Hotep.(peace) A hard study of indigenous peoples.

An experience of
systems and struggles, ancestral passage, and the pangs of the times
brought me to Dr King’s Reference that “the moral arc of the Universe”
does bend toward justice: and I conclude it also passes through the
American streets. In my observation equality is always a question here.
Years ago sitting in a humble law office of a friend of mine and mentor,
now, compels me to continue to see the streets in the power of attorney:
where the gabble meets the casualties of cement. Where through law
there is a bridge, and a voice that issues, in the nature to a case fitted for
the Supreme Court in essence; a case of many faces and accounts in
many states: The adolescent of generations, Urban America.

the letter and the STREETS.
Early 21st century, By observation ethical standard is always challenged,
Every generation ethical standard is always the moral arc, the
letter(Law), a situation or event that occurred and the how the situation
is presented, judicially, and by the voices of media. In these cases, in the
land of the living, in America I point out the letter (law) and the streets.
A love hate relationship of Diasporas, cultures, protocols, conflicts of
economics, communities, classes, and profits. In urban communities,
technically, felonies on any individuals or persons always weigh as a
serious crime. Truth…What’s most common in urban America?

Her troubled streets still feel the “blights” of homicides, the harvest of gang
culture, rape, narcotic possession arrests, attempting to distribute, kingpin
charges, and the list goes on. Dysfunctions that can corrupt generations.
Power of Attorney. In his handbook for 2014 and 2015, most case studies
would fall under courts of equity, cases, of conscience. Reprimandings.
Justice. Cases where Law’s and those who enforce it are challenged, in so
that it can prove its force and replace the disgrace of injustice. In his
handbook, he desires Case Law’s to be issued; where laws are produced
from court decisions, new laws enforced that have ability to prevent
conflicts and atrocities of injustice. In the conflict, and troubles of urban
America, this power of attorney considers congress; considers Mores; the
ethical standards to laws and its systems. Considers a plea among
community watches across America, to consider themselves. This power of
attorney says to whom it may concern: consider the youth, by all means.
The power of attorney is a witness; a brief of case studies ever before him on
his own city blocks. The dedication of a scholar, the heart of a suffering
people, the tongue of the learned, he sees the outfit worth it.

The defendant and Prosecution.
In presentation, exhibits and extent of a case as this, what would you say is
the prosecution? What’s the crucible to urban communities. What impounds,
imprisons, causes dysfunctions in every Diaspora in every… generation? Ill
start by saying urban America, in her own condition couldn’t afford a high
priced Attorney. Her attorney’s come from advocates and survivalists,
scholars, activists: who co sign a right to life.
A case that’s not closed, with deliberation after deliberation that produces
more death and incarceration. The charges are real, beyond pending. But the
causes, in every city call for healing.

Urbanization in any metropolis setting means severe
changes; shape shifting, expansion, gentrification, monopoly
and the circulation of the dollar. The halls of municipality of
where the middle class to poor roam for provision and
equality, to streets and rows of big businesses. I can visualize
the “blights” of urban America as a “thorn” in congressional
libraries. Viewed as what’s also feared; loathsome, criminal
degenerates, the pangs of poverty, the wrong side of the
tracks. There is a book, a handbook I study, that I
acknowledge in that same library that illustrated the
conditioning of urban America, the reasons behind her state
of mind, the struggle of her peoples, cries of her children
and profits, that flow through her. This handbook is
“eaten”, and spoken through the power of attorney.

At the end of the day the power of attorney rests in his study. When
he’s at work to rally, research and speak, he communicates no
sympathy call. He works in good faith… looking at America’s
Judicial system to confirm his words, and approach, being its
rooted in equality. The power of attorney stands at the bench…
but turns and says to urban America, “The true resolve is in you”.

Consciously Yours, ZA