nothing else. No reading, no telly, no intense discussions;
just you, your meal and your appreciation of it.


Healthy mind
Our character is shaped by the stresses in our environment from the moment we are
conceived. When we are young, our conscious mind is insufficiently developed to filter the
comments and events being transferred into the unlimited memory bank in our
subconscious. We then respond to future situations in accordance with the programmes and
behaviours set at this earlier age.
As we grow up, the risks change. It is all too easy to develop emotional addictions where
we are caught up in lifes dramas and need a daily dose of the brain chemicals that feed
them. Examples are the need for confrontation, control, cigarettes, love or food.
When our cells regenerate they create receptor sites based on our perceived needs at that
time. If we become caught up in our emotional dramas, we create more sites aimed at
receiving the stimulating brain chemicals (neuropeptides) triggered by those emotions and
less sites for nutritional stimulation, debris removal etc. This affects our long term physical
health. Worse still, the more emotional receptor sites we have, the more of that stimulus we
need to generate the same buzz. If we dont satisfy that need, we get withdrawal symptoms
until we bring a person, event or situation into our life that will feed it.
Another way the mind can adversely affect our health is through over-reliance on the
intellect. The slowest people to respond to healthcare intervention are those who are in a
constant state of analysis and symptom assessment. Quantum principles make it very clear
that thoughts and consciousness are energy. If you think of a health concern, your very
thoughts energise it and make it worse!
This is very tough because it is only natural to wallow a little bit in our misfortune when
we are feeling poorly; but does a continual assessment of how you are feeling help in any
way at all? Of course it doesnt.
The way around this is to keep busy and distracted when you are unwell. Under no
circumstances talk about how you are feeling unless it is good news or you are affirming an
improvement and how much better you are. Once you have decided what practical steps
you are going to take for your health that day, like whether you need a painkiller, let it go.
Plan an exciting time of surprises and innocent fun. Play music, paint a picture, go for a
walk, dance, see a romantic film, spend some money, have a capucchino, watch the
children playing in the park etc etc.. This process helps in three ways:
1. You stop giving creative energy to your negative symptoms.
2. You release the inner child within you. This often suppressed part of our nature
carries the memory of the unlimited power of our youth; when love was pure and
anything was possible. Be unstoppable again!
3. Our logical mind is the most limited part of our soul. It blocks our connection to our
higher intelligence and stops our natural healing powers from taking over. By
suppressing it we allow a much greater power in. Let go and let God is an
appropriate phrase here, although it is a team effort.


We all know this to be true at a deep level. When we move our consciousness away from
our symptoms we forget any pain and problems in our life. Remember that walk in the
park, the day the grandchildren came over, that lovely film on the tellythey all allow us
to release our attachment to our negativity. But dont let this be a passive process; plan
ways to have fun in your situation while you heal.
Take control of your life again.

There is another internal process that will help your recovery.

1. Try to understand what the problem means to you, what lessons are to be learnt. Do
your symptoms stop you from facing up to a situation, getting a job, finding a
2. Ask for peace over your situation. If you worry, you will energise the negativity in
your life and make it harder to move on. Meditate, do yoga or simply follow the
distraction techniques I have already discussed to let the inner child out to play. If
you can accept the perfection in your situation, you are halfway there.
3. Accept ownership of your problems. Do not blame your upbringing, your financial
position or your partner. Do not be a victim.
4. Recognise that this problem has a solution. There is always a balance of energies in
life, no problem comes without a way out of it. Simply visualise yourself being in a
position where your problem is resolved, enjoying every potential of the new you.
Do NOT try to imagine what steps are necessary to take you there as that will limit
the options open to you. Simply accept that there is a solution for your troubles and
wait for synchronistic events to bring appropriate situations and people to your aid.

Here are a few other tips to help you live in emotional balance and harmony. These reflect
my own belief system, so if you disagree, thats totally fine, but please dont take offence.

Say positive affirmations every day. Whatever resonates with you is fine, but
ideally base them around the three key areas of deserving, self-acceptance and
forgiveness. Say each phrase three times. For example: I deserve unlimited
abundance in my life. I love myself just the way I am. I forgive myself for any
mistakes I think I have made.

Every day, find at least a couple of occasions when you can do absolutely nothing
for 10 minutes. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply through your left nostril for a few
seconds and clear your mind. Shut down the logical centre of your brain and open
up to intuition and inspiration.

Write down all that you want and deserve out of life on a piece of paper - financial
success, a loving partner, good health, whatever you wish. Use the present tense
e.g. I am in perfect health. Sign the list as confirmation of your intent and read it


out loud three times. Feel free to update it or re-read it as often as you wish. Your
thoughts, words and intent form your reality, so be adventurous!

Avoid violent or negative TV and do not pick up a newspaper until you can see the
positive aspects of all you read. We are all here to grow and experience. Do not
assume that the handicapped or the poor are any worse off than the rest of us. It all
depends on their perspective and what they chose to experience. It is easy to judge
events from a narrow viewpoint, but in a much wider sense everything that
happens to us is perfect and accords to some higher plan. Heavy rain can be a
nuisance or a blessing depending on whom it falls upon.

Briefly plan your day when you wake up in the morning. Imagine every event
going exactly as you would wish, but leave scope for some pleasant surprises.
There is a wonderful film available on DVD about how to use quantum principles
to uplift your life called what the bleep? Have a look on if
you want more details.

Live in the moment. Once you have planned your day, do not think ahead again.
Focus on getting the maximum pleasure out of every second, recognising that you
cannot change the past or the future. There is only a continual stream of now to
think about.

At the end of the day, spend a few minutes reviewing what happened and see if
you hold any festering resentments or negative emotions about the way you or
other people have behaved. Ask that all such interactions be blessed with love,
forgiveness and peace so that you can start the next day afresh.

Ensure that everything you do complies with my favourite seven words:

There is enough. We are all one

If you suffer from stiff or creaking joints, aches and pains, dry or cracked skin, premature
wrinkling, headaches, dizziness, urinary infections, fatigue, constipation or excessive
hunger, you are probably dehydrated......
Water is a means of transporting vital chemicals around the body. The blood plasma carries
water to all body tissues and is the medium through which waste products are excreted via
the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. Water maintains the protective mucous membrane
around the stomach and is key to digestion, absorption and the lubrication of our joints.
Dehydration causes the body to release the inflammatory chemical histamine, which has
been linked to asthma, allergies, backache and arthritis.


Most of our need for water is met by fluid intake, some is extracted from our food and
some from our cells as a by-product of glucose metabolism. In normal circumstances and
weather, our daily balance should be maintained as follows:

Cell metabolism





Tea and coffee are not ideal sources of water, but recent studies suggest that the diuretic
effect of the caffeine causes our kidneys to excrete only a fraction of the overall intake and
the net result is beneficial.
Mineral water can be stored for a long time and high levels of bacteria can accrue in the
months or years that pass before it is consumed, combined with toxic chemicals if the
container is made of plastic.
There are often high levels of minerals, but not always in a form that is easy to absorb or in
the optimum proportions and some, such as nitrates, are toxic.
The alternative is tap water. Suppliers are quick to point out how clean their product is, but
in big cities the water is often heavily treated with chemicals to kill bacteria and, being
recycled many times, has lost its natural energy. The principle of homoeopathy has now
been scientifically proven, so if water retains the memory of what it is exposed to, what
does that say about recycled sewage? It doesnt bear thinking about. Falling sperm counts
and early menses may continue to be an issue while we remain exposed to the artificial
vibration of hormones in our food and water supply.
The ideal water comes from tumbling mountain streams and waterfalls. This generates an
electrical charge similar to electrolysis, creating negative ions, which in turn make the
water alkaline. People drinking mountain alkaline water are known to have less disease and
greater longevity. Ionised water destroys free radicals and breaks down acid salts in the
body caused by the consumption of acid forming foods such as meat, potatoes and sugars.
The smaller water molecule is also better absorbed and is therefore a more effective cure
for dehydration.
Dr Hayashi M.D, the Director of the Water Institute in Tokyo, has been working with water
properties for decades. In Japan, ionizing water filters are used across the country to aid
good health and their use in hospitals has delivered measurable improvements in patients
recovery times from illness and disease. The optimum frequency to create this negatively
charged water is minus 238 millivolts negative electrical potential.


There is also much to learn from the work of Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), a largely
unrecognised pioneer in this field. By studying fish in streams and by closely observing the
natural water cycle, he was able to solve basic problems of energy transformation. One of
his main discoveries was that the properties of stream water changed in the evening as it
cooled to around 4 degrees centigrade and it became more energised and viscous. This
enabled him to develop log flumes with only a minimal water depth.
The third body of work to consider is that of Russian molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev.
Until very recently, scientists only understood the purpose of the 10% of our DNA needed
to build proteins and considered the rest to be junk. Garjajev discovered that this extra
90% of our DNA acts as data storage and communication, obeying laws of syntax and
grammar similar to the human language. It could therefore be programmed by carefully
structured intent, words and thoughts. We know that happy, positive people tend to be
healthy and this is further proof to support the work of neuroscientists like Candace Pert.
These concepts receive further backing from Masaru Emoto in his book Messages from
Water. His laboratory team found that frozen water crystals responded to music, words,
pictures (yes, pictures!) and intent. Polluted water created partially formed, unattractive,
crystals whereas positively programmed water formed an infinite variety of hexagons in
spectacular detail and pattern.
The practical application of these experiments is that we can program our water to replicate
its optimum energetic state, plus any other positive messages we choose to include. This
can be done by thought, intent or the written word.
So.... and youre going to need to take a deep breath here ..... you can take your water in
whatever format you choose and program it. You now know that healthy water is at minus
238 millivolts negative electrical potential and about 4 degrees centigrade, so whenever
you hold a glass with the intent of energising it back to its original quality, it will happen
within a few seconds. You dont even have to remember the exact formula, your
subconscious will have stored it for you.
Add whatever positive intent you feel is personal to you; love, healing, forgiveness, selfesteem etc. Write these words on your water jug if you wish. It all works the same. This
may sound outrageous, but I have tested it using kinesiology and it works. The new water
has a vital force raising quality that was not there before. Try it! You have nothing to lose
and everything to gain.

We can survive for weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air.
Our molecules are made up of minerals based on hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and
nitrogen, supported by water. These base elements all come from the air, so how can air
quality be anything other than essential to our health? Most eastern practices, like yoga,
have recognised this basic truth for thousands of years.


The issue nowadays is that the air has become highly polluted with toxic chemicals. We
work in climate controlled offices, drive polluting cars and keep the windows shut to keep
the heat in. Even in the great outdoors the air has too much nitrogen in it for our bodies to
remain in balance.
The net result is an excess of positive ions in the air - the kind that make us feel
uncomfortable prior to a thunderstorm when the air feels so heavy. Instead of the natural
balance of 60% negative ions and 40% positive, the ratio is often reversed. This positive air
creates an acidic environment in our bodies which leads to a lack of oxygen around the
cells and eventually chronic ill health. The situation is aggravated by any mercury fillings
as they positively ionise our saliva as it passes over.
So, we all need more negative ions, the kind the give us that lovely refreshing feeling by
the seaside or after a shower. The good news is that negative ions are FREE. You dont
need an expensive ionizing machine, simply take advantage of a simple breathing
technique based on the yoga practice of pranayama. The difference here is that we are not
looking to balance our breathing, but to create an artificially high level of negative ions in
our system. Simply block your right nostril and breathe rapidly 30-40 times in and out
through your left, as fast as you wish.
Do this 3 times a day, EVERY DAY. Find a routine - at red lights, in traffic jams, when
you wake up, when you watch T.V. Whatever suits you, but please do it. This is very
energising and will restore the natural alkalinity of your blood. Just be careful not to make
yourself light-headed, practice in a safe environment first and find the pace of breathing
that works for you.
On a similar subject, there are other problems with the modern artificial environment.
Florescent strip lighting and even normal bulbs have a restricted light spectrum. This is
damaging to our health1, so wherever you can, replace normal bulbs with daylight bulbs.
These are better, if not perfect, and can be obtained from most lighting stores at modest

Salt friend or foe?

Salt has been given an unfortunate press over recent years. Just like cholesterol, it has
been deemed a bad boy in nutritional circles and yet both are essential to life and good
health. It is worth taking a few moments to examine salt to help separate truth from
First of all, it is interesting that sea salt and human blood have many similar properties and
mineral proportions. Perhaps we should not be too surprised. Evolutionists claim we
evolved from the oceans in our distant past so it is only natural that our blood should
retain some links. In spiritual circles, the sea is seen as a source of purification and may
yet save mankind from its own mess by absorbing the pollution we are relentlessly
flooding into the atmosphere and oceans.

John Ott - Health and Light or see


This takes us back to the basic concepts in the earlier chapter on the Universal Healing
Model - we really are at one with our environment; in a basic sense we are made from it.
I have been to the natural salt mines of Wieliczka outside Krakow in Poland and it was
one of the most amazing days I can remember a true wonder of the world. It was not just
the miles of tunnels and the underground chapel that struck me but the purity of the air and
the fact that germs cannot survive in that environment. Respiratory, skin or infectious
conditions simply did not occur amongst its mining population and the salts are still sold
today for their health giving properties even though the site is no longer actively mined.
This has to make us question the general image of salt in health. It is one thing to vilify the
unnecessary addition of processed salt to our food, but it is another to ignore the health
benefits natural salt can offer. Researchers like Dr. Jacques de Langre has spent most of
his life looking into the properties of salt and concluded that a low salt diet has no effect
on longevity and offers no protection against cardiovascular disease. Suffice it to say that
the subject is a controversial one and we should try to form our own opinion.
If you want to use salt to our advantage, you must buy either Epsom Salts (Magnesium
Sulphate) or sea salt that has retained its natural minerals. You do not need to ingest it,
simply put a cupful in a hot bath at least once each week and soak for 20 minutes or so.
Here are a few examples of the benefits this salt treatment could offer. It:

Improves mineral balance in the body, by their absorption through the skin in ideal
Improves heart and circulatory health, reducing irregular heartbeats, preventing
hardening of the arteries, reducing blood clots and lowering blood pressure.
Improves the body's ability to use insulin, reducing the severity of diabetes.
Softens and heals the skin, killing bad bacteria
Flushes toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the
body eliminate harmful substances.
Improves nerve function by regulating electrolytes. Calcium is the main conductor
for electrical current in the body, and magnesium is necessary to maintain proper
calcium levels in the blood.
Relieves stress. Excess adrenaline and stress are believed to drain magnesium, a
natural stress reliever, from the body. Magnesium is necessary for the body to bind
adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that
creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation.
Cleanses the bodys aura (our subtle energy field) and in so doing soaks away
unwelcome old emotions and stress.

If you do follow this suggestion, I suggest you make a ceremony of the procedure by
staying in the bath while the water drains away down the plug-hole. Watch your troubles
simply disappear in front of your eyes..
Needless to say, anyone with high blood pressure should seek medical advice before using
salt in any way suggested here.


Wheat and gluten

Did you know.......
1. Wheat is Britain's number one food allergen, yet the average person eats over a quarter
of a pound of it every day.
2. Wheat is sprayed with pesticides before and after harvesting and the normal refinement
that follows removes around 70% of its vitamins and minerals.
3. Wheat has been genetically engineered to yield a higher percentage of a sticky protein
called gluten. This allows more bubbles to form in the baking process - creating a lighter
loaf and reducing manufacturing costs.
4. Gluten has a structure alien to the body's metabolism. It sticks to anything it touches and
surrounds smaller molecules like sugar, cholesterol, fats and salts, which then enter the
bloodstream only partially digested.
5. Weevil damage in storage has been greatly reduced since the new versions of wheat
were introduced into the food chain. Although it is deemed safe for human consumption,
the animals will not touch it!
6. Many people are wheat or gluten sensitive without necessarily showing an immune
based response on conventional testing.
7. The sticky nature of gluten can lead to constipation by encouraging hardened faecal
matter to stick to the intestinal wall. This can upset the balance of friendly and unwanted
bacteria in the gut, allowing other organisms such as candida albicans to take hold.
8. Wheat is mucus producing, which can inhibit absorption of nutrients in the digestive
tract as well as exaggerate the symptoms of sinusitis and the common cold.
9. Wheat is found in bread, but also in cakes, biscuits, couscous, semolina, pasta, cereals
and sauces. Gluten is found primarily in wheat, but also to a lesser extent in oats, barley
and rye.

Here are a a few of the most common symptoms resulting from a wheat sensitivity, but this
is by no means a complete list:


skin rashes

abdominal bloating
sore throat



If you do decide to go without wheat for a while, there are many gluten-free alternatives,
including rice flour, buckwheat flour, corn, millet and quinoa. The older wheat grains of
spelt and kamut have a gluten molecule that is much easier for our bodies to break and are
often acceptable alternatives. When testing food sensitivities using kinesiology, I have
found that about 90% of people sensitive to modern varieties can cope with the older
Personally, I use Doves Farm spelt flour and can prepare a loaf ready for baking in 15
minutes. Its fresh, nutritious and particularly well suited to toasting.
Also, rather than trying to buy or make gluten free alternatives, why not try something
completely different, like a salad, seafood rice, or a filled jacket potato. Also, how
porridge sweetened with a banana or
Natures Path products - Millet Rice, Mesa Sunrise or Heritage Flakes
wheat free muesli
a tofu, banana and rice milk shake
a cooked breakfast
spelt or kamut pasta
There are some critics who argue that wheat is essential to our good health and caution
against removing it from our diet unless we have taken a medical test proving some sort of
allergic reaction to it. I strongly disagree with this viewpoint. We certainly need fibre in our
diet but this need can be met in a number of other ways. Our species evolved before the
farming of grains became so entrenched in our culture (especially the hunter gatherers that
make up blood group O), so it is a fallacy to say we cannot live healthily without it. We
have done so before and can do so again.
Please do try to give up wheat for a month and see how you get on, especially if you are
prone to indigestion. Once you become used to the higher energy levels and better health
that normally follows, you may never go back!

Pure, white and deadly........
Our bodies can obtain energy from fat and protein, but we need carbohydrates as a core
base. When we eat complex carbohydrates such as pulses, vegetables and fruit, we benefit
from a diet that is highly nutritious and good for our digestive system. Energy is released
gradually as it is required.
The sweet taste of carbohydrates is appealing to us as most sweet foods in nature are safe.
Now that we have discovered how to extract this sugary element from the rest of the food,
it is easy to feed our natural addiction. As a result, our basic diets are often so highly
refined that our bodies are forced to digest foods for which they were not designed.


This is not good for us. In response to this sugar rush our bodies release large quantities of
insulin. This hormone quickly converts the sugar into glycogen and fat, ready for use at a
later date.
Unfortunately, this process relies on a complicated cycle of feedback within our
bloodstream and our bodies invariably over-react to the influx of sugar. In a short time, our
blood sugar levels have changed from high to low and this initial surge of energy has
turned into lethargy and fatigue.
Over the long term, we can literally run out of insulin or become insensitive to it. This can
lead to diabetes, where blood sugar levels remain consistently high if left untreated.
So, sugar and processed foods are not good for our health. When I test my clients in clinic,
I find that the vast majority have a higher percentage of carbohydrates in their diet than
their body desires. Most of their metabolisms would respond better to an increase in
proteins and healthy fats. This means less grains generally, including wholegrains as well
as refined grains; with our fibre requirements met primarily through fruit and vegetables.

Here are some more disturbing facts :

1. Sugar provides empty calories. It gives us energy but with no nutritional value to support
our many body systems. As it is easy to digest, it is possible to consume excessive calories
without feeling full.
2. Refined foods such as white bread, some cereals and white rice cause a similar rise in
blood sugar levels. The refinement process has effectively part-digested the food before we
eat it.
3. As excess sugar is partly stored as fat, a diet high in sugar can lead to obesity and heart
4. After a sugary meal, the insulin released can lead to low blood sugar - a condition known
as hypoglycaemia. This produces a wide range of symptoms, including hunger, fatigue,
poor concentration, nervous irritability, dizziness, depression and headaches.
5. Sugar is the primary food source of unwelcome guests that may lurk in our digestive
tract, such as unhealthy bacteria and parasites. It also feeds the candida fungus that lives
within us all to some extent. A diet high in sugar and refined foods can cause imbalance in
this delicate internal environment and aggravate existing conditions.
6. Alcohol and other stimulants such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and cigarettes force the body
to release adrenaline and other stress hormones. Our basic instincts - formed thousands of
years ago - encourage the release of sugar into the bloodstream to help the muscles cope
with whatever 'fight or flight' challenges lie ahead. As modern stresses rarely require a
physical response, our bodies must undergo a frantic internal battle to stabilise our blood


7. Finally, it is important to remember that fruit is not as bad for blood sugar levels as you
might expect. Its sweetness is largely based on a sugar called fructose, which must be
converted into glucose before becoming available for use. This metabolic conversion
ensures that the increase in blood sugar is gradual and manageable.

So how do I reduce my sugar intake ?

1. Follow a diet high in whole-foods including beans, seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables. Do
not overcook these foods as this removes key nutrients and makes the final product too
easy to digest.
2. Avoid refined and sweetened foods. When buying bread (if you must) and rice, choose
brown rather than white. Use the table below to determine which foods are good for your
blood sugar and which are not - there are some surprises!
3. Dilute fruit juices with water and avoid dried fruits if possible.

Here is a brief summary of my top 10 tips for good health:

1. Rub your ileo-caecal valve after every meal.

2. Respect your food and the eating process.
3. Take ownership of your symptoms.
4. Say positive affirmations every day.
5. Visualise a wonderful day on waking and then live in the moment thereafter.
6. Release festering emotions daily by giving forgiveness and sending love.
7. Energise your water and drink plenty of it.
8. Left nostril breathe at least 3 times per day for a minute or so.
9. Cut down on wheat, sugar and grains generally.
10. Take sea salt or Epsom salt baths every week.


Chapter 11
Healing Section - Governing Principles

The following healing suggestions are offered to your inner intelligence along with
the tools necessary to implement them. Please read the following chapters at normal
pace, scanning the harmonics and fractal equations quickly rather than analysing them
in any detail. Your unconscious mind will store all the data with perfect accuracy and
order. The whole process should only take about 30 minutes.
To help the energy changes, please place your hands on your torso once you have read
this section. You should do this for approximately 20 minutes or until you feel that the
need to do so has passed.
These detailed propositions in the following chapters are designed to support the inner
intelligence in its efforts to find and maintain homeostasis. The benefits of each step
should be self-evident, but the following safety measures are to be followed:

All suggestions are voluntary and should only be followed if appropriate.

All changes should be vital force enhancing at some level once fully
implemented. If a completed procedure lowers vital force, then it should be

If a procedure is not needed immediately, it may be kept available for a more

appropriate time in the future.

The procedures follow a rough chronological order, but this order may be
over-ridden if appropriate.

All elements of this programme to be repeated whenever necessary, while

retaining our right to free will.

The need to repeat aspects of this programme will be identified by either the
higher self or the conscious intent of the user.

Instructions should be implemented at the physical, emotional, etheric, astral,

soul and blueprint levels at all dimensions of the body where they are needed,
across the Universe and all dimensions and times every moment of now.

All harmonics are written in a straight line but represent a spiralling list, where
the last number loops back to the first, creating a repeating concept, apart from
the reconnecting to Universal intelligence sequence at the end of the general
energy section.


All harmonics and the toning elements within fractal equations to resonate at
the optimal frequency of 12000 Hz.

All fractal equations to be supported by the colour vibrations of brown for

earth, blue for air, green for plants, gold for light and white for purity.

Each fractal equation should resonate with all the colours of the rainbow,
including the primary colours of gold, silver, bronze, zinc, carbon and shades
of amber.

The Zero Point Field is to be checked for enhancements made to the system
every time it is used, so that the energy of the latest version is always

We recognise that time is quantum in nature and defies division or the artificial
constructs of past, present and future. As such, we ask that these healing concepts
transcend our veiled understanding of time and apply always, in all ways.













 Fibonacci Sequence F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions,

Orange, C,E,G Major Octave C3,5. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 1

This system to be underpinned by the following fractal equations, symbol and

 Fibonacci Sequence F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,D,G Major Octave C8. 20 seconds. Starting (n) = 0 and (n+1) = 1
 Julia Set 9 Iterated 92 + C - + Violet 3 dimensions C,F,G Major
Octaves C7, C8 and C10. 17 seconds

Crystal : Fire Opal

Plant: Mistletoe
Master Number 1
6 8 7 9 5 5 8 9 8 9 9 8
Gateway 4 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 1


Chapter 12
Physical Healing

Compare the perfect blueprint for our physical body contained in our Soul Star Chakra
against the cells of our current physical body. Produce missing cells identified during
this comparison by applying the harmonic of 264 to pure light energy drawn from the
Zero Point Field, via the Earths electromagnetic energy grid, recognising the equations
and harmonics:
E = (c +

1/C ) c2

E = mc2

((2c +


The harmonics of time (97200 grid seconds in one earth day)

Earth resonant harmonic
(324 x 2) Harmonic temperature scale

In this Dirac equation for quantum energy flow, m is the rest mass of the electron, c is
the speed of light, p is the momentum operator, is the reduced Plancks constant and
x and t are the space and time coordinates
Where new cells are required, use the birth unzipping angle of the DNA / RNA of 7
degrees 20 mins short of 360 degrees. Having healed the physical body in this way,
heal also the light body at all times, levels and dimensions.
Repeat this process and identify extra cells and rogue cells that do not comply with our
perfect blueprint, ensuring that extra cells no longer replicate and all future cellular
replication from rogue cells follows the blueprint rather than the existing tarnished or
diseased pattern.

Crystal: Sodalite
Gateway 4


Herb: Thyme
Flower: White Orchid
Master number 4
3 2 1 0 6 3 9 1 2 7 8
1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0


Preparation for detoxification

Identify and prioritise the 10 most important obstacles to good health. Pass
this information to the internal reasoning centres within every cell.

Build the energetic pathways required to facilitate utilisation of homoeopathy,

flower essences, herbs, supplements and all other vibrational energy tools.
Fibonacci Sequence F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Green
C, E,F Major Octaves C1 and C3. Starting (n) = 5 and (n+1) = 8
Crystal: Fire Opal Plant: Jasmine
Master number 7
6 4 2 4 7 3 8 5 3 9
Gateway 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 0



Enhance all energetic and metabolic pathways to provide more leverage and
resiliency, replacing any neural pathways damaged by trauma, toxins or

In preparation for detoxification, balance all pathways to drainage, including

colon flora, spleen, liver, lymph, gall bladder and kidneys. Maintain these
pathways during the detoxification process.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
C, F,G Major Octaves C3 and C6. Starting (n) = 3 and (n+1) = 5
Crystal: Rainbow Quartz
Plant: Nettle
Master number 9
6 7 1 3 6 9 4 6 3 9 6
Gateway 6 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1


Uncloak stealth adapted viruses, parasites and other toxins by converting rigid
signals to alert signals.

Increase production of glutathione by absorbing the vibration of carduus

marianus, the seed of milk thistle. Use these extra glutathione levels to bond to
and excrete all heavy metals in the body.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions White
B,D,G Major Octaves C5 and C6. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 4

Rehydrate cells and maintain optimum intra/extra cellular fluid levels.


All fluid consumed and already in the cells to have a negative electrical
potential of minus 238 millivolts and the properties of water approaching + 4
degrees centigrade. Vibrate with the energy of universal intelligence.
Crystal: Generator shaped Petalite Plant: Rose
Master number 4
6 9 9 2 2 8 7 8 9 8 8
Gateway 4 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Immune Function

Increase immune function to 100%.

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
C,E,G Major Octaves C4 and C5. Starting (n) = 6 and (n+1) = 9

Psychoneuroimmunological connection between the brain, DNA and immune

system using endorphins and other neurotransmitters to be restricted to
immune raising feedback only.

Thymus and other immune functions to differentiate between own cells and
external toxins from the blueprint held in the morphogenetic field.


When the drainage pathways are clear, all toxins are to be excreted from the
body, including parasites, heavy metals, chemical residues, pathogenic
bacteria and viruses. Select a timescale that ensures there are no noticeable
detoxification symptoms or other negative reactions from this process.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Green
B,D,G Major Octaves C4 and C6. Starting (n) = 4 and (n+1) = 10

Order of detoxification to allow for any protective effect that parasites and
candida may be offering against more damaging toxins, for example:
 As a physical barrier between the cells and heavy metals
 As a sponge to temporarily soak up other toxins
 As a breathing support so that cells may exchange gases and avoid
the asphyxiating effects of heavy metals and chemicals.
In the absence of any other considerations, heavy metals and chemical
residues are to be removed before parasites, candida, bacteria and viruses.


Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow

B,F Major Octaves C3 and C10. Starting (n) = 7 and (n+1) = 8

Remove residues and negative effects of medicines, recreational drugs,

cigarettes and nutritional supplements, including any blockages they may
create to the existence and generation of energetic pathways.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,D and G Major, Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 4

Remove fungus in its mycelial form:

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Green
B,D,G Major. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 3

Remove the bacteria, virus and any other toxic residues left from vaccination,
immunisation and any other injections. Remove these toxins from any areas
affected, including the brain, cerebellum, brain-stem, cerebrospinal fluid, liver,
kidneys, intestines, ovaries, testes and prostate.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow
B,F,G Major Octaves C3 and C5. Starting (n) = 6 and (n+1) = 10

To delete pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites, gangrene, metals released

from amalgam fillings, pollution, vaccine residues and all emotional and
physical trauma from the gums, dental tubules, tonsils, root canals, sites of
tooth extractions, the jaw bone and any metastases:
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions
Yellow B,F Major. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) =3
Crystal: Pietersite
Plant: Ginkgo
Master number 8
1 2 5 7 7 9 2 6 7 4 8
Gateway 4 3 0 0 1 0 3 0 1 0 1 0


Eliminate excessive fluid retention from in between the cells of the body
tissues and remove trapped blood plasma proteins.
Crystal: Rose quartz
Plant: Nettle
Master number 5
5 4 2 6 3 4 1 4 7 8 7
Gateway 2 0 3 0 0 3 3 3 0 0 3 0



Brain and nervous system

Restore natural cranial resonance to Universal resonance, (between 840 and

890 megacycles per second) ignoring all interference, including that from
electromagnetic stress and negative belief systems.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow
B,E,G Major Octaves C6,7 and 10. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 2
Crystal: Amber Plant: Passiflora
Master Number 9
Gateway 1












Restore full nervous system function and cancel neurasthenia (nervous


Gateway 5


Crystal: Fluorite
Plant: Basil
Master number 9
2 3 4 5 2 4 4 6 7 9
0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 1



Delete any stress receptors activated on the brain or nervous system, restoring
full function of any cells where stress receptors have been de-activated.
Include the following:

Myelin sheath
Limbic-emotional nervous system
Central nervous system
Sympathetic nervous system
Peripheral nervous system
Parasympathetic nervous system
Autonomic nervous system
Co-ordination centres
Perception centres
Brain Stem
Cerebrospinal fluid

Cranial nerves
Dopamine tissue
Glenliol neurons
Basal ganglia
Cerebral cortex
Corpus callosum

Crystal: Transmitter shaped blue beryl Plant: Rue

Master number 6
3 3 6 6 9 9 8 6 2 6 7 4
Gateway 7
0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,D,G Major Octave C3. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 5

Ensure appropriate balance between the left and right brain hemispheres.

For symptoms of chronic fatigue or similar, restore grey matter to optimum

levels and heal any neurotransmitters that are creating excessive sensations of
pain and fatigue. Also, heal all faulty gene expression within the white blood
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow
B,D,E Major Octave C7. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 2

Post detoxification healing

Release putrefactive and post-putrefactive matter from the bowels along with
excessive mucous, mucoid plaque and gluten residues, maintaining optimum
levels of healthy bowel bacteria. Assess all emotional connections to the
bowel and heal any imbalances found.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,D,G Major Octaves C3 and C4. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 3

Heal leaky gut i.e. excessive permeability in the colon and small intestine
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions White
B,E,G Major Octaves C2 and C6. Starting (n) = 3 and (n+1) = 4

Brownian motion

Using co-ordinated Brownian motion (i.e. by controlling the normally random

bombardment of cells by molecules and atoms), perform the following
1. Direct T-Cells from the Thymus straight to the site of any infection.
2. Send releasing hormones from the hypothalamus directly to the

pituitary to improve internal hormonal feedback.

3. Direct all internal hormones to their targeted gland, removing any

toxins blocking the receptor sites.

4. Encourage the efficient removal of cellular waste and debris from the

lymphatic fluid into the bloodstream.

5. Move any misaligned bones or vertebrae back to their optimum



6. Detach arterial plaque from the artery lining molecule by molecule to

facilitate safe excretion from the body. Restore optimum blood

pressure and cholesterol levels.
7. Perturb the jaw bone where needed to stimulate a cellular change from

osteocytes to osteoblasts, aiding new bone formation to heal Neuralgia

Inducing Cavitation Osteonecrosis.
8. Detach mucoid plaque from all affected sites in the body at a safe and
appropriate pace.
9. Clear blockages in the pores to help perfect skin health, appearance
and efficiency as an excretory mechanism.
10. Perturb the internal bone structures to maintain optimum balance

between osteocytes and osteoblasts and thereby protect bone strength

and density.
11. Perturb the surface of any stones or sediment in the gall bladder or

kidneys to disrupt its structure and facilitate safe excretion from the
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions
Green B,C,E Major Octave C4. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 3

Allergies and sensitivities

Remove food sensitivities and allergic reactions:

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) 3 dimensions Yellow
B Major Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 3
Crystal: Pineapple Amethyst
Plant: Fennel
Master number 9
4 6 7 8 5 2 7 3 6 4 6
Gateway 6
1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1


Remove allergic reactions to all inhalant and contact substances, including

tobacco fumes, pollution, exhaust fumes, grass pollen, tree pollen, chemicals,
cosmetics and household cleaning products:
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) 3 dimensions White
C Major, Starting (n) = 5 and (n+1) = 6

Gateway 4

Crystal: Flourite
Plant: Ginger
Master number 7
3 4 6 7 7 8 9 7 4 2
0 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 1




Desensitise the body to the candida toxin acetaldehyde:

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions White
C,D,G Major Octaves C5 and C6. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 4

Increase tolerance levels of all foods and inhalants to the maximum level
possible whilst still encouraging appropriate dietary rotation and maintaining
necessary protection against toxic side-effects.

Desensitise all cells in the body to inflammatory chemicals, including

histamine, where the cells are either over-sensitive or where the chemical
production is excessive. In particular, protect the skin, lungs and sinuses from
this over-reaction.
Crystal: Blue Pectolite
Plant: Wild Thyme
Master Number 8
3 8 6 2 8 5 2 2 2 7 3
Gateway 6
1 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 1


Future vaccination

Vaccinate against Avian Flu H5N1 and any other type of influenza or
contagious virus by producing anti-bodies to that particular strain when
Crystal: Iolite
Plant: Rauwolfia
Master number 11
2 3 4 5 9 2 3 7 3 4
Gateway 4
1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0

7 7
1 0

General structure

Restore and repair all directional plates in the joints of the body.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Green
C,D,F,G Major Octaves C3 and C4. Starting (n) = 4 and (n+1) = 5

Restore ileo-caecal and houston valves to 100% competency and delete all
stress receptors activated on them.


Crystal: Idocrase
Plant: Gentian
Master number 8
3 5 1 5 8 4 2 4 9 7
Gateway 7
1 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1



Reset shock absorbers

Remove all stored memory of shock, trauma or impact from the tailbone.
Replace the tailbone in its proper position and restore proper movement of
bone marrow.
Crystal: Topaz
Plant: Artemisia
Master number 1
6 8 7 9 5 5 8 9 8 9
Gateway 4 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1



Repair all fixations and subluxations of the vertebrae, restoring balance from
cranium through to coccyx. In particular, remove chemical, environmental,
emotional and physical imbalances from the CT junction C7/T1 (and its links
to the jaw muscles), T1/T2, L4/L5, L5/S1 and the TL junction T12/L1.
While assessing the vertebrae, correct any scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis and
dural torque.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions White
C,D Major Octaves C3 to C8. Starting (n) = 0 and (n+1) = 1
Crystal: Emerald
Plant: Ginkgo
Master number 11
1 7 6 1 5 9 3 5 9 6
Gateway 3 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0



Correct all structural misalignments where the body has moved away from its
perfect blueprint, fixing the imbalances at all dimensions and energetic levels.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Red
B,D,G Major Octaves C2 and C7. 14 seconds. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 4
Crystal: Rainbow Obsidian Plant: Passiflora
Master number 11
4 3 7 9 6 5 4 3 0 2 7
Gateway 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0



Delete all stress receptors and stress memory throughout the body, including
the acute response to recent trauma. Delete the stress receptors from the
sensory energy function i.e. sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and perception.
Restore cells affected to optimum function. In particular, assess:

Gall Bladder



Small Intestine

Electromagnetic imbalances

Build an organic sheath around high voltage/amperage in any part of the body
where it must be isolated away from bio-electromagnetic energy at low
voltage and low amperage. All cells to ignore electrical signals that exceed
the bodys natural voltage/amperage and repair any internal circuits so
Julia Set : 5 Iterated 52 + C - + 3 dimensions Green
B,E,F Major. Octaves C7, C8 and C10.
Crystal: Iron Pyrites Plant: Chamomile
Master number 11
3 4 5 7 9 1 2 5 7 8
Gateway 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1



Block HAARP and any other electromagnetic waves that interfere with the
pineal gland and the bodys natural vibrational field.
Julia Set: 6 iterated 62 + C - + 3 dimensions White
A,B,G Major Octave C6.

Isolate the physical and energetic body at all levels and dimensions from the
negative influences of man-made electromagnetic energy of any type.
Crystal: Topaz
Plant: Pepper
Master number 9
9 9 5 1 2 4 5 7 8 6
Gateway 3 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 0




Assess the energy flow through the circadian rhythm of the jaw generated
through all the tooth pegs, checking the teeth individually and in conjunction
with all neighbours, during bite and at rest. Include any stress from impacted
wisdom teeth and dead teeth.
During this assessment, look for any negative vibrations and electromagnetic
impulses being generated either outside the normal predominance time for that
meridian or at a voltage/amperage above normal parameters. If inappropriate
impulses are identified, ignore them when they are triggered and ensure they
do not stimulate any organs or bodily systems connected to that meridian.
Crystal: Fire Opal
Plant: Hawthorn
Master number 11
5 4 7 6 7 9 3 8 3 2
Gateway 7 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 0



Past physical traumas

Release any manifestation of brain damage or other disability resulting from

the suggestion of this as a possibility by anyone, including family members
and the medical establishment. Assess all time periods, but pay particular
attention to pregnancy and the birth process.
Crystal: Obsidian
Plant: Peppermint
Master number 7
8 7 6 5 9 6 2 3 8 5
Gateway 6 2 1 0 0 2 1 0 0 1 2



Restore correct energy flow through meridians and all other lines affected by
tattoos, body piercings or studs of any type. Absorb the energy of Tibetan 8s
over the affected site to encourage the free flow of energy.

Remove all residual trauma resulting from any invasive procedures, including:
Foetal monitoring
Birth of self or child

MRI scan

All surgical operations

Julia Set: 3 iterated 32 +C - + 3 dimensions White B,C,G Major

Octave C6 and C8


Crystal: Carnelian
Plant: Rose
Master number 3
6 7 5 6 4 9 4 3 4
Gateway 5
7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0



Restore full ribosome activity to repair cells damaged by trauma and disease,
rebuilding all cells affected including tissues, joints, ligaments, tendons, skin,
organs, muscles and bone.
Crystal: Grossularite
Plant: Calendula
Master number 1
9 8 5 2 4 7 3 5 8 1 9
Gateway 4 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0



Delete the cellular memory of any trauma, stress or injury from all dimensions
of the body, physical and etheric.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,G Major Octave C4,7. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 7
Crystal: Hawks Eye Plant: Laurel
Master number 7
3 6 8 1 5 8 4 5 9 3
Gateway 3 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0



Restore correct energy flow through meridians and all other lines affected by
operations, accidents, scars, injuries and all trauma of any type. Absorb the
energy of Tibetan 8s over the affected site to encourage the free flow of


Delete all toxins blocking the receptor sites of any of the endocrine glands,
restoring optimal internal communication.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Red
B,C,E Major Octaves C5 and C8. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 4

Return the adrenal glands to optimum capacity and balance.

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow
B,C,E Major Octave C3. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 3


Crystal: Garnet
Plant: Cardemom
Master Number 5
3 3 4 5 3 4 7 5 6 5
Gateway 2
1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0


Delete all stress receptors active within the endocrine system, restoring all
cells of the glands affected to optimum function. Include:
Corpus luteum

Mammary glands

Crystal: Sunstone
Plant: Coriander
Master number 1
3 4 7 6 1 5 5 8 7 8 3
Gateway 3
0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 1



Remove excess free radicals resulting from emotional stress, fat consumption,
drugs, pollutants, smoking, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, allergic reactions
and excessive exercise. Remove all oxidative stress resulting from
hyperthyroidism and thyroxin production, including that taken by medication.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow
B,E,G Major Octaves C3, C7 and C10. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 3

Cranium and jaw function

Cancel stress receptors on the jaw and the circadian rhythm of the jaw. Restore
optimum bite and occlusion.

Ensure sockets in the jaw have a natural negative charge, through which they
conduct the circadian rhythm.

Restore optimum function of the cranial rhythmatic impulse. Delete stress

receptors on the tempero-mandibular joint relative to the cranial rhythmatic


Crystal: Smoky Quartz

Plant: Melissa
Master number 8
7 6 7 7 9 6 7 9 3 4 7
Gateway 4 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 1


Restore natural movement of the cranial plates.

Gateway 3

Crystal: Iolite
Plant: Cardus
Master number 3
3 7 9 1 5 4 8 3 2 1
0 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 0



Cells, genetics and D.N.A

Restore DNA helixes to their highest potential.

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,F,G Major Octaves C2,3,4,5 and 6. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 2
Crystal: Emerald
Plant: Sandalwood
Master number 11
2 4 5 6 7 9 2 3 4 6 8
Gateway 8 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 0


Support the internal DNA structure.

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow
B,G Major Octaves C2-6. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 3

Gateway 6

Crystal: Fluorite Plant: Malva

Master number 3
3 6 7 5 7 6 7 8 9 4
1 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1



DNA replication to follow deterministic laws and occur at the perfect

unzipping angle of 7 degrees 20 minutes of arc short of 360 degrees, leaving
behind any mutations caused by genetics, toxins, emotional or physical
trauma, electromagnetic stress, radiation or any other cause.

Gateway 5

Crystal: Unakite Plant: Myrrh

Master number 9
7 2 1 9 2 4 7 2 9
1 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0





To create vibrational harmony within all atoms of the body across all
Crystal: Howlite
Plant: Damiana
Master number 3
5 7 7 7 3 0 6 1 9 4
Gateway 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0

Crystal: Stillbite Plant: Lavender

Master number 5
3 6 7 9 6 3 1 4 2 9
1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0



Look for similar epigenome imbalances that may have been inherited from
previous generations through environmental and emotional stresses. Cancel
these taints so that gene expression can follow the perfect blueprint.

Gateway 2


Identify any epigenome activity, i.e. any biochemical reactions that are turning
genes on and off without altering the DNA strands. Where needed, open the
Chromatin (the combination of DNA and proteins in the cell) so that silenced
genes can re-establish connection and expression with the DNA. If there are
cancerous cells present in the body, cancel any epigenetic silencing of gene
expression and reactivate the genes that control abnormal cell proliferation.

Gateway 0


Crystal: Topaz
Plant: Nettle
Master number 1
7 4 5 6 3 2 5 6 6
1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1




Identify any DNA mutations, inherited or otherwise, and delete them by

returning DNA replication to the perfect blueprint stored in Universal
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Green
D,E,G Major Octave C6. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 2
Crystal: Quartzite
Plant: Ginger
Master number 1
2 7 9 3 5 8 1 2 4 3
Gateway 3 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1



Using the process of RNA (ribonucleic acid) interference, RNA molecules to

destroy all messages from the DNA to the ribosomes that could be translated
into faulty proteins i.e. proteins that do not conform to our perfect blueprint.


Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Red

C and G Major Octave C9. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 3

Gateway 3

Crystal: Sulphur Plant: Gumplant

Master number 6
3 8 9 1 4 2 7 8 3 4
1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0



Use the RNA interference process to stop the replication of any organism
foreign to the body, such as viruses, parasites and bacteria.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Orange
B,E and G Major Octaves C7 and C10. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) =2

Apply appropriate energy to the crystalline lattice that controls the magnetic
imprint of the DNA to correct any imbalances found and move the DNA
towards its optimal potential.
Crystal: Fire Opal
Plant: Anise
Master number 8
3 8 9 3 7 6 7 5 9
Gateway 4
1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1




Supply sufficient monatomic gold and platinum group metal from the Zero
Point Field in its superconductive state and place it on the telomeres at either
end of all abnormal DNA strands. Allow the superconductive state so created
to encourage the rebuilding of the DNA and damaged cells to their perfect
state, reactivating the bodys junk DNA and any under-used parts of the
brain. In so doing, correct the physical and light body.
Crystal: Fuchsite
Plant: Fennel
Master number 6
3 7 8 3 5 6 7 1 9 0
Gateway 7 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1



Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Green

B,E, Major Octave C3,5,10. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 4

Remove all emotional blocks that inhibit the communication between our
DNA and the crystalline lattice around it.

Gateway 9

Crystal: Ulexite Plant: Clove

Master number 7
1 6 8 3 1 9 1 8 3
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1




Restore right spin of cells to aid the healing process and the correct function of
the sodium potassium pump.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Black
B,C,G Major Octave C5. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 2

Cells to have sufficient receptor sites to ensure optimal release of toxins into
the extracellular fluid.
Crystal: Olivine
Plant: Mate
Master number 7
3 2 6 7 5 1 7 6 8 7 3 6
Gateway 7
0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 0

Chromosome replication to exclude any inherited traits from the Psora,

Syphillinum, Influenzae, Carcinosin, Tuberculosin, Gonorrhoea and any other
relevant miasms, including those from planetary and stellar origins or from
radiation, heavy metal pollution, vaccination or radiation.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions White
B,C,G Major Octaves C4 and C6. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 3

Correct any x and y chromosome imbalances resulting from attempts to

honour a parental desire for a baby of the other sex.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,G Major Octaves C3 and C5. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 2

Gases, ions and light

Eliminate excessive nitrogen from the body to optimise internal gases and
allow perfect photosynthesis within the cells. Cells to be stimulated in the ratio
Hydrogen x5, Nitrogen x1, Oxygen x3, Carbon x3.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) 3 dimensions Black
C,E Major Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) =3

Gateway 4

Crystal: Topaz Plant: Hyssop

Master number 9
4 5 6 5 5 7 8 8 8 7
1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1

Ensure perfect light refraction within the cells




Crystal: Basanite
Plant: Juniper
Master number 1
4 5 7 5 5 7 8 8 8 7
Gateway 2 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1



In artificial light conditions, enhance the restricted wave range to the spectrum
of natural sunlight by drawing the missing elements from the Zero Point Field.
Neutralise the flickering perceived by the brain from fluorescent lighting or
other restricted wavelength sources, thereby removing all risk of fit, seizure or
other neurological distress.
Crystal: Ulexite
Plant: Damiana
Master number 7
3 6 2 5 1 4 6 8 4 1
Gateway 4
1 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1



Use the beneficial properties of the inert gases Argon, Neon, Xenon, Krypton
and Helium to stimulate healing through the chakras and the etheric energy
field, across all relevant dimensions. Ensure that there is the energy of 3%
Xenon in the gases inhaled so that the building blocks of our etheric energy
field are available in optimum quantities.

These inert gases to be used in whatever combination and proportions support

optimum healing. In particular use the gases to help in the following areas:


- Reducing migraines and headaches

- Opening up the crown chakra

- Sleep patterns
- Physical repair during sleep


- Helping indigestion
- Healing the root chakra

- Grounding
- Anti-viral


- Negative thoughts from this lifetime

- Healing the solar plexus chakra

- Self-empowerment
- Sleep patterns


- Negative thoughts from past lifetimes

- Improving psychic abilities

- Epilepsy
- Brain function


- Regeneration of teeth, bone & skin

- Lungs and breathing

- Hip and backache repair

- Repair of organs and tissues

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow

B,D,G Major Octaves C2 and C6. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 2

Correct balance and volume of ions to maintain perfect alkaline/acid balance

in all bodily systems.

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions White

B,E Major Octaves C2-6. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 3
Crystal: Emerald
Plant: Clary Sage
Master number 7
5 7 9 5 2 5 9 8 6 7
Gateway 5 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0



Crystal: Tigers Eye

Plant: Fennel
Master number 4
4 2 4 4 6 7 5 8 7 8 2
Gateway 6 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0



All postural suggestions to benefit from:

Correct any inaccuracies in proprioception, i.e. restore the internal positioning

and balancing awareness that controls sensory perception. Return all postural
control to the brainstem, overriding bad learned habits.

Assess each muscle for tension and relax it if under stress. Allow antagonist
and stabilising muscles to strengthen as necessary to ensure muscular and
skeletal balance.

Re-establish primary control by allowing the neck and shoulders to be free, so

that the head can go forward and up, allowing the back to lengthen and

Maintain natural breathing patterns at all times, especially when talking.


Remove all stress, historical or current, arising from:

Vivaxis, i.e. leaving birth place
Microwaved food
Solar flares

Chemtrails from aeroplanes

Petrochemical pollution
Environmental vortex

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Green

B Major Octave C2 Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 2


Crystal: Fire Opal

Plant: Bergamot
Master number 1
1 8 5 3 6 7 9 8 6 4
Gateway 5 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1



Nutrition and absorption

Gulonolactone Oxidase to be produced to complete the enzyme conversion of

blood glucose to Vitamin C.
Crystal: Sugilite
Plant: Carduus
Master number 6
3 6 8 5 5 8 5 8 6 9
Gateway 3 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1



Nutrition to be distributed to areas of greatest need and priority in the body.

All necessary vitamin, mineral, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fluids and
cell salts to be taken at optimum levels from nutritional consumption. If
essential nutrients are being depleted by medication, a poor diet, or any other
reason, draw the necessary vibration from the Zero Point Field.
Crystal: Topaz
Plant: Myrrh
Master number 4
6 9 6 5 6 9 5 9 6
Gateway 4 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1




Cellular reproduction to include optimum number of receptor sites for

nutritional stimulation.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow
C,D,G Major Octaves C5 and C10. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 10

Digestive enzyme, stomach acid and bile to be at optimal levels when required
to ensure perfect digestion of all food and drink ingested.
Crystal: Fluorite
Plant: Rhubarb
Master number 3
4 7 1 7 4 3 7 4 3 8
Gateway 7 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1





Body temperature in normal, healthy, resting conditions to be maintained at

98.804 degrees Fahrenheit.

Restore optimum blood chemistry.

Crystal: Tibetan Quartz
Plant: Lemon
Master number 8
5 6 5 2 7 4 3 9 2 5
Gateway 5
1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1


Block all man-made electromagnetic stimuli to the lattice surrounding our

DNA that block the desire and ability to be healthy.
Crystal: Fire Opal
Plant: Palmetto
Master number 8
3 6 8 1 9 5 2 7 3 5 4
Gateway 2 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1



Remove all chronic physiological reactions in response to stress.

Crystal: Sulphur
Plant: Ginkgo
Master number 6
3 8 2 4 6 1 7 5 3 4
Gateway 3 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0



Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Red

B,D,G Major Octaves C5 C8 and C10. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 3

Optimise homocysteine levels by using the vibration of folic acid, vitamins B6

and B12, to ensure complete conversion of the amino acid methionine to

Activate and optimise receptivity to colour therapy and sound therapy

Crystal: Sardonyx
Plant: Verbena
Master number 7
3 4 7 6 5 8 6 7 9 5 4
Gateway 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0


Absorb the optimum vibration of any of the following homoeopathic remedies

that would be life force enhancing and support the intent behind this system.


Ant Tart,
Mag Phos

Arg Nit


Rhus Tox

Rhus Grav


Calc Carb

Kali Bich

Carbo Veg






The higher self and internal control systems to agree the optimum body weight
and composition, releasing all connected negative thoughts and any famine
worries created by previous low calorie or restricted diets. Metabolism to
adjust to the new metabolic rate agreed.
Crystal: Fluorite
Plant: Turmeric
Master number 4
4 3 6 2 6 4 5 1 2 8 2
Gateway 3 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1



Chapter 13
Emotional Healing

Release any negative core beliefs from all levels of the energy field, across all
times and dimensions. Include the following beliefs where they apply:

About myself
I can do it
I get it right
I am good enough
I am intelligent
I am successful
I am competent
I am worthy
I am visible
I am significant
My mistakes are forgivable
I can have what I want
I deserve happiness
I deserve abundance
I always meet peoples expectations
My opinions count
Its OK to have fun
I have found my calling
I am in the right place
I am proud of myself
I am in charge of my life
I can stand up for myself
I can say no

I deserve pleasure
I deserve love
I am lovable
I fit in
People listen to me
I can show my true self and feelings
I do not need to please others to be worthy
I deserve to be alive
My parents are proud of me
I am interesting
I give out enough love
I am creative
People respect me
I am attractive
I fit in with the crowd
I do what I want to do
I am secure
I am meant to be here
I am in control
I have choices
I am clean
I am powerful

The world
Life is meant to be fun
Happiness is always long lasting
The world is a safe place
People are out to support me
Life is fair
Life is kind
Mankind deserves to be honoured

People are basically kind and loving

I can make a comfortable living
Hard work is not essential
I can be calm in todays world
Good people are in the majority
There is a higher plan to my life
Mankind will survive


My relationships
There is someone special out there for me
I am meant to be in a relationship
Divorce is OK
The opposite sex can be trusted
The opposite sex are similar to us
I always come out fine
I tend to get it right
My partner can see my viewpoint
Partners want me for sex
Partners want me for me, not my money
My partner can survive without me
Other people meet my expectations
Relationships can last
Relationships can be easy

I can live independently from my partner

I can find someone special
We can have different hobbies
Relationship issues are rarely my fault
My partner listens to me
Love is wonderful
I am attractive and loveable
I give my partner freedom
Partners always support me
Relationships are worth the effort
I can express my true self
I can be happy and single
My partner is good enough
My partner understands me

Support these core beliefs with the relevant emotions derived from the
following statement:

I am unique, beautiful, talented and lovable. I accept that everything I do, feel and
say on my lifes path is part of my growth to higher states of understanding and
consciousness. I see the world as a wonderful playground for me to express my

Cellular replication to occur without receptor sites generated by emotional

addictions. If relevant, remove receptor sites connected with smoking.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Red
D Major Octave C4. Starting (n) = 3 and (n+1) = 5

Assess cellular memory from all previous time periods and remove
inappropriate belief and behaviour patterns generated from:
 Inherited beliefs from family or identification with unhelpful
 Imprints on the subconscious created during times of emotional stress
 All past negative experiences and traumas
 Self-destructive and self-punishing tendencies
 Conflicts within the internal belief system
 Body comparisons with other people
 Negative body comments including metaphors e.g. you are a pain in the
Crystal: Rhodolite
Plant: Rose
Master number 5
1 5 7 9 8 3 5 7 1 4 2 7
Gateway 5 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1

By rebalancing all energy systems, remove all negative emotions and energies,
including those derived from:

Brain damage
Hate of men
Sexual abuse

Child abuse
Hate of self
Sexual perversion

Hate of women
Low self-esteem
Sexual coveting

Hate of God
Health abuse

Hate of life

Crystal: Tourmaline
Plant: Bergamot
Master number 1
Gateway 6













Replace the energies so released with:

Giving Freedom
Love of Life

Love of Men

Love of Self

Love of Women

Crystal: Celestite
Plant: Gentian
Master number 1
3 9 7 5 4 3 2 0 1 1
Gateway 7 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 0



Love of God

To remove limitations in cellular beliefs, apply:

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions White
B Major Octave C3. Starting (n) = 3 and (n+1) = 6

Restore true creativity under the auspices of:

Fibonacci Sequence F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Violet
C,F,G Major Octaves C1 and C6. Starting (n) = 9 and (n+1) = 9

Release any negative energy attached to vows, whenever they may have been
made. In particular, release the negative consequences of promising longlasting love to an ex-partner, including marriage vows to a previous spouse.

Release and cancel any negative energy attached to curses, whenever they may
have been made. In particular, release the negative consequences of limiting
comments made by people in authority, such as teachers and parents.
Examples are you will never amount to much, or I wish you were as clever
as your brother.

Remove any psychological reversal that is encouraging the survival and

vitality of any toxins in the body, in particular candida and parasites. Release
the negative energy around all historical traumas that have created or
supported these self-destructive tendencies. Absorb the affirmation Even
though I may have candida/parasites, I deeply and completely love, forgive
and accept myself.

Release any stored trauma and negative memories from being laughed at,
scolded, crying, sobbing, or being made to cry or sob.

Remove all trauma and negative emotions from all the energetic fields of the
body acquired from past events, including:

Emotions felt in womb

The birth process
Conflict of territory
Attempted suicide
Medical consultations
Past traumas
Rejection on gender
Being born out of wedlock
Car accidents

Sexual abuse
Emotional abuse
Parental betrayal
Lack of sexual fulfilment
Ist menstrual cycle
Drug abuse
Physical injury

Religious procedures
Religious indoctrination
Domestic abuse
Violent crime
Sibling rivalry
Birth of children
College / university
Threat of physical injury

Crystal: Amber
Plant: Celery
Master number 1
3 9 7 5 4 3 2 0 1 1
Gateway 5 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1



Restore natural instinctive functioning of the amygdala. Ensure normal

processing of frightening stimuli at an unconscious level in the ventral region
of the amygdala and at the conscious level in the dorsal region.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,G Major Octaves C5 and C6. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 4

Crystal: Garnet
Plant: Mate
Master number 11
2 5 6 7 5 3 6 4 7
Gateway 4 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1




Review all memories from conception onwards and heal all negative emotions
resulting from them, including depression, fear and anxiety.
Crystal: Ulexite
Plant: Garlic
Master number 4
7 4 6 8 3 4 5 8 3
Gateway 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1


Remove all the memory of fearful events stored in the anterior cingulate
Crystal: Howlite
Plant: Dandelion
Master number 3
2 4 2 5 7 7 4 8 9 4
Gateway 5 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 1





Assess whether the conscious mind is sustaining symptoms through excessive

attention and over-analysis. If so, the higher self should encourage a reduction
in this intellectual ownership of symptoms, so that natural healing powers may
be reinstated. Provide opportunities for playful fun so that the purity and
optimism of the inner child may be released and allowed to thrive.
Fibonacci Sequence F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,E,G Major Octaves C7 and C9. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 7


Crystal: Blue Pectolite

Plant: Pepper
Master number 4
2 8 6 5 3 7 1 2 3 9
Gateway 2
0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 1



Bring into general awareness all past experiences held within the conscious,
subconscious and body intelligence that are being avoided or denied. Please
enable the blocked emotion to be recognised, healed, and released.

Review all relationships for this person and soul, during any time period.
Remove all negative emotions still held within the energy field. Focus in
particular on the following relationships and their potential issues:

Mother in utero / breastfeeding

Mother generally
Parents when taken to school
Father when away from home
Father generally
Both grandmothers
Both grandfathers
Friends of parents

People in authority
Nephews / cousins
School friends
College friends
Work colleagues
Other friends

Partner of ex-spouse
Religious figures
Other relatives

Crystal: Tibetan Quartz

Plant: Palmetto
Master number 6
7 8 4 7 5 2 1 9 2 1 8
Gateway 3 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 0

Assess whether symptoms are self-serving at any level and, if so, remove all
of the underlying emotional causes that work against the optimum life plan.
Crystal: Tourmaline Plant: Belladona
Master number 6
4 3 5 7 6 8 2 4 9 3
Gateway 6 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1




Undo negative effects on the cells and DNA of astrological influences,

whether real or perceived, from birth onwards.
Crystal: Zincite
Plant: Ginkgo
Master number 5
8 6 7 3 4 9 3 7 5 4
Gateway 4 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1




Reassess all memories to see if any perceived facts are in reality distorted
belief systems. If so, please correct any misconceptions and remedy any
adverse effects they may be having on behaviour.

Heal any sense of rebellion against all other people and institutions, including
family members and self. Replace with patience, kindness, forgiveness and
Crystal: Indicolite
Plant: Jasmine
Master number 9
5 6 8 6 9 4 7 5 8 6
Gateway 4 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 1



If a previous trauma has stopped the natural maturing process, so that the body
or personality is left at a certain age, please release this blockage so that all
elements of the mind, body and soul can operate at the correct emotional age.
Crystal: Fluorite
Plant: Malva
Master number 8
6 4 2 1 7 5 6 4 8 9
Gateway 3 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 0


Assess whether the parental bonding has occurred fully. If not, establish the
ideal ages for this bonding so that it may happen now, healing any feelings of
insecurity that may have resulted. Similarly, if the parental bond remains
inappropriately strong or smothering, decrease it to a more balanced level.
Crystal: Emerald
Plant: Juniper
Master number 9
6 3 4 7 8 5 6 4 5 9
Gateway 3 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 0




For symptoms of depression, ensure that levels of Cortical Releasing Factor

(CRF) and the ACTH it stimulates are produced at blueprint levels, thereby
reducing the levels of these stress hormones. Where elevated CRF is the result
of earlier trauma and upset, please heal these memories with light,
unconditional love and total forgiveness.


Chapter 14
General healing

Quantum Healing

All quantum effects to be amplified by the vibration of:

Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,F ajor Octaves C2,3,4,5 and 6. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 3
Crystal: Peridot
Plant: Sage Clary
Master number 5
2 6 7 6 4 7 9 6 7 5
Gateway 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1



Focus tachyon energy into all levels of the body and its surrounding energy
fields to ensure perfect connection with Universal Intelligence.

Ensure all interractions between the bodys Subtle Organising Energy Fields
(SOEFs) and tachyon energy lead to the harmonisation and evolution of the
SOEF rather than destabilisation and decay.

Use Zero Point Field energy focused through tachyon particles to revitalise all
foods and drinks consumed to their optimum energetic state, overriding the
effects of cooking, processing, storage, freezing, genetical modification,
pesticides and fertilizers.

Remove all interference from consciousness that is blocking the flow of

tachyon energy into the body and its various energy fields.

Ensure all bifurcation points within the bodys Subtle Organising Energy
Fields (i.e. the moment when they temporarily collapse and reform) have
sufficient tachyon energy available to re-establish themselves at the optimum
level of vitality and the highest level of order.

Re-iterate to infinity the natural fractal progressions set at conception where

they have moved out of perfect alignment.

Assess the pilot wave (the vibrational frequency we put out ahead of us that
attracts people, events and situations into our lives). Cleanse the wave of any
negative energies and emotions.

General healing

Please control ego, to help awareness of the connection that exists between us
all, the power of One and the illusion of separation.
Crystal: Heliotrope
Plant: Celery
Master number 4
3 8 6 2 7 9 5 3 7 8 5
Gateway 2 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1

All physical elements of the body and its associated energy field to be formed
from harmonic frequencies of light as denoted by the equation:
1/C ) C2

E = (C +


Synchronise with:
Earth vibration:

Speed of light:

Crystal: Turquoise
Plant: Mate
Master number 2
Gateway 3




Crystal: Iolite Plant: Comfrey

Master number 8


Gateway 4





Superconscious, conscious and sub-conscious mind to remain in perfect

contact and balance at all times.

Please ensure the Governing meridian replaces energy to the Central meridian
as it is used.

Delete all stress receptors on the meridians and chakras and restore optimum
function and balance.

Please ensure suitable grounding at all times.


Establish the constitutional factor, i.e. the aspect within the Chinese 5
element theory that normally controls behaviour and emotional health.
Conclude all internal energy work with the balancing of this element.
Crystal: Tree Agate
Plant: Rue
Master number 9
Gateway 3













Correct all electrical switching within the energy meridians

Gateway 4

8 3
0 1

Crystal: Thulite Plant: Lemon

Master number 5
3 2 4 8 7 6 6 2 4 9
1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 1

Please use to optimum effect the spiritually uplifting properties of negative

green, ultraviolet and the higher harmonic frequencies of gold. At the same
time, neutralise any negative influences of negative green that may emanate
from all structures, buildings, statues and shapes generally.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow
B,F,G Major Octave C7. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 4

Remove all geopathic and underground water stress from the home and place
of work by flooding the area with light, converting all negative lines to
positive lines. In so doing, please remove the negative effects of radon gas,
and black streams. Repeat this process whenever needed.
Crystal: Boji Stone
Plant: Arnica
Master number 8
7 8 6 5 9 3 1 6 8 5
Gateway 6 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 0



Adhere to the statement I live in the moment, I do not dwell on past events
and I think ahead only so that I may adequately plan for my future tasks and
Crystal: Diamond
Plant: Ginseng
Master number 6
5 3 6 8 4 7 1 2 4 8 9
Gateway 4 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0



If a symptom is a strategy by the Higher Self to offer direction or teaching,

bring this guidance to conscious awareness so that the energy blockage around
it can be released.

The conscious mind is asked to release all fear and disconnect from any
energies feeding on it.
Crystal: Tektite
Plant: Radish
Master number 3
8 9 8 7 8 8 9 6 2 4
Gateway 7 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1


Connect fully with the Earth and Nature to draw whatever life-enhancing
energy and understanding they may offer.
Crystal: Iron Pyrites
Plant: Hamamelis
Master number 4
3 6 9 2 4 8 3 9 3 7 5
Gateway 6 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1



Resonate with the statement Now is the time to heal and I choose to heal
until it is fully accepted by every cell in the body.
Crystal: Fluorite
Plant: Ginger
Master number 4
3 5 9 1 5 5 7 8 3 2
Gateway 3 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0


Using the multidimensional vibrating loops of string that are the base of all
matter, reconnect to universal energy and its full healing potential
Crystal: Kyanite
Plant: Gumplant
Master number 7
3 6 7 1 8 9 4 7 5 3
Gateway 3 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1




Create perfect resonance of the arachnoid membrane of the brain, restoring our
cellular memory of our true identity.
Crystal: Turquoise
Plant: Comfrey
Master number 5
7 1 1 1 9 5 0 6 2 3
Gateway 5 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1




For general healing and reconnection to Universal Intelligence :

Crystal: Green Tourmaline

Master number 6














Plant: Anise





Crystal: Turquoise
Plant: Olive
Master number 1
3 4 7 6 8 6 4 8 6 3 4 5
Gateway 4
1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1

Crystal: Iceland Spar Plant: Benzoin

Master number 1
1 4 3 8 2 9 4 4 5 7
Gateway 4 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 0










Activate the crystal merkabah, tuning the 8 original cells in the Zona Pellucida
back to conception, cleansing them of all negative vibrations and then retuning
them to the present time.
Crystal: Garnet
Plant: Melissa
Master number 3
9 9 7 8 9 8 7 9 9 9
Gateway 4 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 0



Delete the negative effects on all dimensions of the expansion of the psychic
centres of the body, while still allowing full development of intuition and
connection to the Higher Self.
Crystal: Amethyst geode
Plant: Juniper
Master number 8
3 5 6 7 5 9 1 5 4 3 7
Gateway 8 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1


Ensure perfect conversion of all substances consumed into their highest light
frequency. Stimulate the cells with this perfect vibration.
Crystal: Jade
Plant: Wormwood
Master number 11
5 8 6 2 6 6 9 6 4 5
Gateway 6 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1



All harmonics to be supported by the key numerological meaning behind each





The container of all, the absence of quantity.

The beginning, the Creator, unity, the sum of all possibilities.
Duality, the dual nature of life with separate spirit and body.
The physical realm, creation, completion and growth. Body, soul and spirit.
The illusion of time. The 4th dimension. Wholeness, completion, justice, perfection.
The human form and the five senses.
Equilibrium, harmony, balance, union, love, health, beauty, good luck.
Humanity, connection to God/Source, the Universe, perfection.
Infinity, paradise regained, solidarity, completion.
Fulfilment, attainment, compassion, earthly paradise.
Rebirth, awakening of soul, perfection, completion. (shown as 1 in manual).
Master number, intuition, idealism, love. Has negative concept of treachery and
betrayal from hidden enemies.


The five senses, supported by every DNA sequence in our body, to accurately
translate all waveforms received into physical reality, ignoring interference
and bias from negative emotions, trauma, pollutants, chemicals and man-made
electromagnetic energy fields, subliminal programming and symbolism.

Return the Assemblage point to its optimum position and angle, correcting any
fragmentation and anchoring it at this new point. Ensure that we behave, feel
and see the world in line with this new position.

Crystal: Tourmaline: Plant: Basil

Master number: 7
1 4 5 4 4 7 8 9 9
Gateway 7 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1




Cancel any inappropriate survival mechanisms that go beyond our basic

protection in times of acute physical danger. In particular, cancel any
programmes based on sabotage, suppressed traumas, self-limiting fears and
beliefs, shock and secondary gain.
Resonate with the affirmation the world is a safe place for me to live in
Crystal: Blue Pectolite
Plant: Lemon
Master number: 4
6 4 2 0 3 3 0 1 4 6 2
Gateway 6 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 0


Understand that true success is available to us all, but is a reflection of what

we become rather than what we have achieved or accumulated.

Create balance between the various archetypes that help define our
personalities and character. Ensure that the positive attributes of each style are
used when appropriate to support our lifes journey and the negative aspects

Avoid any negative healing reaction by absorbing the resonance of 762 hertz
for the optimum time period at the optimum frequency.

The higher self is asked to phase conjugate, or block, all foreign vibrational
transmissions that are inhibiting our natural balance in any way or our ability
to detect foreign energies within our energy field.


General Healing symbol

I want and deserve perfect health


Chapter 15
Spiritual Healing

Under the Laws of Grace, we ask the powers of the Light, with our grateful
thanks, to clear and protect all levels of the energy field of this soul and its
family, loved ones and soul group, within all dimensions and at all times, past
present and future, across the entire Universe.
Please honour the requests of this section with unconditional love, forgiveness
and without judgement; protecting and cleansing the property and
environment of this soul, its family and loved ones.
Crystal: Blue Pectolite
Plant: Clove
Master number 8
3 6 7 5 7 8 9 8 9 9 9
Gateway 2
0 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1


May all negative thought forms, energetic attachments, fixed and fluid,
possessions, alien energies and cordings within the mind/body energy field be
bound and taken into a place of choosing of the Light. This process to be
assisted by the following:
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Black
B major Octave C3 Starting (n) = 0 and (n+1) = 1
Crystal: Ulexite
Plant: Chicory
Master number 3
6 9 6 9 6 6 3 3 3 6
Gateway 3
0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1


Use also the harmonic of Holy Water from Lourdes:

Crystal: Sardonyx
Plant: Damiana
Master number 5
7 6 3 7
1 0 1 1



May the same releasing process be repeated for this soul, soul group and loved
ones across all dimensions anywhere within the Universe and over all time
periods, past, present and future. Include also any transitional status, such as in
the womb, during conception, after death and during the vulnerable periods
around any significant vibrational change. This help is honoured and received
with thanks.

To help remove external energies into the light, please use the vibrational
energy of a perfectly formed six sided clear quartz crystal.

Gateway 2

Crystal: Clear Quartz

Plant: Fennel
Master number 7
Animal: Aye-aye
2 7 1 4 5 8 9 3 2 7 3 4 1 0
0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0



Julia Set: 9 iterated 92 + C - + all dimensions White

C Major Octaves C3,7 and 10, continuously in all directions
of time and across all systems of time.

Please seal the energy field against further interference from powers of less
than 100% light and maintain this protection indefinitely. May this happen
across all dimensions and all time periods, past, present and future.


Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions

Yellow B,G Major Octave C4. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 6

Please may this soul be released from all conscious and unconscious contracts
made with energies of less than 100% light in any lifetime, past, present or
future and in any dimension. Please include contracts made by anyone in this
body and its entire genetic lineage.

We ask that any and all soul elements and personality traits left in previous
relationships, arising from any time period or lifetime, past, present or future
and in any dimension, be healed with light in line with the processes detailed
in this section. When clear of any influences from energies of less than 100%
pure light, and at the appropriate time, these lost soul elements to be returned
to this soul and fully integrated, with unconditional love, forgiveness and no
Crystal: Jade Plant: Garlic
Master number 3
9 8 6 4 5 5 5 6 3 5 5 5 8 7 9 6
Gateway 7
0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1

We ask that the powers of the Light provide protection against psychic attack
and psychic energy draining from any source. Please ensure that all negative
cords connecting to these energies are permanently cut and healed, with
unconditional love, forgiveness and no judgement.

May all attached elements of other peoples souls and personalities, arising
from any time period or lifetime, past, present or future and in any dimension
be healed with light, relieved of any influences from energies of less than
100% pure light and returned to their source. Please also cut and heal energetic
bonds with that source, with unconditional love, forgiveness and no
Crystal: Howlite
Plant: Benzoin
Master number 7
5 6 8 9 6 3 6 5 8 8
Gateway 8
1 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1



Please bring all soul energy that has shifted out of alignment, evacuated or
faded, back into perfect balance, where it will be received with thanks and
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Red
B,D Major Octave C4. 20 seconds. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 3


Please sever and return to the light as light any vows of poverty, chastity,
solitude, isolation and suffering made in any lifetime, past present or future, in
any dimension, anywhere in the Universe, undoing the effects of these vows in
all directions of time.

We petition Source and all relevant souls to release this soul from any adverse
influences generated from past, concurrent and future lives, at any time, in any
dimension, and in any place. Where forgiveness is required, we humbly
request it from all those affected and ask that it is accepted with honour,
unconditional love and no judgement.

Please assess the optimal aura width so that the energy field is protected from
unwelcome interference from other people and adjust the aura width
depending on circumstances and environment.
Crystal: Bloodstone
Plant: Parsley
Master number 9
3 4 7 4 1 5 8 2 6 4 3
Gateway 6 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1


Please ensure that all cells ignore all transmissions from sources that are not
true to the Light, including anything at the frequency 4.53.

We also ask you to nullify inappropriate foreign objects in the body.

Please apply the same cleansing and growth process to all guides and spiritual
supporters for this soul so that all assistance from spirit comes from a place of
light and supports the optimum life plan.

Where an energetic attachment needs persuasion to leave its current home in

favour of a journey to the light, we invite the powers of the light to explain to
this lost soul the following:
1. That it is no longer in physical form and is intruding on a soul that is..
2. Once we have left our physical form, it is never appropriate to attach to
the energy field of another incarnated soul. It hinders the journey and
evolution of both souls affected. We cannot retain our material wealth,
power or relationships.
3. If we have lessons still to learn, we can come back again in physical
form if we wish.
4. When we return to spirit, there is no judgement other than that imposed
by ourselves on reflection of our lifes events.


5. There is no punishment inflicted on us by a higher power for our

perceived errors or poor judgement. There are only lessons to learn
which we may choose to re-examine in a subsequent incarnation.
6. Souls we have wronged are not waiting in spirit to exact their
7. We may have chosen the key elements of our previous life as a means
of exploring the different emotions and lessons of life in physical form.
8. Any other information deemed appropriate

If this explanation can be supported by the appearance of appropriate loved

ones, other members of that soul group, or souls apparently wronged who wish
to show their forgiveness, please facilitate this re-union.

Where the energetic attachment has forgotten its connection to light and love,
we ask the powers of light to remind it of its own spark of light and Divinity
held deep within, showing it love and protection. In particular, please stress
the following:

The light is the truth

The light is stronger than the dark
There is a spark of light within every soul
The light represents love and healing and does not burn or cause harm
A soul cannot cease to exist
There is no punishment for losing ones way, only future lessons that the
soul may choose to explore.
7. These basic truths can be tested and proven in the safety of a protective
bubble of light extending around the soul.
8. If the points above prove the falsehood of their previous understanding,
that soul should challenge all threats of punishment and fear it has ever
been subjected to.

If any spirit attachment is threatening the host with damage to their loved ones
if they are forced to leave, we ask that these loved ones are protected so that
the host can exercise their free will to release the attachment without fear of
reprisal. Similarly, if there is any threat that removal would negate the
beneficial aspects of that relationship in past, concurrent, present or future
lives, please ensure that replacement support is made available from other
light beings so that the attachment can be released safely now.

If the attached energy claims rights of possession due to breaches of Universal

law, whether in this life, a past life, or through this souls ancestral lineage, we
petition the powers of Light to heal these breaches so that the attachment can
be released. In particular, we ask for healing under any of the following
possible headings:


Attaching to family
Curses made
Energy misuse
Free will compromised
Psychic attack incoming
Contracts made
Occult practice
Emotional abuse given
Sexual abuse given
Property bad energy
Organ transplant given
Sexual activity
Religious activity
Issues with energy itself

Attaching to couple
Curses received
Threat to stop help
Action at expense of others
Spiritual viruses
Judgment of others
Psychic attack outgoing
Contracts broken
Animal ritual sacrifice
Emotional abuse received
Sexual abuse received
Property vortex/wormhole
Organ received
Sexual fluid exchange
Religious fear of punishment
Sense of karmic payback

Attaching to a group
Spells made
Threat to harm others
Wishing ill of someone
Vows made
Punishment of self
Violence victim
Promises made
Human sacrifice made
Physical abuse given
Bad objects
Blood transfusion
Rejection of God
Feel deserves punishment

Please heal and close any inappropriate vortices of energy resonating within
my chakras, or anywhere else within my energy field. In doing so, please
release their connection to other dimensions.
Crystal: Quartz
Plant: Garlic
Master number 6
4 7 6 9 8 8 7 3 1 4 6
Gateway 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1

Attaching to individual
Spells received
Threat to harm host
Inappropriate prayer
Revenge on others
Violence perpetrator
Promises broken
Sacrificed ritually
Physical abuse received
Cursed land
Need for power
Soul loss
Animal mistreating


Please release any negative effects within my energy field of any interference
in my receipt of sunlight energy; either direct or reflected from the moon.

We ask all this from a position of respect, appreciation and understanding and
all information changes and healing is received with thanks, honour and
unconditional love.
Crystal: Obsidian
Plant: Boldo
Master number 4
Animal: Great White Shark
9 6 8 6 5 8 5 6 3 6 8
Gateway 6 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0



Chapter 16
Chakra Healing

Integrate all 36 multi-dimensional chakras, opening them when appropriate and

healing all imbalances in their spin, size and overall health. This might require
the opening up of a higher dimensional chakra or the healing of issues at a lower
level. All resonances in Octave C10:
(Although there are 36 sets of codes in total, this does not mean that there are 36
separate chakras. We are only working here with the 7 core chakras plus an 8th
which I know as the Soul Star Chakra in the 3rd dimension. We are therefore
looking to stimulate and heal our core 7 chakras at the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th
dimensions as we become ready to take these steps towards our highest state of
being while in physical form.)
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Yellow
B,C,D,E Major Octave C3,7,10. Starting (n) = 1 and (n+1) = 5

Gateway 2

Chakra 1 Base
Crystal: Transmitter Quartz

Gateway 3

Chakra 2 Sacral
Crystal: Fire Opal
Plant: Radish

Plant: Dill






Gateway 4

Chakra 3 Solar Plexus

Crystal: Garnet
Plant: Turmeric



Gateway 8

Chakra 4 Heart
Crystal: Fluorite
Plant: White Willow




Gateway 7

Chakra 5 Throat
Crystal: Sugilite
Plant: Boldo



Gateway 4

Chakra 6 Brow
Crystal: Elestial Elbaite
Plant: Lavender



Gateway 2

Chakra 7 Crown
Crystal: Garnet
Plant: Hyssop



Gateway 3

Chakra 8 Aura
Crystal: Sunstone
Plant: Clary Sage
6 6



Gateway 4

Chakra 9 Base (Earth)

Crystal: Topaz
Plant: Turmeric



Gateway 7

Chakra 10 Sacral (solar system)

Crystal: Arebula
Plant: Gentian



Gateway 8

Chakra 11 Solar Plexus (galaxy)

Crystal: Amber
Plant: Lavender



Gateway 7

Chakra 12 Heart (Universe)

Crystal: Dragons Blood
Plant: Pepper





Gateway 8

Chakra 13 - Throat
Crystal: Sulphur
Plant: Turmeric
0 1



Gateway 9

Chakra 14 Brow
Crystal: Ulexite
Plant: Camphor



Gateway 3

Chakra 15 Crown
Crystal: Nephrite
Plant: Chamomile



Gateway 4

Chakra 16 Base
Crystal: Fluorite
Plant: Pepper




Gateway 5

Chakra 17 Sacral
Crystal: Sulphur
Plant: Sesame
10 10 10 10 9



Gateway 6

Chakra 18 Solar Plexus

Crystal: Elbaite
Plant: Ylang Ylang
9 10 9
9 10 10 3



Gateway 3

Chakra 19 Heart
Crystal: Stillbite
Plant: Garlic
10 9
9 10 10 3




Gateway 2

Chakra 20 Throat
Crystal: Sunstone
Plant: Cardus
11 9
9 10 10 10 2





Gateway 4

Chakra 21 Brow
Crystal: Diamond
Plant: Chicory
10 8
9 10 10 3



Gateway 3

Chakra 22 Crown
Crystal: Emerald
Plant: Yarrow
9 10 9
9 10 10 3



Gateway 1

Chakra 23 Base
Crystal: Sugilite
Plant: Comfrey
10 9



Chakra 24 Sacral
Crystal: Dragons Blood
Plant: Hamamelis
9 10 9
Gateway 2


Gateway 3

Chakra 25 Solar Plexus

Crystal: Sulphur
Plant: Peppermint
9 10 10 10 10 10 6



Gateway 4

Chakra 26 Heart
Crystal: Variscite
Plant: Wormwood
10 11 11 10 10 10 5



Gateway 5

Chakra 27 Throat
Crystal: Fuschite
Plant: Bergamot
10 10 10 10 10 10 5



Gateway 5

Chakra 28 Brow
Crystal: Stillbite
Plant: Angelica
10 10 10 10 10 9




Gateway 1

Chakra 29 Crown
Crystal: Elbaite
Plant: White Willow



Gateway 2

Chakra 30 Base
Crystal: Sunstone
Plant: Camphor



Gateway 4

Chakra 31 Sacral
Crystal: Fire Opal
Plant: Pepper




Gateway 7

Chakra 32 Solar Plexus

Crystal: Cymophane
Plant: Valerian



Gateway 8

Chakra 33 Heart
Crystal: Stillbite
Plant: Cinnamon



Gateway 9

Chakra 34 Throat
Crystal: Fluorite
Plant: Turmeric



Gateway 6

Chakra 35 Brow
Crystal: Blue Pectolite
Plant: Ginseng
1 1





Gateway 1

Chakra 36 Crown
Crystal: Vogel Quartz
Plant: Rhubarb



Chapter 17

Please absorb the healing intent behind all of the following affirmations where

I deeply love and accept myself just the way I am.
I resonate with the love that exists in every cell of my body.
This love is limitless; a bottomless well that radiates out from me in all directions,
uplifting all who come into contact with me.
In return, I feel the love of those I meet and recognise the source of love within them.
I attract loving people and situations into my life, returning the love I exude many
times over.
I allow the unconditional love of the Universe into my life and let it work within me,
lifting my life to new realms of possibilities.
By allowing love into my life, I am filled with a constant state of bliss. I see the
perfection and purity in all people and all situations I encounter.
I live in the flow of life and the flow of life lives within me. Loving events and people
seek me out, recognising that I totally deserve them.
I give thanks for the loving gifts I receive and my gratitude enhances my gifts in an
ever increasing virtuous circle.

I understand my needs and desires. I attract other people into my life who will help
me manifest my needs and in doing so I help them meet theirs.
I attract others into my life who help me express my completeness.
My life is harmonious.
I have the perfect partner.

Now is the time to heal. I accept that whatever loving support I receive, the ultimate
choice and responsibility to heal is mine.
Every cell in my body vibrates with perfect health.
I heal quickly and easily
I choose events and people in my life that support my healing. I choose to consume
vibrant food and drink and to take all other steps that respect my body and help my
I love my body and treat it accordingly.

I deserve unlimited abundance in my life.
My career is rewarding and fulfilling and I am paid appropriately for my efforts.
I trust the Universe to provide me with all that I need.
I am a successful person and my intuitive and creative abilities flow through me at all
I have complete confidence and faith in myself.

I make no judgement about myself or other people.
I forgive everyone who has ever harmed me physically or emotionally, whether
intentional or inadvertent.
I forgive myself for being weak when I should have been strong, dominant when I
should have been sympathetic and silent when I should have spoken up.
When I forgive, I do so completely and unconditionally.
I accept that there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities, and that sensible risk
taking is a necessary part of my growth and development.
I live in the moment and release any worries that past or future events create within



William Baldwin
Robert Brennan
Bruce Cathie
Bruce Cathie
Bruce Cathie
Leon Chaitow
Leon Chaitow
Daniel Condron
Diana Cooper
Peter DAdamo
Brenda Davies
Robert E Detzler
Robert E Detzler
Robert E Detzler
John Diamond
David Elkington
Masaru Emoto
Jonathan Goldman
Richard Gordon
Amit Goswami
David Hawkins
Caryle Hirschberg
Patrick Holford
David Icke
Brian Jenner
Lynn McTaggart
Lynn McTaggart
Barbara Marciniak
Barbara Marciniak
Barbara Marciniak
Arnold Mindell
Michael Murray
Carolyn Myss
Dr Eric Pearl
Candace Pert
Roy & Ann Proctor
Margaret Ruby
Rupert Sheldrake
Ian Stewart
Gordon Stokes
Eckhart Tolle
Ross and Wilson
Coby Zvikler

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The Alexander Technique Workbook
The Harmonic Conquest of Space
The Energy Grid
The Bridge to Infinity
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A New Light on Ascension
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The Optimum Nutrition Bible
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Partnering with God Book VI
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The DNA of Healing
A New Science of Life
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Body circuits, pain and understanding
The Power of Now
Principles of Anatomy & Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology
The Key to Gabriel


Chapter 2
Selfhelp using Quantum K

Issues and symptoms helped

The program can help in a number of ways. The following is only a short summary of
the areas it may address because there are no limits to the symptoms, traumas, or
emotional issues that might be relieved at some level:

Traumatic events
Disturbing memories
Vaccination damage
External radiation
Psychic attack
Structural imbalances
Ultrasound, MRI or X-ray damage
Low immune function
Poor absorption of nutrients

Low self-esteem
Old operations
Damage from mercury fillings
Hormonal imbalances
Energetic attachments
Old injuries
Birth trauma

Helping with emotional issues is clearly crucial. Our physical health is a direct mirror
of our emotional balance. Doctors know it, we know it. If you are happy and your life
is in balance you will be physically healthy. Major diseases are at least in part a
reflection of accumulated trauma, stress, regret, grief, betrayal and guilt.
Of the physical imbalances, some of the most important are protecting us from
electromagnetic stress, removing DNA mutations and undoing the possible aftereffects of vaccination.
Electromagnetic stress is a huge issue today that affects every one of us. The airwaves
are full of powerful energies that damage the gentle currents flowing naturally within
our own body. We are swamped by the interference from freezers in supermarkets,
mobile phones, televisions, microwaves, mains wiring and PCs. Even the energy field
from a battery watch subtly damages our health. When I test the loss of immune
function caused by electromagnetic stress it is often over 30%.
As if this wasnt bad enough, our bodies are more susceptible to this damage than
ever before. Our mercury fillings and crowns act as radio receivers and transmit these
high voltage, high amperage signals via our energy meridians to various organs
throughout the body.

These signals are not in harmony with the natural electrical pulse of our own nervous
system. The net result is damage to the delicate way our cells communicate with each
other, leading to emotional and physical imbalance.
These unnatural frequencies are also damaging to our circadian rhythm, the natural
cycle of life that controls our sleep patterns, energy and hormones. This process is
controlled through our tooth pegs, which have a slight negative charge to attract the
positive charge of the circadian rhythm in turn during each day. This is why the
chinese 5 element theory recognises the dominance of certain acupuncture meridians
at set times during the 24 hour clock.
The Quantum K programme protects us from electromagnetic stress in the
environment. It also instructs our internal systems to ignore the unnaturally high
voltage and amperage signals received through our fillings and any other metal in our
body, a bit like Dolby noise reduction on an audio tape. This helps us manage the
way this metal amplifies the natural communication channels in our teeth.
The DNA section is particularly significant because many chronic diseases stem from
genetic mutations, either inherited or generated during this lifetime. Scientists are
starting to understand the adaptable nature of DNA and its capacity to change on
replication to a different form. In the main, this capacity to change results in
dysfunction and disease, but with the right intent, we can use this principle positively
and reverse the harmful effects of modern living.
The research of Russian molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev has shown that our DNA
can be changed by positive intent, proving the beliefs that spiritual masters have
intuitively felt for thousands of years. So while conventional research focuses on stem
cell therapy and surgical transplanting of DNA, we can take a simpler view. As we
know how DNA replicates, we can reprogramme it to remove any inherent diseases
and malfunctions.
This system attempts to do just that and anecdotal experience is very encouraging.
You will see from the technical section that there are several headings with very
detailed intent, some drawn from the latest work of quantum physicists like Hal
Puthoff, some based on the timeless knowledge passed down from ancient
civilisations. I dont mind which one is most effective, our Higher Self will action any
intent that is life force enhancing.
Moving on to vaccination, this is a controversial area which forces parents to make a
very difficult decision. As well as the potential link to autism and bowel disease to
consider, there is also the possibility of more subtle damage caused by the injection of
toxins and viruses behind our front-line immune defences.
From my own anecdotal experiences, I have found vaccine damage to be an issue for
many clients with chronic bowel, bladder, brain or skin conditions. There can be a
reservoir of toxins created in the brain stem and spinal fluid, which leak out where the
dura (the membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal column) is at its weakest. This
is why these clients seem to battle with an ongoing predisposition to infections and
inflammation. Removing this source of toxin is a crucial step in their recovery.


There is also the risk with vaccination of the viruses involved going inwards after
exposure rather than being cleared out fully from the system. By allowing the immune
system to work against the actual virus during childhood, we may be better protected
against other diseases in later life.
At least parents now have a third option of having their child vaccinated, but with any
harmful residues removed naturally afterwards using this system.
On a broader level, it is worth mentioning that Quantum K is not designed simply to
correct imbalances. Many of the procedures target physical, emotional and spiritual
growth; expanding our being to a level beyond basic good health.
I firmly believe there are possibilities available to us in this new Millennium that have
been denied to our recent ancestors. We can find a state of permanent bliss in life as
we co-create our own realities, helping us see the world in a new light; finding
comfort and peace in even the most testing of circumstances.
This system cannot deliver all of this, but it is designed to remove the blocks that hold
back our development and stop us launching into a new paradigm, a new potential and
a new self. If you are already on this path, it will accelerate your journey forwards.
So, if you are reading the manual for the first time, I hope you are growing in
confidence that this system might just help you in a tangible way with whatever areas
of your health need support.
Of course, not all healing can be felt immediately. A heavy metal detoxification might
not make you feel any different now, but could protect you from senile dementia in
your dotage, or delay the onset of arthritis.

Can Quantum K help everyone?

I am often asked whether Quantum K works for everyone. I honestly believe that the
answer is yes, that everyone benefits to some extent, although miracles are rare.
There are lots of possible ways you might be helped:

Direct relief from physical symptoms

Release of emotional traumas and stress
Help in finding peace
Finding meaning out of lifes traumas
Protection from future illness
Spiritual growth

To counter this, there are two areas that I believe are hardest to help:

Injury where the damage is severe and entrenched in the physical body.
Spiritual, or karmic issues, where the client has further lessons to learn from
their symptoms before it is appropriate for them to be released.


Of course, this system does not need to find a cure for all diseases to be worthwhile
and helpful. As the old saying goes: if you are lucky you will be helped, if you are
really lucky, you will know in what way!
For me, life is a wonderful vehicle for growth and the evolution of our soul. It is the
way we come to terms with our issues that defines the value of our journey. If this
system could help us all find true peace, enlightenment and understanding, there could
be no greater achievement.
It is also worth referring briefly to the wisdom of Deepak Chopra in his book The
Seven Spiritual Laws of Success when he says that our intent should be to
relinquish your attachment to the outcome. This means giving up your rigid
attachment to a specific result and living in the wisdom of uncertainty. This manual
has come into your hands for a reason. Do not assume to know what that reason is,
just trust that it is there and go with the flow.

How to use the system on yourself

There is plenty of detail in the pages that follow, but when you read them, please
remember that the system is incredibly simple to use. You could start benefiting from
it right now if you wish. Its as simple as ABC:
A. Hold the book
B. Give intent to draw appropriate healing energy from it.
C. Relax for a few minutes, with your hands resting comfortably on your torso.
Its that easy.
Of course, to get maximum benefit from the manual you do need to read it. Once you
have read the first chapters, you are ready to absorb the technical content. I suggest
you find a quiet area where you wont be disturbed, play some relaxing music in the
background if you wish and sit or lie down somewhere comfortable.
You should then read the technical section of the manual reasonably carefully. You do
not need to analyse or attempt to understand each equation or harmonic, just try to
absorb it. Once you have done so, the entire programme is in your unconscious
mind, word for word, and if your intent is to benefit from it personally, then this
process will have started.
I cannot stress strongly enough that this guide is not aimed at your conscious mind but
at your inner intelligence, which is unlimited in capacity with a photographic memory
and reasoning capacity beyond the wildest dreams of modern computer designers.
Under quantum principles, we can even draw the energy from the system without
opening the manual. I have witnessed sensitive people feel a strong energy surge just
by picking it up. They are tuning into the Zero Point Field around us where its energy
is stored, feeling the power of the whole process before they have consciously read a
word of it. This is quantum physics working in a very practical way.

Once you have engaged with the system in some form, you may feel a tingling or
energy changing within your body. This is partly the effect of the fractal equations
starting to build, but is also the result of the re-ordering of your physical, emotional
and spiritual self. You may even yawn or find you are breathing deeply. This
sensation can last for several minutes, depending on how much energy is being
You should support this process by placing your hands anywhere on your abdomen in
a comfortable position. This opens up the healing potential of your hands and triggers
the process
After you have downloaded the technical data, you may feel more positive and
relaxed, with perhaps a lightness or sense of optimism reflecting the release of
negative energies and old unwelcome emotions. Do not worry if you feel nothing at
all, the system is still working!
Over the next few days, you may notice the effects of the physical changes that have
been triggered. The system has many safety protocols that ensure you only release
toxins once your drainage channels are fully functional, in other words, once your
liver, kidneys and lymphatics can cope with the extra workload. Nevertheless, you
may feel a bit tired, fluey, or emotionally unsettled at some stage, which is a good
sign that changes are taking place.
You may even revisit old symptoms for a while or your current symptoms may
temporarily worsen. This is not a side-effect of the treatment; anything being released
comes from deep within your own body.
You will automatically choose a safe and appropriate time-scale to make whatever
changes have been triggered. Some benefits are immediate, some take weeks and
some even longer. The body is being asked to heal itself and this can take time.
One interesting trait I have noticed is that the clients personality will often dictate the
speed of the process. The intent of those who are naturally impatient and want quick
results will override the safety protocols within the system. For them, any
detoxification required will happen quicker, yielding earlier improvements but
sometimes at the cost of a poor week or so as raised glands, or cold like symptoms,
This reinforces the point that intent is everything. Within reason, your expectations
and desires determine the depth and speed of the results.
In an ideal world, you should only need to use this system occasionally. In practice,
we are continuously exposed to toxins, emotional challenges and environmental
stress. Some of the steps within the system repeat whenever they are needed, but in
the main you will need to decide if a top-up is necessary and repeat the procedure.
You will then draw from it whatever elements are needed at that time.


The beauty of follow-up treatments is that your unconscious has already registered
every word of the programme and you do not need to repeat the detailed reading of it.
Simply place the manual on your body as a sign of your intent to use it again and
place your hands on your torso as before, until you feel that the energy exhaust has
been fully released. You will only draw from the system those aspects you need at
that time.
You should use your intuition to determine how often to use the system on yourself,
but as a general guideline I suggest the following:

Use the system for 20 minutes on the first occasion

For the next couple of weeks, use the system for 10 minutes every day.
After that, use it for 10 minutes every week for 2 months.
Thereafter, use it for 10 minutes every month.

There are three advantages of regular top-ups:

1. You may deal with imbalances that are yet to manifest into symptoms.
2. You will gain access to any enhancements made to the system since your last
3. As you change and grow, the same remedies may benefit you in a deeper
As a final word about personal use, I must stress that this programme is not designed
to cause conflict with your own belief system. If you feel uncomfortable with any
element of it, you need only affirm your desire to change or omit that particular
All I ask is that you do so with some caution as each step has been carefully
researched and there is an inbuilt safety protocol that removes any element that does
not work in your highest interests.


Chapter 3
Working on other people

Once you have used the system on yourself, you can start using it on other people.
The transfer of intent relies on tachyon energy, an immeasurable carrier wave that
travels faster than the speed of light. As soon as a contract to transmit and receive the
system has been entered into between you and another individual, the job has been
done. It is like dropping a stone into a calm pond. The stone disappears immediately
but the ripples from its impact resonate backwards and forwards for a while
As the transfer is instantaneous, you can even offer it to people you pass on the street
or friends and relatives, on the grounds that their higher self will accept the exchange
in the absence of conscious agreement.
I have done this many times and had wonderful feedback about unexpectedly quick
recoveries from operations, accidents and ill-health. The bottom line is that when you
use this system with love and pure intent that alone has unlimited power and you will
be rewarded with results. It is like a prayer with focused intent.
This approach can be very effective and may be all you can do in some circumstances,
but it is not the optimum procedure. You will obtain quicker and deeper results if you
are with the recipient, helping them process the energy received.

Ideally, you should sit behind the person you plan to work on while he or she is sitting
comfortably or lying down. As this system is now firmly embedded within your
unconscious, you need only have the manual in your lap or nearby to reinforce your
You should then place the index and middle fingers of each hand on the two slightly
raised areas in the middle of the forehead above the pupils, left fingers on left point,
right fingers on right point, with your thumbs meeting around the back of the head. In
this way, you can channel the healing energy we all carry in the palms of our hands
directly into the person in front of you.

Personally, I ask for Divine protection before I work on a client to ensure the energy
flow is pure. I suggest you do the same, or ask for sacred space if this is more
acceptable to you. You could even light a candle with similar intent.
You may prefer to read appropriate sections of the manual while you hold the
forehead points but it is not strictly necessary it has all passed over the moment you
both agreed that this should happen.
While you are doing this, you may feel the connection with the other persons energy
and the release of blockages and old energy patterns. This is not harmful to you in any
way provided your intent is clear that you are a conduit and not the ultimate recipient
of this energy. My intention is to release it to the light and you may wish to do the
same. This process should actually make you feel better because you are receiving the
balancing system yourself and releasing your own old energies as you do so.
For me, this procedure normally takes about 15 minutes, but I know other therapists
who hold the points for longer, sometimes up to twice as long. It all depends on
personal choice and your priorities for the time you have available. I do suggest you
hold the points for at least a few minutes as this reaffirms your commitment to
download the system. Intent is everything and you should be absolutely clear about
what you are doing to download the system properly.

Working remotely
You may wish to help someone who cannot be in the same room as you, for instance a
relative who lives overseas. This is certainly possible and can achieve wonderful
Ideally, you should obtain the recipients conscious permission before you send them
healing, but if this is impractical should proceed anyway on the understanding that
you are acting in their best interests. The pre-requisites for this approval are that you
are acting with pure intent and are not attempting to obtain inappropriate personal
The energetic link will also be supported by some form of witness, such as a
photograph, lock of hair or personal possession, but this is not essential. If you do
have one, either hold it in your hand or keep it nearby to clarify your intent about the
intended beneficiary.
When you are clear about who you wish to help, simply hold your forehead points as
usual or place your hands on your body and let the energy flow.
When working with friends and family, one other possibility is to treat a connected
group of people at the same time. Simply make your intent very clear and the energy
will be transferred to everyone in that group, to be used in different ways to meet the
individual needs of each recipient.


Here are some examples of groups that might appreciate your help:

Members of a family where there has been a bereavement or illness

Members of a soul group to help with lessons, karmic or otherwise
Work employees in a stressful occupation
Those affected by a natural disaster
Local communities with high crime rates

In short, you can direct the energy to as small or large a group as you wish. Like a
focused prayer, your pure intent will be honoured.

Procedural summary
Working on yourself initial session

Set aside at least half an hour when you will not be disturbed

Find a quiet area to sit or lie down

Play some quiet background music if you wish, no vocals!

Scan the technical section, with the clear intent of downloading the system

Place your hands comfortably on your abdomen as you do so

Allow yourself to breathe deeply and yawn if you feel so drawn

Follow-up work on yourself

After the initial download, use the system on yourself for about 10 minutes
every day for the first 2 weeks, then 10 minutes every week for 2 months,
followed by at least 10 minutes every month thereafter.

After this first burst of intensive use, it is still important to have regular top-ups,
especially when you are under stress, ill or after a trauma.

Regular monthly top-ups ensure you treat imbalances as they arise, ideally before
they manifest into symptoms. They also allow you to benefit from any
enhancements made to the system since your last treatment.

For each repeated use, follow the basic procedure but remember that you do not
need to re-read the manual.


Working on other people

Obtain the conscious agreement of the person you wish to help, if possible

Sit behind the recipient, with the manual on your lap or nearby

Hold the forehead points for about 15-20 minutes

Read specific pages of the technical section if you wish, or simply sit there as it is

Repeat whenever needed, especially after traumatic events, illness or times of


Advanced techniques for kinesiologists and other therapists

When I am using the system as a therapist, I offer the complete balance to my clients
to underpin the treatment. For most this is enough and will remove the key energetic
blockages, but for some there is more to do.
When I find a specific area where extra work is regularly required, I build it into the
system, but the beauty of the human being is that we are all unique individuals and the
same symptom in two people can have entirely different underlying causes.
Having used the system once, I sometimes find I need to explore specific areas in
more detail. For example, there are general instructions in this guide to help rebalance
the Tempero Mandibular Joint. This is often enough on its own, but if the client has
tension in this area due to cranial faults, teeth grinding at night, a stressful relationship
and financial worries, these specific connections may need to be found to encourage a
speedy recovery.
You can use your own therapy to manage these complexities, or extract elements of
Quantum K. This is relatively easy if you have training in kinesiology muscle
testing or other diagnostic techniques that support causal chain investigations.
With the problem in mind, simply dowse or muscle test to see which pages and
specific remedies are relevant. With this extra detail established, you can hold the
forehead points with this extra focus in your intent. It does not matter if you have
already applied the system in full, there will often be a further energy shift as the body
processes this linked chain of imbalances.
This step is not essential, but the more energetic exhaust you help the client remove
in session, the less there will be to do in the weeks ahead. It will speed up the
recovery, but the inner intelligence stimulated by the use of this system would have
got there anyway, in its own good time.


I often lock in an imbalance and then turn each page of the technical section and
muscle test to look for a changed response, drilling down to a specific remedy once a
page shows relevance for the client.
One other technique I occasionally use is to design a specific harmonic sequence or
fractal equation for my client. This is particularly useful when I have stacked a list
of imbalances that are unique to that person, or when one particular symptom has a
series of complex underlying causes.
In effect, we are converting a complex series of issues into a single unwelcome
vibration and then deleting it. By all means experiment with this yourself, all you
need to do is dowse or muscle test for the exact details using the framework from the
technical section of this book.
This extra step can be a worthwhile use of your time if you are experienced dowsing
with your fingers you can create a bespoke harmonic matrix in about 2 minutes. Here
is a summary of the steps:
1. Lock in, therapy localise or otherwise open a circuit on the key symptom
2. Muscle test to see if a specific harmonic or fractal is required
3. Dowse to find the exact details using the framework from the Technical
4. Write down the details and place them on the client along with the book.
5. Hold the stress release points as usual.
Do not worry if this sounds too complicated or time consuming. It is like applying a
surgeons scalpel to a set of symptoms but that does not in any way infer a weakness
in the basic system. The core Quantum K programme will still work, this technique
may just work a little quicker.
At the other extreme, there will be times when you might decide against using the
whole system on certain people, especially if they have already received the complete
version on an earlier occasion. For instance, if you knew of someone who has just
been given mercury amalgam fillings, you might want to use the procedure that helps
the body release any mercury vapour inhaled, while offering protection against the
high voltage/amperage charges that the fillings would then transmit through the subtle
energy systems.
Focusing your intent on this specific item by reading it silently while holding the
frontal eminences will achieve this end. You can even do it remotely if you wish! Just
be clear about what you are trying to do.
It is also possible to work on clients who are not present, using a third party in
surrogacy. This allows you to access information about that person, assuming you
have permission to do so. In that sense it differs from simply sending a prayer of
intent to download the entire system.


This is my suggested procedure, using muscle testing:

1. Ask for Divine protection
2. Ensure the surrogate is in good balance and prepared to act in this role
3. Ask if it is appropriate for the person present to act as surrogate for Y
4. If the answer is Yes, ask if the person present is now in surrogacy for Y
5. Investigate particular symptoms if you wish
6. Place this manual on the surrogates body as a sign of clear intent
7. Dowse to find out how long you need to hold the frontal eminences
8. Hold the frontal eminences for the agreed period
9. When this time has elapsed, remove the manual and your fingers
10. Ask if it is now appropriate to cancel the surrogacy
11. If Yes, check that the surrogacy has now been cancelled
12. Check if the surrogate is in surrogacy for anybody else
13. If No to question 10, see if other work is necessary
14. Once work has finished, check if the surrogate needs balancing in any way
I must stress that this work is not to be undertaken lightly because you are exposing
the surrogate to the energies of another person. If you are too closely involved with
the intended beneficiary of this work, you may even find that you have inadvertently
become entwined with their energies yourself, as well as the surrogate. You may
cancel the surrogacy on the person you are working with, but leave yourself linked.
This is not at all desirable, so please only attempt this kind of work if you are
experienced in this area.
Finally, it is worth stressing that any therapist can use this system effectively with
their clients. Reflexologists can download the data through the feet, masseurs and
osteopaths through touch, hypnotherapists through intent. You need only be clear that
you wish to offer the client whatever healing energy they need and it is done. You are
simply the conduit through which the vibration of Quantum K is passed.


Chapter 4
The Universal Healing Model

Having now covered the how to aspects of this system, it is time to move on and
look at the principles that provide the underlying healing potential. This is not a
tangent to the main purpose of this book, but very much part of it. The phrase
knowledge is power is a fundamental truth. If we understand life and the influences
and mechanisms behind our health, we are many miles down the road of controlling it
in a positive way.
The first step in this process is to look at a model that defines the connection between
us all and how individual healing fits within the framework; the blueprint as it were.
The next stage of this section explores the recipient of this healing - our DNA - and
how this most marvellous of all building blocks holds our autobiography for this life
and perhaps many previous ones as well. This will be followed by chapters on fractal
geometry, harmonics and sacred geometry which are the tools I use to engage with the
wider model.
We will then be prepared to take the final step and look at the technical data itself;
fully armed with focused intent and understanding to ensure that the healing
principles are absorbed with maximum benefit.
So, to begin this journey, we need to have a quick look at the concept of healing
where it comes from, how it is triggered, where it goes and how it is transmitted. This
is a huge subject, so my apologies for offering such a brief overview, but there is only
so far we need to travel down this road for the purposes of this system.

A healing model
Whenever we place our hands on ourselves or another person with intent to heal, we
trigger a powerful process that resonates around us, lighting up the energy field that
links us all. But how exactly does this work? What is the sequence of events that
follows this intent? By defining a process in this chapter I am attempting to answer
this question, without suggesting that this is the only healing path.
For me, understanding this process is important if we are to extract maximum
potential from this healing system. Quantum K depends on the core assertion that
focused and specific intent carries more healing power than a simple request to get
better if we could just ask our bodies to heal then we all would and disease would be
eradicated at a stroke, but we cant.


The reason we cant work with this simple intent is our intellects tell us otherwise; we
have been brainwashed with the limitations of the human form, that disease and
entropy is inevitable and possibly even deserved due to our past sins and errors of
judgement. If we are to overcome these blocks, we must have an understanding of the
process so that we can let these obstructions go and release our highest healing
If our internal systems could talk, they would say that they were doing the best they
could in difficult circumstances, trying to maintain homeostasis in a polluted and
troubled world. They would also argue that they are desperately trying to work out
what level of health we actually want for ourselves, trying to find consistent intent
within a lifetime of insecurities and conflicting messages.
If I am ill today I dont have to go to work..
I dont deserve good health after the way I treated my last partner.
If I have the potential for high energy, why did my doctor tell me I should expect to
slow down at my age?
If I am truly loveable, why did my mother abandon me at a nursery when I was four
years old?
The Quantum K system offers a specific set of instructions to help our basic systems
make sense of these issues and more. It allows our higher intelligence, or our soul if
you prefer, to offer parental guidance to the confused, child like, database within our
unconscious mind. This is why it works.
If we accept the premise that an understanding of energy flow helps focus our intent
and enhances our healing, we must now define this process. The following
information was obtained through a combination of dowsing and channelling by
myself and trusted colleagues and is as complete as I can be at this time.
There is more detail to come in the years ahead, especially concerning the higher
chakras and ultimately we will be able to access them through sacred geometry and
symbolic drawings. However, as we stand, we are apparently not ready to work with
this vibration and must wait awhile.
When you read the following please do try to try to create a visual picture so that your
own intent can be upgraded as your cells are stimulated by these basic truths.

The power in our hands

When we attempt to heal others, or ourselves, we do not create a new circuit. We are
already plugged in to everything that exists across all time and space. We are the train
that never leaves the tracks, giving and receiving energy with every breath.


What our intent does engender is a focused current within this infinite circuit. The
batteries are unlimited; we simply draw more energy from them and direct it in a
specific direction.
If we have to choose a starting place within the circuit, it is our hands. When we lay
hands on our loved ones, or ourselves, we trigger a very special process. They contain
many chakra centres along with energetic symbols based on the timeless knowledge
of sacred geometry. I believe the symbols look like this:

Note how the hand contains a number of different

symbols, the circle, the 5 sided pentagram and the
In the right hand shown here, there are 9 of these
symbols, all in the palm of the hands, resonating
across the dimensions. They occupy the same
space, but overlay each other to form a three
dimensional shape, like a musical note played in
many different octaves.

In the left hand, there are also 9 of these symbols,

all identical. The key difference between the two
hands is the direction of the triangle.
If you imagine the symbols for each hand overlaid,
the triangles in the centre form a perfect Star of
David, another very powerful healing icon.

It is this Star of David alignment formed out of the two triangles that initiates the
healing process. This is why you rarely see any healer working one handed; it is the
combination of energies that is so important. This concept is well known in Chinese
medicine as the two hands have opposite polarities within them, Yin and Yang, as
does each finger. It is the combination that provides the balance and harmony.
To trigger the healing circuit, you do not need to hold your hands directly above each
other so that the symbols physically align. We are working with intent here, so as long
as you are using both hands somewhere near or on the body, the energies will work


This process is enhanced by the gateway harmonics in the technical section of this
book. These harmonics, which are mainly in binary code, help activate the healing
energy in the hands. The coding is a simple language that our bodies recognise even if
the true meaning is beyond our intellectual understanding.
It is also worth mentioning here that these healing concepts apply equally to remote
treatments. You do not need to have your client present with you when you work, so
long as you have some kind of witness to make your energetic connection. You can
use a photograph, lock of hair, personal possession or whatever is available to
reinforce the link. Even if you do not have a witness, do it anyway. The energy will
work its way there somehow if your intent is pure.

The wider energetic network


Solar System






Having initiated the healing process through the hands, we activate all the energetic
links that run through them. These are live, continuous circuits, so we are not
switching them on as such but enhancing the amperage of the current that flows
through them. This current flows in both directions so we are drawing from and
feeding into whatever energy system lies at the other end.
The healing energy feeds down through the lower centres within our own energy
fields, namely the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras. From there the energy passes
through the Earth Star chakra and into the molten and crystalline core of the earth


itself. This resonance then echoes through the oceans of the planet, the plants,
animals, minerals, earth, atmosphere and mankind itself before anchoring into the
electromagnetic grid.
This is why we are all linked at a fundamental level; each thought, action and deed
resonates through us at some level. This simple model also casts some light on why
crystal healing, homeopathy, herbs, Bach flowers, Yoga, lighting candles, animal
essences etc all have healing potential. They do not act in isolation, they are part of
the immeasurable network of energetic cords running through the planet at any given
time. We are not creating something new when we access them, we are amplifying
what already exists.
It also explains why it is so crucial for our planet to have such a broad ocean
coverage. The earth is one huge electrical motor, powered by its crystalline core, with
the energy transmitted around its surface through the medium of water. I often wonder
what crystalline shapes Dr Emoto would produce from freezing the different oceans
and seas around the planet. What stories they would tell! They must hold the memory
of every event, every thought and every emotion that has ever happened on our world.
It would be particularly interesting to see how this record changes over the years in
line with the evolution of the planet and its occupants. Seawater crystals would make
a perfect energetic record of our times.
I have read in numerous channelled works that the mammals of the worlds oceans are
crucial to our existence and anchor the energetic grid around us. This would certainly
explain our affinity with dolphins and whales and what better place to perform this
role than the super conductive waters of the oceans.
On a similar theme, I have heard it proposed that the melting of the polar ice caps is
also part of our wider healing. When the water froze all those years ago, it captured
the vibration of that era, along with a level of knowledge and awareness that we have
long since lost. Releasing this ancient vibration back into the oceans now is an
important step on our evolutionary path.
One other interesting point you may have noticed here is the similarity between this
model and the Chinese 5 element theory. My old colleague, Brian Jenner, used to
argue vociferously (not uncommon for a man with so much passion and heart) that the
5 element theory was unbalanced and is missing a 6th element of air to bring it into
harmony. This leaves us with the 6 core elements of air, water, earth, fire, metal and
wood, all of which are already included on this model in some form.
When we instigate healing, we are invoking all of these elements with our intent,
seeking balance within their vibrational realms. The Quantum K system fits nicely
into this model by amplifying these energetic connections. The harmonics and fractal
equations speak a language our bodies understand and literally light up the energy
grid like one huge firework display, sending healing along all its connecting
Looking in the other direction on our model, the healing energy we trigger from our
hands also runs upwards through our heart, throat, brow and crown chakras and then
into the Solar System, Galaxy, Universe and beyond.


We must also remember the inter-dimensional aspect of this energy work we are
accessing an energetic network well beyond our comprehension. A three dimensional
view of this process ignores the other dimensions that share the same geographical
space and are intrinsically linked to our own existence.
There are new chakras within this network and when the time is right we will all have
access to the amazing power and beauty they hold. I have had a tantalizing glimpse of
their structure and form on a look but dont touch basis and I cant wait to engage
fully with them in the future when we are ready to ramp up our healing potential. For
now, there is more than enough for us to work with.
Before moving on, we need to look briefly at the God question. For many, healing is
the result of a direct intervention from a Divine source and the process is as simple as
that. We ask and He delivers. I have no issue with that view as it is now proven within
hospital trials that prayer offers a measurable benefit to the recipient1.
There are, of course, other slight variations on this view. It could well be argued that
the Divine intervention came not with the prayer, but with the original act of creation
when we were all blessed with the power to heal others. Our prayers simply put this
potential into effect.
A further variation on this view is that we have been allowed free will to determine
our lives for ourselves, evolving in our journey through our mistakes and successes.
In this context, healing comes when we demonstrate that we have learnt about the
nuts and bolts of life and understand the mechanics behind our existence and how to
use these core rules to our advantage. The healing therefore comes from within, not
from any external source.
Im not sure it matters which of these viewpoints we follow, so long as we are
fortunate enough to recognise some meaning in our lives and some higher purpose.
Personally, I do believe that we have, as a race, been given the power and capacity to
heal our issues. At some level, all our physical and emotional problems have been
created by the free will of mankind. This is not to say that each individual has caused
their own symptoms, only that as a race we have contributed to the worlds plight and
must take collective responsibility for doing so.
As Lee Carroll writes in Letters from Home:
How does it make you feel to know that the thing you are trying so
desperately to co-create and figure out has already been
accomplished? It is in the storehouse of a place that you are in and
always have access to. It has already been solved! It sits on the
golden tray, and the hand of the golden one that sits within you is
holding the tray.

RC Byrd Positive therapeutic effects of intercessory prayer in a coronary care unit population
Southern Medical Journal 1988


Beyond simple well-being .. there is peace

It is a good time to take a step back and recognise that the whole point of this detail is
to satisfy our thirst for knowledge but the end result of this journey is the recognition
of the inherent simplicity in the healing process. By all means study the detail, but
remember that at its core, healing is based on simplicity, belief and pure intent. Some
of the highest healing can come from children who have no technical understanding
of the mechanics, but have uncluttered minds and a purity that transcends the
intellectual blocks we might apply as adults.
Throughout my research for this book, I was constantly nudged by my tuned-in
friends to see through the detail, with images of petri dishes with crosses through
them, replaced by plants and flowers. These examples of nature are complex in design
but inherently beautiful, pure and selfregulating.
To use another analogy, in whatever profession we follow we need to practice and
understand the building blocks so that we can rely on an instinctive response when the
time comes to put our training into effect. Healing is much the same, especially with
Quantum K. It is good to understand the process, but when we attempt to heal, our
focus should be pure and uncluttered.
In effect, the detail in this book that seeks our original blueprint state is the wine
within the chalice. Outside the chalice of wellness lies our ultimate goal the
realisation of true peace. This is not just a concept, it is a consciousness that exists
beyond the vibrational world. It is there for all of us, around us but also within us. It is
the space we occupy when we have reached pure love and enlightenment and if we
could truly tune into it we would need no other healing and the rest of this book
would be unnecessary.
My understanding is that peace is held within all the waters of the planet. This
means it is available to us in the oceans, crystals, plants, air, animals, and even in
ourselves as water based mammals. It is not a vibration as such, it is the perfect
stillness that exists beyond the vibrational nature of the physical world.
I have touched the essence of pure peace in meditation and it is a very special
experience, the purest energy I have ever come across. It is powerful at the best of
times, but particularly so when illuminated by the shadow of illness, fear and other
low emotions that most of us have locked away over the years. It leads to a wonderful
place, but by necessity exposes us to all our inner demons in the process. The road to
spiritual healing usually does, but is always a journey worth taking in fact its the
only journey worth taking.
So, how do we know when we have found true peace?
I believe the best measure is our self-esteem. Our spiritual evolution can be seen as an
open-ended journey to enlightenment, but our self-esteem should reach an optimum
point. We reach this point when we have released the impact of lifes knocks and
traumas, its cruel comments and perceived failures; when we can speak our truth
without fear of ridicule, help others without attachment to the outcome and face the
future with genuine excitement about the challenges that lie ahead. It is that lovely

state where we recognise the spark of purity and perfection in ourselves and the
connection to all that is, but stop short of ego, separation and that dangerous
watershed where confidence becomes ego. When you live within the boundaries of
that narrow window, you live in true peace.
So, let us shoot for the stars here and look for peace. When you use this system,
please remember that this is our ultimate goal and the specific details are merely
stepping stones on our way towards this highest of all objectives. The detail is
necessary to satisfy our intellect but healing comes from that quiet, uncluttered,
unattached place within our hearts and souls.
As such, this concept sits above and beyond the detail held in the technical sections of
this manual. This is therefore a good juncture to energise it here. This reinforces the
fact that true peace surrounds our emotional, physical and spiritual selves and its
beauty should not be lost within the pages of technical data that follow.
To help tap into this energy, I am relying on several different concepts - words
numbers and symbols. When you give intent to access these concepts you are a long
way towards touching pure peace. You can either do this now by following the
procedural steps I have described in Chapter 3, or wait until you have read the rest of
the book. Its up to you, but you will be healing as you read, that is unavoidable.

Step 1 The harmonic sequence underneath the picture is the first one in this book
and because it sits above all the others, is slightly different in structure, being 13
digits rather than 12. The 12 digit sequences apply to imbalances within the human
form, whereas this longer sequence is accessing energy outside both our physical
bodies and our vibrational world. It translates the indefinable concept of peace into a
format we understand.
The diagram is Fibonaccis spiral the natural, unlimited curve created when basic
squares bearing Golden Ratio proportions are developed into an evolving design. This
shape is found in numerous natural examples, including shells, plants, DNA and the
human ear. Together, the shapes and numbers translate the concept of peace into a
format we can understand at the cellular level. See if it does anything for you:


Colour: White and blue

Master number 7
9 7 8 3 1 7 7 8 5

Animal: Dove

Step 2 - I was planning to design a symbol accessing pure peace through the power of
sacred geometry. As it turns out, there is no need as the energy has already been
accessed through the incredible work of Heather Willings, who has kindly given me
permission to use a sample of her work here. If you find these drawings as amazing as
I do, by all means contact Heather direct on her UK number 01747 85 26 33 for
details of the full range.
The combined symbols of peace and well-being


Step 3 - The final step is a mnemonic of sorts that opens our hearts to the simplicity
of the connection that exists between us all. If we truly lived our lives with these three
words at our core, the world would be a very different place. Absorb its meaning and
give intent to live by its truth:
We are one

I hope you have found this summary interesting but it is intended to be no more than
that. It explains for your intellectual satisfaction what happens when we engage in the
healing process and, in so doing, should help remove the mind based barriers to
healing that are all too often reinforced by modern living and indoctrination. It deprogrammes the blinkered system of healthcare put forward by the modern
establishment and helps us recognise the basic power and right we have to be happy
and healthy and to heal ourselves when we temporarily drift out of this natural state of
balance. Be under no illusion, good health is our basic right as human beings and its
time for us to claim it back.


Chapter 5
DNA healing

So, we have a model that governs our healing intent. It is now time to take a look at what
I believe is the final resting place of this healing our DNA. This is the ultimate of all
record keepers; it holds our genetical blueprint so that each new cell it generates
maintains the core essence of ourselves and our unique attributes. However, it is no
mechanical piece of factory equipment, it is an extraordinary piece of intelligent
engineering that allows itself the freedom to regenerate our cells based on the various
influences from our external environment, good or bad.
In this chapter, I want to take a brief laymans look at how science has arrived at its
current view of DNA, how this understanding is limited by our inability to look beyond
what can be seen or measured and then delve into the exciting world that lies beyond.
This will allow us to explore the true causes of disease and the fallacies of our current
understanding of the process of contagion. I ask you to take this journey with me because
knowledge is power and if you truly understand yourself you are already on the healing
But first, a brief history of the accepted wisdom of today.

DNA the ruler of the roost or is it?

Science normally moves forward in tentative steps; first a discovery, then ridicule, then
acceptance, then review. Even the basic principles of Pasteurs germ theory are still being
hotly disputed outside the pharmaceutical industry. The concept of the germ holding the
power is so fundamental to modern medicine that only small voices dare suggest that the
environment is more important and that bacteria is the mopper upper of disease rather
than symptomatic of the disease itself. More on that later.
The current hot subject is DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic acid to give it its full name. This
two stranded building block of life contains our genetical blueprint and about 5-10% of it
is used to create new proteins when read by our RNA. The DNA, in conjunction with
proteins, make up our chromosomes. Our chromosomes sit within the nucleus of our cells
and our cells make up the structure of our organs and physical bodies. In simple terms,
the evolving structural order looks like this:
DNA  chromosomes  cell nucleus  cell  organ  body.


In 1944 scientists first discovered that DNA contained hereditary information and the
later work of Watson and Crick reinforced this central role by suggesting that DNA
controlled its own replication, leaving us victims to our genetical inheritance. The Human
Genome project was set up in the late 1980s to catalogue all human genes. The objective
was to link a faulty gene to each of the major diseases and in doing so take a major step
towards eradicating some of mankinds greatest enemies.
This is where the DNA bandwagon first started to lose its scientific impetus. We have
100,000 or so different proteins in the body, so must have the same number of different
genes, or so the theory went one gene, one protein. It was therefore a shock to the
establishment to discover that there were only about 25,000 different genes. In effect, the
mechanism that separates man from the beast is nothing to do with the complexity of our
gene pool. If fact, we have the same number of genes as a common rodent and only a few
percent more than a banana. Thankfully, there is much more behind our design than this.
This brick wall paved the way for the supporters of epigenetics to take hold. This branch
of science suggests that the environment is more responsible for our health and happiness
than our inherited genes. It proposes a control system of 'switches' that turn genes on or
off, without altering the DNA sequences themselves. It also suggests that our life
experiences, including our nutrition and stress levels, can control these switches and
cause disease in the individual and heritable effects in future generations.
The emphasis within the scientific world has therefore shifted away from the power of
the DNA within the nucleus to the proteins that surround it. Cells can only replicate when
the protein sleeve detaches from the double helix allowing the RNA to read the exposed
segment of DNA. This segment and the gene it represents can then reproduce.
The new thinking behind epigenetics has shown that this protein sleeve is governed by
environmental influences, including toxins, emotions and nutrition. These outside
influences allow us to create hundreds of different proteins from the same genetic
blueprint stored in the DNA, much as we can create hundreds of different shades from the
basic red, blue and green colours generated by a standard television set.
This explains why the human genome project could only find a fraction of the different
genes anticipated our bodies use environmental influences to modify the basic blueprint
and create the rest of the different proteins in the human body. The lid was off and recent
studies (Willett 2002) have shown that true hereditary factors account for only 5% of
disease, including cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer. The rest is down to environment.
The suggestion of an environmental influence to our gene expression is controversial, as
is the potential for these influences to be passed through the generations, but evidence is
mounting. In the remote town of verkalix in northern Sweden, parish registries of births
and deaths and its detailed harvest records show that a famine at critical times in the lives
of the grandparents can affect the life expectancy of the grandchildren.


After the tragic events of September 11th 2001, Rachel Yehuda, a psychologist at the
Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, studied the effects of stress on a group of
women who were inside or near the World Trade Centre and were pregnant at the time.
Her results suggest that stress effects can pass down generations. Meanwhile, research at
Washington State University points to toxic effects like exposure to fungicides or
pesticides causing biological changes in rats that persist for at least four generations.
We are, in effect, walking biographies of our grandparents; we represent the air they
breathed, the food they ate, even the events they witnessed, despite never experiencing
these things ourselves. What we do in our lifetimes could in turn affect our grandchildren.
I have often wondered whether the peace movement of the 1960s was an inevitable
reaction by the next generation to two previous global conflicts; this new thinking
suggests that it may well be, and may even have been encoded into their genes.
Two of the most pioneering thinkers in this field are Bruce Lipton - The Biology of
Belief and Dawson Church The Genie in your Genes, both of which are essential
reading if you are interested in the basic science behind epigenetics. Part of their
groundbreaking work focuses on the role of the cell membrane rather than the cell
nucleus in determining the day to day function and health of the cell itself. They have
shown that the receptor sites in the membrane receive external stimuli that determine
which aspects of our DNA replicate to produce the next cell.
This basic concept is supported by Candace Pert in her own research and we now have a
reasonably clear and demonstrable understanding of the process by which our
environment, including our emotional balance, affects our physical health.
In my own experiences, I have worked with many clients who seem to hold emotions that
cannot be explained by their own lives. They talk of shame and guilt yet cannot name an
incident that could justify such a deep negative belief. Even tracking back into the
unconscious record of their life, or past lives, yields no clues as to the origin of this
On many occasions, they carry the guilt of their ancestors, passed on to them through
epigenetic influences and stored in their DNA. They may even carry the foreign energy
attachments that accompanied that previous life, especially within the amygdala, the
centre of emotional response. More often that not, the trigger point is many generations
back and by understanding the nature of the trauma, such as violence, abuse, adultery or
illegitimacy, we can release the resonance that has been passed down the generations.
Whats more, in doing so, we heal the ancestral line as well as the client on the couch.
I have found a preponderance of triggers dating back to 5,6, or 7 generations. This takes
us back over 100 years to a time when most layers of society had a strong code of
acceptable behaviour and anything that did not comply was neatly swept under the carpet
and kept within the family. This was reinforced by a strong church with clear views on
the sin we carry. In a sense, hypocrisy ruled, but there was certainly not the laissez faire
attitude to adultery or illegitimacy that we see today and divorce was rarely an option.


This may explain why the emotions of guilt and shame are so predominant in our
inheritance. Events may have been covered up, but our emotional health cannot be
denied. It can only be compartmentalized, where it festers away, predisposing ourselves
and our descendents to a heightened risk of disease.
It may also explain why certain trends pass from generation to generation. We hear much
of the abused becoming the abuser, but perhaps this is not just learnt behaviour. It makes
as much sense to recognize that both generations were afflicted by the same inheritance
and were playing out the role encoded into their genes, passing on the hate or despair
they were born with. When I tune into this facet in clinic the energy changes immediately
and the sense of lightness after it has been released is palpable.
These facets can even pass across the genetical barriers to spouses and non-blood
relatives. The process of entrainment draws people in close proximity into similar
resonance, just as the pendulums of grandfather clocks and the timing of female
menstrual cycles come into alignment over time.
One final thought on the subject. I have yet to find any epigenetic inheritance triggered
that affects more than seven generations. Seven is a very powerful figure, we seem to live
in seven year cycles, with echoes of earlier events repeating themselves at these regular
intervals. It also has biblical implications. There are many controversial and often
contradictory quotes in the old testament about the sins of the father being passed on to
the children. They support the concept but not the seven generations. The main reference
to the seven generations is the curse applied to Cain for the slaying of his brother Abel.
Perhaps this was the first example of epigenetic activity given in metaphorical form.
So, getting back to our primary question, we surely now have the answer; the DNA is just
a stable blueprint that provides the building blocks for the creative design of the human
body, the artists palette of colours but not the painting itself. ..or is it..?
The problem we have now is that this understanding, which I would not dispute for a
second, can only cover what we can see and prove using scientific observation. It is also
framed by our current awareness which inevitably falls short of a complete understanding
of the mechanics behind the human being. There are two issues untouched by the science
of epigenetics:
1. What is the purpose of the 90-95% of our DNA that is not used for protein
manufacture? This mysterious element is inappropriately named junk DNA - a
very unflattering term as nature rarely allows wastage on this scale.
2. Spiritualists suggest that our 2 helix DNA represents only a fraction of its true
potential. At our highest level of existence, we have a 12 helix DNA that exists in
a multi-dimensional state.


If this is true, we are back where we started. I believe there is this extra element to our
DNA which reinstates it at the centre of our existence. This is not to denounce any of this
other work I have touched upon here, only to say that we may need to look deeper. I
believe that these wider facets of our DNA hold the key to our true essence along with a
detailed autobiography of our history in this life and beyond.

The hidden mysteries of our DNA

To understand the true potential of our DNA, we must open our minds to possibilities
beyond our normal understanding. It must surely be safe to say that nature would not
allow 90% of our DNA to be junk, we just need to understand what that purpose is.
There are some key references that I believe help us find the answer.
First of all, there is the work of the Russian microbiologist Pjotr Garjajev and his research
team. Their assertion is that our DNA is a data storage and communication device. It is an
organic superconductor whose long strands receive input from the outside world. The
structure of the DNA strands is so similar to the syntax and grammar of language that this
input does not even need to be interpreted or converted into a form that our DNA can
They were even able to restructure the DNA strands and correct genetic malfunctions by
using suitably modulated lasers that could transmit a signal directly into the DNA. This
supports the key assertion that our health depends on our thoughts, words and beliefs. If
this basic understanding can be taken forward, the future of DNA therapy could be so
much more straightforward than the mechanical intervention of stem cell replacement.
We need simply find the appropriate resonance and transmit it directly into the DNA
strand to be repaired. When I try to stimulate the healing process with my clients, this is
exactly my intent.
These scientific findings are supported in Book VII of the wonderful series of Kryon
channeled works by Lee Carroll. He suggests that our DNA is a massive record keeper
that exists in a multi-dimensional state, holding our entire soul or akashic record.
Specifically, it contains:

details of all the events and emotions of this lifetime

similar information for all our previous lifetimes

the contracts we have agreed to honour

the plans and challenges we have in place for the future

If we explore this thinking further, we are limited only by the breadth of our imagination.


I see the Universal world is one huge cog, of unlimited proportions, revolving around a
Divine source at its centre. Attached to this is the cog of the planet Earth, tiny by
comparison but still large enough to overwhelm our limited human perspective. As
individuals, we attach to the planetary cog and looking to our left and right we see the
mini cogs of billions of souls all engaging in their own personal lives and stories. Above
us the light is hazy and we catch only a veiled glimpse of the future slowly turning in our
direction. This larger cog turns very slowly, but to us as tiny attachments this seems
quick enough and the complete revolution of our personal life cog barely registers as
movement on the master reel to which we adhere.
Where we touch the larger reel, there is an interference pattern created representing the
interaction between our personal story and the passage of time within the wider picture.
The point of interaction is our DNA. As world events open up around us, so our DNA
revolves, revealing the challenges and lessons we have chosen to experience in this
particular attachment to the master reel.
The result is a like an early printing press, making temporary contact with the paper but
leaving a permanent impression that can be read at any time thereafter. Our DNA is the
same. On its own it is powerless, but when combined with the passing of time it leaves a
pattern of our lives that forms our Akashic record i.e. the history of our souls journey. In
preparation for our lives we choose where to join the master cog and some of the
impressions that will be made as our life revolves - pre-planned synchronicities to guide
us on our way.
Of course, the ink we apply and the colours we create are up to us to determine as we live
our lives. Will we create a masterpiece or a tangled mess? Thats our challenge, but the
DNA will record the impression we create as we touch the wheel of life and whether
there are areas that need further work in a future attachment.
These interference patterns are the subject of the next chapter, but for now it is enough to
say that our DNA stores and transmits all of this information. It emits photons, which are
elementary particles travelling at the speed of light that carry electromagnetic charges of
all wavelengths. These are picked up by the trillions of other DNA strands in our body,
ensuring that each cell knows the status of every other.
Cells have specific responsibilities and are more affected than others by particular
emotions. Our liver cell DNA may store and act upon the resonance of sadness whereas
our kidneys may respond more to the enregy of fear, but together they make an all
knowing team.
This holographic understanding of the human body is essential knowledge. It explains
why scientists struggle to attribute a particular memory to a particular part of the brain.
Our bodies have billions of radio stations transmitting their signals through our DNA and
any organ can tune into this signal if they wish. If we lose function through illness or


trauma, the brain may ask another organ to increase its own workload to take up the
If we put these thoughts together, we have a small insight into the extraordinary power of
the DNA within our cells and its potential to influence our lives and our health. This is
not to deny the role of epigenetic activity. Both models share the core belief that our
health is not pre-determined by the genes contained in the protein producing elements of
our DNA, that our past and present environment have a crucial part to play.
The good news is that both models can be valid. Epigenetics explains how our
environment affects protein production, suggesting that the cell membrane itself carries
the real intelligence that dictates which proteins we produce and which genes we activate
at any given time. All I am suggesting here is that the DNA itself has hidden depths that
we cannot yet see or measure. It sits beneath the gene level rather than above it, with a
capacity to act like an antenna and receive and transmit signals throughout the body and
beyond. This explains its effectiveness as a record keeping and communication device. It
is the building block behind the holographic nature of our bodies and ensures that each
cell knows the status of every other.
In effect, our environment influences all aspects of our physical presence, from the
measurable affects on our cells, through to the genes and then down to the DNA itself.
Each level of our existence is influenced by the next level above and below it, so when
the protein producing element of our DNA is copied as part of the creation process, it is
receiving direction from both the subtle coding within its overall double helix and the cell
membrane above it.

Healing through our DNA records

If we accept the principles I have outlined above, we must recognize the enormous role
we have in our own health and that of our offspring. We can no longer blame our genes
or metabolism, we must accept that we can undo the external influences to our health and
happiness with the same creative power that generated them in the first place. Our DNA
is our personal autobiography, so to find true healing we must heal our DNA record.
This is not an easy proposition as there are so many influences on our health to consider.
I believe they can be summarised into ten key headings that now follow. These are all
covered directly or indirectly within the healing sections of Quantum K but as
understanding helps the healing process I make no apologies for briefly covering them


1. Experiences from our current life physical imbalances and negative core
beliefs resulting from the environment and traumas of this particular incarnation.
2. Our physical environment electromagnetic and geopathic stress, pollution,
poor nutrition, toxicity and lack of sunlight.
3. Social programming law, religion, schooling, parental influences and other
indoctrination that may take us away from pure truth.
4. Our spiritual environment energetic attachments, curses, vows and low
vibrational objects in our possession.
5. Our spiritual history past life influences that affect our physical and emotional
balance in this lifetime, raising symptoms and insecurities that seem inappropriate
based on our upbringing and current circumstances. This includes pre-life
contracts that may no longer be appropriate to our highest growth and soul
6. Our spiritual family other aspects of ourselves enjoying physical form in
another dimension, plus the influences of other soul group members, our guides
and helpers.
7. Ancestral inheritance the influence that the emotions and traumas of our
ancestors may be having on our lives now. In effect, the epigenetic activity I have
already described.
8. Disease patterns - the disease blueprints contained in the electromagnetic field
around us that contain germs and diseases, including the coughs and colds of our
nearest and dearest. More on this in the next chapter.
9. The disease inheritance - the disease profile of our ancestors, miasmic taints that
are core to classical homeopathy. As an example, syphilis in a distant relative
may well predispose us to eczema or other skin diseases now.
10. The collective unconscious Carl Jungs archetypes that form the structure
behind our individual personality types. We all have elements of the warrior, the
child, the victim and the saboteur etc within us. The key is to keep them in
balance so that their influence supports our growth rather than detracts from it.

In a sense, this unique complexity is what separates man from beast and it is the ups and
downs of our souls journey that make us vulnerable to types of disease that are unseen in
the animal kingdom. If we look after these 10 facets, we cannot fail to be happy, healthy
and fulfilled.


Chapter 6

The concept of increasing ones vibration is widely used by those looking to evolve
towards higher states of health and understanding. Science does not deny the vibrational
quality of all living matter, but certainly disputes these more subtle claims.
That is not a problem here because I am looking at this subject from a different
viewpoint, running parallel to the accepted laws of biology rather than competing against
them. Science seeks measurable truths, such as the structure of our cells, how the brain
communicates to our body through neuropeptides, how we maintain homeostasis through
hormones and negative feedback cycles and the mechanism of disease. I want to look at
the same issues but from a resonance viewpoint, examining the subtle communication
processes that we feel but cannot see. This follows on nicely from the previous chapter on
I am keen to avoid going over old ground here as this is a heavily covered subject, but I
do want to use my experience with clients and the input from my usual sources to
hopefully add to the debate. In particular, I want to cover the subject of internal
communication between our cells. This is important within the context of this work
because these principles underpin the technical section of the manual. I am asking our
bodies to absorb data and heal through the application of focused intent, so we need to
understand the process by which this happens. We cannot engage the powerful simplicity
of our intent unless we have a clear grasp of the mechanics behind it. When I drive my
car it is a reasonably automatic process, but I needed years of training and practice first to
ensure that this instinct is correctly guided. The same applies here.

The holographic body

Most ball sports are based around reaction time to some degree. When well trained, the
body needs to respond almost automatically once the brain has determined the correct
move to make. I know from my own experiences playing cricket that if a bouncer is
aimed at my head, I will instinctively duck or rock out of the way before my conscious
mind has issued any instructions to the rest of my body to do so. The speed of reaction
required is far too fast to be delivered by a feedback loop communicating through the
nervous system, regulating the contracting and extension of muscles through a series of
neurological stimuli.


Our responses can only be explained if every cell in our body is tuned into the collective
whole. When we decide that our head needs to move to the left, all the cells within our
nervous system act on this signal instantaneously. The reason they can do this is that our
cells are in constant communication with each other through our DNA. The photon
emissions from our DNA travel at the speed of light (not surprising as they are the
component parts of a light wave), so once the conscious intent has been set, the muscles
can respond instantaneously. Consciousness pervades every cell in our bodies, so when a
decision is made, it is available instantaneously throughout. If our defence mechanisms
relied on a series of ion exchanges through the cells of the nervous system, predators
would have long since seen to our extinction as a species.
The best analogy I have for this is the schoolteacher talking to the class. The teacher
could whisper the message to the first pupil who then passes it on to the next person and
so on. Apart from being cumbersome and time consuming, there is a great risk of it being
diluted or altered. It is much more effective for all concerned if the message is spoken
out loud for all students to hear together.
Another way of looking at the interconnectedness of the human being is through the
holographic model. This is a largely metaphorical explanation for the way all cells within
our body seem to understand the status of every other.
The first serious proponent of this theory was Karl Pribram, as explored by Michael
Talbot in the book The Holographic Universe. His basic premise is that our bodies are
holographic in nature and we live within a holographic universe. In effect, all our cells
contain complete information about the status of all of the others. This basic principle
underpins most complementary healthcare, where therapists treat the client as a complete
unit, looking for ways to heal the individual as a whole rather than merely address
specific, localised symptoms.
The holographic model also explains how the brain is able to store so many specific
memories in the order of 2.8 x 1020 over a lifetime according to Talbot which far
exceeds the number of neurons in the brain. In a hologram, each different angle of view
could create a different picture, so one neuron could contain a number of memories. I
suspect Pribram and Talbot intended this to be a metaphorical model rather than a literal
one because the practical explanation they offer gives us the clearest image of this
process at work:
Neurons possess branches like little trees, and when an electrical message reaches the
end of one of these branches it radiates outward as does the ripple in a pond. Because
neurons are packed together so densely, these expanding ripples of electricity also a
wavelike phenomenon are constantly crisscrossing one another, creating an almost
endless and kaleidoscopic array of interference patterns, and these in turn might be what
give the brain its holographic properties.
This proposition applies to the electrical activity of the brain, but as DNA is also a
transmitter, it is easy to extend this model to the rest of the human body.


Resonance behind the holograph

So, if our bodies are holographic in nature, how does this work in practice? I have already
mentioned the photon emissions from our DNA. These electromagnetic particles have
wave-like properties and are emitted from the aerials in our DNA at the speed of light.
Their emissions are available to the billions of strands of DNA in the rest of our body to
receive and act upon. They have been measured outside of the body to a range of 50
miles in Russian military trials, so goodness knows how far their presence is truly felt in
a universe unlimited by the boundaries of our scientific equipment. This photon
resonance explains the practicalities behind the laws of attraction we radiate out our
emotions and beliefs and receive back events and people in line with our own signals.
The sheer scale of this is mind-blowing. We each have trillions of cells and billions of
miles of unraveled DNA, all emitting their photon signals in waves that crash into each
other, forming interference patterns that create a new resonance afresh. Each point of
impact represents a new expression of our consciousness, where one influence meets
another to create a third.
As a practical example, imagine someone with a guilt based belief system stored in
their DNA based on childhood events. This signal will be on continual transmission,
perhaps weak, perhaps strong, but it will be there at some level to influence every thought
and decision made thereafter. When this theoretical person thinks about, say, their job
prospects, these two resonances will meet to create a third a hybrid of career and guilt.
This thought would have a lower resonance than a combination of career and confidence
and would have a less supportive and perhaps even damaging effect on that persons
decisions and behaviour.
To give an idea of the scale involved here, we can consider four resonances being
released from four strands of DNA which we will call A, B, C and D. You might think
this would create 4 interference patterns, but if we apply basic factorial mathematics, we
find that there are in fact 15 combinations. We have:
A, B, C, D, AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD, ABC, ABD, ACD, BCD, and ABCD.
In other words, if we drop 4 stones into a pond, there will be an interference pattern based
on these 15 different combinations. If we repeat this process over and over, we create a
continuous and stable pattern based on these templates.

If you expand these concepts to allow for the trillions of strands of DNA, the number of
interference patterns is beyond our imagination. Using this model, it is easy to see how
our DNA has the capacity to store the detail from all of our history, the myriad of


different frequencies creating a master signal which is in effect an average vibration for
that individual, as unique to them as their own smell. This harmonic resonance in turn
transmits to a wider audience and forms part of the species resonance for mankind.
There is an interesting tangent to all this. If photon emissions create interference patterns
that define who we are and our consciousness level, what lies in the spaces in between, at
the frequencies where there is no activity? This is the space in between the waves, the
area outside of vibration, where there is no movement at all. We are back to the world of
peace, the space beyond our world where God / Source / Universal Intelligence resides
that provides the silence against which our resonance can be felt.
Most ancient cultures acknowledge the power of quiet time and meditation. They talk of
the answers to all our questions being within us and discourage us from looking outside
ourselves for healing. This now makes more sense, when we calm our minds we also
calm the pond of interference patterns created by our DNA. How can guilt and shame
take hold of us when we deny them the opposing ripple with which they can interact?
They still broadcast their negative signals, but with no conscious thoughts to engage with,
the power of the process eludes them. They echo off into space with minimal impact.
This allows us the opportunity to connect back to Source. When we do so, we absorb
healing and knowledge via these spaces, at some point converting the purity of this
connection back into the positive resonance most appropriate to us at that time. Healing
really does come from within.

Good and bad resonances

The vibrational world frames all existence; even the spiritual dimensions have a
resonance, albeit too high for us to appreciate while in physical form. This begs the next
series of questions what is a good resonance? What happens when a good resonance
meets a bad one, when fear and love compete against each other?
I want to consider these issues at the conceptual level, but we still need to agree a basic
understanding about the properties of waves so that when I use the phrases frequency
and amplitude we have a shared understanding of what that means.
To start then, we need to agree on photons. These are quantum level particles that make
up light waves. They travel at the speed of light and can have a variety of frequencies to
reflect the light wave they represent, whether that is red, green, or the resonance emitted
from our DNA. They are the quantum particles that form the interference patterns within
our bodies that I have referred to already. In effect, they are the practical mechanism by
which every cell knows the status of every other.


Moving on, these photons make up light waves that can have a variety of frequencies and
amplitudes. To explain this further, here are two waves:

1 second

1 second

6 Hertz

1 Hertz

Assuming the length of the horizontal axis represents one second, the above graphs show
sine waves with different frequencies measured in Hertz. One Hertz means one complete
oscillation per second. The higher the frequency, the higher the vibration, so when we
talk about evolving and increasing our vibration, this is the specific measure to which we
As a separate issue we have amplitude. This is the power of the wave i.e. the strength
with which that frequency is broadcast:

1 second

1 second

6 Hertz
Low amplitude

6 Hertz
High amplitude

If someone has a healthy body, the organs will resonate at the correct frequency but will
also have a high amplitude. This makes the state of good health more robust and it will
take more interference from bad energies and toxins to detract from this core vitality.
These waves are continuous, making a constant tone at that frequency in line with the
steady release of photon particles from the DNA. There is, however, an important
stillness in the frequency spectrum not being used, just as a musical chord depends on the
space created by the notes not being played.


So, if we restrict ourselves to a conceptual view, we need to know how resonance

impacts on the three key areas of good health, illness and healing.
First of all, I do not believe that there is one perfect resonance in the human body any
more than there is a perfect note in music. Our bodies are a composite of hundreds of
different systems, each of which has an ideal frequency that combine to create an overall
frequency. This aggregate sound is harmonious when the body and mind is in good
When these organs are exposed to discordant vibrations from low emotions, toxins,
environmental stresses etc there is a battle between the healthy vibration of the organ and
the external influence. To stay healthy, we must ensure that the positive influences on
that system exceed the negative ones. This applies at the esoteric level of resonance that
we are looking at here, but also at the more measurable biological level.
The laws of attraction dictate that we magnetically draw in frequencies most similar to
our own. Like attracts like. These laws apply at the macro level where as individuals we
may draw in events and people that most closely resonate with us and this may work in
a negative as well as a positive way. Someone with an abusive history may attract
abusive people just as strongly as a loving person will attract loving people.
Confused thoughts, contradictions between our conscious intent and faulty belief systems
create a disjointed resonance and a muddled attraction. We think we know what we want
and deserve, but our DNA may be emitting a different photon signal.
These laws also apply at the micro level where specific organs have a natural affinity for
specific emotions, in effect the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As an example,
our kidneys are vulnerable to the vibrations of fear and sexual indecision because they
share the same basic frequency.
Any complementary healthcare therapist will confirm the affinity of organs and certain
emotions and I believe this is why. In other words, if an organ is resonating at 1000 hertz
it would naturally pick up emotions, good or bad, that resonate close to this frequency. It
is as though each organ is tuned into a particular radio station and will pick up these
influences above all others. This goes against most thinking that suggests that low
emotions are low frequencies. I believe they are damaging to our health because they
operate within the frequency spectrum of our physical body, whether high or low. If they
did not, they would pass us by, as would the transmissions of Classical Gold while we are
tuned into Radio 1.
Of course, where they do interact they can cause havoc. Their damage comes from
creating chaos out of order through affecting the natural order and structure of a healthy
vibrational wave. Dr Emotos work with water crystals confirms this all the inherent
strength and beauty of the water crystal is lost when exposed to the disruptive frequencies
of low emotions.


If we return to our wave drawings, we can see pictorially how a low emotion might
distort the health of a healthy vibration. How does this look to you?

When I look at it, it makes me feel very uncomfortable; it still resonates at 6 hertz
because there are 6 cycles in the extract shown, but it is discordant. When this interferes
with the symmetrical and structured wave of our healthy organ it will cause damage,
hopefully very little, but this will depend on how strong it is.
Incidentally, when I dowse to see which emotion this most strongly resembles, I get the
answer guilt. Nasty! I suggest you dont look at it for too long.
In contrast, a healthy emotion would have a more even, structured look in line with the
waves I have drawn earlier. These serve to support the strength of the organ and protect it
from the weakening effects of any discordant vibrations.
This then brings us back to amplitude. If our kidneys in the example I am using are at a
healthy resonance, they should have a high amplitude, which would translate into a
strong energy system and balanced chakras. External influences will either add to or
detract from this core strength. If these influences are positive, the owners of these
kidneys should be in vibrant health as the saying goes, but if fundamentally negative,
this could lead to illness. There is therefore an important distinction to be drawn between
someone with a little bit of fear of public speaking and someone who lives permanently
in a state of deep anxiety.
The frequency will not change the kidney is still a kidney after all. It will not transmute
mysteriously into a liver, (more on this concept later) but it could become stronger or
weaker depending on the balance of influences.
In numerical terms, the influences on these mystical kidneys could look like a profit and
loss account. They could have a natural vibration of level +100, which would be
supported by the benefits of a happy and loving family (+5) but detracted by the
influences of a stressful job and the fear of redundancy (-8). The net result would be +97
which might be enough to maintain sufficient balance in the kidneys for them to fulfill
their duties. If not, the frequency emitted would be recognized by the bodys internal
brain and the body would compensate drawing energy from other systems. The kidney
meridian might then test weak to a kinesiologist, representing the first stage of ill health.


If we summarise this section then, we have the following rules:

1. Each organ in our body has an optimum frequency.
2. A healthy organ has a high amplitude within this frequency.
3. Each organ resonates with positive and negative influences of the same frequency.
4. Low emotions and toxins have a discordant, unstructured wave that destabilises
the structure of the healthy organ it interferes with.
5. The overall health of an organ depends on whether the positive influences are
stronger than the negative.

The resonance of spiritual growth

We must now consider the concept of spirit and spiritual growth, of raising our vibration
as individuals and a species, rising to higher levels of understanding and consciousness.
This has to be a theoretical study, but for me the key point here is that we still have a
physical body. We are still composed of flesh and blood irrespective of our state of
enlightenment. This visible body does not change so the frequency in which we operate
also remains static.
The big changes are in the multi-dimensional nature of our bodies. There is almost
unlimited channeled information on the evolution of our DNA towards a 12 stranded
version that represents the highest potential of who we are. These extra strands exist in a
world we cannot see but can access through our more intuitive senses. When we feel we
have evolved, we feel more at peace, more connected to the world at large and can start
to tap into a sense of unconditional love for mankind as a whole.
In other words, although our physical bodies remain unchanged, our emotions and our
thoughts are rising in frequency. As we open up the extra strands and potential of our
DNA, our overall resonance climbs as we start to vibrate across a broader spectrum.
This heightens the disparity between old thought patterns and beliefs stuck in our
unconscious and the higher states we are hoping to reach. Our spirit cannot ascend to new
lofty levels if we have low vibrational emotions holding us back. They will act as an
anchor that will inhibit our growth into this new potential.
This is why we are all being challenged to clear our stuff quickly. Our overall progress
is measured by the lowest vibration we have left and there is perhaps more at stake now
than ever before.


If we accept that we exist beyond our physical bodies, we can view ourselves against a
scale of increasing resonance. Starting with our physical body, we move up through the
etheric bodies and beyond into higher dimensions and then to the realm we occupy at the
soul or consciousness level. I have dowsed to find the relevant levels and came up with
the following:


Soul vibration in spirit

11,268 Hertz upwards


Higher dimensions

2345 11,268 Hertz



Realm of soul loss

Etheric bodies

2245-2345 Hertz
1624 - 2245 Hertz

Physical plane

0 1624 Hertz

The physical and etheric bodies have historically been the focus of most healing. When
we look to grow beyond our current limitations, opening up the 12 multi-dimensional
strands of our DNA, we move into the higher dimensions that exist between 2345 and
11,268 Hertz. Above this lies the level of our soul when not confined to physical form;
the resonance to which we return after death and to which many aspire if targeting the
much discussed ascension status while in physical form.
An interesting layer is that just above our etheric bodies. This is the small bandwidth
layer of soul loss, where aspects of our core self reside when forced out of our physical
and etheric bodies through severe trauma or upset.
I used to consider soul loss in geographical terms, with the missing essence floating
somewhere outside the physical body waiting for healing and an appropriate time to
return. I now see soul loss in resonance terms, where the essence lost has not moved in
time or space but merely increased its vibration to move just outside the physical and


etheric spectrums and just safe from the zones where the trauma and low emotions lie
When we attempt to heal these imbalances, understanding this concept gives an extra
level of intent to help focus the healing. When the core trauma is healed, the soul essence
can drop in resonance and re-engage with the etheric bodies.

Vibrational healing
If we continue to look at healing as a form of wave management, we must establish how
we can best neutralise or transform the negative, discordant, resonances of our low
emotions and toxins.
If we take our example of guilt again, we have an uneven wave that interferes with all
that it touches. We have two choices here, either delete it or convert it to a more balanced
vibration within the same frequency.
To delete it, we can use a concept called phase conjugation which formed a strong part
of the early versions of my Quantum K healing manual. In effect, we create a harmonic
resonance that exactly mirrors the vibration we wish to delete. The effect looks like this:


Phase conjugation


In recent months I have moved on from this concept because I think there is a better
process. Rather than delete it, we should try to heal that emotion. If we apply the
appropriate healing, we can convert it back to a healthy and harmonious wave pattern a
chance for redemption if you like. This then reinforces our good health and becomes a
positive vibration in our energy field.
I suspect that Reiki and other forms of energetic healing work in this way. They are
intelligent energies, so when we channel them we bring in a vibration that can take any
form and will vary depending on the circumstances of the client.
There are a wide range of therapies gaining popularity based on resonance healing. In the
medical world we have ultrasound treatment for kidney and bladder stones. We also have


bio-resonance machines working directly with these concepts and zappers to delete
In Germany, they are pioneering using mild electrical currents at the appropriate
frequency to treat tumours. The frequency chosen is absorbed by healthy cells but
destroys the cellular integrity of cancerous cells until the tumour literally blackens and
The intent behind the harmonics in Quantum K is also vibrational in nature. The number
sequences I use speak directly to the crystalline structure of our DNA and seek to
transmute negative emissions so that the structure and resonance of any DNA holding a
negative emotion is retuned to blueprint status i.e. its optimum state of existence. I also
invoke the vibrations of crystals and plants to support this healing.
Here is an example specifically geared towards emotional cleansing. If you picked up any
negativity from looking at the guilt wave I drew earlier, scanning this will undo it:
Crystal: Tourmaline

Plant: Bergamot

Master number 1


The beauty of the harmonics in Quantum K is that they deal with damaging records held
in our DNA before they have been converted into photon emissions. We need to know
exactly what we are looking to heal to help focus our intent, hence the technical pages
detailing all the different causes of ill health. Using this comprehensive list, we can
address the deep underlying issues rather than try to simply heal the physical and
emotional symptoms resulting from them. If we rely on herbs and healthcare procedures
to address specific organs that show imbalance, we can be accused of the same
superficiality that we direct at the medical profession, we are just using natural solutions
rather than drugs.
The beauty of vibrational healing is therefore its depth when used properly. It can also
offer instantaneous relief and I will give you two example of this from my experiences as
a kinesiologist.
First of all, there is the tried and tested dehydration test. A weak arm to the appropriate
test is instantaneously corrected when the client drinks a glass of water. Now in all
practical senses, the water is sitting idly in the clients stomach, so why does the muscle
test strong? It could be argued that this is the bodys way of saying that a remedy is in
place, but I believe it is much more natural than that. I believe the body has already
drawn much of what it needed from the vibration of that water the moment it passed the
clients lips. Water has a resonance that is picked up immediately by all the cells in the


holographic body. Its healing properties are released immediately, including its
electromagnetic frequency, ideally 238 millivolts negative electrical potential.
The same can be said of food. Its vibration interacts with our cells immediately it is
consumed. The molecules of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins etc are too
large to be directly absorbed by the molecules within our cells; it is their light frequency
that stimulates and energises our cells. About 96% of our body composition is Hydrogen,
Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen, so we are fundamentally gases held together in physical
form by carbon. We are much closer to plants than we like to believe, our energy drawn
from the light emissions of our food just as a plant photosynthesizes its own primary food
source the sun.
This is a huge subject; suffice it to say that there is an invisible vibrational world running
alongside the observable biological one that we study at school.
While still on the subject of instantaneous healing, it is worth looking at another example,
that of detoxing. If we use herbs like chlorella to cleanse the body, we are relying on the
biological chelating process to bind the herb with the metals in preparation for their
excretion. This can take months and there is no guarantee that the herbs will root out
every toxin.
The advantage of vibrational healing, whether through homeopathy, bio-resonance,
Quantum K or targeted Reiki, is that we are tackling the damaging resonance of the
heavy metals as well as their physical properties. When I test the level of toxicity after a
treatment, I quite often find that it measures as zero. This has always intrigued me as
the molecules of metal must still be there in some form. I believe the body is saying that
the negative vibration has been cancelled even though the molecules remain. I suspect the
metal still looks like metal, but it has been vibrationally neutralized and no longer creates
damaging interference patterns with our healthy cells. Residues will be excreted in due
course but the healing has already occurred.
This honours my overriding belief that healing should be simple. We need to understand
the process by which it is achieved, but having done so, our intent can be clear and

The germ theory

Finally, we need to cover the connected subject of germ theory because the process of
contagion has vibrational interference at its core. If our DNA can store and resonate
emotions, can they do the same for diseases?
To reach any sort of conclusion on this huge subject, we need to briefly look at the
history of Pasteurs germ theory that underpins modern medicine and then see where it


falls down and if there is a greater truth waiting for us. I stress again if you understand
what makes you ill, you are halfway towards a cure, so please bear with me.
I believe that there are archetypal disease patterns as well as archetypal personality types
held in the collective unconscious. Carl Jungs term is well known, referring to the way
standard behaviour types influence the individual. I prefer to see this as the vibrational
influence of mans consciousness on the electromagnetic earth grid that surrounds us all.
This grid records humanitys resonance; in effect a summary of the personal records held
within our own DNA.
We therefore have a responsibility to watch what we think and say as we are nourishing
the quantum energy field with these vibrations. When enough people think in the same
way, the combined resonances create an energetic tidal wave that takes form, creating
either compassion and love or hysteria and prejudice. The frightening power of this
phenomenon is that it takes only the focused intent of a small minority of the population
to create a movement that affects us all. There are obvious examples in our recent history
to illustrate this point, from terrorist fears and racial tensions on the one hand, to
compassionate responses to natural disasters on the other.
In terms of disease, I believe that just as individuals create patterns of illness in
themselves, so the type of disease we contract is based on the collective vibration of the
human race. Low vibrations in the collective unconscious translate into the physical
realm. We can effectively download disease patterns from the quantum energy field
around us and when we evolve as a race, so do the diseases we create. Smallpox and
Polio are now replaced by Asian flu, MRSA and AIDS. One day, when we have evolved
beyond the vibrational spectrum of illness and disease, there will be no afflictions to
affect us. The meaning in our lives will come from spiritual growth, not day to day battles
with our health.
This may sound fanciful, but I have seen so many of my clients contract bacteria and
viruses almost at will. As one batch goes, so another appears. This paper chase of
infections continues until we intervene in some way and find the underlying cause of
their illness, which is invariably emotional or environmental in origin. Until we make this
discovery, the emotional imbalance draws in a disease or infection from the quantum
energy field or other people of similar resonance.
Pasteurs germ theory underpins modern medicine but is does not recognize these
external influences.
Even Florence Nightingale recognized this fact, publishing an attack on the germ theory
in 1860, over 17 years before Pasteur had even adopted it. She said of 'infection':
Diseases are not individuals arranged in classes, like cats and dogs, but conditions
growing out of one another. Is it not living in a continual mistake to look upon diseases as
we do now, as separate entities, which must exist, like cats and dogs, instead of looking
upon them as conditions, like a dirty and a clean condition, and just as much under our


control; or rather as the reactions of kindly nature, against the conditions in which we
have placed ourselves?
I was brought up to believe that smallpox, for instance, was a thing of which there was
once a first specimen in the world, which went on propagating itself, in a perpetual chain
of descent, just as there was a first dog, (or a first pair of dogs) and that smallpox would
not begin itself, any more than a new dog would begin without there having been a parent
Since then I have seen with my own eyes and smelled with my own nose smallpox
growing up in first specimens, either in closed rooms or in overcrowded wards, where it
could not by any possibility have been 'caught', but must have begun. I have seen diseases
begin, grow up, and pass into one another. Now, dogs do not pass into cats.
I have seen, for instance, with a little overcrowding, continued fever grow up; and with a
little more, typhoid fever; and with a little more, typhus, and all in the same ward or hut.
If you think a cold is always caught, please think again. The bacteria involved may pass
from someone else into you, but at some level you must both have shared the same
environmental or emotional stress. You may even have drawn in the appropriate disease
resonance from the quantum energy field. The bug is simply the end product of the
disease, not the disease itself. If anything was contagious, it was the emotional resonance
that allowed the bug to take hold in the first place.
This reinforces the core point that like attracts like in the vibrational world, whether we
are looking at emotions or their physical manifestations such as bacteria, viruses and
parasites. To attain true healing we must look beyond the bug, beyond the symptom itself
and find the resonance that underpins it all.


Chapter 7
Fractal Geometry

When a butterfly flaps its wings

You will see reference to the Fibonacci sequence and occasionally the Julia set
throughout the technical section of this book. This is the practical application of
number sequences for the benefit of our health - not the maths we were taught at
school but fractal geometry, the maths of nature herself where straight lines simply do
not exist.
It is a fascinating subject. If I asked you how long you thought the coastline of Britain
was, what would you say a couple of thousand miles perhaps? Try a few million
miles. In fact, it is longer than that, it is infinitely long.
This sounds hard to believe, but we are so used to measuring distances in straight
lines that we forget how false this system is. If you walked for a few minutes along a
cliff-top path you would probably cover a few hundred yards in a roughly straight
line, but you would not have traced the exact boundary. In reality, the edge of the path
may curve gently and if you look at the rocks and sand that make it up, you will see
hundreds of tiny indentations as the surface seems to weave this way and that in a
seemingly random pattern. Look under a microscope and there are even more
imperfections within its boundary.
This concept applies right down to the atomic
level, then to the quantum level of quarks and
beyond into the unknown. This is the essence of
fractal geometry the deeper you look the more
you find. There is no such thing as a straight line
in nature, so the path truly is unlimited in length.

The incredible Romanesque vegetable

Furthermore, the depth of design that underpins

the path, a tree, a lightening bolt, is far from
random. There is a core symmetry and
mathematical code that underpins all natural
structures however scrambled they may look to
the eye. Certain mathematical shapes and ratios
are particularly suitable for life and have a
structure that is both appealing to the eye and
practical for survival purposes.

For example, if trees and plants were any taller they could be blown over by the wind;
any shorter and they might have insufficient surface area to catch the suns rays and


for photosynthesis to occur. There is perfection in these seemingly random creations

of nature. In mathematical terms, this explains why fractal geometry is based on the
addition rather than the multiplication of numbers. If the fractal growth of a plant was
exponential rather than incremental, it would grow too fast and its structure would fail
to support its extremities. Nature cannot afford to make mistakes, so its growth is
always in perfect proportion to the structural strength of what lies beneath.
These shared design patterns work at many levels. The
deeper you look, the more you find. We know that
electrons circle the nucleus of an atom, kept in orbit by
some sort of electromagnetic or gravitational field. This is
no more than a mini version of the way the planets orbit the
sun, or the way our solar system rotates within the galaxy.
These principles apply across the board, from the smallest
snowflake to the largest star system. This is classic fractal
geometry, with patterns repeating over and over as we
delve deeper into their shape or retreat back in a forlorn
attempt to define their boundaries.

As an example of self-similarity, have a

look at the wonderful picture on the left and
decide what you think it is my first
reaction was that it is a capillary network in
the human body, or perhaps the patterns on a
It could be either of these, but in fact it is a
photo taken by NASA of the snow-capped
peaks and ridges of the eastern Himalayas.
Natures constructions follow the same basic
laws whether at the micro or the macro level,
one is just a bigger version of the other.

As a child, I used to look at the sparks flying off a burning log on the fire and wonder
if that was a star system collapsing in another dimension. and perhaps that our own
solar system is nothing more than a glowing ember on the fire of some other
dimension that exists on a scale way beyond the limits of our imagination. Im sure
we all have had similar thoughts in our time; perhaps these deep truths lie dormant
within us all until we suppress them with the limited concepts of Euclidean based
mathematics at school.
These theoretical connections suggest that there must be some core building block,
some basic mathematical principle that explains the development of a foetus in the
womb, the growth of a leaf on a tree and the way planets orbit around a sun. This has
been the Holy Grail of mathematicians for centuries. It appears to have eluded
Einstein in his time, but modern quantum physicists are now starting to define these
unifying principles. They have found simple equations that seem to explain the


geometric proportions of matter and life itself, with unifying proportions that link all
forms of existence.
The fern on the left looks spectacular and a fine
example of nature. In fact, it was created by Roger
Bagula and is the result of 100,000 iterations of the
mathematical formulae:
xn+1 = a xn + b yn + e
yn+1 = c xn + d yn + f
Like all good fractal progressions, the design is selfsimilar; it maintains the same proportions however
deeply you look into its design. Each fern leaf is a
complete fern in its own right.
If you want to read more on the appearance of Fibonacci progressions in Nature, my
favourite website is devised by Dr Ron Knott1. It explains the maths but also has some
wonderful examples and photographs of how they arise in Nature.
The beauty of this type of mathematics is that the core equation is relatively simple.
Just as the calculation of Pi (22/7) leads to an infinitely expanding progression, so
does the expansion of a basic equation in fractal geometry.
The subject of genomes and DNA is particularly interesting in this context. We have
approximately 3 billion base pairs of DNA in all of our 75 trillion cells which is an
awful lot of DNA. Our genes are the interim step which determine how the DNA is
replicated within our cells. Recent scientific discoveries in this new field are raising
many eyebrows because it is becoming clear that most variants of life on this planet
share a large percentage of our DNA.
How does it feel to know that we share 99% of our genes with a chimpanzee, 40%
with some species of fish and 40% with a banana? You can hopefully see where I am
going with this. Different life forms can be created with only the slightest tweak in the
genetical make-up. The DNA that lies beneath is the ultimate fractal expression, with
a structure and strength derived from a simple but fractal core.
It is the expansion of this basic starting point that leads to individuality and the
differences between all the occupants of the living world. Fractal geometry explains
how this initial position can become infinitely complex and varied, giving the false
impression of asymmetry, chaos and disconnection when in truth all is linked.
These concepts really do explain the development of life, while leaving room for the
existence of a Divine spark as the trigger behind it, if you wish to look for one. In
essence, everything is connected. A butterfly flapping its wings really does echo
across the planet and beyond.


The mathematical building blocks of life

If there really is a unifying formula that explains the creation of everything, then
perhaps we can use our understanding of it to support our health. To explore this idea
further, we need to look at the basic mathematics behind these principles. Our starting
point must be a suitable fractal equation, one that is easy to use but is clear enough for
our bodys intelligence to understand the intent behind its formation.
Some fractals are based on the square root of negative numbers, which takes us
further into the conceptual world than we need to travel. For this reason, the Fibonacci
sequence is the perfect equation. It uses real numbers, which are easier for our
bodies to interpret.
This is the core design behind the equations in this manual. I have occasionally used a
Julia Set sequence in some areas, but only when working with concepts outside the
basic functions of the human body, like blocking electromagnetic stress, or undoing
the trauma of dental work.
So, if we are going to use the Fibonacci sequence as our primary building block, we
need to start looking at how it works.
Take any two numbers you wish, say 2 and 5. Add them together and you get 7. Add
the 5 and the 7 together and you get 12. 12 and 7 makes 19. Keep adding the last two
numbers together and before long you have the following sequence:
2, 5, 7, 12, 19, 31, 50, 81, 131, 212, 343, 555, 898, 1453, 2351, 3804 etc
As the numbers grow, you move increasingly closer to the golden ratio of
approximately 1 to 1.618. In other words, every subsequent number is 1.618 times
the previous one. Ill explain the significance of this in a minute.
Lets work through another sequence first - the true Fibonacci progression which starts
with 0 and 1. (I like the undertones here; first there was nothing, then there was the
first act of creation)




3 + 5 = 8 . and off it

..0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597 etc
You will see that although the numbers are different, the ratio between them rapidly
evolves to the golden ratio, the higher the numbers, the more accurate the
correlation. The mathematical representation of this sequence of additions looks like
F (n+2) = F(n+1) +F(n) - +
All this is saying is that the third number in the sequence (n+2) is the addition of the
previous two, (n+1) and (n). I have added infinity signs - + to show that the


fractal should be computed in both directions, as in nature where there is no beginning

or end to the depth of the calculations.
I have also added the words 3 dimensions wherever the basic formula is shown, to
make absolutely sure that our bodies absorb the equation as a three dimensional
concept. By adding a starting position for (n) and (n+1), we arrive at a unique fractal
F (n+2) = F(n+1) +F(n) - + 3 dimensions
Starting (n) = 5 and (n+1) = 8
You now have the key formula that appears within the technical section of this
manual. The core formula appears unchanged but the starting points vary in line with
the needs of each specific application. To the intelligence of the body, this represents
the subtle difference between the shape of a liver or a kidney. They are both built
subject to fractal laws, but the tiniest variation in design creates a totally different
outcome when iterated thousands of times, exactly as we have just seen with DNA
and genomes.

Fractal healing of the body

This basic maths may not spark your imagination, but this is where it gets interesting.
These equations represent the growth cycle of life itself, expanding from the outside,
just as branches and leaves appear from the extremities of the plant or tree.
In line with all of nature, the human body is a continually evolving explosion of these
equations. Our DNA, cells, organs, facial dimensions all obey basic laws of fractal
There are many examples I could use, but an
obvious one is the human hand. If you look at any
finger you will see that the joints increase in size as
they lead towards the palm of your hand. This
increase follows fractal proportions i.e. the ratio 1
to 1.618.
If you keep going, the same rate of growth appears
between our fingers and our complete hand, our
complete hand and our forearm, our forearm and
our total arm length to the shoulder etc. These
proportions occur in most areas in our body, from
our DNA upwards. The more healthy and attractive
looking the person, the more accurately they
conform to this basic ratio.
The same applies to paintings, sculptures and buildings. Any composition with fractal
proportions is naturally appealing to the eye.


There is also evidence of the self-similar nature of fractals within the human body.
The lung is an excellent example of this, with a clearly repeating design at many
different levels of analysis. The airway divides and re-divides like the branches of a
tree, or the tributaries of a river system. Each segment of the lung divides into a
bronchus and then into bronchioles and finally into alveoli where the gaseous
exchange takes place.
If we take these concepts further, there must be a different sequence for each of the
progressions in the human body. Could an illness be a sign of a progression gone
wrong? If a liver has become congested with heavy metals and undernourished by a
nutritionally deficient diet, could we not return it to its perfect state by re-applying the
original fractal equation?
I believe we can. When a computer goes wrong, we reboot it to re-install the
uncorrupted master version. The human body is a bio-computer so why not apply the
same concept, using a language we know it understands fractal geometry? After all,
we are made from one of the most inspiring fractals of all DNA so we simply need
to speak its language.
In doing so, we are not simply repeating the embryonic development of our bodies
from the first original cells. Our bodies are in a continual state of decay and
rebuilding, with most structures and organs fully replaced every few weeks or months.
If we can make even a slight adjustment to this process in a positive way, even a
diseased body has the potential to heal. If the organ itself is not damaged beyond
repair, a 1% improvement over many cycles of regeneration could eventually lead us
back towards our perfect original design, or at the very least improve the natural
recovery time.
By accessing universal intelligence through muscle testing, I have found what I
believe to be the basic sequences behind the core elements of the human body. This
provides quick and effective support for the physical body while we work
concurrently on the more subtle underlying causes using other sections within the
manual. Our symptoms offer lessons and guidance to us. If we ignore the core
messages we merely delay the return of the original disease.
A very intuitive friend of mine, Annie Maysmith, was guided to describe the fractal
process as follows:
The body knows best. It is far too complex and inter-related for the brain to
understand. Fractal equations map this complexity. They set the body in motion and
correct any blockages.
Fractal healing works. Try it and see. It might not make sense but we cannot
understand complexity on this scale. But we can feel it when our body responds. It
will love the movement to a block free buzz. It will soon be purring. This is the state
of homeostasis.
This is a good summary of the main point here; we do not need to fully understand
how this process works, we just need to give it a go with an open mind and feel the

The fractal nature of the mind

The link between fractal geometry and the physical
development of the human body is largely accepted and I
believe it is reasonable to advocate the use of these principles
to influence our health at the physical level. Of greater
challenge is the justification for using fractals to support
emotional and energy healing. For this to work, subtle energy
must move with a symmetry that conforms to these natural
proportions. Is there any justification for this view?
I believe there is. The brain and the central nervous system are awe-inspiring
examples of fractal growth, with a network of neural pathways that are the key to our
memories and emotions. We cannot, however, say that these pathways hold our
memories or emotions. This is still the subject of much debate. We have long since
moved away from the proposition that they reside in a particular part of the brain, but
there are now suggestions that they are not held in the brain at all. Recent authors
Rupert Sheldrake in particular - suggest that they are actually held in the Zero Point
Field and our brains are merely the tool we use to retrieve them.
Studies with MRI scanners have shown that different areas of the brain light up when
we access our memory bank, but is this their source or their point of retrieval? There
is also a lifetimes work by pioneers like David Bohm, Karl Pribram and Michael
Talbot suggesting that the brain is in fact holographic in nature; a concept that
explains the brains incredible capacity for data storage.
Regardless of where our emotions are actually held, we know that the brain is the
conduit to them and it is fractal by nature. Both the physical structure of the folds of
the brain and the brain wave patterns, as measured by an EEG (electroencephalogram)
have fractal properties. Mikiten, Salvingaros and Hing-Sing Yu at the University of
Texas raise the interesting proposition that the brains complexity hides a simple
fractal origin:
Our essential thesis is that when a fractal system generates a new system, it has the
same attributes and characteristics as the generator - especially hierarchical linking.
Thus, mental associations that would appear at first to require enormous lengths of
code (and consequently be termed complex) may in fact be handled by very short
codes. If that is indeed the case, then the human mind could be using fractal encoding
as a standard way of coding enormous chains of related thoughts into a single fractal
Other investigators, like Alan Watts, have researched the way the brain works under
the influence of psychedelic drugs and identified a fractal response in its
There is further evidence for this type of thinking. University of Oregon physicist
Richard Taylor is studying fractal equations in an effort to understand how and why
some of them give us a mental boost, in particular those that are most often found in
nature. He is investigating whether our innate recognition of fractals is learned or


instinctive. If we can truly understand our relationship with them, we can start using
their properties in designing buildings and city environments.
So, it is fair to say that the concept of our brain working in a fractal way is under
investigation. As Lyall Watson allegedly said, If the human mind was simple enough
to understand, we would be too simple to understand it. I find it reassuring to think
that there will always be some mystery about the way we work, but this should not
stop us from attempting to stretch our boundaries.
For me, the key is to make practical use of these fractal concepts within a healing
framework. If this understanding of the core design of our brains is correct, it is
logical to deduce that our traumas and emotions must fit within these fractal
structures. This is not to say that the emotion itself is fractal in nature, only the way it
is used within the brain to determine our core beliefs and behaviours.
Suppose a young boy develops a sense of abandonment due to being left with a nanny
during much of his childhood. This may well create an imprint that affects his ability
to form future relationships, his self-esteem and his own behaviour as a parent.
Each issue in turn will branch off with influences of ever increasing complexity. He
might be a nervous flyer, homesick when on holiday, or unable to hold down lasting
relationships of his own. Just as a virus infiltrates healthy cells, so an emotion can
corrupt an otherwise healthy belief system. As soon as he focuses on any of these
issues, his fractal mind will find those links and determine his behaviour.
This trauma might therefore lie dormant and isolated in his memory bank, but could
be dramatic enough to influence a whole variety of future experiences. In essence, one
core incident has created all of these tributaries but with the repeating pattern of
abandonment underpinning them all. This is truly fractal, with an explosion of ever
more complex implications each bearing the coding of that original seed.
The model that appeals to me is that of an enormous series of isolated memories held
in a two dimensional format. Our minds have the key to our personal list and as soon
as we apply conscious thought to any person, event or memory, we access this simple
list and develop fractal associations through our neural pathways. As soon as we shift
our attention elsewhere, this fractal development fades, reproducible whenever we reengage with that same point of focus.
Our memories could therefore be isolated points of reference, stored as matters of fact
even if they are false perceptions of what actually happened. They are open only to reinterpretation, not to change. It is our conscious focus that expands this potential and
reveals our true essence as complex human beings.
One other interesting aspect arises. If our minds are fractal in nature, and fractals are
unlimited, we are at risk of overloading our neural pathways and crashing our internal
computer. This is particularly relevant for those who constantly worry or are under
stress as this could lead to spurious associations in the mind and potentially obsessive
or compulsive thoughts. The safety valve for this appears to be Rapid Eye Movement
(REM) either by day through daydreaming or by night through sleep.


At the physical level, the growth of dendrite and synaptic pathways within the brain is
controlled by synaptic pruning that helps keeps everything in order. These concepts
are perhaps our brains equivalent of bush fires and the predatory hierarchy in nature
that stop plants and animal species from unlimited fractal growth.
Moving on from this starting point, we need to explore what happens when a thought
process is repeated. If an experience is revisited often enough, the continual repetition
of the same fractal grid could end up creating a fixed neural net that would then be
hard-wired into the brain. The fractal fades but the memory starts to become firmly
linked to a particular emotional response.
If the response is a pleasant one, this hard wiring could then lead to addictive
behaviour as the same programme is repeated over and over again. We have an
element of choice about our response when the programme is first played, but as it is
repeated we lose that free will. The receptor sites in our new cells develop to receive
neuropeptides triggered by that particular emotion and we rapidly become hooked on
that type of behaviour and the chemical rush it produces.
This addiction could apply to love, sex, shopping, whatever creates the rush. If you
want to see this visually, the film What the bleep do we know has a wonderful
animation of this process and is well worth a look.
If the behavioural response to the memory is a bad one, perhaps accompanied by fear,
guilt or anxiety, then this too can become hardwired into the brain. A phobia can
develop, or perhaps a more general state of unease about any experience remotely
connected to this core issue.
As an example, someone with a fear of meeting strangers in the street could have that
fear develop into a constant state of anxiety if repeated often enough. The neural
pathways could become so well used that virtually any activity is dragged down its
tracks. Clients I see with phobias and past traumas often have a core underlying level
of anxiety, with the specific issue creating a general sense of unease.
This process can go one step further. A series of connected negative incidents can
lead to the development of negative core beliefs. In clinic, I find that working with
these core beliefs is a powerful way of undoing a series of unhelpful hard-wired
neural pathways.
For instance, someone who has a series of negative relationships with the opposite sex
may develop the belief system that relationships are not worth the trouble or love
hurts or I cannot express my true self. When I load these concepts into a muscle
testing circuit I can send healing energy through the whole series and hopefully undo
the negative results of thousands of isolated incidents. Using this manual has the same
These concepts can apply to all associations and memories, but are particularly
relevant when we are either stressed, angry or depressed, as this invokes the primitive
part of the brain. This is the part of our brain that evolved to protect us from direct
danger by reminding us to run when appropriate or turn and fight. This type of pattern
matching is intrinsic to our nature and it may be thousands of years before we evolve

past it. In the meantime, it continues to form our belief systems and influence our
reactions to lifes events.
Even if a bad memory is not adversely influencing future beliefs and behaviour, it is
still a bad memory that festers in the unconscious and can eventually harm our health.
It still needs releasing.
I think it is worth summarising the key points and suppositions here:
1. Our memories are held as simple, unlinked points of reference.
2. Our brains continually access memories looking for experiences that can act as
a reference point to determine future behaviour.
3. The neural pathways in our brains that process these memories are fractal in
4. If a fractal is repeated often enough, the associated behaviour becomes hard
wired into our neural net.
5. We then lose some element of choice about how we respond to future
experiences, especially when accessing the primitive part of our brain.
6. Perceived good experiences can become addictive.
7. Perceived bad experiences can become phobic.
8. Enough bad life experiences can lead to negative core beliefs.
9. Even isolated negative emotions need to be healed.

Fractal healing of the mind

We have two parties to the mental processes I have been describing, the core emotion
and the process by which it is developed. It is important to recognise that the emotion
is the problem, not the manner in which it envelops our wider behaviour, feelings and
thinking. In other words, we should look to heal the train, not the track on which it
If we take this analogy further, to heal a negative emotion in a fractal manner, we
must send a healing vibration along the tracks. That is the beauty and simplicity of
this system, we do not need to trace every tributary, just find a suitable point to hop
on and an equation that will chase down the damage done by the emotion or trauma
we are looking to heal.
This process helps release that trapped emotion. This can be quite a difficult process
and my clients sometimes revisit these feelings temporarily as they leave, followed by
a deep sense of relief as they finally let go of their old traumas.
It is important to mention at this stage that there are no bad emotions as such. Our
ups and downs are what define us as a unique species on this planet. We cannot
truly understand love unless we have experienced loss; happiness unless we have been


These emotions only cause damage when they become repressed and fester within our
unconscious, creating negative neural pathways as they are reinforced over time.
Release them when they arise and no harm is done. I often think that to be happy and
healthy in this world all we need is a friendly ear when we need one and a punch-bag
when talk is no longer enough.
Along with most complementary healthcare therapists, I try to find and heal the core
issues that have gone within. In doing so, the unwelcome tributaries can be released.
The use of fractal equations to do this is a very precise tool that treats like with like. A
seed to treat a seed. We simply need to have a broad enough range of remedies to
cover the core issues life may throw in our path and ask the higher self to draw what
is needed.
There is already evidence for this thinking within the healing model. Bach flower
remedies are based on taking the vibration of plants, (fractal in nature) and using them
to heal our emotional issues (also fractal in nature). Homeopathy works in a similar
way, using distilled vibrations from many natural sources to heal mind and body, right
down to our genetical inheritance.
Even the concept of astrology supports this view. This branch of science attributes
emotional standards to people born within certain positions of the fractally
proportioned planets within the solar system. Again, it infers connection between the
micro and macro and the shared principles that underpin our physical and emotional
With any system, we cannot always identify the starting point of the emotional block,
so we may have to work with an echoed trauma from later on in life or the core belief
that resulted. That is totally fine and I referred to hopping on the tracks earlier for
good reason - which will make more sense if we look at the core process behind a
negative emotional pattern:

Event  emotion 


core belief

We can heal this sequence by working either with the emotion triggered by the core
event, or future incidents that reinforced this emotion, or the core belief that resulted.
Wherever we join, we can send healing through all the tributaries, in both directions.
If you remember the structure of the Fibonacci equation, I added the following
sequence for good reason:
- +
This confirms that we are sending healing through this fractal pathway in both
directions for as far as it needs to go. We can catch the train at Paddington, Temple
Meads or Cardiff, it doesnt matter where we get on provided we send healing along
all of its tracks.
In a practical sense, I have applied these concepts to all the core areas of imbalance I
have detailed in the technical sections of this book. Some of the issues have a fractal
equation of their own, some are governed by the master fractals at the beginning of

the section. Whether by individual or generic formula, we need an equation that can
chase down all the tributaries connected to a specific trauma and overlay the tracks
with a more constructive message, vibration or statement of intent.
Sometimes, we can even combine physical and emotional healing by working on both
a general emotion and the organ fundamentally involved with its expression. Here is
an example from the technical section:

Restore natural instinctive functioning of the amygdala. Ensure normal

processing of frightening stimuli at an unconscious level in the ventral region
of the amygdala and at the conscious level in the dorsal region.
Fibonacci Sequence: F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Blue
B,G Major Octaves C5 and C6. Starting (n) = 2 and (n+1) = 4

In other situations, we simply need to send positive energy from harmonic sequences
through the fractal pathway. Again, there will either be a specific harmonic for each
issue or we will rely on the overriding sequences at the beginning of that section. In
effect, the fractal defines the track; the harmonic or intent is the healing train that runs
along it.
As in nature, this fractal explosion does not have to rigidly follow the Fibonacci
sequence of 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5. It can start with any numbers so long as the equation
grows by the addition of the last two in the sequence so that the golden ratio, or Phi,
emerges as the progression expands.
Before moving on, it is worth quickly looking at the wider benefits of healing these
emotional issues. The world renowned author and neuroscientist Candace Pert is at
the forefront of this line of work and her book Molecules of Emotion explains our
chemical responses to trauma in great detail.
For me, there is no contradiction with the views I have expressed here as the fractal
nature of the mind generates the emotional response and behaviour, which is then
followed by a physiological response in the body.
In identifying the physical responses to emotions, Candace has proven that the body is
directly related to our emotional selves. We have known this for thousands of years,
but the discovery of neuropeptides, endorphins and receptor sites has proven exactly
how this process works. We know that a nervous mind leads to a nervous stomach,
now we know why.
Even more astonishing is the discovery that endorphins can be created and received
by other organs as well as the brain. For example, eating triggers a neuropeptide
CCK. It tells our brain when we are full, it stimulates the gall bladder to release bile to
digest fats and it even tunes down our immune system so that we do not attack all the
foreign molecules in our undigested food.


The brain and body therefore act as one unified team, with the body extremely active
at feeding signals back to the brain in complete contrast to the mechanistic view that
used to be widely held, that our organs simply react to the instructions coming down
from the all controlling brain.
For this system to be in balance, we must have positive emotions triggering
neuropeptides and endorphins. If we do not, our mind and body both suffer. This is
the basic science behind psychoneuroimmunology, that brain activity can downgrade
the immune system just as positive thoughts boost our immune system by releasing
endorphins that fill the receptor sites and leave little room for viruses to take hold.
Our chain of thinking is therefore a simple one; find the core negative emotion or
belief system, send healing through the fractal mind and in doing so heal the body.
Before moving on, I cant resist one final thought on this subject. The 5 element
theory has underpinned oriental therapies for millennia, based on the concept that
each of the elements fire, water, earth, wood and metal, are connected to different
organs and each organ can express different emotions. The liver, for instance, is
commonly associated with anger, bitterness and sadness.
Candace Pert has already found a high concentration of neuropeptide receptor sites
around the chakra centres, so perhaps we could take this extra step. Wouldnt it be
interesting to see if the liver had receptor sites specifically geared towards the
neuropeptides released when those emotions were expressed? We may be close to
proving the mechanics behind this timeless knowledge. What fun!

Fractals and our spiritual selves

There is one final area to discuss fractals and our spiritual self. In many ways this is
the hardest of the trilogy of mind, body and spirit. Our physical bodies are visibly
fractal by nature, thats the easy one. We know we have a mind, albeit with some
questions about where it resides, and can deduce its fractal nature through observation
of its output and the structure of the neural pathways through which it flows. The very
existence of a spiritual dimension to our being is disputed, so how can we begin to
assess its nature and structure?
In truth, its not easy. It has to be speculation and I make only three points here:
1. It must be fair to presume that everything that lives within a fractal Universe obeys
its basic laws of construction. If not fractal in itself, spirit must be able to operate
within this framework and be influenced by it.
2. At a more fundamental level, our subtle energy body depends on our chakras for its
balance. Our chakras are vortices that obey fractal laws.
3. I have dowsed into Universal Intelligence and found that fractal equations can help
with spiritual issues. When I use this system in therapy sessions, these remedies test
well and seem to work. Thats good enough for me.

Using sound
The fractal sequences alone are powerful enough, but if we add the vibration of colour
and sound, we magnify their resonance and increase their healing powers.
So why use sound? Restaurants play classical music because it makes customers
spend more money. Orchestra conductors have remarkable longevity. Pop stars the
reverse. The basic truth is that harmonious music is comforting and healing, while
discordant sound is irritating and harmful. When applying sound to this system, it is
important to use the soothing major chords, leaving the minor chords to writers
looking to add some angst to their music.
Of course, this manual does not play the note out loud. It relies on your internal
intelligence to recognise the vibration and resonate it internally.
You will also see that I have introduced octaves into the sound element. Again, the
more specific we can be, the more accurately we can communicate with our cells and
our inner intelligence. Some octaves are discordant to our bodies, even if the chord is
correct, so it is important to be exact. I have used the normal 6 octaves found on a
keyboard, plus 4 others that I suspect go higher than our auditory range.
As a final point on sound, John S Allen has written an interesting paper exploring the
relationship between music and the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence 2,5,7,12,19,31
onwards has musical significance. 5, 7 and 12 represent the number of pitches per
octave in pentatonic, diatonic and chromatic scales as well as the number of black
keys, white keys and keys per octave of the traditional keyboard.
Is it any surprise that our bodies respond to music when they share the same fractal

Using colour
The colours I have used are based on the chakras, (the subtle energy vortexes that
connect our physical to our energetic bodies) along with all encompassing white light.
This conveys further information in a language we can understand and is well proven
as a powerful healthcare modality. The chakra colours are the same as the colours of
the rainbow, i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, plus white.
The combination of this mathematical progression, the colours and the musical chord
is similar to the energy created by the passing of a bow across a violin string. Each
item is incomplete on its own, but together they create a perfect resonance.
I hope I have now explained the whole fractal process and how I have created the
complete equation, using sound and colour to enhance its vibration. A complete
example looks like this:


Fibonacci Sequence F(n+2) = F (n+1) + F(n) - + 3 dimensions Green C

Major Octaves C1 and C3. Starting (n) = 5 and (n+1) = 8

This may all sound complicated, but please remember that you do not need to
understand, or even believe in, these concepts for this system to work. I could not tell
you exactly how the myocardium muscle in my heart is stimulated into contraction by
the sinoatrial node, but my heart still keeps on beating. Our internal intelligence
knows what to do and that is all that matters.
The same applies to the concepts I am trying to explain here. It is our inner
intelligence to which I am appealing. Conscious understanding is a bonus that carries
the potential for some placebo based healing, but no more. All I ask is that you keep
at least an open mind, as complete disbelief will exercise your creative powers and
bring into being the very negative outcome you are expecting. The power of intent
cuts both ways, which is why a positive person tends to heal quicker than a negative


Chapter 8
Harmonics and the power of numbers

The wider meaning behind numbers

The second core principle behind the Quantum K system is the use of numbers in
harmonic sequences. Using mathematical principles to heal the body and mind is a
large step away from the concepts behind conventional medical treatment, so I want
to spend a few moments exploring the logic that justifies this approach.
First of all, the power of numbers was not invented by some new age pioneer. In its
modern form, it was created by Pythagoras (c.580-500 BC), who wrote that
everything is numbers and to know numbers is to know thyself. He believed that the
Universe is composed of mathematical patterns and everything can be expressed and
understood in this format.
In making this statement, he could be referring to harmonics or fractal geometry,
which again confirms the connection between all of these theories. I have covered
them separately, but any division is artificial; harmonic sequences and fractal
equations are different ways of recognising the numerical building blocks that
underpin all of existence.
Modern numerology follows Pythagorass principles by reducing all numerical
sequences to either a single digit, or the numbers 11 or 22. For instance, the date of
birth 27th November 1955 becomes 2+7+1+1+1+9+5+5 = 31 = 3+1 = 4. The number
4 then has specific properties that infer personality traits of the person born on that
date. The same process can be followed for a name as each letter has a corresponding
These principles have much in common with astrology, as both derive meaning from
numbers and birth dates. These concepts cannot be proven scientifically, but the
worldwide interest in astrology does beg the question whether there can be smoke
without fire. The generalities in most newspaper columns tend to undermine
whatever scientific principles lie behind them, but the subject itself does have a
logical starting point:
1. The moons gravitational pull moves millions of gallons of water around the planet.
2. The human body is at least 70% water.
3. The cells in the human body must therefore be affected by the moon.
4. We must also be affected by other planets close enough to exert a gravitational pull.
5. The influence of these planets when we are born could leave a long-term marker on
our cells. They could also exert a daily influence on us as the planets move.


Anecdotally, we have all heard of the term lunatic, describing the personality change
caused by the lunar cycle. Ladies menstrual cycles also follow lunar cycles and I
have even seen evidence of parasite activity doing the same.
Im not advocating living by the two line horoscopes in the daily papers, but if there is
something valid in astrology and numerology, then perhaps numbers can convey
energy or meaning good and bad.
The conspiracy theorists our there believe that a powerful world order has already
discovered the inherent power of numbers. By combining them with symbols,
theorists suggest that they generate a controlling energy that is integrated so
fundamentally into our daily lives that we are constantly being drip-fed its energy and
This is not the place to discuss these issues in detail, but I cant resist a short diversion
here. I am always intrigued with anomalies that are not based on hearsay or
speculation, but on demonstrable fact.
One such example is the obscure design of the American one dollar bill. If you look at
the sections I have extracted below you will see just how extraordinary it is.
The imagery is intriguing to say the least. It is hard to imagine Benjamin Franklin and
his fellow committee members discussing its design and the inclusion of pyramids,
eagles, arrows and even an owl by the number 1, but it must have happened.

As you might imagine, there are hundreds of explanations for this imagery, official
and otherwise, but the beauty of this example is that we can make our own minds up.
Is this really what you would expect to see on official currency designed by
politicians and bureaucrats?
This is not just a question of imagery either. It is interesting to note the prevalence of
the number 13, a powerful sign of freemasonry involvement and historically a number
with sinister connotations. There are 13 leaves in the olive branch, 13 bars and stripes
in the shield, 13 arrows in the right claw, 13 letters in the "E Pluribus Unum" on the
ribbon, 13 stars in the green crest, 13 layers of granite stone in the Pyramid and 13
letters in Annuit Coeptis.


This is an extraordinary coincidence. I find it hard not to conclude that some very
high authority has recognised the power of numbers and imagery. Through regular
exposure, our subconscious minds are absorbing the intent and the power behind
This could all be for legitimate purposes, but who knows. The key point though is not
who or what are using numbers to influence us, but the fact that they can. If numbers
have power, lets make sure we use them for honourable purposes.

Using numbers to heal

So, having briefly explored some of the basics around the power of numbers, it is time
to return to their specific relevance to health and the human body.
The number twelve has special significance within the human body - we have 12 pairs
of ribs, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 360 joints, 12 energy meridians etc. The number twelve
also underpins time keeping and is central to the bible and many spiritual belief
systems. You will even find it underpinning the design of genuine crop circles.
There are several researchers who have experimented with the concept of number
harmonics, including Bruce Cathie1 and Brian Jenner2. Their work suggests that a
series of 12 numbers can be used to confer more than merely their mathematical
properties. Brian, in particular, took this concept further based on the understanding
that our DNA and cells have a particular resonance with this number sequence. More
on this later.
A team of Russian molecular biologists led by Pjotr Garjejev3 has recently proven that
samples of DNA can create abnormal electromagnetic wormholes in a vacuum,
opening up portals to other dimensions. This scientific study supports the channelled
work of Lee Carroll, who states that there is a multi-dimensional lattice around the
DNA that is best described as a 12 crystalline structure.
This sheath contains our perfect blueprint, but is only partially in communication with
the DNA. This is the veil that separates us from the unlimited knowledge we all
have at a deep level about the meaning behind everything - life, death and the
This veil is a necessary block that allows us to experience lessons and growth in our
lifetime from a position of ignorance. If we truly knew what awaited us after death,
we might all jump ship now to get back there as quickly as possible! The veil is
essential in principle, but there is an ideal level. If the communication is too clouded
by toxins, fear and traumas, we can lose contact with our intuition and natural healing

Bruce Cathie - The Energy Grid

Brian Jenner There Are No Diseases Only Diseased Conditions
Networked Intelligence Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf


This 12 crystalline lattice explains why the 12 digit harmonics resonate so well with
our bodies. They communicate directly with the DNA control systems that oversee
the evolution of our DNA, fitting like a key into an open lock. Remove the
inappropriate blocks and you heal the DNA. This is a new understanding, but its
potential is absolutely unlimited.
Of even greater importance is the link between the lattice around our own DNA and
the cosmic lattice the inter-dimensional aspect of DNA discovered by Garjejev. This
is the physics behind the spiritual or religious assertion that we are connected, all
children of God. There is no separation, only the illusion of it generated by the veil
that separates us from true knowledge and understanding.
Leading on from this, if we are truly connected to all of existence, there must be an
inter-dimensional aspect to this connection. Some of the greatest minds behind
quantum physics feel that the concepts only add up if there are other dimensions of
life and energy invisible to mankind. The exact number is debatable, but their very
existence is extremely exciting.
My only regret is that science does not seem to explore the religious significance
behind these concepts. Does our notion of Heaven exist in one of these other
dimensions? Are there other life forms out there in spiritual or energetic form? Can
they influence us within the 4 dimensions of our known world?
For me, one of the most important questions is whether, if we are all connected via
other dimensions, we can influence them? The work of Garjejev suggests we can,
which is why the changes occurring on this planet are so important our development
has a sphere of influence beyond our wildest imagination.
This concept of multi-dimensionality is central to most new-age thinking and the
current excitement as humanity rapidly moves into a new potential. We are not just
changing life on this planet, we are having a profound effect on the whole Universe.
This concept takes my breath away every time I come across it in other books and I
hope it has the same effect on you. It is a story of opportunity and unlimited potential
and if that doesnt inspire you to live life to its fullest, then surely nothing will!
If we take this logic to its natural conclusion, the harmonic sequences affect our DNA,
our DNA is connected to some form of crystalline lattice and this is in turn connected
to an electro-magnetic Earth grid (as examined by Bruce Cathie) and then through to a
cosmic grid. As we change, so we change the grid around us and the planet. There
will be more on this in Chapter 7.
Have you wondered why whales have been beaching themselves recently and airports
forced to change the bearing of their runways4? The Earths electromagnetic grid that
they follow is changing as we evolve and the old routes within it no longer lead to the
same destination.

BBC News Sat April 17th 1999


Tsunamis, earthquakes and other extreme climate conditions are other examples of
Earths magnetic realignment, changing as a reflection of the evolving consciousness
of man. It is tough medicine, but there is an overall plan. Again, if you find these
events disturbing, I would refer you to the Kryon writings or website, or any other
referenced work that appeals to you.
Coming back from this slight digression, we can say with some support that 12
number sequences have some sort of healing power and a vibration that resonates
with our DNA. An example would be:


Master number 1
7 5 4 3 2

This grid format I have used is for ease of presentation only as their true form is
infinitely repeating and better represented by a spiral of numbers. The numbers have
no beginning and no end, which is a much closer representation of the eternal nature
of our bodies and soul.

The new aspect I have shown in the above example is the master number. This is a
concept from numerology that refers to the core number created from the addition of
the individual digits. For example, 397 is 3 + 9 + 7 which reduces to 19 which in turn
reduces to 1+9, which is 10 which is 1. This new master number has a resonance of its
Incidentally, if you have any doubt that the harmonic sequence comes down to a core
single number, have some fun with the mathematics. The numbers 397543201138
that I have used above can be added together to get 46, which is simplified to 4+6 =
10, then 1+0 = 1.
As an alternative calculation, lets split the numbers into 3 units of 4, leave the first
unchanged, jumble the second and reverse the third. We then get 3975 2034 8311.
Adding them up as 3 separate numbers gives 24, 9 and 13, which is simplified to
6+9+4 = 19, then 1+9 = 10, then 1+0 = 1. Try as you may, these numbers come to 1
and wont be persuaded otherwise! Do what you wish to them in this way and the core
property of 1 always comes to the fore.


Enhancing the harmonic sequences:

Using gateways
The harmonics are powerful enough on their own, but can be enhanced by adding
gateways. This information is channelled so I cannot explain it scientifically, I can
only describe it as it was given.
A gateway is a code, normally binary in nature, which opens up the healing potential
in our hands. I will explain this in more detail in the subsequent chapter on the
Universal Healing Model, but for now suffice it to say that it is an important adjunct
that enhances the power of the harmonics and explains the need to engage our hands
in the process.
To our inner intelligence, this is not just a series of numbers but a vibrational concept.
It resonates colour and sound with a multi dimensional aspect way beyond our
intellectual understanding. For those who have seen earlier versions of Quantum K, it
is the addition of this gateway concept that has allowed me to dispense with extra
rows covering colour, time and sound.
As well as triggering the healing, the Gateway healing also helps convert the core
vibration of the Universe into a vibration specific to the issue for which it is being
Our harmonic sequence has now been enhanced to the following:



Master number 1
9 7 5 4 3 2
0 1 1 1 1 0






Using crystals
Little explanation is needed here. The use of crystals is timeless and is particularly
pertinent to a system where we are accessing the crystalline nature of our DNA. In
true homeopathic tradition, we treat like with like.
They also have inter-dimensional properties, just like our DNA, so really do speak the
language of our bodies, opening up channels to other dimensions and the unlimited
healing potential of the Universe.
An additional benefit of crystals is their connection to the Earths electromagnetic
grid. They are right at the centre of the vibrational matrix that links the animal,
vegetable and mineral world and so form a core part of the wider grid that links all of
life in the Universe. When we use them properly, we amplify the overall healing
signal. I will explain more about this shortly and in Chapter 7.


As you might expect, different crystals are needed to support different symptoms,
each with its own unique vibration. I have not attempted to choose the specific
crystals based on their normal use in healing, but instead relied on my access to
universal intelligence via dowsing to ensure I accurately match vibration to symptom.
There may be more traditional benefits in using them as selected, but that would be a
bonus and by no means core to this process.

Using plants and herbs

In a similar way, when we access the healing properties of plants and herbs, we
connect to a timeless wisdom. I must stress again that you do not need to ingest a herb
or its homeopathic preparation to access its vibration. The quantum energy field is
fully conversant with their signatures and all we need show is the intent to tap into
their vibration.
Again, plants and herbs are central to life on Earth and are at the heart of the
electromagnetic grid that surrounds us all. They are powerful on their own, but even
more potent when used at the heart of this system.
As with the crystal elements, I have selected the appropriate plant or herb using
dowsing rather than an intellectual assessment of the symptom or issue needing
When these additional elements are introduced, our harmonic sequence now looks
like this:

Crystal: Tourmaline
Plant: Bergamot
Master number 1
3 9 7 5 4 3 2 0 1 1 3
1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1


Anchoring the harmonics

The Earths grid
The harmonics have enormous power, lighting up the electromagnetic grid that
surrounds the planet. They enhance our connection to this grid and its source of
knowledge and energy, enhancing our ability to draw from its healing potential.
If we are to tune into the grid with a focused request for healing, we need to
demonstrate in this manual that we understand the mathematical concepts that lie
behind it. It is almost as though this gift is only fully unwrapped once we have
demonstrated that we understand how it works. A new car can be an enjoyable play


item for a child sat at the wheel, but so much more powerful and enjoyable once we
obtain the keys as adults..
The harmonics are greatly amplified by our recognition of their part in the healing
process and their connection to the Earths electromagnetic grid. This is not about
finding our geographical position within the grid, but of demonstrating the unifying
mathematics that show the inherent bonds between mankind, the planet and the
If we can focus our intent on these connections, we can draw from and give energy to
the Earth grid and from there the wider energetic grid of the whole Universe, across
time and all dimensions.
Our task is to wire us into the grid, much as a good electrician would wire in a new
oven. The harmonics are then tuned into the wider powers of the Universe and our
clearer intent is rewarded with an exponential increase in the healing potential of the
Quantum K harmonics.
Fortunately, Bruce Cathie has already done most of this work for us and I need only
here refer to the connections he has already found in his lifes work. They require no
further explanation beyond asking the bodys inner wisdom to recognise the inherent
truth in these connections and use them to best effect. Recognising this link between
all that is draws us into true healing power - a direct line to God/Source so to speak.
Bruce has calculated a formula based on key harmonic sequences that replaces the M
in Einsteins formula E = MC2 into a formula based solely on light and energy,
showing that mass, or any physical presence can be seen as an expression of light
The harmonics and equations that evidence this understanding are shown near the
beginning of the technical section of this manual and I have repeated them here:

E = (c +

1/C ) c2

E = mc2

((2c +


Energy harmonic derived from the unified equation

Half harmonic of 2693645
The reciprocal of harmonic 2693645
The harmonic of the speed of light at the Earths surface
The reciprocal harmonic of the speed of light
Half harmonic of 69543074
The harmonics of time (97200 grid seconds in one earth day)
Earth resonant harmonic
(324 x 2) Harmonic temperature scale
Harmonic square root of 648 (length of polar diagonals, grid)
Reciprocal harmonic of 254558 (Earths magnetic field)


A mathematical understanding of the electromagnetic grid around our planet is

important but not the only tool we have available to anchor the harmonic sequences.
We have to remember that we are not the only occupants of this planet, we share its
wonders with plants, animals and minerals, all of which are natural partners who
enhance the energy flow to and from the electromagnetic grid. The plant world is
particularly well connected as the photosynthesis process is an extremely pure use of
the conversion of light energy into matter.

Animal, vegetable or mineral

We already know this connection to be true with plants, but we might be surprised
just how important this connection is with human beings. Light does more than
provide Vitamin D and boost our serotonin levels, it offers genuine healing.
Light expressed as vibrational energy also explains how homeopathic remedies work,
tuning forks, colour therapy etc they are all expressions of vibration healing.
Vibration is light.
Each plant has its own vibration and there seems to be a match between vibration and
disease. As I see it, the right frequency, whether administered homeopathically or
herbally, phase conjugates the disease pattern, cancelling it just as a ripple in a pond
cancels another where peak meets trough.
My suggestion here is that the healing properties of plants come from their unique
connection to the grid which hot wires us into the specific frequency we need. This is
another way of looking at healing.
Minerals have similar properties. They are a core component within the earth and are
central to the resonance of the electromagnetic grid. When we engage their properties
we do more than draw on their nutritional benefits, we enhance our connection to the
healing powers of the Earths grid using the mineral world as a conduit.
There is also the most wonderful of all healing tools water. We know that it is a
powerful conductor of sound but also of light (or healing), hence the power of
homeopathy. Masaro Emoto has proven these concepts through his study of
crystalline structures made from water exposed to a variety of stimuli, both positive
and negative.
The planet is 90 % water for good reason it ensures that all our experiences, good or
bad, have a hot line into the electro magnetic grid, and from there out into the
Universe. Again, I am sure that if we truly understood the repercussions of every good
deed or evil thought, we would tread very carefully.
I have been told that every action creates a reaction within the grid, that X leads to Y,
and sometimes even to Z. We are directly connected to all that is, and the Earths
electromagnetic grid is the motorway that delivers it, with the components of the
planet the vehicle through which these messages are delivered.


Just as this is an awesome responsibility for us all, there is the potential for each of us
to make changes that benefit all of humanity. Simply by making positive changes to
the way we act or think, we send an equivalent vibration through the electromagnetic
grid to us all.
Although water can be programmed in whatever way we choose, it is not necessary to
refer to this connective force in each specific harmonic. It simply carries the specific
harmonic vibration that we choose to send along its path.
In summary, I hope this explanation of harmonics is reasonably clear. Some is
accepted knowledge, some on the fringes of current thinking. You dont need to
understand it or even believe in it for it to work, your inner intelligence recognises the
inherent truths and will honour your intent to use the system for your benefit and the
benefit of others.


Chapter 9
Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is the ancient belief that shapes and mathematical designs lie behind
all creation, clearly sharing much with fractal geometry.
This knowledge underpins most of the major religions, including Islam, Hindu,
Buddhism and early Christianity, as well as the occult. Its design is clearly visible in
mosques, ancient churches, pyramids, city layouts, mosaics and temples. It underpins
Da Vinci paintings, crop circles and, like fractal geometry, is visible in nature from
the smallest snowflake through to human beings and the planets themselves.
Here are two well known examples:

Metratons Cube

The Flower of Life

These two beautiful examples are constructed from basic geometric shapes. Despite
being mathematical in origin, they appeal to our senses and stimulate some kind of
intuitive understanding.
Buildings honouring these principles create the same sense of awe, as do snow flakes,
crop circles, paintings and ancient structures like Stonehenge. When we apply these
concepts in our designs we are copying nature, harmonizing with its basic strength
and beauty.


Sacred geometry even appears in the basic design of large cities, like Washington DC,
London and Paris, suggesting again that this ancient knowledge has not been
completely lost and is being used, I hope, for our benefit. Some city layouts mirror
these basic geometric shapes; others place key buildings on points equivalent to the
chakra centres of the city, creating a kind of soul or resonance for that particular
This sounds a little out there I know, but I have looked at my own city of Bristol and
there is no doubt that the original mediaeval construction has a straight line of
symbolic areas representing each chakra centre, starting by the river Avon and
running through St Mary Redcliffe Church, Queens Square, College Green, Cabot
Tower and the Observatory by the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Before I became aware
of these links a group of us had been drawn to carry out healing on several of these
areas and I have since found other groups with the same aim. We have riots, the slave
trade, civil wars and more in our history so there is much to do!
I have also noticed that the modern city is changing and there seems to be a 90 degree
shift in its energetic direction. The new chakra points run from Bedminster, north
west through Park Street, Whiteladies Road, Durdham Downs and onto Westbury-onTrym. It may be no coincidence that there are Complementary Healthcare Centres and
Natural Health shops on each of the key points along this route, as if we are trying to
reclaim the soul of the city from its less respectable past.
The structure of cities may even reflect the nature of the consciousness living within
them, or perhaps may go one step further and actually determine it. Male, or yang
energy, is very rigid and often represented by a straight line. It is interesting that most
American cities are built with straight lines determining the road layout, reinforcing
the male attributes of its residents. This may explain why Americans are by nature
competitive and slightly materialistic (apologies for the stereotyping here), placing
high value on the male energies of power and wealth. You only have to watch
Hollywood movies to see the type of aspirational figure they promote.
The buildings within these American cities share similar properties, with big business
conducted in huge rectangular blocks that dominate the skyline. It is perhaps no coincidence that the 9/11 terrorist attacks targeted the twin towers of the World Trade
Centre because they represented so visibly the power base of the nation.
In contrast, the lazy winding streets of European towns and cities are much more
feminine and yin in nature, reflecting the more laissez faire attitude of its occupants.
Perhaps this is why we like to holiday away from the concrete jungles; it is not just a
question of escaping the traffic, we are also escaping the aggressive, competitive
instincts generated by its buildings and streets. Far better the gentle curve of the beach
where we can relax in the dunes and admire the seemingly random (albeit fractal)
nature of the world around us.
The underlying truth is that the shape and overall structure of our environment affects
our moods. This is a concept we can use to our advantage within the healing model.


Getting back to this central theme, it is important to briefly discuss the relevance of
sacred geometry to our personal healing. David Elkington1 makes the intriguing
assertion that the acoustic properties of ancient chambers like Newgrange c3500 BC
were designed specifically to resonate key sounds and in so doing enhance spiritual
awareness and engender healing properties. The resonance of the name of God in its
various translations carries particular power.
His arguments are very persuasive. If buildings and designs based on these basic
geometrical shapes carry an energy that enhances vibrations, why not use quantum
principles and derive healing power from them? Better still, why not add numbers,
colours and powerful words like Love and Forgiveness to amplify their properties?
Robert Detzler2 has already explored the concept of healing symbols combining
various basic shapes and words to form a power symbol with a tangible energetic
I have used dowsing and intuition to create several geometrical symbols of my own.
They are fundamentally appealing to the eye and carry a healing potential based on all
of the principles I have explained so far colour, sound, numbers, words and
geometry. Like crystals and the harmonic sequences, they have a multi-dimensional
attribute that allows us to draw healing from realms beyond our perception or
I believe they offer some of the most powerful healing potential of any of the
concepts in this manual, so please soak them into your subconscious and let them
resonate within you. As with all the technical data in the later chapters, please do not
try to study them intellectually, simply absorb their beauty as you would do a fine oil
painting. Your inner intelligence knows what to do, just trust it and let go.


In the name of the Gods, The mystery of resonance and the prehistoric messiah
Spiritual Healing