Ref: Mktg/ZD/07/2010 TO ALL ZONAL MANAGERS, OFFICERS IN-CHARGE OF DIVISIONS, ZTCs, MDC, STCs AND AUDIT CENTRES. Re: Sr. Business Associate Scheme - Second round of enrollment. The first round of enrollment of Development Officers under the Sr. Business Associate Scheme has been a huge success with 512 Development Officers enrolled under the Scheme and we are receiving continuous enquiries for reopening of the Scheme for fresh enrollment. Looking to the popularity of the Scheme, it has been decided to reopen the Sr. Business Associate Scheme for fresh enrollment of eligible Development Officers. The period for enrollment will be from 1st March 2010 to 30th April 2010. For eligibility conditions, selection process and benefits etc. please refer our Circular No: Mktg/ZD/6/2009 dated 27.04.2009. Important Instruction for Enrollment: Before admitting the Development Officer under the Scheme, the Divisional Offices should ensure that the Development Officer is fulfilling all the eligibility conditions as prescribed in our Circular No: Mktg/ZD/6/2009 dated 27.04.2009. The Divisional Offices must also confirm that applicant Development Officer possesses own /rental office premises. If the appraisal of the applicant Development Officer is due on or before 1st April 2010, care should be taken to ensure that his cost ratio in the latest appraisal is not over 3%. The data of selected Development Officer should be sent by e-mail in excel as per format given in Annexure B to Marketing Dept of Zonal Office. The Zonal Offices shall consolidate the data and forward the same by email to and with copy to without any delay. The Divisional Offices must ensure that the email-id of the Development Officer (preferably with is accurate, operative and in use. For confirming the same the Divisional Office shall ask Development Officer to send a test-mail from his mail-id (as furnished in application form) to the mail-id of Divisional Office. Only after receipt of test-mail from the mail-id of Development Officer, the Divisional Office should forward his data to Zonal Office. This exercise is mandatory as IT Department, Central Office will send merchant-id and password directly to the mail-id of the Development Officer. To avoid last minute rush, the Divisional Offices should complete the selection process as early as possible. All other instructions issued from time to time remain unchanged. Date: 22.02.2010

Executive Director (Marketing) Annexure A & B


LIC of India; Divisional Office: __________________

Affix your recent Passport size Photograph here

1. Name in full (In English: Capital letters, Surname first)

2. Male/Female: ____________

2A. Mother tongue: ______________

3. Mailing address (Please do not repeat name):


Telephone Nos. with STD Code: a) Office: __________________ b) Mobile No: ______________ d) E-mail id: ________________________
(The Divisional Office should verify the accuracy of the mail-id by asking the applicant to send a test mail from his mail-id to the mail-id of Divisional Office. The Divisional Office should forward the data of selected Development Officer only after receipt of the test mail.)

c) Residential: ___________________

5. Date of Birth ________ Age in completed years as on 1.4.2009 _______ yrs. 6. Divisional Office: _______ 8. S.R. No.:_______________ 10. Date of Appointment: _________ 7. Branch Name & Code: _________ 9. Dev. Officer Code: ____________ 11. Date of Confirmation: ___________

12. Educational Qualification: ________ 13. Technical Qualification: _________

14. Are you keeping Own Office SOLELY for LIC Business: _______ If yes, Full Address of your Office:


Whether the premises is Rental/Leased/Own: _______________ 15. Details of infrastructure available in your Office (e.g. Internet Connection/ Computers/ Counter/Seating Arrangement etc.):

16. Performance during last 3 years:
Appraisal No of Scheduled Cost Year Policies First Year Ratio Premium % (Rs in Lacs) Total No of Agent s No of No of Club Member COT/ AgentsBM DM ZM CM Corporate TOT Agent No of No of New EARLY Agents Death Recruited Claim

I hereby declare that all statements made in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that in the event of any information being found false or incorrect or not satisfying the prescribed eligibility criteria for Senior Business Associate, my candidature is liable to be cancelled/ rejected at any stage of selection.

Place: Date: For Branch use:
1. Details given by the applicant verified. 2. Recommendations of Chief/Sr./Branch Manager:

(Signature of the Applicant)

Signature of Chief/Sr./Branch Manager (with seal)

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